The Devil Was Defeated in Colorado Springs

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If you thought the first two nights were incredible, they were just a taste of what was to come tonight!

Catherine and her team took the stage and the youth packed out the altar area. Together they ushered in God’s presence. I especially loved it when they pulled out the old classic, “To Him Who Sits on the Throne.” It was a powerful time of worship and primed the atmosphere for what God was going to do.

As Mario walked onto the platform you could sense that there was a battle going on in the spiritual realm. There was a thickness to the air, as if something was attempting to discourage and shut down what was happening. But God was about to explode that darkness.

Mario began immediately preaching the soul winning message for the night. He went straight after the lost. He quoted Billy Graham who said, how amazing it is, the way the Holy Spirit works—the way He will take truth and drive it into the heart of a person.

He then warned the people that they were going to change. He said it wouldn’t be by his eloquence or words, but that the Holy Spirit would speak to them, and they would want to respond, asking for the man of God to pray with them.

“This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles” (Psalm 34:6).

He said, God is trying to save you from your troubles, your worries, and your fears.

Mario said it was an amazing day when in the fourth chapter of the book of Luke when Jesus publicly announced Who He was and what He was going to do while He was with us. How Jesus listed the litany of human sorry, grief, and pain and said He was going to go after it and have an affect upon mankind that no one else has ever had before. Jesus said He was going to bind up the brokenhearted.

He said, God is trying to save you from your troubles, your worries, and your fears.

Next Mario told the story of Jacob, and how Jacob’s name means ‘con artist’, supplanter. How that Jacob knew his life was a lie, that he wasn’t valid, and neither did he have an identity. How he stole his brothers blessing and manipulated his way through life.

“Then Jacob was left alone, and a Man wrestled with him until the break of day” (Genesis 32:24).

This Man was God, not just a man. When God shows up, you turn into a child and are ready to confess. You don’t even want to, but in the presence of God you are compelled to confess.

Jacob knew from tradition that to touch God would be death, but he didn’t care. He was so desperate he grabbed onto God and began wrestling. He said, I will not let You go unless you bless me.

Modern life has created a monster. No matter how beautiful you are, life will make you feel ugly, inadequate, like nothing in you is enough, you are not thin enough, smart enough, good enough, or strong enough. It’s never enough. And the Bible says that’s the spirit of Hell.

The answer comes from the presence of God so strong that the drug addict will say, ‘I can be set free.’ The alcoholic says they can do it in one step, instead of twelve. The suicidal will say they want to live.

The real cry of the heart is to wake up and know you are a valid, legitimate, honest person. One with a valid and meaningful life and identity. The desire is for hope.

Mario then appealed to those who wanted this same freedom to raise their hands, then to stand and come forward. And come forward they did. It was the largest response of the week. It was an enormous throng, and it was such a beautiful sight.

Jacob wouldn’t turn loose of God, so God dislocated his hip. The Lord was holding someone, having the power to dislocate his hip, but not break his hold on him. Because he was not being held to God by his physical power, but a power God can’t resist. God cannot resist the sincere cry of a broken heart!

Mario then told about when Jesus approached Matthew the tax collector. And He said to him, “Follow me.” And Matthew got up and followed him.

He told a story about how it is when you are in high school and there is ‘the girl everyone wanted.’ The one who always makes people feel worthless. Mario shared about the ugly shirt that his mother had bought him. A shirt he would rather be burned alive than to wear.

But the night before, on a Sunday night, he had met Christ and been born again. And, as he began to cry out, all the inferior feelings left him, and he was transformed. The next morning he deliberately wore that shirt so he could demonstrate that he was so secure in his new found faith that he could forgive all those who would laugh at his shirt. So when that girl expressed her disgust at seeing it, he didn’t care. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was he had met the Son of God and become a part of the family of God.

Mario then appealed to those who wanted this same freedom to raise their hands, then to stand and come forward. And come forward they did. It was the largest response of the week. It was an enormous throng, and it was such a beautiful sight.

Mario led them in a beautiful prayer and then they met with our many wonderful volunteer workers to be welcomed into the family of God and be prayed over.

By this time the atmosphere under the Tent had changed. The mood of the crowd was lighter than before, while at the same time the presence of God was thick. It was clear we were in for a mighty move of the power of God.

Mario then had every preacher, minister, teacher of the Bible, and Christian leader stand to their feet. He said the Holy Spirit directed him to impart something to every minister under the Tent, regardless of denomination.

It was clear we were in for a mighty move of the power of God.

He said that the ability to stand in front of a crowd and call them out of the darkness and into the light would be theirs. The ability would be theirs to look at an audience, see sickness, and call it out. He told them whatever power they are currently operating at, they were to prepare to go to another level.

He had the people around them lay hands on them. All around the Tent, people prayed in tongues over every minister and Christian leader. And he prayed over them for God to take them to the next level of faith, and the next level of anointing.

Next, Mario had a song played. First he described how he used to always have it sung before he ministered to the sick. It all started when, one day a man approached him and handed him a card with a phone number on the back, and he told Mario that he should call that phone number. He said that this man was a singer that Mario needed in this meetings. The man said his name was Jeff Fenholt. But, Mario said, he never did call that number.

A month later after a meeting a different man approached Mario and gave him a card with a phone number, the same number. Again Mario didn’t call.

Then one day when Mario was with David Wilkerson having lunch, Midway through the meal, without even looking up, David said, “Mario, Jeff Fenholt, call him.”

Mario finally got the message and called him, and they began to work together. Jeff many times had sang under great anointing in Mario’s meeting

And today, Jesus had told Mario that before he told the people how to be healed in the service tonight, He wanted to fill the place with the greatest presence of His power they had ever felt in their life.

Mario had the song played over the sound system and while it was playing, he told the people to pray in tongues. The song, “The Anointing,” was playing as he then told the people to raise their hands if they needed to be healed and for those around them to lay hands on those people and to begin to pray.

As the song played and people prayed all over the Tent, the presence of God rose and rose, getting stronger and stronger. Mario prayed for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to come upon every person and for faith to arise in each person, for an unshakable conviction that tonight is their night.

Mario began to call out illnesses, stomach cancer, heart disease, paralysis. He said the power of God was falling on them and that God was removing stomach ulcers and that He was moving.

When the song ended he had the people be seated. He then read from Mark 10:46-52, the story of blind Bartimaeus and how he knew he had only this one opportunity and was not going to let it pass him by without reaching out and grabbing it.

When he heard Jesus was passing by, he cried out for God to have mercy on him and when the others around Jesus told him to be quiet, Bartimaeus cried out all the louder.

He said the one thing every faith teacher agrees on is that faith is an act. Faith without works is dead. Faith is not just believing something but acting on that belief.

He said the one thing every faith teacher agrees on is that faith is an act. Faith without works is dead. Faith is not just believing something but acting on that belief.

Mario had the people begin to pray in the Spirit. And then Mario called out a man to the side of the Tent and told him he was being healed. His arms, his legs, his back, and his neck all being healed.

He had everyone in the Tent repeat a prayer after him, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.”

He gave more instruction on the power and importance of faith and then explained that the reason he has the people pray in the Spirit is to overcome the flesh and allow supernatural things to happen.

And then it began!

Mario made his way down off the platform and began to move through the Tent as God began to heal the sick.

He prayed for one man’s spine and neck. He moved to the far side of the Tent and called out a man, told him that as his spine was being healed, he would start the river of God flowing in the meeting.

Then he called out a woman who had a growth that he saw leaving her body, as indeed, she testified it had. Then five or six with respiratory and lung diseases were healed.

A woman with pain in her feet, right hip, and lower back. Then her fingers were healed. She had suffered for 10 years with that pain, and all the pain left her body as she was able to move freely.

Lungs were opened up. Another neck and back, healed and set free.

A woman with pain in her feet, right hip, and lower back. Then her fingers were healed. She had suffered for 10 years with that pain, and all the pain left her body as she was able to move freely.

Heart disease, he called for five people to all stand up.

Another woman, he revealed that she was a prayer warrior, that she had a Bible with a list of those she was praying for. Her heart, her feet, her lower spine, her eyes were all healed.

All around Mario people suffering from sciatica, bulging disc, hip pain were asked to stand, and the pain left them. To one woman, he revealed that she had felt Jesus begin to work in her body earlier. And that in addition to her back, her feet were also being healed.

Another woman had a lump in her abdomen. Mario had her press on the place and see that it was gone.

He worked his way all the way back and across the entire Tent calling out people section by section. He called a woman out with five things being healed: her head, back, legs, feet, and stomach.

Then went to a man in the next section and revealed he was being healed in his bones. Mario had him stand and identified that he had bone deterioration which was causing pain. And that it was now leaving. He began praising God as the pain left him.

He next called out that diabetes, arthritic hands, migraines, breathing problems, neuropathy of the feet, blood disease, and anemia were all being healed. He then called for all those who were described by that list to stand up. So many people all over the section stood.

Mario pointed to a young person, had them put their hand on their chest and told them to breathe. Mario called out asthma and said it was now gone. The look on this young person’s face as they began to take deep breaths was incredible.

For me, that was the high point of the night—seeing the look on their faces as they realized they could breathe freely. It was something I’ll never forget.

Parkinson’s Disease, migraine headaches, asthma, chronic bronchitis, diabetes with neuropathy of the feet, were all being healed.

Heart disease was called out and healed in multiple sections.

Mario had a man stand out in the aisle and told him he was receiving a new set of lungs. His lungs were full of scar tissue, but it was now removed, and he was able to take deep breaths. And his heart and pancreas and diabetes were being healed. His feet were in constant pain, but it was now gone. His knees and his lower back all healed. He began to move his legs freely and without pain.

Curvature of the spine and scoliosis were healed, and deterioration of the hip and shoulder were all healed.

He called out a couple and told them they had respiratory illness, revealing that they had at one time breathed in toxic fumes that had poisoned both of them and damaged their lungs. And the lung distress caused damage to their hearts as well. Both lungs and hearts were healed in both of them.

As he worked his way across the back half of the Tent he asked how many believed in miracles. A huge cheer rose up all around the room.

As Mario approached another section, he revealed that it was full of people with spine, foot, and migraine issues. And then pointed to one woman and revealed that God had told her earlier in the day she would be healed. And she confirmed it. He said her bones and joints were being healed. She began to cry as she stood, and all the pain left. She moved her arms and legs with no pain. She had been in pain for 25 years!

He then had all the people with back, foot, and migraine issues to all stand up. Many all over the section stood and were healed.

Mario had one woman put her hand on her head. He said she was not only being healed in her head, but of side effects of the medication her doctor had prescribed which had affected her intestines and her liver. She confirmed it was all true.

He went to another woman, revealing that the disorder she was suffering from was particularly cruel in that it would come and go, making her think maybe it was gone but then it would return. It had affected her nerves and muscles, and Mario declared that Multiple Sclerosis was defeated in the Name above every name. He told her that this was not remission, that it had not just been quelled, but that it was evicted!

He spoke to a woman, told her to put her hands out. He identified that she used to love to work with her hands, to make things, but that she had had to stop because of the pain in her hands. Mario had her begin to open and close her fingers, which she did with no pain. He went on to say to her that just walking up and down stairs caused tremendous pain, but in addition to the pain there was dizziness and shortness of breath, all caused by high blood pressure. The pain in her fingers, wrists, elbows, and neck all left her. She was completely healed.

He had her get out of her seat and walk toward him. 

He said she had often danced in church, despite church policy, and suddenly she broke out dancing and shouting, then walking, and then running across the front of the Tent.

One man’s heart, lungs, and blood were healed. Another man was healed of diabetes. Then moving to another section, Mario identified a man who had a call of God on his life. He had been attacked by an illness that had devastated him. He was being given a tongue of fire to speak God’s word, and he was being healed in the lower right side of his stomach. His heart, pancreas, liver, diabetes, lower spine, eyesight, kidney, legs, and knees. All were being healed so he could fulfill God’s calling. Mario called it a resurrection! He had them stand and said it was the moment of his healing.

A man and his wife were healed, his strength and ability to work was restored. His wife was healed of her inability to sleep for worry about her husband and his sleep apnea, which was also healed.

Then a man was identified who had had an accident that began a spiral of issues. His pancreas and spine were being healed. Mario identified that the pain in the man’s spine occurred in three different places. Also the right hip and knee. The man said that he had had a knee replacement operation, but now the knee was worse. The doctors had told him that they could do nothing about it. Mario said, “Let me tell you what I’m going to say about it.” The things Mario identified in this man’s body were the absolute truth, and soon the man began to move freely, raising each leg with no pain.

Mario then called out someone who had been involved in New Age and Mysticism. They didn’t reveal themself, but it led Mario to a different woman who was wondering if it was her. He revealed it wasn’t her but that she was being healed. He had her stand up and said she was being healed of five thing. Excruciating headaches, neck pain, eyes, stomach, and vertigo. He told her to be sure to remember the moment it was revealed she was being healed so she could spread the word to everyone she crosses paths with. He told her to testify to everyone, and “to turn into the sanctified town gossip.”

It was such a miraculous, powerful meeting. God’s presence was so thick and real that it was undeniable! This blog cannot even scratch the surface of what it was like in that room.

Mario repeatedly reminded the crowd that all the glory belongs to God!

If you weren’t there I would highly encourage you to go either to Mario’s Facebook page or YouTube and watch the replay of the live stream. You will be blessed, encouraged, and fired up by all that God did and is doing.

Mario repeatedly reminded the crowd that all the glory belongs to God!

Mario challenged the people to no longer remain neutral but to stand for righteousness. And then Lance Wallnau closed in prayer.

It has been such an amazing week so far under the Tent. There is still one night remaining. If there is any way you can be here, you need to do whatever it takes to attend the last meeting—you will never be the same!


  1. Eric Moon

    I had an accident and really damaged middle finger left hand. Took chunk of skin off. I need immediate healing in Jesus name.
    God Bless you MMM

  2. Jean Minty

    Thank you so much for sharing about the wonderful works of God.
    Bless you.

  3. Laura Fletcher

    May God bless Mario Murillo. Thank you, Jesus, for your marvelous works of salvation and healing. Lift high the cross!! Praise God! Amen.

  4. Louise J. DeBernay ( Pierre-husband)

    Dear Mario,

    Can you please pray for our younger adopted son, Paul! He just turned 50 and has been suffering from MS and Polycystic Kidney Disease, which he inherited from a birth parent, and has been on dialysis for at least the last 5 years. His wife of 13 years (no children) walked out 10 years ago and he has lived alone in his house since 2013. He has been very independent and cooked for himself and managed alone, all this time. Because of the kidney disease, he has not been able to take a helpful medicaton for his MS, so has NEVER been in remission for the MS. He has become exceedingly weak because he has had Covid, twice, and it has damaged his heart and made it weak. He used to be able to walk around with his walker, but has been wheelchair bound,. and unable to stand, for almost two years. The last two years he has been hospitalized or in re-habilitation about three quartes of the time , and this year spent from January until about three weeks ago, in the hospital or re-hab, but to no avail, as far as getting his strength back. In addition, he contracted Covid, again, this spring, and, in addition, ended up in the hospital twice, with pneumoni, which came back, again, after his initial hospitalization. They worked him very hard in this last rehabilitation hospital, but he is still in his wheelchair. He is a Christian and has not lost his faith, but has no church or support group where he lives in Orange Park, Florida. (a suburb of Jacksonville, Fl) He called last week and finally admits he needs to go to assisted living as he is so tired and weak all the time. He is very stubborn and we have NOT been able to convince him to come home to Colorado Springs. In fact, we have felt rather rejected and hurt by his total stubborness!

    We did spend two months at his house helping him from late Novenber 2021-February 4th, 2022. which was after his older brother had expired from battling Leukemia for 18 months, here in Colorado Springs, where we took care of him, as he was unmarried. We don’t want to lose another son, as it has been so painful to lose one already!

    Paul is a Navy Vet, where he served for 12 years before his MS diagnosis, and, we thank God that he has all of the VA benefits, which have taken care of all of his medical expenses!. In addition, you need to know that he had a brain tumor when he was 16 that he was miraculously healed of after 18 months. It was in the middle of his head and was inoperable and untreatable. (We got a second opinion at Scripps Hospital in San Diego. Our entire church congregation was so faithful about praying for him and we lived one day at a time and felt lifted by thieir prayers. After eight months, I told God I couldn’t handle anymore, and my husband and I prayed for God to shrink and shrivel up and take away his tumor. (which was in his hypothalamous and about the size of a green grape.) Within three days I felt the peace that passes all understanding, and within two weeks I felt and was given assurance by the Holy Spirit, that he would be healed! Mario, I quit worrying! He was due for an MRI in September, but was experiencing no symptoms, so we postponed it until November, since we ddn’t want to “rock the boat,” because he already thought he was going to die. In November the MRI machine broke down when we got there, and we finally had the scan done on Dec. 5th. His tumor had shrunk from 9 millimeters to one and it was gone by the next April. so, we feel that he has suffered more than most in his life, to this point. We are old, ( I just turned 80 and my husband is 79) and we pray that he will come back to Colorado Springs. (We have no other children; he is our miracle child as I lost another boy that I carried 28 1/2 weeks, and found out I couldn’t have any more children after that. Paul was born 4 days after the baby I lost was due, and we got him when he was 8 days old, so he was a real miracle child, who had been offered to two other couples beore us. So we got a baby, just not the one I had been carrying.

    Thank you so much for listening! Would you please pray for his healing? He was so active before becoming sick, and was an air traffic controller in the Navy, which was the perfect job for him, as he is a triple “A” personality type.

    May God continue to bless you in your ministry; I have so enjoyed and been inspired by your crusade, here!

    • Eleanor Haines

      Dear Louise,
      My heart cries out for you, your son,Paul and your husband Pierre,
      Have you connected with Andrew Wommack Ministries? I believe that they are in Colorado Springs also.

      Our God is so able to heal all of the issues you have listed. Just like the brain tumor!
      Be encouraged. I am sure that more like me will take up your cause!
      God’s blessings and comfort, mercy and healing be on all of you!
      With sincerest regards,
      Eleanor Haines

  5. Tim Quirk

    Thank you Lord Jesus for who you are and all you have done! God bless all of the faithful workers at Mario Murrillo ministries!

  6. Dee Drake

    I would love to one of your tent meetings
    If you ever get to Houston Tx I will be there
    Have 3 things that plague my body. Eyes
    Back and knee.
    Praising God for your Minisyry.

  7. Sally Afton

    It has been so amazing to see what God is doing! I was healed of diabetes praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  8. Louisa

    Praise the Lord! Jesus is wonderful! Those testimonies are a Blessing!

  9. Martha West

    this certainly is encouraging. so powerful.

  10. Leonard Reyher

    Mario, I believe God saved me but have been praying to receive Holy Spirit and am still battling the spirit of lust and anger. Please pray for me.

  11. Viviane Smith

    Thank you for sharing this blog in such great detail I’m weeping as I read it. Wanting so much to be there however impossible as I live in Canada. 🇨🇦 where I just heard the news that the pastor from Calgary Alberta has been charged for feeding the homeless and giving a speech to the truckers during the convoy. He is facing the possibility of ten years in jail. Any prayer warriors reading this please pray for your 🇨🇦 neighbours to the north. 🙏

  12. Nancy Cole

    you have to come to north East TN! This area is so big and needing! RTC is breaking ground in Johnson City and NE TN, and the youth sure can use GOD!

  13. pati l

    All praise & glory goes to the LORD – I ask you to prayerfully consider a tent meeting in Montana.

  14. Teresa Gurley


  15. Jacque B.

    I watched the entire meeting . It all happened just like it is written here. God is so good & doing great things in these meetings. Praying for strength for Mario & all ministering.

  16. Theresa Brooks

    All Glory and honor and power to the King of Kings!!!!!!!!, The Ancient of Days, JEHOVAH RAPHA, OUR HEALER. Father God thank you for this Excellent report of your love for your people. Continue to bless this faithful man Mario Murillo so that all your creation may be healed.

  17. Linda Muniz

    Praise our mighty God who delivered so many people in this tent meeting!

  18. Jeffrey Wiegand

    Thanks for taking the time to write this!
    My wife and I have been watching from SanAntonio, Texas!

    And I’m glad you’re doing the works of Jesus

  19. Frank Perez

    Glory to God for using you in bringing the Glory of God home.

  20. Ira Curt Fullmer

    I would so love to attend one of your tent events, but like so many, time and travel are restricted. Even though I have ailments and would benefit from the healing God brings to these gatherings, what I desire the most is to be in the presents of God’s Holy Sprit. I am praying for your ministry and healing for all those, how like myself, are not able to attend. God’s Love to All, Ira F. S.L.C, Utah

  21. Leila

    Yes! Glory to God! Praise His Name!

  22. Paula Slow

    Hallelujah!!! I expect these things to happen when I pray for people! I will pray for people any where anytime! Mario and Lance thank you for listening to God and having these tent meetings so he can set so many people free!

  23. Wendy

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Lord! Hallelujah all The Honor, praise and glory to the King of all Kings, our Heavenly Father thru our Lord Jesus Christ!

    And thank you Pastor Mario for being so obedient to our Father ,for being such a courageous prayerwarrior! . May the Lord continue to bless you and your team and Larry’s talents of narroration and writing.

  24. Herb Kelly

    It’s amazing how The Almighty God is using you Mario.I’m praying for you man of God.the spirit of truth follows you and the spirit of bless me seeing God move in the tent meetings.I knew a man a lot like you his name was Emmett Spencer how I miss him who went home several years ago.we just moved 6 weeks ago trying to settle down here in Alaska.bless you Mario man of God.

  25. Pat vitale

    Amen amen praise Jesus amen 🙏

  26. Virginia L Greenwood

    With or without Mario and Lance, may HS come to PA to save and heal people and to anoint others for His purposes and His glory. Amen

  27. Sandra

    Sounds of freedom, how sweet it is! God is so good and loves us all. Praying tonight is greater in Jesus name!

  28. Jo Benson

    I was watching last night from Conroe, Texas and when Mario called out healing of the feet. My feet have been healed from redness and pain around the heels or bottom of my feet. The bunions are still there, but the redness and pain are gone. Praise the LORD.

  29. Patricia Orr

    Waiting for the gang to come to south Florida. Hubba hubba.😎

  30. Alice

    If only I could have been there! However, I am too feeble to travel. I keep praying God will reach down and heal me anyway!

  31. Adelin Schauer

    Couldn’t be there but so blessed to be able to watch. Such a blessing. God is so good.

  32. Joyce Miller

    I’m so encouraged as I read all of these amazing miracles taking place as I have diabetes heart disease kidney disease and respiratory problems and I ask you pray for me also ! I am spirit filled and believe in miracles also I’m Assemly of God but we don’t do any of this practices don’t want to affend anyone!! So tired of hearing this!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  33. Aly Menchaca

    Praise Jesus! May the Lord continue to richly bless you Pastor Murillo! Thank you brother Mario for bringing God’s chosen home to Him! To Him be the Honor, Glory and Praise always!

  34. Mark Taylor

    My love and prayers are constantly going up for you your wife and your team also mr Saldana and inner city My God keep you in his hand and will You are a great blessing to all who hear your messages

  35. george Johnson

    Praise GOD!

  36. vernon wagner

    Our God is an awesome God
    Who reigns from Heaven above
    With Wisdom, Power and Love
    Our God is an awesome God!

  37. Christine

    Amazing. Thank the lord!! Thank you Mario for your sacrifice!!! Thank you Jesus!!! All the Glory to God!!!!!

  38. Connie Dieffenderfer

    This sounds like such an amazing evening! God Bless

  39. Sandra

    Just wonderful. All of it. I especially loved the healing of the child who could now breathe freely.
    Thank you for the healings so wonderfully recorded.

  40. Dona Schmidt

    To God be the glory great things He is doing! Bless You Lord! No eye has seen or ear has heard what Yiu desire to do for those who love You!

  41. Sue Hunt /Bob Hunt

    Love all that is being done for the kingdom of God through this ministry!

  42. Peggy Ajax

    all I can say is Praise God





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