pastors and leaders brunch may 4th 11:30am

Batavia NY, Pastors and Business Leaders Brunch May 4th

Mario Murillo returns to Batavia, New York, on May 4th, to Cornerstone Church for a Pastors and Leaders brunch.

America is in danger! You and I have never faced anything like this before. Evil has never been this blatant. The forces of tyranny have never been this strong. American freedom is a candle in the wind. Decency is hanging by a thread. Censorship is exploding. It seems that nothing can stop the ruling class from turning America into a godless prison.

It is time for drastic action.

Pastors and business leaders of western NY, you are invited to a free brunch on May 4th at Cornerstone Church, 8020 Bank St Rd, Batavia, NY, to hear a message God has given me for this specific region. It is time to stand up and see the power of God moving through the Church; many will come to Jesus in western New York. This is your destiny.

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May 04 2024


11:30 am - 2:00 pm



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  1. Judith Walker

    Will you be having services for the general public in this area?

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes a tent crusade June 23-26

      • Cathy

        Been praying about christian revival by revelation ecclisea May 23-25. Your meeting is my sign God is switching ny & cleaning it up. Thank you for listening to Gods call !!!

  2. Jessica S. Tooma

    Hi, Mario.
    Is there intercession being done and seeking God concerning what had occurred the last time?
    A prophet/teacher out of Oklahoma spoke about an attack of Satan against Pastors. This prophet even experienced the attack for 30 days and the Lord told him after He removed it off of the prophet. This experience helped him to recognize what has been going on in the spirit against pastors
    Also, he has been warned against the Spirit of Religion and that Christians will be opposing moves of God due to this spirit operating in them.
    Blindness to things in the spirit have multiple origins and problems, only God can help us to point out which ones are the cause in us or in the lives of others. Thank you for bringing people to the Lord.

  3. Robert B Baumgart

    When will the tickets be available for the Batavia Tent Revival? I missed the first one in WNY and my sister, my neighbor, and my sister want to attend. God is absolutely GOOD! I just saw that you are going to have a Tent Revival in the Buffalo and Rochester area this October. Please let me know what process I need to follow. Thank you, Mario, for the multitude of videos accessible to anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see. All glory and praise goes to the Father!

    • Mario Murillo

      There will be no tickets for the tent crusade. It will be free open seating each night.

  4. Yvonne Stokes

    For the May 4th event in Batavia, NY. I’m not a pastor or a state leader. I would like to attend this event, Is this open to others?

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes. please join us.

  5. Steve Spinnett

    Greetings Mr. Mario,
    I’m strongly considering attaching myself to your ministry. I’ve been a believer for 51 years, I’m from Portland Oregon. I love what you say, I published a book that talks so much like you’re talking. It’s encouraging. I would so much like to attach myself to what you are doing. When is your next crusade here in the west coast going to take place? I’ve been involved in the Jesus People movement since 1973,

  6. Steve Spinnett

    My businesses support me so I can do whatever you wish.


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