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I am going to Los Angeles, and I am bringing Living Proof to a living hell.

My orders are clear: Wade into the deep darkness with the healing power of Jesus.

I could show you what Los Angeles does to children on the street. But you might not ever forgive me. There are some things you can’t unsee.

Bring Living Proof to a living hell? Los Angeles, a living hell? Los Angeles has become an incomprehensible disaster:

-There are 60,000 homeless. 15,000 of them are children.

I could show you what Los Angeles does to children on the street. But you might not ever forgive me. There are some things you can’t unsee.

Los Angeles has been nicknamed the “Gang Capital of America” with an estimated 450 active gangs that have a combined membership upwards of 45,000. This is an extremely low estimate: the LAPD has not released any statistics on gangs since 2005.*

– A school system that tortures students over pronouns.

– A government that enables mob theft, rape, and murder.

– All decency and order is fast disintegrating in Los Angeles.

The moral and physical disease here—if it spreads—has the power to take down America. Governor Gavin Newsom believes all of America needs to be another Los Angeles. And the Left is grooming him to run for president. But it is not too late to stop this human tragedy.

But it is not too late to stop this human tragedy.

But now I must confront a threat that I have not seen in my 55 years of ministry. That is why this cannot be just another tent crusade. This invasion has to be on a scale that dwarfs anything we have done before. I believe this crusade will be the equivalent of five tent crusades put together.

We have already had a gigantic breakthrough: we now have a contract for the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds for September 10-13. That is a stunning victory, but it is up to us to build on it. And frankly, we still need some big miracles.

What will it take to make a difference in Los Angeles? We need to recruit and house a minimum of 1,000 workers. We have already reserved four highly visible freeway billboards which will be seen by millions for a solid month. These billboards are designed to direct people to a special website that we are building just for L.A.

On top of all of this, we must create a media campaign in the media capital of the world—which makes it the most expensive media in the world.

What will it take to make a difference in Los Angeles?

This crusade will have this new name: “Proof For Los Angeles.” We have named it that because we are not bringing opinion or suggestion. We are bringing proof.

You have seen the results in Colorado Springs. We have proven the power of God to a major city. Now we intend to prove it to a world-renowned city. But we dare not go in weak or ill-equipped. There is no doubt we will collide with devils we have never seen before.

But if God be for us—who can be against us?

I have nowhere else to turn but to God and our partners. I have prayed over this letter like few in my life. God said to ask. I am asking for three things: volunteers, missionaries, and prayer warriors!

Volunteers: Come to Los Angeles. We will train you and your fear of the streets will vanish. Louis Simpson said, “The aim of military training is not just to prepare men for battle, but to make them long for it.” Our leaders will show you the time tested methods of Spirit-filled and Spirit-led soul winning. You will be eager to hit the streets!


Missionaries: It may be impossible for you to come to Los Angeles, but you can still help me in a gigantic way. Use your phone to call pastors, leaders, relatives, and friends in Southern California. Influence them to come and bring someone to the Tent.

Think of the power you have to enlarge the impact of Proof For Los Angeles.

Tens of thousands of people will read this blog. Think of the power you have to enlarge the impact of Proof For Los Angeles.

Prayer Warriors: The secret is to win the war in the heavenlies. Be specific in your prayers. Be fervent in your spirit. Be bold in your requests! We will need finances. We will need an army! We will need authority over devils and a display of healing power beyond anything we have known. Pray, pray, pray!

There is nothing mediocre about Los Angeles. This city has the power to bring down America. But this city has also been used in the past like no other city in America for revival and awakenings. You know what is at stake.

We need to do something drastic for our children. We need an indescribable miracle to begin here. Let it begin with you—you will never be the same!

P.S. There is still time for pastors to join us at the exclusive free brunch Saturday August 5th at 10 AM at the Sheraton Fairplex in Pomona.

Please register now!   



  1. Donna

    Praying daily for this battle. There is a genocide of the generation of children happening here as well as other countries, we must fight for these babies and children.

    • Carol

      Mario and all staff and volunteers,

      May God bless you abundantly and above all that we can ask or think in your mission work to LA.
      I will be praying scriptures over you, specifically
      PS 91: 1-2 “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of The Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.”
      I’m praying for you from Texas.

      • Deanna

        Very much appreciated. I am going to be a volunteer. Attended the Colorado Springs Crusade and want to be a part of what God is doing.

  2. Mabel Parrilla

    It is probably a 30 minute ride from L.A. to Pomona. How will you get all the homeless from L.A. to Pomona for the tent service. I’m just curious… I love your ministry and what you are doing. I pray for you all and the ministries associated with yours daily. I’m just a bit concerned that the homeless of L.A. will miss your service.

    • Mario Murillo

      The homeless do not like to leave their stuff to go to a meeting. They fear people stealing from them. We minister to them right where they are and give them the option to come to the tent. That is where our transportation comes into play. No work among the homeless is a one shot deal. This is just the very beginning of a long process. Los Angeles is so big that no one event is going to bring lasting results. We must hit this over and over again and we must do it with the many ministries that are already here.

      • Alysa Giorgetti

        Amen, wise words Mario. Praying for this event.

  3. Maria Davis

    God bless you and each person involved. May God’s power be so exhibited & His love be so evident that neither can be denied! May this be a wave of revival that engulfs this nation & our people as never before. GLORY TO GOD!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

    • Harry

      Praise God!

  4. Donna Rosenquist

    I am thrilled that you are coming to this area, and I would like to become one of your prayer warriors.

  5. Gary Nipp

    I will be praying for you and your team.

    • Kathy

      I commit to be a prayer warrior for this effort. To God be the Glory!

    • Lorin Devine

      I am a committed
      Prayer Warrior in Santa Cruz, CA and will be praying into this effort consistently, faithfully. and with GREAT passion and zeal.
      May AZUSA STREET explode once again !

  6. Cliff Schaeffer

    I will pray for you Mario.

    • Don Newman

      Be joining inprayer for a mighty move of the Spirit!

  7. Elaine Heistad

    Praying for pastors. Hundreds of them to join the army that is willing to fight for the children, the generation that is at stake. But as Elijah declared ” THE LORD, HE IS GOD”. L.A. the lost America is being targeted by God. You are on track and time for the bodybof Christ to UNITE and FIGHT. Praying for you and LA.

    • Sandra

      You have prayer warriors lining up to declare war on LA and the evil coming out of it. Souls shall be saved and lives changed and praying workers come forth to the call and they shall be mightily blessed!! Revival fires start before the tent is put up and I hear drums like a battle call! Can not wait to hear of results and calling forth warring angels over the area to defeat the darkness of the enemy! I hear a freedom sound and a drawing force deliverance! GOD bless your faithfulness to the FATHER and our Savior and my best friend HOLY SPIRIT!

      • Beth

        Yours is the prayer and declaration I am patterning after to do this special warfare in the Spirit realm.
        May God arise and His enemies be scattered!

  8. William Bliven

    Majestic Heavenly Father God so Eternally Beautiful Magnificent Hallowed Be Thy Name Forevermore in the Name of King of Glory Jesus Your Only Son Eternally Radiant Matchless Splendor by the Power of the Holy Spirit… for it’s not by Might Nor by Power but by Your Spirit says The Lord….
    We agree on each aspect on the above intercession prayer assignment…. Hallelujah ! ! !

    • Michael

      Hallelujah and Amen!

  9. William Bliven

    Look forward to this L A prayer warrior assignment….

    8/4/73 to 8/4/23 Fifty Years of Kingdom of Jesus Evangelism and Soul Winning Fruitfulnesses

    • Victor Gonzalez

      I will be praying for this massive move of our God!! Los Ángeles will not be the same because our mighty Holy Spirit will invade the city with the power of His love!!

  10. Christian Michael Huck

    I need badly to be Born Again, and also I’m in marina Del rey so I’d love to Help u set # 310-461-9600 names Christian Huck ty GB

    • Jessie

      Everyone who calls upon to the name of the LORD will be saved…..confess with your mouth Jesus Christ and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead and you will be saved,….DO IT NOW Christian Huck.

  11. Ada Stovall

    Praying for you and Los Angeles from here in Central Florida..

    • Michael

      I hear you!

  12. Therese Bedard

    Mario Murillo, I simply want to thank you for what you do. You have touched so many lives for our Lord Jesus Christ. I admire your friend, Lance Wallnau, also. I will pray for Los Angeles. I thank God for men and women of God all over the world who are impacting people’s lives and bringing or restoring hope within them. How people need to know Jesus! My heart goes out to the young children, teenagers and young adults, mostly. So many of them are bombarded from every side with evil. It’s in the media, on the streets, in the video games they play … the people all over are fed propaganda and lies … such wicked days that are living in! And, at the same time, they are the best of days. So many are coming to Jesus and there will be such a great harvest coming in these days! God bless you, man of God!

  13. Rebecca

    Can you please send to my EMAIL … A LINK to what you will be telling the PASTORS on August 5th @ 10AM?

    My Husband and I …we will PRAY over your COMING LOS ANGELES EVENT … but ALSO …for your UPCOMING PASTORS GATHERING for Brunch …and for WHAT GOD IS GOING TO MOVE YOU TO SPEAK ….On Behalf of FATHER GOD!

    Sincerely, Rebecca and Larry

  14. Nora Navarro

    I will be praying….. Praise God!!

  15. Robert Wood

    LA for Jesus!


    I will be praying for All the staff and people that attend this Great Move of GOD! God Bless You All for all that you do!🥳🥳🥳🙏🙏🙏

  17. Debbie Smith-Stros

    God’s hand be on this event and watch a mighty move of God take place in LA for the world to see what he’s doing there! They need Jesus! Blessings to you, Mario and to your team.

  18. Jane

    God Bless you, Mario. I first saw you in Los Angeles., back in the late 70’s. I worked with gangs, then prayed whole gangs would be saved. You accomplished that. I live very far from LA now, but I still believe it CAN be saved. You are the match to ignite the oil to bring the fire. May this outpouring bring salvations triple what you have seen anywhere else. May the Lord provide many, many of His warriors to assist you – more volunteers than you have ever had, And may the Grace of Jesus fall upon this city in Glory and Power.

  19. Rita Beitz

    I live in Florida and belong to a intercessory prayer meeting with 4 of my warrior friends. We will be praying for you. We love you and feel that there must be breakthrough in the LA area now!

    We stand with you Mario as we pray strongholds will come down, people set free, and mighty deliverances will happen. For now is the time! Thank you for your obedience to the Lord, for He is smiling at your tenacity! Praise the Lord!

  20. Melissa Reed Richardson

    Please, provide all people involved with small and large prayer points! Your prayer warriors can add to that. I’m in!

  21. Marleen

    Praying fervently for victory in LA and the destruction of the devil’s works.
    God bless and protect you and your team.

  22. Sims Patricia

    In the name of Jesus I pray for Mario and his ministry to LA. I tear down the strongholds of violence, perversion and corruption in this city. I bind the enemy camp in every corner of LA. You have to lose this city by the power and authority of Jesus Christ. I speak awakening to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and revival to the people living there. Father God, send your warring angels to assist Mario and his ministry. In Jesus name. AMEN!!!🙏✝️🩸

    • Jacqui Bassett

      In agreement ! Praise the Lord in advance for recovery and healing of LA and its borders!
      Jacqui Bassett

  23. Dottie Kane

    We pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus for an abundant harvest of souls to be birthed into Your Kingdom Lord Jesus. We pray for the protection and keeping power of the Lord Jesus upon all who minister. We pray for the manifestation of miracles, healings, signs and wonders upon your people Lord Jesus, that many would give their hearts to the Lord.

    We pray for an open Heaven of Your glorious Presence Lord Jesus!! May You Lord Jesus receive all of the honor and praise – in the Mighty Name of Jesus amen!!

  24. Tony Supel

    I will commit to praying every day fot thir meeting from Guatemala.

  25. Carmen Tischer

    I cannot find words to describe the work you are doing other than “it is GOD’s will”. I follow you and read your blog when I am able to. I am glad you are going to California. I have family living in California and praying for them daily. They are fine. The atrocities in that State is so bad, just can’t find the words. I live in Los Angeles for 16 yrs and after a confrontation with young adults selling drugs in the alley by our apartment, my husband and I decided it was time to leave that was in the late 90’s, mild compared to what is happening now. GOD bless you and your ministry I will be praying for you.

  26. Andrew Giannelli

    We are praying for you constantly. I’m so proud to know you and what you say is so true about the church and everything else. Letting God have his way and give him all the glory. If a rock ing water that many people and their animals and still just be a rock. Why do so many being used by God think there’s something? There are no more than a rock just something that’s available for water to pull through from God. He said out of your belly show flow rivers of Living Water.

  27. Marion Neill

    God bless you my brother. My husband and I are praying for you as you reclaim the City of Angels for Christ! May the strong Angels of Los Angeles be loosed to work with you to do the Father’s will, and to guard and keep you everywhere you go!

  28. Veronica Sass

    Inviting others
    And praying


      You will accomplish God’s will for L.A. Praying for power and glory to surround the great tent and the streets and alleyways of L.A., California. Amen.

  29. Ron Rupp

    We in Naylor Missouri stand with you and declare HIS standard against the enemy

  30. Brenda

    Yes with joy and a warrior spirit
    I shall continue to pray for your health and safety and well being.
    And a mighty #show off dear God event

  31. Mrs. Rita Conley-Pitts

    Dear Brother in Christ — Yes! I commit to daily prayer for this mission you are currently undertaking. It is a priority! Los Angeles is an influential city that cannot be ignored in this fight to prevent the fall of our country as a Light to this dark world.

  32. Dale Sipple

    Praise the Lord God will use you God will do it I am a prayer Warrior and I will pray with all my heart pray the blood of Jesus will cover everyone who goes that you the holy spirit will be put out like never before praise the Lord praise the Lord! Us is mighty he will save and he will win the battle in Jesus name!

  33. Ann Marie Murray

    I will pray for a great move of The Holy Spirit on All of the Los Angeles area.

  34. Myrilla Carson

    Dear Maria,

    I will be praying that the light of Christ will burst across Los Angeles, and all of California bringing revival, repentance, healing, and joy back to the beautiful state. Nothing is impossible for God nothing. He hears and answers our prayers. He loves the people of Los Angeles as He loves all of us. Therefore ,Mario, I shall be praying that you will have provision, health, and you will have the joy of seeing God’s light shining over the city of Angels.

  35. Nancy

    Oh, my heart will be with you there and I am already active in prayer. I’m elderly and frail, but I believe in what Jesus can do with my prayers, even living in a town and with my husband of 50 years without acknowledging God and in one of the richest counties in the country where I never hear the name of Jesus spoken. I will enter the fire with you and your team in the name of Jesus!

  36. ali s winters

    I can’t come, but I CAN pray. Host a weekly prayer group in my home, we will lift Proof4LA up in our prayers. His power will provide, His presence will sustain. LORD bless.

  37. Jocelyn Meredith

    Praying and my husband and I will be there volunteering

  38. Karen Sorenson

    Yes, brother Mario!!! Yes, to Jesus and His miracle working power!!! God save L.A. and God save America!!!
    Pomona was my birthplace.
    May God richly bless this crusade with the Miracle Healing Power of Jesus!!!
    Let Freedom Ring in L.A.
    and around the world!!Amen

  39. Rita Thompson

    I will pray over the city of angels, a wonderful unseen army is at attention awaiting orders!




  41. Geneva D Green

    God bless you Mario, may you find favor where needed, unlimited support in all areas,
    divine protection, greater anointing with undeniable signs and wonders following!

  42. James Knepshield

    Mario Murillo

    may the 12 thousand legion of angles surround this move of GOD. Souls will be saved and lives changed by the power of the HOLY SPIRET!!

    GOD bless and keep you all safe

  43. Vicky Stanley

    Bro Mario, may God go with you and surround you with a hedge of fire! May His angels surround all those with you. May He anoint you in a way you have never been touched before! He is moving and nothing can stop what He plans to do! He is God and nothing is too big or impossible for Him! We will be praying for you and for many to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!! God bless you!!

  44. Jeannette martin

    Mario it’s from 8 to 6 on each day of revival but what time is each service?

    I think this a great thing thank God will be praying.

    • Mario Murillo

      The evening meetings start at 7PM. We will be adding two morning events but will confirm soon.

  45. Felipe Davila

    I’m committing to praying for your outreach and your ministry, and I’m sharing this information with others; I’m 71 yrs. Old man and I don’t know how I could help, but I’ll be praying for God’s direction for me in regards to being involved.

  46. Lori

    I was born in Los Angeles but I don’t live there anymore. I will pray for the ministry that there will be many salvation healings and deliverances. Thank you for your ministry and God bless you all.

  47. Harper Ann

    I will Pray,Pray. PRAY and have already begun.

  48. Mary Tho.pson

    Mario, I am so excited for this. I was born arms raised in California but now live in Texas. I am an intercessor but the Lord had put it on my heart to volunteer for this crusade. Could I please get info on when I need to arrive and if I need to make my own reservations to the Sheriton by the fairgrounds. Even now praying and intercessingfor a powerful move of God.

  49. Kathy

    I will be in prayer for this revival

  50. Brenda Scheperle


    • Judy Clair

      Praying for your team, the homeless, the children, the broken-hearted, all who serve in this crusade and all who come!

  51. Nicky Bewick

    Mario I’m so glad that you are exposing this. I live in Bakersfield and am so saddened because of all of the children that go missing and are treated unfairly. I am praying for the outpouring of the Spirit on this crusade. Also that people will open their eyes to the laws that are being implemented and those that are passing them.

  52. Nina

    I know God is moving. I give him all the Glory. And I thank you for being a willing vessel. I will be praying, and also will help financially as much as I can. God bless all of you. ❤️❤️

  53. Kevan Prati

    Shared on Twitter

  54. Ginger Orem

    I will be covering you, the workers, the city, the state and the country in prayer

  55. Olena

    Will pray and stand with you and your team. I speak blessings, love, protection and victory over all the revival events, volunteers, pastors, Mario and his team. If God with us, who can stand against us?! No one! Never! God bless you. (Will try to donate, but always have problems by website or computer or something else. Have error or disabled donation button. Will try harder)

  56. Molly Jennings

    What God is about to do, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Fire in the Tent, Fire in the Streets, Fire in you, Fire in me, Fire in L.A, Fire in California, and Fire in this great Nation. God is on the throne and His Fire -the HOLY Sprit and Fire -is about to ignite to his children. Fire in my bones……that you have not seen nothing yet. Thank you Lord for the man and woman of your word and heart—Mario and Michelle– full of your Fire to set the captives free and set ablaze your HOLY SPRIT and Fire upon your children that are held captive in YOUR nation Lord. ALL THE GLORY TO YOU LORD, In Jesus Name I pray, Amen! Yes! Indeed, I stand with you and am on your prayer warrior team. Excited to see great and mighty miracles and signs and wonders that Will be happening from the Lord through your ministry. Praise the Lord!


    Psalm 90:16 TPT

  58. mackenzie mary

    I will be praying for you from Scotland Pastor Murillo.
    May the Lord richly bless and protect you and your team.
    To God be the glory,,,,,,,,,we look forward for a good report.

  59. Richard Best

    Brother Murillo, I so much appreciate the work you do for THE LORD. Nobody else is doing nearly the “down-to-Earth” work you are doing. The tent crusades are an absolute miracle, and I attended on in Colorado Springs last year, after going to Tulsa to that meeting. What impresses me is the young people that are so enthusiastic. The older Christians provide the spark that gets the engine running, but the younger generation, who have been leaving churches by the droves, are now the fire that gets the engine revved up and running full speed. I have watched young people leave church for many years because to them, it just isn’t relevant. The early church was a lot like your meetings in that the message of the Gospel was bolstered by the signs and wonders that demonstrate the power behind the Words. That’s what makes the Gospel relevant.
    Please keep pushing into the devil’s stolen property and reaping hurting souls!!

  60. Nina coe

    Awesome brother mario im going to pray for gods breakthrough aminenina

  61. Gail Segars Rainey

    Yes, I am praying! My teacher-prophet, Dr. Billye Brim, has a grandson Branden Brim and his wife and partner Destanie, in California. I would hope that they will be in this Los Angeles tent!!!!!
    Praying in expectation of a mighty move of Holy Spirit for a great harvest of souls and miracle healings and deliverances!

  62. GDIZ

    Hi! Sorry i just curious, what template did you use for your website? I want to use it on my website at

  63. Sheila Cooke

    Praying for you and the good work pastors, volunteers, and missionaries are doing to clean up LA and help the suffering of thousands of people and children on the streets. With Lord Jesus Christ’s compassion and love you can change the LA. Amen

    • Giselda Velasquez

      I Will be praying for this event and for many souls to be saved and born again. May The Lord provide every need to be met through His Mighty Grace and Power according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesús Our Lord!.

  64. Sandy M

    Mario. I am new at praying warrior prayers but I want to be a part of this great movement. Would you please send a warring prayer to me that covers all your prayer needs for this event that I can pray every day? I love how God is using you to bring revival and awakening to our fallen nation. You are a 5 star General in God’s army!

  65. Mary Brannon

    God bless you Brother Mario!
    I believe the Holy Spirit is directing me to volunteer, and I am thrilled to be a part of God’s historic move in LA! I will be praying for you, the logistics, the financial provisions even above current needs, the preparation of peoples’ hearts to receive, for people to attend by the thousands and be saved, healed, and changed forever by the Holy Spirit and FIRE! May every need be provided and overflow to your ministry! Brother Mario, as you know, the Holy Spirit and the host of Heaven will show up in power for these events—it will be an incredible move by King Jesus to reach thousands who don’t know Him yet! I believe He will break every stronghold in LA!!

    May you be blessed and supernaturally inspired in this time of preparation!

  66. ofelia claudio

    Praise God for your passion , Mario. I pray pray pray for lost souls, especially for the Hollywood celebrities like JLo and Ben Affleck. They are so blind. So in darkness. I pray God will shine HIS Light on them; that they would encounter Jesus! That they would be among those who will finance your crusades!!! That J Lo will hear a Jesus song and be touched/transformed, and will sing Jesus songs herself!

    Praying for you always, Mario! May you continue to proclaim the gospel with the fire of the Holy Spirit!



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