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The alarming message Timothy Dixon gave about Robin Bullock

As of this blog, I am fully handing this case over to the leadership of the Body of Christ. It is up to you to do your duty on behalf of the sheep of God. I am finished with this conversation, and from now on, I am concentrating on winning as many souls to Christ as I possibly can.

The video and the transcription of Timothy Dixon’s exact words are irrefutable evidence of an alarming development.

I am finished with this conversation, and from now on, I am concentrating on winning as many souls to Christ as I possibly can.

Before Paul the Apostle died, he warned Timothy of a strange appetite among the people to hear new and exotic words. His words are fulfilled in the situation described below.

As I hand this over to the leaders of the Church, I invoke these verses: 2 Timothy 4: 2-4, “Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”

Do your duty, leaders!

If no one else takes up the cause of the danger I am addressing, there will be no blood on my hands. We are not talking about a harmless imbalance. This is not gossip.

I am from San Francisco. There, I witnessed the rise of the evil of the People’s Temple and the destruction caused by Jim Jones. 900 people from my city lost their lives in a mass suicide. I saw the gradual exaltation and the almost infallible status that was heaped on Jim Jones by his followers.

I am not saying that Robin Bullock is another Jim Jones. But I cannot avoid observing the trajectory I see in Timothy Dixon’s words. In my opinion, they contain a cult-like exaltation of Robin Bullock.

In the video, Robin Bullock is shown, intermittently, standing offstage, to Timothy Dixon’s left, and Timothy is addressing him directly.

Here now is the transcription of the video, which is so alarming.

“Me and Robin in this dream we walked through the streets of glory. I’m going to tell it, anyway. I’m asking you to keep your mind pure. Me and Robin was walking through heaven. We had entered into the courts, and we had no clothes on. None. And we was comin’ before the Lord bare.

“Then, when it changed. Robin had on like a camel’s vest, that wrapped around him. It didn’t girdle around his waist, but it wrapped around his neck. We walked in and Robin had a huge, huge scroll in his hand, and I was following him as he took the lead…”

And the reaction you can hear, of some of the audience cheering when the reference is made, is equally terrifying.

That is the portion you can see on the video.

The reference to nudity in heaven should be revolting to any rational believer, since every reference to believers in heaven has them clothed in robes of righteousness. But ‘visions’ of this sort are not rare among cults. The trend toward sensuality is almost universal. And the reaction you can hear, of some of the audience cheering when the reference is made, is equally terrifying.

But, to me, the worst thing is that Robin did not take a stand, nor did he try to stop this insanity. Why did he allow Dixon to continue? There is only one conclusion to be drawn: he was in full agreement with what Dixon was saying. Especially when you consider what came next.

Why did he allow Dixon to continue?

Here is what he said next:

Dixon: “(a man) come to me, and he looked like John the Baptist. And I asked the Lord, “Who is he?” (The Lord) asked me, “Would you receive him, if he came today?” And I looked at him and I said, “I don’t know.” (to the audience) He looked like a hippie. I was raised Pentecostal; you had to look like me. I said, “Lord, you know I will (receive John the Baptist if he came today). You know I’m not like that. Lord, you know I see the heart.” He (the Lord) said, “You will receive him, but most of the world won’t, they will never recognize the power in which he will come in.” And, (again speaking to the audience, he added) my hand to the good Lord, it was Robin Bullock.” (Dixon then pointed off camera, apparently to Robin Bullock, who soon came onstage).

Here is the video where he said those words:

Timothy Dixon said that God identified Robin Bullock as John the Baptist. And that Robin would come in “power” that most of the world won’t recognize.

But again, let me point out that Robin did not shut this down. That is called tacit approval. It was clear that Robin totally received the exalted position Dixon was describing.

Is Robin Bullock truly John the Baptist, alive again?

The questions for the leaders of the Body of Christ are:

Is Robin Bullock truly John the Baptist, alive again?

And: What power does Robin Bullock believe he now rightfully possesses over people? We know that in Nashville he ordered the crowd to never doubt the prophets.

I leave it up to the leadership to answer these questions. Do your duty.


  1. Sam

    Thank you for your warnings and honesty. I told my spouse months ago I didn’t agree with everyone on Flashpoint and he was one of them. His wig threw me off. Yes, put your time on the lost!

    • sherry Cutter

      The Lord spoke to my heart and said stay in the vein of The Gospel

      • Linda Jackson

        I think the main key truth here is the false prophets exalt themselves. Maybe God was trying to tell Dixion that he and Bullock had no clothes on because they needed to be clothed. Remember in Revelation where Jesus told them they were poor, blind and naked. Thank God for ministers like Brother Marillo who have the discerment to rightly divide the Word of God. Seems today very few know Gods Word and even fewer have discerment. So many are so easily deceived. But then the Word says that would happen in the last day. Even the very elect are being deceived.

      • Valerie

        Amen I’ve discontinued listening to anyone but those who focus on the Lord/the word

        • RR

          Me too i deleated everything my aunt sent me the first video please pray for my aunt M

        • Stephen Garrepy

          I never felt comfortable with the prophetic words coming from specifically three people; Kat K., Robin B., and Timothy D.
          I sat under a true prophet of the Lord, trained and corrected by Bro. Kenneth Hagin. When my wife watched the other three, my spirit would get agitated, so I would disappear into my man cave to study the Word. I voiced my opinion about it and I recently noticed that she is no longer watching them. Thank you, Mario for taking a stand against heresy.

    • Teresa Winstead

      Stop this !!!! Mario !

      • Mario Murillo

        Teresa you are good with what Dixon is saying?

        • Lucy B





          LORD HAVE MERCY 🙏

          Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. (Matt. 7:15)

          many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many, (Matt. 24:11)

          2 Timothy 4:3-4
          For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

          • Virginia Drastata

            Amen and amen, May we be wise as serpents and harnles as doves. Speaking truth and warning those that are dull of understanding. May we follow Christ and Him alone. We have the word of God and Holy
            spirit our teacher, that is all we need . III God bless you Mario as you stay in the teaching and winning of souls for God. I choose not to listen to prophets in these days.

          • Judy Tyler Chancey

            Blessings to you, Mario! Thank you for your difficult post.

          • Coy Madison

            Hi there Mario. I don’t believe Robin Bullock is John the Baptist because his name is Robin Bullock. Robin should have told Dixon to shut up and quit talking! Since he didn’t say anything he must have received that word from Dixon that wasn’t from the Holy Ghost, it was Dixon flattering Robin Bullock. Who is Paul? Who is Apollo’s? Who is Cephas? We are just servants and vessels God uses! This is nothing but a word of flattering and exalts Robin Bullock as some great one. Thank you Mario for standing up to this and speaking out about Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr. Both of these individuals are not true prophets of God. If they were true prophets they would be warning people to come to Christ before it’s to late! We must tell people the truth because they will be blood on our hands if we don’t tell people the truth! Heaven and earth is going to pass away and the wrath of God is coming upon those who reject the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of the truth. God bless you Mario and your ministry.

        • Brenda Bounds

          Thank you Mario, I’ Be never been able to listen to Timothy Dixon. Thank you Father for showing Mario, and other believers the truth. Amen God bless

          • Anita LUSK-Deasey

            My spirit was turned off to Dixon and Bullock and many others out there. Incline your ear to God’s word and you will know what His voice sounds like. It sounds like the word! I recently have left my own church as the power is leaving them. They hardly have altar calls anymore, much less teach the gospel. My husband and I were there for 3 years. We taught that a return to the scriptures were integral to hearing and KNOWING Gods voice . The people are so very hungry for the truth. That’s when we began to get pressure and persecution came. At the end of the class year Father gave us a new assignment to teach, reprove and rebuke and encourage. So grateful you are charging the leadership to get back to truth, as change happens from the top down. We are aligned with your stand on the word, and we praise God you are listening and fear God and love the gospel. Thank you for your service and continued service to God. Let us know if we can be of service to you.

          • Karon Nafziger

            Thank you for sharing this. People have been paying to much attention to what man says and not giving enough credit to God. I do believe in the prophetic ministry, I do believe God does speak to the prophet. We need to be careful that we are not being deceived by false prophets. Stay in the Word, confirm everything with scripture. Focus on the harvest. The most important thing we can do is share the gospel and win souls for the kingdom. As Jesus said “I must be about my Father’s business”

        • Alecia

          In John 1:21 John the Baptist was asked if he was Elijah or the Prophet? He replied, no. In Matthew 11:14 (if I’m correct) Jesus said John actually is Elijah, “if you can accept it.” We know John is not literally Elijah, but served an Elijah-level purpose for repentance. And as a prophet, he never performed any miracles. So, perhaps Dixon is not saying he’s literally John the Baptist, but just carrying what John carried in some fashion. In which case, he decreases while Jesus increases, is the hope. And John was beheaded for boldly denouncing a wrongful relationship! Doesn’t seem the thing to cheer about. It can come off as exalting Robin, but I think more behind the scenes dialogue should happen before a public rebuke. Jesus was called a blasphemer for identifying Himself as the Son of God. So, I pump the brakes and pray. People may need to get to know each other more.

          • Mario Murillo

            I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

          • Mary

            Matthew 11: 7-19 is the whole of what Jesus was speaking about when pertaining to John (the Baptister). Taking one verse out of context is not good. You must read the verses before it and after it. That will give you what Jesus was truly talking about.

          • Jean

            I agree with you Alecia. Thank you for your post.

          • Mario Murillo

            I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

          • Sarah

            I took it the same way Alecia. Either way, I’ll seek God on this. I love Mario and all that God is doing through his ministry but I also see value in the gifts of the prophets. I never take any word from anyone without filtering it through a biblical lens. If you want to shed light on a true false prophet we can amplify our voices in unison against Yuval Noah Harari. He is currently one of satan’s most utilized vessels at this time.

          • Jennifer

            Yes AMEN 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

        • Jennifer Glazier

          Dixon clearly said he Looked Like John the Baptist not that he was John the Baptist. Have you listened to excerpts of Robin on The 11th Hour? He has very solid meat of the word teaching and revelation. He gives ALL Praise to Jesus and none to himself. Watch some of them. He very much is one of God’s anointed. We are in the beginning of the end times as I’m sure your are aware. I know deep in my spirit his words are from the Lord. Let’s focus on real and dangerous false prophets like Noah Yuval Harari.

          • Mario Murillo

            I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

          • Gayle

            Mario, repent before it’s too late. You are wrong.

          • Mario Murillo

            You belief in the false prophets is not based on reason or scripture. I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

          • Brenda

            God bless you Matio Murillo for standing up for God’s truth and identifying false prophets Robin Bullock, Kat Kerr and Timothy Dixon. God bless your tent meetings to win the lost for Jesus Christ.

          • Chris

            I felt the same way Jennifer, but seeing the video was indeed strange. Why would Dixon or anyone else be asked to accept ANYONE, but Jesus? That’s a big red flag to me. I don’t agree however, that because things haven’t turned out as we expected the prophecies to be fulfilled, those who gave them are all false either. I’ve been in tune to the prophetic for a lot of years, and have come to expect them NOT TO come to pass as the human mind expects. I believe Mario is simply, out of care for the sheep, sounding the alarm. I pray God will sort it out.

        • Debbie Meagher

          When he said they were naked my jaw hit the floor. Your are absolutely correct I never felt good about any of these so called prophets and so happy that somebody has called them out. Thank you Mario.

          • Cynthia

            Do not throw the baby out with the bath water. Naked in heaven was a huge red flag and this vision/dream should have been discussed and prayed about behind closed doors. And, maybe these two men have gotten off course. But do not judge every prophetic word by one persons mistake or falling victim to the soul or Satin. Pray about everything! Keep your armor on. We are walking through a mine field in these days.

          • Mario Murillo

            Cynthia this nude in heaven was simply the last straw after a long train fo false doctrine. There was no baby in the bath water.

          • Bettina Belter

            Right? Scripture says CLOTHED in RIGHTEOUSNESS. HUGE red Flag for my spirit, it was immediate.

        • Laura Fletcher

          Very relieved to hear Mario make this statement and raise the alarm. Holy Spirit Discernment is required in this hour. Know the word of God. Learn to recognize HIS cadence. There is a heavenly rhythm and language used in Prophecy that never strays from the WORD…Prophecy never exalts that which the Word has not already exalted. Holy Spirit is teaching us IN THIS HOUR to discern the genuine from the counterfeit.

        • Diana

          Mario, dust off your sandals and move on. People will be deceived by false prophets in these last days. You will not be able to open their eyes as God will put a veil over them. I pray almost every day for decernment for myself and my loved ones so as not to be deceived. We must read the bible and study it everyday! I pray for you also and am glad you are moving on from this. Bullock, Copeland, and many, many more are false preachers/self proclaimed Prophets.

        • Mary Dickerson Hester

          I’ve learned a lot from Brother Kenneth E Hagin. In short…Bro Hagin told of a time when he simply agreed with what a group of pastors had said about another. A couple of days passed and as soon as Bro Hagin had turned out the light to go to sleep he saw a bright light and Jesus was there in the room. Jesus said ‘who art thou to condemn another man’s servant?’. After the 3rd time saying it, Bro Hagin realized what he had done and asked for forgiveness. Then Jesus spoke the rest of of Rom 14:4 saying He would make him stand. Bro Hagin said from that day to this he will not judge God’s servants and he’ll just keep preaching the gospel, see more people saved, more healed, more miracles; if God wants them to stand, they will stand.

          • Mario Murillo

            The Bible teaches us to expose false teachers not misguided brethren. That is exactly what I have done and I know for a fact that Hagin did also.

        • Linda Jackson

          I think Jesus told of the one who came in to heaven without a wedding garment on. I believe they were told to throw them out. Something to think about. God speaks to you in your dreams, but then you seek him for His interpretation.

        • RR

          I WHOLEHEARTEDLY STAND FIRM FOOTED with you mario murillo thank you…thank you sir! Thank you!

        • Dee

          It was sickening yet Im surprised at R Bullock i always felt he had a good word. Not that I followed closely. But seemed like real in conviction. Anyway, T Dixon God can deal with. But I wish I could hear conversation between you and Robin. Most churches dont even know who these guys are. So I doubt it to be addressed. Hank Kunneman do you feel this about him too? Im praying and for myself because I didnt see it. 😪. And I seek God daily. How can I not have?

        • Sonya

          I don’t watch anyone consistently but Amanda Grace. I have to say that I always ask God to show me anything that “prophets” say that doesn’t line up with the bible. Same with Robin. I never saw this clip you’re blogging here, but when I saw Robin on clips, the name John the Baptist came to my mind. Is that confirmation? Idk, I personally don’t like watching Robin bc he’s choatic and gives off a cuckoo for cocopuffs vibe, but the fact that the exact name that came to me months ago is now surfacing, gives me pause. For the opposite reason, I dont watch Dixon bc I find it hard to follow his paaaaaaaaaace (forgive me Lord), but I would think twice before throwing them under the “false propher” bus. The Bible describes John the Baptist as looking cuckoo for cocopuffs, and God had him baptize Jesus, so tread carefully. Can he fall from grace bc of pride, well….that’s never happened before to high profile people in ministry, has it……??

          Thank you for spreading the gospel though. I respect your faithfulness. God bless.

        • Mike Banzhoff

          I wonder if this not some kind of fake account. I don’t think the real Mario, would spend so much effort trashing these guys. He is all about proclaiming the Kingdom of the three in one God. He would know that the Almighty can easily take of evil doers.

          • Mario Murillo

            Mike, I see what you are trying to do. You want it to look like no true evangelist would do this, but I exposed this these fakes because they are making the Gospel look bad. I never left soul winning to do this and I deeply involved in soul winning. If you look closely, it is the defenders of these false ministers that want to keep this going.

      • Nancy

        Robin Bullock speaks strangely. At first, i was entranced. Then I realized he had doctrinal error and was prophesying too much political junk that was off the wall and basically false.

        • Susan

          Wow didn’t hear this before no clothes so sorry to see and hear this I followed him for awhile thought he was ok but this is not good the closer we come to the church revival the more false prophets will be exposed. It’s really sad to watch this happen, TY for exposing this deception.
          1 Peter 4:17
          New King James Version
          For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

      • Christina Abbott

        Your not seriously buying into Dixon?
        I followed Robin for almost 10 months and then something stirred inside me and I live alone in a remote area and I said something is not right here and I stopped following him nine months ago because he was going off the gospel in a huge way. Doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped praying for him. God pulls the weeds like he did many other Evangelous and preachers through the years. Some of them turned and got it right again and others never did.

        • FAYE Lorraine Gray

          Thank you Mario, I am in Australia and have been following your
          Prophetic Mimistry for some time now, Praise the Lord. We all as Christians need to pray for a discerning spirit so we will not be deceived. And to be watchful of what we see as there is some unbelievable artificial intelligence being used to fool us..

      • Jolene Pringle

        Teresa, what would you have Mario do differently? Read Luke 12:49 to the end. Truth, by its nature, will separate us from untruth. I would rather have more information to discern the truth rather than none at all. This information gives us specific areas in which to pray and watch.

      • Joy

        Thankyou for truth.
        The body needs to be warned to take heed what they are believing

      • Faith River Church

        I stopped following him about 2 years ago. I get a check in my spirit every time I hear his voice. He indeed has authority and incredible insight and this is how he promotes himself to be so very knowledgeable. It is disturbing to the core. Even his music wrestles with my soul.
        It won’t be a decision of your mind or ears it will come from your spirit. The evil one is a great deceiver and you cannot trust your flesh.

    • Katherine Whalen

      Mario has given us the warnings. It is now up to EVERY believer to be discerning of who and what we are allowing into our ears and eyes. We have been given the proper tools to discern. We have the Bible, which is our guide and we have prayer. We need to go deeper each day in our fellowship with God. A pastor said something very insightfully, when teaching a class on unlearned converts. “Every duck that quacks is not a duck.” This is a simple saying with a strong message. It would be a good thing to believe it. Mario, we pray most every day for your “tent church” as we call your ministry. God bless you for speaking the truth of God & His Word and having the courage to speak against that which is being distorted by false teachers and their false teachings.

      • Janie

        Amen. Totally agree with Mario’s warning. Holy Spirit showed me this over a year ago. We need to pray for Robin an Timothy. This should also be an example to all of us how flesh can fall. Keep our eyes on Jesus not man.

    • Peggy Smith

      I watched that and was truly shocked as I do not believe our Father would have anyone parading thru heaven with nothing on

      • Gail Griffiths

        I’ve always had a level of discomfort with Robin , so thank you for confirming why something didn’t feel right with him. Even carrying that stick like it was some sort of a super spiritual authority? Yes, always felt weird to me.

        • Amy L Blakely

          Gail, same! I’ve watched him a few times (very few), or someone would send me a video, and I just couldn’t stomach it. I totally avoided him, now I am glad to see my discernment was intact.

      • Stefaniya

        This is so sad, I listened to all these guys, during the pandemic, I pray for all of them, may Jesus correct them and restore them,, Heaven is our goal, pray for one another. Brothers in Christ, Mario, Robin, Dixon,, lost souls need you guys!! ‘Devils a liar, go back to the pits of Hell and get your hands off these men of God’.

    • Sandy Goldmintz

      This is such insanity and perverse deception. They are being deceived by an Angel of light. This is a true warning to the church , Jesus warned us even the elect can be deceived!
      Thank you brother Mario for being bold as a Lion and speaking truth.

      • Joanne Whitehead

        Exactly where did Jesus tell us the elect could be deceived?
        Matt 24:24 says if possible, even the elect. Mark 13:22 says if possible, even the elect

        • Mario Murillo

          if it possible then they can.

          • Tammy

            Mario, please expose any false prophets the Lord instructs you to. I see you as a true leader and we need to know. Thank you .

    • Mary Louise Huffman

      Brother Mario Murillo Ministry is so right on the mark about these. I bear witness in the Spirit and have been praying that they would be brought into correction. Oh, that they will repent and be restored to be delivered from the divination they have yielded to .
      Thank you for walking in your calling and speaking the truth.

      • Jennine Keracik

        I agree and was taken back when I saw Bullock on Flashpoint. In the Spirit awhile back when people were saying to watch him…I tried but could not and felt very uncomfortable so I have not since. It is so important to dicern the spirits in these days of deception. I too am thankful for the sincerity and truth that I hear through Mario Murrillo and lift him in prayer, protection and provision through Jesus. The fear of the Lord is the beginnng of wisdom and the Holy Spirit is able to bring discernment to the body of Christ through His true Shepards. All Glory to the Father and Him above all in the power of Jesus Christ Immanuel!

    • Robert

      I left a msg today want printed

      • Sally Strohm

        Thank you, Mario! I was appauled at what i heard. So grateful for you! God bless you!

      • Mark

        Thank you Mario, your courage to bring this to light is a great example of what God fearing believers should be doing. God bless you and your ministry.

    • Tina Rickman

      I stopped listening to Dixon shortly after his rise to prophet ‘fame’. I felt something had changed. I believe he was not able to handle the attention. This is indeed disturbing. Kent Christmas from what I understand is close to Dixon, or at least has given him a stage. Christmas does not come across as a false prophet. How is that? Why don’t true prophets see these things? Do not all true prophets have discernment? I’m so sad over all this. We cannot throw out the prophetic. We do have to keep our eyes on Jesus. Go win those souls. I want to help when you are in NC if at all possible. I’m 5 hours away. I’d love so much to be there.

      • Lori

        It’s a slippery slope. I see the same thing you observe, how one seems to be a good prophet but then they send a disturbing message by endorsing one that seems clearly not good. I’ve heard various Bullocks who I got real drawn into endorse Joel Olsteen, Jesse Duplantis and Kat Kerr. They also protect Kenneth Copeland. Now listening to Kenneth I really liked him. But then I saw him say on a video that this current pope was a spirit filled believer and that he was so impressive. I can’t reconcile that at all, so it casts instant damage to Copelands credibility as the current pope is just blasphemous changing the Bible and creating his own rules that are not in agreement with God. If you look at it, all those prophets are networked together and endorse each other. What first set off red flags for me was if you even just “questioned ” not put down or anything, but questioned one’s claims, 2 or 3 would sound off angry at you and quote you verses about being cursed for coming against the prophets. You aren’t to dare question them. So that made me feel like something was off I can’t ask for clarification or a question.

        • Dr Cynthia Hyden

          This present hour requires sanctification and focus on our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for bringing truth to light Mario. Your boldness and integrity in this hour speak as loudly as a pulpit sermon. Praying that the body of God’s covenant people will not be deceived or run after enticing words but embrace truth. May there be repentance and deliverance lest a spirit of delusion come upon them/us.
          2 Thess. 2:1-12.

        • njbvass

          Once again thank you Mario for being a Voice of Truth. I also feel like those last person who wrote that Kenneth Copeland is protected and treated like royalty by the people around him. Not that he’s a false prophet but the way they act like he comes on stage….. they’re visited by a king. The last person I saw where people surrounded him and hung on every word and acted like he was royalty was Jimmy Swaggart. At the time I thought” oh man this guy’s going to take a fall.” I appreciate Kenneth Copeland and his ministry but the hero worship is sickening. Sort of looked like the way Joe Biden is treated, they just let him Ramble On and On. Again I think Kenneth Copeland has done great things in the Kingdom but the people around them you need to worship like a hero Jesus and not a man. Respect him but don’t worship Him. I heard a young Pastor say once” if you want to hear the voice of God read the Bible out loud”. This young Pastor understood there are true Prophets so many people run around trying to find a word from God when it’s right in front of their face. Oh man do we have to be careful. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I pray for these men that they will be guided by God. But I’m not watching any of them anymore. Let’s go out on Souls Mario I’m with you.

        • Cheryl Graham

          I have listened to and been a partner with KCM for 40 years. While any of us are capable of making a mistake, there are none more devoted to God than Kenneth Copeland.

          • Teresa

            God, please open her eyes to see!!!!

      • Maria

        I agree with you concerning Timothy. He is prideful too. Abd my exact thoughts, why are not these prophetic voices not discerning the false voices!?

      • Jack Hon

        Trust only in the Lord. All man will let you down. As humans we are weak. No man is perfect

    • Norma

      Some of the “prophets” (if they are true prophets) seem to have amped up their on-stage presence to almost a sideshow status. What is going on? God help us discern Your servants vs. the charlatans.

    • tony ciofano

      what is going on in the body of christ?

      • Elaine

        A house divided against itself WILL fall. Read your Bible, Pray in the Spirit.

        • Mario Murillo

          The false prophets caused the division.

    • Lillian

      I have had many questions about their ministry but I had come to the conclusion that I was no longer watching.
      I do believe that we are to pray for their and our spiritual eyes to be open to the truth. We are to pray for our brothers when they are being misled , this situation should be done in fasting and prayer, all souls is what Jesus shed his blood for.
      I believe we are in this situation in the world is because the church has not stood up for truth we allowed to take out God and prayer in schools and killing babies, we are now see the fruit of those decisions, that is one of the reasons that
      I believe God has you out there
      If churches are concerned about loosing the tax 501C When they asked Jesus whose image was on the coin he said Caesar, so pay onto Caesar that is due, so I believe that the churches should not worry about loosing their exemption for God will provide
      Keep on doing what God called you to do
      The Lost and the body of Christ need the truth

    • Michele cross

      I am so grateful to Mario. I didn’t feel right about some of Kats talks and Robin s and Flashpoint bothered me when Hank Kunamin allowed Flynn to read that satanic prayer and his audience repeated it. That definitely was the exact prayer from the cult. So I am glad you said this and Mark Taylor believes the same thing! Whew

      • Barry W

        Hello Michele, God bless you. Could you please let me know which prayer this was that Hank allowed? Are you referring to General Flynn? Thanks so much. By the way, I have trouble watching FlashPoint now that Mario isn’t on. I like Lance, and I tolerated Hank with all the nasally screaming during his “prophesies.” Gene runs the show and has a job to do and seems likable enough, but Mario was the main reason I tuned in.
        Thanks again, Mario.

      • Rachael E Shirley

        When did this happen at Lord of Hosts?

        • Mario Murillo

          No in Warrior Alabama.

          • Janice

            It was in Hanks church

      • Linda Greenhill

        What? I quit watching flashpoint a good while back but when and why did they read or allow to be read a satanic prayer. What did they say was the purpose. People we have to be very careful what we listen to and read.

      • Sue Sewell

        Please tell me you don’t follow Mark Taylor….he is another false one!

        • Angel

          I wouldn’t say false, as he professes Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

          There is however a religious/pharisee spirit there.

          We need not cause disunity, but pray for those we question.

      • Lynn

        @michellecross when was that reading? That’s terrible

      • Melissa

        Michele. Which Flynn?

    • Lori Hines

      Brother Mario, thank you for throwing that bucket of cold water on us to snap us out of this craziness! I think this started when so many of us were sickened over the fraud in 2020. We couldn’t deal with it so we latched on to anyone who said not only will Trump be back, but all will be overturned and all evil rinos and leftists will be judged. That all will get better. (It won’t. See the Holy Bible for the words of Jesus about these days.) Now, one by one, everyone peddling that story and any other false doctrine is being exposed in the very way they said great exposure would come to others! We’ve been duped by Satan. Wolves in sheep’s clothing have brought us messages we wanted to hear. I thank our Father God for your bravery to stand up! I thank him for Rabbi Kirt Schneider, as well, who calls it out according to the Word. I thank him, too, for these small time watchmen who are popping up with the simple message to read your Bible an hour a day – that’s Chris Estep, or for Watchman River Tom who delivers a great daily rapture message. No hype. No bells and whistles, tattoos or leather. Just regular men who love God and want to won souls like you do. Thank you!

    • Nicole

      Please contact me at I went to Robin’s church for many years and worked there. There is more going on then you know. Please keep my identity secure.

    • Laura Jackson

      Robin Bullock has a wig? Humm.What did we miss?

      • Mario Murillo

        No wig real hair but false doctrine.

    • Bri

      Thank you for focusing on souls. The Lord told me months ago to put the prophets aside and seek Him and Him alone. He said that we were in the days of Ananias and Saphira and that judgement was coming to the Church to prepare for the great Harvest and His Glory. I had noticed that after the 2020 election all the chats were full of did you hear what this prophetic voice said or that prophetic voice said but no one was saying anything about what God was telling them in their private time with the Lord. I got very concerned. The Lord told me too that lying signs and wonders were coming to be prepared and get in the Word and know what He says. I am sad to see this rift happening because scripture says they will know us by our love…one for another. I pray God helps us all to be united in our love for Him and His Word. Keep snatching souls from the jaws of hell. I will be praying for great clarity for all of Gods children and most especially the baby Christians to come by the millions or billions that their eyes will stay focused on God.

      • Joey

        I appreciate your comments, Bri! And being concerned for souls which Christ commanded us to do includes warning brothers and sisters of what to be aware of .. scriptures prove that we must grow up in Christ. In spiritual maturing, we also learn to discern between the spirit of truth and spirit of error. There is no ‘rift’ .. there have always been tare among the wheat.. false teachers and false prophets and we are called to avoid and even expose them. Even good parents in the natural warn their children about the things that will hurt them and lead them astray. Seducing and lying spirits have always been around and we are warned they will abound even more as the world grows darker and the Light of God increases .. we need to have our ears and eyes open to know what the true Spirit of God is doing. We are to speak the truth in love. How can you love someone and watch them be led astray and not speak up. The Lord has shown me that many in the body are afraid to speak up and out for fear of their reputation or offending others.. many other excuses. But, He pointed out that those who don’t protect the brethren are not in perfect love and are not like Him as they will not lay down their lives for the good and blessing of others.
        We live in perilous times of deception and are witnesses to the falling away having already taking place among Christianity. Our safest refuge is in Christ alone.

      • Bettina Belter

        Telling the truth & holding one another accountable IS the GREATEST LOVE aside from the CROSS.

    • Kim Greaves

      Thank you Mario for bringing it to our attention. You confirmed what we knew in our heart was not right about R Bullock and his ministry.

    • Evelyn Brooks

      I am not very familiar with any of these men but somethings not right here. Everyone should take this to the Lord in prayer for discernment.

      Dreams and visions are full of symbolisms. I don’t think the man meant literally that Mr. Bullock was John the Baptist in the flesh! But perhaps pointing to part of his calling as being similar to Johns the Baptists calling to be a front runner for Jesus, to prepare the way for his coming. Truth be known many are called to such an anointing. So I don’t find this shocking or off putting at all.

      The nakedness was symbolic too, as always in dreams and visions. It could have represented God seeing these men exactly as they truly are. Nothing hidden from His eyes. Besides God doesn’t see nakedness quite the way we do. The proof lies in the word of God itself. Isaiah 20:2-4 God required Isaiah to walk around preaching and prophesying naked for 3 years. Micah was so upset over the things he was given to prophesy that he stopped necked and prophesied them. This was a sign of how disturbed he was over what was about to come upon wicked Samaria and Jerusalem. Micah 1:8-9

      In 1 Samuel 19:24 Samuel stripped off his clothes and prophesied naked and layed naked all day and night and because of this the people said surely he is a prophet of the Lord.

      What would people say if God required Mr. Bullock to prophesy in real life naked?? I guess many would stone him with real stones instead of symbolic ones.

      I believe as ministers of God we should hold each other accountable in Matthew 18:15-17. This article feels more like a lynching.

      Actually, I’m sad and disappointed. It leaves me afraid for the church at large.

      • Mario Murillo

        Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.
        False prophets lead people to destruction subtly. And away from Jesus. Discernment is not about right and wrong but about right and almost right. The videos show the truth about them.

        • Karen Lemke

          We quit following awhile back when it seemed they preached about money. Mrs Robin said they had a yugo car and that wasn’t good enough, we thought that would be a blessing to someone who didn’t have a car, Christa talking about her Range Rover being her first car and how expensive it was to repair, her talking about needing her honey moon paid for and just like that the money was there, maybe it’s true but it isn’t all about what you have it’s a bout Jesus. Kat Ker and what she’s says about going to heaven and who she sees there, Kenneth Copeland seeks money, Joel Olsteen doesn’t have a message from the Lord, just inspirational had stolen money in the wall, what was that? They group themselves all together so I see them as all agreeing with one another. We ask for discernment in prayer and can’t follow anyone but the word! We like teaching of the Bible and not the other stuff! Pastor Robert Jeffress teaches the Bible! Thank you Mario for shining a light to faculae teachings! Pray about this children of God!

      • Mary L Smith

        Thank you! The scriptures speak for themselves!

        • Mario Murillo

          Yes they do and they clearly label them as false ministers.

      • Andrea Brown

        Evelyn, your reply is 100% spot on! Interesting that symbolism isn’t understood.

      • Holly

        Thanks Evelyn. Well written comment, you made some interesting observations.

      • Spencer Paulec

        Read The Vision 1973. It’s startling however I do not want to be a part of what the church tolerated in his vision.

      • Gaylene

        I found what you said to be truth. This is disconcerting. So is the reply. So let’s agree that God will have his way in all of this. Thanks for your commentary. What I’m finding most difficult is this thread of comments. It seems this is sowing into strife. I think you were saying that. I will pray. I don’t have an emotional connection with any of these men, I don’t watch them. I know who they are and I bless them in all God has called them to do, including Mario. And I hope the best for the prophets. If someone is false, I depend on God to bring it down. Not man. I’m concerned deeply. But then, I’m the first to say, I don’t know everything God knows. Love and prayers

    • Jim Hepting

      I have sensed some of the things you’ve highlighted about these two. However I think it’s only right to highlight the fact that in your transcription of the Timothy Dixon dialogue you’ve added things he did not say and obviously added some personal interpretations of what he intended without actually interviewing him. I believe that this is just as dangerous to the Body of Christ as the errors you are highlighting regarding these two.
      Scripture is repleat with instruction as to how to handle these kinds of things. Every one of those instructions, whether it be regarding those who sinned against you personally, or in a “body” context sense, mandates that we go together with at least one other witness. Secondarily 2nd Timothy 5:19 mandate that we are not to bring reproof against elders unless that prescription is followed.
      Additionally, you boldly state the the reference to “nudity” in heaven should be revolting to any rational believer. First off, he makes no reference to nudity. He said “had no clothes. From a biblical interpretation point, theres a “could be” a big difference! Adam and Eve had “no clothes” until they “saw” that they were naked . . . Sin revealed it to them. But prior to that God walked with them daily in their nakedness and they were not ashamed . . . He had clothes the in His presence. Why not then not the same dynamic in Heaven? I am a rational . . . Actually very rational believer, and this concept is not revolting to me. Rather, I find your broad brush statement irrational.
      I love you brother, and I love your calling, dedication and obedience to it. That is the oneness He has called us to uphold, while “truthing it in Love”. I encourage you to prayerfully consider a different approach. If you can’t find 2 or more to go with you to these you consider to be in error, then possibly the error is not in them. Like I said in my first sentence….I have sensed error in these two, but if I rolled in their sphere, the Lord would have required me to follow the mandate of 2Tim 5:19 and the several other OT and NT reiterated mandates.
      Respectfully in Christ’s Live
      Jim Hepting

      • Mario Murillo

        It is not right to highlight anything because we did not change his words. The video speaks for itself. I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

    • Valeri

      Funny how you’ll zero in on something real hard, i.e., “What is up with the hair?”, when the spiritual is “off”.

    • Dan Vincent

      I’ve stopped watching flashpoint because of kc. My spirit didn’t bear witness with kk almost from the get go. Same with Timothy Dixon. Jesse deplantis is another one who doesn’t seem right. He claims to have gone to heaven and that God ask him for advice! I pray for wisdom because there are a lot of people claiming to be prophets out there and they are leading many people astray. We need to know the Word and get into prayer so we can find out for ourselves and not rely on others to teach us or at least know if they are telling the Truth.

  2. KP

    I’m going to leave this here, and all I ask is that the body of Christ comes together in prayer. To start, I’ve never followed Timothy Dixon. I have heard a few of his messages and honestly didn’t relate to the context so I chose to not follow. I’m not saying anything against him. I have heard Robin and Kat a few times, but primarily listen to Tim Sheets. He is my pastor away from home. Years ago I attended Times Square Church under the leadership of David Wilkerson.

    I’m a born again believer and follow the Lord. Recently I felt God tell me to get fully off social media and I set my account for deletion. I follow what he says and also turn from sins. Not saying I’m perfect but letting you know I am a true believer. Jesus is everything.

    These posts are deeply troubling to me because I saw the way you responded to many commenting on the older post that was removed. People were being told (not myself but others) to get off your blog, that you didn’t need their respect, and other things that I’ve never in my life heard a minister say. Jesus never talked to people that way, except the ones he called vipers who were not believers. The people commenting were not saying bad things…only their own opinions and from what I observed, they weredoing so respectfully.

    To hold others accountable but not ourselves is not what God calls us to do. One sin is no different. We should all acknowledge our stuff and repent, and even do so publicly when we have been publicly wrong.

    Holding others to a standard is only permissible when we hold ourselves to that same standard.

    The few times I saw Robin or Kat, I only wanted to read my Bible more and know Jesus more. This blog brings confusion because there is no personal accountability, and has even brought great tears.

    I’m not supporting any of these people or saying they are right or wrong, because I have not followed enough up know at this point. But someone seeing jello in heaven seems very small in comparison to talking poorly and in the manner that was done in comments on the last blog.

    At least when I’ve heard these others they only made me have even greater desire to be more like Christ. This life is all about Jesus and for his glory.

    • Mario Murillo

      No one was told to get off the blog. I did not say I did not need their respect. I said that I know I told the truth and why I told it. Do you believe that nothing should have been said about this disturbing message from Dixon? Forget the Jell-O brother what about the nudity? What about calling Robin John the Baptist?

      • Jaime Delfino

        Mario I stopped watching Flashpoint years ago the Lord has been telling me for years and many people all around the world know that Kenneth Copeland is a general all right a general of Hell he’s a false prophet you can look at him I see the demons in his eyes I see demons all around him I’m not a prophet I’m not a seer and I don’t fake and pretend and say I’m something that I’m not but I do see things I do have words of knowledge I have discernment because I test the spirit every Christian can have those gifts if they ask God for them as the Bible said every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights it all so says that my people perish for lack of knowledge you did the right thing for pointing out false prophets I have known for a long time Jesse to plant us Kenneth Copeland Joel Osteen his wife yeah I could show you videos from them elevation worship which is Steven furlick bethel Bill Johnson Hillsong all of them demonic they’re worse than even AC/DC okay if you will give me your email I will send you videos of these pastors and worship leaders having demonic rituals in their Church half naked with satanic rituals and putting on performances to Satan with goats and every sign and symbol of demons when they sing they do these dances all three of those elevation worship bethel and Hillsong called creos it’s new age there’s so much I could tell you probably already know but bottom line is these people are full of crap I’m sorry I don’t sugarcoat things like you do because I have a righteous indignation in anger I’m sick and tired of people whoops and sheep’s clothing leading people to hell we need people to pull their head out of their butts and get in the Bible and stop looking at their Pastor to teach them things that’s why we got drag queens teaching at churches we got drag queens half naked in churches running around all over and every venue of the world children changing their sex at 2:00 and 3 up to 20s they end up committing suicide Satan is destroyed marriages he is destroyed families now he’s destroying children he’s destroyed people with drugs I could go on and on and on the point is don’t waste your time even mentioning or saying pointing out anything to people who have their head up their butt like these two women that I just posted to speak the truth and that’s it Mic drop 🎤
        I’m praying for you God is using you you always say it and I’m glad you do cuz if you did and I would call you out on it God gets all the glory you never hear Hank kunaman you never hear anybody else say that but you I think Lance is a good person so is his wife but his head is in the clouds I think Dutch and Timothy sheets are good people but their heads are in the clouds anybody that goes on Flashpoint that doesn’t do their due diligence and realize that they are participating and getting into and actually inviting and invoking demonic spirits by going on that program because they’re associating with false prophets they are invoking demons participating in that program having anything to do with all the false prophets that I mentioned above and you know this cuz you’re a pastor who studies the word of God David Wilkerson would wear these people out so would Derek Prince would wear these people out and then if you want to go back further Smith wigglesworth and all those other ones what a joke I’m so ready God’s going to be here soon I don’t even give this world a year too many things are happening at an accelerated rate hallelujah maranatha come Lord come I wish one day I could see you I Love You Mario my husband and I love you and we’re praying for you keep up the excellent work you don’t want goats following you you only want sheep so don’t worry about these goats let them align with Satan if they go to hell it’s their own fault! ❤️🔥✝️

        • Annette Vickery

          If you could please let me know what sort of Intel you have on these ministers, would be great. I have been involved with them for awhile and fear to have aligned myself in error. God help me.
          Thanks a bunch. Blessings

        • Pel

          Hi Jaime. Was interested I. Hhe videos you say you have? I work for a well known minister and God has led me to search things out. If you wouldn’t mind getting ahold of me I would appreciate it

        • Kathy Neal

          Kenneth Copeland is a good man of God please don’t touch God’s anointed by saying he has a demon I’ve listen to him almost my whole life he knows the word and is a Godly man

      • Eva Bechmann

        Hallo Mario I think you are completely right in what you have pointed out. I myself have tried to listen to Timothy but it never made sense to me. So I had the feeling that something is not right. That’s all I can say to this. Even when others Profits except him I still did not feel these same. So I am saying, ask God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for discernment you will receive it and you will be blessed and safe!

      • Kathleen Smith

        I interpreted that lil’ vision as:

        The Lord saying “both of them should be ashamed in their nakedness.
        Lord can see right through them and the desires in their hearts.

        • Mario Murillo

          Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.

      • Linda

        A few days ago the thought came to me that Alice in Wonderland was written by someone on a LSD trip. At least that is what I was told. Kat Kerr sounds like she is tripping. Not saying she is just reminded me of it. Thank you for your boldness.

        • Beverly BOUGH

          Her teaching on holiness is awesome and very childlike which is pleasing to God. But I think she has a spirit of schizophrenia. I gleaned what was good and moved on. I pray for her deliverance because I believe she loves God.

          • Joey

            Beverly, while reading your comment, I thought, ‘does God mix truth with untruth?’ Since we know that He doesn’t- why then should we accept teachers who do? We know even Satan who tried to temp Christ knows truth as in the word of God, but Satan is corrupt just as false teachers. Perhaps the false teachers and prophets will repent and be set free.
            I know that in my walk that I accepted the unacceptable that tuns rampant in some of the Charismatic system until Holy Spirit opened my eyes and set me free from seducing and lying spirits. Now I continue to ask the Lord to keep me from deception.
            I was led by Holy Spirit to study deception as well as and do a word studies of deception/deceived/seducing and lying spirits the Bible. What a blessed education the Spirit of God gave me. There is such freedom in His truth!! Bless God and bless you!

    • Susan Jones

      Whoa! Hey, KP! With all due respect, your comment began well but it stealthily high-tailed into a very passive-aggressive format of repudiation of the man of God who STOOD ALONE, and called these atrocities that can cause “little children to stumble” into question. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much” & therefore think more highly of yourself than you ought.
      Su01/29/2023 Matthew 18:6, KJV 11:49A

    • Jaime Delfino

      I’m sorry you need to look at the reply I said to the lady above you need to pull your head out of your ass sorry I’m not going to sugar-coated I’m not like Mario Murillo there’s very few people that even know the Bible Satan knows the Bible better than most Christians you hear anger in my voice cuz I’m sick and tired of false prophets they’re demonic and leading people to hell and that angers me I don’t want people to burn in hell obviously you do so if you choose to go to hell that’s on you if Robin bulletin creflo Dollar the general of Hell Kenneth Copeland himself that’s why I stop watching Flashpoint because as much as I like Lance wall now and Gene Bailey and John Graves from a million voices I don’t think they’re demons but they’re not doing their due diligence I don’t give a rat’s butt if Kenneth Copeland host Flashpoint I don’t care if he paid for some of the tents I don’t care what the crap he did when somebody does something they do it and they expect nothing less if they fall out of line with the word of God and what they say doesn’t line up you open your mouth what do you think God gave you a mouth for to sit there like a mouse just stick your tail between your legs lady you need Jesus and if you believe that cures from heaven just like Robin Bullock and all the other false prophets you’re going straight to hell and I don’t feel sorry for you or anybody else like that that means you’ve been giving over to a reprobate mind you don’t want to change you don’t want to see the truth and when people point out the truth you get offended because the truth hurts just like the Pharisees and the Sadducees got pissed off when God told the truth yes God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are three separate but all in one the Trinity if you are true Christian you know that you’d also know that God rebuked people openly just like when he threw the money changers and overthrew the tables and his father’s Temple please Mario Morello is the kindest most loving and he said it in a kind way I wouldn’t have I don’t I don’t play sugar coat I say it the way it is that’s my personality and I don’t want to change I’ve helped a lot of people and those that get offended like you it’s cuz your head’s up your butt so God help this lady I rebuke the demons that are attacking her mind and all the other people in Jesus name we rebuke Satan’s false prophets thank you Father for continuing to expose you said my sheep will know my voice those on this site that make any negative comments are wolves they do not know your voice they do not know right from wrong we are in the last days you’ve lifted your hand off of this nation and we deserve it because the church is falling asleep furthermore they’re following false prophets and when they’re confronted they act like this lady in the other lady clueless so maranatha come Lord Jesus bring your Holy fire down and start what just like you did to the child deans just like you did to the Assyrians in second Thessalonians you killed thousands when they touch the ark of the covenant back in your Old testament days when a profit was wrong they were stoned to death and furthermore if you knew your Bible the only time a prophets spoke was when they came down from where they lived from far away they didn’t intermingle with the crowd and when they came to tell a a prophecy it was you better get yourself right just like when the prophet told King has a kaya you’re going to die and King has a guy said no no please don’t let me die Lord please give me more time and the prophet spoke to the Lord and he came back and he said God’s going to give you 15 more years but your sons are evil and they’re going to do evil things and they did so read your Bible lady God bless you amen bye-bye now

    • Lisa

      I respect Mario Marilou even more those who have desernment already know !!

    • L

      i listen to Tim Sheets as well

    • Terrie

      Seriously?? How very condescending of you to assume that was Mario’s intent. Your comment is the most smug of all these listed. What you accuse Mario of, you do yourself. Wow.

    • Susan Jones

      In Rely to Jim Hepring, Jan 30; 4:38PM:

      Mario IS a Spirit-filled Elder in the Body of CHRIST. I was a teenager when the LORD called him to minister at U C in Berkeley. The question I keep asking is: What about the children who had to listen to Dixon’s drivel? Do all parents teach, and demonstrate, to their children HOW to “keep a pure mind” as Dixon asked all present to do? If not, his request went right over their heads. Dixon also said, as if arguing with himself, “I’m going to say it, anyway.” Did he override common sense, good conscience, or a check in his spirit from the Holy Spirit? When Bullock gave him permission to tell it, surely he already knew what Dixon was going to share. What Pastor yields his Pulpit to a Guest Speaker without holding the Speaker responsible, and accountable, for what will be said in his Pulpit by the Guest Speaker? After all, the IRS does “hold the Keys to Compliance” for every Non-Profit Church laboring under the constraints of the 501(c)3. Yes, Jim; the U.S. Govt is controlling what Pastors with 501(c)3 status can, and cannot, say.
      So, did Bullock override his common sense, good conscience, or a check in his spirit from the Holy Spirit when he gave Dixon permission to stand in his Pulpit , and “shoot from naked hips?” Hmmm…?
      But I digress. What about the children who will have to wrestle, at some point in time, with the story of two naked men walking into the Courts of Heaven, and approaching the MOST HIGH GOD, and JESUS CHRIST, Our Savior & LORD?
      In Matthew 18:6, we read what JESUS has to say regarding protecting the little children. Dixon & Bullock will be required to give an account for this to the LORD.
      Frankly, I thought Dixon’s Dissertation alarming, and shameful. IF Dixon had a prophetic Word from the LORD, it was difficult to discern it from the convoluted message he gave. With or without the usual tears, it was a sorry act within a Church. It deserved to be “Called Out.”
      Again, Mario IS a “soul-winning” Elder in the BODY of CHRIST. I find no fault in him for calling this Pair O’ Prophets out.
      M-02/06/2023 Matthew 18:6. 10:18AM

  3. Maureen

    These are the days we are living in where as Believers we must pray for discernment. Thank you Mario. I Pray for you your family and ministry everyday. God bless you.

  4. Teresa

    I stand with you, Mario, and have always felt uneasiness in my spirit, with Robin and Cat and even Timothy Dixon When I first heard Timothy Dixon, I truly thought he was an inspired man of God, and then more and more as he rose to Note-oriety his messages became more and more frequent and just like daily readings. I always judge by my spirit, and now I just concentrate on the Word of God and have quit listening to pretty much everyone who calls them self a prophet
    I am so grateful for your willingness to speak out and take a stand

    • Janna

      I agree. Better to stick to the Word of God. I’m new to prophets and these ones are sad to hear about and what they say is insane.

  5. Christina Langton

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have even stopped watching Sid Roth cos I felt some of his guests were questionable even though he himself is such a hungry man for God’s Kingdom touch all

    • Brena M Oliver

      Thank you so much for your obedience, I have been so guilty of looking to the profits instead of reading The Bible. I have a hard time sometimes understanding The Bible but I know you said the more you read it God reveal himself. This has definitely opened my eyes. Thank you

  6. Diane Coon

    Thank you for confirming what the Holy Spirit is showing the remnant.

  7. Danna

    It’s a confusing time and God did say that He will be pouring out of His Spirit – on all flesh, sons and daughters prophesying. Are people speaking Truth – in agreement with the Word? Do they walk in love, building up? What is the FRUIT of their life – past and present? We need to seek God, love Truth, be Humble, Teachable, filled with the Holy Spirit and Discernment. This is my personal desire.

  8. Maureen Cretaro

    I really respect Pastor Kent Christmas. I am curious to see how he will respond to what Timothy Dixon said?

    • Tina Rickman

      Me too. Was this recent? It’s so disturbing.

  9. Eric Smith

    I understand how hard this is for you. But, I don’t think there’s anyone else in Christ who could pull this criticism off without people dismissing it as jealousy or denominational differences. You are saving souls, many are leaving the church because they put their faith in people like this. Then they become discouraged when what they poured into turns out fake. You have alot of great things happening but calling out these people is important also.

  10. Marilyn

    Look to the Scriptures, people thought John the Baptist was Elijah, He was not Elijah, but he did carry the Spirit of Elijah. God does not have to keep repeating himself, he tells us to believe the Prophets old and to look for Christ coming. We need to be wise concerning false teachers. After Adam no where in the Bible does it say people were running around nude except for a few places in Scripture.
    Look 👀 to the book of Revelation for end time answers. Yes we need to heed the warnings of true Prophets concerning what is to come and how we can prepare ourselves in Christ Jesus.

    • Susan Jones

      Hmmm.. Ensconced in at least two-thousand (at least 2,000) evil spirits, the Demoniac of Gadarene was running about NUDE. No one dared approach him as he had broken the chains they sought to constrain him with. But when JESUS ALONE approached him, he fell on his knees, and JESUS CHRIST, Our Savior & LORD, “Set the captive free! CHRIST delivered him from “the chains that spiritually bound him!” And, when the town’s people went out to see, they found him fully clothed & in his right mind!
      GLO-RY! Hal-lê-lu-jah!
      BLES-SED be the Name of the LORD!
      Thank you for going where no other man, nor saint, dared to go, Mario Murillo! Our FATHER, JESUS Himself, and the HOLY SPIRIT – ALONE – know how many lives of children, present & future, have been SAVED from stumbling, because you followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, which resulted in this one Act of Decency. I’ll continue in prayer for all involved and exposed to this. GOD bless the work of your hands, as you Move Forward to Find “the lost sheep” & WIN them to CHRIST.
      Su-01/29/2023 Matthew 18:6 12:24PM

  11. Lizette

    Thank you for the warning! I’m so disturber to see how few in the body of Christ have their eyes open and discern the spirits. I’m in total agreement that this is cult like. Putting men on pedestals! Lord, tear down the idols!

    • Jeff R

      “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the LORD; Make His paths straight.’” Mark 1:3
      Just one question:
      If John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus, then for whom is this purported John the Baptist 2.0 preparing the way?
      These are the days of 2 Timothy 4:3.

  12. Myrilla Carson

    Thank you for the warning.

    • Karla Welch

      Totally agree with you Mario…too many sheep want their ears tickled and are not using discernment. This needed to be exposed.karlawelch Thank you for being willing to take a stand…”and after done all stand…” Eph. 6:10-18

  13. William Greenwood

    Only positive comments right? Well sorry. Let the wheat grow with the (weeds). Preach the gospel let God be judge. Why feed scrutinization and doubt. There’s plenty of those kind of preachers out there and that’s all they do.

    • Mario Murillo

      William the wheat and the tares refers to the world and the church. It does not preclude calling out false teachers as the Bible said. Are you okay with what Dixon said?

      • Dennis Conner

        Dear Mario, you spoke at the church I pastored a few years ago, at Campbell Ca, it was a great meeting of 4 weekends. I appreciated your staff and words you spoke. I watched you speak for Kent Christmas about a year ago, where Kent prophesied over you. I’m concerned with Kent, for he prophesied Trump would be in office, and it did not come to pass. Just as you asked about what Dixon said, what do you say about Kent’s false prophecy?

        • Lillian pietri

          Kent did prophesy about president Trump but it’s in God’s timing not ours. I believe God still has his hand on president Trump. I respect Kent Christmas and Mario. Thank you Brother Mario for your bold stand against these men who deceive and lead people astray. Wining souls is wise. That’s my hearts desire also.

          • Lou

            Someone who interpreted a dream with a naked body in it said it reveals sin in your life?

      • Charlene Salazar

        Timothy Dixon claims you are jealous of him. I couldn’t even hear the rest of his video on YouTube. I also believe that what he was saying had been written for him. He is not an eloquent speaker. As for Kat Kerr, her views are just ridiculous. I’ve never taken her seriously. I had been losing interest in the Bullocks for the last few months. I poured out my heart for prayer and asked for guidance. They never answered me. As for you Mario, I am drawn to you. Your words comfort me. God bless you always.

      • Jim

        What are they specifically supposed to do now?

  14. Linda

    Thank you Mario for being the man of God that you are and being true to God’s word and your calling!!

  15. Debra D

    Thank you again Mario. I confess I have watched these YTers and knew something not quite right for several months. I even gave to the Bullocks. It was your exposure that led me to repent and ask the Lord to restore me from false teaching, and prophecies. Especially in the last 4 to 5 months things have gotten away from the Word. This is so damaging to the body of Christ and will pray the Lord restore and heal his people.

    • Carolyn

      Amen to that. The last time I watched RB he was screaming at the YT audience. I screamed back ‘stop screaming at us, we’re the choir!’ It just messed up my spirit. Too bad because they seemed like a nice family. I just pray for restoration of all involved.

  16. Ed Cooper

    It’s about time someone in ministry had the gumption to speak to the real issue in the church. There are too many placid, insipid pastors who are not feeding the flock much less defending the flock. Jeremiah is very clear, pastors, in Jeremiah 23:1-3, the indictment is clear. In Jeremiah 3:15, God promises that HE will will give pastors to the flock after His own heart.
    Let’s get busy. Time is too short and souls await the Good News of Jesus!

  17. Andres Gatica

    Thank’s for the warning and the real God’s purpose of us right now.

  18. Louise Fender

    I know there are prophets and God will use people to speak but it will always agree with what the word of God says. I pray often that God will keep me and help me not to be taken in by false doctrines and I fully believe the Holy Ghost will guide us and lead us into all truth if we’ll listen to him. I will not watch these people because I felt in my spirit that something was wrong. I do not take lightly the holiness of God and as children of God we must always hold fast to his standards, and His standards are very clear in his word.

  19. Michael

    It has become very apparent to all of those who even have the slightest amount of discernment, that these false deceivers are an extreme danger to the Body of Christ. Their foolish disciples hang on every word that comes from their lying mouths. I want to encourage all of my brothers and sisters to continue daily in the Word of God. God’s Word will guide you into everything that the Lord Jesus wants you to know about His kingdom. It is amazing to me the hundreds of millions of Christians that have never read completely through the entire bible even one time, yet they are looking for truth from the multitude of deceivers that are available on the internet. Jesus warned us that in the end times even His elect could be deceived. Staying in God’s holy Word will prevent this from happening to you.

    • N Newman

      We all need to be keeping our eyes on Jesus and reading the Word. Much deception and demonic being released. Waste of precious time in these days if focused on all these “men”. We are to care about saving souls from the pits of hell. Get out and witness. Each of us called to do that in the ways we can.

    • Mary Ann

      Amen. Agree. Appreciate Mario warning.

      • E P

        STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP CAUSING DIVISION MARIO – If we looked at your messages surely we would find some things you said in the Flesh. We got your point. Enough is enough. Go win souls but BE careful your messages don’t become influenced by all this hate speach and your heart becomes harden. Walk in love, pray for them. Jesus would. All have sinned. All means All. Even you.
        A house divided against itself WILL fall.
        Everyone Read the Bible for Yourself, Holy Spirit is our Teacher, His sheep know His voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. That is every Christians personal responsibility.
        Pray in the Spirit. This is causing more harm than good.

        • Mario Murillo

          I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

          • Sherry

            I kind of hate to say it but I haven’t really seen any of Dixon’s prophecies come to light. Although I like Robin; he is vague and musically challenged in my opinion. I hope they are right about some things but God has never given me the assurance they are His voice. All I can say is there are many voices out there but we must place our trust in the Lord as man is unreliable. Many times Bible prophesies turn out way different than what people understood they would. However, when a Biblical prophecy has been fulfilled it is always 100% truthful and accurate as it was foretold.

        • Dianna

          Agreed. Bill Johnson was concerned about this happening after the election. You’ve said your peace. Move on it’s beginning to become grieving either what they say will come to pass or it won’t I can’t say I listen to Kat or Timothy but Robin has encouraged me times pass as Mario has also. At this point I don’t care to listen to all of you all.

  20. Tracy Williams

    Mario; you have proven yourself over many decades. It is because of your dedication to winning souls, begining in the most radical college campuses of that day, and a trac record of faithfullness (with out scandals), that I trust your guidance. Additonally I too had questions, in my spirt, checks really ; that have in the last 40 years rightfully steered me away from teachings and teachers, including those who were at the top of the list, but now fallen. I’m not judgeing just thanking God for revelation for my own protection. For me, I had had already choosen to disreguard these you have mentioned, The why is insignificant, I simply have recognized a warning in my own spirit. Thank you for your leadership, in the body of Christ.

    • Jeri Podliska

      I could have written these words myself as o too was feeling a check in my spirit and SO thankful for that.

  21. Annette

    Thank you Mario!! You are greatly missed on Flashpoint. You and Lance were the voices of logic. Blessings to you for taking a stand.

    • Michael Girke

      I am truly amazed by how many people are so blinded of this Trio so called Prophets, and then are actually supporters of these types of beliefs.
      Shame on you…..
      Which familiar spirits do you follow,
      truly not the Holy Spirit.
      When you have accomplished the amount of Soul Winning as Mario has then you even have room possibly to address the Mighty Man Of God for his Very Stellar Strength for Obeying God in his calling.
      NA SAYERS!!!!!
      Michael Girke

      • Linda Jackson

        Very well said! Michael! They dont seem to be afraid at all of rebuking Gods true minister.

  22. Michael Girke

    Mario please listen to the sermon from Apostle Jim Reily today , exactly what you are preaching about the body of Christ holding false prophets accountable for the false teaching .
    The Apostle may even ask you to come to the Calvary Christian Assembly in Ormond Beach Florida.
    Best Regards
    Michael Girke
    Sheep / Shepard at Heart

  23. Susan

    and tongues spoken out loud should always be interpreted to the benefit of those listening! This has always bothered me, that they (Robin Team) will sing and speak in tongues without interpreting what they are saying!!
    There is nothing wrong with praying in tongues, but if you are going to do it, then be ready to interpret.
    This is very sad bc I like the Bullocks

  24. Sandra

    This is really frightening, Tim Dixon just held a (small tent) the gathering in Grand Ridge, Fl. But no room for people and something dud not appear right to me, so we left and never went back. So scary to believe these are suppose to be prophets and my best friend believes them. I smelled a smokey scent and saw no drums with fire? Never know who to trust. And so scared for believers to pursue them. I read the word and it is fearful thing to not follow the spirit’s nudging. Had the same feeling in a North Carolina meeting at the old Jim Baker building! We have to watch and pray about who we follow. And believe me i could name a few that looked hood on TV but when they came within an hour or two near me and I went it was disappointing to see all they wanted was money and believe me I give to good ministry. I took one to see RP that needed salvation and healing! The other was PW and I knew what she was after but went anyway to be sure. The first time I saw her in an elevator at a women’s meeting I met her eyes and knew ahe was not right.Just want to give them another chance but then when she destroyed another ministry, well all I can say is try them before receiving them! I went to one BH crusade in Atlanta and took a group and his team were awesome, well worth the word I received from his ministry team. Just want everyone to read the word and when you hear someone speak something wrong you will know. I heard a young man (can’t remember his name but he died young) on BH program but had seen him on several Christian Networks. Read and know the WORD!!!!! And it will get worse as the day approaches.

    • Keith Allen

      Thank you Mario for your wisdom and discernment, as I read this message I realized the question should be asked, who are these men drawing attention to, the Lord or themselves.?

  25. Yisraela M

    Thank you Mario, you did your due diligence according to the Word of God. My husband and I saw this video before you did this blog and we were disturbed, but I might add that another known prophetess was dubbed with the Elijah mantel by Timothy Dixon just over the weekend, this is equally disturbing that this man thinks he is given the authority to do this. This is not heading in a good direction. I pray for the body to wake up, and for these people to repent. It is up to each of us to be responsible for “testing of the spirits”. You revealed what needed to be revealed. Wake up church! God bless you Mario and all!

    • Charlene Salazar

      Timothy Dixon placed the Elijah mantel on Amanda Grace. He is not anointed enough or at all to have done that. She is a wonderful woman and I pray she does not take part in any of these events again.

  26. Judy

    Thank you for saying so. This one and the seer have bothered me a lot over the past few years. And there are a few more of these who also need to be exposed. I have lost any faith I had in the prophetic ministry and I avoid it at all costs because it is so peppered with theses kinds of folks and prophetic foolishness. People are too quick to follow a man.

    • Sheila Price

      You can trust Tim Sheets and his brother Dutch. They are as whole and good as God’s prophets steeped in Holy Spirit can be.

  27. Regina Martinez

    I started to know Timothy Dixon was off when his dreams were often mixed with his visions, flesh, along with his prophesies, flesh. I have never followed Robin Bullock and glad I did not. Thank you Marion for helping me see that what I was noticing was not judgement but the Holy Spirt showing be a way in which not to go!

  28. Ka

    Thank you Mario you have opened the door it is up to others to take a lead in this
    This is the most bizarre confusing and dangerous time we are to walk by faith in GOD. And be watchful to ignore this would be foolish all of these prophets and God said …is making confusion and it is hard to know what GOD is saying and this video is disturbing it’s most disturbing that so many are going along with it
    I think that ppl especially those who said GOD. Put President Trump in office are gathering with others who say that and it is blinding them from the truth if GOD wants Mr Trump in the White House no one will stop it but right now the fields are ripe ppl are in need of truth and true guidance thank you for you effort and willingness in this you are an elder in the church they should have listened to you
    In jerimiah there were two false prophets that God had to deal with he called it rebellion against him what GOD was saying is the very things DANIEL saw that is still for us today God couldn’t allow this falsehood to go on and nether can we now I pray for courage and wisdom and for the leaders in this may it be resolved quickly and get on with saving the lost!

  29. Dona

    Can we please get a link to the entire dream. Thanks.

  30. Pam

    Timothy Dixon was asking permission from Robin if he should share the full dream/experience and Robin can be heard off stage telling him to go ahead if he feels the lead. Apparently, Robin was already aware of what the full story would be. Pray for Robin Bullock

  31. 🙏

    Dear Mario,
    You are so wise to drop this issue. You have no need to defend yourself. Some people will like these folks no matter what anyone says. It’s sad but true.
    I used to watch Flashpoint when you were on it. I’m sorry, I know Hank is your friend but he always came off very sketchy to me, just being truthful.
    I don’t think true prophets need to try and convince the herd that they are prophets.
    To me a true prophet will proclaim a prophecy and then shut up, not caring what others think. These guys are always trying to tell us that we are in hot water if we don’t believe them. (Their livelihood depends on it.)
    Your job, as a man of God is to do what you are purposed for and God will take care of the rest. You never need to defend yourself, God will take care of His own, always!
    Aloha in Christ ♥️

    • Stacey

      I am wondering about Steve Schulz on Elijah Streams. He really seems like such a kind man who truly loves the Lord. I used to listen several times a week but began having issues with some things that were being said. I wondered why Steve never challenged questionable statements from his guests. One man said he had a vision where he time traveled into 2022 and Trump was president. Steve recently came on and basically explained it away. Johnny Enlow(who I really like) said to put away any thoughts that Jesus is coming anytime soon because he’s been shown that it’s far in the future. Well, maybe he’s correct, but he can’t know that. So God would only tell him? Steve and many of his guests have also said that Biden is not really Biden, but an actor. I’m not kidding. Johnny and Steve co-hosted another man who said that Tom Hanks has been executed and has a double. It’s all very confusing. I’m done listening.

      • Luke Wilson

        Sorry Stacey, but Mr. Shultz has no discernment. He hosts not only the most fringe ministers but also Qanon leaders and influencers. They curse on his show and he allows conspiracies and false doctrine to go unchecked. He never pushes back even when he KNOWS what was just said could not be true. He has prophets on his show that say exact opposite things than his last guest. General Flynn himself had to tell Johnny Enlow that his Q stuff was nonsense.

        • Linda Deitchler

          I quit listening to Elijah Streams as to many were so off. The comments to justify them and not calling accountability for the listener’s turned me off.

        • Rebecca

          Kim Clement prophesied the dangers of the Q movement… years ago.

          • Cindy

            Yes He did. There are alot of words that Kim Clement prophesied that are still coming to pass. He was also the first one to say that Trump would serve 2 terms, that didn’t necessarily mean back to back. Kim I believe was one of the Greatest Generals. He was a true prophet, but also disliked by many “believers”… but you can’t deny his fruit. That’s why you have to look at their fruits.

    • Carol Counter

      Dear Mario,
      I agree with this post and want to encourage you to completely drop all this and don’t waste your time and energy answering any more posts. You’ve sounded the alarm now let the leadership deal with it. I truly love and trust KCM and Flashpoint and this is a ploy of the enemy to cause division and strife to harm this ministry and yours. I’m praying for God to reveal the truth. Love always in Jesus, Carol Counter-a long time follower of your ministry

  32. Laura Stearns

    It is disheartening to see these showman type preachers in the body of Christ. Thank you for calling it out,Mario and for speaking truth. I pray that eyes are opened and that the deception being played out is weakened and broken off the church!

    • Ann

      I have tremendous respect for Mario Murillo’s ministry. He has been faithful for many decades in bringing people into a true knowledge of Jesus Christ.
      That said, I interpret Timothy Dixon’s dream as a metaphor, especially in reference to the “nudity” part. When we stand before God/in His Kingdom, there is nothing of our own ability, effort, success, works of the flesh, etc that accounts for anything. We must come before Him (without “clothes”) in dependence of His righteousness, His identity, His works, His anointing, etc. I believe in the dream this is how Mr Dixon and Mr Bullock had postured themselves. It was the Lord, then, who gave Mr Bullock the mantle of John the Baptist. Is He saying that Mr Bullock IS John the Baptist? I don’t believe so. But maybe it’s a metaphor that Mr Bullock is called as a forerunner in the prophetic for these critical and glorious days ahead.
      Also, I believe prophets operate in a different realm and sometimes what they say cannot be understood or digested in the way we’re accustomed. We sometimes get literal parts/pieces and sometimes parables but I don’t believe that makes them false prophets. What I see in both of their ministries are good fruit, righteous teachings, and true worship. I believe they have the heart of God and hear Him rightly.
      Until they prove otherwise, Mr Dixon and Mr Bullock, I believe, are chosen vessels of God to help the Body of Christ walk in repentance, righteousness, faith and courage to bring in the Revival we’ve been longing to see!

      • Mario Murillo

        Ann with all due respect…really? He could not have meant it any more literally.

      • Maria

        Timothy Dixon misinterpreted the dream! God is exposing them. Look behind the spirits that are operating. Pray for DISCERNMENT.

      • Elkeanna

        Totally agree with you Ann.

      • Luke Wilson

        Until they prove otherwise? They lie in the name of God in almost every sermon. Dixon meant “nude” as in naked. He even told people to not have dirty minds when they hear the story. He was literal. And frankly the problem with these two guys is that they don’t “help the Body of Christ walk in repentance, righteousness, faith and courage to bring in the Revival we’ve been longing to see”. They talk of nothing but Trump and all things anti-Biden. It is 2023 and they both said Trump 2021. The Body is owed something more than a double-down and being told we are the ones at fault.

  33. Caleb

    Mario. What about Richard Roberts showing up with Robin Bullock at his church? That surprised me.

    • Susan Jones

      It‘s a valid question, Caleb, 🤗but at the beginning of this Blog, Mario succinctly stated he is done with this conversation.
      He STOOD ALONE where no other man or saint dared to go & is now focusing his Assignment from Our FATHER of Lights!
      Hal-lê-lu-jah! Matthew 18:6; James 1:17
      All the Best, Caleb.
      Su-01/29/2023 Psalm 144, NASB 13:05

    • Nina Newton

      I also felt a check in my stomach while listening to Robert Bullock and Hank Kunneman. I thought Kat Kerr was ridiculous. I don’t know how people take her seriously. I turned them off quickly. Thank you Mario for speaking up. We need to stay close to Jesus and He will stay close to us.

      • Kip Robertson

        Well said, my thoughts exactly.

      • Jamie Fuller

        Kat Kerr goes to heaven more often than I go to the grocery store. Even St. John only got to visit heaven once before he died. I don’t really believe her and don’t understand why others do. Yes, she’s got a nice delivery but she is about 70 years old and the pink hair should give a hint as to her mental stability. Why does God bring her to heaven so often? Where are the fruits? I don’t see any.

    • Patricia Murray Cooper

      Pray and see what HOLY SPIRIT says about this. HOLY SPIRIT wants us to be able to discern the wolves in sheep clothing from the sheep!! HOLY SPIRIT will NOT SPEAK anything that doesn’t Line Up the HOLY SCRIPTURES….Even if an angel comes with a message!! Don’t trust any pastor, teacher, or prophet that does not ENCOURAGE you to hear from HOLY SPIRIT for yourself, or else you will become a Castaway!!

  34. Patricia Hayslip

    You are correct. God warned us about the deceivers. Thank you for standing up for truth & warning those of us that aren’t in the know about those spouting heresies.

  35. Ramona Nordhoff

    Brother Murillo, you are correct. I have seen this go on for 2 years. This is from the pits of hell. They are just more Wolfs in sheep clothing. We must stop watching the show on the internet that have these false prophets on their shows. But the Lord Is Coming Soon.

  36. Robin Coran

    This is extremely troublesome, I pray the Lord will open the eyes of the pastor in Nashville, TN who has given Bullock and Dixon a platform. Also, when this happened, it should have addressed immediately. Because it wan’t addressed, I can only draw a conclusion that he also condones it, which is heartbreaking. Thanks for exposing the false prophets as well as Kat Kerr. They clearly do not align with what the Word of God teaches and they must be exposes so as to not continue to allow them to gain a following.

  37. Theresa Lincks

    This is incredibly disturbing but months ago I heard Robin Bolock supposedly prophesy and he used profane words in my opinion to describe something that God said and that describing body parts and that the place where you “crap out “And I don’t believe my God speaks to his children in such a way as to not speak holy words clean words I just felt such a negative feeling in my spirit and I feel like it’s right on that you should question his integrity to calling anything of it I have quit watching him for months now

  38. Kate

    How brazen do you have to be to come out with statements like these and not fear the Living God? The Word says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. There’s no fear and no wisdom here.
    God bless you for standing up and calling this travesty out for what it is.

  39. Linda

    Thank you for Revealing the truth about these people who are deceiving people. I heard Kat say that in heaven she saw the Holy Spirit and he was strong, huge and tall. She said almost 7 feet tall. We will never watch any of them ever again. I truly believe every word you shared, and Almighty God has given you the gift of discernment. We thank you for opening peoples eyes. God bless you and your ministry.

  40. Mary Aversa

    Yes you accomplished what needs to be accomplished with this conversation and I pray now the others will do their part. Yes full focus now is saving souls!! Let’s go!!!!

  41. Kimberly

    I’m so glad you have shined light in these and the few other “unnamed” false prophets. I was worried you identified with them going on the same podcasts. These teachers need loving rebuke for going off the rails. I pray they do not go all the way to culthood.

  42. Carolyn harvey

    I don’t know I do not feel anything at this time one way or the other but I would definitely pray on it to find out if it is right or if it is not what got me is the camel around his neck I want to know what does the camel skin around his neck mean because as far as I know John had it on his body that’s the question that I asked now

    • Mario Murillo

      “I don’t know I do not feel anything at this time one way or the other but…” I am curious, what would they have to do beyond what we know was said in this video?

      • Martha West

        I never watched Robin just couldn’t stand his looks and while that may not be the problem it was for me. I listened a few times too Timothy Dixon but quickly got turned off and felt a check in my spirit against him. never watched Kar Kerr either and now wonder about Kent Christmas and Hank K. also. thank you for addressing this problem.

      • Susan

        Mario, I cannot recall for sure but I believe that the Bible has no text stating that John the Baptist would come back or be reincarnated. Is this Biblical? For me, this is the most problematic. And I agree about being clothed in robes of righteousness.

        • Barbara Chadwick

          Susan the B ible talks about Elijah coming back in the end days in Malachi 4:5-6. And in Matt. 11:10:14 it says that John the Baptist (If you can receive it) is Elijah who is to come. I don’t think we always understand the workings of God but the two Prophets who are to come during the Tribulation are I believe Elijah and Moses. Is it them or is it a person with the spirit of Elijah and the spirit of Moses. Just saying. God speaks ify John saying he is Elijah. You might want to check these verses out and pray about them.

          • Mario Murillo

            Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.

  43. Julia Ann Hill

    Brother Mario, I will tell belivers to touch not God’s annointed. You have an anointing I will tell believers to not touch you or shout you down or gossip. I will do the same for Robin Bullock.
    I say to you to touch not Gods anointed by means thru social media. Talk about a way to spread this message of yours on steriods! As a sister to you I would suggest you meet up face to face with Robin or who ever you do not agree with and talk it out and pray it out together FIRST. I am disappointed to see you doing this type of messaging ‘again’ after you did it with Kat Kerr.
    It can be Joe Schnmoe prophet, it doesnt matter, touch not Gods anoited. The Word says the LORD will deal and correct, not us. I pray for you and all the prophets of today. Yes I have discernment to see thru a false prophet. I believe you are a good prophet of GOD as well as Robin. No i dont believe it was meant that Robin IS John the Baptist. ‘Like a John the Baptist’ yes but not John himself. Come on Man really? I dont know anyone that took Timothy’s message that way. We’re in this together to win souls lets not tear down each other without at least meeting face to face talk it out and pray it out. Be brothers you are both Gods children with an anointed assignment. LOVE

    • Mario Murillo

      So you are good with the nudity and calling Robin John the Baptist? Just wondering.

    • Margo Daugherty

      Mario in NOT a prophet. He is called to be an Evangelist…..which means preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      • Mario Murillo

        I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

    • Hilda

      Robin and Kat ARE NOT ANOINTED BY GOD. you are sorely in need of teaching

    • Audrey

      Love your comment Julia

  44. Mark Benassi

    Sounds like another end time sign. I have also been getting the feeling that there is a huge wave of anti-semitism, really huge, coming. I have been curious to hear any talk of this among some of the leading pastors and prophets because I don’t want to feel like I’m going off the deep end on something.

  45. Celia

    Could you please post the url that you are posting the video from. I couldn’t find it on google. I only saw the excerpt above and I didn’t hear all the words you posted, or the response of the audience . By the way, in Zechariah 3, although not naked, Joshua, the high priest had filthy clothes on, not clothes of righteousness. He would be considered a believer at that time in history. I don’t know why you believe this is sensuality, because being naked in front of God and everybody is pretty much a sign of humiliation, not a sexual thing. And having the camel skin wrapped around his throat could be interpreted as a type of being like a noose or it could mean a prophetic voice although, I don’t really see Robin Bullock as the next John the Baptist. It is probably wise for you to step away and continue your evangelism which I hope leads many more to Jesus.

    • Julia Ann

      I appreciate your comment Celia. The enemy is fist pumping that this is bringing MORE division in the body of Christ……..

      • Mario Murillo

        I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

    • Margaret Miech

      Thank you Celia. This is what I believe also. Bits and pieces from that event are distorted and made to make people think evil of these men. I asked Mario why he is trying to create discord, but he hasn’t returned and answer.

      • Mario Murillo

        I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

        • Lori

          I fully agree with you Mario. I was able to see through this from the beginning as I kept receiving a check in my spirit in discernment. I tried to share but fell on deaf ears… although those ears that were closed at the time are now hearing your words confirming what I had share a while back. Thank you for speaking out as many are seeing the truth now. Praying that more will as well. To God be all the glory, power and strength!!!

        • Penny McCartney

          Amen, God gives his children discernment, and His sheep know His voice. Draw us close, to You Lord, and bless Mario, and Lance, as they speak Your words.

        • Sue

          I stopped listening to them months ago . There is also a woman who has a “prophetic word” speaking similar messages daily … it seems odd Is all I’ll say.

      • Mari

        I agree the Lord brought me in 2019 to Brother Robin n Pastor Robin n Brother Robin teachings have not changed at all in 3 years but now Mario is publicly shaming them n his facts have been in correct . When Robin said Shut up he was said that because he was upset over Mario shaming Kat and he was saying for anyone who didn’t agree to shut up and he was in his own church not Nashville like Mario said. He also said no prophetic words have come to pass thru Robin another fact that is false many words spoken thru Robin have come to pass. And the ones that haven’t yet come to pass will like Kim Clement words are coming to pass now. I don’t agree with Mario and he has not answered me either. The dream Tim shared he clearly states to keep your mind clean he n Robin have no malice. And words thru Tim by Abba have come to pass as well. So all this bashing of prophets first Kat then Robin now he is adding Tim whose next Kent . Is not of God and what’s sad is ppl blindly follow him and say in lame terms good job. We are definitely in the Dark Days as the Lord warned us we would be. And I see the hurt in Tim n Robin because of this but they will continue on spreading the word. I pray for this situation to be resolved by the Mighty Hand of God in Yeshua Name Amen . Gby

        • Mario Murillo

          Mari, I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

          • Sharon

            Mario most of your reply’s back to people comments are the same reply over and over what’s up with that just saying?

          • Mario Murillo

            Sometimes truth has to be repeated.

    • Jeff Barron

      Mario, found you when the Lord filled me his spirit and grace back in 82…drug addict adulterer porn you name I participated..your ministry w the Lords has saved many folks! You go into fray where few go! All the naysayers are simply that. I’ve never gotten involved with any of these folks on the Internet. I don’t have Facebook. I don’t tweet I don’t do any of that stuff. I follow a few Evangelis besides yourself I appreciate you telling the truth, and calling it out like it is, now you can continue on with your crusades to save souls. I appreciate you brother Godspeed, Jeff. 🙏

  46. Susan Jones

    To My Brothers & Sisters in CHRIST:
    I saw this myself online, and Mario has given us an accurate accounting of that despicable event.
    My Gut Reaction: Pastors in Leadership, who fear losing their church’s 501(c)3, will continue to quietly cringe in fear vs. fall on their knees, then on their faces – to lie prostrate before Almighty GOD, repent, FOLLOW CHRIST, and yield up 501(c)3.
    To These Men (and Women) of GOD, I ask: HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD? Will the Members of Your “Flock” still ante-up the Tithes, Gifts & Offerings (Malachi 3) if you turn your back on 501(c)3 & walk in faith? Or will you silently “turn a blind eye” and carry-on with Church business as usual?
    The 501(c)3 is the brainchild of Former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson (Now Deceased), who believed the U.S. Govt should CONTROL the SPEECH of the Ministers behind the Pulpits in AMERICA. A Church and its Leaders enjoy Benefits of a 501(c)3 if they do not speak against Abortion, and the Demoralizing LGBTQ -(Add XYZPlus) Movement, among other things. The IRS holds the Keys to Your Church’s Compliance.
    When it was finally “in his hands” – after the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, “to do good to this Republic,” U.S. President L. B. Johnson DID NOT.
    PASTOR & CHURCH Bds & LEADERS: What will you do with that which is in your hands?
    Susan in OR, Conservative (R)
    TRUMP Supporter Since June 2015 when Donald & Melania escalated down TRUMP TOWER to Elevate AMERICA
    Su-01/29/2023 Psalm 144, NASB 11:31A

    • Darlene

      A very strong AMEN Susan.
      Darlene in Idaho.

    • Patricia Murray Cooper


    • OnWord Jackson

      Thank you, Susan, for this lesson. I believe removing or giving up 501(c)3 would create the greatest imaginable impact, and this matter is worthy of even more copy and action than the other parts. I believe God will do UNimaginably Wondrous things in coming days, but we can do MUCH by removing the “silencer” of 501(c)3. Lord, bring this to High Profile Attention and Action in Your Church. In the name and power of Jesus, I pray and believe. Amen.

  47. cheryl miller

    Brother Mario, I have loved you since I first heard of you in the seventies. You break my heart, with this public, rebuke and accusation of two {at this time} public brothers in the body. I read your blog and having viewed, prayed for and supported both you and the program, it’s plain to see you spoke of bro. Hank. Also since in the same blog post, you unabashedly upheld Lance Walnah, it’s plain that you are also accusing Hank. If any of those accused are falsely teaching, or endangering the church, they will come to naught. I believe that’s what is true concerning all these accusations and this horrible division, being served to the people. I have never heard you wander from the path in the past, fifty odd years. This is all to hinder the great move of the SPIRIT.

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

      • Michele Cross

        Yes just like the prayer Gen Flynn prayed. Thank you for clearing this up I knew it was off but didn’t want to be critical. Never watching Elisha list or flashpoint again

  48. Margo Daugherty

    I agree. Looks like Mario stirred the hornets’ nest, and is backing out leaving someone else to clean up his mess. Going back to “I, me, my”. This is so sad.

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  49. Paula

    I have quit listening to anyone from the Elijah List. There is one “prophet” who demonstrates the kundalini spirit when he prophecies. He starts having spasms and making weird grunting sounds. I only had to see that one time to know that I needed to shut it off.

    • Rhonda Chapman

      Paula I stopped listening to the Elijah list speakers and writers a long time ago too, for me anything that doesn’t encourage me to read the Word of God and exhort me to a deeper relationship with the Lord I actively avoid.

  50. Terry Marler

    Thanks again for applying God given discernment & wisdom to the times we are in. I would compel you to continue to speak out when God leads you. You have a spiritual skill set that is needed in our day. You have grown in grit and understanding through many years of ministry. Who else is seasoned enough to be as credible as you? I emailed a well known ministry of my denomination about my interest in the prophetic/charismatic ministries and was told many people are hurt by these groups, be careful. I have given to your ministry because my spirit bares witness you are real. Continue this great impact when you can, it can only help move people off the quicksand and set them on the rock. Remember you have creditably castle and it’s hard for the enemy to mount an offensive! Thanks for using your platform.

  51. Pat Pietrantano

    This is truly a tragedy in the Body of Christ. You can see God told the prophets to do some strange things. In Isaiah 20: 2-4 God told Isaiah to walk naked for three years for a sign and a wonder, but of course he was not in heaven he was on the earth. That’s a big difference. There are many things God told the prophets to do that were very very strange to human understanding. We are all part of the Body of Christ and we all have different functions. I see the devils hand in this at this crucial time period for us as Christ’s body. I leave you with this from the Apostle Paul. HEREIN DO I EXERCISE MYSELF, TO HAVE ALWAYS A CONSCIENCE VOID OF OFFENSE TOWARD GOD, AND MEN. Let the peace of God that passes all understanding be upon us.

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

      • Betty Cone

        Mario, you are spot on and have done what is right by exposing the deception, and now continuing forward with your awesome meetings. I so thank God for your voice and ministry during these last days as well as in the past. God is using you mightily and undeniably,, and God bless you!

      • Gary Moehring

        So what about Flashpoint, Lance And Pastor Hank? Am I missing something here? Are you not going to be on Flashpoint anymore? If not, why please?

        • Mario Murillo

          Lance and I are working together. It is out in the open that I left because of the association that Hank has with Robin and Kat.

  52. Margaret Miech

    Mario, you took bits and pieces to distort the truth. What has happened to you? Please don’t tell me are the antichrist.

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

    • Betty A Jackow

      Margret go look at the entire video Mario did not do anything to distort the truth LADY i will pray for you that GOD will remove the scales from your eyes since you been drinking their KOOL AID

  53. Robert

    Where is my comment
    Thank you

  54. Mario Murillo

    I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

    • Dana and Gail lyn

      We agree Mario!! Hold the course!

    • Lori

      I was a fan of all these fellows. They entertained me and said what I wanted to hear. It was very wrong to waste so much time on them, 100s of hours on youtube as I searched for hope, guidance, and knowledge about God. I wanted frequent dreams, too, and pined away over only having had a handful compared to these guys getting dreams and Visions and words from God almost daily. I thought how neat it was they always had it in time for their show. 🤔Then, I read my whole Bible and I realized that’s the only true way to learn about God and Jesus and get all of the above. And that’s only the start. Once you go cover to cover, you start it all over again and new stuff you missed will hit you! John Quincy Adams inspired me because he read his whole Bible every year, and in other languages!

    • Nicole

      Please contact me at

      I went to Robin’s church for many years and worked there. There is more going on. Please keep my identity secure

  55. Jaime Delfino

    No you need to stop at Teresa pull your head out of your butt and read the Bible sorry I’m not going to be so soft the way Mario Morello is that’s not my personality I’m sick and tired of so-called Christians lukewarm Christians that God will spew out of his mouth and the false prophets are going straight to hell, do not pass go do not collect $200. That would be cat Kerr Robin Bullock Jesse duplantis Kenneth Copeland the leader of the pack creflo Dollar Joel Osteen Joyce Meyer Beth Moore Timothy Dixon all the other false prosperity gospels preachers I could spend all day I’m sorry I’m not going to pour honey over what I say I’m going to be blunt and honest and the truth hurts and it should the truth should offend because when it offends you it means you don’t want to hear the truth because then you will have to make a change in yourself and in your life and it’s easier to be spoon-fed by a demon a false prophet who will lead you straight to hell and you won’t have to make any changes and you can stay in your bondage and in your misery then have to spend time like I do hours after hours every day reading the Bible praying and yes the devil attacks those type of people because people like me who spent hours a day praying searching out the word of God testing the spirit as the word of God says we throw bombs in Satan’s camp and that’s what Mario Morello does Jack Hibbs in California John MacArthur they speak the truth some are a little nicer about it they speak it in love some like John MacArthur our little harsher some like Spencer Smith who has unbelievable knowledge like John MacArthur Mario Murillo and Jack Hibbs need to watch Spencer Smith I suggest you do he doesn’t pour honey he’s like me he says it like it is rebuke rebuke rebuke rebuke I don’t believe in p*** honey over things if you get offended it’s for the exact reason I said above so do you want somebody to lie to you and you go to hell and millions of other people go to hell or do you want somebody to speak the truth in this case Mario did it in love because he has a different personality than me so get a grip lady pull your head out of your butt I will be praying for you you need it I used to have my head up my butt too but thank God showed me you’re going to go to hell if you don’t pull it out of your butt and you start reading my word and testing the spirits we’re in the last days wake up

  56. Yvooe Gray

    THANKS Mario, GOD Bless

  57. Karen

    Mario, there are many deceived prophets in this world … some are listening to a familiar spirit others may be listening to their own desires or other deceived people. It is our responsibility to call out the deceiving in the body of Christ when we see it. The 5-Fold ministry is for the edification of the body of Christ to bring them up to the full stature of the head, Jesus our Messiah! It is not to lift each other up above the people. The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets so that no one elevates themselves or others above the body of Christ !

    • Julie

      Mario, you are sounding like those pastors that wouldn’t be apart of holding the tent revival in New York because they didn’t agree that Trump was still President like you were in agreement with on Flashpoint. Don’t join the judgment train. It leads to destruction… Robin Bullocks prophecies are coming to pass and the devil doesn’t like it. I’m unsubscribing from your blog now because what you are saying is wrong.

      • Mario Murillo

        I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

      • David

        There are many “prophecies” that didn’t come to pass… Like the one stating that “the decision has been made to reinstall Trump as president between August and November of 2021.

    • Barbara J Miklosz

      Thank You Mario,
      I have stopped watching & listening to Robin & Kat!!
      In Tulsa Oklahoma

    • Mike

      Karen said very well what I was preparing to say regarding this matter. I believe it could be a familiar spirit for the purpose of deception within the body of Christ. Believers should never check their brain at the door when they go into listen to a speaker and when the speaker gives a directive mandating we should not question anything spoken by a prophet red flags should be immediately noted. These are dangerous times and we need to know the word and not be so quick to chase a word. It seems the emphasis is on man rather than on God.

    • Marco

      What date was that video from?
      Why only show a partial video of the dream?

    • Carolyn stickland

      I am concerned as I read comments from Mario because most are the same comment pasted over and over again. This happened may time too
      What proof do we have that this is actually Mario answering? Is it possible that is another person stirring up trouble within the body of believers?
      We need to be very wise and discerning

      • Mario Murillo

        Its me Carolyn. Lets keep our facts clear. It is the false prophets that have exposed themselves that are causing the trouble in the Body.

  58. Christine Center

    I see it in so many men and women Pastors Men of God have become Gods of themselves…I no longer listen to or pray with those who pride has taken over Jesus Truth..honor Love..of the Word of God..One church one Heaven . Abraham Issac and Jacob we thank you Jesus for dying on a cross for my sins and my brothers and sisters. Amen. Let us be ready repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  59. Bill Kern

    Any man being referred to as “John the Baptist” should be held accountable and reprimanded. An assignment from the Lord is one thing. The coming of John the Baptist is another. John already came, he baptized Christ and moved on.

  60. Linda

    Considering this was from September 22 and Kent Christmas was there , I feel there’s a lot of misunderstanding, go to church internationals grand opening from September you can see everyone and Richard Roberts was just there so I don’t know what to tell you, a vision and actually bring in heaven 2 different dreams, going before the lord nude could represent a humbling vulnerability but god gives us all discernment.

    • Mario Murillo

      Linda, You are trying to hard to avoid the obvious. This is a carnal dream that exalts a man in a most cringe-worthy fashion. Not of God.

  61. Peter Yang

    I’ll tell you what this reminds me of, the fight within the body of Christ, whether the gifts of the Spirit is for today. Now most of us that follow you mario or these men and women in question, have graduated from that so we are in the camp where we are all in agreement. Now since then, the so called Spirit filled camp have been introduced to the prophetic. There are varying degrees of insights and a new voice is constantly arising and gaining notoriety based on experience, whether it be words from the Lord or third heaven experiences. These are hard to judge because people are saying this is what they are experiencing. Our text book that we are all being tested from is the Word of God. We all have different interpretations at times but we all have the Holy Spirit and that is the check lot of people that have commented are talking about. At the end we will know by the fruit and are we motivated by love in all of our doings and actions. Yes, mario don’t waste your time focusing and commenting on the actions of others. You’re doing great work. I’m starting to retreat from the prophetic myself, because there are no regulations, no fathers, everybody is just doing and saying whatever they want. Are we winning souls, are we taking care of widows and orphans, are we visiting people in prison, hospitals, taking care of the poor?
    We will all stand before God one day and give an account of our lives. Let’s have a little more faith in the believers and the Holy Spirit, if these guys want to keep talking foolishness, people will withdrawal and they will have no one listening.

  62. James

    Thank You Mario for taking a Stand Against the Deception and Leaders trying to Lead people after themselves!!!
    It is such a breath of Fresh Air to my spirit!

  63. BarbyC

    Stay the course MM! This has gone on in the Body of Messiah for years and no one in leadership will call things out. Thank you for doing so! My husband and I watched Robin for some time and then he suddenly started saying the most bizarre things. We would look at each other and say “what?” That’s when we moved away from listening to him. The lack of discernment in the Body is very frightening. Thanking the Lord for MM Ministries, winning souls for the Lord!!!!

  64. Kim

    Thank you for the exposures, to be honest I felt it in my spirit long before you said anything. I quit listening and started reading more Bible, listening to God’s voice and not all the others. He is truth and will direct us all if we keep our focus on Him. Some of the stuff is so far out.. pray for one another to open our eyes and hearts to truth.

  65. Susan Romo

    I’m not able to open this video. I find this very concerning Mario, and not in the way you think

  66. Sue

    Mario, this video is from an older dream from Timothy. On his own podcast in explanation of the dream, he mentioned that he had NO idea who Robin was. He had never met him, never had seen him, nor had even heard of him. When he had the dream, it was the first time he had ever seen Robin. If you go back and listen to Timothy’s explanation of that dream on his own podcast, he makes all of this very clear. This is the danger of prophecies being presented on a platform like this. The not knowing the entire dreams and/or prophecies when they are repeated on a stage is like trying to make sense of a newscast of an emergency and only hearing a slight portion. I also think that there is a danger of telling things like this without the entire backstory because it can and usually is perceived incorrectly. This is truly only HALF of the dream explanation. I think the reference to John the Baptist was in explanation of Robin’s looks and if Timothy was going to judge him from his exterior or accept him as God’s prophet. I don’t know about the nakedness in heaven part, but Robin seemed to understand that and explained it as “we are laid bare before the Lord,” but not actually naked. If that makes sense. In other words, Timothy’s dream of them naked was that is how they are seen before the Lord, ready to be used no matter what, and that their life is an open book to Him and they’ve laid their lives down for Him. In that dream Robin petitioned the Lord that he wanted his country back and God said, “Granted.”

    Mario, thank you for pointing this out – it does bring confusion and is confusing, and I think the worst thing that has been done is that the prophecies are just put out there, wherever, whenever. Mostly only half-told since they are assuming that everyone listening already heard it the first time. What would probably be more effective is that once the interpretation has been given, it needs to stay there and not repeated, UNLESS it is repeated, in full, as it was initially. Also, they need to be documented, categorized, and numbered so that the reference can be made back to them when the prophecy is realized. like Pastor Hank does. And, I personally think that Pastor Hank’s responsibility with prophecy and how he handles it is Biblical. No one else has done that that I have seen. Otherwise, just presenting them without notation, well, we wouldn’t have the Bible if that had been done back then!!! Now, things are a bit disorganized, and it would be much better if these new prophecies had been written down and someone keeping track of everything that is said, and everything that has been fulfilled. Otherwise, it’s just a huge, confused mess that doesn’t edify the Body of Christ. Pastor Hank Kunneman takes the time to not only keep track of them, even has staff to help with it, but he also spends time teaching on what they mean, how many have come to pass, etc. THAT’S what we need for all of them!

    Lastly, I’ve heard a few whoppers over the past couple of years from some of the prophets – Pastor Christmas got on his Wednesday podcast and told everyone that the reason they feel far from God is that Jesus leaves us sometimes to go and build our ‘houses” in heaven. That said, he has said his share of whoppers but I truly do not think it is his heart to deceive or mislead ANYONE. Again, just a SEVERE lack of Biblical knowledge in the Body of Christ.

    But, if this is the real interpretation, that Robin is the new John the Baptist, THAT isn’t scriptural anywhere and it needs to be shut down. That is NOWHERE in the Bible, Daniel, Ezekiel, Matthew, OR Revelation!

  67. Margarette

    I thought you were done with this conversation? I believe your intent was to help the body of Christ because you clearly believe we cannot discern a wolf from a sheep for ourselves. Elevating Lance Walnau over others is not something I think is good or giving your stamp of approval to somebody is appropriate at this time. Lance spoke at my church in Arizona a year or so ago and was horrified (as were others) at his tone. He was so angry as he demanded we get over ourselves for believing (some) prophets. Get over ourselves for believing the servants of the Lord , his prophets? He then proceeded to tell us what we should be believing. He said Trump wasn’t coming back and move on. Our church is not political in nature and our pastors had instructed us to “contend” for what we believed and wanted if it is line with the word of God. I believe Lance to be an honorable man but his anger was unmistakable. We could have had a spiritual field day what kind of man would stand in another mans pulpit directing anger towards his congregation.

    I believe you are a man of integrity and should have addressed this in a different way. I believe Lance should have had a sweeter spirit in addressing us at church. We are pretty beat up out here in Maricopa County Arizona. Stirring up anger in the body or asking us to take sides in this debate which you have created is very difficult. You have been on stage with Robin Bullock. Does that mean you endorse everything he has said or done. Does it mean Robin must endorse everything you have said or done? I don’t think anybody in this fight is perfect. None. I find your timing to be a dangerous distraction. Robin Bullock and his family love the Lord and preach nothing else. I don’t watch Dixon often but I have never hear him say anything that would make me doubt his belief in Jesus or his love of the Lord. I don’t think he made that dream up. It may not have been from the Lord or perhaps there is some confusion about what it meant and he did not articulate it well but I have consistently heard the word of God from both of them. I have never heard either one of them talk about nudity or endorse nudity. Just the opposite. They are strong advocates for coming against perversion.

    If a drug addict walked into your tent half naked screaming for help would you help her and lead her to Christ or tell her to get out and put some clothes on? Perhaps ignoring her nudity as you give her your coat or blanket would not disrupt the most important thing. Leading her to Christ. Perhaps not. There would be 50 opinions on this. Would heaven not recognize her salvation because she came in nude? Would heaven reject her because she was nude? Would you? Just a question.

    • Kathleen Garcia

      To Margaret. “If a drug addict walked into your tent half naked screaming for help would you help her and lead her to Christ or tell her to get out and put some clothes on?” Yes he would and he has!

      • Mario Murillo

        The Bible says to clothe the naked. Why couldn’t we do both? We know we can because we have done it.

  68. Peggy

    That was my exact feeling that even the elect would be deceived I feel God is showing me keep my eyes on Him and His word not man’s

  69. Gerald Munn

    I recognize Kookoo when I hear it. Thank you Mario since May 15, 1986 at Towson State University sponsored by Trinity Assembly in Lutherville Md where I attended. It was during the preaching I heard the Lord say,”stand up Jerry Munn” and I jumped first . Do you remember who the black gentleman was singing?

  70. Ruth R. Ferree

    I continue to stand with Mario’s discernment and his desire to both honor God by speaking truth and to warn those among us who are less educated and trained in the higher dimensions of the Holy Spirit operations. I have to believe had someone stood up back in the Jones People temple days 900 people wouldn’t have been murdered by some self proclaimed minister who had mastered deceiving people with manifestations. The devil can also perform fake miracles that convince people. Lots of ministers today are wolves and through the true prophets God has called out He is preparing to pour out His judgment, so these are words to the wise. The “church” today is so far deceived and lead astray it’s the proof of the condition of the world today – so weak and ineffective because unrighteousness ties the hand of God to bless. It’s the enemy who prospers ministers with record deals, money and personal jets. Let Swaggert and Bakker’s testimony among others be remembered and wisely avoided. I will confirm issues with Dixon and several other active ones. We must be wise, not all who call God “Lord” are OF God. The evil we are fighting planted politicians in both parties to deceive the masses. Sheep are gullible and too many are uneducated in the spirit dimension. Not all dreams and visions are from God, neither are all prophetic utterances. I am positive David Wilkerson heard and had to confront plenty of those un-godly ones, Mario is not accountable to people, other ministers or to social media; he is accountable before God who knows the heart of man and that is the highest form of judgment Mario has to face with each action and each word he uses. Other “ministers” are also accountable to God – let them be ware of The MOST Righteous of all.

    • Patricia Murray Cooper

      ABSOLUTELY! DAVID WILKERSON had to fight these same demons!! He truly was a prophet used mighty by GOD!

    • Mariah

      At Jonestown they put almost all of the poison into one big drum of Kool- Aide. With armed guards watching ready to shoot anyone that ran away, it’s a fact that had ONE person stood up and gone over and knocked the barrel over they could have prevented the others from killings themselves. Mario has knocked over the Kool-Aid and we should be eternally grateful that he took the bullet for us. I STAND WITH MARIO.

  71. Suzanne Bonne´

    I stopped following the Elijah list years ago because there were so many there that did not witness to my spirit. Not saying I’m always right but I’ve known the Lord for a long time and have seen deception before. Two of the people who disturbed me the most were Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock. I was grateful to Mario Murrillo when he called them out because it confirmed what I saw. This new video is certainly disturbing and seems like a toe in the door that leads into a very dark place. I pray the Body of Christ learns discernment and turns away from claims like this that the Holy Spirit would never approve. It’s appealing to sensuality. No. Not God. Thank you Mario. You’ve taken heat for a long time for telling the truth. Sorry for that but you are doing a great service.

  72. Jeannie Allbritton

    Mario, thank you for doing the tough but right thing. Thank you.

  73. Jacqui

    Mario, I agree with you about the ppl you believe are giving some false prophecies. I too have discerned error concerning KK, RB, and TD. One thing I want to mention though, is that my husband got saved after reading Michale Drosnin’s book, “The Bible Code.” I had it at the check-out counter about 3 times, but each time God said, “Put it back.” God led my husband to buy the book himself and after reading it, he declared, “I believe God is who He said He is. There is no way man wrote that Bible (without the Holy Spirit), and I feel like something died inside me – that who I was is dead and decaying, and falling on the ground around me like fertilizer, so that the seeds that are being planted are being fertilized.” He is Jewish and is now a born again believer and was baptized at 47 years old. Relying on Wikipedia to debunk The Bible Code doesn’t seem wise. I have read both of Drosnin’s books about the code using EDL and I believe it to be valid. If I am wrong and you have much stronger evidence to refute my belief, please share it with me. Love in Jesus.

  74. Christine Papst

    Than you so much Mario for bringing this out into the open. I had been listening to Robin for a little while and wondered how he knew things I never heard of from the bible. I am glad you listened to the Holy Spirit and brought this to our attention.

  75. Chrittieg

    Teresa are you afraid of the truth or are you confused at what Gossip is versus warning that real FALSE PROPHETS exist and we MUST CALL THEM OUT??

  76. Liz carcamo

    Hi Mario , how do we all get rid of these wicked men . I believe they are wicked and false prophets . I will do as instructed. I will also pray that God removes these men immediately and expose their evil deeds .

  77. Dennis James

    God bless you brother Mario, If the Lord will allow you to fully concentrate on your ministry for Him at this time, I would do just that.
    I was alarmed at the statement of nudity from Dixon and was not sure about Bullock. I have given it to God as I do not have any extra time to wonder about who is a prophet and not. I am praying for great discernment in every situation I face from day to day. I normally pray for you everyday and I will continue to ask God to give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.
    God bless you and the might works of God through your ministry.

  78. Mark

    Mario, you have my full support. It’s clear you are responding in a completely Biblical manner.

    At various times throughout the decades we’ve seen so-called leaders given a pass when they expressed ideas that were clearly off, while those in the Church were too eager to give them the benefit of the doubt. Later those same “leaders” were exposed, having committed gross sins that brought nothing but dishonor and confusion to the Church. Many times these “leaders” followed the public disclosure of the sin with a token 3-month “rehabilitation” period and a return to the pulpit, when they had no business going near a pulpit for the rest of their lives. It’s sickening to see this, along with the hand-wringing and timidity of so many in the Body when it comes to calling out the evil in the midst of the Church.

    At the same time people have no such fear when it comes to fighting about minor doctrinal differences. As Francis Schaeffer once wrote about, one says “ABCD” and another says “ABDC” and bam! The war is on. Priorities, people!

  79. Ann Turk

    I agree wholeheartedly with this comment. Read the Word daily from front to back and let the Holy Spirit teach you true Wisdom and understanding. I’ve always been uneasy watching most of these so called prophets, but I am a mature Christian who knows what the Word of God says because of reading the best Book ever written several times and studying it for over 25 years! Mario, thank you for using your God given gifts to win souls for Christ. Keep up the good work for Jesus Christ. He’s coming back really soon. Blessings to you and your family. (I met you and your wife at Dallas airport last year…while passing through).

  80. Bonita Bland

    I knew both of these men were false prophets. My spirit did NOT bear witness with their spirit that they were of God. Thank you for exposing them.

  81. Starr

    Mario, I first heard you preach on TBN many years ago and I perceived your integrity within every sermon. You always came prepared. I knew you were a preacher who took God’s calling seriously. I can always and have always had confidence that when you speak “hard sayings,” you’ve made sure your heart is pure before the Lord. You are unafraid to address the hard things, and of course, God knows you are faithful and He can call on you to do it. You have inspired me more than words could convey, and you’ve done so many times when I was about to give up on my ability to fight the good fight of faith so I could finish my course.

    Mario, you are a man of high character and you are strong enough to speak truth in situations like this, all of it based firmly in the Word of God. You are right to let this go and continue going about doing good. Nothing is better than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that souls are saved before it’s everlasting too late.

    Your strength as you continue to do what God called you to do AND SAY is encouraging for me. Right when I need it. We need more leaders like you in the Church. Thank you, Mario.

  82. Laurie Daly

    Timothy’s dream, to me, seems to “expose” them both and points out that they are naked. I think that this means that their errors will be exposed publicly and before God/heaven. Also, Robin had on “like a camel’s vest, that wrapped around him. It didn’t girdle around his waist, but it wrapped around his neck.” Elijah wore a camel colored girdle about his waist. I think that this means that Robin is not wearing his prophetic mantel properly and that it will choke him around the neck. Also, Timothy ended up following Robin. I think this was a warning dream for Timothy not to follow Robin.

    John Paul Jackson always taught that the “gifts of God are without repentance.” But he also always pointed out that to move properly in the prophetic, one needed to develop Godly character. The immature prophet, without Godly character, ends up looking Jezebelic. I think that Robin has a prophetic gift, but it is not pure right now because of his lack of character development. I am praying that he will repent, and turn from what seems to be arrogance lately. I stopped watching him when he said that if we didn’t like Kat, we should just leave his church. So I left.

    In the end times, many shall be deceived by false prophets and I thank you Mario for reminding us that it is our job to “judge the prophets.” (1 Cor 14:29) I truly appreciate you bringing this to light. Bless you. From Lake County, California

  83. Diana

    I’ve always felt something was off with Bullock & questioned why he was on LOH & Flashpoint. Something in my spirit when he spoke was just not right. I’ve never heard of Dixon or heard anything from him, so I guess that’s good. I stick to certain prophets & teachers and don’t leave those few. Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau, Tim Sheets, Dutch Sheets. That’s about it! Thank you Mario Murillo for opening peoples eyes and putting God first

  84. Susan Romo

    Mario, You are doing what thre media does. They take a small clip and and not the entirety of the point being made, and twisting it.
    Why cant you show the video or conversation in its entirety?
    That’s just not fair and wrong.

    • Mario Murillo

      No twisting. No short videos. The damage is done in their own words. I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

      • JeriRose Farley

        I haven’t followed these that were mentioned but what I’ve read in the Bible is that we are to honor, love, and respect Jesus because He is Lord of all Lords. Not man. We’re to exalt God And His Holiness not man. Jesus is king of all kings. Give Him the praise & glory. Not man. God bless you Mario.

      • Patty

        Thank you Mario for speaking the truth to help people. the Holy Spirit is our Helper! The Spirit of Truth. He is guiding you, and you are following His leading. Be strong in God and continue to do His will. You have done what was necessary. Trying to help wake people to see Truth.

      • Tom in Oregon City

        Things like this make me tremble: “What log am I missing, Lord Jesus?” Challenging leaders shouldn’t be any different than challenging any others, but it is. Lord, keep us from being swept up by the esteem of men,
        and remind us that everything good in us is there because You put it there. Thank you for being brave, Mario.

    • Wayne Gile

      I had the same concern… Very troubling.

      • Mario Murillo

        I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  85. Liz Carcamo

    Matthew 24:11-12

    Since we are all believer in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior , can we take the time to seek the Lord and pray for this matter. I don’t believe that Mario is leading anyone astray . In fact , he is looking looking out for the flock . Bullock is alluding that he is similar to John the Baptist, it’s not a metaphor or simile. We should beware of these false prophets . Watch and see !

  86. Carolyn Rankin

    Robin & Kat are highly questionable as to their authenticity. Robin presents himself as the “Goth Old Hippie Rocker”, with his dyed hair, leather coat in all seasons and black clothing. His personal image is very important to him. Kat has her image issues too, pink hair and flashy clothes. I don’t recall from my reading the Word, that true prophets have special costumes.
    ROBIN is NOT JOHN the Baptist and Kat is delusional from eating too much cake.

    • Stephanie

      But I believe in the last days, God will use anybody.. not just rich people in expensive suits.

    • Mary Mobley

      1Chronicles 26 : 22 says touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm. Now John the Baptist was the great prophet, he wore animal skins and lived in the wilderness and ate bugs , God called him from the womb . He looked different and they also made fun of him. Now just because these prophets happen to look a little different is because they are being themselves and they like their look ! So what they dye their hair I bet you do too ! Robin might like wearing leather and his hair a bit long so what ! So what Katt like a little pink in her hair and encourages God people to celebrate and eat cake because God is moving today with revival ! Come on now !!! Don’t judge or you’ll be judged !! Not every prophesy spoken has come to pass yet , God works in his own timing , God does not lie . Some of these comments against these prophets are horrible . You question their authenticity??? Why not just ask God instead of tearing down those people

      • Mario Murillo

        God asked me to expose them. They are false teachers who bring danger to innocent sheep. I only touched the not anointed.

        • Debra

          I pray daily for discernment, as I believe we all must do. The Bible says the Holy Spirit will lead us into truth. Your warning has served as a confirmation to me of what I discerned about these people. Just as I strongly felt the Holy Spirit moving the first time I listened to one of your (Mario’s) teachings, I have had to turn away from Robin, Timothy, and could never listen to Kat at all. It seems to me that many pastors start out with the right heart, but as they team up with others and their audience grows, their heart, or maybe their focus, changes.

          I watched another prophet tell of a dream she had and interpreted as her taking out the enemy. The dream spoke very differently to me. I saw it as a warning that her ministry was going to be “high-jacked”. Shortly after, she, like so many others, teamed up with questionable voices and seemed to get sucked in. There appears to be a “false voice” actively infiltrating many ministries today. It is truly a scary thing… although the Word of God does warn of the coming deception, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with the Word.

          We must all pray for discernment. We must ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth. God is faithful and He will reveal truth to you if you will ask Him. Instead of arguing with others about their truth, take your questions to our Heavenly Father and seek HIS Truth.

  87. Marlene S Anthony

    I have heard both and don’t believe a word either has said.

  88. LaTanya G Wright

    I am SO disturbed by what you’ve done. I feel you should take this opportunity to clarify what you believe about the ministry of the prophet and give names of prophets who you believe ARE NOT false.

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following. Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock are false ministers.

  89. Judy morgan

    God Bless you and the ministry. The minute I saw and listened to the Kat woman; I automatically knew this person was not representing GOD. Host like Bailey on Flashpoint start out with humility and just let their guest speak by following the Holy Spirit and the program was anointed by God, but then they start imagining they are something and turn the program into their SHOW and Push God away and do their own thing, advertising and like most people on those programs, all about raising money and notoriety for themselves, so what GOD started; they replace with themselves. It’s also so Obvious how jelouus Bailey is if Lance Wallnau The only ones I like to listen to on that program now is Lance and he probably won’t put up with this stuff much longer. Really a shame. Just like GOD said in His Word; pride comes before a fall. What could have been a great help for people, has been ruined by egotistical people. Very sad. Why does Bailey waste all the very expensive airtime having the people watch all those clips from the old news clips that we all have seen many times anyway?? He Maby should go into politics!!

  90. Heato

    Kat Karr!?? Tim Dixon!!? Robin Bullock!!?

    Who ARE these people!???!

    READ YOUR BIBLES and you will KNOW who the fakes are.

    Jesus is coming back for a spotless bride, not a drama queen.

  91. Linda Ann Baldwin-Yeatts

    This mutual admiration society among the ‘prophets’ has just all become so strangely absurb. Everyone of God’s children has their own unique personal identities and eccentricities. John the Baptist was an excellent example and was not received in his day. Think camel hair, locust & wild honey! Jesus wasn’t widely received for that matter, especially in the ‘religious’ circles. There are many unique ‘prophets’ that have surfaced in these last few years that I don’t personally care for in terms of their ‘presentation’, but have refrained from personal judgement. But…when conversation goes ‘sensual’…. I’m done. No where does the Word of God, and the ‘Letters in Red’ spoken by Jesus lead toward suggestions of or even a hint of nudity and sensuality. Lord, please bring correction and give discernment to those involved. For the record, I even commented after listening to some of Bullocks 11th Hour, that he reminds me of a 21st Century ‘John the Baptist’ because of his uniqueness. I’ve not heard any heresy from him, but do not listen on a regular basis. Timothy Dixon….. can’t deal with the vernacular.ord, YOUR Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Praying for Purity, Holiness & Wholeness in the Body of Christ, in Jesus Name, Amen.

  92. CindyLou

    I just wanna say, I don’t put my faith in any man. But I do pray & ask God daily who would he have me learn from. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with this, but I do know Jesse Duplantis has also publicly said that Robin was a type of John the Baptist for now. And I think everyone forgets with dreams & vision it’s not always literal what is shown. Most dreams or visions that have nakedness in them is not a perversion. Naked represent: vulnerable, open, transparent, without guile, innocence, trusting etc. Like a coat of any kind: Mantle, protection, security, anointing, covering, a putting on of something, etc. So not everything is automatically a perversion. And really most dreams & visions usually you pay attention to the action in them. And the people in them, it’s usually about what their name means and their characteristics are. Again that’s the job of the Holy Spirit. So I’m not really leaning one way or the other I pray that any kind of deception would be uncovered & brought to light. Also one last thing, about 4 years ago God had me study about cults because a lot of people would be led away from God for that very reason. People will accuse “Ministers” or Churches of being one. If you look at the last few years there was alot more show’s & documentaries coming out about cults. It’s how the enemy has always worked, & TV and movies are one of his big tools to get a vision in your head. This is why we all for ourselves have to be rooted in the word for real, not a religious reading, or quoting. One last thing, I have also heard several prophets, pastors talk about the ones who are gonna carry the Elijah anointing in the end. Well John the Baptist had an Elijah anointing. Mal.4:5-6…..After that is Matthew, and who shows up in the 3rd chapter doing what? So make sure you are in the word for yourself ALWAYS everyday, don’t follow whoever sounds good to you, ask daily who should you listen to or maybe be taught from, and still don’t live off what they say, get in your Bible for yourself. Just trying to show maybe a different side of something, so others aren’t hurt or confused by what side or who should they be listening to? Have a blessed day!

  93. debbysdelights

    Mario, in my head many times I had likened you to a present day John the Baptist (that voice in the wilderness). I never thought you were John reincarnated. Just a present day one. Maybe that was what was meant here. Wasn’t it a dream? I do hate this distention in the body, I think it can cause great damage I thought we were suppose to be looking for unity.

  94. Ann88

    This community of so-call prophets today has become something like an evil clique. Timothy Dixon is so illiterate he can barely form a coherent sentence, let alone understand the written word of the Lord. This has gone so far beyond insanity to the point of evil chaos, where they’re all afraid to call anyone out as a false prophet because they’ve all bought into it. It’s just sad that these people refuse to wake up. They all have their agenda’s and movements, and forgot what it’s truly all about. Thank goodness we know that God is still in control and we were warned these days would come and told what to do, well, we’re here and we’re in it. You’re in our prayers Mario, the Lord will provide whatever you need. God bless and thank you.

  95. Lizzie

    Thank you Mario. 2 hours after I read this blog God gave me Jeremiah 29:8-9 Wow!

  96. Mary Lott

    I find it hard to believe how much flack you are receiving from calling out sin and revealing truth to the body of Christ, especially by the leadership. It’s equivalent to being stoned. The world today is ignorant of the Word. They are drunk on the prophets and cannot judge right from wrong. I highly recommend a video by Jack Van Impe called Beware False Prophets and he had no problem calling them out by name. God help the church!!!!

  97. Jose T Matute

    Sister….I’ll be praying for you, so your eyes can be open ti the truth…
    You are getting defeated…cry out to God for revelación…
    You’re wrong, Mario is a man of God!…..

  98. Lynn Anderson

    Mario, I’m so thankful that your finger as well as your heart is always pointed toward Yahweh. In my spirit I feel that you seek His approval and not the approval of man, therefore, I choose to trust you and your judgement. Thank you for your faithfulness and steadfastness.
    Joshua 24:15
    And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

  99. Gary

    Both of these guys have prophesied numerous dates for events to happen. They come and go without happening and they just do it again with some new datae and event. The Bible is clear …. don’t listen to false prophets. And that’s exactly IMO what they are.

  100. Robertson

    I can’t stand this craziness either. I don’t know why KC is allowing Flashpoint to have on such weird guests. The Holy Spirit is not weird. Also, how many times does someone go to Heaven like this?

    • PEL

      Because KC is weird? You may want to check into that

  101. Gil Zaragoza

    I choose to stay with the Word of God and the direction of the Spirit of God!

  102. Robert Laing

    Glad to know you are focusing on Christ and being a master fisher of men. Many will be drawn away by enticing tickling words. Many many more will come. You shared what God told you to say. Now finish well brother!!! Best blessing

  103. Phil

    Why did you use initials? Not helpful.

  104. Darlene

    Being naked in heaven is very disturbing. That there is a warning that they were not clothed with Christ. I appreciate you speaking out because my spirit knew something was wrong when either KK or RB spoke out. There are many other false prophets who are being promoted and made famous right now. I couldn’t put into words what bothered me but when you shared the scripture Colossians 2:18 that was it. “Let no one defraud you by declaring you unworthy and disqualifying for the prize, insisting on self-abasement and worship of angels, taking his stand on visions he claims he has seen, vainly puffed up by his sensuous notions and inflated by his unspiritual thoughts and fleshly conceit and not holding fast to the Head from whom the entire body, supplied knit together by means of it’s joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God.” Thank you for speaking out Mario. Someone had to. Too many people have itching ears.

  105. Maranda Anderson

    Mario there is one more false prophet. Before flashpoint and all these “prophets” started rising up God told me that there were four false prophets rising up. I personally have watched flash point, Robin, and Timothy several times. I had wondered who they were and had came to the same conclusions that you had of who they were of course by the leading of the Holy Spirt, He is my teacher and a great one at that. This last one is one that supports the others. He may not necessarily be a “false prophet” but by him condoning the others he will easily be led astray.

  106. CS

    This outrageous!!!!! People need to wake up to this false prophet. I never thought Robin Bullock was. Prophet. He is weird and does not speak the Word of God. He is deceptive!!! Enough already!!! Wake Up Christians and Body of Christ!!!

  107. Tracy

    Thank you, Mario. As Christ followers our eyes should be completely and solely focused upon Jesus and Jesus alone! He is to receive ALL the glory… NOT Robin Bullock or anyone else.

  108. Cydney Beatty

    Witchcraft is alive and well in the pulpit. Denounce this at once. Not biblical at all. False doctrine. Mario thank you for making this public. Time to for the goats and sheep be separated.

  109. Cheryl Anne Gile

    Thank you Mario for scripturally sounding the alarm on Kat Kerr, Robyn Bullock and Timothy Dixon. I could not bring myself to listen to Kat Kerr or Timothy Dixon. I have watched many of Robyn Bullocks messages and I have had a check in my spirit regarding some of his messages. I have walked with the Lord for a very long time and I was duped. Thanks again for your courage to stand up! I will no longer listen to Robyn because I believe that the Lord is using you to sound the alarm.

  110. Ron Morrow

    I am not calling myself a prophet there are more than enough self appointed prophets out and about today, I am nothing more than a servant. It is very easy for one who has been called as a prophet or one who has the gift of prophecy to get a spirit of pride about themselves. Once that spirit has taken root they begin to not hear the word the Lord has given them to speak or if they do manage to actually hear the Lord that word goes through the filters of pride, egotism and vanity. They cease operating the prophetic and become diviners or as I often refer to them glorified fortune tellers. I pray God breaks them and sends them back into the wilderness to repent and truly get to know the heartbeat and thoughts of the Father. It has become so easy to deceive masses of people who are truly hungry for the prophetic when so many churches have become non prophet agencies (pun intended) .

    Personally before I declare this is a Word from the Lord I pray over it and pray again. My biggest fear is not being told by man to sit down it is saying thus says the Lord when it came out of my carnal mind. I pray daily that I walk in humility and do not give pride of any type to clutter my mind.

    God bless you Mario and hope you are back in north TX or OK soon

  111. Flo Ellers

    The church and its leaders must confront those who do not walk uprightly according to the Truth of the Gospel. Truth must not be compromised. If the church loses its moral character, it has lost everything! If I hear a prophet or any believer speak/teach what is strictly not biblical I have a moral requirement to correct the error. Paul said, “…that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.” I have a moral requirement that does not allow for my passivity.

  112. Mabel Adams

    I am sad to say I watched this video on YouTube and didn’t fully grasp the meaning until I was actually able to read it and hear Mario’s interpretation and the fact that he gave scripture to back it up helped also. Many are deceived I believe because they are not getting taught by the Pastors in their churches about false prophets and the dangers of them. Many churches are not concerned about the lost and it’s not a part of their church’s teaching. I am in awe of the total of folks saved and delivered in your tent crusades. Keep marching forward Mr. Murillo and thank you helping us see the truth!

  113. Margo D

    I do not agree with everything everybody says. It is true there are false teachers, false prophets, false pastors, false evangelists, etc., etc., etc.
    But is it right for you to stir everything up, leave a mess, and expect the
    Church leaders to clean up the mess. Why are you even watching this stuff in the first place. Hope you don’t have any skeletons in your closet, or your glass house.

    Talk about false teachers, John McCarthy(?) is one of the most blatant. Let
    God deal with him. He teaches against the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Now
    That’s scary.

    Name the ones you expect to handle your mess. The 500?

    So, now will you go back to your I, me, my ministry?

  114. John Mark

    I have been in Pentecostal ministry for almost 50 years and tend to lean very “conservative” in my Biblical beliefs. Having read many “Prophetic Words for 2018,” “19” “20” etc; all one has to do is write down the “words” and keep track to see if they came to pass. Most of the “prophets” did not accurately foretell what was coming. Trump did not get re-elected, followed by Pence for the next 8 years. The republicans did not gain total control of government and maintain it through the 2030’s. The people of this world laugh and scoff at jello mountains, amusement parks, golf courses, cows driving tractors, and horseback riding in heaven. Cult like leadership says, “never question the prophets or demand accountability lest judgement fall upon you.” We are warned to watch for seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. ” Prophetic Words” are not intended to be like a “The Believers Daily Horoscope.” How many of you are awakened in the night by angels who give you “words” to share on websites. Does the Bible still speak relevant “word” for today? Can we be guided by the Bible, or do we need people with “special revelations by angels” to guide us today? These things are worthy of discussion and debate.

  115. Sheila Price

    One thing I am guilty of and suspect many of us are… this situation is a prime example of why the Body are supposed to lift leaders, spiritual ones especially, in prayer, because without prayers keeping them surrounded by holy angels and for them to have wisdom and discernment the demons of pride and false teachings can slip in.
    When we find pastors who preach THE WORD, all of it, with accuracy…Keep them covered in protective prayers.
    Father, forgive me for not being more diligent about this important task.

    Mario, I will be more diligent about lifting you in prayer also.

  116. Frank Boston

    When you consider relatively recent church history, the alarm bells should go off, as Mario said!…Many decades ago William Marian Branham and John Alexander Dowie and other once anointed healers made this same mistake of thinking they were the Elijah of this day, “manifest sons of God” to prepare the way of the Lord.They didn’t end well….Those like David Koresh, Sun young Moon ,Joseph Smith and so many many others would quote profusely the scriptures concerning Revelation and the coming of the Lord….,but ADD on their privately received revelations as self-proclaimed prophets.

    This is uncomfortably similar to what Bullock (and Kat Kerr and some others) have been doing..With a raised staff he called for the “parting of the Red Sea” on Jan 6th…. In Feb. of ’22, lifted his staff to supposedly close demon portals underneath CERN in Switzerland and above the WH in Washington…later claimed to verbally call back Nethanyahu to office and told Trump in a prophecy “It’s time for you to return..start walking back NOW!” And later this past year, he said the raid by FBI of Mar a Lago fulfilled a prophecy in Isa 63:1-5!

    And in a very recent message he fiercely berated anyone who opposed his prophecies, mentioning how the two witnesses of Revelation consumed with fire from their mouth all who opposed them and said “You better watch your mouth and not speak against what god is saying thru the prophets or fire from this mouth will consume you!”

    Recently on one of his programs, after spending a quarter hour ranting on the political evils of Biden and Obama, saying Obama was set to be Antichrist but was 25 years too early , went on to call Biden “the clown in diapers” and “the jackal in the WH” . He prophesied the following: (I recall it word-for-word) “Shake and bake!Grab the jackal by the leg! Shake him like dog, throw him ‘cross the threshing floor..And you! Fauci!!God says, I saw you french-kiss a bat in China and spew its serpent-poison into the nations!” Folks this is so unlike the holy spirit of prophecy as Scripture tells us “the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus”. But he is smart enough to package all of this in a general message filled with a lot of true and biblically sound statements. But a glass of water that is 95% pure H20 …yet 5% cyanide mixed in…, still must be avoided!!!

    We must pray earnestly for those who dutifully and adoringly defend without question him (or KatK or others) and then warn of divine judgment upon any of us who dare to question the scriptural accuracy of their claims! “Judgment must begin in the house of God.”
    May we all be humbled at the blood-drenched foot of the Cross. So yes!..Pray!…pray with tears of love and mercy for all involved with this serious development.

  117. Kathleen Lord

    What I see here leaves me with a mixture of uneasiness and disbelief. The staff does not set well with me to begin with. There is a darkness about all of this. His manner and his words, and yes, Bullock’s consent to these statements are not just borderline blasphemy but in my gut a parody of scripture. How dare he say they presented themselves before the Lord naked? Dreaming of being naked indicates a person’s fear of being exposed. Enough said there. As for Robin being John the Baptist incarnate, again, darkness surrounds this suggestion. Those are my feelings about this. Why would I feel this way if this were of God? This is nothing but a delusional circus act. They should consider 2 Peter 2:1 and Deuteronomy 18:20.
    I’m sad Mario left Flashpoint over all of this, but I don’t blame him.

    • RSG

      I wonder what you would think of the flash dream I had in August 2021. I saw a youth, a David character with a shepherd’s staff. I heard “Sons of God, take up your scepters.”

  118. Pearl Burton

    Mario, thank you for your warning that bears witness with my spirit. Now I realize that God took me away from listening to the imposters. I pray they repent.

  119. Patricia A Scalf

    I feel the same way. I have been so hungry…found Flashpoint etc. and Timothy Dixon…began watching but “something” Let me know that weird things began to happen. I now longer watch either. For right now it is pretty much MY BIBLE and me.

  120. Esther Gibbs

    Don’t know these men but after seeing this trash I’m so glad that I’ve been questioning a lot of things and asking for wisdom and discernment!! Thanks so much for ur last 2 books and now reading Fresh Fire. I want that so much and He’s really working on me

  121. Kim Cummings

    My heart weeps as I see this. Thank you, Mario for doing what God has spoken for you to do and warning the people here on earth of any false prophets.

  122. Reeni Martinson

    Mario!!! Thank you so very much for speaking TRUTH!

  123. lance j foreman

    proper you pulling the covers off these phycos , amazing people actually follow these guys, kida scary

  124. Steven Hamlett

    Mario. You are absolutely Correct in what you are saying. (I watched the videwo)This needed to be Rebuked and we also should pray that God’s Holy Spirit would open their eyes and ears so that they would see and Hear the truth. The are speaking Falsely and need to do what 2 Chronicles 7:14 says to do. GOD loves them and wants them to come to repentance. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Tony

    1 Kings 22:20 – 38 (AMPC). When Micaiah called out the lying prophets, he was struck by Zedekiah and then Ahab responded to imprison Micaiah. So Ahab, listening to the lying prophets, went to war and was wounded. In Ahab’s final moments, does one think he might have had thoughts of should’a, could’a, would’a believed the true prophet Micaiah? Forewarned is Forearmed. I’m on team Mario (just sayin!).

  126. Lori

    We cannot allow false doctrine about Santa Claus and jello in heaven. Your reprimand to Mario as the bigger offense for speaking up strongly, and discounting false doctrine as a lesser offense is really scary. We don’t get guided by our feelings, that’s what the woke crowd does that abandoned God because his laws hurt their feelings. When Jesus threw the money changers tables over in the temple, he was angry and he was not wrong for it.

    • Carolyn

      Reading a lot of the comments here leaves me in amazement…. Amazement at how far away we are away from God. Pastor Murrillo, thank you for being obedient and warning us about those we should be wary of. It is right , that he warns us. It is wrong to chastise him for being obedient to God. Mario has been doing what God has asked of him for years. He has come across bumps in the road before. When Carman was led astray. Was it popular, no. Was it right yes. As a minister of Christ, he is obedient to God. If God tells him to warn us. And he did so. Let the rest fall where they may.
      Pastor Murillo has the fruit . He has and is yielding fruit.There rest will fall where it may. I would love to come help be a worker at your revivals. I am alone and on a fixed income. My heart longs to work for the eternal kingdom helping souls to Christ. My prayer is that more come to be saved. And somehow God makes a way for me to do my small part for Him. Continue on Pastor Murillo. Everyone pray, Don chastise . Pray. God bless

  127. Alison Chowning

    Mario I love your ministry. Love your style so much. Is there a misunderstanding that could be worked out by asking them directly? In that clip he didn’t mean literally Robin is John. I think he was saying he would be misunderstood and not accepted like John. I feel really bad for Timothy and Robin because I see they love the Lord so much. You are all so precious to the Body of Christ. Respectfully

    • Mario Murillo

      I would love to work it out but you must understand that they must repent.

  128. Esther L.

    I never got a witness to the many dreams Timothy Dixon shared and stopped listening to him a long time ago. However, I am more concerned about “leaders” like Amy Grant who hosted a same sex wedding for her niece last month, and Pastor Andy Stanley who said that homosexuals who attend church “have more faith than I do.” Meanwhile, small cake shop owner Jack Phillips in Colorado just suffered another setback in the state court because he refuses to compromise on this issue.

  129. KP

    I saw the comments he made on the post he took down. I have saved screenshots. What he said was exactly as stated and I gave proof. There is nothing wrong with saying he’s just as accountable. The Bible is clear in that. I had every right to say what I did, and you can say whatever back to me you wish. I will not argue with you. You are free to have your feelings.

  130. Brooke

    I agree with you Teresa. This is sowing discord amongst the brethren. I listened to that message the day it happened, anybody making it into something perverse, is disgusting.

    • Mario Murillo

      Brooke, I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  131. Sharon

    The way I look at it, there is no more “new” revelations that God hasn’t already given us in His word. He may have personal words for us or for the congregation, but it will not be outside of His word. It will NEVER contradict His word. Saying Robin is John the Baptist is essentially saying Jesus didn’t finish his mission of redemption on the cross. It’s blasphemy at it’s worst and downright disrespectful and dangerous at its best.

  132. Wendy

    This should be a rebuke against Timothy Dixon, but not Robin Bullock.

    • Mario Murillo

      Why did Robin not stop him?

  133. Tracey Nowak

    This is so very confusing. I have watched Kat and Robin. Kat was always strange to me and I took her words with a grain of salt. Robin I gave more time to and almost went to his church as my husband and I were traveling across country, but thankfully never made it. Sometimes scratching my head at times after watching him, other times unsure. I think wisdom is needed here, so I backed off of them both. Stopped watching The Elijah List/Streams as well for a while. Praying for wisdom and discernment and spending more time in the word. I do watch Dutch and Tim Sheets and always feel a good witness when I do. Mario, thank you for taking a stand.

    • Sue

      I have trusted Dutch sheets and Tim his brother also, they are biblically sound and always humble and approachable if any questions for them are asked

  134. Dave Barnes

    Mario.. I do find all of this a bit disturbing, although it’s not going to destroy my faith.. I do follow along with Dixon (somewhat).. Robin Bullock & Kat Kerr.. and I have confidence in each of them.. Also, I’ve been following along with you Mario for at least 6 years.. I went down to Fresno,CA spring of 2020 to sit under your teaching at you “Fire(something), 2 day, Masterclass” at the Cornerstone Church, & loved it.. Evangelism is also my spiritual gift & passion.. As for me.. I’m going to keep praying for discernment & see what happens.. 🙏🙏


    Is this why you are no longer appearing on Flashpoint?

  136. Dena

    Thank you for addressing this. What I find most disturbing is silence. I’ve only heard one other minister warn against this false prophets. Is anyone else speaking up?

  137. Carolyn

    Mario I have always listened to Amanda Grace and felt she was a true prophet. She had a new prophecy however when she was wearing a “mantle” given to her by Kim Clements daughter . She was also wearing a cloak that Timothy Dixon put on her and said it was like Elijah’s cloak. I am concerned she is getting off track , She also has recently expanded her platform into Telegram, Facebook and many other places. What do you think about her?
    Carolyn Hemann

    • Mario Murillo

      You are right Carolyn.

  138. Susan Jones

    Theresa, I had a similar experience on July 13, 2021. This is my post to him on YT. He is Robin D. Bullock & I used his MI as his wife has the same first name.
    Orig MainStMama • 0 seconds ago
    Whoa. Did I hear you correctly, Robin D? You said, “The LORD said, ‘Your damned voting machines. The word “damned” is a cuss word. The LORD has no need to cuss or swear. Will you please – for the
    benefit of the Body of CHRIST – clarify and explain, as a prophet of the Only LIVING GOD, what the LORD was saying? Is that what the LORD really said? I have heard prophets deliver many messages & in all my years I have never heard the LORD preface a noun with that adjective. I’m asking you – you who are HIS prophet & shared what you heard, why would the LORD say that in such a manner? TY, Robin D.
    Tu-07/13/2021.LORD, Save AMERICA! 17:40
    Still puzzled & lacking a response from him by 9:30PM, I went to view the video again. But it was now a Private Video:

    This video is private.
    0:00 / 0:00
    Authentication error
    Please select a different account
    Switch account
    In 1 Corinthians 14:32 (KJV), the Apostle Paul wrote:
    “And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.”

    Robin D. Bullock had a responsibility to clarify this for the Body of Christ, lest the verbiage* cause someone to stumble in their walk with CHRIST. Did the LORD say it or was it spoken in an adrenaline rush; out of anger, frustration or an unmet expectation? Only Robin & the LORD know.
    After his belligerent removal of the video, and his failure to clarify the use of the word, I watched to see if he addressed it. The most I heard one day soon after was that we are not to touch the prophets of the LORD or do them no harm, and the LORD said to tell this person they would choke to death on their food at the table. I gasped! And, I even wrote Lance about it but did not hear from him. I understood. It was not his problem. It was between the LORD & Robin & me. Why me?
    Well, I figured since he removed access to the video after I questioned him via my post on YT, he was directing the curse against me. I cried and immediately went before the LORD about it, said I was sorry but that I did not think I had done anything wrong! I asked the LORD why it was wrong to ask for clarification when I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER, seen the LORD swear with a cuss word in the written WORD or heard Our LORD curse using cuss words! Neither have I ever been subjected to a spoken curse from Our LORD & Savior. It’s not in His nature to nurture the sheep of His flock or His Bride-to-be in such a manner or fashion! I’m washed in His Blood! I belong to JESUS. As a God-fearing, baptized in the Holy Spirit Believer in JESUS, the LORD IS my Husband since I am now a widow.
    In Isaiah 54:4-6, KJV, which I underlined in pencil on 10/04/1996 in my Thompson Chain Reference Bible, we read:
    4_ Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed; neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood anymore.
    5_ For thy Maker is thine Husband; the LORD of Hosts is His name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall He be called.
    6_ For the LORD hath called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God.
    IMO, Robin D. only needed to say “Yes – the LORD said it” or confess he himself said it “in the flesh,” repent for it, ask the LORD, and his YT followers, to forgive him, and then carry-on in his walk with the LORD. BUT HE DIDN’T. He buried it, never clarified it, and pronounced a curse on one who he said spoke against him.
    So, I rebuked his curse in the Name of JESUS, and have walked on with JESUS CHRIST, my LORD & Savior; the Lover of my soul; my Rock; my Refuge; my Hiding Place. There is NO SAFER PLACE to be than “sitting at the feet of JESUS!” TY, FATHER. TY, JESUS. TY, HOLY SPIRIT.
    ~Susan in OR
    Su-01/29/2023 Psalm 144, NASB 16:44

    * Verbiage, pronounced VER-be-ij, is a noun that comes from the Middle French word verbier, which meant “to chatter.” The most common meaning of the word verbiage is an unnecessary abundance of words. (Definition retrieved thru Google)

    • Phyllis Caroline Downe

      God love you, Susan…Jesus would NEVER curse you, and THAT is the most important thing.. He loves you and I can tell you know Him as your Father and Husband.. We have been redeemed from the curse, and the “Touch Not God’s Anointed” has been used as a weapon by so-called Prophets against anyone who doesn’t agree with what they are saying. Let us join hearts and pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He will use us in prayer, giving and evangelizing, in His Name! I believe Mario is endevouring (SP?) to point the Church to it’s primary mission in these days… the salvation of the lost!!!!

  139. Clay Rooks

    Has anything substantial either Dixon or Bullock prophesied come true? As I remember didn’t they both prophecy after the 2020 election fraud that Trump would quickly be restored to office. Didn’t happen. I am very skeptical of both and this report makes me even more so. The scriptures say that if a prophet’s words do not come to past the prophet is false.

    • Mario Murillo

      I appreciate your question but I think that you should not need further proof than their own words and actions in these videos.

  140. David Needham

    My wife and I came to the same conclusion as you did Mario. Kat Kerr was the first of the popular seer/prophets that concerned us, Timothy Dixon was second and then Robin Bullock, Julie Greene is another one. Thank you for being willing to put yourself in the crosshairs. True Shepherds protect the flock. We do have two questions for you. #1 Who do you consider leaders in the American church and #2 Who do you trust in the prophetic realm? While we don’t need to know the future since we know our futures are secure in Christ we don’t want to neglect learning to operate in spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.

    • Angela

      Yes! Me too! Had horrible feeling in my spirit about them and could not watch them!!!
      Thank you Mario!
      Let’s get busy lace up our boots and press on mighty warriors! Way to discern Thank you Holy Spirit!!!!

  141. Cathy Shaffer

    I don’t understand why other well know ministry’s are not speaking out about this.It makes no sense to me that your the only one is concerned about what is going on. Do they have there head in the sand? It just really is sad.

  142. Cheryl

    Teresa, you should appreciate the stand Mario is taking! Thank you and bless you Mario!!🙏🙏🙏

  143. Sherrie

    Mario, thank you for being obedient to the instructions of the Word. I have heard Kat on a couple of occasions and each time my spirit became very unsettled but when I heard her say twice that she doesn’t sin my spirit did a flip as the Word says we ALL sin.
    As for Robin when I first started listening to him he didn’t say anything that I would question but little by little he also created an unsettling in my spirit. And the same for Timothy Dixon. He was just having too many strange dreams all the time. So I quit listening to all 3 of them. But what really disturbs me and saddens me is Hank Kunneman’s total acceptance of Kat and Robin and Kent Christmas’ acceptance of Timothy Dixon and Robin. I believe Hank and Kent are men of God so I am praying that the Holy Spirit show them the truth. I respect Kent a great deal and hate to see his ministry suffer from an association with Robin and Timothy.
    I have the utmost respect and confidence in you and appreciate that you are bold for the truth. I pray for your ministry frequently.

  144. Betty Cone

    Mario, you are spot on and have done what is right in exposing the deception and now continuing onward with your outstanding meetings!. I thank God for your voice and ministry in these last days as well as in the past. God is using you mightily and undeniably! God’s blessings to you always!

  145. Donna Waybright

    Thank you Mario, I too stand right with you and these 3 have bothered me since the 1st time I ever heard them. In my spirit I felt very uncomfortable and even ask the Lord to send a confirmation of my uneasy feedlings. He did through you and other things I hear them say. I find it very sad and disturbing they are guests on Flashpoint. God bless you and yes, we must be extremely aware, discerning and prepared in the days we live and days to come. to not be taken by deceit. You are surely missed, but have certainly made the right decision. And yes, God has you right where He wants you…the harvest is GREAT! Prayerfully and thankful , Donna

  146. Jeanie

    I heard that word too. I was shocked.

  147. Tonia

    Hi Mario, I just wanted to make sure you’re not dead. You seemed to be answering the first few comments, and after that, every single reply from you seem to be generated by a bot. Very troubling to say the least.

    • Mario Murillo

      I get it Tonia, you believe in Robin.

  148. Jeanie.

    Lady I don’t know who you are but you are way off base in reprimanding this man of God. I have no doubt in my mind he heard from God and he is doing his due diligence by warning us. Im glad he did. Shame on you for correcting him. He is in obedience to the Lord. He is accountable to God and not to you.

  149. Betty Cone

    Mario, you are spot on and have done what is right in exposing the deception, and now continuing forward with your meetings. I so thank God for your voice and ministry during these last days as well as in the past. God is using you mightily and undeniably! God bless you!

  150. Sally Askew

    I have had my doubts about Bullock since July 4, 2021. I’ve noticed that some of Dixon’s Prophecies seem a little off, too. Now it calls into question those that hang with them. Thank you Mario for exposing this. I believe your spot on.

  151. Mary Wilson

    Seems like a lot of folks are searching for answers, following “prophets” or anyone who says what may make them feel better in these tough times. I honestly beleive that I would know without a shadow of a doubt that if a real prophet said a word from God, “prophetic” I would know. God would want me to know and there would be now doubt. For those who believe everything that is said on the Internet by self-proclaimed men and women of God I say this…if God has a message for you, you will hear and beleive without a shadow of a doubt. I have plenty of doubt for Robin and Kat and now Timothy. And frankly I could never get through any of their “shows”… they were and are “shows”, not real, and certainly NOT from God. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it… respectfully of course. And furthermore, if my loved ones were being misled, you better believe I’d want SOMEONE calling out those who would mislead them and prevent them from going to slaughter!!

  152. Cindy

    Thank you Mario for standing and speaking with truth and boldness. You have obeyed. It is up to the individual to hear.🦻🏻.

  153. Monica Hansen

    Mr Murillo.. I accept your exposure on robin. Please dont stop exposing the false prophets. The Lord has saved me from falling deeper because you exposed it. I began to look at all other pastors who have gone to his church or invited him to their church and asked the Lord is it safe? Thank you again. You knew the sheep would throw a fit at this.. but not all of us are angry. KEEP ON !! Be BOLD AS A LION AND GENTLE AS A LAMB!! KEEP GOING BROTHER

  154. KP

    I will not be coming back to this website after this final comment so I won’t see any replies. I would, however, like to apologize for not being more considerate with my words. This is with true sincerity. Even though I do feel as shared, and believe we are all accountable, I should have used even better wording and upmost respect. I failed, and I’m sorry. It wasn’t wise of me to post before making sure Holy Spirit fully helped me with every word, and because Mario is a Christian speaker he is owed that respect. Even nonbelievers should receive a Christ like attitude from Christians, but especially those in a position such as Mario. I do hope the apology for the way my posts were written can be accepted, and I still do hope that everyone including Mario can acknowledge their own weaknesses. That’s only biblical. I’ve cried hours over these posts and my heart hurts so much, not because I’m in complete disagreement or agreement, but because I discern judgment and something not of God here. But by saying anything, it will not be received and his followers will surely retaliate. I too was retaliating towards someone who was putting me down, and I shouldn’t have responded back at all to that person. Asking forgiveness for that as well. Sometimes it’s better to be silent, and I realized nothing should have been said and I never should have read the posts to begin with. We live and learn. God bless everyone and be gracious to us all. We all fall short and all can do better.

  155. CL

    Everyone, we all need to be careful how we speak of this situation. The prophets and ministers need each other. The enemy would love to divide them and weaken the ministry. Please let’s all pray for these men that their ability to hear God’s voice would be clear and without confusion and the peers would sharpen one another without stabbing one another to death. We do not need the sheep to be further scattered in this time in history.

    • Mario Murillo

      How much clearer can it get CL?

  156. Pamela

    Thank you Mario for giving us this information. I didn’t feel comfortable listening to Robin or Timothy. And all I can picture is my beautiful daughter in heaven seeing those two men nude! So disgusting.

  157. KP

    Actually, I do have one last request because there is no other way I can find to do so. Mr. Murillo, would it be possible for you to remove all my comments? I really don’t want to be on this blog or on the comments any longer. I have cried since last night, didn’t sleep, and my eyes are swollen because of the tears and heartache from so much division. Not because I fully disagree or agree (I don’t follow these people but have seen a couple in the past), but because it doesn’t feel right. My heart wants our mission to be the great commission, going into all of the world to preach the gospel, and not unnecessary stuff. I pray that day will come soon, and unity will overtake division as we join together. If you can, please remove my comments and I will not return to read or comment on anything else. May God be with you.

    • Mario Murillo

      You can remove them all.

    • Susan Jones

      KP, I’ve read your additional posts, seen the softening of your heart, and when I awoke this morning, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to return to this Blog, and ask you to forgive me for addressing your initial post so crisply. I just want to say:

      KP ~ Stay in the fray. Don’t Go Away!
      Altho we may disagree, there is room here for all of us. There is so much to be learned as we follow this wonderful & amazing assignment the LORD has called Mario to. I have known of him for many years, and have great respect for his love for the LORD, and his willingness to obey the LORD; to go, and to do, not only that which the LORD requires of him but what the LORD asks of him as they continue to walk together. So, again, I just want to say:
      Pls Stay in the Fray, KP. Don’t GWY!

      All the Best ~ Susan Jones
      02/01/2023 @ 8:08 AM Pacific

  158. Rosemarie Stephens

    I saw it too, but…. As I somehow remember him saying ( R. Roberts) in a very low voice, “you look or you are like John the Baptist !” Mario is a General. I am praying for all !

  159. Mary Wilson

    I have a great deal of respect for you Mario. Calling this out for all to see … thank you. If my loved ones were being misled by false doctrine, false statements “he is John the Baptist”, etc… I would want someone just like you to call them out so my loved ones are not led to the evils of the world. And you are right about the reference to nuditiy. It was/is revolting and I felt that way immediately when he said it. I sat here and thought about my grandchildren. What would they think if they saw such a thing? How sneaky and slimy it is to mislead children…it’s truly disgusting. I have no respect for any of them, zero. My eyes are OPEN wide.

  160. Linda Jackson

    Maybe God gave him the dream and he interpreted it wrong. They exalt them selves and like people to adore them. The prophets in the Bible would have rent their clothes and told them to stop if the people worshipped and adored them. Maybe God was trying to tell him they were poor and blind and naked.

  161. Patti Hatch

    When President Trump began to run for the second term, false prophets begin to increase in our nation during the time of campaigning. The so called prophets kept telling everyone that Trump was going to win the second time. Not only win, but a landslide. And they also connected God‘s name to that prophecy. the spirit of God that resides in me, that has found to be truth, was saying a totally different story. The spirit of God kept telling me to tell the people to fast and pray, even over the electoral votes. Every time I warn people to do so they would come back at me and say prophet so-and-so, said this, and I believe the prophet. While we see how the outcome came. The evil us, and our nation climbed. Although, I do believe he did win, but evil ran stronger.

    Our nation is in big time trouble, if we do not as a NATION and a BODY of CHRIST with a sincere heart, FAST AND PRAY. The preachers behind the pulpit and the prophets have introduced a false Jesus to the body of Christ. I asked the Lord some time back what had happened to our nation, and the spirit of the Lord said a spirit of deception during Barack Obama‘s reign has on the people. I believe this is so apparent for what we are seeing in America. A spirit of slumber, a spirit of laziness, and spared a rebellion, also infected the body of Christ. I still stand firm on what the spirit of the Lord spoke. The body of Christ needs to repent for their deception, and rebellion, and begin to fast and pray for God to move in our nation. Evangelist, Patti Hatch.

    • Luke Wilson

      Great post. The reality is that so many of these false prophets saw how famous the 2016 crop of Trump Prophets became. They got invited to the White House and had political friends. So in 2020 they all jumped into the water wanting their time at the trough. A real shame for the Body. The rise of false teachers tracks with people leaving Christianity, especially among the young. They don’t won’t their relationship with God tied to the politicians they support.

  162. susan boniberger

    We appreciate you, thank you for speaking the truth. Why aren’t other ministers standing with you?
    praying for you.

    Thank you!!!

  163. Cicy

    I am 1,000 % with you Pastor Murillo. It is becoming appalling by the day to see all these FALSE PROPHETS touting their super-natural, exclusive inside code and outlandish non-biblical revelations from our Holy, Almighty God. I am wondering if they are, themselves possessed, and/or deceived into believing what they have dreamt or heard were actually from God or that they are simply a bunch of con-artists, sheep in lamb’s clothings as our Lord Jesus said.
    I was misled into following Julie Green, another FALSE Prophetess, who claims she received daily mana from heaven. Her prophecies from last year became more and more reckless, she claimed God said Trump would return in 2022, Pelosi and Merrick Garland will be dead before mid-term, Wealth transfer would take place. These are the good news that tickle many people’s ears, but I became suspicious of her when I realized most of her Predictions were harvested from dubious, obscure news and/or intel sources form the internet. Almost verbatim.
    Kat Kerr, Amanda Grace, Hank kinsmen, Kenneth Copeland, Immauel Johnson (time traveller), Tim Dixon, Julie Green just to name a few were all associated with each other. Their appearances on ReAwken America Show discredit the essence of what these hosts (Clay Clark) try to share with us. As you had mentioned prior, they harm the cause of the Gospel.
    I thank God for your lone voice crying in the wilderness, to call out these FASLE, REPUGNANT, ARROGANT self-proclaimed prophets. Jesus said in Mattew 14:14″
    For false Christs and false prophets will appear and they will provide great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones).
    Many on your blog are deceived. We need to shine the light on these deceptive self-proclaimed FALSE

    Everything you wrote in your books and in your blogs resonated with me. God is using you in a mighty way to draw souls into His warehouse. Do not be discouraged, keep up the good work of God. May the Lord continue to strengthen you, smile on you, lift you up to a higher ground and use you to draw millions more into His storehouse.

  164. Dean Lantrip

    I have walked in the spirit since 1972 and when I don’t feel right about someone I listen for I know that is discernment and in time it will come to the light trust your gut feeling. I never felt good about these two

  165. Penny Baker

    I agree with most of the post concerning this topic.
    I will say this everyone of us called the church should be able if we are spirit filled…to be able to discern what is true or false prophecies.
    If you know what the word of God has to say on true or false prophets…then there is no confusion.
    I learned a long time ago to stay in the middle of the road and stand still.
    I think Brother Mario is a God sent. I love his down to earth preaching… which we desperately need.
    Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will not be deceived on anything.
    Penny Baker

  166. Linda D

    Mario it’s disturbing how people are commenting against the truth you are telling them. Even with proof they don’t care. I volunteered at Hanford tent meeting & I have never been the same. To see the power of God save & heal people was done without any strange things from the pulpit. . Mario you are a true man of God & I pray for you & your meetings everyday. You speak the truth, the word of God & the spirit moves. Wow if these cretics could only know what this is like when a true man of God is sold out for souls. That would be you, Mario Murillo 🙌🏼

  167. Paul Doyle

    This “prophetic” exchange is cringe worthy to say the least. It is hard to watch. It is the opposite of what I read about John the Baptist. John’s famous words in John 3:30 “He (Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease” says it all. While Dixon continued to exalt this modern day John the Baptist, Bullock just eats it up.
    These two had no problem rolling out this dissertation publicly. Therefore, a public rebuke is not only appropriate, it’s essential.
    Thank you, Mario.

  168. MM Tas

    Thank you for sharing this. It is looney tunes what these guys are saying and even more astonishing that people are swallowing this swill. Watch out, guard your hearts and doctrine and stand on the truth of the sure word of prophecy, the word of God.

  169. Lori

    It’s amazing to me that some people still want to defend the behavior of Mr. Dixon and Mr. Bulloch and chastise Mr. Murillo for “creating division” or calling out a “prophet” of God. Are we to assume that just because someone declares himself or herself to be a prophet of God that we at that point have no recourse but to take them at their word or suffer the wrath of God? Aren’t we warned by Jesus to watch out for false prophets? Did you think that these false prophets are going to identify as such. We wouldn’t need to watch out for them – test the spirits – if that were true. Any prophet who declares it is your obligation to accept their words as being from God without question is giving himself away. Anyone who goes along with such abuse clearly has a different agenda. Deut. 18:21-22 says when a prophet attributes a prophecy as being from God, and it does not come to pass or happen the way they said, they are a false prophet. These false prophets have been trying to convince their gullible followers that “getting it wrong” once in a while doesn’t mean they are a false prophet. Well, since they are continually getting it wrong, what else would you expect them to say? The prophet is at best untrustworthy if he “gets it wrong” occasionally. At best he doesn’t know how to distinguish God’s voice from his own or somebody else’s. He should never utter the words “Thus saith the Lord” ever again! He can state his opinion, but should not attribute that opinion to God unless it is a direct scripture quote. All these self-proclaimed prophets Mr. Murillo has called out, in addition to the egregious offenses he points out, have gotten it wrong many times. The fact that they just keep rattling off new “prophecies” and never even mention the ones where they missed it, shows they are just putting on a show. These two, Dixon and Bulloch, seem to have been “working” their followers for some time to get them to a point where they will defend anything they do, as their claims get wilder and wilder. What do they have to do for their defenders to admit they are false – Maybe if they claim to be God? Sounds to me like that isn’t all that unlikely at this point!

  170. Kay Fournier

    Thank you Mario for your boldness in calling out your concerns. It confirms what I was feeling after listening for a few months to so many of these “prophetic” voices and programs and even giving to them!
    Every time one would say something that bothered me and not lining up with the Word of God, I would begin to shy away from listening and following.
    When God said to “touch not mine anointed” in the Old Testament, only the priest, prophet and king had the Holy Spirit, and they would be cutting off their life line to God.
    Now we can all have the Holy Spirit to guide us, and he’s doing that if we will listen.
    The ones you mentioned, and I would add at least three more, are giving almost daily “messages” or a “release” as they call it.
    All in all, don’t doubt when the Holy Spirit gives us an uneasiness. It’s our protection.

  171. Jennifer Lopez

    Keep it up Mario. Luke 12:51 Jesus says “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division; for from now on five members in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. We have to clean the house of the Lord. It’s not fun or comfortable but we’re losing souls. Stick with the truth in love brother.

  172. Kathleen

    Keep standing strong in the Lord. You know you will get attacks from the enemy. Just keep yourself coved in the blood of Jesus and keep getting souls saved. Keeping you in prayer brother Mario. My husband and I have an Evangelistic outreach ministry and reaching the unsaved is a priority. Too many dead churches. Keep getting the message of salvation out!!!! God bless you in Jesus for standing and telling the truth in Jesus.

  173. Jennifer Lopez

    Remember God would not allow the priests to ascend the stairs in the Holy of Holies without an undergarment (underwear) in Exodus 28:42 42 “Make linen undergarments as a covering for the body, reaching from the waist to the thigh. 43 Aaron and his sons must wear them whenever they enter the tent of meeting or approach the altar to minister in the Holy Place, so that they will not incur guilt and die. “This is to be a lasting ordinance for Aaron and his descendants.

    Did you get the “lest they should die part?” And “lasting ordinance” part? We serve a HOLY God! God covered Adam and Eve’s nakedness.

    Come on brothers and sisters it’s not that hard…let the false “profits” go. Save your time, money, sanity and SOUL 😉

    • Cicy

      I’m so glad you pointed out the verses about the high priests’ undergarments. Yes, Holy is our God, Satan’s goal is to smear the holiness we are called to maintain. Dizon’s dreams are all outlandish and repugnant to the Words of our Holy, Almighty Father God.
      Pastor Murillo is spot on in calling out these False, Self-Proclaimed, con-artist profiteers.

  174. Phil Nasca

    Mario, please rescind your 501-C3 Religious Non Profit Corporation status and break your legal acceptance of rescinding your God given unalienable rights to practice your Christian faith and come out of the corporation “The United States of America” that the Globalist elites pushed on We The People in 1933 and become a free Christian Ministry protected by Christ and gauranteed by the first amendment to the legitimate Constitutional Republic created by our Founding Fathers.

  175. Patrick L

    Mario, you are one of the anointed evangelist that I show great respect. If the Lord has shown you this truth and asked you to expose this particular truth, you have done what the Lord has required of you. As you have said, “It is up to you to do your duty on behalf of the sheep of God. I am finished with this conversation, …” People will react differently and some may be of God and some may be of the fresh. Regardless of what man thinks, you have done your part and leave the outcome to God as each of us will be held accountable for our own actions.

    Prophets are fallen men and women that God uses. So, they may erred or misheard God. If they realised of their sin, they will know what they need to do. If they see nothing wrong with it, they will be responsible to answer God on Judgement Day if God’s judgement has not fallen on them by then. Let’s all Christians who follow all these prophets including your ministry seek the Lord for their own understanding. May God grants each one of us wisdom and discernment to know the truth as the truth will set up free.

    Keep pressing on with the proclamation of the gospel, follow by signs and wonders.

  176. Mario Murillo

    I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  177. Cheri B

    Thank you for the confirmation.

  178. Deb

    Strife is already stirred! May God have mercy.

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes, the strife is being caused by false prophets.

  179. Terry Dunn

    KP….I would encourage you to go back through Brothe Wilkersons messages. While is white…black is black….no gray area!

  180. Mark Mecucci

    It’s amazing to me how many people are blind to these false teachers. I even stopped listening to Mario because he was associating with these quote/unquote false prophets. If you can’t see through them, I must question if the Holy Spirit even resides in you. In 1 John 2 the apostle says “but you have received the Holy Spirit and he lives within you, so you don’t need anyone to teach you what is true. For the spirit teaches you everything you need to know, and what he teaches you is true, it is not a lie. So, just as he has taught you, remain in fellowship with Christ.” When someone claims a message from the Lord and it does not come to pass, they are a false prophet. And when they make the excuse it is just not God’s time, it just compounds their sin of deception. If someone tells me not to sin and to be obedient to the Lord, I listen, but if they tell me God told them who’s going to be elected president, I run from them for my life. Devour God’s word and seek God in prayer for His guidance and direction. He will lead you into all truth. Also, Mario is not judging them as false prophets, they are judged by the words that come out of their mouths. ✝️

  181. David Lawson

    Teresa, why would you try to stop a man of God from exposing deceit? I knew the first time I saw Robin that something was off. The holy spirit gave me a check in my spirit and I knew immediately this man was a false prophet. You need to get into the Word. We were clearly warned of this exact thing in the bible? How many hundreds of false prophets were there in Elijah’s time? And there was only one Elijah. He called them out and challenged their gods. God won and hundreds of false prophets were exposed. Open your eyes and stop being deceived. Pray for discernment from the heavenly Father.

  182. Terry Dunn

    My two cents……I was raised by a Godly dad who happened to be my pastor two. God’s word is all the prophecy I need and trust. Are their true prophets today…..absolutely. If what they have to say does not align with God’s word……of what value is it. When Jesus was on earth and talked about His FATHERS place it was focused on sin and repentance. Not on ferris wheels, jello castle’s and rainbows. To be perfectly honest…..I don’t need a mansion. I’ll be satisfied living in a tent. Just want to be with Jesus. Here Him say we’ll done. Brother Mario…I have volunteered at Hanford, and Colorado Springs. Plan to do more. I don’t follow you because of who you are. I follow you because of the fruits of your ministry. Drug addicts being delivered. Lives, marriages being restored. People walking out of the tent with their terminal illness left at the altar. I have listened to you for years and have never heard you say…I I…me, me. Quite the opposite….you give God all the glory and honor. Which is due Him. Keep on doing what you do…..maybe minus some of the terrible jokes. 😊. GOD bless your ministry and the boldness to pick up the doubled edged sword.

  183. Lisa Reid

    Although I really don’t follow Timothy Dixon mainly bc I don’t relate to a lot of what he says nothing against him I was at church international when he spoke I do not believe he was saying Robin was John the Baptist nor do I believe Robin thinks he’s John the Baptist!! I think the main point was he was a fore runner for Christ’s return with the same power and anointing of John the Baptist!! Robin has said the prophets and him being one were to point there finger in the face of crooked back woods politics and declare the word of the Lord and make way for the Evangelist to clean up the mess seeker friendly churches had made!!

  184. Mary LaBorde

    Cheryl, it takes a true man of God to reprimand his brothers in Christ. Mario is definitely in the right.

  185. Lora Dollarhide

    Mario Murillo is being led by the Holy Spirit, He is obedient to God if he was wrong God would show him but signs and wonders are following him I truly believe God is using him to speak the truth!
    Thank you Mario this only confirms we all must been in the Word and seek God to hear His voice!
    And if it doesn’t line with with the Word of God then throw it out!!!
    We need more men and women of God to be bold enough to speak out!!!

  186. Mary King LaBorde

    Don’t use the scripture “touch not God’s anointed “ out of context and to shut down discussion. Look up that scripture and read the whole chapter. It doesn’t mean a brother or sister in Christ can not be called out for heresy or error.

  187. Rhonda Vanlandingham

    Completely agree with Brother Mario! First time those two came up in my yt feed I felt the check in my spirit. I am appalled at this latest event with T. Dixon. People, pray!

  188. Linda Jackson

    Teresa are you forgetting that Gods Word says, “let the prophets prophesy and let the others juddge? Or you can tell if the prophet is a false prophet when what he says does not come true? Or are you chosing to ignore Gods Word because you are idolizing a man? Following a man and not God?

  189. Joan

    i consider myself a mature Christian. There is so much about the supernatural we don’t know and certainly don’t understand. I think the two prophets called out have learned a lesson and I feel your opinion is valuable however the context of this vision requires discernment and I believe the Lord will teach us from this example. I will be asking the Lord about this myself and I look forward to what he has to say. Don’t throw out the babes in the bathwater.

  190. Laura Jackson

    Hi. I believe that David Wilkerson, Kim Clement Loren Sandford and John Paul Jackson were the real deal when they were alive percisely because they pointed to The Word of God as the finsl authority. Now I include listening to Mario Murillo’s ministry.

    I believe Tim and Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Amanda Grace are gifted in the prophetic. But I am also interested in seeing where this all leads because it is so upsetting, to say the least.

  191. Renita Ellington

    Offence blinds us. Without going and talking to Robin you are in error.

    • Mario Murillo

      No true. Private dialog was called for by Jesus where it says “if a brother sin against you.” The sin of these two is against God, His word and the church. In that case you rebuke them publicly. Jesus for example did not take the Pharisees aside privately before He rebuked them publicly. Paul did not wait for a private meeting to instruct Timothy to stop false teachers. 1 Timothy 1. The shepherd does not have a conversation with the wolf before acting to protect the sheep. -Mario

  192. Joan

    I like your approach Julia and I agree with what your saying.

  193. Laura Jackson

    What about those who are putting President Trump on a pedestal in the Body of Christ? That’s also disturbing. (And I’m not a liberal democrat.)

  194. Alecia

    My question is do we publicly rebuke or do we go to them personally and address our concerns, disapproval, etc? Like how Joseph privately divorced Mary due to his perception of her scandal. We must be careful not to exalt any person in an idolatrous manner, fully agree. Also, public shaming or pointing fingers I think is a big deal to Jesus. How did He handle it? I think He instructed that if we have an issue with our brother, arrange a private meeting. Then arrange a meeting with a 3rd party if that doesn’t work, and then bring it before the church when all else fails. Did those private meetings happen? The values that Mr. Murillo preaches seem to be similar as what’s preached at Church International. It makes me very concerned with the amount of finger pointing online. I think more private dialogue is needed. I honor the ministry the Lord has entrusted with Mr. Murillo. I want to volunteer at a tent meeting. I also respect Prophetic Ministry. These type of things grieve my heart. I wish there were different approaches to untangling issues in truth and love.

    • Mario Murillo

      Your respect for the prophetic is what should cause you to be careful not to accept falsehood. Private dialog was called for by Jesus where it says “if a brother sin against you.” The sin of these two is against God, His word and the church. In that case you rebuke them publicly. Jesus for example did not take the Pharisees aside privately before He rebuked them publicly. Paul did not wait for a private meeting to instruct Timothy to stop false teachers. 1 Timothy 1. The shepherd does not have a conversation with the wolf before acting to protect the sheep. Thank you for your interest in our soul winning. -Mario

      • Jane Lewis

        I have been noticing a kind of prophet worship going on and have discerned some prophets attracting attention to themselves rather than focusing on the LORD. I’m glad you have had the courage to address this. Keep doing what you were called to do and please, if the leadership doesn’t address these false prophets, speak up for the sake of the immature. God bless you, Mario.

  195. Glenda

    I was not living right at the first time I came across Robin ,but the Lord had been dealing with me to come back to him so I was thumbing my way thru programs trying to find one that would give me incouragement and I came across Robin ,as soon as he begin to speak I had a quickening in my spirit to turn the channel and not watch him I told my husband something was off about that man ,so I’m just gonna say Lord open Robins eyes up to the real you,and let him experience your full glory and become a true man of God let him see what happens to false phophetic teaching in Jesus name I pray Amen ,Mario I believe you are doing the right thing by calling out false phophets and doctrines,Gods people and the lost need to see the Real World of God and not led astray .

    • Glenda

      Lord forgive me for Judging .

      • Mario Murillo

        Glenda, discernment is not negative judging. Thank God for your discernment.

  196. Rosemary

    Good explanation about the nakedness!

  197. A. Houston

    I am sad to see this message. I listen to both, less now than before but I like them both. I am more disturbed about Bullock’s support of Copeland. I had to leave my church last year after seeing my pastor endorse Stacey Abrams. I am burnt out from Christian leadership. From Ravi Zacharias to this. The thing I have learnt very early on in my Christian walk is to keep my eyes on the Lord because leaders are people and they are fallible. God is not. Pray for the body of Christ. We really need each other.

  198. Nicole

    Mario, please contact me at I use to work at Robins church and went there for many years. There is more going on then what you see. Please keep my identity secure.

  199. Gloria

    Matthew 24:4

    “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”

  200. Laura Jackson

    I wonder about that too. (BTW, like everyone else, my comments on your blog MMM are just my opinions.) God bless you.

  201. Ed gutfeld

    I read your blogs and confirm your reply Mario.
    You have the right spirit.
    Thank you Mario

  202. Frank Boston

    Cheryl, though I appreciate your desire for unity in the body of Christ, please do not think wrongly that a rebuke as Mario gave is going to hinder the real move of God.It had to happen sooner or later.God can get no glory and His Sprit’s move cannot be helped when popular…very influential self-proclaimed prophets misuse the holy gift of prophecy by adding either exaggeration or fabrication, or false doctrine ..On the contrary, it can horribly set back real genuine advance and healthy spiritual growth of those precious (but often naive and gullible) fans of theirs!

    I’ve seen personally believers who used to have such a sweet humble spirit and love for Jesus now talk with harsh holier-than-thou condescension toward anyone who disagrees with Robin or Kat or whomever, and sadly I see them now obsessing on Q themes of paranoia, act mean-spirited toward anyone who isn’t totally for Trump, or they get excited about prophets handing out “mantles of anointing”, glory clouds, gold dust, opening portals or commanding millions of angels or becoming giddily excited over getting “the wealth of the wicked as soon as Trump returns” only because they focused on prophetic claims of those like Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr or others.

    By the way,I have ZERO wish for judgement and horrifying loss or hurt to come to any of those charismatic leaders who say Mario is wrong or who inaccurately misuse the gift of prophecy. But it truly breaks my heart to see the potential of deep deception and pride pulling many away from the glorious message of the Cross, or away from the humility we MUST show in these last days to be willing to bear a cross, suffer loss if necessary in order to reach out to those 3 to 4 billion who need to hear the Gospel the first time!! These zealous but undiscerning lambs are not being properly fed when they feed on these sensational private new “woohoo glory teachings” and become uber-loyal devotees to their favorite prophets!!!

    I’m sure Mario feels the same way I do!..I wish you well, Cheryl but I feel like you’re wrong to accuse Mario of hindering God’s move of His HOLY Sprit!

  203. Sabra G.

    Lucy B, you are absolutely right! I am thankful for Mario’s obedience to warn us. We So Need godly discernment in these days!!🙏🙏✝️🙏🙏

  204. Kathleen Garcia

    Brother Mario! I thank the Lord God for you and I am proud of you. I can only imagine how you wrestled with having to speak this truth. Years ago, I had a dream of a family member coming into my house through the back door and they were naked. They were covering up their private parts. Later I learned this person was was lying to me. My dream was the Lord exposing this person to me. I believe Timothy Dixon’s dream was the Lord exposing him and Robin Bullock. Yet they don’t see it that way.

    I will pray that our brothers and sister will see they error of their ways and come to repentance that leads to godly sorrow.

    I wanted to let you know I was at the tent revival in Hanford, CA last year. I brought my sons, mother, and aunt. They all enjoyed the service. My husband was also on the prayer team in Fresno, Hanford, and will be in Bakersfield. His first time praying for strangers was a leap of faith for him when he joined you in Fresno. I’m so proud of my hubby. But I must tell you, when I was sitting in the crowd under the tent in Hanford, you called on me 3 times. You said “There is someone here that never sleeps and is always in pain.” You were looking my way but I was afraid to stand up because I didn’t want to be embarrassed if it wasn’t for me. Later my son who was sitting next to me told me he was sure you were talking to me. I’ve been so bummed out about missing out on what God had/has for me. I’ve repented for my lack of faith. I know the plans the Lord has for me are great and will be alongside my faithful godly husband.

    God Bless You and I look forward to hearing what the Lord has in Bakersfield.

  205. Joe Yaya

    My reservations about Robin Bullock and his ministry are (1) their favorite color is black (2) their rock music is not worship which does not move me to worship in spirit (3) it’s a family set up so who is accountable to who? and there’s always going to be the element of compromise because of close family ties (4) the wife is a pastor that again contradicts what Scripture says about women taking on the office of pastor. When these things don’t line up with Scripture then they fall into the realm of rebellion, which the Bible equates with witchcraft. Remember that was King Saul’s sin and the Prophet Samuel had to go and rebuke him.

  206. Debbie


  207. Stephanie

    The Heart,, God looks at the Heart.. not outer appearance.

  208. Clay Rooks

    The question was rhetorical. I wasn’t asking for further proof. I am disturbed by their actions, as you are.

  209. Pamela W.

    Thank you Mario for your Holy boldness in speaking out. I think there are a lot more out there just like Robin and Kat who likewise turn my stomach. So destructive to peoples’ faith. Mark13:22 and Matthew 24:11 among other scripture verses warn us to watch out for false prophets don’t they.
    On rare occasions I watched tidbits of Robin Bullock mostly out of curiosity— “who is this guy”, (couldn’t take more of him) and found him sensational, but not believable. I watched Kat once for a few minutes, and thought, “she’s a nut job”. Anyone who claims they’ve been to heaven as many times as she has is clearly not credible. The Lord says in Hosea, “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. I believe that can apply to lack of knowledge of God’s Word, lack of knowledge of who He is and His character, lack of personal intimacy with the Lord leading people into false teachings, diverse spirits and deception. People want to live by sight and not by faith it would seem. I think you mentioned that people use these so-called prophets like soothsayers reading crystal balls. God wants intimacy with us. Sometimes we circumvent this by listening to too many other voices rather than being in His Word, quieting our hearts before him, and being in His holy presence in prayer and meditation on His Word. Again, thank you Mario for your warnings. May God put a wholesome fear of Him in us, giving us discernment and wisdom. Certainly there is the hunger to see the Lord glorify himself before a dying world, but in His time, His way, and in His order.

  210. Sue

    Thanks Mario for speaking truth and honestly I have wondered about many “prophetic” and so I keep asking God to show us who is off ….I didn’t think it sounded biblically sound and we are generally morons apart from God…be blessed and keep eyes on tent revivals across America and beyond!

  211. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, I Stand with you…..HOLY SPIRIT revealed to me about these people early on. I have been disturbed to see the places these people have been invited. I can only imagine if DAVID WILKERSON was here what he would be saying!!!!!

    My maternal grandmother told me throughout my 31 years of life with her before she graduated to Heaven: “If you take a BOLD STAND, you can expect BOLD OPPOSITION.” (and she explained some Very Important things to me.)

    YOU gave the message—what they do with it is between them and Almighty GOD…One thing I learned years ago—–Some People will believe Anything……so, so sad.

    I am Praying…..

  212. Wes

    Not sure if your aware of what Isaiah did? Real life naked, not just a vision. Interesting thing is if this weren’t taking this out of context like you have habitually done, you would know that this vision was accurate in the fight for life of the unborn.

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  213. Christopher

    It took over 400 years for Isaiah’ prophecy about Jesus to come to pass. I’m sure back then everyone was saying he was a crackpot because it didn’t happen on their terms or timing. Guess what, it’s all about God’ timing not ours. All I see is Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  214. Peter E Barfoot

    Mario, I believe the problem with social media prophets is that they have daily deadlines, which cause them to come up with messages that meet their followers’ expectations. The best-known prophets in the Bible are remembered for their relatively few messages; for example, the New Testament Agabus for his warning of a coming famine, and his warning to Paul of his forthcoming arrest if he went to Jerusalem. The other side of the coin is a preference of many Christians to seek after personal prophecies, rather than search the scriptures. Preoccupy yourself with the burden the Lord has laid on your heart, and leave the modern-day sons of Sceva and those who simply do not understand the true prophetic to the Lord to instruct and correct celebrity prophets and those who follow them. I speak as one who has walked 63 years with the Lord Jesus, and 45 years as a pastor and an apostle. May the LORD bless you and keep you, Mario, and may He enlarge your borders!

  215. Ralph Ratliff

    One thing you have to remember is that all people (whether prophets, pastors, evangelists, popes, or ordinary people) are still just men and subject to infallibility and sin. Even spirit filled people can still make mistakes and fail to follow the scriptures. the thing is to make sure you follow the Lord and not base your judgment on what someone says about another, but base your opinions on Gods word and the inward witness of the Holy Spirit

  216. Christopher

    God will use the foolish things to confound the wise, and the weak things to confound the strong. God is in control where He is given control. We are co-laborers with Him in Christ Jesus. If He is in control of everything always, why is the world in the state it is in? Jesus gave us Authority and God gave us free will. That puts us in control, but there are so many lazy Christians out there accepting sin in all its forms except for 2 hours on Sunday that the world has had its way instead of the body of Christ taking control back. Love will endure and overcome.

  217. Jeanie

    Im telling you people who are putting Mario down for speaking out against these false prophets. You who said some concerning things to him, be careful as I believe he is speaking as directed by the Lord. I have searched my soul and nothing in my spirit says these people are putting the truth out there. Listen to this man of God. Go to your prayer closet and ask God to reveal wisdom and the truth to you. You’ve come on here and attacked this man of God and it just is not right. He has the Lord on his side and I believe this man hears from God. I read your comments you who don’t believe him and I’m shocked at your responses. God is revealing the truth and if you choose to not pray, seek wisdom and receive it then that’s a huge concern. The man of God has spoken please listen with a prayerful heart that God will clearly open your eyes.

  218. Maria

    I agree. He had the wrong interpretation of his dream. Gods exposing them.

  219. Jeanette

    Pastor Mario, thank you for standing up in these evil times. You speak so respectfully to those who are trying to humiliate you, but they don’t deserve it as THEY enjoy being deceived by those fake religious charlatans.

    We are truly dealing with a cultic following. Meanwhile…. Satan and his hordes of demons laugh with satanic glee. A spirit of confusion has been poured out on this land. Demons have been loosed on the earth.

  220. Lucy

    He said he is like the John the Baptist go back and listen .

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  221. Stacey

    One thing that helps me is NO ONE not even Kenneth Copeland has their doctrine or understanding perfect. I also think Kenneth was in the wrong about the pope b/c the pope endorses LGBTQ+, etc. However, Brother Copeland is a man of God who preaches the word of faith. He has taught me so much! Let the Holy Spirit tell you who is right and wrong.

  222. anthony perone

    Thank you Mario. Scripture is clear—as you are—the enemy comes in deception as an angel of light, and the church body should recognize these apostate preachers Mario identifies. I have been to the tent crusades in Modesto and Sacramento and can testify that Mario has preached the Word of God faithfully and accurately without any hint if self-aggrandizement. The miracles clearly demonstrated in these tent meetings prove that God is working to save souls and to revive and to restore believers for His glory and His purpose in these latter days. Let’s keep our eyes upon Jesus and resist the devil and his attempt to divide the Body of Christ.

  223. Linda Sheats

    Mario…I am SO proud of you for stepping forward with the truth. You are in my prayers. Love you very much!

  224. Elkeanna

    Totally agree with you, KP. These posts of Mario grieve my heart. Leave it to God.

    • Mario Murillo

      God has left it to us to correct false doctrine and call out false teachers. I am sad that it grieves your heart but their lies and carnal prophecies grieve God’s heart.

    • Linda Jackson

      KP, they grieve your heart because you are following and idolizing man instead of God.

  225. Luke WIlson

    I agree that the Church has not stood up for truth. But it is not true that we removed God and prayer from the schools unless you re telling me that all Christians have stopped going to public/private schools. The problem is that Christians have left their testimony at home. Christians are allowed to talk to their friends about Christ; Christians can still bow their individual heads and pray before their day starts. People can carry a Bible with their other books. What we want is for the government to force prayer and Bible reading so that we don’t have to step out and do some of that ourselves. And maybe, just maybe if young women and men made different choices, abortion might not be as prevalent. I know personally that when a “good Christian girl” gets pregnant before marriage, her life is over in a lot of evangelical churches. I’ve seen parents disown their own children because they did something so unusual as having sex. But do these false prophets like Dixon and Bullock ever preach about the loving nature of our God, no. They are still stuck on Trump and political sermons. They are driving Internet watchers away from God and not toward him since if you don’t support Trump, there is no reason to come to a Saviour.

  226. Elkeanna

    Prophecies take years sometimes. Look at your bible. Some took 25 years. Soon you will learn the truth of the election that was stolen. Soon all you that are throwing stones at those giving words will have to apologize. Look at the beam in your own eye before seeing the splinter in someone else.

    • Mario Murillo

      Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.

  227. Mark Larsen

    Hi Mario! It’s to the point when some of these guys prophesize, I roll my eyes.
    Isn’t prophesying more like FORTH-TELLING rather than FOR-TELLING. Let’s leave for-telling to the witches.
    Heb.1:1-2 basically says, “in the past God spoke to us through the prophets, in these last days He speaks through His Son.

  228. Claudia MacPhee

    Thank you, Mario, for being true to the calling! I couldn’t help but reflect on the age-old tactic of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy! We must guard our hearts and our minds – God is doing the greatest work of all time on the planet earth right now and, with all the confusion and darkness around in the natural, its’ so important to keep our eyes on HIM! Your work, and that of your team and partners is so eternally important and yet so is the calling to question those deceptions that can so easily beset us! Thank you for bringing light to this situation, and thank you for leaving it there, giving all who will do their own diligence, a chance to allow the Lord to teach them – Thank you for leaving it here and continuing to move on in the mission God gave you!

  229. Kathleen Palmer

    In listening to Dixon’s presentation, it is almost like the way you would expect the anti-Christ to be presented to the world- one person exalted. Jesus Christ is the head of the church and no other. Thank you for this because I have been thinking and praying for another John the Baptist type to speak to the leaders of our nation as John did to Herod and “ the brood of vipers “. Someone with the courage and anointing but not someone who exalts himself. I am not going to pray this way anymore- it was because I know God uses people- Billy Graham went before heads of State. He was used of God and he was humble.

  230. Marianne

    Acts 5:38-39!
    Yes – concentrate on souls .!!!

  231. Maria Rodero

    I agree with Teresa. Man of God, you have done your part and shared your concerns. Now have faith that the body of Christ will do theirs by kneeling before God, surrendering their flesh (including emotions) in penitent prayer and worship, thereby allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our understanding. In reference to 2 Peter 2:3 I rest in the knowledge that God will judge and exact His justice on all who have manipulated His Truth. He will do the shaking and we will praise Him for it. Let us pray in faith and place our trust where it belongs – in Almighty God.

  232. Renee

    Leviticus 18: 6-29 read it for yourselves.

  233. Luke WIlson

    If these false prophets would not lie in the Name of God and create new doctrine there would be no reason for Mario and a lot of other ministers who actually care about the future of the movement to call them out. The problems with their ministries is well known to Dixon, Kunneman, Kerr and Bullock. They take time each week to complain about people calling them out. Their arrogance is on full display each and every sermon. Dixon just put out a 45-minute video on Rumble chastising all the people criticizing him and calling for their destruction.

  234. Mary Lou

    Ann, also many are forgetting that when God created Adam and Eve, he put the here on this earth, totally naked…and they were unashamed. Until the SERPENT entered, and told them they were naked.

    • Mario Murillo

      Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.

  235. Jordan Brascia

    Love you Mario
    REV 16:15
    Behold I’m coming as a thief blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk NAKED and men see his shame

  236. Mary Meens

    Thanks for posting, Mario. I had not heard about this. I have listened to Timothy Dixon and Robin Bullock, but not a follower of either one. This dream does not sit right with my spirit. John the Baptist reincarnated? My Bible hasn’t taught me that! People were naked in the Garden of Eden, but in Heaven, we will be clothed in Righteousness – clothed by Christ, as our Savior!

  237. Sherri

    Ok everyone calm down! This man said it was a DREAM! It needs to be interpreted as a DREAM…
    1. They were naked before the Lord:
    That speaks of vulnerability, a submissive position.
    2. You said that in scripture no one comes to heaven naked but clothed in robes of righteousness. Adam and Eve were naked before the Lord.
    3. Dixon describing Bullock as John the Baptist:
    This could be the new mantle or ministry focus God is placing on him. A John the Baptist TYPE ministry.
    4. Your concern of his prophecies having a political focus. It seems God has called him to the Government mountain.
    (I am referring to the Seven mountains of influence).
    If you’ve ever heard Lance Wallnau speak he brings in Old Testament stories regarding what’s going on politically now. Bullock does the same thing.
    5. Now if people are following Bullock more than they’re following Jesus, then that’s on them. The anointing can draw people into a worshiping of the vessel that can be hard to discern by the follower. It happened to me so I know.
    6. I have heard his very strong stance on doubting those in the Prophetic office. It can be very in your face for sure and he maybe could calm that down a little bit.

    • Mario Murillo

      Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.

    • Linda Jackson

      Sherri , Jesus told of one who came to heaven naked without a wedding garment on. In the parable someone asked how he got in there and someone was told to throw him out. If you dont have on a garment in your dream, i would start seeking God why. There doesnt seem to be a reason why he was naked.

  238. Jaime

    You’ve certainty opened your mouth and inserted your foot! I was the same as you, not agreeing with most preachers and Prophets on the scene today. One day the Lord asked me a question. He said do you think I can’t see who is off or wrong and the ones who need correction? Touch not mine anointed and let Me be God! Your job is to pray for them for they are a living soul! I can and will deal with the heart of man as I do you! You worry about you and pray for them! I suggest you do the same Mario. I see your points, but it’s not your place! You’ve made a huge deal and spectacle of this matter and it is only dividing the church more at a time when we need to pull together in unity! PRAY!! Let God be God and all men a liar! I hope you are finished with this because it’s taking the focus off from what the Lord wants to do and causing people to take sides. That’s not what we need right now! We need a united front for this country and I believe you were the one I heard say that! So please, end this! Let God deal with them and let Him deal with you!

    • Mario Murillo

      Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.

      • Robertson

        They were not naked before the Lord. They were naked walking in “Heaven”. In this context it doesn’t sound like humility or vulnerability, especially the way Dixon is describing it. It seems more reasonable to interpret it as walking in the flesh and operating in carnality.

        You say it is just a dream, but Dixon swears by this like it’s the Gospel. I can’t believe this foolishness was allowed on the Victory Network.

        • Mario Murillo

          Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.
          False prophets lead people to destruction subtly. And away from Jesus. Discernment is not about right and wrong but about right and almost right. The videos show the truth about them.

      • Carolyn

        Pastor, your fruit stands for itself. You have warned. That is all you can do. I pray for you and your ministry. I wish in my heart I could help more . Thank you and God bless you for being obedient. Even though it isn’t a popular one.

    • Bri Loftis

      Jaime, you are so correct!!!!!

    • dj

      The problem I see with your reasoning Jaime, is that you and a lot of these so called prophets like Julie Green, Kenneth Copland and some others I have heard say, that they put ‘Unity” above “Doctrine”. They feel “Unity” is more important than doctrine. let me tell you, many of these so called prophets, like the ones I mentioned, are going to embrace the false “Ecumenical.” movement and join the Roman Catholic church, as many of these same “Prophets” see the false prophet Pope as a leader. One of these people is Rick Joyner and Copeland too. Thats where you are headed if you don’t put “Doctrine” above unity.

  239. Karen Brogan

    Whoa to those who call evil good, and good evil. We are in a time of discerning down to the bone and marrow, walk carefully before the Lord, for HE is the only righteous judge; yet be not deceived as the warfare intensifies and the lessons are harsher. As James Goll prophecied, we are in the time of the “teeter totter”. Up one day and down the next. This is why my affiliations are firm and while any prophet can miss it, they can also turn and get it right. Go low, watch and listen, stay close to the Lord. We’re going to need it!

  240. Norm R.

    Satan showed Jesus the kingdoms of the world and their glory. I pray Timothy Dixon and Robin Bullock discern Satan’s tactics in this matter.

  241. CS1

    Hi Margo. yes brother Mario is and Evangelist amen. And those in the video are not prophets Robin is not a prophet. One cannot take away and add to the very word of God John the Baptist was the only forerunner for Christ and it was Jesus who said so in : Matthew 17:10-13

    10 And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?”
    11 Jesus answered and said to them, “Indeed, Elijah is coming first[fn] and will restore all things. 12 But I say to you that Elijah has come already, and they did not know him but did to him whatever they wished. Likewise the Son of Man is also about to suffer at their hands.” 13 Then the disciples understood that He spoke to them of John the Baptist.

    Mario is right because the Word of God says so not because mario is saying it.

  242. Michelle Gomez

    Stop what Teresa? Stop Mario exposing false prophets? No, keep it up Mario. God is using Mario to expose!

  243. Janet from VA

    All that I know is that the enemy would love to tear apart the true believers in Jesus so that we don’t focus on what he is trying to do in the world. My husband and I are partners with Robin and Timothy’s ministries and I can assure you that we are not brainwashed or in a “cult.” We have also contributed over $1,000 to Mario’s tent meetings when we heard about them on Flashpoint over the last few years. We love you all as the family of Jesus Christ and in the end, I just want Jesus to be pleased with his body winning as many souls for His Glory as we can while we still have time left. A false prophet leads people away from Jesus. Robin and Timothy always point the way to Jesus and give Him all honor and praise. They are both very humble men and are not self seeking at all. I think this is a distraction from the real work of winning souls and I hope everyone can get back to keeping our eyes on Jesus alone. Shalom

    • Mario Murillo

      Janet, false prophets lead people to destruction subtly. And away from Jesus. Discernment is not about right and wrong but about right and almost right. The videos show the truth about them.

      • joseph mancini

        Deut. 18: 20-22 “But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.

        21 And if you say in your [minds and] hearts, How shall we know which words the Lord has not spoken?

        22 When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or prove true, that is a word which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.”

        Mario, totally agree with your boldness to speak out on false prophets. It is not an issue to take lightly, as many followers can be deceived. I have seen people prophesy things like telling someone who they should marry or that the Lord was going to give a property for free to the church, which never happened, or that a person would be healed, and they died,and may other important life things.

        I have seen and heard of so many prophecies that did not come to pass or were not true, as indicated in the Deut. passage above. So it really does come down to whether a so called prophet has a track record of prophecies coming true or not. if their prophecies don’t come true according to Deut. 18, then probably a good idea to not follow them or put much credence in what they prophesy.

        Mario, hold firm in your admonition and warnings so people can examiner themselves and the track record of fulfilled prophesies, according to scripture, of who they may hold in high esteem as a prophet.

        God bless you with your ministry of evangelism and fearlessness of speaking he truth……Joe M

    • dj

      Do you know what Yeshua means by this passage in Matthew 24? 4And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. 5For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.”

      First of all, it means “Many”, as in a whole lot of people. 2nd, these ‘Many” will come in Yeshua’s name. That means the will say ‘Yeshua” has sent them. 3rd, they will say that ‘Yeshua” is the Christ”, they will say “You need to accept Yeshua as your savior. 4th, and yet, they will deceive many.

      You know, when a counterfeiter tries to counterfeit $20 bills, he will NOT try to pass off “monopoly money” as real. He will try his best to make the $20 bill as real looking as possible. And if you happen to get the counterfeit bill and take it to the bank and they tell you that is no good, you telling them, “Well, it does say “In God we trust on it”, doesn’t it? It has serial numbers on it doesn’t it” It’s green, right? It has ALL the characteristics of a real $20 bill, right? Then why doesn’t the bank just accept it as Real” because it’s 99% real and only 1% fake?

      When Satan goes out to deceive, he does not come as an angel with devil’s horns and a pitch fork either. He comes as an angel of light. He will give as much “truth” as possible so that people can let their guard down and not look for anything out of the ordinary, and thats when he will throw in ‘damnable heresies”. That is when he his victims. he will lead you to “Christ” as much as he can until you are comfortable with what you hear and bait you, Then he has you. The same has happened with people following Kat Kerr.

  244. Theresa Loncar

    Eric, I am with you Mario is calling out these people and doing it very well. I am sure it was hard but Mario has done it as a warning to us to help all of us and I am thankful for him. God and His Word is the Truth.

  245. Kathleen Smith

    Yup on interpretation.

  246. Calos in AZ

    thank you Mario for sound doctrine and thank you for exposing these men trying to hurt the flock. If you could also shed light on the Youtubers like Daniel Adams and Isiah salvador who profess to be demon slayers and this movement they have going on concerning Christians being possessed by demons.

  247. Lana

    Betty A Jackow. Where can I find the entire video? I have looked and cannot find it.

  248. Joanne Villegas

    I am not surprised at this dangerous nonsense! The Holy Spirit had spoken to my heart that Kat Kerr, Timothy Dixon and Robin Bullock were false prophets a year or two ago when I first listened to them. I stated as much in my comments after listening to them on YouTube. And sadly, not many agreed with me. So now that you are calling them out for the imposters, they are I stand with you in proclaiming that all believers need to fast and pray for the truth if they are following these demonic teachings. I pray for our Holy Will of God deal with these deceivers in Jesus’ name.

  249. SG

    Did Kent give a specific date for Trump? I have heard him say that he would be surprised if he weren’t back by a specific time, but that wasn’t spoken as a prophecy. Prophets do have thoughts that aren’t specifically part of a prophecy. He may have given a specific time, I just never heard it. Accuracy in what was in fact said in a prophecy, does matter.

  250. Valerie

    That’s not a wig but I agree I never watch flashpoint matter of fact I unsubscribed from all the so called prophets. Just the fact they use we see in part to defend unfulfilled words sends alarm bells, then to have everyone excuse certain ones that r 90% wrong…..

  251. Dennis W Meyer

    After reading a lot of the comments HOW MANY OF YOU listen to video or did you just take Mario word for this NONSENSE. Tim Dixon said he saw a man with long hair and he LOOKED LIKE John the Baptist He didn’t say that Robin was John the Baptist he said HE LOOKED like John the Baptist.
    Now you got everyone mad at these two for no reason

    I’m glad that I listen to what Holy Spirit told me to do.
    The devil trying to destroy us

    Now Mario I love what you are doing and look forward to working with you sometime in future
    I hate to see what people are saying about me. Then again I don’t care.

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  252. Dianna M

    Thank you Mario…my friend in Jesus told me last year that they caused a check in their spirit…after prayer I agreed…blessing ☝️

  253. Jared Armstrong

    Mario, there’s much I could say to this as the deception in the church has burdened my heart almost to the point of numbness. But I will simply say thank you. Thank you for being obedient and speaking out! Never let fire in your bones be quenched! The verses you cite are spot on but I would also remind the church of 1Co 5:12-13. This verse settles once and for all the phobia (or refusal) surrounding the confusion of “judging others”. Paul makes it clear who we are to judge and who we are not.

    “For what have I to do with judging those also who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside?

    1Co 5:13  But those who are outside God judges. Therefore “PUT AWAY FROM YOURSELVES THE EVIL PERSON.”

    Here and elsewhere, Paul teaches us that we are to confront, rebuke, and yes judge those who claim the name of Christ. Leave the world to God. They are dead in their sins and we have no right (nor reason) judging dead people. We need to be bringing them the life and love of Christ while teaching them true repentance.

    That said Mario, I will be bold here and ask you to seek the Lord on your “endorsement” of men like Kenneth Copeland. It honestly scares me that someone couldn’t see the error that this man is in and has been in for decades. I grew up with Kenneth Copeland, TBN, Benny Hinn, all of them. I’m not saying I know their heart through and through. I’m not saying they haven’t done great things for the kingdom. But for all the good things they’ve done, they have done MUCH harm to the church’s witness to the world in their love of money and lack of humility. Jesus said you can’t serve God and mammon. He also described himself as gentle and lowly in heart. To my knowledge this is the only time the Lord described HOW he was, i.e his personality and character–not just WHO he was (i.e. the light of the world, son of God, etc).

    Please brother Mario, seek the Spirit on this. Sadly you are one of the few who have the guts to speak out on things these days. I asked the Lord one day while reading your latest book why he was using an evangelist prophetically and I felt like He asnwered: “Because I don’t have anybody else”. Where are the men in the church? The TRUE men of God who seek the honor that comes from God alone and not from men? Torben Sondergaard is another one of the few, but sadly Satan has placed him in jail on false charges.

    Anyway, I want to end by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for ALL you do for the kingdom brother. You are known in heaven and hell and that is probably the greatest compliment anyone could receive. Many blessings to you, your family, and your ministry,

    In Christ,
    Jared Armstrong

  254. Joseph T

    I’ve heard Timothy Dixon reference this before in that not to discount or reject someone who says they are a prophet based on appearance alone, since we all know John the Baptist was a little strange in his appearance and lifestyle. I think could have been his point which he made poorly. Timothy isn’t exactly an eloquent speaker, but I think he does love the Lord.

    • Mario Murillo

      How does someone who loves the Lord lie and then call Robin John the Baptist? Just asking.

  255. Karen

    I got to know you from flash point, and yes followed Robin Bullock and Hank Kunneman, who is a friend of Cat Kerr… I know this is difficult and respect your obedience to the Lord. I’ve heard Hank preach on not slandering the prophets etc..But I do not want to be one of the elect who is deceived, and prayed for God to show me. Sadden with the above pastors, building churches, and selling books etc seems to be in the forefront, prestige and money seemed to be important. Praying for them to see within. I hope Dutch is focused as I do like him and Lance, but flash point not the same. Mario keep doing what your doing, keeping you in prayer. 🙏😊

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  256. Emily B

    Excellent warning Mario to leaders who should be concerned for the sheep being deceived and led astray. Jeremiah 23 states:

    23 u“Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!” declares the Lord. 2 Therefore thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, concerning uthe shepherds who care for my people: “You have scattered my flock and have driven them away, and you have not attended to them. AMEN!!!

  257. Patricia Murray Cooper

    The church is ineffective and powerless is because the HOLY SPIRIT has been kicked out…and pastors, so called, prophets, and so called apostles are sitting on the throne of their on heart….and we all know what this is!!

  258. Dwayne Desmarais

    Mario is a prophet, the kind who does not boast about it, but speaks as the Lord directs…you can have more than one calling. I concur with him on red flagging “prophets” who are extra-Biblical, which is not fact based, but a figment of the imagination. His mantle for soul winning is an anointing covered by God.

    Many will come against him, even in that arena. Speaking as he has in these past few posts was not on a whim, but with prayer and much travail. It’s not easy when truth is spoken to deaf ears, but truth is truth. We are to weigh carefully what is said, and this weighs a ton! Call them out for what they are…false prophets…

  259. Bri Loftis

    Please Mario, you need to STOP! This is causing strife and division within the body! There is nothing good about strife and it should be avoided at all costs! You should have gone to each individual separately and not made your disagreement public! God is well able to handle any sin without our help!

    Please STOP allowing satan to lead you into influencing the body into disunity and dissension.

    Romans 16:17
    I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.

    Proverbs 10:12
    Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.

    Proverbs 16:28
    A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.

    Proverbs 20:3
    It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife, but every fool will be quarreling.

    Proverbs 29:22
    A man of wrath stirs up strife, and one given to anger causes much transgression.

    Galatians 5:15
    But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.

    Isaiah 41:11
    “Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.”

    Mark 3:24
    “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”

    Mark 3:25
    “And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”

    Proverbs 15:18
    A hot-tempered man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger quiets contention.

    Proverbs 17:14
    The beginning of strife is like letting out water, so quit before the quarrel breaks out.

    Proverbs 26:21
    As charcoal to hot embers and wood to fire, so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife.

    Romans 12:18
    If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

    And that is more than one reference to the evils of strife.


    Bri Loftis

    • Mario Murillo

      Which one of those verses tells you not to protect the sheep and let false prophets operate? I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  260. Brooke

    Mario, you have manipulated the words that have been said. You even manipulated the jello thing. I love you as a brother is Christ, but you’re not doing this in the right spirit. Have you heard them say a bad word about you? I haven’t! I’ve heard them say nothing but positive things, and how much they love you. Please stop this division

    • Mario Murillo

      Forgive me, but I cannot reason with you. Your adherence to Robin is not based on Reason, Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or good counsel. It is an emotional tie. Therefore nothing anyone can say against him will enter your spirit and set you free.
      False prophets lead people to destruction subtly. And away from Jesus. Discernment is not about right and wrong but about right and almost right. The videos show the truth about them.

  261. Adelin Schauer

    I agree with you. Tim and Dutch are right on!

  262. Pamela Ferguson

    Amen. Thank you for your well articulated response. Mario is right to call it out.

  263. Kip Robertson

    The Plandemic has been an interesting learning experience. There are sure lots of folks in competition for our attention. One of the things I’ve figured out is that false prophets seem to have this deep need to stay relevant, pumping out volumes of “prophetic words” all of which fall in line with what folks would want to hear. Such words seem to be quickly forgotten when they don’t materialize. In beautiful contrast Mario is very clearly carrying out the great commission, accompanied by signs and wonders….he seems to back up every thought he shares with the written word of God. I’m guilty being temporarily lulled by false prophets despite the faint checks in my heart. Grateful for the word-based grounding Mario brings to us.

  264. Caryn

    God is absolutely good!


    I have had friends & relatives who have told me to listen to Kate Kerr, Timothy Dixon, Robin Bullock etc. but I felt the Holy Spirit in me said “NO”. I didn’t judge but told my friends, sisters, relatives that something wasn’t right & I felt I wasn’t suppose to listen to them. Ms. Kerr is a psychic, and these others are now creating mass confusion and I am in total agreement with Mario Murillo. If people would read their Bible everyday, stay in touch with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, then they would have discernment to know that something was wrong with them and others out their who think and say the wrong things. The sad thing about it, is that so many people want a quick fix or answer so they run to psychic’s, astrology, etc. to get answers. They are too lazy to go to the Word of God. Because of their laziness they end up at the door of Satanic evil and lies. God help the Body of Christ and baby Christians. I use to be on Mario Murillo’s team of prayer warriors and his prayer team that talked to people who came to Jesus or needed prayers; I did this alot back the and with other ministers. I am an Intercessor now, and pray alot with other intercessors. I am now 70; was in my late 30’s then. Mario Murillo is right on about these 3 and their are others. JUST RUN TO JESUS NOT PEOPLE, OR PSYCHIC’S OR TAROT CARDS (I witness to people & can’t believe how many questions would prefer to run to psychics, wierd energies, etc. SAD). SO MUCH OF THIS EVIL GOING ON. TAKE TIME FOR JESUS LIKE YOU WOULD A FRIEND AND STAY IN YOUR WORD. GOD BLESS MARIO MURILLO FOR SPEAKING OUT……Rosalene

  266. Randy

    I am writing this for everyone to let God handle the issue as we keep the faith. Please read EZEKIEL 13: 1-22 False Prophets Con