Who were those shepherds? They are us. Their story is our story. 

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Mario Murillo Ministries | 39 comments

Who were those shepherds? They are us. Their story is our story.  Their situation is our situation. We share a common theme.  We share a common enemy.  The terror that stalked their night is the very one that preys on the hopes of believers today.  They are so much like us!  Their future was sold to pay a debt to a foreign empire.  For them, it was Rome, for us it is China.

Their leaders forged an unholy alliance with Augustus Caesar.  Some of our Democrat leaders take bribes, appease our enemies, attack Christian values, and apologize to the world for our greatness.

The faith of the shepherds’ forefathers was diluted by false ministers and mocked by pagans. Our faith suffers the same fate! Their weak economy created a crime wave that forced them to stay out in the fields watching their sheep.

We have watched governors and mayors go crazy, destroying small businesses and jobs.  Can Americans relate to getting through a day by choking down emotions and doing their jobs on cruise control?

What do we want most for Christmas?  Let me propose an answer.  What we want most is good news.  We could sure use some good news!  It would be so wonderful for this unrelenting torrent of scary headlines, dire predictions, and disappointing reports to be swallowed up by good news!

But what would be good news to you right now?  What message do you need from God right now?

What do we want most for Christmas?  Let me propose an answer.

What we want most is a visitation of God.  It is easy to think that we want something else, but nothing would help us more, nothing would do the job better, nothing can compare to it.  In 1982 I watched as San Jose California was enveloped by the Glory of God.  The economy was worse then than it is now. 

The prime rate soared to 22% .  Unemployment was much higher than today. Yet thousands crowded into the meeting every night for 22 weeks! 

The fears and anxieties of the day were overruled by the Glory of the Lord.  They sang their hearts out. Tears of joy washed away the cares of their life.  Material things became unimportant. 

Something priceless gripped them.  Human concerns vanished in this precious moment in their life.

I know that when the Spirit of God is upon me, fear, worry and anxiety all vanish.

I am a Pentecostal. It is that simple.  I know what it means to have the Holy Spirit drench me. I know that when the Spirit of God is upon me, fear, worry and anxiety all vanish.

The Angels upended the shepherds’ priorities.  We know the Bible says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you,” but in the daily grind, it can seem to be an impossible task. 

They ran to the manger, oblivious of the sheep they were leaving behind.

Moments ago, these men were taut with tension and defensive of their herd, to the point that they would have gladly fought to the death to protect their flock.  But after the announcement made by the angels, they ran to the manger, oblivious of the sheep they were leaving behind.

Yes, we need jobs, healing, and many other things, but what we need most is the Glory.  Glory will make our soul gaze at God, and as we gaze, distracted by His splendor, God will fix the issues of our life.  Modern pulpits have done us a great disservice by focusing on “how-to-Christianity.”  It seems so right to get practical teaching on relationships, money, and handling emotions.  And that is the very problem! We have been taught that we need to “handle our lives” and “fix” ourselves.

This is the bait of Satan: to get us to battle by our own wits, and not by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  What leaders are failing to do is to seek and obtain a move of God.

Why did God skip the theologians, the priests and the king, and send those angels to the shepherds?   This is the question of the ages! How embarrassing to all of those in power and to all of those who made a life out of studying the prophets, reading the times, and being “in the know,” who were overlooked in favor of these lowly shepherds!

But are we qualified for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

We are constantly trying to qualify for a career, a credit card, a club, or some kind of status, but are we qualified for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

What if these are not the bad times?  Maybe the bad times were back when you had money and toys.  Maybe in these hard times you are holding your loved ones closer, praying a little more deeply, and trying a little harder to be humble and grateful.  Maybe instead of suffering, you are merely getting into a position to be visited by God.

So, thank God for your circumstances. You have been born for these very times. They have come from His nail-pierced hands, and the very trials you are going through are preparing you for your destiny!


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  1. Hilda Beheler

    I yearn for a visitation from God.
    This was beautifully penned and such a good word.
    I enjoyed this so much.

    • Terry Haight

      Hilda, I was thinking the same thing. Mario speaks in and of The Spirit of God. This blog really hits home with me. I enjoy it with you.
      Praying everyone who can will chip in to give Mario the tools to finish the job at hand.

    • phil beatty


  2. Ted

    Got your letter hitting you with extra for December! Doing what I can.

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank you Ted! God Bless You! Merry Christmas!

  3. Marrion Hamm

    Do you ship into Canada?

    • Mario Murillo

      Please call us at 1 800-980-3424 and we will help you with orders to Canada!

  4. Carleen Rowan

    A visitation of God and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit is exactly what I want most for Christmas!!!

    • Matthew777

      Thank God for your circumstances. You have been born for these very times. They have come from His nail-pierced 🩸 hands, and the very trials you are going through are preparing you for your DESTINY! Hallelujah
      I want a visitation from King 👑 Jesus, there has to be more!!! Merry Christmas 🎄

      Build the tents 🏕️ Fill the stadiums 🏟️

  5. Daryl Reese

    Mario, We still watch victory news and flashpoint. I got your package a few days ago.THANKS AND GOD BLESS AND KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS.

    • Doug sargent

      After reading the question before reading the answer, I would have said justice. But, then reading your answer, justice is a distant 2nd to a visitation!

      • Toni Holcomb

        We need more pastors that are not afraid to speak the truth in these last days. God has raised you up to speak with boldness to a lukewarm church. God be with you.

  6. Elyce Mouskondis

    Mario this is so right on to what we need is the glory of God to come forth.
    This world is growing dimmer and dimmer compared to the glory of God.
    May the Holy Spirit come and bath us with Himself.

  7. Connie L Goehler

    I was radically saved in October of 1973. Mario, you are one of my modern father’s of my faith. You stand with David Wilkerson, Dutch Sheets, and Bob Larson. You have always remained true to your calling, authentic, and passionate after all these years.Thank you for your willingness to share what you’ve lived, taught, and written about as you walked your journey with God.

    • Barbara Coyle

      Amen!! Thank you Mario! I thank God for you and your ministry! Your truthfulness, godly wisdom and perseverance are truly an inspiration to me and so many others!! You are a lover of God and His people and those who are lost and need Christ’s salvation.

      • Doug sargent

        After reading the question before reading the answer, I would have said justice. But, then reading your answer, justice is a distant 2nd to a visitation!

  8. Bernadette Pickles

    Excellent blog. I couldn’t agree with you more. God bless!

  9. Suzetta Hause

    Thank you Mario,
    I have been anointed with My GOD’S golden oil. I am in His arms and at times My Holy Precious JESUS holds my hand. He has given me solace,wisdom,peace,and
    protection. GOD has given me a new life according to His purpose.
    I have given Him my Heart, soul and life.I love Him more than life .AMEN.

    • Pamela McCarty

      Amen and thank you Mario!

    • Barbara JGP

      Thanks to the beautiful replies snd I am praising Him for this New Year’s Day 2024❣️
      HE IS OUR MORE IN 2024❣️‼️

  10. Tim Dunn

    Awsome, this is what I want for Christmas. I want to be in Gods presence on a daily basis.

    I want to know where I fit in this battle and until I get an answer I’ll “Do as the occasion demands.

    Victory, in 2024! That’s what I want!

  11. Billie Kennett

    Excellent word. Truth !

  12. ali s winters

    Great post. Our govt. indeed and the church in particular hold much of the blame for the state of our nation. Democrats and RINO’ both and weak kneed, compromised, complacent, carnal Christian clergy hold the lions share of blame. But God will have the final word. Until then, we have our marching orders. Stand strong, be bold and see the glory of our God.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a blessed 2024 is in store for those who know their God.

    • Ric

      Are you going back to Bakersfield in 2024 for a living proof tent crusade, If so when? If so when?

      • Mario Murillo

        As soon as the Fairgrounds is able to give us 4 days we will come.

  13. Michael John Briglia

    Thank you very much for sending this email to me. As I read every word I felt every feeling you expressed. I do have a contact with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and reading this message. I almost saw Gods face. It’s true, I had an encounter with Jesus 46 years ago, and had a few since. I truly long to see Him again. About 4 years ago, He sent an angel. I have never been the same since. I seek him daily, pray and always end my prayers; “Le it be done as You see fit.
    Thanks again

    • Becky

      Michael, I really love your ending to your prayers, “Let it be done as You see fit.” We are often so busy getting in our own comments and lists that we forget sometimes to add that things should work out as He sees fit! Thank you for sharing and reminding us that in the end it is His opinion that matters! bz

  14. Becky

    Brother Mario, Once again you have spoken Words of Life and hit upon many of my own experiences (and others reading this post) and what became my understanding of them from only one Source, the Spirit of God. When I was touched and born again in September of 1989, I was every bit as amazed as the shepherds! I did not know that God worked in this way, and why me?

    I very much can relate to what you state concerning not taking any credit for ourselves (“What do you have that you did not receive?”). God is to receive, and is worthy of receiving, all of the Glory and credit for our salvation and the good in our lives and the world. Often we do not understand what happened to us until God explains things in His timing. It is always an amazement to me to have the Creator of All bend so low as to explain to one of His least anything, me! But He desires for us to understand His ways, to understand in a small way ~ Him! I am the third and last daughter born in three years! My viewpoints have not mattered much, but only to God! He has continued through the years (I’m now 66) to continue on “the good work which He has begun in me since the day of my redemption.” That is sanctification, and sanctification (being made into the likeness of Christ) is painful. God must strip ourself away and replace it with more of Him! I have felt sandpapered in my very soul! So, yes God is with us in the coming year, He has individual plans for each of us and a plan for the Church, and a plan for the whole world! Just as the shepherds were obedient and went to find out more about this newborn Christ, we each need to be obedient to seek and find more of Christ as King, sitting at the right hand of God the Father. Hold tightly to Him and He will hold tightly to you! I hope you are all enjoying this holy Christmas season!

  15. Scott Robson

    These words are life to me. No fluff, no skirting of the issues, the challenges, and the reality of it all! Honored to support this life-giving, soul-winning, landscape-changing ministry. Not sure if someone can answer but are there any further Fire & Glory meetings in the offing or has that door closed? God bless you and THANK YOU!!!!

  16. Stacy

    Thank you Mario for this post. I pray God that will pour out His Holy Spirit upon me and my family this Christmas. The doctors have told my husband they can’t heal him. It’s impossible with what he has. I’m asking my miracle working God to do a miracle of healing in my husband. I’ve done all to stand and now I just stand on the Word of God. To God be all the glory.

  17. Anne

    God bless you Mario for your powerful witness! We so need more warriors like you. May they rise up and join you to take our country back. I ask you and your readers to please pray for my great-niece, Shiloh Rose, who was born yesterday (12/18) with her twin, Sienna Marie. Sienna is fine. Shiloh is fighting for her life in intensive care as she was breech and suffered brief oxygen deprivation during birth. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Christ is born! Glorify Him!

  18. Janice R. La Flesh

    I hear what the prophets are saying & most are saying it is going to be great, but that is not what I see. I see those who aren’t so filled by His spirit that they are nearly obnoxious in their devotion to Him, are in danger of being spewed out of Him. Things are about to get tough. As the darkness surrounds us we need to become more than a candle in the darkness, we must become a bonfire. In 6th grade I dreamt I would be on the last car out when Christ returned. In 03 I was compelled to stand alone in the mountain wilderness and cry “prepare ye the way of the Lord”. When Paradise burnt I knew it was a sign that the end was upon us, perhaps the beginning of the sorrows of the tribulation. It saddens me that the only church I can walk to is mostly painted black inside and seems to only invite misery. Rejoice in the Lord beloved for He is coming in the clouds and woe to those who have not filled their lamps.

    • RS

      “As the darkness surrounds us we need to become more than a candle in the darkness, we must become a bonfire.”

      Indeed!! Recently, God showed me that all this time, when I’ve heard that we are His light on the earth, I had the picture of an incandescent light bulb in my finite, modern mind. However, when scripture was written, they used open-flame, lighted torches, dipped in oil, held high out before them to light their way! That’s what we are called to be! And per chance that an ember fell to the ground, it would consume everything in its path!
      He showed me that a light bulb is contained, but that’s not how the Lord of Hosts operates! HE is a consuming fire, operating in the oil of the Holy Spirit, being poured out to consume those around Him in the Light of His Love! THAT is how His Church must be in these last days! So, yes! An open, consuming fire is a confirmation of what I saw!
      ALL GLORY TO GOD!!! 🙌🏼

  19. Molly

    Mario, may the Lord lead you back to San Jose for another such gathering!

  20. here

    I’ll right away grab your rss as I can not in finding your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Please let me recognise so that I could subscribe.

  21. allmeb

    I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts daily along with a mug of coffee.

  22. helpful resources

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your website? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you.

    • Jeff Riley

      Thank you for the very word I needed to hear at this hour.

  23. Shauna Catron

    Thank you, Very good stuff!


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