Why didn’t you go to them privately?

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Mario Murillo Ministries, Spiritual discernment | 509 comments

Why didn’t you go to them privately?

Perhaps you read my previous blog entitled Mario, where have you been? https://mariomurillo.org/2023/01/17/mario-where-have-you-been-2/

I went through a fiery ordeal before I obeyed God and wrote it.  I thought, ‘Why should I wade into such controversy and incur the grief?’

 -Over 95,000 people read it on our website, alone. 97% of the comments agreed with the article. You couldn’t get 97% of the population to agree that the earth is round.

-It strengthened our support among local pastors nationwide. That is something very precious to me—winning souls and getting new converts into healthy churches.

These pastors felt correction was long overdue. Pentecostals and Spirit-filled believers were fast losing credibility because of the prophetic swamp. Not to mention the slander on the Gospel.

This is not a defense of what I wrote. The truth of what I said stands. I wrote this blog only to the honest hearts, who sincerely wonder why I did not go to these false prophets first before going public. I am also providing it as ammunition for those who agree with me. It will help them rebut those who reject the truth by using this as an excuse.

This is not a defense of what I wrote. The truth of what I said stands.


Jesus did not take either the Pharisees or the money changers aside privately before He rebuked them publicly.

Mario, why didn’t you go to these false teachers privately, before you corrected them publicly? Several who asked this question cited Matthew 18:15, “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.”

Let me explain why this verse does not apply to this situation: These two false ministers did not sin against me. They did their damage publicly and to the church. Jesus did not take either the Pharisees or the money changers aside privately before He rebuked them publicly. A verse that fits is this situation is 1 Timothy 5:20 says “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.”

Likewise, Paul did not have time to touch base with every false teacher before they rebuked them. The shepherd never negotiates with the wolf before going into action.

By the way, both Paul and John both wrote letters that rebuked false teachers by name.

Think about it. Peter—a true man of God—was rebuked publicly, without a private meeting. How much more then should false ministers be rebuked publicly?

Paul did not take Peter aside privately before rebuking him publicly. Galatians 2:11-14, “Now when Peter had come to Antioch, I withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed; for before certain men came from James, he would eat with the Gentiles; but when they came, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing those who were of the circumcision. And the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy. But when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the Gospel, I said to Peter before them all, “If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of Gentiles and not as the Jews, why do you compel Gentiles to live as Jews?”

Think about it. Peter—a true man of God—was rebuked publicly, without a private meeting. How much more then should false ministers be rebuked publicly?

Again, I wrote this to help the honest hearts who were troubled by the public rebuke.

What I have said about Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock stands.

What I said about Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock stands. There is no need to defend it. Facts are facts. I stand by what I have written. I simply told the truth. What you do with the truth is your responsibility.

Winston Churchill said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”






  1. Lasann

    I commend you, sir, for recognizing that the utmost priority is to win souls for Christ & for exposing & rebuking damnedable heresy! Our Lord admonishes His children to not be deceived by anyone. The whole chapter of Jude is applicable; especially verse 23. Amen. People who are in danger of hell’s eternal flames in the lake of fire need to be warned of their need for repentance & their need to be born again into the kingdom of God! As Bob Dylan’s song says: “Ring Them Bells”! Amen & “Tell It Like It Is”! God bless you, my brother! Shalom🙏

    • BobbyO

      Mario you and your ministry for helping to save and heal people inside and out as Jesus and the Holy Spirit leads. Thanks for all you prayerfully say and do.

    • Old School

      Mario, thank you for wading in.

      I believe the Holy Spirit has been waiting for a man of God to speak with authority on this subject. The heat you are taking is because people have been fed by churches built on the shifting sand of consumerism. Modern Christians are baited into mega ministries by the “What’s in it for me?” msgs rather than the “Follow Me” msg. Like the Athenians at Areopagus, in Acts 17, they begin their podcasts, sermons, or divinations by asking, often aloud and on camera, “What’s new?” or sometimes “What’s God saying to you?”

      In fact, BOTH covenants instruct us to judge prophets and prophecy.

      The OT sets the definition of both a true prophet and a Word from God It says “And if you say in your heart, “‘How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.” (Deut 18:21-22).

      In other words, the people – every man and woman have the ABILITY to judge prophecy AND are commanded to do so, as they (our) souls will give fearful account of what we have heard. That judgement is simple, did it come to pass? If yes, fear God. If not, do not fear the vessel.

      Jeremiah addressing fake peace and safety prophets tells us, “And the Lord said to me, ‘The prophets prophesy lies in My name. I have not sent them, commanded them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart. 15 Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the prophets who prophesy in My name, whom I did not send, and who say, ‘Sword and famine shall not be in this land’—‘By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed! 16 And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem because of the famine and the sword; they will have no one to bury them—them nor their wives, their sons nor their daughters—for I will pour their wickedness on them.’” (Jer14:14-16)

      The NT sends two admonitions: 1)despise not prophecy and 2)to judge the gift of prophecy (1 Thess 5:20, 1 Co 14:9). Yes, there is a proper order, a method of addressing prophets and their healing, or schismatic, words. Rest assured I, as a rank and file believer, am not supposed to rise up and judge. However Paul, as apostle had that spiritual standing and did so in 2 Ti 2:17 calling out Hymeneous and Philetus by name “a cancer” on the church.

      Mario, I thank you and pray for you.

      • CJ

        I Love your reference in Deuteronomy 18:21-22
        Concerning whether or not a word comes from the Lord. The only question I keep coming back to is John’s Revelation. It has not yet come to pass. Was he not a true prophet?
        I think people are categorizing False Prophets like they do Fortune Tellers.
        The major part of that verse is if it doesn’t come true, we don’t have anything to fear.
        They are just speaking from the flesh.
        They still claim Jesus is God
        And to me, that’s the most important thing.
        Many pastors and teachers have been wrong in their interpretations of scripture..
        This is part of being human.
        Any further thoughts on this?

    • Dee

      Has Robin Bullock spoken to you yet. Sad I never sensed any wickedness or deception from his ministry.

    • Brian

      The utmost priority is to do what God tells you to do.

  2. Barbara Gail donnis

    Thank you for confirmation

  3. Jim Warrick

    What should they do now?

  4. Mar Go

    what about Kent Christmas? or Timothy Dixon? Kent Christmas seems genuine…

    • Diana

      Mar Go.. Kent Christmas lost me when he said Cain and Able were twins. If he does not know the Bible, how can I trust him or his teachings?

      • Carol

        Maybe you should write to him and ask him. I’ve never heard him say that so that is an accusation that you’re making against him!

      • Woody

        Diana, thankyou. I’ve been wondering about Christmas. I listen to him sporadically, I didn’t know he said that.

      • Judy G

        I had never heard this before, so I got out my “Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Study Bible” to see what he might have to say. Apparently, there are others who also believe this. It is not impossible that they could have been twins. Always one is born before the other and the wording could very well mean this. May God give you further incite on this.

    • Joan

      I believe Timothy Dixon is a false prophet

      • Carol

        Actually he has been dreaming since he was a kid! I believe he has a hard time interpreting his dreams and expressing what he says in a intellectual way! It is so important to get God’s interpretation! I believe he has good intentions but really needs a mentor to help him interpret things better!!

      • Marrion Hamm

        We heard Timothy Dixon too, and he was totally off the wall and totally unscriptural. His so called vision of heaven where everyone was butt naked and Robin Bullock was coming back as John the Baptist? Total heresy!

    • Olivia

      Seems genuine? Discern with the word. How do you know a false prophet? By reading your word.

  5. Dave Recker

    I think too many are being led astray by a deluge of prophetic words that do not line up with scripture. Yes we need true prophets but we need to personally be into Gods word daily. Spend time with God and let the Holy Spirit speak to you.

  6. Pastor Phil Skoog

    I am with you MM

    Pastor Phil Skoog

  7. Patricia

    I pray for The Holy Spirit to continue using you Mario #truthstands

  8. Benjamin

    Thank you for sharing and for helping to clarify and navigate in this matter. I have listened everyone involved, for years, and the whole thing makes me sad. At times there have been things that I didn’t understand or connect with in my spirit, so I just let it be and asked God for confirmation later on if it was from Him. I’m going to have to do so again in this matter.

    But I do wish that all of you would get together and talk it out, even publicly, if possible. I would also like to hear a statement from Hank. I’m sure this is also a difficult situation for him.

    • Ray Mills

      Thank you so much for your integrity and boldness to speak the truth.I have had a major check in my spirit for some time and this definitely confirms that. It is a call for Gods people to be filled with the Holy Ghost and hear from Him.So good,thank you.

  9. Jeff Weaver

    Praise the Lord brother Mario! Keep exposing the counterfeit for the sake of eternal souls and defense of the Gospel! Keep winning souls through the tent crusades and other means. I hope to someday be able to come to one of the crusades. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and your wife as you press on to fulfill the call. I put this teaching together a few years back to help straighten out the “judgment” and “exposing the false” issues. JUDGMENT

    For {it is} time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if {it} {begins} with us first, what {will be} the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

    For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. 13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:12-13
    Hypocritical judgment
    “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.
    2 “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.
    3 “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?
    4 “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?
    5 “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. Matt 7:1-5

    Rom 2:1 Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.

    Righteous judgment

    Luke 7:43 Simon answered and said, “I suppose the one whom he forgave more.” And He said to him, “You have judged correctly.”

    Luke 12:57 ¶ “And why do you not even on your own initiative judge what is right?

    John 7:24 “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

    But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
    15 But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged by no one. 1Cor. 2:14-15

    For I, on my part, though absent in body but present in spirit, have already judged him who has so committed this, as though I were present.4 In the name of our Lord Jesus, when you are assembled, and I with you in spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus, 5 {I have decided} to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. 1 Corinthians 5:3-5

    ¶ I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people;
    10 I {did} not at all {mean} with the immoral people of this world, or with the covetous and swindlers, or with idolaters, for then you would have to go out of the world.
    11 But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler not even to eat with such a one.
    12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within {the church?}
    13 But those who are outside, God judges. REMOVE THE WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOURSELVES. 1 Cor 5:9-13

    “For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit, nor, on the other hand, a bad tree which produces good fruit.
    44 “For each tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they pick grapes from a briar bush.
    45 “The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil {man} out of the evil {treasure} brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart. Luke 6:43-45

    Little children, make sure no one deceives you; the one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous;
    8 the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.
    9 No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.
    10 By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother. 1 John 3:7-10

    Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.
    13 No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.
    14 ¶ Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.
    15 I speak as to wise men; you judge what I say. 1 Cor 10:12-15

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

    But examine everything {carefully;} hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil. 1 Thess 5:21-22

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

    Now these were more noble minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily {to see} whether these things were so. Acts 17:11

    “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. 16 But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ 17 If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector. Matthew 18:15-17

    Jesus openly rebuked the Pharisees for their sins.
    Paul judged and distanced himself from those that opposed the truth of GOD and even publicly proclaimed their names to warn other people about them.
    Paul rebuked Peter publicly: Galatians 2:11-14
    Paul named Hymenaeus and Alexander: 1 Timothy 1:18-20
    Paul named Demas: 2 Timothy 4:10
    Paul named Hymenaeus and Philetus: 2 Timothy 2:15-18
    John named Diotrephes: 3 John 9
    John the Baptist openly judged and rebuked Herod for sleeping with his brothers wife: Mark 6:18.

    • Leona Reynolds

      Thanks for sharing your research! Very helpful to see this all in one spot.

    • M. Whitcomb

      I listen to the prophets (including the ones accused of being false, in this article) for their words about current events only. They have been very accurate with regards to the political climate. Their Bible knowledge is way above mine, so I do not judge them on that. God uses his children for His purposes, even the most flawed, so I do not plan to stand in judgement and encourage others to mistrust them.

      • robin

        M.Whitcomb ,please open your BIBLE and learn for yourself! The Bible is a breathing ,living word and God will speak to you through it.You do not need a “prophet “ you need Jesus Christ ..He loves us all so much and will impart words of wisdom to us if we are diligent and study His word.

        • Olivia

          Love it. Truth. The Holy Spirit speaks today. The people don’t read the word but go on Second hand hearsay. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to teach, counsel, and lead us. We no longer have A Moses to speak to God for us. We can go boldly to His throne of grace. And ask. He still and always will answer us. That’s why He gave us His word.

  10. Sharmila Anderson

    Thank you so much for your bravery, courage and strength of character! I know what you did was not easy, but you are a ‘Jesus pleaser and not a man pleaser’! For this I admire you even more!! Thank you for fighting for the integrity and purity of our faith.

  11. Allison Wilcox

    I cannot wait for you to come to Church For All Nations in July!! I’ve seen Kat on clips from programs and I was horrified that people were listening! I couldn’t believe no one spoke out? Pastor Mark mentioned you last Sunday so I looked you up 🙂 I’ve only recently started going there and reading your blog let’s me know I’m in the right place. God Bless you!

  12. Patsy

    Pastor Murillo, you did the right thing in exposing them! God bless you

  13. Lue

    Do you have the spiritual authority to correct these leader’s?

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes. I made a citizen’s arrest.

      • Tessa

        Amen! A citizen’s arrest.

      • Heather

        Amen! You have the right to be NOT SILENT!

      • Melissa

        That is hilarious. Thank you.

  14. heather

    Mario, in your first blog on the subject you DID mention you had addressed this with the person involved in the television program privately to no avail. But addressing the heretical statements of those two you have called out is Biblical. More in leadership should be courageous.

  15. Ann88

    God bless you for speaking out Mario. These false social media prophets are doing a lot of damage to the body of Christ. Many don’t have the courage you do to come against what you know is not of God just because they have made friends with them and travel in the same circles. They don’t want to offend, like the woke. They too know what is happening yet they remain silent. Their silence is also a crime against our Lord.

  16. Mary Lambert

    Thanks for writing this Mario. I stand with you and support what you have said.

  17. Eric Smith

    I am confident that you have helped out many people who were uneasy about them but weren’t sure what to do

    • Kim Denner

      Forty of America ‘s famous prophets got the election wrong !!! Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Kris Valotton, Robin Bullock, Katt Ker, Jeremiah Johnson, and many more.
      Don’t they know when God is speaking? Are they just going with the flow?
      THIS IS heartbreaking to God and his people.
      Where is the accountability !!!

      • Micheline

        The accountability is in God’s hand, unless there is repentance which we ALL need from time to time.

      • Maritza zHeg

        The truth is: D. Trump DID WIN the elections!!!! Sadly, his victory was STOLEN . This is an undeniable fact!!!!

  18. Eva

    Thank you and God bless you.

  19. john Jose

    Plus they probably wear skinny Jeans and have Fog Machines
    Sorry M- love you… didn’t have to happen this way. Carry On

  20. David Kibben

    Thank you Bro. Mario for speaking the truth. I listened to your interview on Encounter today from January 20th. As a pastor I have encouraged my congregation to always go to the Word of God and not be caught up in hype and sensationalism. We are to be led by the Holy Spirit not prophesy, and what you’ve written and said encouraged my wife and I. Blessings to you sir!

  21. Lisa

    Makes perfect sense to me and more importantly agrees with scripture- Period!

    • Deanne Graf

      I’ve always had a check in my spirit about Kat Kerr, and a niggling doubt about Robin Bullock and some others. I believe there was a lot of confusion being sown into the church by their “prophecies”…a leak in the hull. Sometimes there needs to be something explosive and dynamic to break up a stronghold. Thank you for obeying God and sticking your neck out. It can’t have been easy. God bless you. You are a gift to the Body.

  22. Wilma Cobb

    Thank you Mario for speaking up.

  23. Kathy

    We stand with you Mario!

  24. Jackie Tatelbaum

    Brother Mario, thank you for obeying the Lord in this matter. This was so needful in this hour.


  25. mbunfried1

    Thank you Mario. I stand corrected.

  26. Linda Missk

    Agree totally with your blog, many of us felt the same way. My spirit could not bear witness with either of them. Thank you for speaking the truth, it needed to be said.

  27. Jeanie

    Hi Mario!

    You make a good solid Scriptural case for your decision in writing, “A Prophet’s Crazy Wisdom.”

    Thank you.

    I know a few fellow Christians, whom I love dearly, who follow after prophets, hanging on everything they say. I’ve said to them, “God has given every believer the Holy Spirit to guide, empower, correct, discern, comfort, teach etc.,etc. so why do you need to constantly run after these prophets? Can you not hear God, the Holy Spirit for yourself?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against an accurate prophet like Kim Clement or Brother Sadhu Selverage, but there are so many voices vying to be heard and many of them are false. We have an explosion of fake prophets, fake shepherds, fake teachers and fake pastors — as they teach their followers about their own self-importance — as they pride themselves on teaching the Bible — but actually seem to have little or no desire to even apply the Word of God to their own lives much less teach it to their congregants.

    The Church is in apostasy. Very sad…Yet I believe there is a day coming when the Holy Spirit will make a splash on these and make them into new repentant men and the people will be filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to move (by His grace) in all Jesus told us to demonstrate – in the miraculous. It’s an exciting time to live.
    These are the Last Days!

    Thank you for having such a servant’s heart and living up-rightly before God and man for all these years.

    God Bless!


  28. Teresa Wilson

    Thank you Mario for making this public and for your obedience to God. I stand with you 100%!

  29. Debbie Conroy

    Mario, I stand with you on this issue. I appreciate the courage it takes to hold fast to your convictions in the face of opposition. I miss you on Flashpoint, it is not the same program without you. I love KCM and have been a partner with that ministry for many years.

    Frankly, I have always had a check in my spirit about HK and watched the program to see you and Lance, who I also love and support. But the dynamic has changed on the program even though they have many wonderful guests that I appreciate too.

    However, it’s just a program and things change, the most important thing is to focus on preaching the Gospel in its entirety as you are doing. I am happy to be a small part of what you do. We love and pray for you Mario. You are a blessing and an inspiration to all of us.

    • Catherine Cash

      I feel like the spirit is gone on Flashpoint and it almost brings me to tears to say that. I have watched them from the beginning and considered them champions of the truth. A few months ago things changed and I began to have kind of a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I would watch. So I would reluctantly turn it off, feeling kind of guilty. I felt like they were skirting certain topics (vaccines) in lieu of maintaining an “everything is hunky-dory here/we don’t want to freak everyone out” message. I just feel like the truth is so critically important. Now, looking at it from Mario’s POV, I think there was a shift in the spirit that had to do with the compromise that Mario talks about. I still love the people on the show – just can’t watch it. My wish would be that FP would take the lead in this and just throw everything on the table and hash things out. What a relief that would be.

      • Debbie Conroy

        Catherine, I echo your sentiments. I started to feel the same way about Flashpoint and felt guilty that I didn’t want to watch it anymore before I realized Mario hadn’t been on for a while. I have watched some programs recently and they feel like infomercials for upcoming meetings, people’s books and movies. While I agree we should support all of those, that was not the original purpose of the program and I feel like they have lost their way. Gene Bailey (who I love) seems to want to emphasize that everything is great and positive as you mentioned, but that’s not reality, we have to confront the facts with biblical truth and hope. Blessings, Debbie

  30. Kathleen Garcia

    Thank you Brother Mario for being faithful to the Gospel and never ever compromising. You are a true warrior in Christ. God bless you always always always!

    • sebby

      Mario why are so many of us also adding Hank Kunniman to the list of false prophets? How can so many of us be wrong about him? He claims to hear AND speak for God but has been so wrong about so many claims. The voice he uses when he portends to speak for God is the same voice he conjures when he speaks for himself. I think most of us agree with you on the others but your silence on HK is telling you are being cautious due to the popularity of Flashpoint. I do not believe this is right. I think it’s high time to reason with one another and for us all to come to truth. After all that has happened to us during the lockdowns we need to know the truth, in the natural and the spiritual.

      • Mario Murillo

        He is my friend but he supports dangerous ministries.

        • David Ingram

          After all you have done don’t let your friendship with Mr Kunneman keep you from the truth! HK is doing great damage to people. He twists the written Word of God and elevates his own vain imaginations as the voice of God. Have you ever noticed when he reading Gods Holy Word he always changes it as he goes! I guess Gods word can just be read any old way of a person liking?!! However when HK is reading all his, vain words which he claims are God speaking he reads them with such reverence, not changing or missing One thing!! Wow! These false words are being elevated above the Written Word! This is dangerous because it is being used to manipulate people to follow a “prophet” not THE WORD OF GOD. Who was in the beginning, who was with God and who was God? JESUS is the Word! Jesus is coming for believers and HK can’t stop him!! Why would HK want Jesus to return today, it would mess up all his grandeur plans!! People need the truth! Time is running out, the Written Word tells us so. Jesus is the answer for man’s disease, sin! His blood shed on that old rugged cross is the answer for man’s terminal illness! Lord raise up true prophets who will stand on your Holy Written Word.Jesus Himself said: “It is written.” “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” Humbly in His name. David. ps: “The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.” Proverbs 29: 25.

      • Carol

        Do you have a lot of nerve saying he’s pretending! I think all this is going way too far! Now everyone is being accused! I stop listening to Kat Kerr when she said she got a glimpse of the timeline and the rapture wouldn’t be happening for another hundred or 200 years! She became more knowledgeable than Jesus Christ!

  31. KT

    Thank you for the true gospel. I listened Kat twice and I felt in my spirit this was not right. I never listened again. With Robin, I listened several times, but the more I listened I sensed the same so I quit listening. It’s discouraging who is real? I felt the Lord say read my word and I will give you truth.

    • Lucy

      On this blog, I see that I am not alone in feeling that something is “off” with these persons who refer to themselves as “prophets”. My husband and I heard you, Mario Murrillo, speak in Palmdale probably 20 years ago, and knew you were a man of God. I appreciate what you did and I hope God helps these people get on the right track or that they are prevented from misleading people.

  32. Donna

    I am very pleased that you have publicly rebuked these so called prophets. Thank you .they troubled my spirit with the things there said.

  33. Enzo

    Well said brother Mario!

  34. Rick Kotz

    My wife and I are 100% in support of the necessary and justified actions that you took. Thank you for exposing the truth. You’re a good and faithful servant.

    • Janet E. Fulcher

      Thank you so much for your words on this matter. My daughter and I have discussed this subject and hesitated to make a judgement call on these people…”touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm” rings in our ears as we try the spirits on these prophecies. I appreciate your message of ripe fruit and harvest. Caught you first on Encounter Today.

  35. susanlinke

    I sooooo appreciate you Mario, I feel that the church in America has gotten fat and bored, and have turned to these false prophets for entertainment value. Meanwhile, the false prophets believe their own lies and have deceived themselves into thinking that their own thoughts are from God. The church has gotten away from the simple message of repentance, salvation, servanthood, dying to self, etc. I appreciate the way you stick to the truth, to your commitment to save souls and your “no compromise” attitude. It’s getting harder and harder to find pastors, evangelists, prophets etc that are truly following the narrow road.

  36. Woody

    The Word of GOD, the Bible, “IS FINAL AUTHORITY”. Thank you Mario and GOD will bless you richly.

    • Paula

      You know when Kim Clement was alive the churches and many others were calling him a false prophet. I think it comical that now most hail him as a great prophet. I couldn’t tell anyone in my church that I was listening to him for fear of rebuke. And Mario you were on TBN! God forbid in our Pentecostal church. TBN was a real no no. But I watched anyway. Were there things I didn’t agree with…YES. I relied on the Holy Spirit. Oh but how my faith grew in the Lord. It was my lifeline living in a rural community. Bottom line…the pastor’s didn’t want you giving money to TV ministries because they so desperately needed it. I understand that but let’s be honest where the issue lies with most local churches.

  37. Denise Ann Moriarty

    Brother Mario, Thank you for standing up for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and brave enough to speak out about the deception of these people. I used to listen to both of them but Holy Spirit was giving me a check in my spirit so I stopped. Now I know why. God Bless you as you fulfil the calling God has placed on your life.

  38. Jenny G.

    I hope you call out Julie Green, Manuel Johnson and Timothy Dixon too.

    • VF

      Agree especially about Manuel Johnson

  39. Carol Lyons

    I love you Mario!! You inspire me every day to stay steadfast to the word of God and to keep spreading the gospel. You are a genuine man of God and I admire you for all that you do!!

  40. Steven Hamlett

    I stand with you Mario. The Truth will set you Free. I think of 2 Chronicles 7:14 for all the Body of Christ because GOD is speaking to the body of Christ in 2 Chronicles 7:14. AMEN I know that you understand what I am saying. We want the Truth of God’s Word to come forth and for the Prophets to be accurate according to God’s Word. Keep doing what you are doing Mario. GOD Knows.

  41. Carolyn Leeis

    You only have to answer to God. You are standing on scripture so do not bow down to man. Any one who has sat in your services or just read your words can see a heart that only desires to walk in obedience to the word of God. Only God truly knows your heart, but I caught a glimpse of it the night my grandson got saved in Tulsa. When you said “how do you know you aren’t going to hell” he was one of the first to answer the altar call. No he wasn’t a prodigal, he was raised in church, never got in trouble, asked Jesus into his heart at a young age. However, that night, he made Jesus Lord of his life. Thank you, Mario for preaching the full gospel with signs and wonders following.

  42. Erin

    Thank you for being obedient to God. The church needs godly leaders. I am so thankful for you, someone I can trust.

  43. vernon rommel

    Totally agree with you

  44. Sheila Rhodes

    Thank you Brother Mario for speaking the Truth, knowing there would be some opposition. There must be Biblical correction brought to the body of Christ. Thank you for your boldness and courage, you have helped me greatly!

  45. Ronnie R Jordan

    I with you standing up to false teachings. You were 100% current. You went by the word of GOD.
    GOD bless you.

  46. MelLue

    Amen!!! The Word is Final Authority!!

  47. Gina

    Something to consider regarding the percentage of your favorable replies, these are your “followers”. I would hope and pray if someone choose to respond unfavorably, they were being led by the Holy Spirit because it would cause such a backlash of hate and a type of “flogging”. The replies were mostly filled with judgement and condemnation, and a sentiment that many were jumping on the bandwagon. This is heartbreaking that this is happening in the body of our Christ Jesus.I can’t help but wonder if some of the prophets and disciples of old would have been judged and condemned just as harshly if they were here today. God bless you always and no matter what Brother Mario.

    • Jeryl Reinbolt

      I totally agree with you Gina! The Church has historically killed the prophets. For the last 50 years or more, the Church has had a ‘crippled hand.” It has not recognized Apostles and Prophets. These are the first 2 positions mentioned as Ministry Gifts given by Holy Spirit. Apostles touch all the other ministry gifts, and the Prophets point the way, like a roadmap to the Church. It’s like everything else in Scripture, we must receive the Word from Father God and his direction through the prophets (2 Chronicles 20:20, KJV) in order to see the reward. Could it be that we have ignored those gifts for so long that our discernment is clouded? Robin Bullock has an Elijah anointing. He is different because that is a unique mantle that allows him to speak to Nations. He regularly calls out evil in the world. He calls out evil leaders and nations and calls on them to repent. He preaches how to be saved. He comes in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ which is how we test the spirits.
      It is up to the Lord to keep his Prophets in line. If someone claims to speak for the Father, and they instead speak another Gospel, don’t you think God will judge them? He is well able to do that. His hand is not shortened that he cannot save. God looks very dimly on people who make a mockery of him and lead his people astray. False shepherds will come under judgment. God always starts with the Church when he cleans house. Let God be the judge. God is the ONLY one in the Cosmos that always judges rightly. We are not supposed to use the Sword of the Spirit against our own. Only the devil and his crowd.
      On the subject prophecies concerning the future of America, we should receive it and shout for joy! Holy Spirit comes to encourage us and warn us. That is what is spoken through Prophet Robin Bullock. If we do not receive it, we could delay God’s deliverance. Our doubt and unbelief could cause us to wander in the desert, like the children of Israel. The Word says they had an 11-day journey to reach Seir. Instead, it took them 40 years because they did not trust the Prophet Moses. They complained and accused Moses of leading them into the desert to die. They looked back to the “comforts” of Egypt – bondage! Just like Lot’s wife! She was in direct disobedience to God – don’t look back to the ways of sin. Keep your eyes focused on God. Believe the Prophets and your way shall prosper! (2 Chronicles 20:20).
      I love Brother Mario Murillo. His ministry produces much fruit! Hallelujah! I lift up and pray for Mario Murillo Ministries. But I disagree with his last 2 blogs about prophets.

      Jeryl Reinbolt

    • Marie

      I’ve followed MM for a few years now, and I’ve agreed with him mostly until this situation. I decided to stay quiet on this because I feel it’s not my place to say anything because it is not clear cut for me. Paul said we all prophesy in a part and we see as through a dim mirror. I am praying for everyone involved. 🙏 So yes, the percentage may have been a bit skewed if there were a lot of people like me who decided to stay quiet.

  48. Marrion Hamm

    I don’t have any question about Robin Bullock but I’m just wondering about Kat Kerr. Wasn’t she on Flashpoint awhile ago. That was the person I had no idea about. There were even comments about Hank Kunamen trying to put him in with false prophets and we know he is absolutely a true prophet. He writes down all the prophesies God gives him and shows when that prophecy is fulfilled, I think there were many people who were honestly confused by a lot of the comments

    • Cornelia

      Bullock claims God’s throne sits in a cube of jello. Gimme a break. He is a false prophet. I have know in him and Kat Kerr from the moment I first heard them speak.
      Pray for discernment.

  49. LesaMarie

    Thank you for saving me soul I followed those two “ religiously” lest I may have perished!

  50. JerriLyn

    Thank you for your boldness to speak truth when it’s not easy or popular to do so.
    I do have a question…
    Are there any modern day prophets that you think do speak Word(s) from The Lord? Amanda Grace comes to mind as being a true Prophet, but I know of none others.


  51. Michelle

    Thank you for your explanation supported with scripture. I’ve listened to both Robin and Kat in the past. I didn’t feel comfortable with either of them, so I stopped listening to their sermons/speeches. My father ALWAYS said…the most important thing in this life is to save your soul!!
    I believe in your ministry, Mario. Keep saving souls!

  52. Jose Aviles

    I am glad you said something about those two , I felt in my spirit something was not right, and I expressed that in my worship team but they seem to think they could do no harm and , what I felt was my opinion. What gets me is why dose victory give them a platform.

  53. Michelle

    Excellent Mario! Thank You!!

  54. Gary

    Mario, I stand with everything you wrote!

  55. Karin

    I was wondering and thank you….it helps to know why I was wondering. Things just seemed off…. But how to disbelieve someone who visits heaven all the time and talks to Jesus/God? He told her to have pink hair. Perhaps it started out true, but pride, her own importance got in the way? And like-wise with other prophet’s pride. I loved the first book Kat wrote long ago….it was quite astonishing & encouraging ( Heaven Revealed). But several yrs now I’ve just lost interest…. she seemed kinda scatter-brain like, nothing she said felt anointed. ( makes me sad) Thank you for your courage. I am sure it wasn’t easy. My daughter got hooked into Robin with the long black coat…. Perhaps a Johnny Cash prophet. ( prophet in black) idk. It’s all so sad….and I’d question myself; Why I wasn’t so excited about these ones & their ministry that so many people follow.

    • Dino Nik

      We only heard Kat couple times and what she was saying were NOT BIBLICAL, THANKS Brother Mario for speaking the TRUTH, AND PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.

  56. Linda Pereff

    You did completely right. You have nothing to be concerned about. We all agree that the loose man made prophecies are of the flesh and
    a reproach to the gospel. True prophets were Kenneth Hagin, David Wilkerson to name a couple. The Bible says we can all prophecy but it is to edify, comfort and exhort with the scripture. The ones you named have literally been in the flesh and it is sad. Hopefully they will turn around and repent and realize their error. We love you and thank God you have stayed true to the word and your calling. Stay strong and keep on going the harvest is great and Jesus will call us home soon. Many blessings and complete health and strength to you and your wife.

  57. Pat

    Thank you for open rebuke. These people need to be held accountable.

  58. Clo Ann

    I thank u for what u have done. I had abandoned Kat Kerr long ago but Robin made me confused by some of his teachings. I didn’t agree with some of his teachings but u confirmed my uneasiness with those teachings. I pray daily that I not b deceived. Thanks for ur boldness and ur obedience

  59. Lisa

    Praise the Lord, you’re willing to stand for truth no matter what the cost. for we one day will stand before our Father & I want the Father to say well done, my good and faithful servant.
    The Lord never allowed me to get involved with those two, every time I saw them, I knew something was off and I’m grateful for truth to be revealed.
    All for the kingdom of God and for the souls & the harvest that will come into the Kingdom of God as we stand in truth.
    Blessings my brother ,

  60. Emily B.

    Thank you for your honesty Mario. I have been blessed by your just actions and totally agree with your stand!!! What you did has been LONG overdue!!! Now for the rest of the leaders in the body of Christ to do the same!!!

  61. Roxanne

    Well said Mario! Clearly explained and very helpful. Thank you.

  62. Tanja

    May God continue to give you strength, courage and peace. Blessings to you true man of God!

    • Pat Styers

      Mario, thank you for speaking out boldly and warning the church about these two. You did the right thing. As we know, some people will not agree, but we still must speak the truth and warn people. Every Christian needs to really know the Word and ask for greater discernment. So many are being deceived! Keep speaking the truth!

  63. Becky Dunlap

    Thank you Mario! I’m in agreement with you on all points. And what you’ve done has helped me by confirming what my heart wax telling me. It was a little hard to trust my heart with so many around me believing in these 2 untrue prophets. It is very, very sad to see people deceived and deceiving others!

  64. Linda D

    Standing with you Mario. You are right to get this information out to the churches. People need to listen & see what is going on in some of these prophetic circles. We will know the truth & thank you for being obedient to expose what many of us thought was not the real deal

  65. james

    I agree with you 100 percent, I called into Flashpoint the first time I saw Kat Kerr. My wife and I could not believe they aired her at all.

  66. Pamela Parker

    Go Mario! I’ve even seen some strange videos from Bethel. Makes one wonder about who/what is true. The false among us – in any branch of society – should be exposed. We cannot continue in the dark for God’s sake, our sake, our nation’s sake or the world’s sake. Thank you for removing the veil from my eyes and our collective eyes. Blessings! Pamela

  67. Yong Yun Fui

    Agree. First, we need to alert others against false prophets. I did follow Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock on Elijah Stream broadcast assuming that there will be a first level vetting all around from other prophetic voices which apparently did not. After following awhile, I felt very uncomfortable with Kat Kerr but for Robin Bullock I thought God was revealing through his prophet some ancient codes that I could not understand ( your explanation make it clear that Christ did not intend that the gospel be complicated especially to be ‘coded’) . Second, If there is no authoritative voice to correct them or point them out as false prophet in a timely way to wake up people like myself, the damage to the church body could be very great as social media has a way of multiplication and amplification of their frequent broadcast through Elijah Stream. Finally , I am glad to see Mario and Lance Wallnau partnership as part of the rising 5 Five Fold ministry which to me is an indicator of the maturing body of Christ versus the usually individualistic false prophets.
    Yong, Singapore.

  68. Joan okuda

    We all need to keep our eyes on the LORD. It’s a distraction from what’s going on. Around d us

  69. Brenda Diehl

    Dear Brother Mario, Thank you for being a genuine man of God who “speaks the truth in love” as instructed in Ephesians 4:15.
    I never felt at ease with Kat Kerr, the pink hair and trance-like facial expression that would seemingly suddenly come upon her each time she began to “prophecy”.
    With Robin D.Bullock, its been disturbing how, in recent months, his language has been unbecoming of a true man of God, as well as other aspects of his ministry.
    Thank you for scripturally rebuking and exposing them.
    God’s Blessings To You!
    Brenda D.from PA
    P.S. I’m reading “Do Not Leave Quietly!” Incredible! Thank you for writing a direct, up-front book!

  70. Jack Kagarise

    Looking forward to hearing you in Bakersfield on the 4th. God Bless you brother Mario

  71. Gil Zaragoza

    I stand shoulder to shoulder with Rev. Murillo!! God bless you!!

  72. Katie

    Mario, I met you in NZ I don’t know if you will get this bit I want to tell you that God is so proud of you, your so awesome, there needs to be more men of God like you. God bless and stay bold, that’s what you told me…BOLD blessings, Katie

  73. circuitridercarpetcleaning

    Great word Mario! Thank you

  74. DELETA Miller

    Oh, Brother Mario, this all does truly break my heart! I appreciate you and your evangelistic mission…you have been involved winning many souls to our Lord. I love you as a brother-in-Christ, and I know your heart is in your ministry.
    I appreciated and respected your first blog as you laid out your complaint and then stated “this is all I’m saying about this.”,or something to that affect. I thought that was admirable, and I respected you for that.
    However, I feel that when you continued your blogs on this issue of the prophets, it gives fodder for Satan and his minions to raise doubts and ridicule about the Church – not church houses, but our Lord’s bride. I think people need to make up their own minds about those professing prophets and let the Holy Spirit be our guide and judge. As believers, we know how to rely on our Lord and the Holy Spirit to discern and rightly divide the truth. I feel a “can of worms” has been opened; mockers of God and our Lord will have a forum to pounce on, and will push away those unbelievers who are already in doubt and confused.
    I’ve watched all the videos where you’ve been present on the stage with those prophets.. I wonder what happened to change your perspective of them. Might a ‘wolf’ have influenced you?
    I continue to love and pray for you….that our Lord will bless you in your ministry and keep you safe.

    • Mario Murillo

      Deleta, They are the ones raising doubts and bringing ridicule on the church.

      • Annette

        Hello Mario and Deleta,

        I understand what Mario is doing and his intention, but Deleta’s comment voices my concern as well.
        I have a feeling this is inadvertently fodder for the devil, and that the apostate church is the (much) larger concern.

        I’m not implying to judge, (though yes we ARE supposed to discern and use wisdom) so please no one take it that way.
        I do pray that those making comments are not getting caught up in the foray and sidetracked from The Main Thing.

        Glory to God for His mercy and grace, that we be bold when called. And also merciful and gracious as He is to us.
        Peace and grace to you both.
        And to us all.
        May His Kingdom come !!

  75. JLyn

    Thank you for your boldness to speak truth when it’s not easy or popular to do so.
    I do have a question…
    Are there any modern day prophets that you think do speak Word(s) from The Lord? Amanda Grace comes to mind as being a true Prophet, but I know of none others.


  76. Joe

    Kat Kerr is false. Many things she says are not scriptural. “there are more people in heaven than in hell”. (narrow is the way and few there be that find it). You get a second chance to repent after you die, and other things that contradict the Bible. I appreciate you confirming this for me, as i was apprehensive about calling someone a false prophet. Although i do not care for the music Robin Bullock plays, and i certainly do not care that he associates with Kat Kerr, i’ll still wait and see what comes of this rebuke and how he handles it. Both he and you have appeared at my church in Madison TN, just outside of Nashville. My pastor may or may not have erred in having him at our Church, but I know that Pastor Kent is a true man of God.

    • Karen Hughes

      Joe, Although Pastor Kent Christmas has had Robin in some services I still very much think Kent is very annointed. I personally haven’t cared for Kat or Robin 🙏🙏

    • Carol

      I don’t listen to Kat Kerr anymore because I started hearing things that I knew was not true! She said that God could appear to a person right before their death and ask them if they wanted to accept him now because their parents have been praying for them and other words God is giving them a chance because of those prayers! She specifically said that no one could be saved after dying! I will give her credit for that!

  77. Joan Landreneau

    I only listened to him once and I felt
    Very uncomfortable. Thanks for confirming my feelings. I didn’t even
    Listen to the entire “performance”.
    I think u did was was necessary.
    ❤️ J.

  78. Terry H

    God be with you friend. And thank you for what you did. I totally agree with your actions.

  79. Betty A Jackow

    Very well said Brother ! I pray the Lord to keep you and bless you in Jesus name

  80. Paul Rosenfeld

    It says a lot about our culture that people can lie, cheat and steal, and everyone is fine with it. It’s no problem. To call out lying, cheating and stealing, however, is the greatest evil and always incurs a swift and vigorous rebuke.

  81. spiritlifeministriesau

    Stand firm, The church needs a thorough cleansing, that cleansing must start at the top, Jeremiah confronted the false prophets of his day, we need to be doing the same today. Prophet Tom

  82. Mike Boles

    When you are called to be a Pastor and not a hireling, you appreciate truth and you appreciate those that are brave enough to speak it, and stand behind it as well. Bro Mario spoke truth, now we stand with him and around him,to quench the fiery darts of the evil one. This is the Body of Christ working together. Repentance and restoration can be accomplished and achieved but it must be from a humble heart that is made right before the Lord. I for one am grateful for Bro Mario Murillo for being a Man of God, no compromise, but with love, mercy, and grace loves the souls of men and women and wants them to be saved. There is no greater thing

  83. Valentina

    Proverbs 6:16-19 God hates division in His body..
    There are bibical steps to rebuking & especially in dealing with God’s servants
    The witness the body of Christ has been giving the world is one of slander & division & I as an evangelist have been asked why would I want to be a Christian when they can’t get along with each other put each other down when even Muslims get along better ? Sorry but I weep over this situation as I cannot fathom my God killing His servants so harshly & the Word declares that Satan is the accuser of His people Amen God have mercy & help us to love each other & to edify & build each other up & to correct in love even when we are in error in Jesus name Amen

    • Mario Murillo

      Muslims kill each other.

  84. Jackie Slavik

    A time to know, understand and grasp truth 100 per cent. America is burning. Will we die to self and live for Christ? Thank you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  85. Judith

    Who or what is a Christian leader?

  86. Jill M Moffat

    Thank you Mario. God bless you and yours. Amen

  87. Maria Logan

    I am in agreement with you, brother Murillo. I am guilty of listening to there speeches, however deep inside I felt troubled. But I kept on listening and listening. I noticed that their voices started to bother me, something in the pitch of it. I prayed about it several times.
    I slowly started to recognize that I didn’t want to listen to them anymore. So I stopped. Then I came across ‘Mario, where have you been?’ I heard your reasons and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
    I cried, because Holy Spirit was impressing on me that I shouldn’t entertain those messages and I did. I somehow couldn’t figure out why I felt uncomfortable with their messages.
    There are a few others that I feel that uncomfortable feeling as well. I just unsubcribed from all their channels.
    I need to be very careful what and whom I listen to. I need to just read His Word on my own. Thank you, brother Murillo for coming forward to help shake those of us who are mesmerized, we need to wake up and look towards God’s Truth. 🙏🏼❤️

  88. Susan Salevsky

    For a few years I have personally stayed away from these two. I call that discernment. You have done the right thing. God has blessed you. I will pray for you for God to give you strength, you work very hard for the Lord. Souls are what’s important. I will also pray for the two who to me have lost their way. God does not fool around, this is serious. This matter should be dropped, not good to dwell on the past. Thank you for being the good and Godly man that you are. Bless you Mario.

  89. Tony Cargile

    Amen and amen. It’s so frustrating brother Mario that you even have to address this with some. If those who chose to use scripture to ask this question would read more of their bible and not just the parts that make them feel good about themselves, they wouldn’t need to ask.

  90. Maria Logan

    I am in agreement with you, brother Murillo. I am guilty of listening to their speeches, however deep inside I felt troubled. But I kept on listening and listening. I noticed that their voices started to bother me, something in the pitch of it. I prayed about it several times.
    I slowly started to recognize that I didn’t want to listen to them anymore. So I stopped. Then I came across ‘Mario, where have you been?’ I heard your reasons and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
    I cried, because Holy Spirit was impressing on me that I shouldn’t entertain those messages and I did. I somehow couldn’t figure out why I felt uncomfortable with their messages.
    There are a few others that I feel that uncomfortable feeling as well. I just unsubcribed from all their channels.
    I need to be very careful what and whom I listen to. I need to just read His Word on my own. Thank you, brother Murillo for coming forward to help shake those of us who are mesmerized, we need to alert and watchful and look towards God’s Truth. 🙏🏼❤️

  91. Faye Smiddy

    Amen, brother! Thank you for your bold defence of the Gospel. False prophets must be exposed and rebuked. God bless you.

  92. Lynn

    Amen! I’m a pentecostal who was born again and delivered from occultism and Buddhism during the great Jesus Movement of the 70s & 80s. I had absolutely no background or foundation in Christianity, so everything was new and really scary to me — all except the profound love of Jesus that I knew was the real deal! Back then, as it does now, the pentecostal church stood by the gift of prophecy as Biblically legitimate. BUT, our pastor made it forcefully clear to the entire congregation that there was absolutely ZERO tolerance for false prophecy. Anyone who made a prophecy before the congregation had better be absolutely certain he or she was hearing from the Lord. If there was any doubt, our pastor believed that it was better to keep one’s mouth shut than to mislead the congregation. He enforced that rule with a velvet-gloved steel hand, full of love both for us, his flock, and for his Lord. His took the responsibility of guarding us very seriously. Just ONE false prophecy meant a brother or sister would never, ever be permitted to prophesy to the congregation again. We would still love and fellowship with that person, but no prophesying would be tolerated. He firmly believed that a prophet hearing from God would never falsely prophesy — no do-overs, mistakes, or oopsies! Needless to say, all of us were rightly reverentially fearful of the gift of prophecy. None dared say, “Thus saith the Lord,” unless the Holy Spirt said so! When I see people prophesying willy-nilly nowadays without humility, love, and deep reverence, I am appalled and saddened. Thank you Brother Mario for speaking the hard truths we need today, just as my pastor (who is now in Glory), did back then!

  93. Elly

    The only time I have seen these people was on programs of large influential ministries My first thought was they were strange and I was cautious about them but because I trusted the ministries I wasn’t sure if I was right but still I didn’t feel right about them you have not only a right but a responsibility to share what you know about them and I thank you for doing so others should join you!

  94. Lila Kerr

    Mario, on Sunday Hank Kunneman said a person can lose their salvation what is your view on this subject. I always thought salvation was eternal.

    • Mario Murillo

      Wow. Did he really say that????

      • Sandy Pisz

        Yes I believe that. Many years ago when I got saved the Lord asked me one day to pray for the Back Slider and I said No way Lord. Why would they leave you? He asked me a question. Why do you go looking for your dog when she gets out and runs off?
        I said because I love her. And he said I love the Back Slider would you pray for them. So, I said yes Lord I will pray for them. I have prayed for them for 50+ years. Also if they back slide they must have lost there salvation.

      • Lila

        Hank used the passage of the prodigal son and said he was lost and referred to that passage he had lost his salvation. It was near the end of his service on the 9:00 am broadcast. Please listen to that message.

  95. Karen McKim

    Thank you, Mario. You did the right thing.

  96. Nick Augenstein

    Thank you Mario. My own evaluation has been confirmed.

  97. Allina

    Mario ,

    Your not wrong . Your following The Word .In my opinion many believers are straying away correction and how to apply correction in the church amongst the saints. Instead people are walking on eggshells , worried about embarrassment and doing things in secret. They forget He is a Lion and a Lamb. I don’t think many believers are taught well anymore. Their is no balance . It’s roar at the devil overly love everyone and the middle isn’t addressed. There is away we are suppose to handle falsehood and conflict and it’s not always going to be pretty. Jesus and some of The Apostles were direct and no holds barred.
    Bless you and be encouraged in the Lord Jesus.

  98. Victoria - Beaconofhope

    Thank you for being the salt and the light … may God richly bless you.

  99. Lare Mitchell

    Truth does not come in color. We said sir we said. We were able to see you in Colorado Springs Colorado. Excellent.
    Profit or prophet??? You want prophesy read your Bible

    • Angie L.

      I have watched Katt and lost interest. I was careful not to say anything because, what if she is a true prophet? When she said she saw certain people in heaven, I questioned it. I emailed her w no reply. We’ll see if these people are really dead but Robin. My husband & I have watched him for a while now. We put $ monthly into his ministry. I was struggling with him & Hank supporting Kenneth Copeland. KC just looks demonic to me, we cannot watch him so I was confused why RB & HK would support KC. KC is false and i saw where he had the Pope on a livestream. That in itself is evil! The Pope supports homosexuality along w other sin. I stopped watching HK when Gen Flynn prayed that demonic prayer at HK church & HK allowed it and defended it.
      I have always known about Yeshua, I was building my relationship w Him in 2008. I got too busy and did not focus on my relationship w Him until 2020 when I went down a rabbit hole. I went back and never getting too busy again! I am learning & Standing Firm per Ephesians. I am in the Word almost every day, I rarely miss getting in the Word. The Godhead is all that matters to me now. Thank you Yeshua and Holy Spirit for calling me back!
      In 2020, I came across Hank 1st, from a friend, then Katt. As I watched her and heard her say she doesn’t need to read the Bible I really started questioning. Then some of the things she claimed to see, it did not sit well w me but what did I know? I’m not a seeer.
      I am sad about RB but you are confirming through Holy Spirit what I was feeling in spirit. I am so sad that I did not listen and I was deceived. I am grateful I came across you blog through another prophet. I will pray for you sir. I will pray for them too. I pray they repent and turn back to Yeshua. God Bless you. Thank you for your boldness.

  100. Karen Hughes

    I really have had serious doubts about these 2 prophets. Can you warn us of any other because some do bring hope & encouragement 🙏🙏🙏

  101. Shirley Fisher

    What blog are you talking about ? I would like to read it.

    • Mario Murillo

      the link is about the beginning of this blog

  102. Allan Winters

    Narto, I agree with your views 100 percent. I wash introduced to Bullock and Kerrs teaching by a fprmer member of my Church (I was the Pastor) I simply bore no witness in the Spirit about their ministries but as they say I could not “put my finger on it” as to why. I do however have discernment and discerning of spirits. Thank you so very much for pointing out what is wrong with these false prophets

  103. Linda

    Thank you for your clarification. I didn’t really need it, but it verifies your characterization!

  104. Beth Coleman

    I love and respect your courage and straightforwardness brother Mario. Many Agee.xoxo

  105. Meg

    In agreement with you and standing with you Brother. Thank you for standing.

  106. Dorothy Behrend

    Even the elect can be deceived! Lord help us to know TRUTH. I found myself listening to Christian videos more than reading the Word, this blog has woken me up

  107. Meg

    The Lord had already confirmed to me that Kat Kerr has an unsanctified imagination. That she is practicing witchcraft. That Robin is twisting the truth and practicing sorcery.

    So I Really appreciate Brother Mario being a great Pastor and shepherding the Body of Christ well.

  108. Roger Weeks

    Agreed and understand, very good clarification and beneficial scripture references. Exactly what the body of Christ needs. Thought out prayed out, defense of the faith not vindictive. Thank you brother

  109. Debbie Meagher

    Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I don’t feel right about certain people and I wonder if I’m being judgemental. Also it’s the leadership’s responsibility to guard the sheep. God bless Mario.

  110. Edwin D Grigsby

    All prophetic words need to be judged by the written word of God. If they are contrary to it. They are false and leading others astray. You did the right thing by obeying the Lord in this public rebuke of them. It was long overdue. Thank you!

  111. Matt Accuardi

    We are commanded to walk in the light and we are commanded to be accountable to each other and the Lord.
    You are correct in rebuking openly.
    If we the body of Christ would stop tolerating false teaching and hold false prophets accountable , they would not so brazenly walk publicly.
    I’ll bet after Ananias and saphira dropped dead for simply lying about an offering , no one else did the same thing.
    Keep up the good work and may the Lord keep and strengthen you.

  112. J. Jackson

    Mario, dear Mario, I feel so close to with ministries you’ve appeared with, and those you have commented about.  I only heard about your blog yesterday. It’s stayed with me since, and I want to share with you the parts I can verbalize.

    I’m not a Biblical scholar or theologian, but have walked with Jesus for 52 years as of tomorrow. I’m more dependent on God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s touch and guidance than ever.  Much of my ability to make it peacefully and WELL through these recent years has been thanks to the streamed programs of you and the fellow believers you’ve described (and the presence of Jesus coming through to me).

    In recent days, I’ve learned more about Jeus’ use of parables, and how He didn’t want them to be understood in the same ways by those He didn’t intend to receive the information.  There are elements for us to hear, those of us “with ears to hear.”

    When someone says they’ve had an insight from God–it can certainly be new to them and accurately described as “I have a new take on this,” not necessarily meaning that it’s never been revealed to anyone else ever before. 

    In my own walk, I have regularly gotten fresh insights–and often, I’ll hear the same insights broadcast right back to me over the airwaves by known ministers within the next week or so.  I was impressed that this happens because the AUTHOR IS THE SAME, the Lord God Almighty (when it’s consistent with His Written Word, of course).

    And although not every ministry may be presenting the Gospel in every moment of every message…their messages can OFTEN include the Gospel and still ALWAYS run totally consistently with God’s Word. I am a believer, and there are many topics of focus in my life, consistent with the Gospel!

    Another area of your concern is the descriptions people have used that sound so earth-bound, including brand names and such.

    Even in the Bible, we’re told of mansions in heaven, streets of gold…the pearled gates.  End-times visions describe flying insects we believe would be advanced air vehicles of warfare that had never then yet been seen. 

    That is to say, to REACH US, in parables or visions, God has to speak to us in what we would recognize today. We even do that when we try to express giant emotions to someone we love. Our current ways of communicating are limited, and surely so when it comes to describing what’s ahead, and even what’s already in our lives but beyond our knowledge or language.

    Another recent part of my walk is that there is so much MORE to God–so much beyond what I have recognized in the first 50 years of an eternal life.  (How do we even understand “eternity?” So much, we take in Love and on Faith!

    That there are layers of meaning in God’s word is not new. That’s how the Holy Spirit can take us to a single verse of God’s Living Word throughout our lives, and we have unending refreshment, insight, and applications of it.  None of them at odds with the Word.

    This era’s conflict is, in brief, God vs. the Devil, Good vs. Evil…times we’ve known were coming. I believe we are also going to be ASTOUNDED in what’s to come, the POWER DISPLAY of God! 

    In the meantime, we must be on guard against the enemy’s regular, old tactic of division. He’s using it against us via “others,” within ourselves, and AMONG us.  Let’s be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.  (Finding agreement does not mean there is unity forming.)

    In great anticipation and the Love of Magnificent Jesus.

    Mario, you do Rock. Keep it going. I miss you.

  113. forwordwriter

    Mario, dear Mario, I feel so close to with ministries you’ve appeared with, and those you have commented about.  I only heard about your blog yesterday. It’s stayed with me since, and I want to share with you the parts I can verbalize.

    I’m not a Biblical scholar or theologian, but have walked with Jesus for 52 years as of tomorrow. I’m more dependent on God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s touch and guidance than ever.  Much of my ability to make it peacefully and WELL through these recent years has been thanks to the streamed programs of you and the fellow believers you’ve described (and the presence of Jesus coming through to me).

    In recent days, I’ve learned more about Jeus’ use of parables, and how He didn’t want them to be understood in the same ways by those He didn’t intend to receive the information.  There are elements for us to hear, those of us “with ears to hear.”

    When someone says they’ve had an insight from God–it can certainly be new to them and accurately described as “I have a new take on this,” not necessarily meaning that it’s never been revealed to anyone else ever before. 

    In my own walk, I have regularly gotten fresh insights–and often, I’ll hear the same insights broadcast right back to me over the airwaves by known ministers within the next week or so.  I was impressed that this happens because the AUTHOR IS THE SAME, the Lord God Almighty (when it’s consistent with His Written Word, of course).

    And although not every ministry may be presenting the Gospel in every moment of every message…their messages can OFTEN include the Gospel and still ALWAYS run totally consistently with God’s Word. I am a believer, and there are many topics of focus in my life, consistent with the Gospel!

    Another area of your concern is the descriptions people have used that sound so earth-bound, including brand names and such.

    Even in the Bible, we’re told of mansions in heaven, streets of gold…the pearled gates.  End-times visions describe flying insects we believe would be advanced air vehicles of warfare that had never then yet been seen. 

    That is to say, to REACH US, in parables or visions, God has to speak to us in what we would recognize today. We even do that when we try to express giant emotions to someone we love. Our current ways of communicating are limited, and surely so when it comes to describing what’s ahead, and even what’s already in our lives but beyond our knowledge or language.

    Another recent part of my walk is that there is so much MORE to God–so much beyond what I have recognized in the first 50 years of an eternal life.  (How do we even understand “eternity?” So much, we take in Love and on Faith!

    That there are layers of meaning in God’s word is not new. That’s how the Holy Spirit can take us to a single verse of God’s Living Word throughout our lives, and we have unending refreshment, insight, and applications of it.  None of them at odds with the Word.

    This era’s conflict is, in brief, God vs. the Devil, Good vs. Evil…times we’ve known were coming. I believe we are also going to be ASTOUNDED in what’s to come, the POWER DISPLAY of God! 

    In the meantime, we must be on guard against the enemy’s regular, old tactic of division. He’s using it against us via “others,” within ourselves, and AMONG us.  Let’s be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.  (Finding agreement does not mean there is unity forming.)

    In great anticipation and the Love of Magnificent Jesus.

    Mario, you do Rock. Keep it going. I miss you.

  114. Dave S

    Could you provide the URL for the blog you used? I tried searching for it and can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  115. Neil Lewis


  116. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    I applaud Mario’s actions. When the false ones are speaking what everyone wants to hear those of us issuing The Lord’s warning remain ignored. A true prophet speaks truth even when it hurts and people don’t like what they hear.

  117. Joe Kunze, Peoria, Az

    Mario, not only do I support you in this as well as your soul winning ministry, I also stand with you publicly.

  118. Michael Davino

    Much respect for you my brother! The check that I always had concerning these individuals has come full circle. There are some others also who I believe would qualify.
    Thank you for your willingness to be used by God regardless of consequence. Much love to you my brother!

  119. Dale E Stevens

    Well said and enough said Mario! Thank you for your service to the Body of Christ!

  120. Mary Aversa

    “There is is”! It had to be done publicly. As it is written, let it be done! You were totally in the right! Thank you! May you continue to obey the Holy Spirit and be continually blessed for doing so. We the people are so blessed for it. Think of how meany people were saved because they were exposed publicly. God Bless you!

  121. Ed lewis

    Thank you Mario for telling the truth.

  122. Shirley Jarrett

    Thank you. I listen to you… really listen! Love to see the tent meetings!

  123. Bonnie Gerke

    Thank you Mario for your honesty in sharing your heart. I truly believe God’s hands is on your life, the fruit of your evangelistic meetings is evident. I’ve struggled with both these prophets but wanted to give them the benefit of doubt to see if what they did happened. Your explanation says it all and I appreciate you exposing the wolves who hide among the sheep. Praise God for those who are called who continue to shepherd the sheep who are hungry for Jesus. Thank you Mario !

  124. Gregory J. Adami

    Excellent, beautifully said I stand along side you, Amen

  125. Theresa Lanier Miller

    Well said, man of God. I turned off Robin several months ago. It is sad to lose a minister with that kind of talent. May our Lord bring him to repentance thank you for not being afraid of speaking the truth. The Body of Christ needs you and many more like you.
    Rev Theresa Lanier Miller

  126. phyllis fernandez


  127. Charles Nuzzo

    I agree with you Mario. The two people you mentioned are a stumbling block to the gospel. Hank K and Jesse D and Kenneth K and the rest of the gibberish speaking in tongues crew also need to be called out.

    • Terri Laessig

      Your remark is so offensive concerning these people and our speaking in tongues gibberish! Obviously, you are the one who is misled and mistaken and I’m so sorry to see you write such a comment here. I will be very disappointed if Mario does not respond to this in defense of these ministers and the gift of speaking in tongues!

    • Carol

      Speaking in tongues is not gibberish! You just made a statement against the Holy Spirit! You need to read Acts in the New Testament! It has been spirit filled in praying in the spirit that changes things! There is power in the spirit and gives you the ability to witness and to Understand the word of God!!

  128. Caroline McQ

    I have been sensing this in my spirit for a while now and you have affirmed. What do we do now about people like Hank Kuunaman who had both in his services and Steve Shultz from Elijah Streams who has them regularly as guests? Does this make the other guests he promotes less credible?

  129. Nancy

    In a previous blog you stated you were not on flashpoint lately because you do not want to be on with Hank Kunneman. Is he a false prophet? You didn’t say his name but I know who you meant. Could you provide a scriptural basis for this decision. Also could you make a list of the false prophets for the church. Based on what you have stated previously I believe you would include Kat Kerr, Robin Bullock, Timothy Dixon, Jonathan Cahn and Julie Green. Is this correct?

    • Mario Murillo

      I love Hank but question his associations with Kat and Robin.

      • Marcus Maddox

        Even Peter needed to be corrected.
        Not in private.
        But in front of God and everybody
        This sort of thing must often be done so that no one is deceived or puffed up with pride, carrying others away into gross error .
        How can we fight the good fight unless we steel ourselves to oppose to their face , those who are leading the best of our people into a terrible ambush planned by our Enemy


        I love you Mario but I also Question sone things you say .. But we agree to disagree

    • Jeanie

      He said nothing about Jonathan Chan or Timothy Dixon or Julie Green

      • T.W. Hopping

        Jeanie, Mario did write about T. Dixon

  130. Paula Sokol

    Thank you. I had a check in my spirit and still listened to both. Now I know I wasn’t alone in my questioning. Again thank you for all you do and your obedience. May God bless you and His face shine upon you.

  131. Lynn

    I am so happy you wrote the truth about these two false prophets. Thank you for your honesty!!

  132. Jan Davis

    Mario when I read your first blog I knew those who came against you could not possibly know the true heart of you. You are right on in what the WORD teaches about truth. I appreciate your honesty and I know along with many others The Lord is on your side.

  133. Terri Lee

    You’re fine, I trust you.

  134. Nancy Trottier

    I agree with you, Pastor Murillo, whole heartedly!!

  135. Geraldine

    I didn’t read what u said about false prophets…. Is there some place I can hear this,,,, I have been following the prophets and I would like to know what u said please. Thank you

  136. Peggy Zide

    Thank you for your honesty and bravery. Walking in the truth is not always popular or easy, but you did it and are a great example to me. So many times over these past years your words have been a lifeline to me because they always point to God, truth and the end result for me, peace!

  137. David A Cruz

    Appreciate the light being shown where it needs to I just ask that the lord give us a double and triple portion of decrement clarity to see through the lost deceptive lures around us. Thank you Mario for stepping forward. 🙏

  138. Lori

    Matthew 24:4-5 Jesus answered, “See to it that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

    Maybe they aren’t claiming to be The Christ, but they are deceiving many! I’ve learned that 99% of what they say can be Bible based truth, but if 1% is an outright lie, they can be false prophets or teachers who elaborately wrapped their lies in the truth in order to pass them off! Wow, is that scarey!

    I wrote to about a half dozen, you included, a few years ago, about the danger of the appearance of association with people like that potentially damaging your credibility, due to a group appearance on a show. One wrote back tactfully and stated they had no control over whom the other guests were and in a round about way sounded to be in agreement. Next, I felt a palpable coldness from two I contacted and actually thought they were offended and incensed by my warning. In fact, I thought one of them didn’t even want me on their site after that because he was so miffed at me. I don’t think you replied then, perhaps you took it to heart or didn’t see my message. And that’s ok, I was not looking for a gossip fest, I merely wanted to give warning on how that was percieved seeing trusted men in the presence of individuals who were making outlandish claims.

    I’ll word this delicately – I am discerning a “king pin,” so to speak, who has built an empire to wrap a 1% lie with 99% truth. He has preachers from many walks of life in his vast network to ensure reaching every sort of person to deceive them. (He’s got evil eyes too.) The give away for me was two fold. I heard him speak himself on a 2018 video or 2017, stating the pope was a “spirit filled believer.” I’ll agree he is filled with spirits alright. But that floored me to hear because in an instant it revealed to me this guy was not who he claimed to be if he got behind a representative of doctrine of devils! I felt he was part of a bigger plan to herd believers into a one world religion. Further evidence of this was I began to hear pastors in his network endorsing others that were “way out there. ” I won’t mention names, but it was shocking to hear ones I trusted put a plug in for ones who clearly seem to be shady lunatics, so I concluded they were reinforcing each other in this network for a reason. This is getting long, I apologize for that. I’m just saying you have my support and I think your last two blogs have been overdue for believers to hear!! It dangerous out there in these last days.

  139. Paula Kochanek

    Lord breathe new grace on Mario. Encourage him with Your tangible touch.

  140. Sue f

    I appreciate your response to all those inquiring about public rebuking, I believe it’s also a critical time in our lives to learn Gods word for ourselves so that we can not be deceived by those not basing their teachings on biblical scripture. People are flawed but God is not, He is not man that He can lie…Trust in God and His written word and compare the prophets words to Gods words and let the truth be shown.

  141. Marcus Thair Truesdale

    Mario, I agree with you 100%. I pastor a small AOG church in the northwest and I have some in my congregation who follow these so called prophets. I’ve been warning them for quite some time now and they still won’t heed my advise on these false teachers. Two of those people you mentioned are some they follow, while the others are Julie Green, Hank Cuneman, and Rick Joyner. Thank you again for calling these people out!!!

    You should come to the northwest if God directs you to. It’s in need of revival.

  142. Phyllis Towns

    Thank you Mario for your blog! Calling out the false prophets has been a great help to me. Lord help all of us on how to decern between good and evil! Praise the Lord for your ministry. His truth is marching on.

  143. Steve Roberts

    Amen Mario. You’re absolutely right on!

  144. Lisa housden

    God bless you this makes me respect you more God gives up that warning too inside but because so many people follow them and no one has said nothing for so long it becomes normal not to say anything. Thank you you saved so many people from falling for theses false prophets. I sent this blog to my friend who follows robin bullock and Kat Kerr i tried to watch him robin but I knew something was off my friend latterly worships him and she sends me his videos. All the time but God won’t let me watch it

  145. Nan

    I stand with you, Mario and greatly respect and appreciate your obedience in this matter.
    Right this minute I am watching the destruction of my son’s whole life and family because of his being seduced and confused by false prophets and false teachers.
    I am believing for my son’s restoration and my husband and I are bringing correction to him as the Holy Spirit leads.
    God bless you.

  146. Gretchen Anne Carter

    I figured out that it was Kat Kerr, but now the mystery is solved concerning Robin Bullock. I had to Google the phrases to discover that you were referring to Kat. Since Dutch Sheets never referenced their speech, I never bothered to pursue their prophecies, however, my pastor friend did have an interesting observation about Kat’s ministry to children who were cancer patients concerning that room full of jello. My passion is intercession and getting people saved, healed and delivered, so I don’t have tinge to “chase” the prophets. Flashpoint is the only time I hear Hank Kunneman and he’s spot on, so he’s the only one I take the time to listen to; him and Tim Sheets. You make some valid points based on Scripture, but I’m going to stay focused on the assignments Father gave me to walk in and let you deal with them. I don’t have the time. I can’t wait to have another opportunity to work at one of your Living Proof tent revivals! My husband was impressed that “you spoke with authority”. PS. I’m passing around your Don’t Leave Quietly Book and started reading Vessels of Fire and Glory. I thank God for you and your wife.

  147. Diana Baird

    Thank you for sharing your stance on this. I agree with you on the matter of rebuking false prophets and teachers and calling them out by name.
    I now need to have wisdom in following or listening to those Minister’s and groups that associate with these false one’s. Are they too to be shunned as being guilty by association? I could use some advice with that question.
    Thank you Mario for staying true to the Faith and your conviction in the Holy Spirit.
    Come to Amarillo Texas!

  148. Terry

    Thanks for your courage, it was long. There is a lot more that need to be held accountable for associations. The only prophets that seem to get time on Elijah streams are farewell prophets those that speak all is well. Where is the balance? People need to guard their associations, less they be tainted with untruth! Thanks!

  149. Tim Quirk

    Mario, excellent response, may The Lord continue to bless and use you and your team to bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  150. Linda

    A huge thank you for doing so. I couldn’t swallow Kat Kerr reports but I did Bullock even though I questioned somethings. God keep telling me all the glitters is not gold and said it. Ephesians says prophets NT are called to equipped the saints not the government.

  151. Vicki

    This left me with such a heavy heart. I barely slept last night and intend to Fast and Pray. I tithed to Robin’s ministry but after seeing your video and then your blog, I decided it was best to pray for discernment. This is heart breaking for me to his this split. I feel like a fool. Out of respect for YOU and YOUR MINISTRY, I canceled my tithing until GOD says otherwise. Thank you for your desire and passion to fulfill GODS work.

    • Mary Lou

      You might want to watch The Eleventh Hour from January 24…be sure to watch it on YouTube under Robin’s name only. Your welcome.

  152. Bonnie Sage

    Thank you ,God works in such a amazing way ,I had all these questions in my head that you just answered.God is good all the time,He is my best friend, He always has the coolest ways to answer all my thoughts. Thank you Mario for knowing our Lord and Savior, knowing the Bible so well most of all listening to what God tells you to do or say

  153. Mary Wilson

    Excellent! I’m in total agreement with you Mario. Keep up the great work!! We all need to be put back on the narrow road of truth now and then. And with all of the self-proclaimed prophets out there who are misleading God’s children, I’m happy to see you call them out truthfully. We all need to pay attention in these end times. We have our answers in God’s word. It’s all there, just read the bible.

  154. Gerry Wyant

    Thank you for being bold and honest for Jesus word

  155. Mary Thompson

    Something the matter with the reply site. Can only see the top edge.? Thank you for this blog. I think many pastors shut their eyes to what is going on in their cities. Our CountyJudge is a Democrat, and he gets by with running their agenda with little push back. He kept our city shut down even after the Governor opened the state. Everything you have brought forth in your blogs is true. The pastors and churches must wake up, or we will continue to reap the consequences until we have lost every freedom.

  156. Wayne Gile

    Thank you for your explanation. Those of us who were somewhat bewildered as to the worldwide exposition concerning these two people through your blog may still have at least a couple of questions: 1) Why was an unknown ‘bible scholar’s’ opinion from who knows where used as a basis for the past two entries… opinions which many of us see as extremely problematic as to it’s content and conclusions.. and 2) since the rebukes you cited above were done localized through addressed letters by His handpicked Apostles, what is to keep the hundreds of thousands of ministers worldwide from going on their own rebuke-fest, sidelining scriptural and considerate processes of discovery and private confrontation, citing that it’s now OK since the people they’re rebuking are just crazy prophets and since Mario bypassed these scriptural processes and went worldwide right out of the gate? I believe you may have just unleashed the Kraken and the harbinger of ministry death to some legitimate ministers worldwide who are now in significant danger of being blogged out of the ministry by these new ‘rebukers’, all because a famous minister did it and justified it? Still very confused.

  157. Kathryn Wilbanks

    Surely a purging must come in many areas, and truth will prevail. Really there’s no need to set me straight here as I understand you have felt a mandate to be the one to speak up… I’m just participating with those making comments and many of these public comments have honestly been just plain mean. And so it goes. The thing that sincerely hurts my heart in all of this flurry is that Pastor Hank Kunneman has been “implicated” and no doubt hurt… and ultimately, Flashpoint takes a black eye by association. There’s no way around it. Mario, you answered someone “not yet” in regards to adding Pastor Hank to your list of false prophets, and I wish you’d have waited. Many now have already added him to the list because of their respect for you. I think this man deserves the same respect unless or until he himself proves to be one of the wolves in the image on your post. I assume other Flashpoint guests/regulars (and I won’t start naming names as that seems to be an automatic, “yeah! them too!” with people) may follow. I don’t know them personally, but I do have the Holy Spirit inside of me to bear witness. These are men of God who have given those standing for Jesus a voice and have bolstered our hope in this hour, for such a time as this. Yes, there are prophets out there that I have a check about, so I don’t listen… many I’ve never even heard of. I’m certainly not a junkie, but prophecy has its place in the body. I hope the show that has been HUGE in this time and any one of the Fab Four that God put together will not be destroyed and further divided over this. I am thankful beyond words for Flashpoint. It’s the only “news” I trust. But the shadow of suspicion has been cast. If association is the repelling factor, then one must begin to walk it back all the way to be consistent… and Flashpoint and ALL of the men still on it associate with Hank. I associate with them as having come alongside in financial partnership. Brothers and sisters, let’s please don’t enjoy this so much! It should make us sad and prayerful for those about whom it will prove true. I say what I’ve said from my heart. I hope it will not be perceived as just a post to rebut but a heartfelt concern from a sister in Him. Thank you, Mario.

  158. Brad Thompson

    As a senior elder in the body of Christ you have the authority to rebuke publicly these false prophets. The church needs to be purged of this deception.

  159. Carolyn Millard

    Mario, thank you for doing as the Lord has called us all to do, that is to know the truth, to walk in the truth and then to share the truth. Anything that does not line up with the Word of God is a lie and needs to be revealed as such. Our teachers are to instruct us in the way we should go even as we instruct our children.

  160. BK Curtis

    God Bless and protect you !

  161. susan boniberger

    Thank you, Mario.
    We stand with you.

  162. Michelle Swan

    Thank you for all the work your ministry is doing; saving souls and exposing false doctrine. What you did in standing for truth saved lives. God bless you.

  163. Brian

    Paul rebuked Peter (Gals 2:11-13)

  164. Brenda Crnkovich

    I agree with you, Mario. I had red flags with both and could not watch them…. I am praying for truth to be revealed in Jesus name… Thank you for standing. Thank you for speaking up.

  165. Becky Smith

    Thankful for your ministry and heart for all people. I’m so grateful that you’re taking a stand for truth and the Word of God! Blessings to you and all who hear the Word through you.

  166. Peter Yang

    I had similar concerns when I first saw one of their you tube videos. The only thing I would say about the rebuke thing in referencing the apostles, you have put yourself in their category or stature, that would be an argument you will receive. You got yourself in a fight you didn’t need and had more to lose because of the pushback. I don’t think this has been done perfectly. I pray it all gets sorted out. The response is key. Are they misled but have some self awareness and humility to course correct or have they gone beyond a point of no return where they double down? Truth of who they are will come out; it has certainly brought about dialogue about the prophetic or it should. I’m for you mario, let’s figure this out.


  167. Linda Kidder

    Amen brother Mario. For far too long people who know better have remained silent in the name of “God is love”. Jesus came with a sword to divide between the true and the false, the passionate and the complacent, those that love to praise God and those that love the praises of men. Truth is truth no matter what. Let those who have ears to hear listen to what God’s Spirit is saying!!!

  168. Colleen MacPherson

    Thank you for refusing to back down and standing on the Truth, the Word of God. I believe that what has been publicly exposed here needed to be done and you did it according to scripture. God has said that obedience is better than sacrifice. I continue to pray for your ministry and am excited to see those that are running to Christ for salvation. Please prayerfully consider coming to Everett/Seattle WA area for revival tent meetings. Would love to be a part of that.

  169. Brian Ascough

    I initially viewed Kat Kerr with a cautious optimism regarding her political prophecies immediately following the 2020-steal. Remember she is [politically] on our side and abhors the Democrat agenda as much as we do. That said when her prophecies regarding Trump’s re-election and [Judas] Pence succeeding Trump did not come to fruition is when I began to view her prophecies with suspicion. If these weren’t coming true, then all her other prophecies regarding heaven became suspect. I eventually quit listening to her altogether after hearing the same non-materializing themes parroted over again. Fast forward to 2 years later and here we are with the same Pedo-in-Chief still in power and the Deep State marching ahead almost entirely unrestrained -save for the House- by a docile, complacent, and gov’t-worshiping American people. Indeed many in the church have idolized the gov’t as largely seen in my view by the cult-like movement to submit to experimental mRNA vaccines followed by a willingness to ostracize those who don’t comply. One silver-lining of the COVID cult is that it exposed the goats (wolves?) from the sheep including pastors whom I thought were solid, but turned out to be nothing more than sleeper left-wingers.

    I never really liked Robin albeit for more superficial reasons. He was and is long-winded, monotone, BORING, and takes forever to draw a questionable parallel b/t biblical and contemporary events. When his prophecies either didn’t come true or manifested as a wild generality, in which case anyone can read any current circumstance into it, I completely gave up on him too.

    I can’t speak to the status of their salvation as that is b/t them and Gd, but I sure do agree to label them as false prophets that are to be rejected.

  170. Theresa Swartz

    Thank you, Mario, man of God. I had followed Kat for a while and felt to no longer follow just because it seemed irrelevant to my walk with the Lord. I have watched Robin and have felt a check in my spirit. Thank you for presenting clarification on your blog. I sense a strong calling of Holy Spirit to get back into the Word…study to show yourself approved…seek and you will find. I go to a small congregation of of older believers with a solid 5 fold eldership. There is much deception in this area of NY…Woodstock/New Paltz
    We have a prayer meeting on Friday nights that is more like a night of adoration, although we do pray. My concern is that we haven’t drawn in the younger people, but we cont. to pray. There is a church down the street with youth and activities, but also many problems. Anyway, I do have a question of declarations. There are powerful ministries that are using declarations for wants not necessarily what I believe are God’s intentions and not even using the Word of God. Can you write a blog concerning correct way to make a declaration. Thank you in advance and many blessings to you and your family♡

  171. Tari Lohrey

    I know rebukes are neccessary. You obey the Lord and Holy Spirit. I agree with the word of God and thank you for speaking out. Standing in truth. Praying for you and your family and ministry.

  172. Jeanne

    Appreciate the enlightenment you share. Citing A. W. Tower on false teachers:
    “They are especially skillful at propounding notions which have never been part of the Christian heritage of truth…It is astonishing that some refuse to doubt anything served up along with the Bible.”

  173. Lorie A Leahy

    Thank you, Mario, for taking a stand.

  174. Natalie

    Dearest Mario,
    Thank you for being so truthful and courageous for the body of Christ and caring enough to say what many have felt in their spirits.
    You are 100 percent right about clearing the air regarding the confusion many self claimed prophets are causing for Christians, especially baby Christians.
    These questionable prophets are like a circus side show trying to draw as many viewers to their “new revelations”, as if God only let them know secret information. The spouting of new prophecies given out in a heartbeat with theatrical showmanship, saying it’s from the Lord is sketchy and scary. If spirit filled Christian leaders don’t say anything then many sheep will assume it is “okay” to go along with the prophetic propaganda.
    I believe there are words of knowledge that God gives to his people but it wasn’t given to make a buck for themselves.
    If these folks are truly Christians, they need to stop digging a ditch for themselves and others who are too confused to know better. I also feel if you are a true prophet, you don’t have to defend yourself constantly or try to claim that the Lord will only decree things through “you” and that He wants us to take your word. The only word we need is what is written in the word, it’s all there…the past, the present, and the future. God was not sketchy on things, He was very clear.
    You folks trying to get Mario to defend himself need to weigh out what you want to hear and believe. Do you want to hear God? Then go to the Bible, not some self-claimed prophet spouting off stuff “on demand” when the camera is on. This truly is an insult to the real post of a true prophet of God. Just saying, be careful of the wolves in sheep clothing wanting your attention and money.
    God bless you Mario for the way over due correction! Keep the faith! All my aloha in Christ, Natalie

  175. Laura

    Good job, Mario! There is a video you should see where 2 men who call out false prophets went to the gathering of Julie Green and Timothy Dixon and spoke thru a bullhorn

  176. Rochelle

    What about Hank then? He’s had Kat Kerr at his church and gotten some kind of “mantle” placed on him by her? I’m not trying to start a fight here just sincerely wondering.

  177. Stacey - Dallas, TX

    Thanks for being a voice of truth!!! Truth is true whether you believe it or not! Keep on fighting the good fight of faith, Mario. You are our modern-day apostle Paul! Keep burning, you firecracker, you!

  178. Lea

    May God bless you and continue to give you the strength to stand! May souls be won.

  179. Martha West

    I could never watch Robin Bullock although I have a friend who loves him I just had eerie feelings about him and I have never heard Kat Kerr but i do wonder about Kent Christmas and a couple of others.

  180. Carol Weast

    Praying for you and your ministry.
    God bless you🙏🙏

  181. Jody Cook

    Amen, Mario! The church needs the Word put into action and learn how to behave and function in all things. Blessings to you, your family, staff, and everything God leads you to do!

  182. Roberta Marlow

    Standing with you in the Word.

  183. Larry Olson

    I dumped K K years ago when what she encountered in heaven sounded to me like it was endorsing and OLD EARTH (maybe evolutionary) time line. I’m a diehard young earth creationist and wrote her personally of my concerns. NEVER GOT A RESPONSE!

    When all the Trump is in for the next term prophets all missed it I got completely fed up with them and quit listening to all their “predictions”.

    May God give us true Biblical prophets we can bank on who aren’t in it for the $$$$

  184. Sue knehans

    Thank you Mario. The Bible tells us we are easily led down the wrong path.

  185. Nancy Reisner

    Thank you, Mario, for always upholding the truth.

  186. Margaret Mitchell

    I thank God for your tenacity in speaking out about this. You have defended the Church, as well as the gospel. Most of us have seen the truth and wondered why the men and women of God seemed to believe this foolishness. Thank you!

  187. Bonnie Johnson

    I thank you for revealing these false prophets.

  188. Paul Burke

    Mario, thanks for your blogs about false prophets. I think that you need to point out that your friend Hank Kunneman has given numerous false prophecies in particular regarding Trump. He has also been mixing in Qanon conspiracies and calling them prophesies from God. You could also point out Julie Green, Kent Christmas, Jonny Enlow and many others as false prophets.

  189. Duchess

    I was alerted by reading a book by Rick Renner about the end times and the false prophets. He goes into detail about how they seem to use half truths.. like pieces of the Bible that seem correct and then add to it. Most interesting to me is that he brought out this is nothing new.. they were dealing with this in new testament times. He refers to Matt 24:11. Chapter 10 of Rick Renners book “signs you’ll see just before Jesus comes”. Oh it shook me and I realized that you have to know the word of God and you have to guard your heart with all diligence. I stand with Mario on this one.

  190. LeeAnne Pinkard

    Mario thank you for being our Paul in this generation.

  191. Denise

    Praying for God to undergird you supernaturally as you stand on Truth. Thank you for holy boldness! I, like many others, have had a check in my spirit regarding several prophets. I chose to quit listening to them. But others may not have the discernment or maturity to realize things aren’t true just because a public personality shares it. Be blessed Mario!!!

  192. Alice Sellers

    I agree with you 100% on public rebuke. I also pray for you and your ministry daily. May God’s blessings be upon you, and every need met according to his riches in glory.

  193. Brenda

    We thank you for truth. It’s time to clean up the ekklesia and gather around the one true gospel message. It’s time to keep the main thing the main thing, Jesus Christ our Lord. All these crazy tangents need to go.

  194. Clair Davis

    Thank you, Mario for standing up for what you believe. I have been an admirer of yours since I first saw you on Flashpoint. As a Christian I am dismayed every time I see or hear Kat Kerr as for Robin Bullock, I think he needs to ditch his Moses stick and flowing robe and just become a normal person
    Please don’t ever give up fighting and standing up for Jesus and the truth
    God Bless you always

  195. Cheryl

    I had the same uneasiness about Robin Bullock in my spirit I stand with you Mario Murillo.

  196. Sheree Lahey

    Amen and amen! I have over the last couple of years been disillusioned but these same two “prophets” and a few others, even to the point of sending a message to the Elijah List asking why is no one holding them accountable to their “words.” Steve Schultz sent me a long letter back defending and defending their position. Thanks for clarifying and I am so thankful to have what I feel is a more biblical position to that argument!

  197. Rosetta Husted

    I feel very blessed, having a true shepherd, watching over the flock of God, our FATHER🙌🙏🏻❤️ God bless you and your Ministries❣️

  198. Catherine Guzovich

    Thank you for this message. For sometime now, I have felt uneasy when watching Hank Kunneman on Flashpoint but could not understand this drawing back on my part (that is the only way I can describe my reaction to hearing him speak). I felt that something as not right but did not understand what as wrong. As for Robin Bullock, I do not think that a prophet of God needs theatrics. In the Biblical times they wore robes as everyday garments and carried staffs for protection and assistance when walking through rough terrain, neither of which is needed on a church stage. Either these people are false or self-appointed prophets, or true men and women of God who have been deluded can only be answered by someone who is more knowledgeable than I, however, in either case I will continue to pray for them everyday. Again, thank you Brother Murillo.

  199. Patrick Vanderbeck

    He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

  200. Paula T

    Thank you Mario!
    All Praise to our Mighty King❣

  201. Helga

    Thank you… voice of truth voice of reason! God’s continued blessings!

  202. Rosetta Husted

    I feel very blessed, to have a true man of God, watching over HIS flock. GOD BLESS you and your ministries

  203. Nancy

    We stand with you and the truth, Mario!!!

  204. Patrick Vanderbeck

    He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
    (Revelation 3:22 NKJV)

  205. Nick

    Not that you need me or my support; I stand behind you Brother Mario!

  206. Bee

    It is about time these wolves were publicly undressed but, stop with just two when many more are out there tickling ears.

  207. Cal

    The only issue for me was the guessing game it became because the names were originally omitted. It would have in my opinion best to disclose them so people weren’t thinking badly of those that were not involved and casting doubt as to their character.

    • Mario Murillo

      Good point! Thank you.

  208. mglamorgan@earthlink.net

    On another note: “And Jesus said to them, ‘Watch out and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and
    Sadducees.” Matt. 16:6. “Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough?” I Cor. 5:6 As in King Josiah’s day, a ‘cleansing of the Temple’ of our day, idolatry dismantled, idols ground to powder, and the bones of the false ‘priests’ be burned before the Covenant with our God can be renewed and answers to all the prayers for revival realized. (II Chron. 34) The process is not pretty, not tidy, not for wimps. The word of the Lord for our day is: “…I will be relieved of My adversaries and avenge Myself on My foes. I will also turn My hand against you, and will smelt away your dross as with lye, and will remove all your alloy. Then I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counselors as at the beginning; after that you will be called the city of righteousness, a faithful city.” Isaiah 1:24-26

  209. Mark Thibodeaux

    Mario I believe you did the right thing. I agree with you that some of the prophets have got out of hand and just the fact you picked these two was not silence on the others but just because they’re more well known.
    I remember listening to John Bevere one time talking about Robin Bullock. He had heard from friends and other people in his circle that told him Robin was talking about him (John) and he was totally off point.
    I first saw and heard Robin Bullock on Sid Roth it’s supernatural, and I thought he both looked and sounded legit. It was actually a good word. But since then I’ve seen other preachings and teachings by him that just didn’t make any sense to me at all. And he has said some things prophetically that I know have not come to pass. I love the whole body of Christ and I pray that they will repent and come back to their senses.

  210. Pat Reynolds

    What I fear is what has happened in the past! Unfortunately the church has a habit of when one has been brought out- they THROW all out! Just like they did the intercessors and the prophets! When will we grow up spiritually and learn to listen to Holy Spirit?

  211. Pam

    Thank you Mario! I haven’t listened to Kat Kerr but Robin made me very unsettled. On another note, I was very disappointed in the Batavia,NY event being cancelled last summer as I had hotel reservations and was set to volunteer. New York needs you!!! I hope God will make a way for you to come back to New York.

  212. Amy Toro

    Excellent biblical support for your much needed action! Thank you for defending the sheep!

  213. Wayne Sauvola

    Thanks Mario,
    In these times it is easy to be led astray. We must walk the straight and narrow line. The bible is the true and trustworthy word of God. There is no need for decoder rings.

  214. Kathleen Palmer

    The prophetic should always encourage or warn if we are off track but should never be about anything that promotes our flesh- everything has to be about Jesus and the glory and majesty of God – so much of what has been prophesied over the last few years especially politically has not come to pass- looking at Old Testament prophets and their words from God – intended to correct and restore but always about relationship to God with a humble, seeking heart of worship and acknowledgement of Who He Is – Jeremiah preached for over 30 years before the judgment fell- we want everything instantly – we want only positive prophetic words – may we hunger for truth and righteousness, worship in spirit and truth, have a biblical fear of the Lord , do not have “ itching ears “ but live from every word from the mouth of God – may Holy Spirit correct those out of line and may they receive His correction .

  215. Jeanie

    I appreciate you Mario as I do believe you heard from God as I could not follow them. I have several people I know who do strongly. I tried to talk to them but they would not listen. My concern here is why have the others not knew this through discernment? Oral Roberts’ son, Timothy Dixon, Kent Christmas. Where is the discernment? That grieves me. Right away I felt something was not right. Can you explain these men who appear are great men of God are being deceived and agreeing with it.

  216. Teresa Walker

    I agree with what you are saying and what you did. Kat Kerr has gotten so far off base, and others also. And Elijah site is not correcting any of them either!!! It has caused me to never t read much of their other things unfortunately. Jesus please help Kat Kerr and all the ones that are going to far, to repent, please convict their hearts, and humble them… and mine always Jesus.

  217. Pam Roelen

    Thank you Mario. I haven’t listened to Kat but had an unsettled feeling when I listened to Robin. On another note, I was very disappointed when your event was cancelled in Batavia last summer as I had booked a hotel and was set to volunteered. New York needs you! I will pray God opens a way for you to come back to New York.

  218. Joseph Muszik

    Dear brother Mario.

    My wife and I are redirecting our monthly financial support to as opposed to the two ‘Christian’s’ you openly rebuked. Wish I had been been wiser and in-tune to Holy Spirit’s voice.

    Joseph Muszik

  219. anthony perone

    Mario’s rebuke to those false teachers, pastors, and “prophets” is not only timely but Biblical. God has ordained and He moves in those true to His Word.

  220. Sallie Zett

    Amen Pastor Mario🙏🏻

  221. Diana L Retton

    I stand with you on this Mario!

  222. Linda

    Thank you Mario for standing! I pray that we as the Body will always tune in on God’s truth.

  223. Sandra

    I agree 100%! Where are the soul winners? Not prophet’s.! Praying for your ministry. I am so suspicious of prophet’s and do not take every one as true, some are too far out there. I believe those I know but am still supposed to pray and fast about it. I have had one spoken over me that I want to believe but have not seen yet.

  224. Joan Keller

    Amen. Thank you Mario for continuing to bring the truth in light of God’s words. May He continue to Bless an Lead you….

  225. Joanne Villegas

    I thank you Mario for always offering God’s word as to why you did what you did. I was so glad you did come out against these false prophets, I know there are so many more as well as false teachers. All believers need to check those who teach and preach and prophecy with what the Bible says. God bless you.

  226. Janie

    Amen Mario. I agree completely and warned others for the last few years, only to be told I am wrong. I know what Holy Spirit told me, so what others say does not matter. Truth is truth. I pray people wake up – the ones listening to false words and all those speaking them – for there are many false prophets and teachers.

  227. William Godsey

    Jesus responded to public attacks by teachers & leaders directly as a group and attacked their incorrect ideas without specifying individual teachers. Paul told Timothy to rebuke or mark or excommunicate troubler makers in the context of his oversight as bishop. Same instruction to Corinthian leaders about excommunication of members under their oversight.

    My personal scripturally informed opinion is that it is right to distance oneself from persons or voices violating scriptural prophetic norms. Further, it is right to identify incorrect doctrine or ideas being voiced by whoever.

    However, I believe correction is the job of whoever is in oversight. It is not helpful to call individuals false prophets or teachers aside from Buddah Mohammed etc. Mark wrong teaching as false teaching or incorrect prophecy as incorrect while leaving correcting the individual to their own boards, elders, denominations.

    • Mario Murillo

      I question your position on oversight. Who has oversight of rebellious wolves? Paul went after those who had no oversight. Just like Robin and Kat.

  228. Jackie L Vick

    It was a breath of spiritual fresh air, Mario. We in our house respect you even more for doing it. You are one prophet we hear today that does not cause a little bit of sick feeling in our spirit.

  229. Maria C. McIntire

    I stand in agreement with you, my brother! The Holy Spirit confirmed to me that these were false prophets. I am 85 years young and have walked with the Lord over 50 some years. Keeping you in prayer.

  230. Sandra

    Having problem ordering your new book! Via pay pal

  231. Lori Jones

    I total agree with how you’ve done your rebuke!! Also my spirit felt the same! When these people would be on Flashpoint for example I would not watch!! Thank you!!❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸

  232. RG

    Right on, Mario! What you did — and rightly still stand for — was done in love. And totally consistent with Jesus’ and the apostles’ scriptural examples. He who sins publicly, must get rebuked publicly to arrest the cancerous spread of their sin and heresy, and in hopes that the Lord may grant them the “gift of repentance” (2 Tim 2:25-26 and Titus 1:10-14)

  233. Mike Walker

    Blessings to you and I admire your stand. It seems deception is rampant today which I think is fitting with end times theology. I’m not a scholar but I do my best to be a good student of the scriptures. We a living in a critical time and there should be a sense of urgency with believers to use our gifts to help usher in the harvest. By all means we need to be grounded in the word using discernment which is available to us. Thank you for your leadership. I’m praying for you and happy to support your ministry as you minister spread the gospel.

  234. Rocky

    Yes Mario, you are correct in he LORD. I do admire your God given intelligence tremendously. Thank you for setting the example on this front. in my own miniscule way I too have noticed weird or even wrongness in the words used by local pastors where I live in Washington state. Allowing yoga inside the walls of the church is an amazing lack of holiness on the part of many who consider themselves the gate keepers of the faith in the community. The lack of understanding is astounding but worse yet is the inability to pivot and correct course! Maybe it doesn’t need to be said but leaving these churches and attending EMIC online is the best thing I’ve done since buying my first bible way back in the distant past. Mario, now I know that KCM/EMIC has created some sort of bond with Robin Bullock recently. That’s all I know about this and I wonder if this new bond is a reasonable and profitable union that will help Mr. Bullock in the future. I hope in my heart that the influence won’t be the other way around! I’ve seen a lot of hanky panky in the church since I started reading the bible. Catholicism first then everyone else. We aren’t perfect except through Christ but like everybody else I should repent when certain things are pointed out as we all should. Thank you so much Mario, for your truth, honesty and diligence in exposing the good, the bad AND the ugly! You are an amazing Man of God and I support you in our quest for knowing God more and teaching thusly
    God bless you Mario..

  235. Kate

    Praise God that someone had the strength and courage to call out these people who were filling the Church with ludicrous statements that would leave the weak prey.

  236. Catherine Doctor

    Thank you, Mario, for being the man of God you are and obeying and not shrinking back because of fear of man. I and all of my friends appreciate the honesty and forthrightness. Blessings

  237. Rick Maxville

    Thank you Mario for standing strong and telling the truth! Love you brother.

  238. Kimberly

    Mario I am not very good with words, but I just want to thank you for being bold, steadfast, and courageous. I knew you were a genuine, spirit-filled man of God when I started following you back at the beginning of Flashpoint, and I’ve often wondered about some of the guests on there. You and Lance were the two that I trusted, and I felt led to support your ministry because I really believe you are winning souls for and through Christ. Your desire to shepherd your flock is appreciated more than you know. We need more leaders like you and I’m grateful for the pastors standing up and coming alongside you. Not many leaders are brave enough to name names and speak these truths. Thank you so so much!

  239. June Pressnall

    Mario I want to thank you for your comments and standing up for truth. I watch Flash Point regularly and when I have to admit when I first saw Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock I questioned their validity as true prophets. It also made me wonder why would Flash Point have them on as guests if they were not legitimate prophets. I felt a stirring from the Holy Spirit when I first saw them which led me to discern carefully what I hear even on a Christian program.
    June Pressnall

  240. Nancy Sheley

    Thank you Mario for your obedience to God and His truth. I pray blessings abd protection over you, your family and MMM!

  241. Diane Bynum

    Thank you Mario for your honesty about these two individuals. I have felt a check in my spirit about them for a good while. I asked the Lord to correct me if I was wrong and he did not. But when I read your articles, I felt that the spirit was telling me that this was the truth.

  242. Darleen Nenne

    Thank you for naming them. You confirmed the red flags I got when I heard the female & you confirmed it which was an answer to my prayers. Keep up the good work & God bless.

  243. Brenda R

    Thank you Brother for following Truth and Righteousness and for taking your stand for both. Respect.

  244. Linda Barnes

    Thank you and God Bless for your stand and honesty!

  245. Pam

    Hello from northern northern northern New York. You have my heart and all that you say and I respect you and love you as a brother. I was unable to get to Batavia when you were out there and I sincerely regret that I wasn’t able to do it. My heart goes with you and your incredible awesome work. We serve an awesome God and I hope someday to meet you in person. I do miss seeing you on flashpoint, but understand and support your concerns. Blessings.

  246. Karen Bollinger

    These two individuals that you mention, I have listened, and weighed in to what they were prophesying. There is room for sometime errors, however, in my opinion there seems to be too many “words” given that as I judged were definitely not coming to pass in their prophetic word timing and totally “off the wall”. Thank you for sharing your concerns as well as mine. I pray that they search their own souls to find out why the rebuke was necessary.


    My problem is not that you exposed Bullock and Kerr, for in Matt 24:11, Jesus said, “Many false prophets will arise and mislead many”, but, that false phophets are so widely accepted today. I saw Bullock on Chistian T.V. warmly welcomed and presented as genuine. My fear is many Christian LEADERS are being misled and will mislead many of the flock.

  248. Gene & Juanita Hanna

    Thank you so much Mario Morello thank you, I stand with you. Thank you for speaking the truth !!!

  249. Sarah S.

    We also have Jesus letters to the 7 churches in revelation some were rebuked publicly. Jesus offers a great example of rebuke with grace and truth. Thank you Mario for standing where you stand the attack to our discernment is strong and we need voices like yours ““For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”
    ‭‭Mark‬ ‭13‬:‭22‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  250. Karen Rufo

    Thank you. I had listened to Kat Kerr once or twice and something didn’t sit right with me (she never told any crazy visit stories when I listened but I still had an uneasiness in my spirit). God eventually told me she was false. I liked Robin and listened to him a lot more, but again, something did not sit right with me. I am glad someone is finally speaking up about it. Steve from Elijah Steams still has these people on his shows and I won’t watch any of his programs anymore. It makes me question all the other guests who claim to be prophets.

  251. Priscilla

    Thank you!

    I had to do this with my sister whom is a believer. She says things that are not in line with God. For example she agrees with abortion. My other siblings look up to her (they not saved) and allow her to make decisions with out including me while I’m my mom’s primary caregiver. This weekend we finally agree to come to the table together with my sister and mother to talk things out. It was tough but I was not going to let things go because I’m held accountable to God. Today your article helps to bring healing and confirmation of what God was leading me to do.

    Mario your the real deal and we need it now so much more. Unsaved Souls are looking for healing and the truth. I do listen to Robin and Kat here and there. I’ll keep you all in prayer.

    Keep going strong for Christ!
    God Bless you!

  252. Hilda

    There have been hundreds of comments here that true Christians agreed with Mario and had the same revelation from the Lord. Mario’s blog above said 97% agreed with his last blog. Where have you been?

  253. Angela Donsbach

    Excellent, brother…. high time someone spoke out. God bless, protect, provide for you & all that concerns you.

  254. Lisa Swanner

    Thank you, brother Mario. Many in the church need to hear this and in “days of deception”, we need to be alert and not be caught off guard

  255. Scott Robson

    THANK YOU, Mario, America and the world are at stake in this battle we’re fighting, you are a STRONG & HELPFUL EXAMPLE for us all as we do our part to save this nation from the abyss.

  256. William Godsey

    “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked man from among you.” (1 Cor. 5:12–13) Youtube is outside the church. Context is church of Corinth dealing within their sphere. Paul rebuked Peter only because he was in Paul’s Gentile sphere and gave a wrong example to the Gentiles when James et al came down. At Jerusalem, both Paul and Peter submitted their disputes with Judaizers to James bishop of Jerusalem. Paul rebuked Elymas in direct confrontation as he interfered with his meeting. Anyone causing issues under your tent should be dealt with by you or your team. Paul named names to Timothy of trouble makers within his apostolic sphere.

    Blessing to you and thanks for keeping on keeping on all these years!

  257. Salvatore

    I am in agreement with you Thank you forwarding it the way you did and I hope and pray that others will pray and seek the Lord first and foremost As for me I will continue to support whom I will Thank you for your comments

  258. Teena

    Thank you again for standing in the truth. I have been saddened over the years to see false teaching and false prophets go unrebuked by those who I know are true to the word. God is indeed moving, and thanks for being part of that light.

  259. Ruth Perez Gamez

    Dear Mario,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain your action. Frankly, you action in this matter needs no explanation. I do still wish it had been done two years ago when the first prophet was invited to the the 8pm program you frequent after the election debacle. I had mixed feel about the other for a time, until not long after, I started seeing things that were plain wrong. Totally against the teachings of Christ through Paul.

    The church has been shaken and it is being shaken and will be cleaned-up and God will separate the righteous leaders from the unrighteous leaders. Get ready to walk alone with your flock as He directs. I am no prophet, but I did hear this in my spirit as I was deep in long prayer for a time. I feel the spirit of confusion and deception is strong in the church and among the community of believers.

    These past two-plus-years, we have experienced the formation of clicks and groups claiming many things and our strong leaders have kept silent over it. Many false and even well respected ‘leaders’, jumped on popularity wagons ensuring they got their piece of the pie and of fame. Yet, the Lord intends to clean-house. Many of those who were already taking advantage of God’s people are being exposed. Give, Give, Give they chant if you want to take part of the kingdom of prosperity. Not wrong to ask to give, yet, the giving felt almost like the dark ages when people paid cardinals for healing and salvation. God is vexed with this mess.

    Yet, as ever, often keeping our silence for fear of being wrong or of wrong doing, is equal to committing murder. Because more and more the people are being devoured and many of us are disappointed, discouraged and disillusioned and left helpless not knowing where to turn or who to trust.

    We even turn away from God because we fear we cannot hear from Him without the guidance of a committed leader. Committed to the way of Christ according to the word of God and the revelation of Apostle Paul’s teachings. Many leaders even chanting they don’t follow Paul but Christ alone. Of course we follow Christ alone! Yet, many ‘leaders’ leave out anything that does not agree with the current trends or twist the teachings of Paul to fit with the current narrative.

    There is much work to be done.

  260. yvonne McCastle

    That IS the answer. Too many people are too lazy to read the bible for themselves, which is why they are easily fooled.

  261. Lori Eggleston

    Thank you for standing for the truth

  262. Debbie Bish

    As someone who has followed you since the very early days during the Jesus movement, I was relieved by your rebuke. I watched the programs with multiple prophets but began feeling very uneasy when several guests appeared. My spirit felt repulsed. As I researched these guests, I decided to stop watching, even when you were included. It troubled me to see you among certain guests.
    I was really relieved to read the blog where you described your reasoning and insights regarding your decision to publicly “call them out”. I wish no harm to them, feel no anger or animosity toward either. However, I have watched so many rise up who misrepresent scripture, Christianity, and especially God, I wondered if anyone would ever speak up.
    I personally want to thank you for obeying God. Your actions have renewed hope within me that corrections are coming!

  263. Carol Johnson

    Standing with you. God bless you, Mario.

  264. Carol Johnson

    Standing with you! God bless you, Mario.

  265. John Bauer

    Where does Kenneth Copeland fit in? Is he to be endorsed or is he to be rebuked?

    His name appeared in comments to the previous post but I was not sure how he should be received.

    Thank you.

  266. Joyce Tully

    I agree with you Mario, I have long stood that God speaks to us individually, I’m not saying I don’t believe in prophecy what I’m saying when I want to hear what God is saying i want to hear from God first he will always confirm what he is saying true or false.The barrens searched the scriptures daily to see whether these things be so.God be with you as you stand for the truth of God’s word.

  267. David H LeMoine

    But when Jesus reprimanded He identified them.

    • Mario Murillo

      Okay. Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock.

  268. Tony

    A worthwhile shepherd built a sheepfold before nightfall and when his sheep were safely gathered would lie across the entrance.Thanks for being such a leader!

  269. sebby

    we also have authority to deliver unto satan (adversary) the body of those who refuse to listen so their souls will be saved. Like the sauce Ragu… it’s in there!

  270. CS1

    We have for to long kept silent about this foolishness. It has hurt the Gifts of the Holy Spirit operation. The Holy Spirit will never be a part of foolishness. At a time when we need a powerful move of GOD in our Churches and in our nations the “I have a word for you” has cheapen the and caused the people of God to look for something spoken to them over going the the very word of GOD!.

    Listen, here is what God calls’ that, Idolatry!.

    Violence is in the land, lawlessness is in the land and God’s Judgment is on America. WE must send the message of repent and turn back to God. The Gospel message of our Lord who died for our sins and rose again and is alive for evermore. Paul said I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for IT IS THE POWER OF GOD! Why does sign and wonders happen?

    Gods love yes. But If we read in Acts Chapter 4:33

    33 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all

    “With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.”

    The reason why the gifts of the Holy Spirit have not stopped is because they Testify To the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. So the lost may believe.

    I thank God Brother Mario understands this because soul winning is what it is all about from the word of knowledge, healing, and Salvation.

    being Saved is = Salvation , Healing, and Deliverance. There is no word a man can give you today that will do more for you then those three when The Gospel is preached and the Power of God Confirms with signs and wonders the word of God that Jesus is alive.

    The Baptism in the Holy Spirit Confirms Jesus is aLive for HE i s the one who empowers us Through the Holy Spirit. Any word given by man not built on Jesus Christ is not a word for the Lord. If it doesn’t bring Glory to God it is not a word from the Lord.

    And a real Prophet of the Lord Doesn’t have to tell everyone he is a prophet. The work will testify of the TRUTH!!! which is needed. I will say this I questioned too why Mario was with these men.

    God was using Mario to woo them back to Evangelism and Bring the ministry of Evangelism to the forefront Because This gifts what is needed in America NOW!

    Those in question did not discern this and they call themselves Prophets?

  271. Rebecca McAnally

    Mario, if you did not bring exposure to these false prophets, who exactly is supposed to? Judgment must begin in the house of God. No one takes pleasure in this task but it has to be done. Much shame will come to the body of Christ unless this is dealt with.

  272. Sarah

    God Bless you Mario ❤️‍🔥🔥
    Love from 🇨🇦

  273. Bettie

    What about Copplen and I suppose you support him?

  274. Martyd

    I have & Marillo is correct.

  275. lance j foreman

    finally one of our own with a platform is speaking out against the obvious, better now than not ever, world hates those who tell the truth, the church more than anybody needs full truth and transparency, I hope we keep getting it, for there is healing in truth, destruction with deception, and as we all know very well its the truth that sets us free, proper Mario, thank u

  276. Tina

    Have you spoken to Pastor Kunneman about this?

  277. lance j foreman

    after reading some comments to Mario from the Saints seems there are tons of suggestions for Mario, for me, Im happy for the Lord to use him in this way, its very much needed imo, I think i will just be happy for the Lord to expose who He wants to and glad He using someone I have followed many years

  278. Tiffany Michelle Mast

    Anymore i feel like you’re ( preachers/ teachers) are preaching America will be saved, or they’re preaching this is the last days rapture is coming. There is zero unity in the body of Christ and its becoming more and more noticeable. It’s a sheep and goats within the church. Anyone else seeing what I’m seeing?!

  279. Rebecca C Ramirez


  280. Thomas J Albrecht

    I stand with you Mario, It’s time to warn believers to judge prophetic words that are being unchallenged by biblical standards of truth.

  281. Mario Murillo

    Thanks for the agreement. Just remember that Paul the Apostle spoke in tongues.

  282. Kim

    Thank you for your discernment. I have attempted to listen to both of these prophets(?) numerous times and had to turn them off. Thank God for discernment. What an injustice they are doing to the name of Christianity!

  283. Joyce

    Well, I used to watch Flash Point consistently, but after seeing one of their opening events online where they had fog machines and flashing lights that looked like they came straight out of a KISS concert, I have barely watched FlashPoint anymore! That “we are great like those of the world” into REALLY TURNED ME OFF!!! WHAT were they thinking? We are from God, so let’s act like we’re from the WORLD????? SO disappointed in them…How embarrassing of an “opener” to one of their big events!! I doubt that was much of a testimony to the unsaved in attendance…

    • Sue

      I would like someone to explain to me why the churches have all gone to black stages, darkened room, and neon lights behind them! WHY?!!!!

      • Patricia Murray Cooper

        This is my question as well. I absolutely hate it.

  284. Greg

    The “Trump Prophets” caused division in my own home and the Body of Christ. When they didn’t show any humility after getting it wrong with the 2020 election, and instead doubled down I knew then they were full of themselves. Many prophets gave the same word but the ones I respect are the ones who repented and apologized.

    • Patricia Murray Cooper

      Which ones repented and actually said they missed it and didn’t hear from GOD?? I know one of the false prophets made an arrogant excuse for his prophecy about the election. He showed his arrogance and pride.

  285. Annette Vickery

    My daughter asked me about this, and this was my reply.
    I intend to heed sound judgement. I trust Mario, there’s no dishonesty in him. I also think that the prophets “all of them” that are glorifying God have sincere hearts towards God, and if they are erring, I don’t believe it is to deceive. However, to be safe I am choosing to step away. Not out of disrespect, but out of self preservation to make sure I am not falling prey to deceiving doctrines. I have nothing negative to say about any of them and truly love them, but again I must listen to my heart regarding this. I feel like God used them tremendously when 2020 went crazy and the churches bowed to the crazy lock downs etc. But maybe it has evolved into charismatic fortune telling where the church or a large part of it are no longer seeking God, but a word from a prophet. I’m waving the white flag on this one and am going to err on the side of caution here.

    • Annette

      Thank you Annette Vickery.
      You have expressed my heart.

    • Jackie

      I couldn’t agree more – now that’s a #metoo

  286. Sandra Davis

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, foolishness may poke fun at it, but at the end there it is.

  287. Laura Luciani

    😄 Thank you! This made me chuckle.

  288. Sonya

    Thank you so much for your honest stand against falsehood. I’ve only listened to the ones you mentioned (and some others) a few times and each time I felt this something in the bottom of my stomach and the messages, the prophetic words didn’t feel right. Like you said so many things against scripture, which we know is the ultimate truth. So much of the problem is God’s people don’t always know the scripture well enough to be able to discern the lies. And I have a couple friends who listen to the prophets everyday for comfort and hope. I’ve tried to talk to them about how this must grieve the Holy Spirit our true comforter and revealer of all truth. It seems idolizing to me but my friends reject that word. I’m so thankful for people like you who have a platform and can truly make a difference and hopefully help people see truth. Thank you!!!

  289. Marilou Libby

    Amen Ray Mills. This is confirmation. To me Thankyou Mario

  290. linda

    I’ve been praying for discernment regarding these two. This is my confirmation. Thank you Mario!

  291. Dena

    I’ve been reading the comments in the last few blogs with interest. What I find troubling is a repeated phrase: “Do not question Gods Prophets.” I don’t see that in the Bible anywhere! It’s a repeated lie. Instead I see the Bible say “test the spirits” 1 John 4 and “examine the scriptures daily” to see what is preached is true Acts 17:10-15.

    We do not need a prophet to hear from God. What we need is to seek Jesus for ourselves, read the Bible and develop a relationship with him. You’ll get better results that way than idolizing a person.

    I’ve seen Miracles in my own life and every time I see the greatest miracles happen is when I take my eyes off a preacher and look to Jesus.

  292. Elly

    Good answer ! No one else had the courage to do it it reminds me of what happened in Lakeland Fla several years ago it was on all the news over the world ppl were coming from all over to a revival and it had to come to a very public bad conclusion and after a lot of the body of Christ and keadets were hurt and confused and on Christian shows saying why did this happen and they concluded because no one held them accountable. Thank you for your courage Mario I pray the LORD JESUS bless you and also bring this to a good conclusion

  293. Gina

    Hi Hilda, have you considered that the reason for this is most people hear are Mario “followers”. And it takes alot for someone who didn’t fully agree to be able to honestly express it. I’m sure you have seen how people are attacked on social media platforms, well, in media in general. I don’t mean this in an antagonistic way at all, but referring to your statement “true” Christians agreed, does this mean you think that anyone who does not, is not a true Christian?

    • Mario Murillo

      I never said that Gina. Quit making things up.

  294. Ellen

    you will know them by their fruits.

  295. Paul Burke

    Kent Christmas has continually prophesied falsely about numerous things. Watch his New Years eve 2021 message as an example.

  296. Paul Burke

    Mario, Hank has given numerous false prophecies. I can point out numbers of them if you would like.

    • Hilda

      Hank has given NUMEROUS prophecies that have come true. prophecies do not come true the same day. some take years. He acted as a Pastor in treating Kat Kerr after the controversy came out. It would do Christian good obey scripture in STUDY AND STUDY AND STUDY

  297. Brenda Bounds

    Lord, bless Mario, watch over him and protect him.The truth will set people free. And Sir” you have spoken the Truth. Amen

  298. Cheryl Hinckley

    I pray you will be released to the most important work of soul winning and that Satan will slink back where he came from. Lord, do not let this derail us but press forward in the calling of the Lord. Let the dead bury the dead.

  299. Korey

    After the 2020 election/steal, many were so disappointed and disillusioned. An enormous craving for answers and then BOOM…’prophets’ became sought after. They’re popularity skyrocketed at warp speed with the help of Elijah Streams.
    Now many don’t know who to trust. Are they ALL to be mistrusted?

    At this point, folks are going to clammer for a list of who TO trust.

    Mario, what do you think regarding Steve Shultz of Elijah Streams?
    I believe he has a good heart and loves the Lord, though I feel he has been mesmerized by a few he promotes.

    Manuel Johnson came to my area. I went twice. I am not judging but this was my experience. Twice it came across forced. No anointing, no power. I went with expectations and excitement. Not one word spoken fed my spirit albeit many ‘talking points’ I agreed with. Left with a ‘dud’ feeling in my gut and a ‘now you know’ check in my spirit.

    Are they high-jacking the MAGA movement because we were ripe for the picking? If there are ‘Pay-triots’ within the Patriots, I don’t see why there can’t be ‘Profits’ within the Prophets.

  300. Sue

    Hi Mario, I have a theological question for you. In Revelation, I think, it mentions that in the end times, there will be more things revealed. Question of the day is how do we look at this scripture? Are we talking about just the surge of technology that we’ve seen, or is it knowledge of the scriptures we don’t have now? Or, a little of both? The people of the time thought so little of Isaiah that he was sawed in half – prophesying that Jesus would be born of a virgin. It happened 400 years later so I guess this gets a bit confusing. Also, if a brother has gone astray, isn’t it our duty to go after him? Thank you for putting this out there! Wondering too how I could never remember Robin’s prophecies but I can always remember Pastor Hank’s and Dutch Sheets’ dreams. Pastor Hank’s prophecies are all coming true and have been. I think we all had better ask the Lord for a complete revelation. Pastor Hank prophesied about 2 months ago that the enemy will try to divide the church this year, but there will also be a large uncovering of deception. Hard to handle for sure – we thought the Jim Bakker thing in the 1980s was something – just think we’d all better hold onto our hats!

  301. Delaine Thompson

    What about Hank Kunneman and Julie Green

    • Mario Murillo

      Only talking about Robin and Kat

  302. Delaine Thompson

    I listened to kat a couple of times but could never really accept what she said. I think when she said God walked through her wall it did it for me.

    • Brenda Schreeck

      I LOVE Mario and am very proud of his boldness and courage! Mario’s fruit is so visible for ALL to see, unlike those making false claims…

  303. Darlene

    Thank you for your guidance. If we’ve ever had the Holy Spirit give us a nudge when we’ve listened to the things they have said, we know you are right.

  304. Patricia Dejohn

    I heard Hank at his 2022 conference rebuke others who questioned Kat about her not using scripture and the things she said. Also there have been things Hank has said that has not come to past, Does that make him a false Prophet? Lance taught on Red Heifers which any Jew would tell you it is not true does that make him a false Prophet? I guess what I am saying, any Man or Woman of God can error even you. Which I am sure you have done. Robin Bullock uses the word of God all the time he is a great teacher and many Prophecies have come true and some not. You can love God and be seriously wrong in doctrine until God opens your eyes on things. Now, Those people who you name are your brother and sister in Christ even though they may be wrong concerning doctrine. You owe it to them to speak to them and go over the scriptures to show them the way. Yes, there is scripture of open rebuke but there is also scripture of addressing your brother in private. Rick Renner has an excellent teaching on False Prophets which he digs deep in the word of God. I suggest you listen to it because after your first blog I listen to it and it open ,my eyes on some things. That you can do and say things and really love God but be seriously wrong concerning doctrine but does that really make you false. Mercy is what we all need. Yes, Jesus said there would be false Prophets and false teaching. But let’s make sure we show mercy and pull a brother or sister to the side and correct first to make sure because we all have missed it concerning doctrine. I really do not believe if you went to Robin Bullock he would not have listened to you humbly. He is always stressing the word of God is the first authority and the sure word of prophecy and nothing trumps God’s word. I am sure if you were wrong concerning doctrine which we all have been you would have appreciated someone pulling you to the side and sharing were you made a mistake.

  305. Linda M Wright

    God Bless you ,Mario.God used you to confirm to a lot of people that what we were feeling was totally from him. Now we need to seek God and pray for these people. Amen?

  306. Paul Vojt

    How did Johnathan Cahn”s name get brought up in this conversation by someone. He studies the word and history of the word and backs what he says in truth, WE need more teachers like him. May the LORD bring him and you Mario together. Blessing in all you do!

  307. just-a-girl-out-here

    Mario – if you see this, I want to thank you for your obedience. I wish there had been someone around to help me recognize what Holy Spirit was speaking to me (some call it a little red flag), vs what some were saying and many condoning by their silence and complicity at one point in my life. It would have saved me a lot of tears and so much grief. I hope that this encourages the pastors who support what you’ve done to go against the grain and do the same, so that the sheep can be spared. God bless you.

  308. D White

    Thank you Mario! I stand and agree with you and God’s word.

  309. Denise

    I would like to know as well.

  310. Denise

    Meg can you please share how the Lord revealed that she is practicing witchcraft?

  311. Ann Boettcher

    God bless you Mario, for being a godly example we can all follow!! I appreciate your commitment to the Lord and your boldness to speak truth! Jesus would have done the same and He did, through you by the power of the Holy Spirit! We need more godly men like you standing for truth and righteousness! Praise be to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

  312. Karen

    well said! I posted responses but they have not made it on here.

  313. Susan Jones

    Yes, it has to be difficult for Hank. Kat Kerr publicly gave him a mantle – which was to mark “the anointing of the Holy Spirit in a prophetic role” – to wear. I think she prayed over it but the only mantle I’ve read about is that of the Prophet Elijah… And he didn’t go out of his way to deliver it to Elisha. Seems like he said something along this line to Elisha: If you are there when…

    • Susan Jones

      Private Note to Mario: Thank you for considering the comments I’ve made from time to time. I made one yesterday Re this topic before any other comments were posted but it is not among the 341.
      I wrote it with a heart to encourage you & to uplift you. You have no reason to be afraid. Our FATHER is using you mightily across this Nation yet you remain humble and steadfast in His Word, Guidance of the Holy Spirit, and your Commitment. Everywher God sends you, He sends His Power, His Healing, and His Love! Thank you & GOD bless & keep you, and all who serve alongside you – at home, in your offices, on the road, in preparation for each event, in the parking lots, under THE TENT(S) & All who Follow Up!
      PS. My constant prayer for AMERICA is Psalm 144, NASB; all verses but most especially vs 7-15 where I include (this Republic) after “me” and (traitors) after aliens. I read the entire chapter aloud, and ask it in the precious Name of Jesus.
      ~ Susan in OR, Tu-01/24/2023 @ 20:02
      Oh, I have no website, Twitter, or Truth Social; just publicly express my thoughts on YT. Thank you, Mario.

  314. Neil

    Some recommended reading for many who have commented on all three of these recent blog entries: He Gave Gifts Unto Men- A Biblical Perspective of Apostles, Prophets, and Pastors, by Kenneth E. Hagin, and Apostles & Prophets- Their Roles In The Past, The Present, And The Last Days, by Rick Renner. These two bible teachers teach through the pages of their respective book(s) right from The Word Of God about the office of the prophet. And more importantly, read The Holy Bible, by the greatest author, and teacher of all time- The Holy Spirit. I believe things will be revealed, and questions answered that will help many people who have commented here.

  315. Sue Almond

    Mario, thank you so much for stepping up to the plate to expose false prophets. I was listening every week to The Eleventh Hour. Robin Bullock was always teaching things that were not in the scripture. I began to research where he was getting his information from. I found the direct quotes were from the Jewish Talmud yet he was taking credit for the revelation. Sad that he was sharing from this book instead of the scriptures!

  316. Jimmy L

    Amen Mario! Thank you for speaking the truth!

  317. Susan Davidson

    I used to watch Kat Kerr on the Wednesday show with Steve Schultz. But I never pictured Heaven as being an amusement park, and some of her descriptions were really strange. If God wants Heaven to be amusing, fun and exciting – okay. But I want to go there for the Lord. I want to see Him, be with Him, honor and glorify Him. That is heaven to me. I don’t watch her anymore. Robin Bullock has some interesting explanations of the Bible – but he absolutely has to be wrong by claiming that Melchizedec was really Cain. My Bible doesn’t say that God turned Cain into Melchizedec. It says that Melchizedec had no beginning and no ending, no father or mother – so how can Cain, who was born from Adam & Eve, who had a beginning at his birth and an ending at his death, be Melchizedec??? However, I do like the informality of Robin Bullock – his services are not stereotypical – and both Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock stress that people need Jesus, and need to be saved and live for the Lord. That is their saving grace right there – they point people to Jesus for salvation. But Kat Kerr says we should not look for the rapture because it won’t happen for a few hundred years. This is not scriptural – we are supposed to be looking for the Lord to come – we need to be prepared like the virgins who had enough oil while waiting for the bridegroom. It is possible, yes – that the Lord might not come for a few hundred years – but I will be looking and longing for Him, as we are supposed to do. So, both Kat and Robin have some false teachings – but I don’t think that every single thing they teach is false, since they are pointing people to the Lord and salvation through His sacrificial death and resurrection.

  318. Grandma Donna (Donna R Johnson Parcel - Retired RN)

    I have watched you and followed you for several and I have been impressed by your attention to the importance of soul winning. Keep it up. If you ever get anywhere close to Wisconsin I’ll offer to be one on your volunteers.
    I have listened to Kat Kerr for about 7 or 8 years (because my sister is certain she is a valid God-like prophet) I don’t agree with my sister (who thinks Kat Kerr is never wrong) the amusement parks and stuff was bad enough but saying that you can die a sinner and The Lord will give you a second chance was the last straw, I believe in death bed conversions but not after death conversions.
    I’ve also listened to Robin for the last 3 or 4 years and although I have a problem with some of the stuff (I think some on his music is not annointed by the Lord) I have heard him mention Bible codes in passing but I didn’t get the idea that he was strong on them – also I have never heard him say that prophets have a code that lets them understand the Bible and no one else can understand it.
    I do have a problem with some of the non-bible traditional history that he references to. It was learned from Jewish tradition and Jesus condemned a lot of the traditions of the Jews as being unlawful and hurting. I’ve been uneasy about Robin but couldn’t decide why – I think part of it is the clothing he wears and I think he thinks he has the Mantle of Elijah.
    I have some problems with the prophets who always seem to prophesy that everything will change overnight or next month.
    I made an effort to go to one meeting and was there for 2 services and heard 2 speakers – neither service had an altar call or a healing service – most of the speaking was very entertaining but I didn’t think gave me much to improve my spiritual codition – and I was urgently in need of a physical healing
    Years ago I heard an old minister say a good preacher will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable in the same sermon –

    • Debbie Conroy

      Well said Grandma Donna, lots of wisdom right there!

  319. scolumbia9705853ded62a80

    I wrote to Gene Bailey –
    My name is Aaron Jackson
    I am a pastor in Southern California
    My concern is the affiliation between your panelist and Kat Ker/Robin Bullock.
    I have enjoyed and referred your program to the congregation that God trusts me to steward.
    I cannot in good conscious ministerial integrity continue to encourage our congregation to view or financially support Flashpoint as long as the pastor in Omaha continues platforming Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock unless they publicly repent from false ideology.
    I am a very gracious person but the nonsense those two propagate is embarrassing.
    Unless Hank publicly renounces affiliation with those two individuals I will not be watching.
    Over the last two years I have supported through sharing flashpoint on all social media and individual text links.
    I hope it will only be on hold temporarily.
    Pastor Aaron Jackson,

  320. DMC

    As a believer and sinner these past few years have been an eye opener for all, people started looking for answers, people found pastors, evangelists,and prophets online looking for answers to what was happening. In a time of confusion which the devil causes, we all are and were desperately looking for answers through man, God has the answers if we ask and wait until God gives us the answers. Its not easy but walking by faith even in the darkest of times,will get us through People laughed at Noah when he was building the Ark that God told him to build, God gave him the dimensions and directions to build it, and Noah followed God’s word, it took over 100 years to build and then the flooding began. People thought John the Baptist was crazy, he wasn’t. Instead of looking to man we need to look to God,in these times we as believers need to stand together not divide,God uses all kinds of people for his purpose. We are all sinners and pointing fingers and causing confusion is not what God’s people should be doing as the devil enjoys confusion We all need to pray for each other and stand up and rise up against the evil we have witnessed these past few years.

    • Micheline

      yes DMC, All have fallen short of the Glory of God & yes we must judge but only with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We owe it to God to pray for the fallen ones so that their fall will only be temporary.

  321. Kim Denner

    I heard Robin B. on Sid Roth say God told him that
    Joe Biden would not be re-elected. That Trump would have his 2nd term and after the election the Democratic party would disappear and not resurface until the Antichrist.
    I heard Katt Kerr say Trump would have 2 terms then Mike Pence would follow him with 2 presidential terms.
    They both were wrong.

  322. Joseph Garity

    I stand with you and your ministry, I ask only one question, why does those two people have anything to do with Flashpoint? And your appearance on the show? Stay true to Gods word and His ways brother.

  323. JoAnna Dipastena

    Thank you for naming those two people. My concern was that it would cause gossip and and perhaps false accusations. I guessed the woman but didn’t know the man mostly because I don’t follow prophets much. I will say I know of Robin Bullock and have listened from time to time. But I will say the last time I saw him teach with in the last year. I had a sick feeling when I saw this dark hat pulled over his eyes he kept his face down his voice was dark also. Something was different. We must look into the eyes. Is it a corn snake or a copperhead. Thank you Lord for the gift of discernment.

  324. J.Marcelle

    I agree with M.Whitcomb They have been very accurate with the events and even the Word. I had a lot of teaching for many years and They were very accurate in their Bible knowledge. I think if they are what you say about them, then God will be the last word.

  325. Mary

    In January 2021 I discovered Robin Bullock as I was recovering from Covid and channel surfing. He was very humble at that time and what he was saying then resonated. My walk with The Lord was reinvigorated after following his ministry for about a year.

    I have prayed for him and his family as I perceived a slowly creeping in pride as they became more popular. Pride is a snare. I imagine it is hard to naviagte when you are getting such validation I sense he loves God and wants to speak whatever God tells him, but sadly it seems that flesh got in there.

    I have never really followed Kat and have heard only a few things she has shared since she is a close associate with the Bullocks. I would like to believe she knows God and seeks Him.

    I have been careful not to speak against either . I have been uncomfortable with some of what they have said of the last year or so which propels you to seek the truth of God’s Word for yourself.

    My prayers for them are that they both can turn things around and get back to what God had intended for them. It appears they went and are off course. Praying for God’s mercy on them and that they will humble themselves before Him and he will reorder their steps. There is no doubt God loves them and can use them.

  326. Mark Alarik

    Then you should meet with them

      • Susan Jones

        Two Men Naked in Heaven’s Courts?!
        In Rev. 1:10-11a; 13 John writes:
        10_I was in the Spirit on the LORD’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,
        11_Saying, ‘I am Alpha, and Omega, the first, and the last:
        13_ And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.
        In Rev. 3:18, KJV, JESUS says:
        18_I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eye-salve, that thou mayest see.
        Can’t imagine what his wife must feel. Is she the wife of his youth who bore his children? Is she with or without discernment? Does she feel trapped? If she wanted to leave, to whom would she go? If they have children, will they receive her or think her demented?
        Will she find herself caught between a rock and a hard spot? Will she RUN to The Rock, Hide herself in the Cleft, Meditate on “the word of His power”(Heb. 1:3)? Cry Out to Almighty God?
        Psalm 144:1, NASB (God Our Rock)
        1_BLES-SED be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle
        Isaiah 49:16, KJV (Church Precious)
        16_ Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of My hands; thy walls are continually before Me.
        Our FATHER, which art in Heaven, who art also from Everlasting to Everlasting, we commit these men & women who either knowingly err or unknowingly err, in Divine Judgment, into Thy hands. Every one of them was in Your Mind, even as we were, before You created Heaven & Earth. You knew each one when they were yet in their Mother’s womb. You are Omnipresent. You are Omnipotent. You are Omniscient. And as the Body of CHRIST, soon-to-be His Bride when He Returns, we cry out for Your Spirit to undertake in this matter lest “The Church” be tattered, and torn, ridiculed, and scorned, for falsehoods & false teachings emanating from the demonic forces of Lucifer aka Satan. Thank You for the shed Blood of JESUS, which cleanses us from all sin. Thank You that CHRIST’S Blood is yet Alive; has Never lost its Power.
        Isaiah 1:18, KJV
        18_ Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
        Rev. 1:17-18, KJV
        17_… Fear not; I am the first and the last:
        18_I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, A-men; and have the keys of hell and of death.
        GLORY! TY, FATHER! TY, JESUS! TY, HOLY SPIRIT! We ask these things in the Precious Name of JESUS CHRIST, Our Savior & LORD.
        W-01/25/2023 John 3:16 18:29 Pac

  327. Tama Hollar

    Thank you for your honesty and obedience to the Lord. We don’t have the time for tip toeing around issues of life, death and eternity. I pray that instead of being angry about being called out Robin and Kat will repent and be restored to God and his Truth.

  328. Hilda

    actually Kenneth E Hagin taught on that in Heb 6.

  329. Patti

    Thank you, Mario! I so appreciate that you called these two out. When I was a young believer in Toledo Ohio in the early 70’s and our pastor took a few of us to your crusade as volunteers. We went back rejoicing in the Lord how He had helped us help others! The Spirit of the Lord was with you and my husband and I have followed you ever since knowing that you are a genuine follower of Jesus. Again, thank you for revealing this to us as we have been dismayed by some of the so called prophets words. Weird and weirder. You have courage and we appreciate you~may our Lord fill you with great joy and triumph❣️

  330. Patti Hardy

    Conmen hook people with some truth first. The love of popularity and showmanship can lead people astray. Such drama, with lights flashing and drums rolling and authoritative tones blaring. Jesus did not do that! We need to test the spirits, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out.” said the Apostle John. That is not unkind, it is of necessity. Genuine miracles bring authentic drama.

  331. Rose Rhodes

    I no longer watch Flashpoint and unfollowed Lance. I had an uneasiness concerning Kat Kerr and Lance. Also about some of the things being said. Never felt uneasy about you, Mario.

  332. Eric McKinney

    dear Mario, what about timothy dixon and robbin bulock and the scroll of tears in washington? what about the prophecy that timothy recieved, what about amanda grace, julie green,kim clement,mid night with debra? God says he will send his prophets. And yes the earth and it’s works will be burnt up,it says so. Doesn’t meen there are not skills and talents you enjoy in heaven, mansions ,streets of gold, many other things! Thank you got me thinking!

  333. Mark H

    Thank you Mario for speaking the truth. Praying for you. God bless you.

  334. Amy Young

    Folks, I HIGHLY recommend going to Renner Ministries and signing up for the Apostle & Prophets Conference Jan 24th-Jan 26th @7pm. If you missed last night you can still watch it! Biblical answers can be found there on Apostles & Prophets. It is Soooo GOOD & what perfect timing for this to come about! Please consider watching it and/or reading Rick’s new book Apostle & Prophets. Seriously, no coincidence that the book or the conference just came out. Rick is a magnificent teacher! Thank you Mario and may God bless you! PS- I love your new book. Thank you for speaking Truth! Blessings to you all.

  335. Leticia

    Shalom brother Mario,
    Praise the living GOD for the revelation he has given you regarding false prophets. And thank you for bringing it into the light. It is by the Spirit of the Living GOD that discernment comes. I have never been able to watch these prophets as I “felt” something was a miss. This is confirmation to me and other followers of Christ Jesus. It saddens me to know how gullible the body of Christ is and how willing they are to follow after false prophets. The addiction to hearing one prophecy after another is unbelievable. If they would only read the word of GOD they would be able to discern. Another tactic of the enemy to keep believers away from the truth.
    Sadly, these are not the only false ones “prophesying” on a daily basis and people believe it and align with them. It is dangerous to align with the frequency of the kingdom of darkness.
    The LORD bless you and your wife and ministry.

  336. Debbie Sanders

    Mario , my husband was healed by God at your Fresno meeting on video so I have a lot of respect for you and the power of God, that said , I don’t agree with Timothy Dixon or Robin bullock in this video, but this man’s YouTube channel you are referencing is also accusing Copeland , flashpoint, Benny hinn, Joyce Meyer, hagin and many others of bewitching people, This is not right . especially since Copeland has graciously allowed many people to use his platform and ministry to get the word of God out to the world. You could have used other means to prove your point instead of this man’s channel. I am grieved at the strife and division that is happening. Please , for the sake of peace and the love of God we must pray for each other.

    • Mario Murillo

      I do not like the narrator’s tone nor do I agree with his sarcasm. I am risking showing it to you so that you can see two points I have been trying so hard to make. These prophets are saying such outrageous things that there is no doubt they are false. And as the vicious narrator shows that their extremes are causing the Gospel to be slandered.

  337. Lila Ker

    I posted that Hank Kunneman has said we can loose our salvation and you said did he say that?
    On the 9:00 AM service January 22, 2023 at the end of the message, he used the story of the prodigal son as a reference and said we could lose our salvation. This is very troubling to me and to others who watch
    Hank’s services. I believe Hank is a true prophet and I am concerned if there is error coming from other
    sources. I respect your wisdom and knowledge, could you listen to the segment I have referred to, I would
    greatly appreciate your comments.

    • Mario Murillo

      I think it best to refer you to your pastor for this question. God bless.

      • bbtrails

        or better yet…. refer to Yahweh’s word- the Scriptures for the answer:)
        The men of Hebrews 11… delighted in the Torah… so should we.

      • Tina

        So, Hank is wrong for associating himself w/ Kat K & Robin Bullock, but Lance Wallnau can sell a $45 Trump coin on the Jim Baker show
        ( yes, the very Pastor Baker who cheated on his wife, lies, embezzlement, etc.) And a coin brings one closer to God? A coin that costs $45 is better than the Bible? Really?

    • Ann88

      Yes, you can lose your salvation by blaspheming the Holy Spirit. This happens when a believer no longer listens to the Holy Spirit calling them back to repentance. Only the Lord knows when a soul reaches the point of no return to repentance.
      Hebrews 6: 4 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, 5 And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, 6 If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.”
      Churches that teach the OSAS (once save always saved), doctrine do not believe this, nor do the churches that teach “chosen from birth” doctrines. They make the claim that it’s impossible to fall from Grace, when Apostle Paul tells us, it most certainly is possible.
      Galatians 5: 4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.” You can not fall from something you never had, so yes, it is possible to lose salvation.
      No where in the NT does it say your salvation is secure. Paul reinforces this message saying “we have the hope” of salvation. Just do a simple search for this phrase “have the hope” and you will see. Paul never made the claim that his salvation was secure until the very end of his life, then and only then did he know his crown was secure. 2 Timothy 4:6 For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. 7I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: 8Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.”

  338. Jeff Deese

    I have watched the July service again in Nashville that you had made reference to and was curious as to what he said that brought to light the false part of his ministry. You may have said and I’ve missed it. Thanks for your time.

  339. Micheline

    Hi Diana, let us not overly judge servants of God… being human we ALL make mistakes…. Kent might have said that, but you misspelled ABEL’s name. Does this mean you are a false messenger? I don’t think so. Also, was Kent speaking with the prophetic anointing on him? I believe it was during a teaching segment. We ALL fall short of the Glory of God & we need to walk in repentance.

  340. Micheline

    I’m with you on that point on not standing in judgement and encouraging mistrust. For ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God…. myself also

  341. Micheline

    But what IF the 2020 elections were stolen… & keep on being stolen or cheated on?

    • Ben

      A prophet would not confuse win and stolen.

  342. Janalynn

    Dear Mario,
    Thank you so much for honesty and for contending for the Word of our Almighty Lord. So many more false prophets have gained such popularity because they are tickling their followers ears.
    We are to test anyone who claims to be speaking on behalf of God. People straight up ignore the false prophecies and ignore that what they’re saying is totally unscriptural.
    Julie Green, Timothy Dixon, Amanda Grace and all of these political prophets have all failed miserably. Julie Green gave an entire year of almost daily videos stating hundreds of things would occur in 2022. Not one of those major prophecies occurred.
    There is guilt by association so I don’t trust anyone who supports or promotes them. Speaking the truth has given you credibility.
    Your claims will be proven to anyone who doubts what you say, you can be assured of that.
    I worry for these false prophets/false teachers followers. They are in for a rude awakening.
    Pastors shouts be preparing us for what the Bible says is to come, many are not.
    Thank you again Mario. In this time of great deception we all need to be extra vigilant.


    Mario, I have been a member of the Flashpoint Army since almost the beginning of the program. What I’m wondering now is, in light of your departure from Flashpoint, but Lance & Hank staying, do you think it wise for me to continue watching Flashpoint or maybe opt for The Lance Wallnau Show & the like instead? I have not been following Flashpoint at all since these blogs posted & I’m really wondering if its time for me to part company with Flashpoint too until or unless the matter is resolved. Of course though it hurts to think that the program could fold too if we all leave. Thank you in advance!! (You can email me if you rather not publically post the answer.)

  344. Dee

    First of all, I am not passing judgement on anyone. I have listened to all these “Prophets” and MANY I have chosen to stop listening to them. The word says there will be false teachers in the end days. We are to listen and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into ALL truth. Sometimes we may not like what we hear, but we asked for it. Be not deceived by anyone. A wolf in sheep’s clothing will look like a sheep. Always test the Spirits. If what they say does not align with the word of God, beware. Satan can make anything sound like it is truth, but watch for the little hidden things. That is what will mess you up. If you have a check in your spirit and your spirit does not bare witness with theirs, then chances are something is wrong somewhere.

    I believe many of these people started out with good intentions. Somewhere along the way they lost it. Many became puffed up over money and popularity and things the world can give. You watch and take notice and they usually have huge homes, very expensive cars and planes and they are pouring it on about giving to their ministry. Their churches are usually huge. The bigger the church, the more the giving. It is my belief if you are doing God’s work for what He has called you to, be humble and HE will supply you with the funds for your ministry. He says He will supply us with all our needs according to His riches in glory. I’d think this includes ministries as well.

    Any of us can allow things to lead us astray. We need to constantly check ourselves. Put on the armour of God.

    I believe this is needed in order to maybe shake things up a little to wake the church up. Maybe Mario is the one God chose to do this. People will follow man and what they say instead of following the word. We have become lazy about God’s word and going straight to the source God gave us. I am guilty of this myself, so I am not preaching to the choir, but myself as well. Don’t be too hard on Mario. If in doubt, pray about it. Mario is doing what he believes is right. Souls are being saved. Ye shall know them by their fruits. If they bare good fruit, they are of God.

    Thank you Mario. Keep bring souls to the Lord. Bless you.

  345. Cecille

    It took one time with RB for me, my spirit cringed at his voice. Same with KK, I immediately turned them off!

  346. Cecille

    Thank you for standing in Truth Mario Murillo! My spirit would not allow me to listen to these two people. Prayers for the truth to be exposed, and thank you most of all for being a man of God and speaking in love and truth…the damage must be stopped, may God deal swiftly with all false prophets. Protect those standing in the Truth Lord and place Your Hedge of Protection around them!
    🙏❤A M E N❤🙏

  347. Ann88

    If you read your Bible in prayer and seeking instead of listening to everyone else, you’d know that we are all supposed to call out these false teachers and prophets. We are all called to the ministry of Jesus Christ and to witness the truth of the Gospel. People need to stop being just sheep that follow. At some point, our Lord expects us to get onto the meat of the word and become a witness to bring more souls to Christ. Mario has been doing this for the greater part of his life, decades in fact. Mario goes where other so-called leaders of the church fear to tread. Instead, they remain in their safe places behind a pulpit preaching to their choir.

  348. Ann88

    If you think Mario’s being too hard on the beaver of false prophets by calling them out, you should go back and read what God did to them and what Jesus says about them in the NT. God never minced words with these people who attempted lead his children astray by claiming God spoke these lies. God spoke death upon them. They are to be called out publicly.
    God is never wrong and all it takes is one time for a self-proclaimed prophet to be wrong and they’re done. They never spoke for God at all. God’s word doesn’t contradict itself, so these lame excuses and other Bible scripture some of these liars give to excuse their missed and unfulfilled predictions is again another crime. They made predictions that were supposed to happen in 2022. They attempt to twist scripture and make it appear as if God’s word contradicts itself to justify themselves. The one’s calling them out are not to blame. It’s the liars that are dividing the church and corrupting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    You’re doing the devil’s bidding when you defend them as well.

  349. Sandy

    Mario, I’m new to even considering the prophetic. The Holy Spirit helped me to come to the same conclusion as you presented here. It saddens me a great deal. I pray for discernment often, not only for myself, but for all believers. God is faithful.

  350. Heato

    “Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses” Proverbs 27:6

    You did the most loving thing that could have been done to these two false prophets, neither of whom I have heard of.

    I’m sticking with Dutch Sheets and Michael Cotten.

  351. VF

    Shouldn’t the host of the program where these prophets appear weekly be approached too? They should be stopped especially as children watch & are writing in with questions

  352. David DJ

    There is NO X-mass town in heaven. X-mas is a Babylonian festival honoring the sun-god Baal. God would never put a city in heaven dedicated to a pagan god.

  353. Elizabeth

    Love you Mario. Stand your ground for Jesus.

  354. Gracie

    Thank you again for standing up for truth. Some of the prophets did start well but they seem to think as they go on the “circuit” and become popular they must prophesy something, and that’s when they deviate. Jeremiah Johnson apologised for getting it wrong and was crucified by other prophets because he said sorry!! Maybe he was holding a mirror up to them also. Truth is always attacked but then again truth will always stand in the end and defend itself. All of the true prophets of old had to deal with false prophets because unfortunately, they said what the people wanted to hear. Jesus Himself said many voices have gone out into the world but it doesn’t mean they are all right – it cannot fall outside the word of God.

  355. Gracie

    Bro Mario thank you for the video – as I watched it, it reminded me of Jeremiah 28 and the false prophet Hananiah. He didn’t come to a good end and Jeremiah prophesied his demise because he had persuaded the nation to trust in lies!

  356. John Kosenski

    I love Mario, and he is obedient to the Lord. His assignment is to win souls.
    I pray for discernmentoin these matters. I still enjoy watching Flashpoint, and Elijahstreams.

  357. Barbara

    Thank you Mario for speaking truth.

  358. Beth Davis

    YES, Pastor Murillo! Your answer/comment reminds me of that episode of The Andy Griffith Show where Gomer arrests Barney for making a U-turn & Gomer says: “Cit-uh-zens UH-RE-EST, Cit-uh-zens UR-RE-EST!!: LOL God bless you! You da man. THANK YOU for preaching God’s TRUTH!! : )

  359. Dee

    I agree, you are so right. Not only do they divide the church, but it is dangerous. They make people believe these false teachings and prophecies and lead people down the wrong path.

  360. Allan C

    Anointing and Music. Certain songs you can sense/discern the anointing on: Brooke Fraser Ligertwood’s What a Beautiful Name and Charity Gayle’s rendition of I Speak Jesus. God puts His imprimatur or stamp of approval on certain prophets such as Hank Kunneman and Kent Christmas. Unfortunately, some Christian music is soulish, as are some prophecies out there.
    These things are spiritually discerned.

  361. JOHN

    It’s way past time these clowns like Robin Bullock, Kat Kerr, Timothy Dixon, etc. got struck down. Hearing from GOD is not about putting on a clown show like this. And the obsession with Trump needs to END. Trump LOST. If GOD had wanted Trump to win he’d be sitting in the oval office right now.

  362. Amy Winberg

    Thanks Mario, I’ve been a partner with KCM for over 10 years and I enjoy listening to you all! Now living in Mn and seeing naturally in what happened with the plandemic and asking about the shot, I didn’t have peace about it, and RB and HK encouraged the body of Jesus Christ NOT to take it, pray 91 st Psalm and put the blood of Jesus over your family and say what the Holy Spirit says. All I know is that some of what they said bore witness with my spirit. What about Dr. Rodney Browne.? Did you ever read his book the Killing of Uncle Sam? I needed to pray in tonges with the Holy Ghost, and my heart needed to be prepared, then I read it. My brother in law died as a result of that poison because I didn’t pray. Now I made a decision to Stay in the Word of God, act on it, pray, and run to God not from Him. And God has been faithful I sow into the harvest of souls, but I’m not the Savior Jesus is. I have partnered with people who have go to Heaven, they were not released to share what they saw and were not going to do it unless the Holy Spirit released them. God bless you sir

  363. Wayne

    I am not a cessationist, but I believe decency, order and sanity needs to be brought back to the Charismatic Movement by the leadership or the whole movement will lose credibility. Sadly, with freedom in the Spirit, there is a tendency for some to go off the deep end. Let’s not give John MacArthur, whom I respect, fuel for criticism. Thank you, Mario, for your courage to call out wackiness when needed. Others might be afraid to criticise those who they might think are God’s annointed. We must all pray for spiritual discernment in these perilous times.

  364. Jillian C

    I am concerned about Elijah List as well. While I have heard some good stuff on there, I have heard a lot of unbiblical stuff, aside from the 2 your have mentioned. Biggest concerns are the lack of knowledge of scripture as a whole, never questioning and going on feelings above all else. I am new to the prophetic and I did learn a lot by watching it for a time… especially measure everything said by the Word of God and to learn discernment. Does that mean I discredit everyone who goes on there? No, but I do take what they say with a grain of salt and I don’t follow any of them actively.

  365. Marilou Libby

    Thankyou for the confirmation. I did not witness to these. You have confirmed it for myself. We are to judge prophecy.

  366. craig

    Mr. Murillo, any thoughts on Amanda Grace?

  367. Robert Bennett

    If the Lord had of wanted Trump to be back in office, he would have been in there. No devil in hell would have been able to stop it. Did God lose His will to those who stole it? And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: Daniel 2:21

  368. Sam

    When you see God’s hand on someone and their work…when they have favor…when you see the fruit…the miracles…that’s a sign they are doing God’s will. You will know them by their fruit. What Mario and his team are doing to help people get healed and saved speaks for itself.

  369. Robert Bennett

    I saw something wrong a long time ago. Did God change His word? In His word when a prophet got it wrong they were to be stoned. I don’t listen to these so called prophets. I have a great pastor. And I have Holy Spirit inside. The Lord said He would give Holy Spirit & He would be the one that leads us into all truth. When something is wrong Holy Spirit sets off an alarm inside of me. When you surrender & let Holy Spirit lead, He will never take you down a wrong road.

  370. Pamela

    Thank you for your steadfast faithfulness to christ and the gospel. I recall last yr hearing Robin B. state that Shem was Melchisadec!….and I knew THAT was wrong…..I’ve cause several other ‘foibles’……that raised a brow………..I now wonder if he got that info from the old catholic scrolls from yesteryear…And Kat…..can’t even go there~~~I have to wonder if they’ve ever really had an encounter w/ christ. When we leave here, HE will be the sole focus of our eternal life……….Bless you Mario…

    • Susan Shipman

      Mr Marillo I have a great deal of respect for you as an evangalioand wish you would come to the Chicago area; I’d be the first in line. I’m in great need of healing and respect your work, in spite of this frontal attack on other leaders of the faith. The church doesn’t need thii right not, I can see the deep state of this country just loving this division in the church. The church desperately needs harmony and a spirit of inclusion. Is Kat Kerr really worth all this division you’ve stirred up? Were you there? Who knows actually what is in heaven. I certainly don’t, but I do know we, and especially LEADERS don’t need to give the beast system of Gates, Harari, Schwab, etc more ammunition against the church. Let Goo o d handle it! You are not God, but you’re acting like Him.

      Again, please come to Illinois, it’s so blue, it’s Navy blue! I’ll be there.

      • Sandiwyatt65@gmail.com

        I’m so grateful that God brought this to my attention. I’m disabled, which has a huge effect on my brain and my decision making abilities. Just yesterday, I watched Kat for hours and took notes. It kept playing in my mind what she said, many times, about unpacking our suitcases because we aren’t going anywhere soon, we have alot of time left here. It bugged me. However, I kept watching her because I wanted to know more about Heaven. I took a break and then got back online, and the first thing that showed up was Mario and Alan talking (they did not mention names) that led me to read this. No doubt, this is God protecting me!!! Thank you Mario, for listening to God and for obeying Him!!!

  371. Jorunn Hampton

    I am sad — where I live the battle is for the churches to accept the gift of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Jesus promised. Most of the pastors and leaders here do not embrace and are totally uncomfortable with this gift and all supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit. They would likely feel very vindicated by this. I have heard you speak often enough and read your books so am confident this is not your intent but never the less one must wonder how many of the 97% of people that are agreeing with you here are of similar mindset as described above. Some are sounding like “a witch hunt”. Im glad that where you live and minister Christians have options and can readily plug into a Spirit filled church led by people that are called and gifted for their ministry, we don’t have that and I believe this problem is a lot more prevalent than we know. I’m not disagreeing with what you have done, I’m sure you prayerfully considered all these things before you acted. However, I hope you were not implying that Hank K was a false prophet, I do get that you disagree with him regarding his endorsement of certain ministries. I have heard Hank’s humility in regards to the words he gets when he steps out in faith to prophecy. I believe the prophet releases the word under the anointing and the hearers have an obligation to help the prophet by discerning the word and it’s application I have heard Hank look to the rest of you on Flashpoint to do just that when he has stepped out in first person prophetic words. I appreciate his prophetic gifting, of course I don’t put it above or on par with the Word of God in scripture but never the less believe he is a man of God

  372. Sandy Guthrie

    I’m sorry but Hank Kunneman is not a false prophet. I’ve seen many of them come to pass and others, some can be longer term prophesies. He doesn’t listen to Q and he hasn’t prophesied about Trump. The election was stolen and he did win so we are waiting for the reversal, all in God’s time. Exposure has been happening and justice will come.

  373. Sue Leddy

    Mario, I believe you are the Billy Graham of our time. However, I do believe God is still on His Throne and you are not Him. To place such a harsh judgement on Robin Bullock, who gives an alter call on every single service, is over the top. Have you been to Heaven? Neither have I. I’d love for you to come to Illinois, Chicago area. We need you. And the church does not need this division. Don’t you know the deep state is loving this? “DIVISION IN THE CHIRCH LEADERS”! They are now saying “hallelujah” thanks to you.
    I’m in need of healing, very much so. From head to toe, I have infirmity. I’d be early to your service! But this? This is just wrong. Calling Robin a “money-changer” is awful when he’s done so much good, warring on the spirit. I see that ALL comments in support of him have been deleted. Do your 97% figure might be way off. But I’m still inviting you to Chicago. This state is so blue, it’s Nsvy blue. So come here, and stop dividing the church. Is Kat so important? Who knows what’s in heaven, but you are sounding like God has stepped off his throne and your judgment has taken his place. But come to Chicago. The invite stands. Also, all posts in support of Robin have been removed, why? Who was on the steps of the Supreme Court when abortion was left to the states? Robin and Timothy Dixon. Where are your thoughts in the good he’s done?

    • Mario Murillo

      Sue God required of me to expose these 2 false prophets. It was 97% until the false prophets ordered their trolls to post comments over and over. I would love to come to Chicago. God bless.

  374. Kathleen White

    I really cannot understand why you and others consider the two people you mentioned to be false prophets. They both mention many times the gospel of Jesus Christ and that He is the only way to the Father! John 3:16. Never have I heard them put anyone down that is saved but rather lift them up! We are called to edify one another, not to tare down. If you or others don’t believe God can do all things that is your belief! Mine is God can do everything more then I can ever think or dream of. Never limit God or put Him in a box ! Many people have died and come back from heaven and told of their experiences. Even in the bible some have went to heaven and wrote what they saw. Just because you don’t think there is a jello land or a cow driving a tractor doesn’t mean it isn’t there! If they are bringing people to salvation that’s the most important thing. God is love and he alone is judge over His own people. Now if they are a pastor and commiting adultery then of course they are to be judged. I have never seen or heard Kat Kerr speak out against any saved person in public. She prays for people that have criticized her. That is a spirit of love which comes from God! May God open the eyes and hearts of those to know the truth and to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ through all the world!

    • Mario Murillo

      I say this with the sincerest respect. Dixon’s remarks and Robin’s reaction are utterly indefensible. It makes one wonder what it would take before people would consider that they are false. This is what I mean by a cultic following.

  375. Maria L

    Uhh …. It All needs tobe said.
    Re: Kay
    You don’t just zap in n outta Heaven
    Like I heard her say.
    Now into the
    New age supernatural
    Zones, realms etc
    Well Many do that with drugs
    Hallycinagenics and
    When I hear that lady
    My stomach literally felt sick
    My spirit
    Man of God Mario has way above and beyond experience in dealing with this.
    We do not need Disney type experiences in this late hour.
    As the evil one is throwing everything at us
    And we better be well equipped with

    Weeping wailing thenWhole
    Enchilada as we California’s like to say.
    Wake up!!

  376. Susan Jones

    Debbie, It is foolish to assume Mario has not sweat or wrestled with the grueling facts in prayer to God over this prophetic catastrophe the world’s witnessing.
    It is likewise foolish to assume the use of Kenneth Copeland’s platform & ministry was without financial remuneration from the prophets & evangelists he graciously helped in their “preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
    BOTTOM LINE: Money has to pass thru hands in order for Ministries to Survive & their Books BETTER match the Duplicate Set of Books the LORD keeps in Heaven. All May or May Not be preaching or teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ but for All Intents and Purposes, All should be Registered Non-Profit Businesses with each Filing a 501(c)3 annually w/the IRS.
    The 501(c)3 was the brain-child of a Former (Now-Deceased) U.S. President named Lyndon B. Johnson. He thought U.S. Govt. should control what was said behind the Church Pulpits; just couldn’t have JESUS’ Fanatics running off at the mouth against Abortion & LGBTQ (Add XYZ.) If Pastors, Prophets or Evangelists did, the IRS could take away the 501(c)3.
    1999-2000: I home-schooled our son & at night watched Pastors & Evangelists on TBN to keep my spirits high – in spite of all the fear-mongering over “Y2K.”
    For exercise, I walked six (6) miles early each morning & six (6) miles ea. evening, and collected cans & bottles to turn in for cash. When I got a goodly amount, I’d get a Money Order or write a check to help support Copeland Ministries. I loved the Bible studies “Aired” by Kenneth & Gloria. The first Christmas passed… The second Christmas came around, and with it a Card from K&G standing at the bottom of a beautiful new staircase w/wood railing. They had built a new home, and were wishing all a Merry Christmas. My heart sank. As I began to learn of all they had been acquiring including Harleys & Leathers, jet, vehicles; Security Guards & fences around their “compound,” I was in shock! BUT GOD knew my heart. I quit giving to that ministry. I was Poverty-level compared to the Copelands so I decided to support Robert Tilson who was definitely preaching the Word of God. Our 2nd Daughter was getting married on 09/09/2001, so I scavenged until I had $100.00 saved & sent a check as a “Faith Promise” asking the LORD for a sunny day for her Wedding Day – ninth months later. The LORD knew my heart, and Sep 9, 2001, dawned with blue skies & sun that lasted all day! Hal-lê-lu-jah! I won’t say what amounts I sent as Tithes & Offerings over the next few years bcuz I don’t want to lose my Heavenly Reward for “laying up treasure in Heaven.” More than a few Christmases rolled by… With each I got a lovely card from the Tilson’s, and on each card the Mrs. made sure to have her left hand resting on the shoulder of one of their twin daughters, right where you could see the sparkly, big diamond she was sporting. The day came when I said, “No more, LORD. I don’t even own a tiny diamond. These folks don’t need my money.”
    Why did I choose to rabbit trail? All is not as it appears with prophets & evangelists, honey. With MMM, I can rest assured that Mario is faithfully praying, studying the Word of God, following the guidance of the LORD, and wisely overseeing every cent that comes in along with all the expenditures made as he strives to win souls for the Eternal Kingdom of CHRIST.
    How do I know? The Only LIVING GOD has sent His Spirit to Bless, Deliver, Heal, and SAVE thousands of people at these events & His angels to oversee & protect, His Love & Power are “a consuming fire!” The local Pastors are reveling in our LORD’s Omniscience, Omnipresence & Omnipotence! Hal-lê-lu-jah! TY for your Comment, Debbie. GOD bless & keep…
    Su-01/29/2023 @ 02:27 AM Pacific

  377. Susan Jones

    Benjamin, let’s think about what that will look like. It appears you want it televised, right? Where will this Public Discourse between Kat, Robin, possibly Hank, and Mario, take place? A Moderator will be necessary. Who will select a Moderator? Who would that Moderator be? Who will “Foot the Bill?” There’ll be “a whole lot of judging going on” just to get to that point.
    FAKE NEWS MEDIA will gladly “jump on that Bandwagon” to accommodate The Church! It will be naught but a CARNIVAL SHOW to All who despise the Name of JESUS. And, which wealthy Evangelist or Ministry wants the Liability? Name one. Don’t look to Ken Copeland for that…
    We are talking about the Livelihoods of the Bullock, and Kerr, Ministries – such as each is. We may have to add Kunneman, and others before it’s over. Being “called on the carpet” for false teachings within the Body of CHRIST, the Livelihoods of the Bullock Families & Kerr Families may already be experiencing Losses. They, and their families, are angry about that. Who will “Foot the Bill” if Lawsuits ensue against MMM? It’s a very distasteful, ugly picture further fracturing the Body as we discuss the fruit-bearing propensities of those currently deemed “false prophets.”
    Can we expect to find brotherly love & harmonious discourse effervescing? No.
    In Jeremiah 17:7-8 & 9-10, KJV, we read:
    7_Blessed is the man (and might I add ‘woman’) that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.
    8_For he (she) shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.
    9_The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it!
    10_I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man (or woman) according to his (or her) ways, and according to the fruit of his (or her) doings.
    11_As the partridge sitteth on eggs, and hatcheth them not; so he (or she) that getteth riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his (or her) days, and at his (or her) end shall be a fool.
    Proverbs 11:29-30, KJV
    29_He (or she) that troubleth his (or her) own house shall inherit the wind; and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.
    30_The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he (or she) that winneth souls is wise. (Hal-lê-lu-jah!)
    So, let us continue in prayer for all these for the LORD knows the way each takes.

    Since “9/11,” My Prayer for AMERICA has been Psalm 144, in the NASB. The LORD gave it to me on 11/04/2001, and Verse 1 is a Manicurist’s Prayer if there ever was one, Benjamin – especially after “9/11!”

    1_BLES-SED be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle; …

    I often read Psalm 144 (in its entirety) aloud to the LORD. And, in verses 7, and 11, I pray: “Rescue me (Rescue this Republic) and deliver me (deliver this Republic) out of great waters, Out of the hand of aliens (and traitors)…
    As I finish reading verse 15, I conclude with:
    In JESUS’ Name, Amen. TY, FATHER.
    TY, Benjamin! TY, Mario! GOD bless…
    Susan in OR Su-01/29/2023 @09:41Pac

    • Sue Leddy

      Mmmm, that would be a big NO. Church international is packed to the gills today. I suspect tithes and offerings won’t be impacted in the least. Just FYI.

      • Mario Murillo

        That proves their right?

  378. Diane

    I agree sister, also it’s sad to see infighting amongst the brethren. How I see it is in the beginning of this message Dixon I believe had a check in his spirit about releasing that vision publicly. It should have been kept secret. The Apostle Paul wasn’t allowed to disclose all he saw in his vision. Joseph told his dream and look what happened, although the Lord was with him and made it work out! My prayer for these prophetic men is let them use wisdom in their words! Prophets are always facing rejection. I hope this goes well! LOL didn’t mean such a long reply…much love in Christ, peace be with you!

    • Mario Murillo

      I for one am glad that he shared it publicly because we needed to know that both of these men are false.

  379. Deborah

    I heard him say exactly that and was saddened and appalled

  380. Sue Leddy

    And since Mm’s moderators REMOVED all posts in support of prophet Robin, his results are skewed.

    • Mario Murillo

      If that’s true how is yours on here?

  381. James H Waddell. m Waddell

    Your post breaks my heart

    • Mario Murillo

      Their false prophecies break God’s heart. Which do think matters most?

  382. Kathryn

    Mario I really do not know, even after all your written comments, why you would not have a conversation in private with these individuals before you publicly rebuked which rapidly spread like wildfire across the internet. Seeking repentance and turning from wicked ways would surely be the desired end for the accused.

  383. Janette Nieves

    I completely agree with you on this issue. Thank you for speaking truth always

  384. Nathanael Butler

    One question.. false prophets biblically were those who did in fact have the ability to see or consult with the spirt realm and pronounce demonic encounters: (Baalm, Simon the sorcerer, Bar-Jesus(Elymas), the witch of Endor, the man who broke the iron yoke off Jeremiah’s neck, as well as the numerous false prophets who stood before King Ahab and king Jehoshaphat when they sought a counsel before going to war). Are you prepared to say Robin bullock and Kat Kerr are false prophets because they consult with the demonic and thus receive their revelation and teach through a demonic spirit? I ask this question with the understanding that consulting with the demonic is the criteria biblically for “false prophets”. Robin and Kat only preach Jesus Christ as Lord from what I hear which scripture says is impossible for someone to state unless they have the Holy Spirit inside of them (1Cor 12:3). In addition scripture both old and New Testament says one who leads you astray from serving the Lord and tries to turn you to serve idols that person is a false prophet (Deuteronomy 13:1-5).

    I just think we should be focusing our efforts on exposing and tearing down demonic darkness like Noah Harrari, the WEF, and main stream media pumping leftist false narratives as being the real false prophets and not anointed members of the five fold ministry.

    • Mario Murillo

      This is not demonic activity it is men choosing to teach and prophesy falsely. Demons will certainly rejoice at this and try to use it.

    • Mario Murillo

      They are not anointed they are false and that makes them even more dangerous than leftist false narratives. Discernment is not about right and wrong so much as it is about right and almost right.

      • Betty Cone

        I love your ministry, Mario, and agree with your Biblical stand against deception. Have followed you since the mid 80’s and so appreciate your wisdom, insight and straightforwardedness, as well as the way God uses you supernaturally. Incidentally, I went to Heaven years ago from a car accident while in a coma. And it was nothing like KK described at all. Heaven and JESUS were beyond description in LOVE, glory, peace, beauty, color, fragrance, power, majesty, purity, holiness and more! It was life-changing to say the least. It’s so tragic and degrading for Heaven to be maligned by false voices in this way. God bless you always!

  385. Kevin Bos

    Thank you Mario, just sharing this truth is reaping a harvest. Praise the Lord Jesus!!! I needed this message desperately Mario.

  386. Susan Jones

    Bottom Line: There’s a lot of money, property, and followers, at stake with ministries in question, If they’re false prophets, they’re going to be very, very angry about their losses as opposed to those who just didn’t get it right re clear message from the LORD & repent
    ~Susan in OR

  387. Ann88

    Actually, it took a couple of years for some people to see that these people are grifters, liars and false prophets, because many of the predictions they gave that were supposed to happen in 2022, never happened. When many of them were called on their failed predictions, they came up with all kinds of excuses as to why they never came to pass…here’s just some excuses I heard them say. That the predictions were:

    1. “delayed because the believers were rebellious”,
    (Julie Green used the 40 years of wandering as an example to excuse her failed predictions. If that were the case, it could apply to every single failed prediction false prophets predict. )

    2. ” Other prophets in the OT were wrong and still considered true prophets of God”
    (that is so wrong Deuteronomy 18:18-22)

    3. “they need time to see if their predictions will still come to pass”.
    (Their predictions that were supposed to happen in 2022, never happened. A true prophet of God cannot miss…not once. They must be 100 percent accurate, because it’s God speaking and He’s never wrong.)

    4. “Prophets can make mistakes because they’re not perfect”.
    (that is one of the most blasphemous and ridiculous things I believe I’ve heard coming from believers. Because that in essence is saying that God Himself is flawed and not perfect. The same as reducing God to carnal flesh and fallible who makes mistakes, which is outrageous.

    5. Robin Bullock: “don’t question the fire that comes out of the mouths of these prophets or God will punish you”.
    Not only is that not even Biblical, because we’re told in the word of God to question every single word that comes out of their mouths and test the spirits.

    6. “touch not my anointed”.
    (They’re not anointed, they’re liars whose own words have convicted them with crimes against God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They speak their own demise) I have no fear of these sick clowns.

    7. “Prophets are essential to believers, you must believe and follow them”.

    (Prophets are only essential when God Himself decides to use them for His purpose. They are not essential to anyone’s salvation nor are they responsible for your personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. YOU are the only one responsible to God. Prophets are messengers and their messages are to be tested BY YOU. You are the only one accountable to the Lord for what and whom you choose to follow. This is why Jesus told you not take thought for tomorrow for the things of today are sufficient thereof.

    Deuteronomy 18-18-22 is clear…no other scripture in the word of God can or does contradict it.

    21 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? 22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

  388. Linda

    Amen! Let’s ignore the little internet prophet enclave for now in favor of going more deeply in the Word and in our relationship with Jesus. And win souls!

  389. Kathleen White

    I don’t watch Timmothy Dixon. Matthew 12 22 Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.

    23 And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David?

    24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

    25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand

    26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? I am no cultic follower. No one asked me to come here. I came because you are causing division among believers. I remember how you mocked Kat Kerr while she prayed for you in mercy and grace. The way we are supposed to live for Christ, forgiving one another and not holding grudges or calling names.

  390. Doug

    Baazinga !!!
    I’m with you Mario !!!

  391. Ann88

    Followers of these false prophets in here defending them are the only reason there’s any division in the church. If it weren’t for you giving them support, idolizing them and giving them more power they couldn’t be doing the damage to the body of Christ and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus that they are.
    If you understood the written word of God and were living in the Holy Spirit, you would have already recognized who and what they are.
    So don’t blame believers who are actually doing what the Lord called them to do by calling them out, IT’S YOU who are causing any division by not doing what you were called to do.

    Jesus told you these days would come where the wolves would appear in sheepskin. That these false teachers and prophets would be so convincing to believers that if they could would deceive the very Elect of God. Only believers grounded in the word of God, walking and listening to the Holy Spirit can recognize them and their lies.

    IT’S YOU who are the problem and causing division, not those calling them out. You’re the one whose been deceived. Get in the word of God, stop being a dumb sheep. Get off of the milk and onto the meat of the word so you too can minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is YOUR responsibility, not anyone else’s. YOU are the problem and the division is being caused by YOU. Stop chasing after these wolves in sheepskin that tell you everything you want to hear. Stop idolizing them by supporting them. In the end, Jesus said…only YOU and the one who deceived you will be held accountable.

  392. Judy Brown

    The Lord told me he was going to start exposing false prophets 2 years ago. The two you mentioned the Lord told me not to listen to them. There are many more. Thank you for your discernment and hoping the people will listen. I agree with the crazy stuff Kat Kerr talks about. No visits heaven daily. God always came to us or sent messengers.

  393. Lisa Foti

    Dave Recker, I agree with you and bless Mario with wisdom, boldness, discernment, and protection!

    I also miss you! Lisa (Plummer) Foti

  394. Eric

    The devil has sown weeds among the wheat. Just because God doesn’t deal with them until the end doesn’t mean we shouldn’t point them out. They are weeds not wheat.

    • Mario Murillo

      Good point Eric. And in context the field in that parable is the world. Christians are to be in but not of the world. Regarding false voices the instruction is clear: expose them for the sake of the sheep.

      • Rachel Baron

        I think the girldefined girls were raised in a church that only allowed their perspectives and interpretations of scriptures. And if anyone suggests a different interpretation, thinks they are wrong, teaches them a new subject, presents a new concept, the theologians and leaders of the church would rebuke them for questioning and disagreeing with them. I am certain Bethany and Kristin do not embrace feminine theology, because they were raised in a highly patriarchal community and comments they wrote about God, Jesus and women. I would be shocked if they have a good relationship with their father. I think they are highly sexist and their model and definition of being female and womanhood is an absolute mockery of the Male and Female Divine.

        They have biased unrealistic percentages when addressing topics such as feminism and masculineism. They seem like they do not understand what real hardship is because they have spent most of their life in a cosy church in America, which has more of a game and idolatrous indoctrination culture than a culture that is surviving and warring against persecutors. These girls are so affected and fake and do not act like normal mature women for being in their late twenties and early thirties. Furthermore, they are such hypocrites for standing for purity and waiting to have sex after marriage, yet, they talk about sexual matters in graphic and offensive ways. And one of them claimed books and movies with sexual content in them are not right and acceptable to be read and watched, but she wrote a book with sexual content in it? Lastly, I don’t believe the Most High anointed those women to have a public platform teaching, at least not yet.

  395. Ryan

    At lease the “prophets” told us not to get the vaccine. Thank God I listened! Those that took it won’t be around much longer to cause division.

    • Mario Murillo

      did not taking the vaccine require prophetic insight?

  396. T Griffin

    Sebby..totally agree w/your comments! I stopped watching after the Trump prophecies /2020 election didn’t come to pass..I actually had followed Mario for years..I was so grieved that he was caught up in all that fakery..Today I just have read about all this..I am so thankful he has spoken up and left the association..but..HK is not who or what he portrays..and it is obvious! am praying for Mario.

  397. Tearee

    Mario, What are your thoughts on Julie Green? I have huge huge huge red flags!!! Thousands of one word prophecies ie look for the word pinecone in your news, the state of Virginia etc… along with the named death sentences. Then there was the return of President Trump in 2022. When it did not happen, Julie blamed the saints say some were discouraged…ugh!

  398. Ben

    Too many double standards, right?

  399. Andrea

    Thanks for stating the obvious that some people just refuse to see or hear! Anyway, Mario is not rebuking anyone for getting the election wrong, he’s pointing out that Kat Kerr is a not only a false prophet but I mean seriously, people do you hear what she is saying? Totally off the rails insanity. I wouldn’t be caught in the same room with her for fear the fire/wrath of God would fall on me and burn me up too. She is dangerous. Its past time she was called out publicly. As for Robin, I have watched a few of his videos but not really enough to discern him properly. I think the really sobering fact here is the amount of people relying on these ‘words’ to cope with life and the ugly stain that people like Kat Kerr have put on the body of the Christ. Let’s all wash our robes of these false teachings and lean into Him who can reveal all things thru the Spirit. As a baby Christian, I can see how it would be easy for others, new in their walk to fall prey to these wolves. YouTube is chock full of these types of ‘prophets’ all claiming to care about you, all claiming to know something you don’t and all crossing their fingers that you will click on that video- cha ching. I know, because I fell into that for a while. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of hopelessness in our country right now and false hope is of the worst kind. God Bless brother Mario for being willing to take the heat and speak the obvious TRUTH. Kat Kerr is either a raving lunatic or demon possessed, maybe both and nobody should be promoting her in the church.

  400. Steve Mullins

    Mario, Can you summarize Robin’s inaccuracies, even just one, or have you done it any other places? Thanks!

    • Mario Murillo

      Steve read the blog we wrote about him.

  401. Rick D Johnson

    Dear Mario, I have been aware of your ministry for some time, and I write to thank you. I have prayed for God to raise up voices to speak out and address these things so that the church would be equipped to effectively move forward with the authentic things of God. Many being spoken but u sure will draw confirmation and encouragement from your actions. Be encouraged. I pray God breaks every word curse off of you in Jesus name and renews your strength. In Jesus name. God bless you and if we don’t meet in this life we will in the next. Rick.

  402. Elfin Magic

    While I agree that these people should have been called out, I have to wonder why churches that are preaching the NAR/Word of Faith doctrines are not being called out as well. I see Bethel has been mentioned. We need to stay in the word and educate ourselves on the apostasy that is running rampant. NAR preaches that we are little God’s and we are equals, using the scripture that we were created in God’s image. They appoint new apostles, yet in Acts, Peter clearly says that Apostles had to be eye-witnesses of Jesus and His resurrection (Acts 1:21-22; Acts 10:39-42; Acts 22:14; 1 Corinthians 9:1).
    Apostles had to be selected by Christ Himself (Matthew 10:5; Mark 3:13-14; Luke 6:13; Acts 1:24-26; Acts 9:15; Acts 22:14-15,21; Acts 26:16) Financial prosperity to those in the movement is more than just a blessing. It is an absolute right. The emphasis in the doctrine is all on success, prosperity, advancement, gain, health and strength. Any adversity is said to be a ‘lack of faith’ to confess the appropriate Word. This is just a sampling. Why is this not being called out as well?

  403. Mike Banzhoff

    I had never heard of Mario, nor his ministry until I watched a Timothy Dixon YouTube video, where he told of being in CA and experienced a revival meeting conducted by Mario. As I recall Timothy may have had some part in it.

  404. Bev

    I actually did hear KC say that they were twins also, but thought it may have been accidental. Hmmm.

  405. Carl

    The sting in any rebuke is the truth

  406. Linda

    What is spoken in public needs to be handled in public.
    When any Christian publicly speaks wrong information, the correction must be publicly made in order to protect the vulnerable.

  407. Gina Worley

    Thank you Mario for letting us know the truth We love you God-bless you



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