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I have been missing from certain television shows. People are asking why. They deserve an answer but I was not ready to go public until now.

I still believe in these shows. And, I am deeply grateful for the strong support they have given to our tent crusades.

But I had to step away for two reasons.  You will notice that both reasons have only to do with soul winning.

1.  The harvest is so great that it is consuming all of my time. The despair in America runs so deep that 20% of our youth have frequent thoughts of suicide. Furthermore, 9% of them have actually attempted suicide. And fentanyl is killing our kids on a scale we have never known in America.

Lost souls are stampeding to the Tent to be saved. The harvest is so great that we have a critical shortage of workers to handle all of those who are coming to the Lord. This has placed severe demands on my schedule.

2. The second reason I stepped away is because I do not want to be on at the same time as a certain other guest. It has to do with his association with two false preachers.  I went to him—as Jesus taught, privately. I implored this person to deal with these counterfeit voices. He did not agree with my counsel.

One of these false ministers is called a prophet and another that is called a seer.

Why am I so adamant about these false prophets? Once again, you will see it has everything to do with preaching the Gospel.

Why am I so adamant about these false prophets?

These false preachers say things that are absolutely insane and unscriptural. Examine:

One of them claims to see roller coasters, mountains of Jell-O, pudding ponds, cows on tractors, and the fictional character of Santa Claus in heaven.

There is no way this is true because the Bible says that all the works of Earth will be burned up. That means they will not reappear in heaven. 2 Peter 3:10, KJV: “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

There is no way this is true because the Bible says that all the works of Earth will be burned up.

By claiming frequent visits to heaven and relating the details, she fancies herself above Paul the Apostle. Paul said it was unlawful for him to say what he saw. 2 Corinthians 12: 2-4 “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago—whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows—such a one was caught up to the third heaven. And I know such a man—whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows— how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.”

The female false seer said she saw souls getting second chances after they die. I do not need to tell you how dangerous that is! The Bible says, “And as it is appointed for men to die once, and after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

The other false prophet is just as dangerous. Recently, he stood in a pulpit in Nashville and told the people to shut up if they did not believe there were mountains of Jell-O in heaven. He claimed God turned the Red Sea into Jell-O. Then he said there is a secret code that prophets know. And, we needed to trust the prophets who possess this code in order to understand a deeper level of the Bible. This, my friend is straight up new age and occult teaching—not to mention medieval Catholicism.

This, my friend is straight up new age and occult teaching—not to mention medieval Catholicism.

The bottom line:

I am against these false preachers for the same reason I am against leftist politicians. I did not pick a fight with them. The Left jumped the fence and came after the Gospel.

William J. Federer said, “The most important thing is to BRING PEOPLE TO CHRIST. The second most important thing is to PERSERVE THE FREEDOM to do the MOST IMPORTANT THING.”  I jumped into the fray because of the threat to the Gospel.

By opposing these false ministers I am fighting the very same fight—for the sake of the Gospel.

You should not accuse me of making these fake ministers look bad. You should be horrified that they are making the Gospel look bad.

These false voices are a greater threat to the Gospel because they cause outsiders to slander the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They give our enemies ammunition to tell people, “See, this is what Christianity is! Stay away from it!”

You should not accuse me of making these fake ministers look bad. You should be horrified that they are making the Gospel look bad.

2 Peter 2:2, confirms the danger of their slander. “But there were also false prophets in Israel, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will cleverly teach destructive heresies and even deny the Master who bought them. In this way, they will bring sudden destruction on themselves. Many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality. And because of these teachers, the way of truth will be slandered.

But they are also doing double damage. They deceive people in the Kingdom keeping them from true revival while preventing souls from entering the Kingdom. They are guilty of the charge that Jesus levelled at the Pharisees. “For you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces. You won’t go in yourselves, and you don’t let others enter either.”-Matthew 23:13 They are more dangerous than you realize.

Matthew Henry said “One traitor inside the church is worse than a thousand persecutors outside the church.” But modern preachers do not agree. They think preachers like me are overreacting. That we should leave it in God’s hands. He will take care of it. But Paul said in 1 Timothy 1:3-4, “As I urged you when I went into Macedonia—remain in Ephesus so that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine, nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith.”

Paul told Timothy, “I urged you…” He said it so forcefully, because correcting false doctrine is one a sacred duty. Oh, how we need to get back to the Bible!

I long to be back on to these shows I love and support. My prayer is this will be resolved. But I cannot compromise truth. Too many souls are at stake.

I am also contending for the reformation of the Church—a moral cleansing that will wake us up, in order to bring in this massive harvest.


  1. dj

    Mario pointed out that K.K. mentioned Santa Claus in heaven. But Santa Claus is not the real problem I already knew long ago when she stated that there is a X-mas town in heaven that Yeshua (Jesus) visits regularly, and that there are X-mas trees there that God loves. X-mas trees are to honor the “undying sun-god Baal (Tamuz;Nimrod) It is always an evergreen tree to symbolize that it never dies. These two pagan abominations (X-mas/Easter) that the majority of Christians celebrate believe they are honoring God, but just to let you all know, X-mas, as well as Easter (Ishtar) are NEVER ever mentioned in the New Testament, neither Yeshua nor the Apostles in the Acts and their writings ever mention these pagan days. When Jezebel came into Israel when she married Ahab, she brought all of these pagan practices in and that’s the reason God had to Judge them. To believe that a Holy, righteous God would put into heaven a town that honors a pagan sun-god is ridiculous. She also states in one of her many clips on Steve Shultz “Elijah Clips”, that Gd loves rock-and roll and that the angels dance to ‘Christian rock”. As someone who used to love rock, let me tell you, Rock is demonic. And this Jezebel has said that God created rock and roll.

    When Jesus says in Matthew 24 that “Many will come in my name and say, ‘I am the Christ” and deceive many. He was NIT saying that these false prophets would call themselves “Christ:, because that would be easy to recognize, even unbelievers would see that. What he meant was many would come in His name (Saying that Yeshua has sent them) and say that Yeshua is the Christ. And yet deceive. many. This is how Satan works with his children. They speak much truth so the people listening can feel comfortable with them, and they seek in false doctrine while the people are not expecting or looking for it. Thats why, if you hear supporters of K.K say that she says that people need to be saved, or other biblical stuff, they use that to say she is not a false prophet. But those things are just to hide the lies that she speaks. She says that the satanist Michael Jackson is in heaven (She and Manuel Johnson said this) But I have heard from at least 6 or 7 very scriptural hell testimonies where people saw him in hell. (Angelica Zambrano) But, we don’t need these visions to see that. I believe she is leading many to hell. I also found that Timothy Dixon, Julie Green, Hank Kunneman, and a few others whose prophetic words did NOT happen. I believe that Steve Shutz is being manipulated by these lying spirits as he just takse these peoples word for what the say the see.

    • Bea Ann Bridges

      I know the false seer that Mario is referring to is Kat Kerr, but who is the false prophet that he’s calling out here?

    • Cristina DiMurro

      Dear Mario, I’ve missed you on Flashpoint. However, I understand your decision, which is God led. I won’t expand further here but I will say Shalom, Shalom!

    • Vivian S

      Thank you Mario! Finally a mature follower in Christ has addressed this. I stopped following Flashpoint after they had Kat Kerr and Hank on. Also stopped watching Steve Schulz years ago and cannot believe people still follow her after predictions about Trump/ Pence did not happen. Steve S is gullible to say the least and deceived to say the worst. The terrible thing is KK says the Lord told her these thing, so what is everyone to assume, the Lord was wrong? HE made a mistake? They are calling in to question Gods reputation. I pray the Lord lift the veil of deceit from everyone deceived. Blessings!

    • Sisanna

      Thank God Mario Muri)o is like Elijah challenging.the prophets of Baal..
      I hate the destruction.these false prophets are doing.
      I heard Robert Bullock say with my own ears he said he said to God, “Lord, Biden dont’ need to be president.” and he said God said to him, “He won’t.”
      In The Bible God asked Jeremiah the prophet a question and Jeremiah said, “Lord you know.”
      Yet I heard Bullock saying that as if he needed to tell God who needed to be president and he said that God agreed with him that is satanic and it’s dangerous and they are hurting a lot of people that are Bible ignorant.

  2. Betsy

    All I can say is Thank you!!! The harvest is too precious to the Heart of the Savior to let these false teachers continue. Continue to call them out. Praying for you!! Grateful for you!

    • Sarah

      Sigh. Relief. A grateful heart for your voice of truth. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, that all would return to the simple commands of Jesus and the comissioning to go into all nations and make disciples. Thank you, Mario, for being a truth teller and truth walker. Jesus keep you on target.

  3. Randy Jackson

    Thank you for standing for truth ! However I don’t believe those two are on the show anymore. Or not as of late

    • Eunice Kreger

      I am in awe of Mario and his love for the lost and for not backing down from the false prophets who must be seen and heard. It is a performance show. God have mercy for they have forsaken the truth for a lie. I have felt this about these 2 individuals and I refused to listen to them. There is many more out there. I pray for them.. Thank you Mario Murillo for your heart and wisdom. God bless you and your family.

  4. Janice Cohan

    Amen & Thank you Mario

  5. Richard

    Thank you for your courage And convection in this matter!
    All glory to the most high!!

  6. Deborah Fiddyment

    Thank you for exposing false teaching. It grieves the Holy Spirit when Jesus’ gospel is twisted

  7. Patricia Pope

    Sooo thankful for you and others who are holding steady in the pure and eternal Word of God. Wonder if you realize how your steadfastness and strong stand for the original Gospel…the one taught in the 4 gospels and Acts…encourages other true believers. You are truly a bell-sheep among us. Thank you!

    May God open every door necessary so His Word may be proclaimed unhindered.

  8. Joan Bayes

    I thoroughly agree with you, good on you for being bold & honest. I really liked your book “
    Dont leave quietly “.



  10. David Caltabiabi

    Mario. I thank Jesus for what he has given you a heart for your nation it is right for you to do as you do. Confront evil and contend for salvation. Persecution is coming to those who are in the Lord because the harvest is great and the workers are few! Persecution is the waking agent which will cause a Christian to see that the enemy is real and he is already within our ranks. The church is overrun but God will use some of the older generals and the just saved to do his next great work while many in the church will miss what is happening . I hope you get back on Flashpoint but you have done the right thing to speak correction to the people who need it…a true prophet has no problem with correction as Jesus corrects us daily!

  11. Rosemarie Stephens

    Thank you man of God Mario. The eyes of my understanding are more enlightened than ever before. I fear the Lord. Where is the fear of God ? Philippians 2:12 says work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

  12. Laura

    Wow Mario. I figured something like that must have happened. I wondered about Lance, too. I believe you. I believe in God’s Word, it is truth. Thank you for being an example of how Jesus taught us to be. I have had to confront similar situations too. The devil is a liar. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to preach His truth and do what He has commanded us to do. I support your decision. I miss hearing you share your great experiences, but more, I miss your encouragement and strength. You are so blessed., Mario. I’m pretty sure God is very pleased with you. I’ll pray God will reach into their hearts and convict them of their false teaching. He’s a forgiving Father. Amen 🙏🏼

  13. Keith Bennett

    Praying for you Pastor. God bless you.

  14. Ron Clark

    Mario, when Hank said many things like that God told him Trump would be President again and A lot of things Hank said God said to him didn’t come true! That’s when I stopped watching the show! We ordered your new book and can’t wait to get it. Thank you for all you do! Thanks Ron Clark

    • OnWord Jackson

      What will happen to the original comments?

  15. Eloise

    Mario, thank you for your boldness of The Word of GOD. The Word tells us that HE will spit us out if we are lukewarm. Thank you for having the courage, wisdom, and discernment that is needed to be that light to the world.
    You have been obedient and tested the spirits like The LORD tells us to. The rest of us should not sit on the sidelines and expect all the muscle to come from a select few. CHRIST called us all to follow in HIS example. May you never lose the Fire and may your focus always continue to be in CHRIST JESUS and HIS plan for HIS people.

  16. Barbara Frederic

    Please return to Flashpoint whenever you have time. We miss you and your wonderful stories of souls saved and healed. We are in our 80’s and cannot travel to the tent crusades….unless you come to the Reno area!! One of the least churched cities in America!

  17. Jamie ParkerFrank

    Amen! Thank you for NOT compromising! Thank you for STANDING FIRM for biblical truth and accuracy.

  18. Kathryn PALMISANO

    I’m with you Mario. Someone needed to stand up and call it for what it is. God bless you, I am praying for you. Thank you, thank you for being obedient to the Lord.

  19. Vergene Vavra

    Thank you dear brother in Christ! I am praying for you and for others to listen to the Lord, speak only His Word and do NOT add your own! We need to be the Lord’s servants and a light of His always!

  20. Kim

    Why am I getting the very same blog again from Jan 17th?

    • Mario Murillo

      As we said above it was a technical error the new blog will be released later this morning.

      • Kim White

        Mario, I have the utmost respect for you and truly believe you are a man of God. I never trusted Kat Kerr or Robin Bullock, but a pastor in Mt. Juliet, TN called out Kenneth Copeland saying he is a mason and a Nashville minister, Mike Err and Joel Olsteen as being involved in pedophilia and sex trafficking. I pray for wisdom and discernment each time I listen to Julie Green, but her association with Bullock and Timothy Dixon gives me pause. I truly believe God has blessed us with prophets. I’m questioning my ability to discern who the real ones are. I pray for you and wish I could work with you. I live near Nashville and if you are ever in our area I would love to volunteer to work one of your tent revivals. The harvest is great, but the workers are few. Godspeed Pastor Mario.

        • Eileen

          I used to watch Julie Green, but something in my spirit said NO. A prophet who gets a word from God on a daily basis? And everything is always good coming down the pike? Where is the ‘Repent’!! Message?? Mmmm nope. I stopped watching.

      • KP

        The Bible says it is appointed unto man once to die, and we know Lazarus died and came back to life. We also know that many have had death experiences, even children, where they truly died on earth and went to heaven or hell but God sent them back to earth and gave them another chance. The Bible also says that the works of this earth will be no more, but it isn’t specific whether certain foods and other things will never be seen again. All the sin and evil will be no more, but it’s not certain if Jello will or will not be in heaven. Just something to consider.

        • Penelope Brown

          I agree with KP. We can’t interpret a dream that we received 3rd hand. I will leave it t God to interpret and to determine punishment or reward. Please keep preaching the gospel.

          • Mario Murillo

            On any level saying that they were walking nude in heaven is an abomination. God has ordered His ministers to correct false doctrine and not be passive. As you have rightly extorted me to preach the Gospel let me gently ask you to read the Bible. Specifically 2 Timothy 4 God bless you.

  21. Sharron

    Mario Keep-Preaching the TRUTH!! Don’t ever let people, their agendas, and clique’s ever stop you from preaching the purity and truth of the Gospel! Many are standing with you, myself as well. Your writings are SPOT ON! Thank You from the bottom of my ❤️ heart!!!


  22. OnePOV

    Miss you on FlashPoint. I think your focus on soul-winning is right. Praying that things will be resolved, too. Truth needs to be told, whether it is received well or not. Keep up your good work, and telling the truth!

  23. Debbie Conroy

    Hi Mario, I support you wholeheartedly in standing against false prophets and doctrines of devils that deceive people and detract from our mission to reach the lost.

    Do you believe that Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock are doing this deliberately or that they are deceived and misled? I think this is a really important question, because a person can be wrong in their doctrine and right in their heart and intentions – that being said, I make no excuse for unbiblical beliefs or activities.

    Now, I understand that these folks have been around and in ministry for decades, so they are not novices. However, after much reflection on this subject I don’t think these are wicked or ungodly people, so I wonder why are we in this situation to begin with? Are they just catering to those who need their ears tickled with nonsense and/or are desperate for hope?

    It is one thing to deal with ravenous wolves who come in to divide and destroy the sheep and another to deal with those who if corrected are willing to get back on course. I’m pretty sure you have offered and had that correction rejected, so I don’t know what to think about these folks. I don’t follow either of them, but I am sad that it prevents you from reappearing on Flashpoint, which is sorely lacking without your presence.

  24. Jackie Marino

    Someone on Flashpoint thinks there are mountains of jello in heaven???? I haven’t heard anyone say that. Please let us know who that person is so that we won’t listen to that individual anymore!!
    Thanks Mario, and thank you for preaching the gospel and ministering to a hurting world!!

    • Juanita J Sloane


    • Ken Eklund

      I haven’t heard anyone speak such Unbiblical nonsense as mountains of jello in Heaven on Flashpoint, on the Victory Channel or anywhere else on Christian Channels or Internet Blogs. That so-called (seer?) needs to stop deceiving the Christians and those who need to be Born Again by the Spirit of God. That (seer?) needs to back up what he/she says by quoting scriptures from the Bible that elaborates what is prophesied, as does Julie Green does after she gives words from the Holy Spirit to tell the people.
      I have heard many prophecies that haven’t come to pass yet. That doesn’t mean that it won’t in future months, or years. God will fulfill a true prophet’s word, when it is His time, not ours.

  25. ty

    Amen bro! Keep standing strong in the Word Jesus! I’ve been praying for you brother. The Lord has given me the same verses as confirmation to why you are coming out against them. Hallelujah! n Jesus name I’m praying tongues Holy Ghost a shelter of protection about you from the enemy! Hallelujah!
    Mario, you are a true warrior for King Jesus!
    Thank you!!!

  26. Ashtin Deshong

    Spot on, brother. The Lord pulled my family from any shows lately, in all honesty so no idea what this is referring to.. however, your fight for the truth of the Word of God gives us young folks who are hungry for the truth, some hope!

    • Chris Conley

      God has been dealing with me to step away from a lot of these shows as well 🙏🏾

  27. Kim Barrett

    Ok, I will keep it in prayer that people don’t get decieved.

  28. Jordan Brascia

    Love you Mario! Thank you for standing for the truth and for the word of God !! I’m so proud of you

  29. George And Gerda Spindler

    Can’t agree with you more. Thank you brother. vmVery powerful word.

  30. Allan Winters

    Dear Mario: Thank you for standing up for the truth and refusing to be associated with false preachers % teachers. I personally know one woman in the Chicago area enamored by these two, She used to be the prayer coordinator of our Ministry but I had to relieve her from this position because of her devotion to error and unwillingness to accept. correction. I also went to her Pastor & he told me he did not think there was anything he could do and “threw the ball back in my court” so to speak/ this is sad because she was part of our ministry for over 25 years. We too must stand for the truth

  31. Beth Davis

    THANK YOU for staying true to Christ & the calling he has on your life, Mario!! I’ll be praying for you!

  32. Ruth

    Mario, perhaps you may disagree with what have heard in the spirit. I repeat again, I am no prophet. You must accept to walk alone with your flock through the narrow path that leads to Him. They are not going to listen to you for a very simple reason: that which you already know.

    In 2021 or 2022 (I cannot recall the year) Hank Khunaman invited the seer along with the prophet, the seer “prophesied to Hank about a big plot of land that the Lord has granted them to ‘own’. They were now rich, she told them. Oh, they were over the moon and not long after Hank made the announcement through the victory program that the expansion for a mega conference center was now ready for building and bagan to ask all to give him for it. Not long after that, anyone that ever made a small contribution to this ministry began to receive mail to the fact to give, give, give! They did not have a penny to build— they simply expected the wave of people during this time to flip the bill. This seer had prophesied over them for it and this was confirmation that the Lord had made them rich! The prophet during that service leaped for joy and jumped up and down in the background. I felt sorry for him, because it felt as if he just wanted desperately to fit in.

    I tell you the truth, they will not hear you or changed their minds because this COVID sweep was an opportunity for all, even for those who did not care to share the truth. It seized the opportunity to make a profit. Believe me, they have made a lot of $. No later, the victory channel owner paid a visit to Hank’s church. … When they never or rarely did. Then office of the prophet was getting bigger and contributions from many around the world showed in they sudden boom. Robin actually was not as irresponsible as he has become. He was, for a time, humble. It was not until his daughter began to take over to distort the truth about giving and began to tell stories about how JD ( the friend of the owner of victory channel) said to her to prophesied on the spot.. that the scales began to fall off my eyes and began to see and truly began pay attention to their message. On another occasion another ministry leader visited Church international and before she went on the daughter stepped on stage to ask to give, and she gave a story about how had nearly gotten run over by a car on her way to lunch and said that had she not been a tithed she would not have been protected. The program guest followed her act and she was genuine, but was put in a very difficult spot, when she told her tragic story, the guest had to reluctantly admit that this was the reason her family was not covered and if they had been thithers, then would not lost her sister in that tragic and horrible accident. I was blown away! I could not believe what I was hearing! The whole service after that was awkward. The guest had the opportunity to expose the lie, but instead chose to remain silent and agree for whatever reason.

    Mario, this is why I said before, the message about this situation should have been shared with the people then… today, you have a monster over you. Not that you cannot defeat it, rather you have and you must stay away from them who try to justify, for whatever reason, their reasons for continuing to support false witnesses. I don’t have to be a prophet to tell you. If one has the Holy Ghost one can speak without fear of damnation.

  33. H E Schmidt

    I agree and would also avoid that guest… if you had told us who it is and their false prophets, too.

    • Marie Gray Flowers

      He is referring to Hank Kunneman. He is the one who has Kat Kerr at his church. After Mario went to Hank via the phone four times and Hank did not stop supporting Kat or did not correct her, Mario had no choice but to stop going on the program with Hank on there. He keeps saying it was not Lance Wallnau.

      Gene Bailey puts people in an awkward position when someone prophesies something off the wall, and then turns to Mario and asks, “What do you think about that, Mario?”

  34. Steve Barnes

    Good for you brother I agree with you and add my prayers to yours. Shalom!

  35. Cindy Gates

    Thank you Mario.
    Praying for you. ❤️🙏🕊📖💟✝️⛪️

  36. Liz Carcamo

    I have been praying often for the cultivation of California that is coming very soon . I also am praying for more workers and churches to join you in this fight for souls during the tent revival . I understand how you don’t want to preach simultaneously as these wicked false prophets are doing , I pray God weeds them out so you can continue the tent revival . I am praying daily for all things God instructs over Cultivation of California !

  37. Carol J Weiler

    Good for you. …I stand with you

  38. Eric

    God is so good Mario. Thank you for ALL you are doing and teaching me how to be bolder and filled with wisdom and truth.
    I now am hesitant to eat jello anymore. It reminds me of those two decievers!

  39. Christina Abbott

    I agree 100% I spotted something way back early in 2022. I am Canadian and in a small community so I was looking for a online church. I will continue to pray 🙏🏻

  40. Mary Reiners

    I can’t believe you are sending this out again

    Will be praying for you Mario!

  41. Suzette van Rooyen

    Thank you Mario for standing up for the truth. Too much compromise has crept into the church worldwide in order to appease the masses.

  42. Bill greenwood

    I wouldn’t let this get you off track from the Gospel. Let the tear grow with the wheat.

  43. Lare Mitchell

    Truth does not come in color.
    We love God’s truth and you

  44. Jeannie

    So sad to hear this but I totally agree with you.

  45. judy Champagne

    Amen and amen. That says it all.

  46. Sheila Price

    Thank you, Mario for standing firm in TRUTH.
    I pray for and decree for those those mentioned, that there will be a repentance and for God to grant them courage to make it public, that pride be removed by them choosing to tell it, “get behind me satan”. In Yeshua’s Holy name.
    Yes and Amen!

  47. Cheryl Lynn Andrew

    Thank You for being a True Believer & follower of The Lord Jesus. GOD Bless You.

  48. Gracie

    Bro Mario thank you for reposting as this is currently a hot topic. From the various comments imade, it is obvious that a lot of people lack teaching. I did watch some very sound teaching as a well known minister had a conference on what is a prophet / apostle recently. Just a suggestion – maybe you can either provide teaching or point them in the direction of sound teaching on prophets. Jeremiah Johnson apologised for saying Donald Trump would get iback nto office but before he did he went to his elders and sought counsel, as we all need to be accountable. That is what is seriously lacking – accountability. Psalms 11 v 14 – Where no counsel is the people fail. But In the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

  49. Susan Jones

    Mario, if I’m off-base pls just say so. You did the right thing. I believe you took God at His word when He said, “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way that thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye.” Psalm 32:8, KJV. I just don’t want the constant dwelling on it by others to ROB YOU OF the STRENGTH you need to do the work CHRIST has assigned to you.
    FOR THE RECORD: I wrote a Comment for Kat Kerr once last year but don’t know if she saw it. I did not make a point of watching after I wrote it. My Bible says:
    9_But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.10_But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit; for the Spirit searchers all things, yea, the deep things of God.
    (1 Cor. 2:9-10, KJV; Isaiah 64:4, KJV)
    The heart of my remark is that IF this is true, and it is, then I do not want to hear about the things the eyes of man have seen or the sounds the ears of man have heard.
    Thank you, Mario! GOD bless & keep…
    ~ Susan in OR
    Su-01/29/2023 @12:27AM Pacific

  50. Alyce

    Amen again Mario!.May God Continue to Bless You and increase Your anointing as you bring multitudes into the Kingdom at every Powerful Crusade you have!!…WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!!🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏❤️

  51. Ed l

    Bless you Mario for standing for the truth. I’m with ya on all this watered down no power false prophets and preacher’s. Even in the church I go to I don’t hear about sin or even redemption. I’m so wanting to see souls saved. I know the end is closer than even the church thinks it is. If I could I would come out and help you just to learn from you. Keep up the good work. Don’t stop now. Thank you for exposing these false teachers Hope to see you soon back on tv. Love ya bro

  52. James Chiavetta

    Amen brother, plastic flowers don’t smell. Looking forward to seeing you in Ocala.

  53. Debra L Gleason

    Thank you for your boldness to point out this false prophetess. From the beginning I was not comfortable with her, but thought I was being too judgemental thinking it was because she “didn’t fit my mold.” But because other prophets/ministers embraced her, I thought that I must be off. These other ministers and prophets need to be as bold….the “flock” needs to be protected.

  54. Edna Medlin

    Thank you for your wise advice and insight. I wonder about others such as Julie Green ministries as well as others

  55. Jim

    What specifically should these two people now do?

    • April M.

      They should repent, step down, get into a very biblical believing church, and be discipled.

  56. agnes hendry

    Yes Amen.. I totally agree..2peter1..20 no prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation 21..for prophecy never came by the will of man,BUT holy men of God spoke.moved by the HOLY SPIRIT..

  57. Jane furqueron

    Thankyou for your honest and willingness to speak the truth

  58. Debra S. McCandless

    I praise God you are standing your ground and doing exactly what the Bible says and teaches.

  59. Colin Fuller

    Spot on, we must contend for the faith.

  60. Yvooe Gray

    THANKS for the Blog Mario, I want the TRUTH more than anything else
    GOD Bless you and your family

  61. Kim

    Thank you Mario. Keep preaching the Gospel. Thank you for staying on track. So many need to be saved!

  62. Alice Rogers

    So true, we must get back to the Bible. The church needs to align ourselves with God. It’s time for restoration of the church because this harvest that’s coming, we the church, is not ready if we can’t leave behind false doctrines and men’s personalities. This is about the Gospel. Jesus said go preach the gospel. People need the truth and Jesus is truth. His Word is truth. He has exalted his Word above his name. Stay with truth Bro. Mario.

  63. Cindy Cantrell

    Thank you Mario. Cindy cantrell in Plano Texas , Stay with God !!!

  64. Edwin D Grigsby

    Thank you Mario for standing up for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I bear witness in my spirit to what you said!

  65. Debra Burrell

    Though I agree with all that you wrote; you quoted matthew Henry who was a Puritan and Calvinist. With a study of how the Puritans treated people who did not believe or committed a sin; I cannot say that Puritanism is anything of Christ, and Calvinism; believing that the God who abundantly pardons (Isaiah 55:7 the whole chapter really) chooses those who will go to heaven and who will suffer torment in hell. Then Gor our Father makes them stand before a judgment that they had no way to escape? Is that what you believe? Because i find Calvinists hide, they sneak….that’s how they operate. Read Tozer. And know that see Jesus you see the Father, see Jesus and see the Holy Spirit. If you believe in free will, be careful to whom you lead people to for commentary.

    • Deborah Williams

      I stopped watching Flashpoint months ago, it has turned into a complaining platform , also you had the most inspiring words of wisdom, always pointing out the work of the kingdom, it’s there to do the will of the Father. I have sadly become aware the discernment of who runs the program is not using wisdom letting people on the show who claim to be prophets and then speak things that are not from God. There are very few people in the office of prophet, they dont seek limelight, or have the need to be noticed. Until you come back I wont be watching. Try day star, I miss hearing about the people who are getting healed and delivered and saved at the tent of meetings you host. It is inspiring, where King Jesus is real redemption takes your faith and honesty, bless you in Jesus name.

      • Gregory W. Sims

        I also stopped watching Flashpoint last year. I always respected Mario. My wife refused to watch it because it was a Kenneth Copeland Ministries production. I reasoned that Lance and Mario were true to God’s Word. She said yes but it’s sponsored by a Heretic, KC. I still haven’t rightly decerned Hank, but his failed Prophecies fell short with his explanation that sometime God changes his mind. I still have trouble with Gene Bailey. I like him but is he just a puppet for Kenneth Copeland. I know I’m getting side tracked and apologize. These things really rattled my faith. I must keep my eyes on the Lord and not men….Bless You All, Greg W. Sims, Indianapolis

  66. Sharon H Brittle

    Right on Mario! Continue to speak truth! We need to hear it confirmed from a trusted vessel.

  67. Robyn O'Neal

    Dear Lord, thank-You for bringing attention to the prophetic movement in our nation of America. We needed a shaking to awakening from a dangerous complacency. Forgive naivete and unrestrained exuberance from tickled ears. Forgive exalting prophets as fans exalt sports and Hollywood celebrities. You desire Your children to be aware and vigilant under the weight of Holy prophetic warning. This present culture is a “follow celebrities culture”, and may the redeemed rather strive after Holy Spirit and recognize idolatry in all its deceitful forms. Protect the ones whose reaction has been fear, comforting them with Jesus’ peace and affirmation that rest and abiding in Him and His Word protects them from being deceived. Bring forgiveness to the hearts of those who accuse the messenger bringing attention to these “indulgegences”, and change the wrong heart attitudes of those who agree with the warning message but harbor disdain and ill-will for the false prophets. We war against the counterfeit spirits as we walk in Jesus’ forgiveness and prepare ourselves to be laborers to bring in souls to Your Kingdom. All honor and glory belongs to You, El Shaddai! In Jesus’Name we pray!

    • Stacy Chassar

      I stand in agreement with these words, in Jesus’ name AMEN!.

  68. Cheryl Franklin

    I stopped watching the show about seven months ago and haven’t felt lead to watch it any more. I’m not surprised by this blog, because i had a very difficult time listening to the prophets you’ve mentioned. Judah and Israel angered God through compromise. We can’t compromise our values or the truth to spare someone’s feelings. We can speak the truth in love as you have done. Thanks Mario for the confirmation.


    I stand and pray with you in this truth. Just yesterday I was reading Jeremiah 23. While doing so the lord burdened me to pray about the Shepherds (church leaders) and the prophets of today. Through their teachings the church has become week and is in some ways complicit in much of the direction our nation is going.

  70. Diana

    Go back and read the blog again. He said a male person said there was Santa Claus figure in Heaven not KK. He said KK frequently visit Heaven. Praise God for Mario and standing up for the TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS.

    • dj

      It was Kat Kerr who said that Santa Claus was in heaven. I WATCHED THE VIDEO. K.K. also states that Jesus visits X-mas town regularly, and that it snows there. And when Steve Shultz asker her if Jesus was born on the 25th of Dec., she said yes, it was around there. She claims there are X-mas trees there and that the Father and Jesus loves X-mas. She states that Gid created and loves rock-n-roll and that the angels dance to “Christian rock” as they worship God with “Christian Rock”. . As a former person who loved rock and roll, I can tell you God showed me it was from hell and not Him. It’s al demonic.

      Biblical facts and even biblical scholars will tell you that Yeshua was born toward the end of summer and the begging of fall, as the Shepards staying in the fields all night watching over their flock, would of never done that in the winter in Israel. her Santa Claus comment is besides the point. The whole concept of a righteous and holy God creating a town in heaven to honor the festivals of Baal, when His anger was kindled against Israel and bringing on them judgement for doing the same thing tells you that this women is operating under the Jezebel spirit. And all those who associate with her and listen and accept her testimonies will receive the same judgement that she gets.

      I am glad Mario has finally seen thru this Jezebel and made it public. So many are taken by her false visions from the 2nd heaven.

  71. Roxanna immordino

    Every second, Every minute, every day, there is time to repent and acknowledge our error and choose to please the Lord in what we say. I pray that their eyes will be opened.

  72. Ghere

    Kat Kerr (pink hair lady )

  73. LuAnn Morton-Earl

    Thank You Mario!! I’ve been aware of KK, but the other… I knew nothing about. I have gotten to a place where I listen to very few out there who “say” they are a so called prophet. I know you and I have listened to you for years. I know the Word and I know that it is always true. I know that the Word doesn’t reveal things like Santa & Christmas trees in heaven. I know that there are no mountains of Jell-O in heaven cause the Word does not say so. This stuff is ridiculous!! I can hardly believe that people who know the Word and know Jesus would believe this stuff. Thank You for telling the truth, Mario!! THANK YOU!! I stand with you.

  74. Jill Buchholz

    Thank you SO MUCH for standing up for righteousness and truth. It’s clear the anointing of God is on you and your ministry. I appreciate your speaking truth and calling out this heresy. Their ramblings are not encouraging nor beneficial. May our Father continue to lead, guide, and protect you,

  75. Sandra

    I agree because I read the BIBLE almost daily and study and all this junk these so called false prophet’s are saying is bad. And the believers that read these prophets daily do not see the harm? I just don’t understand the believer?? The Holy Spirit is my best friend and if HE needs to he will have me praying in tongues for problems before I know about them and lets me know when something is not right. Just listened to a worship song that says we the true worshippers are blessed! Bless your ministry! And Santa Claus is not real but made up!!! Do they not know the story of how it started? Just from someone giving to the needy. Lord have mercy in these deceivers!

    • Godsgirl

      you Mario for your wisdom and faithfulness to stand for righteousness. Paul said we are not to despise prophecy, but to TEST prophecies. I believe this has become a huge abuse in the church. Paul also called out by name false teachers and prophets who would not repent and be accountable for what they were saying. I admired Jeremiah Johnson for admitting he was wrong and submitting himself to the authority and accountability of his elders. I do not see this happening with these other “prophets”. You have confirmed what the Lord was showing me about these “prophets” and you remain in my prayers! P.S. I would love to see you on Remnant Radio.

  76. Dave A Glenn

    You can live in truth. Or die in the lie. To see your passion for all to know Jesus. And to know Him more is worth every sacrifice, every tear. Thank you for standing for Truth that glorifies Jesus and not your ministry. Too me ,that’s the deciding factor. Is it about you?Or about Him? Do you draw people to Him?Or to the pudding?

  77. DeeAnn

    Thank you, Mario, for standing strong. I have also stopped watching because of the same things you mention. “For there shall arise false christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24

  78. Ann88

    Re: Gene Bailey of Flashpoint. I was horrified to hear him give these false prophets a pass by stating “give them time” and not to “divide the church” over this. For a guy who gave himself quite an impressive online bio, he didn’t impress me at all. I’ve listened to him over the years and wasn’t impressed then either. It’s just my personal opinion, anyone can disagree I guess, but spiritually speaking, what I saw was a guy who is more interested in cleaving to his success and not offending his bread and butter buddies who reside in the upper echelon of the prophetic community. I saw a milk-toast luke-warm believer lacking any boldness to call out and correct his peers for fear of offending them.
    You know…I really don’t know just how tolerant our Lord is with this kind of a believer. I know the word of God says He spits them out in Revelation 3:16-19 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. 17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. 19As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
    I guess ole Gene hopped on Kat Kerr’s roller coaster ride and did exactly what Robin Bullock told him to do…”SHUT UP AND DON’T QUESTION THE FIRE THAT COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH”.

    I would say Rev. 3: 16-19 describes not only Gene to a *T, but also many of those like him who’ve grown fat and rich saying and doing things in the Name of Jesus Christ that Jesus never told them to say or do. So, I ask these so-called believers…what gold have they that’s been tried in the fire these days beside what they peddle on their social media channels?
    If anyone’s curious, study Jeremiah and why they called him the “weeping prophet”. God bless you Mario

  79. Marilyn Knebel

    Praising God for you Mario …you in dead on correct and obedient to the Lord and what the Bible says..Acts 17:11, NIV: Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

  80. Terri

    Mario, I understand why you stepped away but we cannot allow these false prophets to have complete control of the airways. Please continue to make your presence known in the media. We need the truth of the gospel to be spoken. I pray you continue to defend the gospel and May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands. 🙏

  81. Jenny Low

    Thank you so very much for standing up for the Gospel, and exposing the false prophet and seer. We do need more of this in the church today. My husband and I live in the Atlanta, Georgia Metro area on the west side since February of 2008. We moved here from Houston, Texas where we had attended Pastor Roy Love’s Church. We have been so grieved since we have moved here because we have searched for a church home over and over again and have been, honestly, broken hearted because the churches here are more focused on numbers it seems. They all have this little formula now: play 2-3 songs at the beginning of the service for praise and worship; a greet your neighbor around you; offering; the sermon, which is a series based sermon that they seem to have gotten from some program, but never seems to be a fresh word for the church, and it’s milk, not meat; and then a general prayer at the end. What is really sad is most of these churches do not have an actual altar call at all and never do they pray for the sick, and by all means, do NOT mention the Holy Spirit. We got so tired of going and trying these churches in person that I started emailing some of them before we would go visit to find out what they actually believed. I had a few of them tell me that they do NOT mention the Holy Spirit because they do not want to offend anyone. One of the Pastors told us that when we were in his church. That church was so dead. Honestly, they’ve all felt dead and have just felt like a click or a social gathering. We have attended some for awhile because at first they seemed to have promise only to find out that there were things that were not right at all. One church was allowing the Pastor’s daughter to sing on the platform every Sunday morning for Praise and Worship, but she was caught in the bathroom with her boyfriend with the door locked during practice and wouldn’t come out. I know because I was on the Praise and Worship team and my husband ran the sound board. Nothing was done about it and she was back up there singing on Sunday morning. I just couldn’t stay there. The women in that church were leading that church, which wasn’t right. There was so much gossip going on, and I just won’t have that either. The Pastor just let it all happen. We love going back to Houston to visit Pastor Love and his church. We feel like we just soak it all in as much as we can. He has always allowed the Holy Spirit to flow in his church. We saw you, Mario, there in his church (Gulf Meadows) many years ago. He’s now at Praise Chapel in Webster. I wish we had Pastor Love over here, both him and Pastors Mike and Lisa McKellar who were the Associates and Youth Pastors back then at Gulf Meadows. They will always be family to us and were great Pastors. Our only option for church right now has been internet. We really do greatly appreciate you though and always appreciate when someone speaks the truth and stands up for the Gospel and exposes wolves. God bless you for always standing up for His truth. Please keep my daughter, Lindsay and my son-in-law, Jacob in your prayers to come back into the fold. They’re not really walking with Jesus right now. And also pray for my daughter, Amber and son-in-law, Davey, who are really struggling to make ends meet. They are walking with the Lord. We also lost our daughter, Brittany this past year. She leaves behind 3 sons: Ben, Adam, and Aidan. They are really struggling, so if you could pray for my grandsons. I would greatly appreciate that as well. Thank you so very much in advance. God bless and keep you always. In His love, Jenny Low

    • Renee Martin

      I’m aware that this post will not see the light of day but I’m speaking to the reply moderators of this blog. I’m aware of MANY replies from different people that were not obscene but were also not the type of ‘cheering’ replies that makes up almost 100% of the replies in this blog and these replies that challenge the content if this blog are nowhere to be seen and largely won’t be seen. It is the same behavior of Facebook and Twitter… if there are no nay sayers, then all you’ll see are the yay! sayers… then you’ll be able to manipulate the message to falsely show that a vast majority of Christians, not just a minister’s followers, agrees with whatever the minister says, regardless of what us ‘flat earthers’ says. This blog has gone the way of the left… what are you so afraid of?? Allow the full truth of what respectful nay-saying people are saying instead of manipulating the numbers. I believe the Lord sees what you are doing and I feel it won’t be blessed in the end because you’ve gone the way of Facebook and (the former)Twitter. Shameful.

  82. patricia nash

    The story of David & Absalom is important these days.

  83. Eva Chaboya

    Keep the fight going, its not right. People need to stand up for themselves and let the Holy Spirit guide them for what is true or not. Not a man. Be wise and ask our Heavenly Father for relelation.

  84. lance j foreman

    demons dont die, same demons in sodom an gommarah same demons today, and, imo has brought many false prophets, keep going brother, its important

  85. Robert

    Mario The fact that you made public your disdain for these people and their teachings is all you’re required to do. We all now know who they are.
    Your absence from Flashpoint is sorely missed by thousands if not millions. Who associates with whom should not cripple your outreach to so many others. We know where you stand from the start and need your message on every available outlet.
    Your honesty and integrity to the Word is sorely missed by so many.
    We need you back.

  86. Emily B

    Thank you Mario for confronting the truth behind these false prophets.

    The reason why false prophecies have become so prolific is because the teaching or preaching of the word was not sound doctrine (I have to believe that these false prophets were brought to have beliefs that did not correspond with the word of God). Also, the doctrine of dominion theology is pervasive in many churches across the United States. The New Apostolic Reformation is behind the falsehoods of the prophetic in general and leading many astray from the true word of our Lord and Savior. It is a most dangerous scheme of the enemy to create hopelessness and reliance on these false prophets. Mario, I would ask that you please be aware of those who are a part of this NAR. i heard you mention a particular person whom you feel is on your side.(who has been on flashpoint with you and also the reawaken tour!). Andrew Womack is a sound teacher of the word with integrity!! I am glad to see you are connected to him. Blessings in abundance to you for all you do for the Lord!!

    Btw, has the Lord spoken to you about Michigan? We need Jesus here!!!

    • Linnea Fortner

      If you read Andrew Womack’s books, you will find many of his beliefs are false as well.

      • Tracey Gray

        I love Andrew Wommack and have listened to him teach and preach for years and he backs up everything he says with scripture. What false beliefs are you referring to?

  87. JoAnn Mitchell

    What you are doing at this time is so very important! The young have been so confused for a while. They need a man of God to help quide them! My heart aches for what this society are allowing to happen to them. God Bless you sir! Thank you!

  88. Janet Hagen

    I listened to R.B. for 2 years, but always felt a check in my spirit about K.K. The Holy Spirit answered my prayers of “Do NOT let me be deceived, show me who is REALLY speaking for You!l I started backing away from 4 of these YouTube voices and lost interest as some of their messages got weirder and weirder. They started out ok, but isn’t that always the way it is?
    Thank you for your confirmation. It’s VERY disturbing the cult-like following among christians these folks have garnered. People hang onto their daily “word,” but what about God’s Word? We’ve been warned that the tribulation will be shortened as even the elect will be at risk for being deceived. Nothing new under the Sun.

  89. JLyn

    Kat Kerr is the person who has stated this.

    • Lisa Flanigan

      Once again thank you Mario for your boldness and standing for truth

  90. Ann88

    So Robert here thinks Mario should re-associate himself with the likes of those who not only support and give a pass to but, condone blasphemous acts against the Gospel of Jesus Christ by giving false prophets a platform on his show, “Flash Point”.

    Clearly, FlashPoint is in damage control mode here from what I’m seeing. They just can’t have Mario Murillo speaking up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ like that making them look bad.
    Don’t go back there Mario unless the Lord gives you three dreams and a vision to do so. These arm-chair social media clowns for Christ know who you are and that worries them. Let them flounder in their own fodder until it catches up with them, and it will. Forgive me if I sound a bit harsh, it seems to be the time for it.

    God bless you Mario

  91. Linda Jones

    Is the lady Kat Kerr. I know she has been to Hank Kummerman church before. Is Hank a true prophet. I believe Hank to be a godly man. Can you give names so we don’t ha ve to doubt anyone. You have done the right thing. and shown loyality to the church.

  92. Roxanne

    I knew Mario did not with guest speaker at FLASHPOINT for months; now I know! Not name’s names, at FLASHPOINT guest speaker emailed me “DELETE”, as dyed hair as false prophet. Now, I know this, too.

    At Robin D Bullock, 11th hour at Tuesday, thick makeup with Bullock’s family band as JEZEBEL!

  93. Gina

    Mario causing division! Shameful….

    • Mario Murillo

      It is the false teachers who cause division and not those who correct the false teaching.

  94. Susan Alspach

    Have you spoken to Robin bullock or Timothy Dixon personally to be sure you know what and why they said what you heard? Sometimes words do not convey what is actually meant. I have followed both of them for a while and while I have not seen the videos you mentioned (although I will try to find them) I have seen their heart for the Lord. I would also like to know if all the aghast commenters on here have actually seen the videos for themselves or are just reacting to what was said here. I would implore body of Christ to reserve judgement based on second hand information but to hear for yourself and then double check what you heard before publicly calling someone a false prophet. So much of that goes on in the body of Christ. I don’t follow Kat Kerr so I don’t know anything about it.

    • Mario Murillo

      Matthew 18:15 “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. They did not sin against me but God, the Bible, and the church. Therefore they are to be rebuked publicly.

      • Leanne

        What I find really sad is that the world sometimes discerns the false better than the believers…at least those who desire to have their ears tickled. I’ve been in churches where this kind of foolishness was spoken forth by the so-called pastor or prophet (for example, The Lord says you’re going to win the lottery), and no one dared to correct him or her. I chose to remove myself quietly because I knew the truth would not be received. How much worse will it get before Jesus returns? We’d better know His Word inside out and pray for discernment as the day draws near.

  95. Brenda Bounds

    Thank you my Brother. The Truth shall set us free. Thank you for being obedient, and stepping out and stepping up.Lird bless Mario, and protect him Father. Amen

  96. Kathy

    Kat Kerr said that about mountains of jello

  97. Donna Cassity

    Thank you So much Mario for these words. I am a pastor teacher and for 25 years have taught the Bible. I found myself listening to these so called prophets in 2020-2022. I had pretty much stopped listening to all but a couple because my heart began to be troubled. Even angry after listening. Especially Julie Green. I came across your blog and then went into prayer and asking God to forgive me for listening. I now only listen to the words of Scripture and how they are applying so that I can encourage God’s people to stand against all the evil we see. I have a heart for bringing the good news to the lost today. Thank you again for your boldness and standing for God’s truth.

  98. Deborah Bee

    FINALLY THE TRUTH!!! I’m praying for you Mario Murillo!!! God bless you!!!

  99. Nick

    I truly enjoyed watching Flashpoint, as a recent follower of that show, but I always thought Hank K was a phony(saw him on Its Supernatural) and he seemed to say something he thought would sound like a prophetic word, just for his own benefit. Another thing that distresses me is Flashpoint has put Jesse Duplantis as a prophet on the show, seriously? He claims he rode a silver bullet train to heaven…really? I do appreciate that Mario quit the show. I have not watched it since he left.Those false “prophets” will receive their just reward on the day they die.

  100. Louise A. Liggett

    By the way, thank you Mario for the word of God you honor and preach. I too wish you were back on Flashpoint to stand against the false prophets while speaking the truth in love. God is your strength. Keep speaking, and get out there for all to see & hear what the LORD works thru you. Hugs Brother.

  101. Lavina Long

    Thank you so much for having the courage to address this. My main concern is that I will not be deceived! I have family members who swear by TD. I listened to him once & it bothered me so much that I never listened again. Thank you Lord for protecting me spiritually!

    • DaNita Chaplin

      I must confess that I fell under the “prediction addiction” statement you made as I began watching and listening to many who have proclaimed themselves as “Prophets” and Holy Spirit began having me begin to question many in the bizarre things they would share! I repent of trusting more in what the prophets were speaking than being in Gods Holy word and receiving the truth of what His word was saying! Mario, thank you for your boldness in confronting H.K. regarding his association with R.B. and K.K. It has removed scales from my eyes and I can only pray that Flashpoint and Gene Bailey will follow your leading in what you have done in revealing the deception that is taking place within the body of believers!! To bring people to Christ and see souls saved is now the deepest desire of my heart! Thank you, Mario!!!

  102. Lavina Long

    I agree…. I don’t want to be deceived!

  103. Virginia

    Thank you. Time is so short, I don’t want to be deceived.

  104. Heather Smith

    Thank you, Sir, for speaking Truth! God bless you for your boldness and integrity.

  105. Sandra

    I didn’t see where he mentioned the 2nd person.
    I watch the program but I have refused to pay attention to the one person. I knew in my spirit he was off…..thank you for your boldness and cobfirmation

  106. Leilani Brewster

    It’s not just these two fake preachers/ministers that are polluting/deceiving the Body of Christ, but it’s the pulpit. We Did Not Leave Quietly our AG church recently. We spoke and wrote letters, but it was to deaf ears. We didn’t hear any sermons about sin, righteousness or coming judgment. No wonder the Body of Christ is vulnerable to deception which Jesus warned us in Matthew 24…Take heed that you are not deceived, for many will come in My Name…

  107. Ruth Korngable

    Dear Mario, You came to our church in Ft Worth many years ago; I think that you came twice. I loved you then, and I love you now. You are getting souls saved! I missed you on Flashpoint and began to question. I knew you were busy with crusades. Then, I was told that you did not agree with Hank for having Kat Kerr and Bullock in his church. YOU ARE RIGHT! She did not ring my bell when I saw her pink head on Flashpoint; and I don’t know Robin Bullock. I do know that the things they’ve said DO NOT lines up scripture. I’ve been Spirit filled for over 60 years; brought up Foursquare and became A/G when we moved here. Those “so-called” prophets do not line up with scripture nor bear witness with my spirit. I’m sorry that Hank has em-
    braced them; what’s wrong with him? I hope Flashpoint does not have them on again. I like Dutch, but he’s not you and I am telling that to Gene. I will not continue to support Flashpoint if they don’t apologize for embracing false prophets and stop it! Please pray about returning if Hank will not embrace these “2” either. (They need prayer and de-
    deliverance themselves!). I think Hank is sincere and I know that you are a friend and love him, but he must realize that these 2 people should not be allowed in his pulpit again! If their prophecies do not line up with scripture; if they are not anointed and one up with the Word, their words should fall to the ground! Love to you,

  108. Joe Callender

    As a scientist and engineer I was appalled when I heard Robin Bullock ranting ignorantly that scientists at CERN were attempting to open a portal to hell to let the demons out. As for Kat Kerr, the first time I heard her say that hell is located in the enter of the earth was all I needed to know that she was not to be believed.

    • David Fella

      Well, this just confirms what I have sensed in my spirit all along. Thank You Jesus for Your Word, being the Word, preserving scripture, and for the promise of Holy Spirit whom You sent to indwell, empower, and to lead us into all truth. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Heavenly Father! You WILL build Your Church and the gates of hell will NOT PREVAIL, in Jesus Name! Thank you for the Unction/Anointing that we have received and for confirming the preaching of Your word with TRUE SIGNS FOLLOWING Your faithful ministers, laborers, and workers. Faithful shepherds and local bodies of Christ who rightly equip their congregations to GO OUT INTO THE WORLD to DO the work of Your ministry! Our local churches commission for 2023 is entitled ARE YOU READY which began January 1. We are being challenged, prepared, and commissioned to get ready for revival and to be laborers for the HARVEST! We are thankful for you brother Mario! Gods continued speed, blessing, and anointing upon all you say and DO in Jesus name!

  109. Susan

    I happened upon Julie Green and asked the question! You say that you hear from God about the future everyday? I didn’t say that she wasn’t a prophet She was watching the comments and it seemed to make her upset and she started speaking louder and I felt it irritated her! KK , I stopped watching because her stories were so bizarre!

  110. Michael Jacobs

    Hi. Just Curious to know why you think KC is a heretic?

    • Mario Murillo

      Never said that Michael.

  111. Tearee

    Julie’s is a huge red flag for me… my spirit started screaming at me. JG has put out thousands of one word prophecies… I was like God what? I stopped watching her. She also had all the named death and treason prophecies. Then the Trump coming back in 2022… blamed the saints when it did not happen. I knew when she put the date out there that it was a no, as God did not give dates because everything is in his timing. The true prophets/apostles/evangelist that I can stand by and connect with my spirit are: Mario Murillo, Pastor Kent Christmas of Regeneration Nashville, Apostle Tim Sheets, Shirley Lise, & Amanda Grace.

    • Sara Cardone

      I love Kent Christmas but I notice that what he has said again and again hasn’t happened so I have pulled away.

  112. Rachel Baron

    Hi Mario, I agree with several points you addressed. I find Kat Kerr’s frequent visits to heaven highly disturbing. I do receive in my spirit nor support the amount of public reports given about heaven. I do not dismiss there are men and women that have seen visions and have been to heaven and hell. So much misinterpretation and deception can happen by many publicly reporting their visions and experiences. I believe stories about such experiences and visions should be more private conversations. I am puzzled what you meant by works of earth being burned up and not in heaven though. If heaven is a real place, then technically there would be construction and buildings up there, past, present and future. And I believe what these quote on quote anointed teachers claimed exists in heaven is absurd. Thank you and Lord bless you.

  113. Theresa Fauth

    Matthew 18:15-20 New International Version (NIV)
    “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.” Different Bible versions read this scripture differently. But Mario, WE ARE the church… you, me, our brothers and sisters in Christ. not the building… So in your saying they did not sin against you is not entirely correct. Am I saying you should go to them?? No. But if we are to go out and reach the lost (not just sit back and say it’s the pastors job to do it) then what I AM saying is to include yourself as part of the “church”. You are hard on pastors which I agree there are some that God will remove them if they continue in their ways, but please don’t lump all Pastors into one basket. In our small community my Pastor preaches truth, doesn’t tickle our ears, has taken rebuke from Christian’s while opening arms to the broken and lost. He has cried over the lost. He loves people of all ages and wants them to understand they have purpose and watch them excel in their walk with the Lord and be all God has for them. He is Holy Spirit lead and would preach even if they didn’t pay him to. 😊 His tears for the lost AND the complacent church are real…. I have seen this… usually early morning hours when the world is sleeping… because I am married to him 💗

  114. Deborah Davis

    Mario I am as Christian woman and there is a pastor leading people into the biggest lie. He tells that anyone who got the vaccine is already dead and urges people to drop them behind they arrest already lost. But that is beyond cruel. How can our youth be saved. Our young adults? He has condemned all. Saying so. I am hurt for my fellow Christians who believe them. Is a vaccine a mark? I know they tried the buy and sell but failed. I felt the vaccine was a dry run as well as s way to kill some. Am I correct?

  115. Carolyn Sue Abshire

    Agree about Julie Green. I refuse to listen to Kat, Robin and Julie. Hank has certainly missed the mark too. I am so sick of it that I want to only hear God’s voice.

  116. Evelyn Alexander

    Mario, thank you for your stand. I always try and “search a matter out”, and so have a question. I have never been comfortable with KK, and so have only listened to her on Elijah’s List for just a few minutes at the most before turning her off. Now I know why. But I have listened with a great deal to RB. And just a few months ago felt “questionable” in my spirit with what he was saying. So my question is, you said him and TD standing before the Lord would be an abomination. When I heard it, I didn’t see it that way. So trying to “search it out” so I can develop understanding. Is there scripture I can be pointed to? Thank you!

    I’m thankful for you and your ministry. May God bless you, and always keep you safe from Satan’s plans and hordes.

  117. Dennis W Meyer

    I’m here to inform you that on the Eleventh Hour that Christine changed her thinking on talking about giving. She did say she is passionate about tithing to our Lord. Time will tell of course. But I believe that the Bullock family heard everyone thoughts through the social media

    The Devil is trying his best to DESTROY coming harvest of individuals. He is SCARED of what MARIO MURILLO has accomplished so far. And the thing is Mario is just getting started. I don’t know how many times I seen the video of the BIGGEST DRUG DEALER in Bakersfield handing over is drugs saying “ I don’t need drugs anymore that he needs JESUS in his life.”

    Let’s not destroy our community over petty bickering among ourselves

  118. Jeannette C Ryan

    Thank you Mario, you are/were one of my mentors from the early 70’s. I never could stay focused when trying to hear what these folks had to say.( Confirmation here.)

  119. Marian

    We are deeply grateful for your action, Mario. We honor God for your stand for Truth without which we would all perish. In the New Testament we have a clear instructions to deal with falsehood, heresies and lies. Paul had to address even Peter in Galatians 2:11-14 – “Now when Peter had come to Antioch, I withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed; 12 for before certain men came from James, he would eat with the Gentiles; but when they came, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing those who were of the circumcision.13 And the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy.
    14 But when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel, I said to Peter before them all, “If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of Gentiles and not as the Jews, why do you compel Gentiles to live as Jews?”
    We have warnings in 2Timothy 3; 2Peter2; Jude and in Revelation 2 and 3 Jesus addressed the different Churches. We can only bring praise to you for your stand, Mario! Shalom in Jesus’ Name.

  120. Karla

    Everyone following Christ should pour their flesh out daily in repentance, humble all they are or think of themselves to be to our holy God! Asking for his guidance alone! If there be ANY corruption or sin or description in me take it! Show me! Guide me! Now I’m just a regular person but if I was a teacher on a world stage! Don’t you think this would be most important to do daily? So as it has been said yes they have been out this awhile and apparently are not seeking truth? So how can you be deceived if you are in the word seeking truth & pouring your flesh out daily & surrendering it to Gods will & not your own!

  121. Steve

    Hey Mario– you coming out on this is a breath of fresh air. It is a confirmation to what I was struggling with.

    I confess that I bought into the prophetic lies too. For me, personally, the least three years have been off the scale hellish. They are the worst years of my life. And– the hits keep coming. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty but I was DESPERATE to find some comfort. I know that I am not alone in all this. Many people have lost loved ones during the pandemic and they are dealing with many of the same problems that I faced, and that I continue to face. It was a tidal wave of hurt.

    I think that is why this became the perfect storm. People were desperate to find solid ground. I know that I was. And guess what… the prophetic movement gave us hope and the answers we were desperate to find. They rushed in to throw us lifejackets. Considering the truth of the matter… it now seems insidious. Looking back– it would seem that this was a lesson that God wanted us to learn. He is exposing false doctrines and teachers. And my goodness– there are many.

    When the so-called prophets prophecies began to fail, that is when the lights came on. Suddenly- they are exposed for what they are. Many have fallen off my consideration leaving only a few reserved to consider. Your speaking out is timely. It seems we are now stepping into the light of what God wants us to be. There were some very valuable lessons learned in all this..

    God bless you.

  122. Irene Fiedler

    What is strange is their obsession with politics and building upon words that haven’t come to pass regarding politics. The sad part is that there are so many hurt, scared people that have genuine needs that aren’t being addressed because God’s people in these churches are obsessed with what doesn’t matter. These pastors and leaders should be about training up God’s people to do the work of the ministry…But thankfully God will always raise up voices like Mario who will preach truth and train up pastors to do just that!! People need to just turn them off!! Allow the Holy Ghost to teach them and be a light to those around them. Find a good Holy Ghost balanced church that disciples and draws you closer to Jesus!! We know what to do!! We need to do it!! Tune them out, turn them off, they only breed either fear, anxiety, or worst still pride and arrogance!! When we’re about God’s business, He’ll be about ours!!

  123. Nikki

    Praise our God for your commitment to walk in boldness and truth Brother Mario.
    I have followed your ministry since the early days when you appeared on TBN. We need the TRUTH, and we need ministers of the gospel like you who will not fold under pressure, will not be silenced, will not withdraw, and will not compromise. Jesus did not compromise. I listened a hand full of times to the one who seemed to love to tell fairy tales about heaven and it made me think of kinky Disneyland. She had everything going on in heaven. On the other hand, from certain other “prophets” I got fed up with the predictions of times and dates.being given for Trump’s return & certain other things to happen. None of this was God’s timeline, it was all theirs. As I continue to pray for keen discernment, I praise our God that he grants it for all who seek it. Deception is truly on the loose, and it’s taking a lot of folk hostage.

  124. Lyndell

    Dear Mario,
    Thank you for being a model to all who desire uncompromising purity of Gods glory and goodness manifest. I’m always learning from bold burning fire of passion you speak with.
    Lyndell Collins

  125. VERNON

    These “prophets” really need to hear more accurately, admit when they are wrong, and the fathers in the body need to reign them in when wrong. God’s name, and men’s souls are at stake.

  126. Wanda K

    Bro Mario, thank you! Both of these people concerned me but we are so careful in the Church that even when we are looking at a snake, eyeball to eyeball, we don’t call it out. Consequently, people are hurt and led astray. Thank you for standing courageously. You honestly had no other choice but to expose them and their false doctrine because association with them would have meant lending them credibility. You are a man who loves souls. We are praying for you!

  127. N

    These folks who have daily prophetic words confuse me. One talks about being taken to heaven. They seem so sincere and loving. So confusing.

  128. Brian Charles


    It is very interesting, yet very terrifying that none of their prophecies that I have heard have never had any fulfillments yet. Prophecies that Hank said about political things that would happen in a January and in a February of a certain RECENT year did NOT COME TO PASS!!! The Church is just overloaded with false prophets, whether known or unknown, whose prophecies constantly never seem to ever get fulfilled. Tell me of ANY prophet whose words have been fulfilled? Now nobody has any power nowadays. The last prophet who had power was Paul Cain early in his ministry. The biggest ever false prophet is that wicked Chuck Pierce! Absolutely nothing gets fulfillments with his prophecies, and he has even had to apologize for his failed prophecies at certain times. And then there is prophet Brian Carn who prophesied that Hillary would become President! Why is he still in the ministry? I suppose that’s how we can figure out who all the false prophets are when all their prophecies about who will become President fail!!! Chris Vallotton is a false prophet whose prophecies failed, and he even made a video apologizing about a certain failed prophecy of his. He took it down when all of his followers complained to him about it. Todd Bentley can’t seem to keep his pants on and is always fornicating with single women everywhere. Why is he still in the ministry? The Book of Jeremiah says that the false prophets will be committing adultery. All ministries and churches are just self-serving moneymaking businesses nowadays. There are very few true ministries out there, and I believe that there are just 5 of them in the nation. If you want to be a True Prophet, and actually have a call of God on your life for the Office of the Prophet, you have to do exactly what Jesus said: give away all you own, and then go follow Him. Virtually no Christians have done that in this time. But Jesus will not have any covetous idolaters following Him, nor they enter into His Kingdom. The prosperity gospel prophets are all the modern-day prophets of Baal in this time of the end-time Church. If you really want Jesus in your life and really want to do God’s will for your life, you MUST give away all you own, and leave town with nothing but the clothes on your back, following Christ now like He commanded you to do in the Bible. Anything less and you will fail to find God’s will for your life, and wind up in the Lake of Fire for all eternity! Matthew 7:21-23

  129. Jose Bustos

    We have been watching Flashpoint and Julie Green for about a year now, and have recently realized that Green’s prophecy about Pres. Trump did not happen, i.e., he was supposed to be back in office before the end of the year 2022. I started having an unrest within me when Hank Kunneman took a vacation, and if i remember right, he said he didn’t want to be bothered when his wife and he were on this vacation. I questioned, what pastor takes a vacation and brags about it? Then ALL his predictions are of a general nature, nothing pin pointed, e.g., “the wind is gonna blow; there will be snow fall in W.D.C; there will be unusual rain storms.” Then what makes me think that he is phony, is his tailored expensive shirts and “best of all” his dyed hair and meticulous black eyebrows. What man-of-the-cloth would be so vain…painted on eyebrows?

    Now what kind of prophet/preacher is more concerned about his looks, than the word of Our Lord? The only prophet i believe that WAS a prophet was Kim Clement. We’ve listened to his talks and everything he prophesied has come true, e.g., “they will cry ‘Impeach, impeach,’ and we know what the outcome of that was. He also mentioned the name “Biden” and that has happened. Pastor Murillo, will you come to Billings, Mt. sometime… we need you here for Christ and for healings. & please keep exposing these false prophets!

  130. April

    Many of these self proclaimed prophets are working out of their flesh and some are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Prophecies are not being tested 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good. We are not being good Bereans Act 17:11 These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so. We might not find the exact situation in scripture but we will find the concept or/and principle. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. I would stay away from all the prophets and apostles and get into a really good bible believing church. Be washed with the word. Discernment comes from the word of God and not emotion. Our emotion may be right but we must first check it with the word.

  131. April M

    Those that teach different doctrines than the Scriptures are the ones causing division. Romans 16:17 Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned and avoid them.

  132. Christine

    Mario has done what’s right..and he’s on the ball about the shepherding of YHWH’s sheep. It is TIME for YHWH to do as HE says in Ezekiel chapter 34 and Revelation 12, and raise up HIS 144000 shepherds to feed HIS sheep !

  133. John

    Thanks for speaking out, things are getting out of control, I don’t believe lightning bolts will strike me for asking honest questions, the bible tells us to beware of false prophets, we have right to check out the fruit tree of any preacher etc.

  134. JW

    We have to love God enough to correct error. Mario, just do as the Lord is directing you.

  135. Ron Gowin

    Mario I retired several years ago as a 45 year business owner. I can assure you that you work, fellowship, even trust people that are different in doctrine than you. You just don’t know it. I’ve done it myself unknowingly. But knowing or not it could not detail me from my calling. You are an impact on Flashpoint. You are needed by perhaps millions of us who depend on your counsel.
    As long as everyone knows where you stand with other people, you need to get back in the FP arena and continue to lift up followers and glorify God!!

  136. Paul

    Mario, thank you for shining the light on the prophetic in a way that lets people who don’t know these prophets go find and listen to them themselves. You’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest with and shown that despite your allowing Holy Spirit to work through you and perform miracles, you are just as much human as anybody else.

    It’s a time showing us your weak arguments, full of holes. One of the biggest lessons from the prophets you mention especially Kat Kerr and probably Julie Green (daily prophetic word, which she has never felt compelled to do), is they are always, always referring back to the Word and urging people to get into the Word.

    So, right off the top, your key basis for discrediting them is a sham. BTW, since you won’t mention any real prophets, is Hank Kunneman a false prophet too and no longer a friend? Was never a friend? Was his own prophetic dream of Kat Kerr that validated her a fraud? So many contradictions and surface critique coming from you, but I believe you’re right in that it’s a time to focus solely on Jesus and get away from looking up to any man. And I’m sure you’d agree that that includes you.

  137. Sandy

    Thank you Mario for being a Godly voice and showing the church how to discern and handle correction in a loving Godly way. We need so much truth to be taught to the church. Thank you for saying yes when another said no and being the voice to God’s people.



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