God Equipped an Army in Colorado Springs

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What a way to end out the Fire & Glory Tour in Colorado Springs! It might be the greatest night I’ve ever been a part of under the Tent.

As they’ve done each night Catherine Mullins and her team kicked off the meeting with an incredible time of worship. As Mario said, no one sings “I Speak Jesus” like Catherine does. But for their final song of the night they pulled out the old classic, “Look What the Lord Has Done!” and the place exploded!

It was the right song to sing after all the wonderful things we had seen over the course of the week, and it ushered a spirit of joy into the room. The atmosphere was light, but God’s presence was very real, and people were being touched even during the worship.

Mario began by saying that there is segment of the body of Christ who don’t believe healings occur today. He said it is very shameful for someone to stand in a pulpit and declare that.

He recounted the story in scripture where the paralyzed man was lowered through the roof to Jesus. And said the statement Jesus made right before healing the man is a silver bullet against the cessationist theology that says God doesn’t heal today.

“But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins”—He said to the man who was paralyzed, “I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house” (Mark 5:24 NKJV).

He then told about a cessationist preacher who sat next to him on a plane and told Mario that his gift was a fraud. Mario asked him, “Does the world need to know that Christ forgives sin?”

If forgiveness of sins is a catalyst to Christ healing, then we are overdue for more healings now than even happened in the Bible, and that almost every cessationist who believes the gifts stopped, still believes in demonic miracles. They are saying indeed the supernatural has left the world except for the devil’s part in it.

Why would God in America’s darkest hour want us to fight with one hand tied behind our back?

Mario asked us all: ‘Why would God in America’s darkest hour want us to fight with one hand tied behind our back?’ Adding that all the gifts are at work today in great power.

He said that what you have to learn as a weapon in the hand of God, is WHEN to prophecy, WHEN to give a message in tongues, WHEN to heal the sick, WHEN to preach repentance, and WHEN to cast out devils.

Mario then told about a time at San Jose State University he was preaching to university students. While he was preaching a young man came into the room and screamed an agonizing scream, as if he was being burned alive.

Mario said there has never been a good time to be without Jesus, but we are now living in the worst day in history to be without Jesus…

He ran down the aisle, fell on the floor, and began writhing on the floor and foaming at the mouth. Mario didn’t know what to do, but God told Mario to do everything He told him, so, as God directed him, Mario knelt down by the man and whispered into the man’s ear and command this thing to leave. There was no shouting, screaming, ranting, or raving. It was nothing like in the movies. It was instantaneous. Mario led him in the sinner’s prayer and the man was set free and saved!

Mario said there has never been a good time to be without Jesus, but we are now living in the worst day in history to be without Jesus, because the Bible states that in the last days the battlefield will shift from sickness, to the mind and emotions. 75% of American’s are on a prescription medication and the overwhelming category is antidepressants.

There has never been an American public that has such contradictory declarations: ‘I am enlightened as no other.’ ‘I’m more Woke than any previous generation.’ There has never been an American public that boasts so proudly of their knowledge and yet has so much depression alongside of it.

It begs the question, “If you’re so wise, why are you so miserable?”

So he asked, “If I’m so dumb and I’m so delusional—living in a fantasy world with a book that is nothing but a pack of myths. Why do I have so much joy? Why is my marriage so strong? Why is my direction so clear?”

It begs the question, “If you’re so wise, why are you so miserable?”

You cannot live a life where what you believe is so ineffective and so terrible, where you can’t see that what you are doing again and again hurts you, unless demonic power is involved.

Mario said, “There are two things I’m trying to do. I’m trying to win souls and trying to teach you how to witness.”

He talked about how Scripture says, “Perilous times will come” and that another way to look at it is, “Demon-possessed times will come.” Unless you as a pastor learn to have authority over demons, you’ll be irrelevant in the next five years, if you’re going to win the lost in America.

He said you can take all the antidepressants you want, but your depression is not going away. You don’t understand, you think you know why you’re depressed but you don’t. It’s not because you broke up with a girl, or didn’t get the job, or any other reason other than you are separated from Christ.

Mario then told a story about an event he attended in Marin County, called The Holy Man Jam. They had invited a representative from every major religion to speak for five minutes and try to convince everyone that their religion was the true one.

As he listened he noticed none of them had mentioned Satan. So when it was his turn, he told them he was going to tell them what Buddha and Muhammed can’t say, what none of them can say. It is what Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall! And until your faith can break the power of the devil it is useless.”

He asked them, “Who here has power over Satan? When the Devil comes at you, what assurance, what reality, what do you have that will stop him? I have the blood of Jesus!”

It is what Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall! And until your faith can break the power of the devil it is useless.”

He began his altar call by saying, if you want to get rid of the demonic power that’s trying to control you, then you need to respond. He said sanity is not guaranteed to anyone who does not have Christ.

The worst person to talk to is the modern intellectual who tells you humanity has the wisdom to get rid of the power of Satan, because this problem came from the curse that was put on man and was confronted on the cross by Christ. It is the cross where your misery and agony ends. It is at the cross where the devil has to leave.

Mario made the appeal, hands went up everywhere and then when he called them forward, they kept coming and kept coming. It was one of the largest crowds I think I’ve ever seen at the altar.

At first I thought it was similar to the crowds I’ve seen before, how they stretch across the stage out the sides and down the aisles, until I remembered that this tent is twice the size of the previous tent. What a response! It was a beautiful sight!

Mario described conversion as: needing to convince the devil that you have surrendered to Christ. The devil needs to know you are the property of Christ.

Mario led them in the following prayer:

“Lord Jesus! You defeated the devil. You defeated his lies, his power, his tricks, his addictions, his destructive emotions. You defeated them. So I know that if I admit that I am lost, that I need to be saved, that I’ve done wrong. And I need You to forgive me and after You’ve forgiven me I want You to live in me. I want to live by the power of Jesus. I want to be cleansed. I know you died for me, I know You rose from the dead. I know You are the Lord of Lords. And today I am a new creation. I belong to God! I don’t have the problems I used to have, I don’t have the fear I used to have, and I will not be depressed or anxious like I used to be. Because You are in me now and the devil is gone! and the demons are gone!”

Then Mario declared to the people, “You have witnessed a mass deliverance!”

After this the people were led out to be ministered to by our many wonderful workers. Then Mario began to give exhortation and instruction about the importance of a deliverance being active in our lives.

And then there was a shift in the atmosphere as God began to move. It has become a very familiar feeling when the Spirit of God begins to move on His people and to heal their bodies.

But tonight was very different from last night where Mario walked throughout the Tent highlighting individuals and calling out the various illnesses and diseases. Instead tonight, he equipped and charged the people.

“For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established” (Romans 1:11 NKJV).

He said, “Maybe if I called out healings you’d walk out and say, ‘Mario is a man of God.’ But I want you to walk out and say, “I’m a man of God, ” or “I’m a woman of God.”

Mario told the people that tonight we were going to create 4,000 healing ministries. He effectively turned the Tent into a mass healing site. He said it would divide the demonic power, because they wouldn’t be able to focus their attack on just one person.

Mario had the people put one hand in the air and to pray out loud in the language of the Holy Spirit.

“And these signs will follow those who believe” (Mark 16-17).

He told the people that within the next 30 days they would lay their hands on someone who would be physically healed. He said, “Each one of you will lay their hands on someone and they will be healed.”

I loved this because it’s what needs to be happening in every church in the country. Each of us are to be equipped to go out and do the work of the ministry, healing the sick, and saving the lost. And we can do it if we just allow God’s power to flow through us.

He told the people that within the next 30 days they would lay their hands on someone who would be physically healed.

He said that this is a new era of supernatural power, and then had the people repeat the following: “I believe that I am going to be healed of my disease, when the army of God touches me on my shoulder. I believe I am going to be healed of everything that is hurting me, no matter how long it has been hurting me. It’s going to go away by the power of the prayer of God’s people. These signs will follow them that believe. I believe. These signs are going to follow me.”

Then he told the people, if they needed a miracle in their body, they were surrounded by ministers of healing. He had the people who needed a miracle raise their hands, then instructed everyone to lay hands on those around them who were holding their hand up, and to pray for them with authority!

There were groups of people all throughout the Tent praying for one another. And it wasn’t a casual, simple prayer. There was power flowing through that tent like nothing we’d felt all week. It was incredible, and I can’t wait to hear the many reports I know are going to result from this night.

Mario ended the night by having Catherine and her team come back and sing “Look What the Lord Has Done” one more time. And, once again, the place erupted with joy. It was the perfect end to a perfect week.

It was the perfect end to a perfect week.

If you were not able to be there you missed an incredible time. You can always look back through Mario’s Facebook page or on YouTube to watch the replay of the streams from each session.

But I would really encourage you to make plans to be in Los Angeles, in September, especially if you were one of the volunteers during this crusade. It is something no one is going to want to miss—because Jesus is going to do many mighty works in the Tent, once again!

Volunteer for Los Angeles here! https://bit.ly/LA-Volunteers


  1. Tim Dunn


    • Angela Landrum

      Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!! Praise the LORD!!!

    • Mitchell Sandoval

      All Glory to God!! Was a situation member of God’s usher team in the Springs. My rotator cuff had some tears and today 7/24/23 God removed the pain and non movement! I am healed!!🙌🙌🙌

  2. Dennis Conner

    So happy for the good reports, may revival continue throughout the land. We serve at amazing Savior.

  3. Mari

    Praise God, and thank you for your obedience!

  4. Ann Beauchamp

    I watched Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and watched recordings of the mornings. What a blessing! I had been to Ft Myers and Ocala however the sessions and messages surpassed those in passion and power!

  5. Pearl Dalton

    I have been blessed ti be able to watch all of the different sessions on Facebook. Awesome!!!!

    • Pamela Chapman

      I was here. I have been under many revival tents of old and the ones with Mario previously in Colorado Springs and Mario and Lance in Florida. This meeting far surpassed anything I have ever experienced. And then, 2 AM this morning, In Eagle County, Colorado, God confirmed it all. He lit the skies with wonder and He ROARED!

  6. Linda Stewart

    Glory to the Lord. God Almighty. !

  7. Ron Rupp

    I had flash backs of the 70’s when your morning gatherings were as powerful as the evenings, it was because of the diversity of whom were sharing..under one roof there would be Dereck Prince, Lester Sumeral, Myes Monroe, Kenneth Hagen, David DuPllece, Andre Crouch…then the 80’s came and the msg would be all of one…how to serve a potato, fried, baked, boiled, au graton, mashed and the concern was not souls, but bank accounts, not discipled but new cars…needles to say that conferences were not about building the body to go, but entice the body to come…thank you also pointing out that HE to all infirmities by the stripes on HIS back ,the body needs revelation of Divine health, wealth and call to go , sheep produce sheep…please continue as you’re doing..it’s HIM

  8. Kathy van Eck

    I feel so blessed to be watching from Melbourne .Australia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the works you are doing. I pray that one day I will take part on one of your crusades. I know that the Lord is working in my family to restore it, and I give thanks and praise. My prayers are for all of you who give so generously of your time to minister to all who need it. God bless you all.

  9. Wayne

    Hello! The scripture quoted above (Mark 5:24) is actually Luke 5:24. Thanks for a great message and praise God for what He’s doing!

  10. Mary Meens

    We were there and it has been a wonderful and powerful four nights! 🙌.
    My husband and I are familiar with Deliverance Ministry and I woke up this morning thinking that I didn’t remember Mario specifically calling out the spirit of bitterness or unforgiveness regarding Deliverance. I noticed two women with walkers and the man next to us who seemed like they were there for healing but they didn’t respond in a confident way like they received anything. And I know holding on to bitterness and unforgiveness can make you sick. I just wanted to mention that because Holy Spirit frequently speaks to me in the mornings. We love Mario and had an amazing time. The Fire and Glory combo was dynamic. I know God’s army was built up and emboldened with the powerful Holy Spirit inspired and directed speakers, coupled with Living Proof. I believe there had to be a shift in the atmosphere over Colorado Springs that we will take back to each of our own communities. Big thanks to everyone who made this combined event possible. 🙌

  11. Suzanne Kwong

    Thank you for summary of the last night of the crusade.

    You meant – in September, not October in LA

    to be in Los Angeles, in October,

  12. Gary Backstrom

    Transformational- thank you Mario. We will donate to your ministry through CFAN. GAB and LB

  13. Brenda Holcombe

    BTW you are already on my email.. So excited to read about these awesome tent meeting. Before covid showed it’s demonic ugly head, one of our intercessory prayer warriors spoke that the Tent revival meeting are coming and “Look what the Lord Has Done” Israel started worshiping in a Tent. and now God is back in the TENT, meetings turning many into Tabernacles where He desires to dwell. Love being one of HIS OWN, I am 80, and love being used where ever HE Leads.

  14. Tony Perone

    God is Jehova Rapha—the healing LORD. And the gifts He supplies believers with are never revoked.
    Thank you Mario for reaffirming the Scripture truth that God has given us an eternal covenant, and that Jesus speaks God’s truth when He tells believers we will does His works and greater ones as Holy Spirit empowers us—not by our might, nor our power, but by His Spirit.

  15. Roberto Rascon

    Love it! You hit it right on the target! Praise God!

    God is building up the body of Christ through the Holy Ghost that has been ignored for to long.

    Inviting Jesus into our hearts and lives does not mean we keep keep him locked in and not to be seen. By all means, Jesus wants to reveal himself in our lives, and want to radiate through us.

    Holy Spirit of God work through us in such times, as we come against the enemy. Reveal your power and transforming abilities that shows the devil we are here to fight for the kingdom of God. Your people need a healing touch, and those whom the enemy has attempted to hinder. We bind the enemy in Jesus name and proclaim an outburst of Holy Spirit manifestation in the blood and name of Jesus.

  16. Susie

    Praying for this to happen at my church home❤️

  17. Anna Shreve

    I watched it on YouTube! God is good! What a powerful service! I can’t wait til my husband and I can attend one in person.

  18. S. Palmer

    An amazing, powerful, wonderful, and actually very CREDIBLE week! To GOD be the Glory!

  19. Linda Rush

    The entire crusade was amazing! Souls saved, body’s healed, and. igniting of the body of Christ to do what the Lord calls us to do in this time! Thank you Mario, Lance, and everyone who came in power and blessing to Colorado Springs!

  20. Kerri Chabot

    Praise the Lord for the healing I received last night!…I never had to raise my hand and ask anyone for prayer when I felt someone lay their hand over the back of my neck. I began to weep that Jesus sees and knows all needs, and as I felt heat flood the area where I had been struggling with muscle spasms for over a year, I had immediate relief!! She said that she clearly heard the Lord and obeyed. Shortly after, someone beside prophesied that after having lived in Colorado Springs for a year now, (moving from Austin, TX) I could stop grieving the move and that I was HOME! I didn’t know how much I needed to hear that! My body was healed, but even more, my heart was healed! Thank you Brother Mario for your passion for Jesus and spreading the Kingdom of God like an unstoppable wildfire! Revival is NOW!!

  21. Laurie Huddleston

    I sent in 100 for the hundred fold for your meeting in LA!! Thank you for including us that were part of the service last night through YouTube. Lion of Judah…4000…angels…United and blessed!!

  22. Dave Nall

    Awesome is the power of GOD

  23. Sandra

    This is what we need today, it is not a church but Holy Spirit Revival that we need. I desire the power to heal, and deliver the tormented and frightened believers! The devil wants us defeated but I want to give him black eyes! GOD bless your ministry! Prayers for a mighty move of GOD in LA!

  24. William Sawvel

    Awesome event! God bless you for coming.

  25. Shara

    Hi Mario, thank you for all you are doing. We appreciate your boldness so much!

    I have one question. Are the people being taught how important water baptism is? The physical and spiritual act, the choice, to bury the old life beneath the waters in full submission to Jesus, identifying with His death. And, upon rising from the water into Jesus, identifying with His resurrection? Acts 2:38.

  26. Dr. William Sawvel

    Asked at the small tents and got blank stares – do you sell your books in Spanish? Parents are missionaries headed back to Mexico, Venezuela, and Cuba soon. They’ve mentioned to pastors there what is happening here in the U.S., and they asked if they could get copies.

  27. Deborah Dalton

    Sending this a little time after my healing, but I sent this to all my family and friends on facebook.

    I am putting myself out there to have my sanity questioned. But when God tells you to do something, you do it. If He tells you something, you share with everyone. If He heals you, you shout from the highest mountain that God Is Mighty.
    For 14 years, I have had constant pain in my left knee. It happened on a construction site, and I really did a number on my knee. I had to walk with a cane for awhile and limped for a long time. When I moved to CO in 2011, I could hardly walk up or down stairs. Anyone who knows me, knows my left knee has been my only constant complaint.
    On Tuesday night this week, with my sister in Christ Dusty, I attended the Fire and Glory tour, which I call a tent revival of the old fashion kind. My friends and family in MO know what I am talking about. But this revival was incredible. With so much power of the Holy Spirit floating between the 1,000 + attendees. There was fire in the air.
    At the end of the night, as Dusty and I boarded the school bus that would take us back to her car, I made a remark to the bus driver, as I painfully and slowly walked up the steep steps of the bus, “I didn’t get my knee healed”. Where was my faith at that moment? I am sorry I said that, because today I have been pain free for four days. Thank you Jesus. The longest I have been without pain in my left knee since I injured it, 14 years ago. Some of you may say why didn’t I get it fixed by a doctor? Well, for one reason, that would take insurance and money. Second reason, when it happened they told me there was nothing to do but to allow it time. Huh, time it has had, pain I have had.
    When I held my hand up at the call for all who needed healing, I did so with more than just my knee on my mind. I also asked for peace in my mind, in my soul. The kind of peace that only God can give to someone. My upcoming move leaves me feeling homeless and jobless. After 13 years of living here in CO and working out of my home with my therapy work, I will be displaced in the near future. The uncertainty of it all had me fretting about the future. As much as I love the healing of my knee, I know the healing of my heart is what God gave me first. He knew I needed that most. He knows all.
    If you have never experienced a miracle in your life, my hope for you is that you will have such a blessing. Many times people who are suffering are the ones to receive a supernatural healing. God’s faith that He has given us, and the Holy Spirit make it possible. All things are possible in Christ.
    This miracle is not the first one in my life, but for sure, one that I want to share with all who will listen.
    Peace and Love to All,

  28. Stacy

    I didn’t make it to the last night, because I fell on Wednesday and broke my leg in 2 places before the service. I had surgery Wednesday night and have been recuperating since. Home is 1800 miles away,
    so I’m not clear to travel yet. We came for my husband to be prayed for and I am
    believing and expecting to see the manifestation any day now. To God be all the glory. Don’t know if anyone else has seen the double rainbows here in Colorado Springs twice now since the tent meetings ended. God is speaking in Colorado Springs.



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