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URGENT! Workers needed for a city that is trying to turn to God.

You will lead a soul to Christ in this city. There is no doubt about that. On these streets, you will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. I am talking about Bakersfield, California.

We have the proof.

Our workers are there now and their experiences have been startling. Going door to door, they are finding hungry souls, families who weep when we pray with them. Our workers are trained to get people converted—and not just to give them food and clothing.

We have the proof.

But standing in their doorway we find—that though they are poor—they want prayer more than groceries. That is when we see the salvations and the healings.

Bakersfield is trying to turn to God! The call goes out to you and others. Come and help us bring in this massive harvest!

I admit it. I have asked the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and clarity to many who will read this message.

Our workers are there now and their experiences have been startling. Going door to door, they are finding hungry souls, families who weep when we pray with them. Our workers are trained to get people converted—and not just to give them food and clothing.

Bakersfield is trying to turn to God! Come and help us!

But standing in their doorway we find—that though they are poor—they want prayer more than groceries. That is when we see the salvations and the healings.

Bakersfield is trying to turn to God! The call goes out to you and others. Come and help us bring in this massive harvest!

I admit it. I have asked the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and clarity to many who will read this message.

I admit it. I have asked the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and clarity to many who will read this message.

Supernatural soul winning will satisfy the spiritual hunger of those who are seeking more, but who do not know what they seek. It is also the instant cure for boredom, confusion, and division. Especially division.

Luke 5:6-7 says, “And this time their nets were so full of fish they began to tear! A shout for help brought their partners in the other boat, and soon both boats were filled with fish and on the verge of sinking.” The catch of fish brought the boats together! That is the best unity, a unity based on bringing in the lost.

This is a wise move for Pastors. If their people come as volunteers, they get our excellent training and return to serve with greater zeal and effectiveness.

But the greatest reason I have for exhorting you to volunteer is this: There is a prophetic event in progress along Highway 99 in California. It is awesome to behold. This is indeed a Corridor of Glory! Every time we pitch our tent along this highway, astounding things happen. You can not only be an eyewitness to this prophetic event—you can be a soldier in a great awakening!

Come to Bakersfield, a city that is trying to find God!

There is no way to sell you on what can only come to you when God reveals it to you. I believe that if you make the commitment, God will make a way for you to come.

Come to Bakersfield, a city that is trying to find God! Find out all the details. Use the link below, and register to become a volunteer now!



  1. Claudia MacPhee

    Mario! Prayers always for the good work – the good news you spread and the help your ministry shares with so many! I thank God you keep spreading the message and the word of the horrendous pain, confusion and hopelessness on the streets of America. Even though so many of us not our head and kind of realize what’s going on with the homeless, the addicted and the lost, most of us really don’t want to look or deal with it.
    Thank you for the hope you bring in this age of the awakening and fire of the Lord to the saving of hundreds of millions of souls across the earth!
    Praying for Bakersfield and beyond! JESUS IS LORD!

  2. ShandaDonahue

    I can’t be there but definitely praying. I’m just an elderly lady on Soc Sec.

  3. Walt Meyer

    Does your team know about a great Kingdom ministry in Bakersfield called City Serve?

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes we do! Our brunch is at City Serve.

  4. Liz Carcamo

    Yes yes yes , I have been praying for months now for the 99W , Goe has said , “ it starts here” . He is doing a cultivation in California but along the 99w is where the revival will show !

  5. Lynn Ladd

    I heard you may be coming to Winston-Salem NC. Do you know an approximate time. I would like to get off from work to be a worker.

    • Deborah Yvonne Otero

      Amazing I just found you Pastor on utube, your a huge God sent . I was listening to the people you go to and pray for and bring to salvation. It brought tears to my eyes, I have a son name Gabriel recently Past away, of a horrific way, he was homless on meth. I prayed so much, for him every day, God did do a miracle, I was shown my son will be in heaven. God told me he’s has Gabriel
      It’s a testimony that is one of God’s miracles . I truly believe God is choosing me to go help these young men and women. Gang members the hard to get to one’s. I’ve have not been to a crusade yet . So I’m praying I can make it. 🙏 in March

  6. Ann Bunde

    We need you to come to South Dakota. No one ever comes to Sioux Falls!

    • Sharon

      No one comes to Utah as well. I wish we weren’t overlooked so often. A big tent revival here would be astronomical! By the way, I love Sioux Falls! SD is beautiful.

  7. trudy braud

    I’d like to sponsor someone who wants to go but doesn’t have the funds for travel & lodging.

    • Kevin Lighter

      Trudy I would love to go and believe I am to be there in Bakersfield. The property where the event is at I used to work there. It was a drug and rehabilitation center Ryan’s Retreat and Hannah’s Haven. I have walked and prayed those streets many years ago. I am 68 years young and believe that I need to return and finish what I had started. I live in Texas now. Thank you.

    • Tamara Myers

      I have been following Mario for a couple of years now and I really want God to use me and I would love to be able to volunteer and see where the Lord leads me and uses me, but don’t have the money to do so. But I know if the Lord wants me there, He will make a Way. Thanks and God Bless!!

      • Mona

        Dear Mario, I miss seeing you on Flashpoint! The Fab Four was such a blessing and seemed to work together well. There definitely is an emptiness and sense of sadness. I pray there will be resolve with the situation and unity once again! God bless! Mona

    • Mark Taylor

      I will go. Iam in Lancaster pa but have no money to travel. Iam 69 on SS and just don’t have anything extra it would be my honor to serve m Taylor 17174904420 Millersville pa

  8. Molly Jennings

    All the glory to Jesus! Amen!

  9. Mary Ann Gillispie

    Praying with you for a mighty harvest as the Lord fills Bakersfield with His Glory!

  10. Keith Bennett

    Praise God for this!! He truly is mighty!

  11. Ron

    Mario A belated note to say thank you for all of your efforts to confront wrong and seek souls. You are so needed on so many fronts including
    Flashpoint. I am hopeful that you will continue to encourage and uplift us again. Don’t hurt us by your absence.
    You are a true light for this time.

  12. Judy C Davis

    Praying for Bakersfield! Believing for a mighty move of God!

    • Donna Wesley

      When are you coming to WInston Salem NC? We are ready and have many we want to bring! Praying for you and your ministry!

      • Mario Murillo

        We are bringing our tent to the Fairgrounds in October. Details very soon!

  13. Dianne York

    Many of us here in Corinth Texas (Denton) praying for the lost in California. Interceding for you and your team as well as the volunteers. Hoping God will send you to our area soon.❤️🙏🏻

  14. Sharon

    If God wants you there, He’ll get you there. Have faith.

  15. Helen Ross

    Praying for you & your team!

  16. Dena

    Curious how people are trained to go out and witness? It’s something I wish I was better at or at least witnessing one on one. I never understood why Churches don’t train people how to witness when cults Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses know how?

    I tried to witness before with a church group for several months when I was younger. We went to a coffee shop and talk to the kids there that were into Wicca. I didn’t know what I was doing so I just told people how I experience God in my own life. I still do that with co-workers, friends and relatives. I pray with them if they let me. I haven’t really seen results. I guess the only thing that drives me is the miracles I’ve seen in my own life. I want others to experience God too, but I don’t know how? I suppose I’m doing it wrong, because I’m not really sharing the gospel. I’m just telling stories. In order for Jesus to be real in other peoples lives, they need to experience God for themselves.

    I have many relatives that aren’t saved or they say they’re a Christian, but you can’t tell. They say they’re Christian, but they’re for abortion, LGBTQ, and co-habitation. I’m trying to get away from sharing stories. I’m confronting them and trying to share scripture with them to show they need Jesus, but they think they”re saved! Jesus didn’t die on the cross, so you can sin all you want too.

    I have opportunities to talk to my friends and co-workers about Jesus. I wish I knew what I was doing.

  17. Brent & Stephanie Leas

    We are from Arkansas and are interested in trying to help for a couple of days, if possible.

  18. Joe Stockton

    Stay with the gospel! Thank you marIo.

  19. Eric

    One day my daughter complained about a headache. I of course gave her Ibuprofen. However, I asked her if she had been drinking enough water. She had only drunk a few cups of water over the last day or so. Her underlying problem was that she had not drank enough water. She was dehydrated. Ultimately, she needed to drink more water and continue drinking more water. Likewise, the underlying problem for many of us today is that we have not “drank” from Christ or are not “drinking” enough from Him. Christ defines both lives’ problems and answers. He is the stumbling stone and cornerstone. Hence, we celebrate God!

    We should constantly remind ourselves that the underlying problem is a lack of living water or God’s Spirit. The only answer for our “hurts, habits, and hangups” is Christ, the One who has made God’s Spirit available. Any other “remedy” simply masks our problems or at best temporarily resolves our symptoms; it does not provide us with the actual answer. In addition, convoluting the answer with anything but Christ runs the risk of “hurting” us in the end. Christ is not part of the answer. Christ is the One and only answer. We don’t need a 12-step program; we need a one-step answer: Christ.

    We must be careful that the devil doesn’t deceive us with a false remedy that has been sugarcoated with Bible verses. Also, God does not serve up a “Have it your way” menu when it comes to His Word. He’s not Burger King. He is the King. We seek out what He wants, not what we want. The devil provided Jesus with answers to some of His superficial problems by using verses from the Word of God. Even though those promises were filled with half-truths and seemingly helped others who followed the devil’s advice, the end result would have been death. Someone might say, “Sewage is 99% water.” True, but we shouldn’t drink it. That’s the point. Should we drink or not drink. The beatitudes were not written as a “road to recovery”. A proper relationship with the living God is our “road to recovery”.

    What does it mean to drink from Christ? The answer can be seen not only in our mission but also in how God executes the mission. First, our mission is to make disciples. We must be disciples ourselves and we must help make disciples. Only disciples bring God glory. As disciples we put on Christ and God fills us with living water or the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit then works in us to will and do of His good pleasure. Second, God carries out the mission through us. Summarily, only those things wrought in us by the Spirit of God will bring God glory. Anything else only brings God’s wrath. God will not share His glory with another. Furthermore, as Christ’s body, we carry out the mission with Christ as the Head.

    We must experience the Holy Spirit as a living presence within the church. God is living and active. He is not a tool we utilize. He does the work; we are His instruments. We make ourselves available to Him. God is the Potter and not a pottery factory. We understand that God uniquely works in each person. He does not treat people as a lump of clay forced through an assembly line. Consequently, we the church should show ourselves to be Spirit driven. Our work should reflect God’s nature. For instance, we can form small and agile discipleship teams of 5 – 12 Christians that meet regularly for corporate prayer, Bible study, testimonies, and evangelism. However, being Spirit driven, our teams should have God working through us as a living and active presence. Our teams should not be programmed; we should wait on God, our answer. We thereby celebrate God!

    God actively works through Brother Murillo and his team! Get on board.

  20. Martha

    Me and my husband Marcos will be visiting soon Bakersfield CA to Volunteer Pray 🙏 for us Servants of God

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank God we are short of workers for this great harvest.

      • Jon

        Are you still short on workers my friend? My name is Jon I’m from Montana.

  21. David Sipos

    Dena this David Sipos Lexington,Ky not far from Asbury College where the revival , I’m a go there tomorrow.
    The way to witness is you sharing your story how you heard of The Gospel and how you open your heart to ask Jesus to come into your heart Rev.3:20
    You are to be a witness for Jesus , you were there when He saved you , when He healed you and whatever happed to you , you were there. Your testimony is what they need to hear.
    Ask the Father to send laborers to water the Word that was planet in their heart.
    Use Rev.3:20 , John chapter 1,3 Romans 10:8,9,10,13,17
    David Sipos
    2200 Walsh Ct
    Call me 859-247-2655
    If you need to know more

    • Dena

      David thank you for responding. I haven’t been to Asbury, but I listened to parts of it on my phone. You could feel an overwhelming presence of God. It immediately reminded me of my encounter with Jesus in college in 1993. I was sick of church and stale religion. I asked Jesus, “If your real, show me your real!” … and he did over 3 days. The most overwhelming part wasn’t what I heard or saw, but what I felt. It felt like Jesus was sitting next to me. His presence was so overwhelming I felt like I died and went to heaven. I didn’t want to leave!

      I’ve been praying for Revival since 1993. I want my relatives and friends to not only get saved, but to experience and know Jesus too. That he’s more than just a religion. That he’s real and he can do anything. That sin is bondage and he can deliver them from their sins.

      I like that the emphasis in Asbury is on holiness and repentance. I’m tired of fads. In 1993 I had a vision of a nationwide revival, so I’ve been praying for it. I’m hoping this is it! It’s going to take an army of Christians to pull it off nationwide. I want to help somehow, so I’m asking God how I can help. I know he can do anything and nothing is impossible for him.

      I’m not a weirdo (or want to be) and I only had one vision my entire life. I saw a dark cloud over the USA signifying spiritual bondage, then God lifted it away. Then I saw a tidal wave come from the west and it covered the whole earth with clear water all the way to the mountaintops. This signified God pouring his Holy Spirit all over the earth these last days. I saw the town I grew up in. I stood looking down the main street and the presence of God filled the town. No one could drive or stand. It was overwhelming to see and comprehend! I saw my dead church praising God. I saw my relatives and prayed for them to get saved.

  22. Bibianna Ostrand

    I’m sure many other have responded and how wonderful! I have the time but not all the finances. bibianna1@gmail.com if you can help! Thank you!

  23. Ralf Walters

    I live in Winston Salem too.I sent an email last year asking, praying for revival here. I’m excited beyond words! I want to volunteer as well. Our city is so divided racially and politically. Many broken families, drug use, gun violence. (+)



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