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How to respond to the Asbury revival.

Why is it so urgent to have the right response to the revival currently taking place at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky? Well, let me answer that with a story about the California condor. That great bird was virtually extinct when one of these giant vultures with a 10 foot wing span laid an egg. The nest was located high up in inaccessible mountains, yet the forestry service had to keep its location hidden. And for good reason.

It was all over the media. Naturalists tried to find the nest to photograph the egg.  Others wanted to camp near the egg and video it in hopes of catching the moment that it hatched. It is ironic that the very people who claimed to dearly love the bird were the greatest threat to its life. It is strange that a bird so powerful, as an adult, is so vulnerable at birth. The same is true of revival—it is vulnerable to abuse, at birth.

In fact, your first reaction to the news about Asbury is a test of your condition before God.

Be honest. When you heard about Asbury, which did you feel: jealousy, hurt, criticism, or doubt? Did you feel some kind of carnal curiosity about it? Some responded immediately by thinking of ways to exploit it to their own ends.

Here are 5 wrong ways to respond to Asbury:

1. Responding with carnal curiosity:

Are you a revival, prophetic, or deliverance junkie? Do you binge on emotional events? Do you go with the latest buzz? If so, then consider staying away. You will do more harm than good.

Go because you are under conviction, ready to repent in the awe-inspiring presence of God. Go determined to return a changed person who can spread revival where you live. Don’t go to get a cheap blessing.

2. Responding with doubt that it is a real revival.

If the first thing out of your mouth about Asbury was something like, “If this was a real revival, they wouldn’t sing those kind of worship choruses, or use that translation of the Bible,” you are reacting, but not discerning.

All revivals come to us through imperfect human beings. In many cases, God seizes human frailties for His glory. The Bible says, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels.”

Andrew Murray had a great church in Cape Town, South Africa. He left it the hands of others during a sabbatical in England. He returned one Saturday evening to find the church house full of people wailing before God. He charged in and broke up the meeting, rebuking them for their “emotionalism.” But when he stepped out of the church, he saw his father standing there weeping. His father said, “How dare you stop something that I have prayed to happen for 30 years.”

This rebuke cut so deep that Andrew refused to preach for months. He sat in the back of the church, repentant and contrite. Finally, on one Sunday morning, the elders physically picked him up and carried him into the pulpit. Then the fire that had begun during that Saturday night prayer meeting hit him. That awakening won 5,000,000 Africans to Jesus.

3. A response of jealousy by the old school:

Another irony of revival is the fact that those who were in the last revival are the first to have a bad spirit toward the new one. Jealous, perhaps, because they assumed that if God ever did it again, it would once again be through them.

John Wesley was defrocked by the Church of England because he preached outdoors instead of in a church building. The result was the Methodist revival that spread to five continents.

Decades later, the Methodist church moved to remove the ordination of two of their firebrands: William and Catherine Booth. You guessed it—they were preaching outdoors. Thus, the Salvation Army was born.

4. A response of arrogance by the new school.

It was Finney who observed that revivals die, both because of the bad spirit of the old school, and the arrogant spirit of the new school.

We have heard much about how there is no big-time preacher or leader of this miracle at Asbury. But I disagree, there are leaders. They may not be big names, but they are leading this revival. If there were no decision makers, there would just be chaos.

Whoever they are, they must stay pure in the insane glare of media attention.

Though they may be totally new to revival, they will be asked to do interviews and will be treated like experts. The pull toward arrogance is the devil’s favorite weapon. It is lethal, sudden, and arrives early.

They must shed the title of ‘expert’. They must not feel superior to any who have gone before them. This miracle is not an endorsement of their talent or spiritual depth. This is the result of a God of love, desperate to save, and has found an available core.

5. The response of being hurt.

A minister who has labored for decades with scant results can feel hurt, even dismayed, when any event flies from obscurity to worldwide acclaim in just a matter of days.

A preacher can feel like the Psalmist who said in Psalm 73:13-14, “Surely, I have cleansed my heart in vain, and washed my hands in innocence. For all day long I have been plagued, and chastened every morning.”

For this hurt, there is great healing and encouragement. There is an old saying, “The rising tide lifts all boats.” Revival is that rising tide. It is not important where the awakening begins, because it will ultimately raise the tide of power and the effectiveness of all ministries and churches. That means that any victory in Christendom is our victory.

But revival does not just lift all boats, it brings them together in unity. Peter obeyed Jesus and cast the net into the water in Luke 5. Here’s what happened next:

“And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. So, they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink” (Luke 5:6-7).

Revival will bring the boats together in unity, and a massive number of souls into the Kingdom.

Rejoice my brother! Rejoice my sister!  You belong to a victorious army, and our side has just won a massive victory!

Our Father in heaven, we pray for this mighty miracle at Asbury University. Place your hand of protection on it and overshadow it. Take it to its full potential. Let us not do anything to tarnish the simple and innocent work You are doing. We ask all of this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


  1. Kathy Sheaffer

    Amen and amen. May man not contaminate what God is doing.

    • Robert Wayne Ellis

      Amen my brother praying 🙏

      • Birdie Brooks

        I live in a nursing home and can’t get to the meetings BUT I can pray for those that can get there. Maybe His Spirit can fall in here.

        • Marie

          Yes Ms. Birdie, I pray with you! Let the Spirit of our Ever-loving God find you and others wherever they may be!

        • Kimberly

          He can and will if you be but the carrier!

          • Holly

            Amen Mario! I was saved in Batavia at your revival…the power of the Holy Spirit is moving amongst these beautiful young people…I pray this seed falls upon fertile ground and keeps growing far and wide🙏

        • Steven E Jones

          Birdy may the spirit of the living God consume your heart in Jesus name.

        • L.D.

          Wow , we can pray for revival in nursing homes! Thanks for your comment. I’m 63, called to visit NH with increased empathy. I know my glorious eternal home is with Jesus/Yeshua– but do your neighbors know? Shall we visit and sing worship songs with you?

      • Teresa Kunath

        Amen! May the Holy Spirit impact this nation by this amazing revival that has taken 🔥 fire.

    • RalphvJuarez

      Great rejoicing took place in our home!

      • Barbara Nichols

        Ours as well here in Malaysia! All PRAISES to JESUS!

    • Valerie

      God is moving Dutch Sheets said is moving with our college kids I am seeing it To God be the Glory all of it

    • Todd Jones

      Amen…praying it continues and spreads until the trumpets sound!

  2. Alana

    Love this.We sure love your ministry!

    • Lovelett

      “Let us not do anything to tarnish this simple and innocent work.”

    • Linda Pinckert

      Psalm 71:18.
      One New Man Bible
      Now also when I am old & Grey headed, O God, Do not forsake me until I have shown your strength to this generation, To each one that is to come!
      This is my heart & prayer for Asbury & the rest of Revival to come…
      Also….1 John 2:14
      Speaks loudly to me because the young people are strong & the word of God remains in you & you have prevailed OVER the evil one.
      This is where I’m @ in prayer for a continuing Revival

      • Cheryl Johnston

        The Lord had me praying Psalm 86:6-7,9: Will you not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? Show us Your mercy, Lord, and grant us Your salvation. Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him, that glory may dwell in our land. You are faithful, Lord! You have heard our prayers ! Thank you for sharing your excellent blog, Mario

        • Chan Woo Huh

          Oh, LORD come to Princeton University too!

        • Diane

          Wonderful is this article written. All so well said Mario.


    Keep us humble God and change our hearts that we too may see your revival.

    • Rick Vinson

      Amen! We are opening our church for Revival Worship beginning tomorrow evening and lasting until????? We are anxious and believing for this great outpouring in Warrior, Alabama!!

      • Brenda Bounds

        We here in Prattville Alabama have been going to schools praying for revival. And God has been showing up lighting fires. We thank u Father for revival. Let your Glory rest upon us. Hallelujah

    • Darrell Chipman

      Amen. Lord may this revival continue to spread, but I ask that you would. move on the hearts and minds of the people In our area also, so that revival will also breakout in our area too. We hear of them far away, but we need and desire revival here too We pray for revival across your l
      country: America, and that it would spread to every tribe, Nation and tongue on the face of the Earth, in Jesus name!

      • Brenda Watson

        Yes Lord bring revival to North Devon, England. We hunger for such a mighty move of Your Spirit. Brenda Watson

    • Nanette Bekker-Smith

      Oh Lord: may this ignite a worldwide fire: a hunger and thirst for You: a searching and seeking for You: may this come also to our land of Zimbabwe: many be swept up in of repentance and may You pour out Your Spirit on a dry and thirsty land: and ALL to Your honour and glory. Nothing of man but all of You.

  4. Kim

    Beautifully said thank you 😌

  5. Thomas Holohan olohan

    Bullseye. Thank you brother Mario. Tucker Carlson on Fox News channel has been reporting on it for two nights. He was sending a news team today to cover it but the leadership asked him not to come. They said (in essence) that while they appreciate his program this kind of movement of the Holy Spirit essentially needs to be experienced not exploited in any way. Truly a Godly response and perhaps this is why the Holy Spirit has come and this is perhaps why the Holy Spirit may stay and do more in one night than a thousand sermons. To our knees to our knees. T.G.. H o l o h a n

    • Jeannette Raynes

      So glad the leaders there are asking the media to stay away!! Worship is not a spectator sport.

  6. Odilia Yzaguirre

    Precious necessary comments. Thank goodness for servants of our Lord Jesus like Mario Murillo!

  7. Duggan

    My response was to hit my knees and ask our Lord and God to spread it all over our country. I was amazed, awed, and very humbled and thankful that He has not given up on our nation. I prayed for the healing of our land and thanked him for his forgiveness and asked for his forgiveness of my sins and our nation as well. God Bless America again! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

    • Carol

      Me too! Never thought of what Mario is stating!!

    • Angelica

      Amen 🙏🏻. Let’s keep praying for this to be handled it, with wisdom, and love. Like Dutch Sheets said, let’s apply Mateo 28. Not only Marc 16 comisión, cause the point at this revival is to make disciples, Mathew 28:19-20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
      Prayers for the saints, for the youth, for this revival to spread all over America and eventually to others nation.

  8. Daryl Symister

    Reposted.. thank you Mario..

  9. Chester Chesbro

    Amen! 100% agree! 😊❤️🙏🏻

  10. Deborah Osborne

    My first response was “Concern”. Praying to know if it’s The Real True God these students are Worshiping and Seeking !!

    • Cathy Zabel

      I was there yesterday. And found the place full of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus.

  11. Steve Wells

    AMEN my good friend. I was around during the Jesus movement back in the day. Oh boy do we ever need it now!!

  12. Ramona L Nordhoff

    Yes this is the Time for Harvest of Souls for Almighty God. Pray this spreads around the World. From Small to Large Churches, Homes etc. May Our God See Harvest of Souls.

  13. Tim Oates

    Good word. May it spread like wildfire, let Your glory be lift high Lord.

  14. Connie

    I was so excited when I heard about Asbury Revival! 🙏🏼❤️

    • J.C. Hsrt

      The last one in the early 1970s there was for believers already in churches to behold, when its Kentucky witnesses carried its spirit with them as long with their testimony. Amazingly, simultaneously, the Jesus movement of California swept the Nation’s young adults and adolescents with repentant acceptance of the Holy Spirit’s indwellng promise. A generation was forever changed in the USA. This brought a Bibli

  15. John Emberson

    The attributes mentioned above hit the necessary care and feeding of this new birth. May religion and man’s arrogance stay away! May God blow over the flames.

  16. Pamela West

    and Amen to your words of wisdom and your prayer for this revival. God willing, we will be in attendance at Asbury tomorrow. Where we need to be broken, then Lord break in us those things that break your heart. If we need healing, may God touch us with His merciful hand, and bring healing in those deep wells where needed. May God do a special work in our hearts and souls for His glory and honor. Where we may be used in the lives of others, then use these vessels for your purposes and glory. And if it be your will Father, may we bring revival home with us and touch the lives of others.

    • Marleen

      Thank you for sharing godly wisdom and instruction. Praying and rejoicing in the mercy of God! Come Lord Jesus!

  17. Susan Jones

    Hal-le-lu-jah! I’ve never read anything like this explanation you just laid out Re the Asbury Revival. While I am right where I belong, I can & will pray for Asbury & for Fire & Glory in March. Thank you, Mario!

  18. Theresa Taggart

    So beautifully stated! Mario you are a true testimony of our Father’s love.

    • Karen Landino

      Hallelujah! Dear Father God, please bring this revival to New Mexico. Amen

  19. wesley j hull

    Great article, excellent insights.

  20. Pamela

    Excellent, Brother Mario.

  21. Ken Searle

    Loved your blog on Asbury! …
    It’s actually a “repeat”: God did this at Asbury Theological Seminary around 1972–ish, i recall; ,,, correction; nothing is a “repeat”–it’s a whole new generation (and it doesn’t seem that any one is aware that God found a home for revival at Asbury once before).
    Regardless, I loved your Blog!!!!
    Diane and I love you Mario.
    Keep on!
    Love, Dr. Ken and Diane Searle

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes, Ken it was 1970 and the first one was 1907 Good to hear from you!

  22. Denise

    Heard Tucker say the same tonight! How refreshing! They’re respecting the holiness of this it appears!!!

    • Keli Reeves

      Glory to God!!!! Have Your Holy Way, Dear Lord!!!😍🤗😍😇

    • Armando Llamas

      Spiritual warfare going on in California for this to happen as well to the Glory of God. 🙏🙌👏

  23. Jeff Kleinman

    Mario, thank you for your insight and wisdom. I am a product of the Jesus movement and saved in 1972. For years I have cried out to God from Habakkuk 3:2, that He would revive his work in the midst of the years and to remember mercy. Perhaps the reason that this timely outpouring did not occur initially among us Pentecostals is because we have not been good stewards of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, it needed to be grounded in repentance and humility. The last thing we need is a hyped-up series of meetings without any lasting fruit and transformed lives. May God silence every critic and naysayer, and may we all unify and pray for the continuance and purity of this revival, and for the sake of our young people and our decaying nation may the fire of revival spread from shore to shore!


    Every revival only needs the Holy Spirit and man to get out of the way!!! We are NOT required… it’s HIS move now!!

    Go for the ride!! Fill your cup to overflowing that you be ready for the Bridegroom who comes for the bride.

    It’s what we’ve been waiting for!

  25. Liz Carcamo

    Wow thank you for your blog . I wanted to share that God spoke to me a message about revival . He said , “here along the 99w cultivation of California will start “. With my little understanding of that word I thought the revival will start at the 99w first . But God then showed me with my limited understanding that God was saying , HERE means a point on the map, not here meaning where things begin.. I’ve heard other believers also say something very similar . “Here, revival is starting” God is pointing on the map. I pray, we as believers, will lift our neighborhoods , our zip codes our towns and cities up to the Lord for a continual outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so we fan the flames of what GOD is doing

  26. Curtis

    I too was excited and filled with joy at the realization that God would not do such a thing in Kentucky if He had totally forsaken the US. So, we have not been forsaken! It feels like America is under judgement, and perhaps we are, but this is a big ray of hope. I’m praying that the Holy Spirit does all that He wishes to do and is not hampered by his people in any way.

  27. Sam

    The youth need God so desperately in this time and it’s beautiful how He is moving in a college church.

  28. Pat wallace

    You shall know it’s real by the fruit it produces! Humility, repentance…fruit of the Spirit

  29. Jim Brown

    Your insights into revival are well received.
    Thank you, brother
    Rev Jim H Brown

  30. Stephen Rutledge

    May the sweet and powerful presence of the Holy Spirit consume the hearts and lives of those who are hungry for Jesus to be exalted resulting in multiplied thousands, even millions of souls to be added to the family of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord

  31. Tammy

    Such an amazing word!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  32. Marion

    The Good News has come to Hawaii and when I first heard what happened in Ashbury I couldn’t hold back tears of thanksgiving and this lovely song came to mind:


    It’s beginning to rain – hear the voice of the Father

    Saying whosoever will come drink of this water

    I promise to pour my Spirit out on your sons and your daughters

    If you’re thirsty and dry, look up to the sky

    It’s beginning to rain

    The turtle dove is singing it’s sweet song of morning
    Leaves on the trees turn their silver cups to the sky
    The silent clouds above are beginning to gather
    The barren land is thirsty and so am I


  33. NA

    Sweep over all America God with your mighty Spirit! So Our lives will see it here too !

  34. Dwayne Desmarais

    I must admit at first I had reservations about calling it a “revival” simply because so many previous ones fizzled out because of the arrogance of man. The presence of God can draw us near to Him. It is when the glory comes down that needs are met. God first must create a divine order before he can manifest His glory. Once this occurs, miracles, signs and wonders abound! But also, if there is irreverence or disobedience, judgment is immediate.

    If we cry out for His fire to fall, we must understand that it can glorify or burn! Which side of the flames will we be on? Worship and praise begins the process of hearing from heaven. Humility is needed for any outpouring of Holy Spirit. Azusa Street was three years, Welsh revival one year. Many others along the way lasted for a season, but were cut short by disobedience. I am believing God will continue to move at Asbury College as long as repentance and humility are present.

    Pray that the enemy is sent to dry arid places as the Lord proclaims: ***Behold I do a new thing, will you not perceive it?*** (Isa. 43:19) May He cause a holy pandemic to sweep across America. Not only to bring in the youth filled with zeal, but also the wisdom of the older generation, to form a mighty weapon in the hand of the Father in coming days….a tri-generational army, if you will. Be blessed…..><(("<

  35. Don Lambert

    Well put Mario!! I’ve been a believer for close to 40 years, I’ve never experienced anything close to this ever! The Lords hand is definitely in this. But it’s not for out generations to lead this we’re only to be fanning the flames!

  36. Mitzi Gardner

    Thank you for helping me.

  37. Gerald weathers

    We hope many come to the Lord from this and unity , there is revival already happening in your tent meetings too!

  38. Mickey Holiday

    Enjoy it! Asbury is a special name! Revival happened in 1970 and also 1950. In 1967 I became a Christian on purpose in Asbury Park, NJ.

  39. Sandra

    Great insight and may all of our hearts stay humble and in repentance. Thanks for keeping us in the humble attitude to God, Mario.

  40. Nora Marie

    My Great-Aunt Mildred graduated from Asbury College in 1925 on the heals of the first revival and now I have a niece and nephew attending there now! Aunt Mildred (originally from northeast Ohio) graduated from Asbury College and with her nurse’s training at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, she had plans to go to Africa on the mission field with her fiancé after marriage. Shortly after, her fiancé called off the engagement. She was devastated as, back in those days, women were not allowed on the mission field without a husband. One of her professors from Asbury encouraged her to go on a “short-term mission trip” to an orphanage that was conceived the year prior just to “relax” and see what doors God would open. Aunt Mildred arrived at Bethany Children’s Home in a hollow deep in the back hills of Kentucky on March 29, 1927, where she stayed the next 57 years until the home was forced to close in the early 1980’s due to red tape. She and the other two pioneer women with their orphans lived in a two-room log cabin for the first few years! Her primary positions were school nurse, teacher, and Postmaster for Bethany, KY. During her fifty-six years at the orphanage, as a pioneer nurse, she delivered 267 babies without a doctor being on the case at the time of delivery! The orphanage became her mission…and her family. Her time at Asbury prepared her for the greatest mission right here in her own back yard!! Her sister, my great-grandma, later joined her and stayed until her death 38 years later! Their life’s mission was birthed out of Asbury!!

    • Lynn

      Awesome servants for our Lord!

    • Caitlin

      That’s so beautiful 😍 Praise God!!!

  41. Carole & George Phelps

    Love your blog, Mario. Having been in a few wondrous revivals in my 81 years, when I first heard about it my soul jumped within me and rejoiced. I could close my eyes and feel I was there in the Presence of His Glory. I’ve been praying that this generation would experience what we have in the past and learn to really fall in love with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Ghost for themselves. It delights me to know He is doing wonders there and in your meetings. Praise His Name! When our church would close the doors, we teenagers would find a pastor who would open up for us to worship God until we were satisfied. He always manifested Himself and we shared awesome experiences with Him, souls were saved and miracles and healings abounded. George and I love you.

  42. Kirk Patrick Williams

    Interesting, I have yet to read a place in the Bible that we are to seek, pray and hope for REVIVAL…Yet we hear it prayed and sought after by the Boomer generation by in large. Yet isn’t it about renewal and revival of the individual man, coming into a relationship with Christ…that is Biblical….I am glad that school is experiencing renewal…..God Bless!

  43. pray

    I asked if God does the same thing twice.

  44. Thomas M Carnley

    What a blessing to read and a lesson in how to pray that Jesus’ will will over shadow our will and His will will be done . In Jesus name! MARIO , thank you for including me in your post. Don’t know why you are not on Flashpoint, we miss seeing you. Tommy and Jan Carnley

  45. Debbie Meagher

    Mario great article. It never occurred to me that people would have these reactions. I myself was very excited upon hearing this. I want our whole Nation to experience the presence of God especially the youth and children. They are being fed so much. My 9 year old granddaughter lives in CA. PLEASE pray for her. Her name is Leia. She has an Aunt teaching her astrology plus everything the world is teaching her. One day I want to be a part of one of your tent meetings. PLEASE pray for my son Brian too. He needs to come BACK to Jesus. Thank you Mario.

  46. Daniel Munyon

    We have been praying for a move of God and here it is! So great to be alive in these prophetic times…!

  47. Lydia Mitchell

    Thank you for your wise counsel Mario. I hope to apply this in the appropriate situations in the future.

  48. Howell

    I missed you on Flashpoint tonight!

  49. J.Lee

    Yes! This is it! Thanks for sharing.
    I have been all in since finding out about the Asbury Revival. From day one, when I watch it online, it is overwhelming, powerful, and affected me profoundly; That’s how I knew it was the real deal. My spirit bears witness with the Holy Spirit. I see fruit now; and I’m sure there will be more in the future. I’m not “waiting around to see if this is of God before I embrace it” as others are claiming and standing on the sidelines. (yes, I understand as believers there are times when we must test the spirit by the Spirit, examining the Scriptures.)

  50. Kim Altemeyer

    “Come Holy Spirit, dark is the hour, we need your filling, your love and your mighty power. Move now among us, stir us we pray. Come Holy Spirit, REVIVE THE CHURCH TODAY! ” Hurrah! Yay God!

    • Ellen a Headlee

      god is also bringing to remembrances the anointed hymns of the ages march on christian soldiers a mighty fortress is our God a bulwark never failing sing and pray these words of power in your prayer times


    I was very excited when I heard and watched the videos. It is here Praise God. Chills.

  52. Jeanne Weber

    I was filled with joy! I can never get to see something like this. Thank God for the Internet. I can watch from afar. My youngest son is disabled. We could not do this. The crowd would be too difficult for him. But at least I can watch and pray. 🙌❤️🙌

  53. Gary Coe

    The Lord had me in intercession for college campuses continually 3 or 4 years ago for evangelism and off campus pastors to receive them. Great blog Mario!

  54. Joey & Betty Hamby

    An awesome response Mario! Thank you!

  55. Debra D

    I love your protection message towards Asbury revival Mario. I was concerned for them at first with everyone going there, and realized the leadership has put some boundaries up for attendees. I pray the Lord continue to flow for the young and hungry folks. God is an awesome God.

  56. Fred Holk

    If has more experience with Revival in meetings then Mario step forward and I know that won’t happen and I think the words that saying Mario are very very astute and very well put as a caution when I heard about it I’m on the west coast I marveled I gave God glory for he was starting in a in a college and I thought to myself wow that’s just what happened back in the seventies when Chuck Smith started the Revival on the beach they were all college kids and what a place to start God said he’s going to have young men prophesy and heal and all those things why put it to Jeopardy by questioning what God is doing oh my goodness gracious so sad so sad so Lord disregard all those people and I hope the people he’s your words Mario that’ll be well with God and it’ll run its course hopefully not at all amen God bless you sir

  57. Patricia PEVOTO

    Joy that the Lord is making Himself present and known and remembering the one in 1970 praise God send more

  58. Judy Drury

    I’ve been reading about the Hebrides revival and Duncan Campbell telling about the move of God there. I see some similarities in the holiness of being in the presence and more.

    • Doris Martinez

      Thankyou Father for you reveal yourself ❤

    • Jennifer

      Did you know the Hebrides revival was started by Donald Trump’s great aunts?
      It’s true

      • Beverly Campbell

        Amen ! My husband Hamish & I came into Revival in Christ in the Charismatic Revival of the 1970,s in East London South Africa! We moved house to be closer to the Church .. my husband started a new chapter of the FGBMFI in East London.. we were part of two church plants.. at Cintsa East, & the Christian Center in East London! I have continued to support The Release of God,s Holy Fire 🔥 In 2017 .. now a widow living in Wellington RSA.. encouraged to go there to see the well of Revival reopen there as it had in 1860-62.. under Andrew Murray! The Lord said Pray for Pres. Donald Trump.. to be touched & led by the Holy Spirit in Revival for America.. now home to one of my children & their family! I was sent a book on the Revival that shook the Hebrides. “ Sounds from Heaven” by Colin & Mary Peckham. Yes ! Donald , s mother was in Revival when she left Tong to work in America 🇺🇸 She later met & married Fred Trump a business man in construction! She gave Donald the Bible he used at his inauguration as President .. let us Not Stop our prayers for him & his Family! I came to live in the UK at the start of the 2020 Covid epidemic.. cont. in Revival Prayer Mode for the sheep nations & have just moved to Scotland ..May we here also be engulfed by the Mighty Presence of God here in Revival Fire 🔥 Welcome Holy Spirit ! We love You Lord.. & we lift our hands to praise You & Adore you ! Set Scotland On Fire 🔥 once again!! Bless you Mario ,Lance, Hank & Gene.. the sons of Obed- Edom stewarding the Ark of Your Presence across America 🇺🇸.

  59. Angelicque Iankov

    Dear God, we pray for that kind of revival here in Bulgaria. Young people we talk to are open to hear and many don’t like the things that are happening in the woke world. Many aren’t aware.
    Lord let holiness return and the people turn from their wicked ways. Pierce our hearts and minds oh God! Put true Believers and people who you choose to lead a world wide revival father. We need you. Bless and heal, anoint Mario Lord continue to stir his heart and give him supernatural strength to continue that only you can give In Jesus Name Amen

    • Carol doyle

      We have lost young men and young women to suicide and drug overdose. These are children from Godly parents. GOD BE PRAISED ! HE IS TOUCHING YOUNG PEOPLE!

  60. Frank Boston

    Wonderful and wise words about a sovereign and holy work of God being birthed!! We’re all noticing that at Asbury, there is none of the following: loud emotional mesmerizing music of flashy talent, no superstar charisma-laden celebrity leadership visible, (but humble wise overseers staying out of limelight), no talk of political glorious Dominionism over “those pesky demoncRats who stole an election”…in fact, ZERO talk of politics, no glory clouds or gold dust or portals, nor giving commands to angels, no “woohoo” mentions of “the wealth of the wicked” coming our way!..none of the favorite themes of the “MAGA/Trump focused prophets”..Rather, a sweet longing for lifting up Jesus and repentance! Yes, may they not lose that and be hijacked by the outwardly sensational hype.

    As one who (like Mario) came to God in the initial days of the Jesus Movement, I recall that immediately after the sudden outbreak of the Jesus Movement in southern California, there was an abrupt rise in strange new cults of all kinds.!I recall seeing them out there, moving in and out among us, as we’d be out in the malls and parks witnessing for Jesus, trying to win souls in our new zeal…They were too! Those quasi-Christian cults like the “Children of God” Family or the “Unification Church” of Sun young Moon were typical of the deception trying to mimic what God was doing.

    Let’s be prayerful. discerning and alert, for there is probably already forming a parallel “Jesus Revolution” that may outwardly look like the real thing, yet be associated with some of the following markers: 1. A spirit of an unteachable rebellious attitude by those stressing “Down with religion!!Quit putting God in a box! No more doctrinal rules! for Jesus is doing a new thing and we don’t need the old churches doctrinal talk of those old school religious spirits who don’t follow our prophets new revelations!!” Or 2. They may so cheapen the grace message of salvation stressing God doesn’t care a flip about your outward habits or appearance or language, in fact He wants you to be a rebel and turn over tables like He did!” and, 3.They will stress dependence on their favorite prophets, who they think have newly downloaded revelations!

    And disturbingly there will surely be those claiming to be part of this new Jesus Movement who endorse new-age style extrabiblical concepts, excitedly teaching things like :
    “prophetic frequencies”, “med-bed quantum healings”, time travel, opening portals and dispensing mantles of anointing, proclamation that Jesus can NOT come back for hundreds of years, not until we as “manifest sons of God” take over the nations and “we release the glory” over the Earth as the waters cover the seas!”, spirit out-of-body journeys into 3rd Heaven, angelic communications, making decrees to control weather or to decree political developments etc..etc etc

    Let’s just be on guard against all of this!!! And let’s rejoice with those in Asbury who are rejoicing!!!!..And yes, let’s weep with those who yet weep as they are still under misery of unfair or dark circumstances…and may be that Light and Salt out there among them!

    (“As long as you have the Light, believe/walk in the Light…As long as it is day, we must work the works of Him Who sent Me… for the Night is coming when no man can work” said Jesus in John 9:4)

    • Larry Grecu

      Frank, I do remember those days of the Jesus Movement and the cults along the way. Thanks for the reminders and thanks for citing some of the current false pulpit prognostications too. These things must be faced and warned of.

  61. Sherry B Back

    Are we to hide our heads in the sand and act as though nothing has been said. God Forbid! If the word is being spoken to God’s People and it is false, especially when God tells u to address a situation, then I adhere to Mario for having the Backbone to do what the Lord told him to do. Most Pastors or Evangelists may cringe and not say a word to their Christian brother, but if there is wrong being said in the Body of Christ, then it need be addressed! Ty Mario for being Obedient as this is Long overdue. In the End, the Truth is always exposed. Some on here are saying that if God has a problem with what has been spoken that he will take care of this, well he already has, as he had Mario obedient to his Voice and Word! Wake- Up Christians. We have all been asleep at the wheel too Long!

  62. Heato

    🎶” They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they’ll know are Christians by our love”🎶

    My first impression is a revival that is ” soft as silk” It is a gentle wave but exceedingly, life savingly strong.It brought peaceful tears to my face.

    This generation is so burnt out on flash and hype.

  63. Norma

    63 years? – prayers for our country and our world-thank you Dear Lord!!!!

  64. Betty Cone

    Excellent word, Mario!

  65. Tom B

    Mario, thank you for this vital perspective on the amazing thing the Lord is doing in Asbury!

  66. Harold Kernan

    I didn’t connect with any of the above cases. I said praise God!! I’m excited that there is a move of the holy spirit on these young people. Give us a wave all across America.

  67. Mary

    Excellent and much needed words, Mario! I am now reading your book – It’s our turn now. I just finished your last one. I am not exaggerating – those are two of the most Holy Spirit inspired brilliantly written books I have ever read! I find myself shouting out loud a lot while reading them! I thank God for your example! Thank you for your words of wisdom regarding this revival, as well as your guidance to us all through your books!

  68. Nina

    Thanks Mario for great article. So very true. I have been praying for revival for many years. And Ive been praying for our young people that revival would come into their midst’s. It is awesome to see it happening. I believe that it will be such a radical change in their lives. That they will go out from there and preach the gospel on every street corner, and many will be saved. To God be the glory!

  69. Sharon Rhoades

    Amen and Thank you God Bless you and Keep you make His Face to shine upon you guiding and protecting ever step u take .

  70. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, it is all about souls…, breathing human beings caught in the “lurches” of life—and crying out for help and hope and healing and survival in a world that is in deep trouble…..

    Dear GOD, let the FIRE OF REVIVAL fill America…..even like they did in “days of old” when the OLD BRUSH ARBORS BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, WHERE THE MIGHTY LIGHT OF GOD’s


    LORD JESUS CHRIST, I give YOU all the Praise, all the Honor, and all the Glory Forever and Ever.

  71. Elaine

    Amen God is so Good. The Holy Spirit is on these young people. We must give Jesus all the praise and glory. Hallelujah

  72. Mary Aversa

    Praise the Lord! You nailed it Mario. May God continue to Bless your ministry! I pray one day soon the Lord brings you to our small town of Silver City New Mexico with a large need for our youth!

  73. Shirley

    You can’t stop Almighty God!

  74. Susan Banks

    HOW TO RESPOND TO THE ASBURY REVIVAL – Mario Murillo Ministries
    I was praying this very thing today and here it is.. we need to stay out of the way of this.. let it happen to the college generation! I felt the Spirit have me pray against “spiritual thrill seekers” This is God changing a generation which has had virtually no experiential knowledge of Jesus..
    Am frustrated with the mature believers rushing down to get ” in on it”
    Crowding out the kids whom the Spirit is calling. Just had to get it said.
    Pray the prayer at the end of this blog.!!!

  75. Evelyn Stiner

    My response was a prayer of thanksgiving for answered prayer! Rejoicing where I am because our GOD is everywhere!!

  76. David Maddox

    This is real, it’s a God thing. I’ve been praying for revival in the Church. Well….it’s starting outside the Church. My future prayers will be that it spreads TO the Church. I live about an hour from Wilmore. My wife & I are tempted to go. A burden has been lifted from me. All Glory to GOD!.

  77. Jim Thompson

    You wrote such a wise article here about Asbury. When I opened your Blog and saw it was going to be about the Revival at Asbury, I was wondering how you were going to view it? Godly wisdom! Thank you!

  78. Emelina Brincat

    I absolutely agree!!! Amen Mario, Amen!!!❤️

  79. Margaret Warr

    Hallelujah, to God be the glory 🙏❤️

  80. Teresa Simpsin

    Amen/So Be It! Thank you & your ministry.

  81. Risto Hyttinen

    Amen, we have prayed daily in our church that we would see a Revival in Finland! Now we can ask: ‘Let this revival come to here too’!

  82. Madaliene Booth

    What an insightful blog! Lord, may this move of Your Holy Spirit spread across this country like an un-contained wild fire! May your people respect it, desire it and embrace it!

  83. Alice Hernandez

    Seeing what is happening in this revival, not only stirs me up to believe that it will come to our church, but it has stirred up the burning desire in me to hope and believe for such a move of God. This is an excellent blog to do a heart check, and I was holding my breath hoping that I did not fit the picture of the negative responses.

  84. Mary Webb

    This is perfect! Holy is the Teacher, Helper. They are attributing it to Him! That’s what’s important. Here comes Harvest. May we be ready to be fathers and mothers to these, like Paul, to encourage, pray for, and love on these beautiful souls embracing this move.

  85. David Templeton

    Wonderfully mature commentary here. Filled with wisdom.

  86. Malcolm Wayne Puckett

    Amen and amen. Lord God Almighty, spread your Fire and Water and Wind!!! IJXN!

  87. Jeanny Argyriou

    “Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved” (Matthew 9:16-17)…great word!!! let God be God!!!

  88. Francie Robinson

    I’m praying that leaders will also rise up and teach these precious young people how to study and search the scripture and know the God of the Bible. I’m concerned that once they come down off this wonderful awakening that they will not know how to walk in a very difficult world that is increasing becoming anti-Jesus Christ. Let’s pray for Godly teachers of Scripture.

    • Karen Elizabeth

      Regarding Asbury, I love how Mario recalled the birthing of a condor as I had similar thoughts.

      The rising attention seems to me much like the rushing forward and gawking at a woman giving birth in the street, especially when there has been barely any babies born in the last one hundred years. Do those who take a trip to see this thing do so “to see that which has been born of which the prophets foretold?” Or with what other motivations does one go to Asbury? To partake of the Spirit as though He is only found in special places and not already manifest with us at all times, if He is not squelched or grieved? Does one go to judge authenticity and vow to stop any such resemblance of this messy birthing back at the home church? Or does one go to learn the formula to recreate it as if practicing alchemy? All of this seems to be vanity. Stand back and give the woman room and dignity to birth her baby!

      This revival is Asbury’s baby. We neighbors, hearing of the birth, rejoice, send congratulations, and should then go about our quiet business of finding our own husbands and conceiving our own babies. Each baby looks uniquely like its parents, so we must be careful not to envy. In Jesus’ warning about false Messiahs, He said don’t go out if they say the Messiah is in the desert or the secret chambers. I think the same warning may be heeded to not rush to any one place to see the Spirit manifested. The reason is because He wants to be recognized as present here, now, in every believer’s heart. Just trust Him that He is, and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him with Himself.

      Last year, Mario Murillo’s tent revivals took place all over the US with thousands in attendance. He said that small revival outbreaks were going to be popping up like wildfires all over. Sounds like Asbury is one of those. Only all these people going there makes a circus out of it, and the Holy Spirit does not like that at all. God can protect His own, I know. But let’s pray that these college kids have wisdom and discernment as they are descended upon.

  89. Barry Brindisi

    How did I initially respond? The simple truth is, I really didn’t know how to interpret it since I had no grid to guide me. Then, the Holy Spirit placed in my heart and mind to visit The Remnant Radio YouTube channel and Dr. Michael Brown. These guys helped me in understanding what I was watching. In a sense, Jeus used these men to teach me about what I’m seeing. I went back and saw more clearly and began to enjoy God’s presence.
    I also felt a need to pray for the people involved in shepherding this great move of God. This idea is based on what Dr. Michael Brown said. Dutch would later put the icing on the cake. I continued to listen to the livestream since I’ve no way to get there.

    Hey Mario. How would you characterize my response; as it appears you left that road out. You’re right about the others, though. I did see these type of responses, too. It’s okay if you have questions about what you’re seeing. It’s not wrong. However, the key is in how you choose to respond.

  90. Dylan S.

    I just left Asbury yesterday. Here is my takeaway…

    The modern day church tends to point a spotlight at their worship team. Or at a talented orator. The more talent you have the more spotlight you get. “If you can stir up a crowd and get people fired up, we’ll reward you,” says the modern day church

    Asbury is different. The worship team was tucked off to the side…on the edge of the stage. I couldn’t even tell you what they looked like. It was as if on purpose all egos and talent were pushed away and laid at the alter. God was saying, “get out of the way, there is no room for egos and pride here.”

    There was no spotlight, there were no PowerPoint slides (with fancy fonts), there was no fog machine. The room of believers were too busy giving God glory.

    The pianist summed it up nicely, “We’re only here for one reason…to magnify the name of Jesus,”

    That place magnified Jesus unlike any place I’ve ever been. I was blessed. Peace and stillness still reverberates from my spirit as I type these words. I am challenged to press into God as never before. Praise God! Glory Hallelujah

  91. Nicole Evanson

    God is so great to have chosen this moment in time to fall on us…my heart is full of His presence because of what He is doing at Asbury University…my prayers are that it spread hear in our cities in Minnesota!

  92. Randy Rock

    You put a humble cup of oil in a pond and it will slowly spread across the water. Expect the the Holy Spirit spread.

  93. Jennifer

    What a sorry response. What God do you think these people are seeking?

  94. Ernie & Joane Fougere

    Thank you Mario for that wisdom. Lord touch the young people all over the world and make them firebrands for you so that millions will come to know the real Jesus as Saviour and Lord. I pray this in His Mighty Name

  95. Dennis Anderson

    Praise the lord, l pray this revial moves across the country and around the world. Hope this is spiritual warfare, we are ready! God Bless you Mario…….

  96. Belinda G.

    Amen & Amen!!!! God will move where He wills!!!

  97. Marion

    My response to you, Deborah, is not to be “concerned” but to watch what the Holy Spirit does. It would be good for you to go back and read # 2 of Mario’s blog.

  98. Carolyn Brinkmeyer

    I admit that when I first heard of this “revival”, I was skeptical. When I saw clips on Victory News, I could sense the sweet presence of God and the lack of sensationalism. It’s very appropriate for our youth to start revival. We have let them be groomed by the LGBTQ+’s, drag queens, sex traffickers, and all sorts of evil and I think God has had enough. I was thrilled to see the Flashpoint Live service last night end with a time of prayer and sweet worship music rather than raucous music that makes a person want to run from the building or cut the TV off. I am praying that this revival sweeps the churches of America and that we get back to seeking God rather than sensationalism.

  99. Wayne

    Birdie… what a great name! Funny, my wife and I were in a nursing home yesterday visiting some friends. We played worship music for them on our iPhone… the Spirit entered that room and it was such a blessing to all of us! On our way out we had to walk past many residents and staff. I thought to myself how great it would be if a mighty move of God happened in that nursing home… now you bring up the same subject! Keep praying Birdie… there’s no way of telling what God could do there where you live!

  100. Chad I Randall Sr

    Israel left Egypt after the curse was broken by the death of the firstborn of the Egyptians. Israel was joyously leaving behind the life without hope. They were well on their way, taking the land route to the promised land, when God told Moses to turn and encamp by the Red Sea. Why? Because they weren’t able to take the promised land from the Philistines, and would have returned to Egypt (Ex. 13:17,18; 14:1,2). It was at the Red Sea that their tormenter lost his power of death over ALL of them.

    Mankind probably named the Red Sea. It could be because of the red algae blooms it has in abundance; which upon decay provide a red tint to the water in those areas.

    Repentance would be useless without hope. As mankind’s firstborn, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice opened the door to salvation where there was none. When made aware of this the sinner must choose to repent: choose to “go, and sin no more” (as Jesus told the adultress). And it is Jesus that commanded water baptism for salvation (Mark 16:16). And He IS “the author of eternal salvation to all that obey him”. Heb. 5:9).

    Israel was “..under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea…” (1Cor. 10:1,2). That is a type and shadow of Jesus Christ’s command to “ born of water and of the Spirit..” (John 3:5). And Israel “.. did all eat the same spiritual meat; And did all drink of the same spiritual drink..” (1Cor. 10:3,4). We are to be “baptized into Jesus Christ… baptized into his death… Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death..” Rom. 6:3,4).

    There is only one way to be born again… and that’s the Bible way. When told the message of Jesus Christ, convicted hearts asked: “Men and brethren, what shall we do? Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” (Acts 2:37-39).

  101. Randy Ferguson

    Believing for the same here in Reno Nv.

  102. Randy Ferguson

    Praise God thank you Mario for such great insight and instruction. I agree 100%

  103. Howard Dailey


  104. Wayne

    Why is it my comments never appear on any of your blogs?? Have I been blacklisted? Was it something I said or didn’t say? Just curious… as a Christian man I don’t understand this…

  105. Terry H

    Mario, you are one of few I love to follow. When I saw the news of Asbury I immediately wept. I also asked God for the same Spirit of revival to come to our area. I believe it will happen. Continue to pray for this move of The Most High. In Jesus name.

  106. suewinkles

    praise God may it continue
    send the fire

    • Cheryl Johnston

      Thank you, Jesus! Let’s continue to pray and believe for a great outpouring over our entire land and beyond!

  107. Kim Hinzman

    I have been praying for revival since 2013 in The Lord’s Prayer as the Lord told me to do so. I am seeing an answer to prayer and I am overjoyed at what God is doing. I will continue to pray The Lord’s Prayer over this great revival as it is a mighty move of God. If you have not prayed this prayer over it, then do so with me as it is kingdom prayer that is used for advancing of the kingdom of God on earth, and it is mighty for revival. Praise God! I am weeping with Joy!!

  108. Adelin Schauer

    Yes Lord. Please send revival to New Mexico!!!!!

  109. Margaret

    Amen! My response and prayer

  110. Kathy Fairrington

    Such a important word at this moment! Yes Lord, protect these leaders and bring this movement to its full potential. Overshadow and guide this work of the Holy Spirit!🙏🏼🙌🏼

  111. Boyd A

    So very exciting to see the Holy Spirit being poured out onto these young people. My wife and I are praying for this to hit other schools across this land.

  112. Jimmy L

    My response was, Hallelujah! Praise God!

  113. Allan Cougle

    Just a thought (and maybe nothing more). The disciples were in the Upper Room worshiping, praying and giving their personal testimonies for 10 days before the fire fell. Tomorrow marks the 10th day of the Asbury experience.

  114. Cheryll

    Thank you Lord God Almighty who has heard the cry of your children and is moving to gather souls on the Earth Amen

  115. Karen Berger

    Hallelujah! What an answered prayer to see our youth revived! The Holy Spirit breath of fresh air! Thank Lord Jesus, and Please let it keep going and growing!

  116. Gary Fairbairn

    The Surprising Work of God by Jonathan Edward’s describes individual conversions and experiences during the Great Awakening. The Holy Spirit rained grace on whole communities, one after another. It is God’s work that is not limited in any way to accomplish His purposes.

  117. Connie

    Thank you for your blog. The first thought I had when I heard about Asbury University was, “Can you just imagine how the angels are rejoicing” and so should we! PTL!

  118. Ms Dusty Burchardt

    I, too, am unable to attend the meetings. I, too, live with other seniors. I spent 30 years caring for the elderly in their homes. I have a burden for the elderly who have not yet found Faith in our salvation. I’m praying that in this Revival there will be a wonderful renewal of hearts full of compassion, and the Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit. We must ever build one another up in our most holy Faith. Begin with me,Lord Jesus! I’ll be praying for Revival will break out in your residence! How fun for you! 🕊

  119. don campbell

    bro mario, God bless you for these words, and for your obedience to GOD’S CALLING
    i wholeheartedly agree, GOD is giving america one last chance to repent before judgement strikes, and he chose the young, confused children of a major denomination who is
    splitting right down the middle over a moral point, that should never even be an issue in a truly christian church.Praise GOD for that as babylon is falling, and the holy angels are
    separating the tares from the wheat

  120. Ted

    My response is joy! Joy that he’s showing himself still on the throne. Joy at his unpredictability. Joy that his ways are not our ways. Only he could do something like this. When he’s done, he will show himself another way. Just live in this moment!

  121. Barbara Nichols

    AMEN, Birdie….great and mighty things can be accomplished through your prayers right there from your nursing home!

  122. Roberta Young

    Ope the conclaves of the soul
    deeper than knowledge known.
    Reveal the innermost
    that time before has shown.
    Weed the seeds of discontent
    enlarged with self disdain.
    Unleash Your cleansing fount
    purge the soul again.
    Open the conclaves of the soul
    accept me as Your Foy.
    Sanction Holy Spirit
    to fill with sweetest joy.

    Revive us, oh God.

  123. Shirley Hughes

    Mario, my husband is 90 next month, I will be 85 in a few more months. We live on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. We both are born again, love Jesus, but have never experienced a revival. When I first heard of the Asbury Revival, I was skeptical, because until we discovered you on a YOU TUBE recently, we were viewing many different “prophets”, discerning that some didn’t seem right, but not sure about many!! Upon discovering your programs on “you tube”, we went looking for your YouTube presentations, where we learned that you exhorted your listeners to discern the spirits of prophets, look for the fruit, or look for an outcome of their prediction/prophesy. The Holy Spirit quickened our Spirit quickly hearing your words, and we decided to stop viewing the many prophets on our list. There was great peace in doing that, not to mention the confusion we felt after listening to some, not all, but your encouraging word helped us greatly.
    We both are so grateful for your excellent explanation of “a Holy Spirit Revival”, this helped me not to be unsure/skeptical of “The Holy Spirit Revival in Asbury with the young people”
    We are excited and praying for a long experience of this wonderful event continuing and I prayed for the same wonderful happening in our Country, Canada, as well in our area on Vancouver Island!!
    We thank God for directing us to your site Mario, we adore your humble Spirit and how you Glorify God is all you do and say, something we love and desire as well.
    May God continue to bless you with HIS SPIRIT, as we continue to benefit the Godly wisdom given to you by THE HOLY SPIRIT.

  124. Joy Connery

    Bless you Birdie! It just could be your prayers that make a difference!

  125. Jane Fairchild

    That true MOVEMENT OF GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT MOVEMENT began in the Book of Acts in AD 33 when the HOLY SPIRIT MOVED upon mankind when JESUS ascended to the heavens to return sitting at the right hand of Abba Father God and HE sent us HIS MOVEMENT of HIS HOLY SPIRIT upon mankind.. This is when that MOVEMENT OF OUR HOLY GOD began on this earth in the Book of Acts in AD 33.

    that REVIVAL of our Lord Jesus Christ is within all true FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST who are thirsty and hungry from the WORD OF GOD and for HIS PRESENCE. We carry ambers of fire burning in each and everyone of us from that HOLY SPIRIT fire within these Jars of Clay of Dust. So imagine these AMBERS inside our beings of Jars and Clay and where ever we are at -school, home, church, work, walking down the streets – we ALLOW that BELLOW WIND OF OUR GOD to blow upon our beings and those ambers start becoming that of a wild fire within our Jars of Clay and start catching one with another – setting a CHURCH ON FIRE or a HOME ON FIRE for our Lord Jesus Christ.
    As I have shared many times through the years – REVIVAL never flows out from the pulpit by what a preacher has words to share – but true REVIVAL always flows and catches on fire at when people run to the ALTAR before a HOLY GOD with full repentance crying out at that altar – this is when GOD’s BELLOW WINDS start blowing is upon that ALTAR before a HOLY GOD…

    (Not to create a movement to cash in, that becomes a FAD MOVEMENT CLUB. or write a book or get TV MEDIA involved but a MOVEMENT OF GOD does NOT need any of these man created things but simply needs to spread out as a WILD FIRE for GOD’S KINGDOM, GOD’s HARVEST, and GOD’s MOVEMENT)

    William Booth, founder of Salvation Army, had no internet, had no Media coverage, had nothing – but HE had the thirst and hunger for a HOLY GOD. He said those years ‘I AM THAT MOVEMENT OF GOD’…
    (not words of bragging or boasting but words of TRUTH – for he knew who was inside of HIS JAR OF CLAY from that MOVEMENT – the HOLY SPIRIT MOVEMENT)

    This is that thirst and hunger of William Booth being part of ‘I AM THAT MOVEMENT OF GOD’
    As that MOVEMENT OF GOD in the HOLY GHOST FIRE began HIS MOVEMENT for this world through JARS OF CLAY in the Book of Acts – AD 33…
    “Not called!’ did you say?
    ‘Not heard the call,’ I think you should say.
    Put your ear down to the Bible, and hear Him bid you go and pull sinners out of the fire of sin. Put your ear down to the burdened, agonized heart of humanity, and listen to its pitiful wail for help. Go stand by the gates of hell, and hear the damned entreat you to go to their father’s house and bid their brothers and sisters and servants and masters not to come there. Then look Christ in the face — whose mercy you have professed to obey — and tell Him whether you will join heart and soul and body and circumstances in the march to publish His mercy to the world.”
    ― William Booth

    William Booth a man who contained a MOVEMENT OF GOD within his Jar of Clay – No media, no books written, no internet or even electricity but just a simple man with a FULL MOVEMENT OF GOD within his Jar of Clay being… and within 4 years of time in that MOVEMENT OF GOD through one man – In spite of violence and persecution, some 250,000 people were converted under the ministry of The Salvation Army between 1881 and 1885.
    Janestree Breathing Journal spoken and written out of the DUST OF JANE (a speck of dust) to swirl back around in dance lifting my hands up HIGH to the heavens to WORSHIP MY GOD OF HIS MOVEMENT of FIRE in the heavens through the HOLY GHOST FIRE of HIM – HIS MOVEMENT – 02/18/2023 3:20 am

  126. Liz Lindsay

    A wise and insightful summary. I’ve been following this amazing revival in Asbury since it began, and praying continually for God’s glory to be shown, and for it to spread, and spread, and fan across America, my country of Canada, and to the world! As long as man stands back and allows the Holy Spirit to work, a hungry – no, a starving – generation can be fed!

  127. Nap

    Amen. May the Lord bless you there, Birdie.

  128. Judy

    Let go and let God do miraculous miracles. Don’t let anyone fill your brain with negative thoughts.

  129. Lewallen Farnham

    God is sovereign and knows what we need and HIS will be done.

  130. Marcel Cousineau

    As final judgment comes upon Sodom & Gomorrah USA, Jesus in His GREAT love and mercy brings many souls to true repentance and salvation in the heartland of the evil empire that forsook God. Psalm 9:17 KJV

  131. Marcy Paul

    Praise God!! This is such a great exhortation and response. My husband and I talked about the older brother in the prodigal son story, and the workers who went out early and those who went out late and all received the same wage! Celebrating with and praying for those stewarding what God has brought to Asbury campus. We all benefit as we come together in unity!

  132. Deena

    Thank you for your article. I listen to you often. I visited the Asbury revival yesterday and the presence of Holy Spirit is there. I repented, prayed, fellowshipped, and worshiped with many brothers and sisters in Christ all excited to take what God gave us back to our churches.


  133. Richard Heers

    13 years ago, in a united Methodist church on the banks of the Ohio river, attending a world vision meeting, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked me if I was willing to pray for 20 years for revival to come to Immokalee, Florida. I said that I didn’t know if I would live another 20 years because, at 66 my father died at 65 and his dad is 64! The Holy Spirit repeated the challenge, and I willingly said, “I will commit my soul, Father!” 13 years have passed, and I have continued to pray daily. Encourage others to pray for God to move in our rural community. I will continue to pray and trust God, believing that, perhaps the spirit of God will move in our community, even as he is in Asbury.

  134. P.K.

    Praying for this outpouring of Holy Spirit to be such a Blessing that None can deny ” see what The Lord has done “

  135. Darryl Weinberg

    When the Spirit of God moves, it has nothing to do with those where it moves although we have a responsibility to respond correctly. It has to do with the Father’s sovereign purpose to redeem man who is hopelessly lost and heading for a fiery eternity in darkness without Him. Wrong responses are always preceded by wrong attitudes and understanding of God. I’ve said for many years that one of the biggest problems in the Body is too much small “k” kingdom building. Anyone who envies this or wants to control it thinks it’s all about them. It’s about Him so let’s just focus on asking what He wants us to do in response and when and how. Everything will be just fine then.

  136. Datha thomas

    I am rejoicing. I want to sing shout and thank God with tears of rejoicing.

  137. Frank

    Let’s seriously pray that this pure & humble expression of revival/awakening/repentance keeps growing deeper and NOT be overshadowed by so many out-of-towners who are curious, but may not have that deep desperate hunger of seeking God yet….And yes!… there is a potential for it to be overshadowed by big name sensationalism seeking “MAGA focus ” prophets who are already claiming this as THEIR own prophecy fulfillment..but they will expect it to morph into the sensation-driven style signs&wonders, opening portals, glory fog, gold dust,angelic visitation, transfer of wealth, anointing mantles etc etc Let God do the work His way!……One last thing:Recently I have left several comments on the Elijah Stream site on Rumble, expressing the same concerns Mario has had regarding some of their popular but “loose cannon” prophets…The responses I’ve gotten are vicious toward Mario…and me…calling us “religious spirits, sowers of discord and enemies to the anointing”!!.and yes, several times I’ve been warned of hell fire punishment because I dared to question the accuracy of things claimed in the Lord’s name. Well, as of today, I am now banned (“muted by site creator” says Rumble)
    I’m disappointed that they will not allow my posts,for I’ve made friends on that site among other dear ones who,as I do love, the gift of prophecy and the move of God’s Spirit, but hate to see it misused or counterfeited!…. Pray for this huge movement, among those churches that are focused upon a narrative that sounds like this:

    “Any month now ,Trump will return, triumphantly ridding America of “demoncRat” deep staters by giving them “Gitmo” justice, then the wealth of the wicked flows to us, as massive signs&wonders Revival breaks out in such glory…then the best yet to come for many many years..generations even Rapture of judgement possible at all for a long long time, all because God’s prophets and the ecclessia church who believed the prophets spoke this victory into existence and decreed by word /faith the blessing of the Kingdom Now!!” Oh, friends it is dangerous stuff they are believing and they do NOT want anyone like Mario or me or you telling them in love but firmness…”No. Not biblical! So pray that they just stay away from Asbury as God is at work!

  138. Rhonda Vanlandingham

    Amen! I am so excited to see it!

  139. Tony


  140. Caitlin Dollar

    Amen, Birdie! That’s a beautiful attitude ❤️ Let it be so, LORD!!! 🔥

  141. Connie Blais

    God is true to His Word. He said He would come He is here. I am joining in the Spirit of Asbury from Florida as I know this is just the beginning of a National revival. Amen

  142. Bret

    This revival is the real deal. I am a Second generation family of the Asbury revival (1970 and 2023). Both started with repentance. With repentance comes God’s love and times of refreshing. Read the book of Acts. It is great to see 17 to 25 year old cry and humble themselves at the altar. My generation needs to pour into the kids’ lives more now than ever. Lexington, Kentucky

  143. Paul Choquette

    Wonderful counsel thank you God bless

  144. Jing deng

    Amen. Give glory to God only. Serve Him only.

  145. Jana Doak

    Excellent blog. Thank you

  146. Susan Tanner

    Amen. My prayer has been that man would not spoil what God’s
    Holy Spirit is doing.

  147. Stu and Ronda Frampton

    God bless you, Mario. We appreciate your stand. There are so many voices out there today. Thank you for being the voice that proclaims the heart of God. My wife and I are constantly encouraged by you. When are you coming to Indiana?

  148. Dwayne Desmarais

    Just a quick comment brother…the Asbury revival has to end tonight, claiming “security reasons” which may be legitimate, but is this the end? I do not believe so!! A ploy by the enemy using a real concern to end a move of God? Do you know anyone with a tent? LOL…like what happened to you during the lock down during Covid. You set up a tent in Fresno and thousands were saved! Despite the looming possibility of being arrested…Don’t know if you could do this or not, but what a message that would be! Destroyer of the devil’s works!!! (1 Jn. 3:8)

  149. Jeannette Rate

    Amen so true – guard our hearts and motives
    And pray the Lord will guide and protect it – use it to accomplish his purposes in the individuals, the body of Christ and extend his Kingdom here on earth.

  150. Judyc

    Im enjoying joining in when i see it on the internet. God revives our hearts where ever we are

  151. Ann88

    We definitely need to all gather and celebrate in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Question is, where should we gather? The church of four walls is a likely place, although I believe the focus should be on places where lost souls have been forgotten. Where did Jesus go? Jesus went to the streets, in the fields, sat with the dunks and the prostitutes.
    We need revival in this country, in this world and wherever people gather in the name of Christ is a good place a good thing. There will always be someone there looking for their reason and purpose for living, for hope that there’s something bigger than themselves drawing them to Jesus Christ. Never judge by appearances, listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying and don’t be afraid to step out in faith and follow through, you won’t regret it and God will confirm it. Asbury, Ky is a good thing, but most of the lost souls are living on our streets and in dark places where they feel trapped with no hope.
    Where are the David Wilkerson’s, a man who walked into gang infested ghetto’s and hoods witnessing to those lost souls?

  152. PJ

    As we watched some of it online, I felt happy that what was happening was not organized by some well known teacher, preacher, etc. There’s no theatrical worship and hype. Yes, I’m charismatic and have seen all that, but his seems true and genuine. Of course I’ll pray it will be led by the Holy Spirit. The younger generation wants truth plain and simple. God knows what it will take and I’m hoping my own children will be part of it. They are our future.

  153. EJ Herron

    May the Lord Jesus alone be magnified and Revival spread to the masses!

  154. Belinda Plvan

    My first thought was I want to go there and be a part of this great move of God! My son attended Asbury University and it is only an hour and 1/2 away from my home. I have been in that Chapel and I’m familiar with the campus. I went online to find out more information about the revival and they were asking that people watch online because the crowds had gotten so big that it was difficult for the small town of Wilmore to handle the sudden influx of people. It shows how hungry people are for the move of God. I pray it moves to Lexington and throughout the entire State of Kentucky and then to the whole Nation. Only God can save America from the mess we are in. Our young people are very open to this great move of God and they are hungry for it. Praise the Lord!!

  155. Darrel Miller

    Let us praise Him for WHO He is,,no means to an end..just GOD!!

  156. Eric

    One day my daughter complained about a headache. I of course gave her Ibuprofen. However, I asked her if she had been drinking enough water. She had only drunk a few cups of water over the last day or so. Her underlying problem was that she had not drank enough water. She was dehydrated. Ultimately, she needed to drink more water and continue drinking more water. Likewise, the underlying problem for many of us today is that we have not “drank” from Christ or are not “drinking” enough from Him.

    My daughter asked for more water and I gave it to her. We receive God’s Spirit much the same way my daughter received water. She received through faith, hope, and love. She trusted me, expectantly drank, and valued the water I gave her. My giving her water that I paid for was grace. The problem for most people today seems to be the loving or valuing part. Do we love or value God’s Spirit above all else? Will we continue just drinking enough water to stay alive? Will we continue taking “Ibuprofen” to mask symptoms of dehydration? Or will we drink and live abundantly?

    Matthew 7:7-11 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

    Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

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  159. Diane McEnaney

    May Holy Spirit indwellin thst place w truth n love.

  160. alanya escort

    This was beautiful Admin. Thank you for your reflections.

  161. Annaliesa Moberg

    We’ll, that was a amazing read. I know God is almighty and powerful, loving, caring and hears everything that comes out of our mouth , but also in our minds. I love God. I thank you Mario for being a blessing for God!

  162. Teri

    Thank you for your article! I am encouraged by your right response to the Asbury revival. After attending the the revival a couple days, I was shocked and heartbroken to see the things people were saying about it online. Christians questioning whether it was a “real” revival. If they had bothered to go, they would have seen for themselves! People praising the Lord, young people repenting and testifying … and the sweet presence of the Lord. Someone said online, it’s just a bunch of people singing. Yes, that is exactly what it was! And it was beautiful! A bunch of people singing and praising the Lord! Thousands of people hungry to simply sit at the feet of Jesus. I wept when I left that place, because my heart longed to stay. If that’s not revival, what is?

  163. Vicky Beam

    What a wonderful heritage from your family. It sounds like your niece and nephew are at the right place at the right time. May your family be blessed and the Lord’s favor continue to be poured out. Thanks for sharing that great story.

  164. Troy Peterson

    Mario, I saw you when you were in Toledo, Ohio (Holy Toledo) back in 1993. I was a young man in Bible school. You said if anyone be sick here stand up. And you told us all to lay hands on those standing. I laid hands on the guy in front of me. I felt like a blanket of electricity fell on me. You’re a solid man of God. Thanks for staying true to the word of God. Much Love!

  165. Jeanne Callahan Russell

    Amen – God please continue to pour our your loving powerful presence and keep us out of the way….

  166. Prodigal48

    My first reaction was that I was thrilled, and I still am. Am hoping and praying that it continues to spread to all, ALL, other colleges and universities. Praying that my grandchildren will be involved in this massive move of God that is coming.

  167. Elbert Clark

    I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You are amazing! Thanks!

  168. RS

    Jealousy is not always a bad thing!

    Several weeks ago, I felt the Spirit leading me to pray over our congregation, and to speak these words: “God is ready to do “a new thing”…but He can’t/won’t, until our hearts are right before Him!” He laid it on my heart that repentance and humbling ourselves before Him, as individuals, (as well as corporately,) was the KEY to Him beginning to move. Our congregation of older folks did not seem eager to receive.

    As I started hearing about Asbury, then Lee, it came to me that, as God poured out His salvation upon the Gentiles in order to make the Jews jealous, maybe… just maybe… He is pouring out upon the youth in order to make the old folks jealous…?

    In seeking more of Him, I visited Lee, and was saturated in such a sweet Presence of the Lord – a quiet, meek, serene Presence where I sat and soaked for a long time! After I left, it was announced that the older folks were to “step back” and let this movement be for the youth! (If that doesn’t produce jealousy, I’m not sure what will!) LOL!

    I pray that the wells which have been dug, as a foundation for revival; which have been built upon for decades, would spring up and pour forth, but also, that as God moves upon His people, that He would open the portals of Heaven above these wells, and that His GLORY would fill the sanctuaries world-wide!



    Stay in the Word, above all else, brothers and sisters, so that you may know the REAL from the counterfeit. Remember what Jesus told us in Matt 24: “Watch out that no one misleads you, for many will come in My Name, saying, “I am the Christ, and will deceive many…”

    We need a discerning spirit today like no other time in history!

    Thank you, Mario, for your godly wisdom and discernment.

    God Bless,

  169. Mark DuBois

    Right on brother Mario!! Thank you for good direction & discernment!!



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