SHOUT JESUS FROM THE MOUNTAINS: here are 5 reasons that the tent crusade in Colorado Springs is more important than you realize.

There are 5 big reasons that the Living Proof Tent Crusade in Colorado Springs was more important than you realize. For many of those who were inside the Tent, it was of utmost importance. People they love were saved and healed.

If it was so important, how is it possible that it can be overlooked? Because, throughout history, human nature has exalted banal things while missing critically important things.

Abraham Lincoln had little faith in the human attention span. With a touch of epic irony he said this in his Gettysburg address: “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here…”


The Church—much like the world—can easily miss milestones.

Think of it! Lincoln assumed that what would become the most famous speech in American history would be forgotten. And for a while it was. But then history—with its keener eye—took a second look. And the rest is, well, history.

The Church—much like the world—can easily miss milestones. For example, we are currently enamored with concerts, and it is no secret that the Christian music industry is corrupted by greed and power.

Grandiose Christian concerts charge up to $2,000 dollars per person to hear a favorite Christian artist. I wonder what they do with all that money. We must be so proud that we can finally match the excesses of the secular music industry.

Our talent for doing things for God without the Holy Spirit is breathtaking.

Our talent for doing things for God without the Holy Spirit is breathtaking. But that will never stop the real work of God from reaching its potential. That is why I am asking you to take a second look at what unfolded in Colorado Springs.

God did something that has national implications—and no, that is not a self-serving statement. What happened in the Tent is far bigger and greater than Mario Murillo.


Here are 5 things that make the Tent Crusade in Colorado Springs so important:

1.It was the youth! The engine that drove the excitement inside the Tent was an army of young people. They were the first ones to get there and the last to leave. Their energetic worship set the pace for everyone else.

Christianity has always been a youth movement. The lie that we are an aging movement, and one which is about to die off, was summarily shattered in the Tent.

The fire will not go out in these young souls.

And that means something else. It means those four days in the Tent are only the beginning. The fire will not go out in these young souls. They saw their friends get saved. They saw miracles. They are running with the vision. There is no movement like a youth movement. The torch of Pentecostal fire has been handed to a new generation.

2. It was a towering display of unity. The heart of two churches beat as one for souls and revival. Radiant Church and Church For All Nations did something unheard of. They combined their six campuses for a citywide Sunday Morning worship service under the Tent.

Pastors Mark and Linda Cowart of Church For All Nations, along with Pastors Todd and Kelly Hudnall from Radiant, displayed an unselfish love that is a model for every church in America.

It was a seamless unity. In the vastness of this multi-faceted operation there was zero competition. Parking, ushers, security, and workers of every kind blended supernaturally to meet the massive need. Everywhere you looked there was joy and gladness. Faces beaming with excitement over the way God was moving.

3.Two explosive elements joined forces:

Living Proof Crusade: A Living Proof Crusade is simply an outreach to lost souls with signs and wonders. But do not confuse simple with small. The burgeoning impact of these tent crusades is remarkable. We have been forced to upgrade to a larger tent every eighteen months—to one which is double the size of the previous one.

Fire and Glory Tour: When I met with Lance Wallnau at his home months ago, the vision for a Fire and Glory tour was born. Instead of a harmless conference that talks around the issues, we wanted an event that armed the people of God with skills to bring change in government, school boards, and in culture. The speakers included Lance, Floyd Brown from the Western Journal, Historian Bill Fetterer, Lou Engles, and Tim Powers.

Colorado Springs was the first time we combined the forces of Living Proof and Fire and Glory. The result exceeded our expectations. In the morning we found what Tim Powers referred to as the Silver Bullet—the message that wins elections—which is, “Don’t mess with our kids.”

Colorado Springs was the first time we combined the forces of Living Proof and Fire and Glory. The result exceeded our expectations.

The huge crowds that sat in these morning sessions were ignited into action. In the evenings they witnessed the power of God to save and heal.

4.Undeniable signs and wonders: It was truly shocking! The local media allowed people to declare on video that miracles were happening. Signs and wonders came, and they were focused on glorifying Jesus. At no point were miracles the focus. It was always Christ. Because of that the power of God flowed freely.

The larger impact of miracles is that God does them to confirm His Word—they have an explosive effect on young people—and their reports cause outsiders to come and receive.

5.A massive and comprehensive discipleship program. The Christian birth rate rose dramatically in Colorado Springs. But the bigger story is that they will be discipled. Because the faith of the pastors who were involved was so great, they were prepared in depth for following up on the new converts. Every soul that came forward will be encouraged to be baptized in water. Every new convert will be contacted at least twice and led into a discipleship program that was uniquely designed for this crusade.

The bottom line is this: Stereotypes of what God can and cannot do today were shattered. Elements that have long been separated have combined to create firepower for revival and reformation. What happened here will not just stay here.

Now it is on to Los Angeles! Join us there!



  1. Paul Rosenfeld

    It’s so encouraging to see God working. Thank you, Brother Mario.

    • Pearl Dalton

      What a blessing to be used by God❤️‍🔥🙌🙌.Signs and wonders follows 🙏 🙌. I pray that you and Lance and your teams be strengthen daily as you go forth 🙏, in Jesus Name. Thanks always for your Blogs,to keep me in formed 💞

    • Erica Sandoval

      My husband Scott was there serving and came home a changed man….not only was he filled with God his shoulder that had been giving him pain for over a year and was heading towards needing surgery was HEALED!

  2. Paula Chiri

    I agree with you, Mario. I watched online each day; morning and evening. The daytime sessions and speakers were motivating and full of wonderful information. I felt the atmosphere at home while watching the evening services. Jesus was glorified;
    and His Works each night was the Living Proof of His Power, and Promises fulfilled! Praise His Name and shout “Jesus From the Mountains” !!!

  3. Tim Dunn

    Yes sir, milestones such as a president walking across the DMZ between South and North Korea. This was one of the biggest milestones in our nations history. In my opinion it rivaled the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, but not a whisper about how huge that moment was.

    God Is moving brother Murillo, I get so frustrated at times and then he truly reveals what he is doing right at the perfect time when I need it the most.

    I’ve served my country faithfully and I cannot believe what I see happing to our great nation. The devils in the details obviously. But, when God shows up on the scene, he can change things in an instant, his timing is impeccable and he is sovereign, he can do what he wants, when he wants, he’s just that good.

    The church has failed, the Christian music industry has failed, but God is rising up a group of uncommon people to fulfill his plans in an unconventional way.

    What I feel at this hour is a power of the spirit that is uncommon to me, God is going to do something amazing here. Dry bones brother Murillo, dry bones!

    We continue to pray for you and your families safety and in all of your comings and goings.

  4. David

    Thank you for all you doing God bless you.

  5. Jamie Parker-Frank

    We watched the replay of the last night and were completely blown away!! God is moving, Holy Spirit is moving and Jesus is ALIVE!! Hallelujah!!!

  6. Janice Cocklereece

    I attended the first Fire and Glory meetings in Ft Myers, Florida and experienced a worship unlike I’ve ever been to before. I am praising God for what He’s doing across America. I listened each night to the Livestream in Colorado Springs and was so blessed by the preaching, miracles and worship service. I’m praying for The Lord’s continuing to pour out on this movement. To God be the glory!

  7. Sandra Douglas

    Glory to God ….In Christ alone we live and move and have our being…the body of Christ as One harmonious living organism with light and love flowing through our veins and drawing thousands in toward that light desiring to reflect it !
    Thank you for your diligent persistent yielding to your assignment …Lovr being part of your work Mario!
    Rest I’m His Move!

  8. Karen Secrest

    I see 70,000 people at Christmas in Coors stadium with lighted candles singing? “O Holy Night. The stars are brightly shining..

    Looking forward to seeing you and Lance enjoying a Colorado Christmas..

    • Sandra M.

      Hopefully the lights won’t be the color of the rainbow

  9. David Lawson

    I was at the Colorado Springs Crusade. It is my fourth to attend as a volunteer. It is a blessing beyond discription. I saw someone I prayed for accdept Jesus as his savior and he was healed when myself and one of the ushers laid hands on him and prayed. I saw the lost in large numbers come to know Jesus as their personal savior. How can you pass up such a blessing. Everyone should attend one of these crusades. I will also be volunteering in Los Angeles and bring two of my evangelism partners with me. They have attended one with me already and were truly blessed. They were so excited when I asked them to attend the Los Angeles Crusade with me. I am looking forward to seeing the masses saved and the sick and lame healed. Consider coming to this event if you haven’t planned too already. Expect a blessing beyond description if you do. God is working.

    • William Moss

      God Bless Your service in Colorado Springs and commitment to the LA Crusade and your two friends who are going with you as well…..God will be with you all the way!!

  10. Dolores

    To GOD be all honor and glory🙏👏👍. HE is faithful and merciful. PTL that unity of Pastor is key to bring Fire and Glory to unite pastors. May this be the key to continue sharing His love in our Nation. Will continue praying for you. May these be the breakthrough America needs to be united, as one. To Him be all honor and glory, amen.🙏🌈☮️🩸🇱🇷

    • Kim

      Amen! Unity!

  11. Carol Carpenter

    Glory to God!! When will Mario bring his tent to the Philadelphia area?

  12. Julie

    We were there! Drove from Wisconsin to be volunteers.
    We wanted to be part of what God was doing in the US.
    So much excitement and great info from lance and others.
    Looking forward to the team coming to Wisconsin next year.
    We need it.

  13. Ron Rupp

    I was so impressed with the diversity of speakers..the 5 fold was represented, a rarity I have not seen since the 70’s…most conferences today are all one based subject, just 5 different ways to serve it..

  14. Donna Momaney

    Mario, it would be great if you could do a crusade in Vermont, our region is cold and I do not mean the weather. This area of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine needs to be set on fire for God! I am so grateful to be able to follow all you and your team are doing for Gods Kingdom!

  15. Terry Calhoun

    I watched every day. Praying, decreeing and declaring God to invade heaven on earth through his vessels. Thank you for being on the front line. Continually wash the body of christ, born again believers with the blood of Jesus, to cleanse and protect and all the families. Thank you for rising up in this hour with the “apostolic prophetic” anointing with signs and wonders following. Thank you for bringing unity to the body of Christ, all in one accord, with the baptism of tongues of fire.

  16. Barbara Decker

    Thank you, Mario, for this wonderful report. My heart overflows with so much love for the pastors and the youth. Truly this is what apostolic churches are to do- combine their worship and support each other. God showed up and I can feel his presence was there. All for your Glory, Lotd.

  17. Vada Reilly

    What a fantastic and awesome experience to be under that huge tent in the Presence of Almighty God! I volunteered for all 4 days to do anything I could to help. Last year when you came to Colorado Springs, I heard to Spirit say, “you need to be there!” I was facing two major surgeries and was in severe pain…couldn’t sit down and was painful to stand as well. I was desparate to see why the Spirit said, GO! Praise God I found it live streamed on Facebook and was able to watch and fully participate from home. Mario, as you began to get words of knowledge, one of those had “my address” on it and I began a Holy weep! You said, “Stand up right now, JESUS is healing you!!” As I stood in faith, ALL PAIN AND DISEASE left my body!!! I went to my pre op appts 3 days later and the surgeon couldn’t believe what was presented before him!!! PRAISE GOD!! It has now been over a year and I continue to be pain and disease free!!! Thankbyou JESUS!! Thank you Mario for coming to Colorado Springs two years in a row!! God bless you and your family!! To GOD be ALL GLORY and Praise!!!

  18. Lynette Craven

    I attended the Crusade in Colorado Springs as a volunteer. This was the third Crusade I have attended as a volunteer. It is life changing even for those who have been followers of Jesus for many years – like myself. We can never get enough of Jesus; we never “arrive” this side of Heaven.

    Although I am not able to serve as a volunteer in Los Angeles I am going to sow into sending an amazing couple, pastors, to Los Angeles to continue the work that this country needs – to make Jesus famous! I encourage each person reading this to make a commitment to do your part, whether it is serving as a volunteer yourself or sowing into sending someone else.

    Jesus is Lord!!!

  19. Gregg and Mary Meens

    We were doubly blessed to be there and do believe God, through Jesus and Holy Spirit, did amazing things, and will continue to do so as the thousands return to their homes and communities! My husband is a teacher of God’s Word and he has taken off like a bullet this week with his study entitled, Kingdom of Man – Men becoming like Jesus, based on 1 John 4:17. And I had a biopsy on a tiny spot on my forehead, which I received a call from my dermatologist Tuesday while we were there, saying it was basal cell c-word and they wanted to schedule surgery to remove it. But I told them that spot which was like an open sore, was now undetectable and looked like new skin now!
    The anointing in the tent had the Spirit of God moving in a mighty way! BIG THANKS Mario, to you, Lance and all the pastors and volunteers of CFAN and Radiant for the planning and sacrifice that made all this possible. It was total Fire and Glory AND Living Proof!

  20. Geneva D Green

    Praise the Lord, wonderful to hear and see that God is moving in such wonderful ways! Spread it Oh God like a wild fire and cause it to burn through the nation. Abba Father sent it to my area, Florence, Alabama! We need you, oh how my heart yearns for a mighty move of God here in my area! Welcome Holy Spirit, Come Holy Spirit!

  21. Collin R Williams

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry. If God is with us, what or who can defeat us.

  22. Scott Robson

    O Lord, LOS ANGELES?????? My 32-year-old son lives (survives, barely) there. A prodigal. God in Heaven, lead him to attend this tent gathering!!!!!

  23. Nancy Hendrickson

    PRAISE GOD from whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! I watched every service. ALMIGHTY GOD is beginning to heal my tinnitus from these miraculous services! HE IS A MIGHTY GOD WHO DOES MIRACLES TODAY! GOD BLESS and KEEP every one of your Mighty Servants, and May HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU!

  24. Cheryl

    I was so blessed to join in Ocala. Hoping to have an event in New England!

  25. Marcia David

    More living proof that our God is alive & well and willing to pour out his glory where there is unity, truth & worship. It warms my heart to hear that our youth are coming to the Lord in droves. Thank you for all you do for the Lord Mario.

  26. Kathy Clanton

    So awesome Mario! Revival is here! While you’re in CO, here in Portland OR, we’re having a breakout of the Holy Spirit with Jesus March, Her Voice Movement and Portland Together worship. Gods on the move!!🙌



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