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It was the power of a single question that drove them to Bethlehem. That single question is the burning question of our time. It is the question that will decide the fate of our nation.

No, they did not doubt that Jesus was the Messiah. That was not the question. It was something else entirely.

Why do we need to know the question that drove them? Because our youth are on the verge of making the most disastrous mistake a generation can make.

And the older generation—for a different reason—is about to make an equally disastrous mistake.


Both generations are on the witness stand. All of heaven is watching. The combined voice of reason, righteousness and wisdom is about to level the question at them. What is that question?

To find out, we must first pull back the veil of mystery that surrounds the Wise Men.

They were from the Eastern School of the Magi—a school most likely created by the prophet Daniel.

They were from the Eastern School of the Magi—a school most likely created by the prophet Daniel. How did it happen?

King Nebuchadnezzar saw the superior wisdom of the four young Hebrews: Daniel 1:20, “And in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his realm.”

We know that Daniel laid out a detailed prophetic timeline of when the Messiah would be born and when He would be crucified. Those writings were handed down through the ages in this school.

Then the king had a nightmare. The king changed the rules. Magicians were previously allowed to know a dream before interpreting it. This time the king, out of abject terror, demanded that they tell him his own dream. And Daniel did it! Then this happened:

Daniel 2:46-48, “Then king Nebuchadnezzar fell on his face, prostrate before Daniel, and commanded that they should present an offering and incense to him. The king answered Daniel, and said, “Truly your God is the God of gods, the Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets, since you could reveal this secret.” Then the king promoted Daniel and gave him many great gifts; and he made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and chief administrator over all the wise men of Babylon.”

We know that Daniel laid out a detailed prophetic timeline of when the Messiah would be born and when He would be crucified. Those writings were handed down through the ages in this school.

And when the Magi did the math, based on Daniel’s prophecies, they knew the time was near.  When they saw the star, they knew it was what they were waiting for. Messiah was born!

It seemed a journey doomed to fail. A horrendously expensive, dangerous and foolhardy escapade.

We know they arrived two years later. It was not just because of the distance. It was mainly because of the massive preparation. Kings traveled with hundreds of people. We do not know how many kings there were. It is easy to conclude that it was hundreds because of the uproar in Jerusalem when they arrived.

Matthew 2:2-3, “Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.” When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.”

If only we could have overheard the deliberations of these wise men about whether or not to take the journey to Bethlehem. Was it going to take two years out of their life? Would their unannounced arrival be a pretext for war? Who would manage the vast responsibilities in their absence? Would they return to find ruin?

It seemed a journey doomed to fail. A horrendously expensive, dangerous and foolhardy escapade. They fell silent. Then the silence is broken by the question: What if we don’t go?


The very thought of what life would be if they missed this singular moment in history was too horrifying for words. To be haunted every day with another question: ‘I wonder what would have happened if we had gone?’

Our youth are terrified of the future. They are willing to trade freedom for safety. And not just any safety—the most dangerous kind, the kind where the government takes care of you. Have you ever heard of a generation of youth that actually trusts the government and the media? This generation does.

For the first time in American history we need our youth to rebel. And they simply will not.

And they are constantly making choices not to go. They stay home. And they stare at their phones. They dream small dreams, and they have sixty year old eyes in twenty year old bodies. No risks. No audacity. They are the most bullied generation we have ever seen.

It is time to go to war against lies. This is a day for courage and bold choices. They are willing to side with Hamas. Men who behead babies in front of their mothers. Why? Because of truth? No, because of fear. Fear of displeasing the influencers of Tik Tok and their demon possessed professors.

For the first time in American history we need our youth to rebel. And they simply will not.

I want to ask you the question. What will happen if we don’t go?

The older generation is just as guilty. They will not invest in the next generation. Boomers still believe they are the youth generation. Sure they are angry, but not sacrificial. They are content to watch News channels. Enraged but not engaged.

It is time to act! Our nation is slipping away! It is time to go. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. It is time to take gigantic steps of faith. It is time for the old to wake up and sell their coffins! You are going to be here. Stop planning on gumming applesauce at Leisure World. Put your money where the war is!

The Wise Men are a great rebuke to young and old. They asked the evil king, “Where is the real King?” They would take a flame thrower to our high-maintenance, low-impact Christianity. They would rise up and tell the truth no matter what the cost.

I do not want to hear your excuse for not facing the danger of going into the fray against the evil that is suffocating America.

I want to ask you the question. What will happen if we don’t go?



  1. Charlie

    The truth can be very painful to face. God bless you Brother Mario

    • Eric Moon

      People are either in denial of the truth, or the truth is too much for us to handle and giving in is much less painful. Easy way out! Lord we need you! Yeshua help me be stronger and keep leaning on you. The way of the world is death. I choose life in you Jesus.
      Oh how the enemy wants to devour us. Are you not the King of King and Lord of Lord’s?
      It’s time people know who you are Lord! Destroy the enemies before they destroy us!
      In Jesus name I declare victory Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah!

      • Charles T. Finney

        It does not help that too many preachers are telling people they will just fly away and not have to stand and when they have done all to stand.

    • Alan Smith

      The best exposition I’ve heard in a very long time. An incisive revelation on the real wise men ….. the courageous kings! Yes. We must follow their example.

    • larry dupuis

      I believe Donald John Trump is God’s choice for President of The United States of America; and Just as John Fitzgerald Kennedy was led by the Lord to dethrone the International Bankers & the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE SYSTEM IN 1963, DONALD DONALD JOHN TRUMP IS GOD’S CHOICE to dethrone THE NEW WORLD ORDER who have been in the process of destroying America for the past century. JFK, RONALD REAGAN, & DONALD JOHN TRUMP are the only 3 PRESIDENTS WHO HAVE RETALIATED AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER IN THE PAST CENTURY, & you know what happened to JFK he was ASSASSINNATED, REAGAN WAS SHOT (an assassination attempt), and THE NEW WORLD ORDER in concert with THE ENEMY WITHIN, have been attacking DONALD TRUMP, incessantly for the past 7 YEARS. WILL YOU VOTE IN GOD’S CHOICE FOR AMERICA or are you going to finish destroying AMERICA? It’s NOW OR NEVER for AMERICA.

      • Sandra

        I agree with you but GOD said call him Donald J Trump not John! J stands for GOD! I have dreams I have yo research to get to the meaning so I look up meanings of names’.Try it. So interesting. Everything is getting into place for Jesus soon return and looking every day. Read the Word daily and it seems to be right on target with the evil today. The smarter people think they are the dumber they are, just makes laugh at these so called smart people! But thank GOD we don’t have to be rich or smart to believe in Jesus but those who believe are the smartest ever born. People need to take their heads out of the sand before they sink.

        • Orban Mann

          Only the smart people believe in Jesus and his word


        Excellent points all, Larry. God Bless you for your wisdom and conviction.

      • Roger Weeks

        Good word and facts Larry, thank you

      • Beverly Lewey

        Larry, I totally agree with your remarks!!!

      • Adelin Schauer

        So true!

      • Joanne kennedy

        I will vote for Donald Trump in 2024

      • Orban Mann

        Count me in

    • William Allen

      You are correct brother Mario. All we have is the truth, the living word of God to stand on in these times. We must stand on that in the face of these lies.

      • Joanne

        I put my faith in God the battle has already been won!

    • Judy Bjorklund

      Amen and amen! There are ALWAYS people on the other side of our obedience.🌎🙏🏻

    • Matthew777

      “Where is the real King?” They would take a flame thrower to our high-maintenance, low-impact Christianity. They would rise up and tell the truth no matter what the cost.

      Ezekiel 37:3 Can these bones live?

      I’m praying and believing the Dry Bones will live Again. Revive Revive Revive. We will Pursue Overtake and Recover all in King 👑 Jesus name. 🙏🏼Praying for Repentance Redemption Restoration and Revival 🙌🏻 Psalm 80 An appeal to God to return revive and restore us O Lord God of hosts and cause your face to shine ✨ and we will be saved.

      Merry Christmas 🎄

      Build the tents 🏕️ Fill the Stadiums 🏟️

      • John E Bergman

        Amen 🙏 and don’t forget to fill your lamps, trim the wicks and bring extra oil to keep the lamps burning 🔥 Hallelujah, PBTGOD AMEN 🙏🩸🙌✝️🔥🪔

    • Annaliesa Moberg

      Powerful and true!

    • John Bisiaux

      you have stir my heart.

      • Will

        You do what King Jesus instructed in Matthew 28:18-20. All Christians are given this charge, there are no exceptions. Verses 18-20:
        “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. “Go therefore and make disciples of all of the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

        God convicted me of failing to comply late in life. I was too caught up with marriage, family life, and work. The worst was that I was guilty, and I repented. God led me out of the AOG. I had asked two Assembly of God pastors why were we not doing this command from Jesus. One senior pastor said, “We don’t do this anymore. We only share the gospel to people who visit and want to join.” That was a telling statement and explains much as to why AOG churches in Southwest Georgia have lost members with many assemblies closing their doors forever. I went to the one denomination I knew was still active in presenting the Gospel. I joined up with the Southern Baptists. They believe in on the job training which happened on the first day, a Wednesday evening. I went out with the visitation team that meet people who have visited the church. It’s so wonderful to see the Holy Spirit draw a man or a woman to Christ (John 6:44). To see the work of the Holy Spirit bring conviction and repentance and that person receiving Christ into their life while the words of the Gospel are spoken. 1st Corinthians 15:3-4 is the Gospel. You begin with having a conversation and steer it towards the fact that we are all sinners and under the wrath of God. (Romans 3:23, 6:23, 2:2). Then we bring up what Jesus did to restore our relationship with the Father in John 3:16, and present the Gospel in 1st Corinthians 15:3-4, “For I handed down to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, and that He was buried, and He rose on the third day according to the scriptures.” I usually close with Acts 3:19, “Repent and turn to God so that your sins may be forgiven and that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” Many people we speak to have a works mentality. If that’s the case, I will tell them, “eternal life is received by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone and not by works. God freely gives eternal life to those who believe in His Son, Jesus (death, burial and resurrection). If you believe in Jesus, He will give you eternal life.”

        I encourage you to learn how to present the Gospel and do it. Five years ago I started going out with the visitation team and still go with them as it’s the easiest way to teach new people how to present the Gospel. People in their 80s are coming out and going with teams. And Covid didn’t stop the Gospel from going forth. We complied with wearing masks and keeping distance and the Gospel prevailed and souls were drawn to Christ. My church has a follow up team to bring new believers into the church to be baptized and discipled as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:20.

        The church started a new ministry last winter investing in the lives of people living on the streets and those living in temporary housing. Once a week, we bring them hot meals, pray and present the Gospel. God is transforming lives and giving hope and a future to all that receive Jesus. They even started a job training program that includes Bible studies and certified auto mechanics to train new believers in basic auto repair- oil changes, tire rotation, etc. And the church has partnered with area auto repair shops to hire graduates. It all begins with sharing the Gospel.

        • Dianna Carson

          This blesses my heart. More people will go having understanding of how to go. It would be good to also teach basics of financial literacy ie earning managing money debit card management tithing etc. So many do not know basics of living and surviving in this world

    • Tim Sutton

      Amen Mario We MUST go

    • Peggy Lewis

      What a powerful message. I want to go to battle for our youth and nation while there is still time.

    • Greg Romine

      Very well communicated, Mario!
      Let’s go!

    • phil beatty


    • Beverly

      I praise God for you Mario, I had the privilege of volunteering at the tent meeting in Winston-Salem, NC. I was blessed beyond measure and stand firm on the truth of God’s word needs to be flooding from the pulpits. The truth that will set people free and not a feel good message just to keep people coming to church but leaving with no substance, no meat to continue feeding on when they get home. It’s the truth that sets you free. God bless you and I look forward to volunteering again when you return to Winston-Salem.

    • Garland Hill

      Regardless of today’s circumstances, today and right now is the day of salvation! Each and every sunrise and setting we are losing time! No president, no ruler or leader is going to fix what takes us ALL sharing, praying and doing for the REAL KINGDOMS sake!!! What Mario is saying is stop typing, talking, and DO!
      Todays Church is over taken by SATAN and his pricipalities at work, the main stream churches in our Nation are lost. Teaching tithing and creating businesses out of the pulpit where assemblers are made to feel they are ok every Sunday while they walk out as lost as they were when they went in. This is the Laodicean church age where we need to wake UP!!!!!Doctrins of Devils taught from the pulpits!!! Don’t offend, They may leave and there goes the pay check and my health insurance. IT is an ABSOLUTE shame that people are so ignorantly following. PAUL NEVER TAUGHT TITHING and if he was the one to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles don’t you think he would have taught it clearly!. He also taught WHO should be PASTORS and DEACONS! Timothy explains that! The word has not changed, just Men and Women that think they know Better. SHARE the GOSPEL as stated in MARK and John!!! God Bless!

  2. Diana

    Yes! We should be marching on Washington with Declaration of Independence and Constitution in hand to replace the government with honest men and women of faith. We are a nation of cowards. Jesus paid it all and Americans won’t risk their comfortable lives to proclaim Him King of our hearts and of our nation.

    • M. Morgan

      It doesn’t take a march on Washington – in fact, that accomplishes NOTHING! All it takes is a march to the polling place on election day with knowledge of who is the honest man or woman of faith to put into the seat that represents you.

  3. Victoria Ferris

    Yes, what WILL happen if we do not go? All my life since young hold onto, “Onward Christian Soldiers”!! It’s time to GO!

  4. Beverly Campbell

    Dear Mario..Bless you , your Family & Team as we say “Happy Birthday.. Jesus!More of His Presence& Power & Love in 2024! Your powerful Words f action with encouragement have blessed & strengthened me over many years! I’m now 88 & having left my home in South Africa .. now live in Scotland! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m holding on to Jesus the Word made Flesh & dwelt among us.Ephesians 6:10-13.. strong in the Lord & wearing the full armour of God! ❤️ Bev. Campbell.

  5. Scott Murison

    Thanks Mario. Your messages add to the steel, the pain, the vision for our Lord. “Greater things than these will you do”. Let’s keep pressing in to Him and reaching out with authority and spontaneity.

  6. Donna P. Lumpkin

    Mario, excellent word. Truly, truly, I tell you. The truth will set us free.

  7. Larry Lavallee

    AMEN Brother 🔥⚔️🛡🤺
    I will be retiring next month, turning 65 in March, and have already been approved for a Substitute Teacher position in my county. Next step will be to get Certified as a Full Time teacher, and have summers off to WORK with your Tent Crusades ⛺️ My wife and I have already been to Batavia NY & Ft Myers FL. WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED !!! Hope to see you soon in TN for the Base Camp and logistics building wher The Army of GOD will be “Deployed” and “Equipped” for more FIRE & GLORY MISSIONS!
    We are in need of a Motorhome for this assignment, and know our GOD is able to Supply 😇🙏

  8. Joy Strong

    Painful and Provoking comments when we who KNOW OUR GOD are preserved to Pray… HIS PRESENCE AND POWER OVER PERFORMANCE AND PITIFUL EXISTENCE!!! SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE!!!





  9. Patricia Reavis

    Have we prepared our youth to go or to care for the country ?

  10. Alles Payne

    You are correct!

  11. Suzan Iovieno

    Thank you and I am praying for all men’s hearts and minds be changed now come back to Gods words find peace and comfort in his almighty name Jesus Christ our good Father! Amen. Keep praying this prayer

    • Dwight Wegman

      Many leaders are saying that revival is coming and are waiting for a move of the Holy Spirit. I have had the thought that when the Body of Christ moves and shared the gospel en masse, that is when the Holy Spirit will move. We are waiting on God when He is waiting on us. Time for us to share the gospel if we want to see this nation saved!

  12. Deborah Potts

    Strong drink is for those who are perishing…going, occupying…believing. TY.

  13. Walter Pecherzewski

    I agree with you totally Mario. Lord have mercy .
    I believe we’ll start to wake up when it will be too late.

  14. Shirley Clasey

    We have the authority and the power! It is a commandment from Jesus our Lord to go.Two years ago I stopped “clutching my pearl’s” in shock and got righteously angry at the devil.Action required.We must go!

  15. Stephen DiConzo

    Thank you for this word from the Lord, Brother!!! May we heed the urgency of sharing Jesus with others!

  16. Mary Mellen

    Always We Go! Never Not Go!
    The Call of Duty Against Injustice & Ignorance Propels Us! Enlighten Others. Raise the Trumpets Here We Come! Leaders Always Go! They Are Ignited & Driven by the Holy Spirit and Live in the Fire Of God’s Righteousness! Passion Drives Us. We Always Go! We Arrive and Shake Them Up!..Then Growth Happens.. The Wise Always Go! Some Have The Calling & Some Don’t. We Carry The Rest Until They Go!
    Amen. Merry 🎄 Christmas.

  17. Rebecca

    You hit the nail on the head and drove it in. Forgive us Lord and prod us , unshackle us, and light a fire under us that causes us to move.

  18. Nancy Speaks

    If only every man, woman, and young person could read your words Mario. These words are straight from the Throne Room. Thank you.

  19. Pat Harper Hurt

    I am 79 and have no intention of gumming my applesauce at Leisure World! EVERY word you said is already indelibly in my heart thanks to an insatiable desire put there to seek Him with every ounce of my breath. He has put me on the front line of intercession. Thank you. A real word of truth and incredible motivation.

  20. Esther Gibbs

    Wow! That’s so true and we all must wake up and go out to battle

  21. Claudia Bonfante

    Amazing revelation! I never heard anything like this! Bless you and your family this Blessed Christmas!🎄

  22. larry dupuis

    I have been attacked subtilly by the IRS, STATE POLICE, & LOCAL POLICE FORCES, for choosing to live within my GODGIVEN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS numerous times in the past 40 years and and am currently in a court case with THE CARENCRO POLICE DEPARTMENT, just another attempt to squelch CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS by a militant police state system. Jesus Christ loves you and is still God Himself. I expect continual harassment from this ungodly system.

    • Heather

      Expect ultimate victory! Prayers from AR❤️🇺🇸🙏



  24. Nancy

    Oh, I am humbled beyond my ability to express the yearning this call makes to spiritual arms!! I am old, not even in the near vicinity of youth, have no offspring, and ending my generations. I was part of the generations that created our nation’s downfall: believing I was a Christian if anyone cared to ask me. I would readily say Yes, of course! But it spawned the church of today. When trouble I wasn’t able to solve on my own came and eventually won its purpose for my life–The Presence of God had to enter His Temple in me–and now grows beyond my expectations as to who I am in Christ Jesus and how through the grace of God I may live until my last day of any use at all to win this battle. Thank you Mario. You speak to my heart with such clarity and power, all God’s doing. He brings His call to arms through you. Thank you!

  25. Wayne

    A very troubling… and a very thought provoking article… at any time… but especially here at Christmas!

    To be instruments of change we must be an organized army with effective leadership. That leadership is NOT Trump or any other politician… it’s the Holy Ghost! He, being a part of the Godhead, knows the beginning from the end, and He knows what each of us should do. He knows exactly HOW we can be most effective. If any changes for the positive are to happen, us soldiers must receive our orders on our knees…. then carry them out regardless of consequences. God help us to have courage in this hour!

  26. Anita A

    100 percent agree. On time word of God…

    Folks…stop sitting around and get people SAVED… You will give an account one day of the time you spent serving yourself and hoarding your money.

    Go…and go NOW !!!

    • Maggie Boon

      I’ve followed you for many years Mario. Thank you for truth. The UK is in a mess and needs the Remnant to rise up. I’m 71 but on fire for God but have suffered for 36 years with Fibromyalgia. I worked and served the Lord until I physically couldn’t anymore but know the urgency of the hour. Please pray with me for total restoration in my body so that I can serve God and win souls. Merry Christmas brother.

    • Ruth Barrall

      I can’t save anybody! I am called tenacious and quite a pain to people around me, they don’t want to hear about God or be corrected about their unGodly lifestyles! I was always told I cause people to draw away because all I want to talk about is the Lord they say I push people away. They say I am a Bible thumper and they can’t believe I read such an antique thing as the Bible! My oldest son (45) asked me if I am being paid to drive him crazy because I talk of the things of God! I got saved in 1977 and got beat up outside a bar for calling it a den of inequity and saying drunkards will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven! Trust me, not a good approach. Going on 70 I have cooled 🙁 I have become weary of battle I need revival! A new fire God help me cause I know we all need to wake and do something other then hiding in our homes wondering when the Rapture will be! So many are in deep darkness and have no desire to hear anything about the Kingdom to come!

  27. Christopher GARCIA

    Your message punctuates a burden that the Lord has in me for the past 3+ years – reaching the youth in our community with the gospel. Much more with you be fine.

    • Kathy Black

      Let’s pray the Verse .. from Deuteronomy 7:14:. “If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.
      I awoke very early one morning after I heard that Colorado had taken Donald Trump off of the ballot.I opened my Bible to Isaiah 14.
      The wicked will face Gods wrath .. whether they believe that Jesus is Lord or not.
      We must pray and draw near to Our Lord. Turning away from compromise and lukewarm ness.
      Jesus Christ is always victorious’!

  28. Colleen MacPherson

    Thank you for the truth, Mario. We, the older generation need to stand up and be counted, and to go tell them no matter what it costs. I pray that God will give this generation boldness and courage, passion and zeal for the Lord and compassion for the hurting, fearful masses in Yeshua’s name amen 🙏

  29. Joseph

    Awaken the troops!! Sound the alarm!! The battle is on!!

  30. Ron Rupp

    I dare say that 1 or 2 percent of the population even see this deep, the population of the once a week, or twice, building goers…and none have an excuse other than sluggards

  31. Linda

    God is supernaturally opening doors for me. God have mercy on us if we fail this generation.

    • Thomas Holohan

      If this is not a direct word from the Holy Spirit through our brother then quite honestly after 50 years of serving the lord I must not know what God’s voice is!This has driven me to my knees as never before. I’ve gotten alone in a quite secret place locked in seeking the Lord as never before for HIS will in my life. I do not intend to sit this battle out I never have and I never will. We must position ourselves in a manner of Acts chapter 13 verses 1 through 6. If we do this the same Holy Spirit that spoke to Paul and Barnabas will speak to the heart of the seeker and He will let you know HIS will and HIS way and in HIS POWER you will go forth. Thank you again brother Mario for being fearless ,courageous and so utterly consumed with a love for God and for the Lost

  32. Douglas Krause

    As a shining star speaks a creative new light of rebirth, to this temporary wilderness, Our Father’s love, plants righteous seeds of a new covenant, for the lost souls of His family. Our freewill is a test, and Jesus gave us the right answer to pass this test. HIStory is recorded in God’s word, that Jesus in the flesh, would be Spiritually led, by the will of His Father, to go forth, and pioneer the path, (pay the price), for our spirit, and souls eternal freedom. Reading, and writing, and adding the two together, is what needs to be reinstated, to educate our minds, and gratify any doubt we might have, as to what we need to do, with our temporary mortality, and let righteous morality, conquer our fears. Jesus was a gift of “Joy to the World”.

    • Joni

      When reading Mario’s message calling us, the body of Christ, to unite together to spread the Gospel, it definitely motivates me to be more engaged in the spiritual battle of winning souls. Who is satisfied with the status quo when the masses are perishing? Those with a burden for the lost eagerly await more specific marching orders. Pray, pray, pray for God to give assignments to that end!
      We’re all called to testify within the sphere of influence that God gives us. Pray for more workers to be actively engaged in soul winning.

      One challenge seems to be in a void or blockage within church leadership to direct followers of Christ to branch out of the church buildings into the highways, byways, and the town marketplace.

      What will it take to add a new dimension to our traditional church services? So, the outcome of Sunday morning worship time and hearing the pastor’s teaching leads everyone to leave the gathering with the main purpose to “be evangelizing outside the walls of the church”?

      As a woman of God, I am dismayed that opportunities to serve in citywide evangelistic work very rarely occurs. Behind the scenes there’s always vital prayer support to be done by men and women covering those on the front lines (like Mario) who are called and anointed to preach the Good News. We know this prayer is vital and strategic for evangelism to flourish bringing souls into God’s Kingdom. Everyone has a part to play. Everyone has spiritual gift(s) to be used in tandem with other Believers to win souls.

      God give us more boldness to share your plan of redemption and salvation! Praise JESUS, who alone is worthy and is the sole reason we have Good News!

      • Thomas Holohan

        So wonderfully put my sister I am in totally agreeing with you.

    • Ruth Barrall

      God help and strengthen us Give us vision

  33. Laurie Van Wyckhouse

    Imagine what could be accomplished if God’s people would use their Christ-bought authority! Everyone with breath can do that.

  34. Bob Truitt Sr

    We can not give up ,, I was telling my son just yesterday that we have a hard fight ahead of us .. Thank you for remaining steadfast Mario .. You have done so for many ,, many years ….

  35. Becky

    O, come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!!! The Wise Men took Him gifts because He is worthy! They didn’t travel so far for so long for “social significance,” they just wanted to see Him and worship Him! Please, can’t we just love Him for Him, for a day or two, at least? Can’t we appreciate His holiness and beauty, even if America is never great again, even if the things we pray for and seek never come to pass?

    I truly believe that God is moving in the world today and America has a destiny to fulfill! But God wishes more than anything to just be acknowledged and loved, no matter what happens in His Creation. Merry Christmas, Merry Christ’s Day! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

    • Lori C

      This is fire, so much truth🔥Send me Lord🙏🏽

  36. Francis Eggers

    God bless you with many more blessings and anointing to bring Jesus to our land. Francis Eggers

  37. Lesley

    Thank you Mario for this convicting article. As a 65+ year old, I want to be more involved but unsure how to be.

    • Lori C

      This is fire, so much truth🔥Send me Lord🙏🏽

  38. Darrel

    Yes, go into all the world and preach the gospel. We have always heard that. What is different right now? There are millions of people doing that. What beyond that should we be doing? Should we get involved with our precincts, our voting stations, keep hounding our representatives? What??

  39. Vicki Pierce

    Amen ! Ever since Jesus West Coast, Chico, CA, 1979, when, as a new believer, we heard you preach in a tent and saw demons fleeing in terror did we say, “We believe this man knows what he’s talking about.” We believe you, Mario.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to the Word of God and your commitment to the church.

  40. Nancy Cole

    What a truer WORD than the usual. A while ago, I was called a ‘Naomi’. I am 87, 6 months older than Kenneth Copeland, I am here in 110, praying for those I know do GO.

    I have my own down line of over 70 I pray over, my church ( River of Tri- Cities), and study daily under KCM, AWMI, FLN, RMI, and RTC. I tell everyone, the tale of the hare and tortise, well, ‘I may be slow, but I am sure.’

    I thank GOD for this computer, keeps me in touch with your emals and so many more.

  41. Nick de angelis

    Thank you

  42. LisaFedEbb

    Thank you Mario for sharing these words, I’m a widow, yet engaged! I’m always looking for what can I do? Where can I give during these chaotic, confusing, dark days ahead. And, so grateful for your ministry!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas to you, your lovely wife, and family!

  43. Terry Haight

    Very good wake up call Mario. I pray for the Great Awakening to proceed along with The Great Shaking of the heavens and the earth. We are on board with you, and will give you the tools to win the war. May our God in Heaven bless your finances so that you can help in this battle to win the war. Godspeed brother.

  44. John Bisiaux

    I a. the person who at Destiny Church
    who you pointed your finger at and said YOU

    • Mario Murillo

      Glory to God John!

  45. Wayne

    Why was my comment this morning not posted? It seems most of the time they’re not and I don’t understand why. I am a born again believer with ideas/suggestions/comments just like anyone else. Why are my posts being so severely moderated? Just curious…

  46. Mary Story

    I pray wholeheartedly that I will be obedient to the urging of the almighty Spirit of the Most High God, who dwells within my very being, and empowers me to do His will, to win every soul that I possibly can to the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you Mario for your faithfulness!

    • Becky

      God bless you, Mary! I am in the same situation, attempting to listen and do! I would like people to realize that if they just start small, God will enlarge what he entrusts us with. I began a few years ago, after feeling His leading, in a small way with some pamphlets I purchased from BGEA and I speak with people in stores, etc. It was this way a few days ago, in a few stores I spoke with people and shared and many would be surprised to know that there are many Christians out there, they just light up and open up and we have some of the best conversations about God and things of faith! It is encouraging to know that many people feel as we do, that God is on the move and that He is finalizing things…the end times are upon us, though no one knows how long they will take! Merry Christmas to you!

  47. Carleen Rowan

    I have been in the fray against the evil that is suffocating the USA. I pray for our nation daily. I love the USA and I love Jesus! My husband has sent you money for soul-winning. I pray for you to be highly anointed in your meetings, so that people will accept Jesus as their Savior. I will begin praying for the generation you are discussing. They are not all bad—you said in your last Fire Power that they set up your tents for you. However, too many of them believe the lie that the far left politicians feed them about climate change and sex changes. I live in a city of over 45,000 people and I cannot find a church that believes like I do, so I know exactly what you are talking about when you discuss lukewarm churches.

  48. Teresa Thomas

    Heavenly Father, pour out your glory upon the world and awaken the people to the truth. Bring conviction so that they will repent and accept your son Jesus as their Savior. Let us have a great awakening! In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen

  49. Sheila Price

    Yehovah God has been having me pray for spiritual blinders and earplugs to be removed so that those who don’t know what they don’t know can begin to see, hear and His Truth.

  50. ArnoldF

    “For the first time in American history we need our youth to rebel. And they simply will not…. No risks. No audacity. They are the most bullied generation we have ever seen.” Mario, praise God for this insight. Keep writing and keep preaching the Word of God.

  51. Charlene

    If not us, who? Occupy til I come said Jesus. Do what you can do. And then do more. Support worthy ministries. Pray for them. Give to them. Love your neighbor as yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Faith without works is dead. Arise and get with the program. Arise out of prayerlessness. Out of complacency, coldness. Burn with zeal for the lost. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers. 🙏

  52. Jeff Ryland

    What about the shepherds, they were not ordinary shepherds they were assigned to guard the temple lambs used for sacrifice they new exactly where to
    go to find the birthing place where these lambs were born to find Christ birth place. These are what true historical evidence records as birthing towers for sacrificial lambs and not ordinary mangers.

  53. Paul Doyle

    “Enraged but not engaged”
    So spot on!

  54. Theresa Abrams

    Thank you Mario! I keep asking Abba to make clear to me my assignment in these last days. After reading your books I cannot erase that word “assignment” from my mind. I know we are to be fervently laboring in prayer for sure. I pray we can break free from all the distractions and hear His voice. Thank you again!

  55. Ray Krammes

    May I/we do this word you brought forth under His unction ! (James :122 ) in Jesus’ name, Amen !!! For His Glory !

  56. Tami Flick

    “Enraged but not engaged.” Powerful words. We’ve (my husband and I) brought our 15 year old son and 17 year old daughter to a STL for Israel prayer rally just a couple of months ago. We do not avoid discussions at home about standing for righteousness and justice. Compassion, plumb lined with truth, + action. We’ve marched for LIFE as a mother and daughter as well. We don’t want to find ourselves sitting along the sidelines of history during this pivotal moment. Prayer + action. It’s time to stand.

  57. Janet Drawhorn

    As a “older generation” individual, I have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. I repent for wherever I have been slack in praying and declaring God’s Word over these generations. I am starting new today but ON PURPOSE. This article hit me really hard. Eye opening. Thank you.

  58. debra

    What we need is a fresh and upgrade in our anointing. Harsh things are coming upon the earth and no one is ready for that. If we can’t tackle the issues now that are spoiling humanity, then we will certainly not enage it the war ahead, both in the natural and the unnatural. The atmosphrere has to change. It has to be electrified with the power and fear of God-of the greater than these you shall do according to Jesus.
    We must pray and obey. There is usually some order of instructions that follow prayer. Also, we MUST use our authority .We were before time and birth programmed to deal with the demonic forces- to overtake , subdue and bring about the Kingdom of God. It is written “we were CREATED to destroy the works of the devil”. You dont see that as mainstream but only a few hidden people around the world practice the power given to us. Until we step into the power he has given us, we won’t see the results we desire so badly. I challenge each person to begin to use their authority in the small things and then grow into the larger things. Our continuation depends on us accessing heaven in this manner or we will be swept away.
    BEFORE rain comes, an atmosphere is built up. There is pressure, signs and confirmation when the dew drops fall that something is in the works and coming down.. Heaven is at war and so is the earth. We have to think differently. I say again harsh things and times are coming. We can either follow or lead. Let’s not be sheep lead to the slaughter. WAKE UP. Its your time. Christ will not do this alone. If he has said and mandated this for his body then we will have to manifest his spoken word .
    It is written the “The Heavens retain Jesus until he has put his enemies under his feet. Do you not know that as his body, you are part of the he. Selah….


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