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Many are stunned and confused by the results of last night’s election. But, take heart child of God. We won some important victories and we learned some valuable lessons.
You will notice that I never predicted a red wave. I sought God realizing how profound the corruption is in our nation. I knew how deep the roots of iniquity lie in our system of Government.
The machinery that wins elections in say Pennsylvania are far more intricate and powerful than we imagined. That is why Democrat candidates avoided debates and even campaigning. And they certainly felt no need to field quality candidates.
I knew that, and because I knew that I was gratified to see how many victories we won.

A cheap victory now would have blinded us to the depth of the problem.


We needed to have our eyes opened. We needed to see how big the monster is so we truly reform America.
At the end of the election last night I breathed a sigh of relief. Because I believe we won more that we should have expected. The ground we gained in New York is a real victory.

Winning the House of Representatives is big.

This victory will stop the apocalyptic spending of Democrats. This is a key to saving our nation. It is not all that we wanted or needed but it is a victory for which we should be deeply grateful.

We fielded some bright and wonderful candidates.

Many of them ran for public office for the first time. If they run again, I believe they will win. They came very close, and I believe that their defeat will give them the eye of the tiger to win next time.

Ron DeSantis’ towering victory is an important sign.

He proved that you will win big as a conservative if you don’t back down and you execute a plan that solves problems. Every other Republican Governor that followed that formula won last night.

There were some big mistakes. Let’s learn from them.

Other conservatives do not do us a favor by constantly spouting slogans and simply pointing out problems. It is a valuable lesson to learn. We must stop doing that.
“Prophets” who guaranteed a Red Wave did us a disservice. Instead of predictions about how an election will turn out they should have provoked the church to vote and to work hard.
The lukewarm church is also a greater issue than most realize. Millions simply did not vote. Let’s target that and change it!

You have a choice. Do not let discouragement control you. Shake this off and get back in the battle. We can build on the victories we won tonight.

The truth is that many had their hopes raised to an unrealistic level. The important thing is what you do about it! Instead of getting bitter, get busy. Fight off the disappointment and embrace the opportunity.
You have a choice. Do not let discouragement control you. Shake this off and get back in the battle. We can build on the victories we won tonight. We have work to do. And none of that work will be in vain.


  1. Deanna Clark

    Thank you for this word of encouragement & truth. I needed to hear this right now. I appreciate you & your walk with Jesus. I want that too. Please pray for my spine to be healed & the chest pain & heart palpitations I suffer from. Blessings in Jesus name.

    • Linda Mabry

      Jesus’ staunch warriors who work along side Him to defeat works of the devil was not disappointed last night, nor depressed or even surprised that the Red Tsunami did not come like many expected of Him because they understand how God works, but many do not get God just like many in the New Testament did not get Jesus. We can’t understand how God works if we can’t move into His mysterious ways.

      Remember when Jesus wept? He was not crying along with the mourners over the death of Lazarus. He wept because they just did not get Him.

      Jesus wept because He was the Resurrection that was right in the midst of the people and they didn’t get it. He told Martha straight up that He was the Resurrection, but she still didn’t get it. All she could see was that He was the Resurrection “to come.” She did not see that He was the Resurrection NOW. Jesus “intentionally” did not go to Lazarus to heal him. He wanted Lazarus to die to prove He was the Resurrection when He raised him up. And now today, we still don’t get what God is doing.

      John 11: 13 “He said these things, and after that, he said to them, “Our friend, Lazarus, has fallen asleep, but I am going so that I may awake him out of sleep.” 14 “So Jesus said to them plainly then, “Lazarus is dead. 15 I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, so that you may believe.”

      John 11:23 “Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.” 24 Martha said to him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” 25 Jesus said to her, “I am the Resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will still live, even if he dies.” 33 “When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews weeping who came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled, 34 and said, “Where have you laid him?” They told him, “Lord, come and see.” 35 Jesus wept. 36 The Jews therefore said, “See how much affection he had for him!” 37 Some of them said, “Couldn’t this man, who opened the eyes of him who was blind, have also kept this man from dying?” 38 Jesus therefore, again groaning in himself, “

      Last night Jesus’ warriors were unscathed by the outcome of the election because they already knew that God leaves enemies in our camp so we will learn how to fight…Judges 3:1, 2, so the warriors just buckled up and drew their bows back tighter against the giants that remain in our nation. And so should you.

      • Kate

        It’s not enough for Christians to acknowledge corruption. It is our God-given duty to confront it. Twenty years ago this would not have hapoened, because peopke woukd have pushed back.
        It’s time for the people of God to DO something (peacefully). It’s time to rise up and be silent no more.
        The globalists are trying to turn this into a third world country (not kidding). They are using the democrats to try to destroy this country.
        Who is pulling the puppet strings, but our enemies.
        Wake up, America!

    • Pastor Ralph Stamp

      I too am grateful for God’s mercy demonstrated in the outcome of the election. Why you must ask. For me it has been a continued gnawing thought that has made me wonder how much the church has contributed to the Lord’s need to bring levels of His just judgment on her. For example, decades of silence and in some cases acceptance among believers and leaders; lack of understanding of our position of dominion rule for Jesus here on the earth because we should “not be involved in politics; and let us not forget the lack of actively using our God-given, constitutional right and responsibility to vote- 2019 statistic 90 million eligible to vote only 40 million voted. I thank the Lord for what was accomplished in this election resulting from prayer, a Flashpoint Army, voices that have spoken out over the last 2 years, and those who thoughtfully and prayerfully went out to vote. By the way, just as a word of encouragement, JESUS IS KING. I THANK YOU, LORD FOR MERCY. IF YOU NEED TO SHAKE OFF DISAPPOINTMENT AND GET BACK TO WORK. WE HAVE 2 MORE YEARS.

    • Sandra


    • Malissa Stafford

      Thank you so much for this. And you are so right. There is more to do than what we saw just barely scratching the surface. Thank you for your accuracy and spiritual perception!

    • Milica. Djukich

      Absolutely true MAN OF GOD. God still has a plan for AMERIVA. You are doing it. SAVING SOULS You have gone across this NATION SAVING souls. Thank YOU Mr. Murillo. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND GOD,S ANGELS PROTECT ALL OF YOU.

    • Barb VandeBunte

      You are so right on the deep cheating problem… and we need to note our huge victories in FL were also due to DeSantis’ cleaning up the cheating there!

  2. Anna S. Huerta

    Yes, and Amen 🙌🙏😇

    • Toni Baca

      Thanks Mario, I really needed this today.

  3. Robert cullinan

    Thank you MM/ terrific terrific analysis/ The Holy Spirit confirmed it in my heart. We do need to be aware of the extent of the corruption

    • Thomas Jennings

      That was very well written and makes me want to run for office again. I was feeling kind of down today. Thankyou for waiting that wonderful analysis.

  4. Susan S.

    Thank you for your wise words. Perhaps your fire and glory tour will spark real revival. It just pains my heart to see such evil triumph and candidates win simply for their support of abortion.

  5. Tom Bubb

    Thank you, Mario! I needed this perspective, and I know I’m not the only one. I’m more ready to fight than ever!

  6. Myrilla Carson

    Thank you , dear Mario. Thank you.👍💕🙏

  7. Richard imus

    I cannot agree more. My wife and I see it clearly. Conservatives have a huge unreached voting block in the poorest of neighborhoods and on the streets. People who don’t realize who they are and don’t give thought to the impact they can have. Therefore, they don’t vote. God calls us to not neglect these people. The virtue of feeding the poor and giving them hope will bring our nation back to God. Sitting at home and watching political pundits spew forth garbage stops our cause and that’s exactly what the devil knows. We must rise up take hold of our swords putting on our full armor of God, He handcrafted for us, and take the victory to the poor. Trust me, I have yet to see a liberal helping the poor. I believe this is Gods plan.

  8. Gary Carroll

    The Lord spoke these thoughts to me this morning as I was praying about the outcome of the election. Later when I read the blog it confirmed what God told me. I feel Christians need to look very closely at Ron DeSantis and Florida and use it as a model for our strategy going forward. Ron DeSantis even campaigned with some candidates for school board seats and they won. He’s building a powerful coalition at the very grass roots level which has to be done throughout the country and The Church has be a part of it.

  9. Rosemary HUGHES

    Thank you for your wisdom. I needed to hear your voice in all of this. God still reigns!

  10. Darla

    Thank you. I’m standing with you and especially with Our Sovereign Lord.

  11. Amy D King

    Mario, thank you!
    I’ve had a wonderful prayer time this morning—working through personal disappointment & parallels to Neh13 & the discovering of evil in the House of the Lord / throwing out the furniture (that’s a thing!) / cleansing the space / restoring original purpose (which was the provisions to the Levites & the tithes to the Lord).

    • Susan S.

      Psalm 37 is also a word of encouragement.

  12. Janet Brennan

    Mario, you are so right. Last night was disappointing in the sense that we did not see the “Red Tsunami” that was predicted. However, I think you are right on target…it is a sign that we cannot give up, we cannot give in. We have to move forward with even greater faith and doing our part because God needs us as much as we need Him. Amen.

  13. Glenda

    Thank you Mario I really needed your words of clarity and encouragement. Let’s get started!!! Lion of Judah!!

  14. RL Perrin

    Great encouraging words, we are in for the long haul of truth and change.

  15. Amy

    Great thoughts, i feel the same way.. we are fighting a demonic political fight but I know God wins !!!

  16. Linda Drew

    Thank you Mario. This is truth

  17. Janette

    Thank you Mario. You are always a light in the darkness! I was getting a little down. God bless you. 🙏🏻❤️

  18. Carol Clements

    Thank you for this blog. I was SO discouraged this morning. To the point of tears. How long can God allow the evil of killing babies go on?And how long can he let the disgusting perversion continue that is now being taught in our schools? I encouraged people to go vote. But the apathy is unreal. At this point I begin to wonder if there will be any children left in the world that will truly know Christ and his ability to save their souls. And if so, will they have the strength and determination to fight the spiritual battle for what is right and good.

    • Melissa

      I’m still crying. Can’t even look at any news. I joined so many in prayer and fasting. And I believed we would see a massive turn around. This was encouraging, I’ve read it three times, but I’m still down

  19. Pearl Dalton

    Thank you Mario.I totally agree with you

  20. Pam Carr


  21. Deb

    You are right Brother Mario. We tend to sometimes put our trust and faith in man (politicians)
    rather than placing it in God. We, as Christians, must keep our focus on Christ and winning Souls. Keeping
    the main thing, the main thing! Eternity! God Bless you Mario and thank you for always speaking Truth, even when it isn’t what many want to hear! Truth shall stand no matter what!!!

  22. Ralph Melucci

    Yes your right brother, I was upset last night and disappointed because I was so convinced that the red wave was coming and because of the high expectations, last night was a let down but in reality we do have victory and a lot more work to do and that’s how we must look at this. Perhaps now we’ve learned to not have such high expectations and be more willing to see things as they really are going forward. We’re still in this fight, we may have taken a few more punches than we would have liked but we’re not out and still ahead on the scorecard!

  23. Vicki Sale

    Love & appreciate the Truth that Mario shared!

  24. Frances Roberts

    Thank you Mario! I needed to hear that! I was discouraged when I watched the news this morning but I can’t let discouragement get a hold of me! I know that God is in control!

  25. Beverly

    Amen you have said it we must keep on and doing are part. We vote ever time and we all need to stay in prayer and thank Him for the out come. We are all blessed in one way or other. But the best is yet to come( Jesus )

  26. Suzanne Bonne´

    Is it ok if this NYer takes a day to be heartbroken? We still have a horribly evil governor and senator and I grieve for the harm they will do. And I am angry at the churches who sat back and said nothing.

    • Fieldcastle

      I understand.

    • Lynette

      As a fellow New Yorker, I too am grieved,
      discouraged and disappointed in this evil female tyrant securing the seat of governor in our state… She reminds me of the woman who rides the beast in Revelation. The many horrible policies this state has enacted is incomprehensible and furthers our descent into more violent crime, continued slaughter of our most vulnerable and tiny citizens, as well as stripping away more and more of our God given freedoms. This heartless nasty woman has outright told conservatives that we don’t belong here and to move to Florida, while our tax dollars fund her salary. We are not to question her, and sit down and shut up. She is drunk on power and we the people be dammed in her quest for more and more control… I’m not surprised though, 2020 was never fixed and the same tricks and cheating are continuing all through this “election”. Only God can fix this and I am praying, watching and waiting for Him.

  27. mike hakins

    We didn’t see a victory last night for one reason, The Lord would not have got the Glory. This isn’t over and God will deliver us the victory and when He does everybody will say ” it could of only been God” we are at the red sea moment when everything looks hopeless, it’s not. Keep calling on The Lord and He does hear our prayer and will answer it. Give Him the Glory.

    • Andrea Stine

      My thoughts exactly! In my walk with the Lord invariably before He delivers on His promises I go through a “death of the vision.” Do I still believe Him in spite of what the circumstances are saying? After it all seems impossible He moves on my (our) behalf & only He can get the glory for it!!

  28. Eileen Wagner

    Thank you Mario for reminding us that this is God’s battle. Praying for my state of Colorado.

  29. lordswarrior111

    Thank you, Mario, for putting things in perspective. I, for one, needed that and the encouragement to get back in the battle. We are more “bloodied” troops now.

  30. JEANE Whiteside

    In my area it didn’t seem like a cheap victory but an expensive loss. We had several godly candidates and they love God and children. 😪Stirring myself up to stay in the battle as He leads. Watching the blatant actions of abortion minded inordinate lascivious treatment of our children by politicians is sickening to me. Therefore very discouraged by Illinois governor choice.plus many others who we need to represent us. May they all be reminded of the Creator they are trying to become. And may they all be overcome by fear of God as they get revelation that it would be better if a millstone were tied around their necks and they be then tossed into the sea than to offend one of these little ones. Not to mention killing them before birth and sexually grooming them as they grow to attend schools where where the agenda is to remove the very identity the Father created them to be. But a friend texted me 2 Chronicles 20 esp verse 33 where the high places are still not removed. And thank you for this timely post. I was crying with disappointment as it ministered to me and stirring up my faith to stay in the battle.

  31. Steve Wells

    I’m trying to heal from this mess but it’s difficult knowing they cheat and nothing seems to stop them. My parents didn’t allow me to attend public school in the early sixties cuz prayer was removed. I am today cuz of my parents strong belief.

  32. Wayne

    Mario, you said… “ The lukewarm church is also a greater issue than most realize. Millions simply did not vote. Let’s target that and change it!”.

    Besides the general apathy evident with many Christians (we’re not of this world so we don’t need to vote mentality), many are discouraged from the 2020 election debacle and figure what’s the use? They ask themselves why vote when the outcome of many races is rigged? A victory here and there is good of course, but with Biden and his magic Executive Order fountain pen still sitting in the Oval Office, is it all for naught??

    Bottom line… God has allowed this to come upon our nation. No election, no personality, no nothing short of NATIONAL REPENTANCE will turn things around. Do we see signs of this happening? On a national level I have to say a resounding NO… things continue to deteriorate. So, MAYBE when the United States is subdued under harsh taskmasters and finally cry out to God for relief, He might then hear us. Sorry to say, but we as a people have not yet suffered enough to break our prideful spirits. There’s simply not enough of us on our knees praying for lost souls and begging for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

  33. Deborah R Nichols

    Thank you for your word…. As I finally went to bed last night, with many unsure outcomes, I felt the Lord saying strongly we must continue to fight, the fight for His righteousness to prevail is still on; the battle is not yet won. It was as though He was saying, this isn’t over, it is just the beginning. I also saw that the Church had, for the most part, remained passive. My prayer has been for the Church and that we as a people of God, realize who we are in Christ and that we are the ones to make the difference. In God’s eyes, I believe, that is how the stage is set for a revival. In God’s eyes, this is not over. His plan is still at work through us because He never fails. Our cost? Prayer, Prayer, Prayer and letting Him teach us HOW to pray, WHO to pray for, and WHEN to pray…. The Word says pray without ceasing. That answers the WHEN. The Word says to pray for all men and especially for those in authority. That answers the WHO. And praying the way Jesus taught and praying in the Spirit all the time, is the HOW. This is what we, the Church, need to do more. It is time to stand up, dust off our pants, and go forward as Ambassadors of His Kingdom and do what He has called us to do and to do it HIS WAY! And having done all to stand, STAND!

  34. Cynthia Bearse

    Dear Mario Murillo, Thank you for your encouraging messages, and godly wisdom. As a child of The King, I truly appreciate the time you take to communicate insightful and beneficial thoughts to those of us who love the Lord and this nation. God bless you richly! Cynthia Bearse, Grandmothers for God, Family and Country

  35. Edward Morvant

    I appreciate your zeal for the saving of souls, and the United States, but speaking ill of Prophets is not the right thing to do. Agabus grabbed the girdle of Paul and wrapped his hands around it and said to whoever this belongs, this is what will happen. I’m pretty sure he thought this would be a warning to whoever owned it to make other arrangements, but it didn’t change anything. Should he have kept silence? God’s Prophets are going to tell us what God is saying. Is Biden the President of the United States? No, he is not. This is how God sees it. God is far from through here.

    • Mario Murillo

      I did not speak ill against the prophets. If someone says something is going to happen and it doesn’t they are not a prophet. The fault in your argument is this…what Agabus said did come to pass. The Red Wave did not. Now let me ask you something: do we give a pass to those who call themselves prophets and totally miss it? What does the Bible say to do. Are we never to judge prophecies?

      • Laura

        Mario, why are my comments not posted? I posted about the false prophets link to some of these politicians that I feel is making the politicians believe they are invincible, causing more deception. Did I say something wrong?

      • Edward Morvant

        Yes, we are to judge prophecies as to whether they are of God or not of God, as Paul said we should do in the churches. As to judging whether or not what was said has come to pass in the timing that we think it should come, is another thing. As you know, they are prophecies that Isaiah and others in the bible have given, that has still not come to pass, and those that came to pass long after they were gone. There are those that are not true prophets, and it will become more and more clear who they are as more power is given to the true believers and as the future unfolds. If I misread your comments I apologize. I have seen a number of ‘shunning’ type of comments by a number of prominent leaders in the church as of late.

        • Mario Murillo

          Edward, I appreciate your openness and thank you for it. However, the Red Wave Prophecy has a date limit–last Tuesday’s election. They said that was when the red wave would hit and they were wrong. They gave a date.

  36. Marie Bury

    Thank you so much Mario. I was wondering this morning how could this be? Is anyone coming to strengthen the body? here you came. Thanks a million. I couldn’t sleep last night. I woke up this morning asking a lot of questions regarding a lot of things??????

  37. Dale E Stevens

    Thank you Mario for your voice of reason, encouragement and wise advice! We will win if we don’t give up. More rude awakening is needed!

  38. Adelin Schauer

    Thank you, Mario. As the others who commented, I needed this. It is disappointing, but God is still here and He is with us. We know His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. We can trust Him in all circumstances!

  39. Rosario Aganon

    Thank you for your encouraging words to move on. I was devastated last night for my state and woke up hoping it all changed, but sadly…

  40. Steve Lazzara

    Well said sir! Well said! Needed to hear that!

  41. Ezra W Hodgson

    Thanks Mario,
    I will continue to pray for Herschel Walkers victory in the runoff Dec 6 in GA, and Kerry Lake’s victory in AZ as Gov. Also the corruption in the electoral process to be bound and exposed; and for truth, Justice, and Righteousness to continue to prevail in this great nation of the people, for the people, and by the people!


    Great word Brother Mario. Even Michael in Daniel 10 continues to fight for Jesus followers. Imagine the number of centuries God’s angels have been battling the demons in the 4th dimension for believers. Keep praying my brothers and sisters. And, pray for Israel.

  43. Linda Guevara

    This is part of DJT’s and the military’s plan. See this link https://www.simonparkes.org/post/november-9th-us-midterms-update. But more important is that it’s inspired by God. If you are familiar with Kim Clement you know his prophecies about Trump. \He prophecied that the plan would be so brilliant that only the Lord God Almighty could come up with it. There was massive fraud yeaterday and 2020. It will be revealed shortly. Hang in there and also keep praaying. The white hats still need our prayers!

  44. Ezra W Hodgson

    I liked Marco Rubio’s acceptance testimony for re-election.

  45. Ruth Storkel

    Thankful for the many victories. Wanting to see an END to the FRAUD . That again is a reason why many did not vote. Feeling like it is useless.
    Praying God will expose these evil doers and bring justice!

  46. Thea

    AMEN! Thank you Brother Mario for encouragement and truth!

  47. R M Bibbs

    It is time to stop praying haphazard prayers and sincerely devote time to God’s Word and Praise. God’s broom will sweep out the dross. The stench in His nostrils is not just from the swamp, but rises from lukewarm efforts to gain blessings. He will spew these out of His mouth. This is about God, His dreams for His creation, not about shouting “we win’! Praise God for His mercy endures forever. Let us look to Jesus from victory, not to will we be victorious? There is not a man that can fix this mess, but God has already chosen men/women who will stand for truth and justice. Seek them out and support their efforts. God is faithful to bless their honest efforts. God loves America! Praise Him for what He has done and what He is about to do. America will be saved!

    • wms2

      Well said!

    • George

      Didn’t quite work out this time around. If, as you say God is leading, divided government has his blessing.
      If that’s true, you are outside his plan and definitely on the fringe.

  48. Gail

    Until 2020 is fixed, there is no honest election.

    • Dana Smith

      I have to say this is how my heart feels as well. Knowing that election was not an honest one I dont understand why we simply didnt just have a complete do over? Surly the results in a remote would have said it all. For all of the illegal ways they have and continue to come against Trump surly we could of done what was good and right and stop them dead in thier tracks. Im sure if God would have wanted it to be handled that way we would have. I just find it hard at times to be forced to swallow what we know is so very wrong and so very corrupt.
      President Donald Trump has been subject to more evil than any other president and it broke my heart. I thank God for giving him the strength to endure.
      I so admire Mario for being a true man of God. I pray God will continue keeping him safe and continue to use him in a mighty way.
      I also pray I am afforded an opportunity to one day soon be in attendance in one of his tent meetings to be able to experience the mighty power of God that continues to be exhibited. It is exactly what is needed in my life.
      Thank you

  49. Amy Barkman

    Dear Mario, Thank you for your honesty!!! And thank you for your encouragement – and all you so for the Kingdom. I have prayed for you daily for months and will continue to do so.

  50. wms2

    He promises to lead us and guide us in all truth and show us things to come. The Holy Spirit speaks to us all the time.Sometimes we just don’t like what He says so we run from one “prophet” to the next instead of seeking God’s heart for ourselves.We need to grow up and open our bibles.

  51. toreygggmailcom

    Agreed! Thanks for the encouragement!

  52. Don

    I had concerns about a Red Wave that solved all our problems. I wondered if a comfortable outcome would return us to the complacency that put us in this situation. Thank YOU, Yahweh. YOU know what is needed to bring complete revival to the world.

  53. Fieldcastle

    I can’t help but wonder if EQs may increase in abortion areas. That would be a mercy to drive people to their knees.

  54. Sally Pifer

    Thank you Mario. We needed that word

  55. Sandie

    Thank you Brother Mario.God would like us to go to Courts of Heaven with our prayers.Faith in our God.Each state needs to do this in prayer.Humble ourselves before his Holliness and giving names to him.His plan is Victory for America.

  56. Paul Choquette

    Thank you brother. You are absolutely right. The Church has much more engagement in our US battle against evil,. So many are indifferent to America’s threat of a socialism on our country. It is so frustrating. Last nights results should keep us on our knees

  57. NickT

    Amen Mario,

    At first I was a little disappointed with some of the states results. But you put it into prospective. We control the house which controls spending, etc. and can stop a lot of
    bad legislation. We also know God has his own timing. We will continue too stand for truth
    and not the lies of the enemy and his puppets. We will pray, and keep speaking the truth
    as Our God would have us do. The lies from the left will not silence us. We will never give up on our God or our nation and the values our Lord and we stand for!

    PS…we still may and should win in AZ and GA and Nevada.

    Praise the Lord

  58. Aleta Mowry

    Thank you so much, Mario. Your our words were sent to me today, Wednesday Nov 9th, 6P and they provided much needed comfort. I was overwhelmed all day. So hurt that the “prophets” gave us FALSE confidence and unrealized hope.. Just like the 2020 election. I must forgive them BUT I know they have wounded a great many people. Please create a place Christians can resource for truthful and realistic information. Those false or at the least inmature voices need to be challenged. Thank you for your uncompromising voice.

  59. Terri Branham

    Thank you for this very encouraging article. We are not finished yet and we are still commanded to be strong and very courageous. Praying everyone in the church will register to vote and do it! we will move forward and Jesus is Lord!

  60. Tammy

    Thank you! I agree!

  61. Jean Edwards

    Amen! Thanks Mario. Well said and God Bless you,

  62. Raymond Frizzelle

    Praying we end up ahead on the senate and Congress to try to
    Curtail this mess. We must stay involved but Jesus didn’t change the Roman government, HE CHANGED LIVES. AS LONG AS WE ARE HERE ON THIS EARTH, WE MUST STAY INVOLVED IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Voting and praying for our nation while reaching the lost. Thank you for your ministry and expecting the outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT AS JESUS PROMISED. HE ALWAYS FULFILLED HIS WORD.

  63. Brenda

    I hope this statement is true “ This victory will stop the apocalyptic spending of Democrats”. My state put forth a good candidate to replace a 30 year senator but fell short. So disappointing.

    • Dona Jacobs

      Do not be disappointed. God has us and I believe He will do more work in this election. In ahi’s name I pray

  64. 4gv70x7

    Another Linda that get`s it. Something about that name 🙂 Proverbs 21:30
    “There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD.” Decree a thing is not the same as to think a prayer. Binding and Loosing are mandates, hopefully from an Eph 2:6 position and plenty Jude 20 . SHALOM Beloveds. Ps 138:8 & .Psalm 19:12-14 KJV Who can understand his errors? Cleanse thou me from secret faults. Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; Let them not have dominion over me: Then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression.

  65. 4gv70x7

    Hallelu *JAH* Amen dear Brother Mario. Just love it that when we pray in *FATHER`S* will *HE* hears alright. 1 John 5:14,15 and just as is mentioned in James 5:16 , if we clear up our faults then healing will seek us out. Though we may suffer awhile for the Kingdom at times to lift our compassion levels maybe. Jude 20 on BELOVEDS, with understanding also.Psalm 19:12 kjv a great prayer at times.. Pretribbers need to read Malachi 4:3 and Rev 6:11 and stay a ready witness. John 17: 9 + 15 + 20. All hands on deck the Harvest is white. *GOD* Bless the servants of the *LORD* though *HE* calls us FREINDS, as we know *HIS* business, as from being in *CHRIST JESUS* Ephesians 2:6 we`re in on our *FATHER`S* workings also, along with our *LORD JESUS*. John 16:13 KJV Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will shew you things to come. There`s information, revelation of the Holy Spirit, and visitation of the *FATHER*, of *JESUS*, and of The Holy *GHOST* & power,and FIRE ! *GOD* is Spirit, YES ! But each is PERFECT so are *GOD ALMIGHTY*, a *TRIUNE PERFECTION* uncreated JOHN 1:!,2,3. THE WORD made Flesh, OH GLORY<GLORY< GLORY, what a *SAVIOUR* Philippians 1 ;9,10,11 Amen Rev 3;14.KJV. John 16:23 “ And in that day ye shall ask Me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My name, He will give it you. ”Thanks our *FATHER GOD* WORTHY<WORTHY<WORTHY to receive ALL GLORY..FOREVER AMEN & AMEN..

  66. Mimi

    Any day without Nancy as Speaker is a good day. Now let’s pray the House gets some good work done and doesn’t waste the next 2 years

  67. Sandra

    I agree and disappointed in those who do not vote! It is our duty to vote for the good or bad will take control, even in the church! Why do people want control? Please answer that. Help me pray GOD has complete control over our Nation and freedom! Love Desantis for his stand for his people, help me pray GOD’s man makes it in the run off in my state! Thanks so much for being a true man of GOD, your rewards will be great in Heaven! GOD bless you all! GOD save our children!

  68. Laura

    I too did not believe in the red wave. Now is the time for people to realize the false Youtube prophets will only hurt them, not help them. They have their tentacles into Roger Stone, Eric Trump ,Kash Patel, and Gen. Flynn. They fill them with delusions of grandeur and victory. Enough….Lord, please intervene to what the wolves are doing to your flock

  69. Von

    I LOVED THIS. What an encouraging word.

    I too did not feel down over the election results. Gid works in mysterious ways – to prove He is God!

    I keep going back to; Lord you know my heart and how I wish things could be; but- your plans are far greater than what I think we need. May thy kingdom come and thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus name!!

  70. Vicky Beam

    God has heard your prayers and He is working. His Ways are higher than our ways and He is able to do exceedingly more than you can ask or think! Keep your eyes on Him and His Faithfulness. His Will SHALL be done on earth as it is in heaven as we keep praying, believing and proclaiming. We are the conduits for his Love and Power to flow through into the earth.

  71. Vicky Beam

    Excellent word – thank you for that perspective. I agree God is doing much more than we realize and His Plan is Greater. We have to keep our eyes focused on Him and walk in His Ways. He will lead and guide us one step at a time. The victory is ours if we don’t give up!

  72. Jason Page

    Thus the reason God gave me this dream on October 11th…

    Sometime during the early, dark hours of Monday morning, October 10th, I went into what I would describe as a dream, although it was so much more real than that, and I clearly heard an audible voice speak in reference to some who call themselves prophets and their prophecies. All I heard the voice say is, I HAVE NOT SPOKEN.

    I always confirm things with the Bible to make sure the Bible backs it up.

    Ezekiel 13:4-7 KJV
    [4] O Israel, thy prophets are like the foxes in the deserts. [5] Ye have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord. [6] They have seen vanity and lying divination, saying, The Lord saith: and the Lord hath not sent them: and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word. [7] Have ye not seen a vain vision, and have ye not spoken a lying divination, whereas ye say, The Lord saith it ; albeit I have not spoken?

  73. Dwayne Desmarais

    This may not post, but here goes…When I watched many wringing their hands the past few days, the Lord placed in my spirit: ***This is not about your government, but mine*** I then heard Hank Kunneman’s word saying basically the same thing! ***Not to be concerned about one day, but know that I am reversing things and it will be on My terms*** (paraphrased)

    So as Mario says, take heart my child, pick up your weapons of warfare and get back into the battle!! Be blessed…..><(("<

  74. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, the thing I noticed Most was the attacks that began coming against me and mine, weeks before the election……..vicious, slanderous lies, disrespect—–and physical attacks against me and mine……..

    The Biggest attack came on the morning of Election Day…..I cried—–and then I said LORD: “I remember what Mario said in a previous blog—-the one he did on Berkeley

    The LORD is our rock and our fortress—-our strong tower…….the righteous run in and are saved.

    The Key word is REMEMBER——–REMEMBER All the things YOU have brought me through in my lifetime….

    I Love YOU, LORD….Hold me and mine up and heal us and I give this all to YOU. In the precious and holy name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen and Amen

  75. Terry Haight

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for the Spiritual insight on this important matter. Dutch Sheets had the same response pretty much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dInBePDZdOQ

  76. Raymond

    Amen and amen yep Gods gets the glory and we then learn how to fight the fight of faith by warring walking in the battle with our armor of God covering us praying in tongues decreeing and declaring tearing down strongholds to God be the glory and ask the victory keep on keeping on

  77. Joyce Bidwell

    Mario, your voice is like the rudder on our ship, the USS America, that many of us needed to hear right now.
    Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  78. Theresa Tucker

    I admit, I was a little disappointed on Wednesday, but then I remembered what God said through the prophets. He IS saving America. Remember, all He needs is a day!

  79. Ben

    Dear Mario,

    I listen to most of the prophets out there including the ones you deem fake. I have yet to hear a single one of them giving a prophecy about a red wave. Once again you attack the prophets.

    • Mario Murillo

      Ben, I say this in the deepest kindness…grow up. I was on a stage with a large crowd when the man was standing beside me declaring a Red Wave. The video is available. Do not be so stubborn to see the truth.



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