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Do you want to know something shocking about our tent crusades? Every one of them has taken place in a Blue State! Not one of them has been in a Red State. That’s right, every overflow crowd and every mass altar call you have seen has happened in leftist states. But there is an even greater surprise coming. Shockingly good news is about to come out of California. How can that be, when the midterm elections produced such disappointment? Because elections in Blue States are merely a theatrical performance.

And we know something about the future that many do not.

Let me explain it this way. There is a conspiracy theory that our government uses aircraft to add toxic chemicals to the air we breathe. The theory holds that they do it for sterilization, reduction of life expectancy, mind control, and weather control. What I do know is that a handful of villains with a boatload of money are spraying a spell over California. Their ability to fabricate falsehood is the best in the world. Politicians can ruin your quality of life, and yet stay in power. These political ‘chemicals’ work so well, that Gavin Newsom did not even bother to campaign for reelection, and yet he won big.

So how is this good news?

Because we know something that many do not know. This spell can be broken by the power of Jesus. There is a gigantic harvest of souls in California, and—no matter what anyone else thinks or does—we are going to go after that harvest. But when lost Californians are confronted in a personal way, they react totally differently than you might expect. We believe this reaction is the promised river of the Holy Spirit—the One Who told us to race up and down Highway 99 and win souls. The long-term result is clear: when you change hearts by the power of Christ, they will want to keep their babies, they will want to abandon drugs, racism, atheism, and all of the other lies that keep leftist socialism alive.

I will be honest with you. We were threatened and told to stay out of California.

The ruling elite know us well and have made it clear they want to stop us. That is when I read these words: “nevertheless, they stayed”!

Look at these verses in Acts 14:1-3, “At Iconium, Paul and Barnabas went together to the synagogue and preached with such power that many—both Jews and Gentiles—believed. But the Jews who spurned God’s message stirred up distrust among the Gentiles against Paul and Barnabas, saying all sorts of evil things about them. Nevertheless, they stayed there a long time, preaching boldly, and the Lord proved their message was from Him by giving them power to do great miracles.”

That is why, ‘nevertheless’, we are staying in California.

Not only are we staying, but we are going to double our outreaches here, and add outreaches to children. And God will prove our message is from Him with great miracles. In fact, I expect that next week, there will be signs and wonders on a scale and depth that I have never seen before. I am at the precise moment that Peter was at in Acts 4. He faced the rage of government and defied an order to stop preaching Christ. But Peter knew how to pray. Acts 4:29-30, “And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and grant great boldness to your servants in their preaching, and send Your healing power, and may miracles and wonders be done by the name of Your Holy Servant Jesus.” Several bad things are about to happen to the forces of evil in California. Many souls are about to be saved. Young people are going to see verified miracles for the first time—and that is a grave threat to the devil! Churches are unifying and discarding distractions. Fire has already started to fall upon our 1,000+ volunteers. The midterms may have been a disappointment, but God is not! The breakthrough we hoped would come by votes will, instead, come by the anointing of the Holy Spirit to break all yokes of bondage! Not only will these 4 nights be jam-packed with power, joy, and deliverance, but on Tuesday morning, November 15, at 10 AM, Lance Wallnau will be in the Tent. ‘Nevertheless, we are staying’ in California! Nevertheless, we will overcome every threat and cast down every stronghold by the Name which is above every name!


  1. Chuck

    Amen! Exactly what I have always believed!

  2. dsc59811sweger

    We overcome evil with good! The Holy Spirit will change hearts!

  3. Diane

    We overcome evil with good!

  4. Cheryl Lynn Andrew

    Thank You for listening to GOD and not giving up!

  5. Kathy

    Thank you Mario and your staff! You are in my prayers.

  6. Threasa Lang

    Praise God that he has raised up such men as Mario and Lance for this time! Californians will be saved! Wish I could be there. Praying for many Souls to be reached. Thank you Jesus!

  7. Marilyn Kirkwold

    Love your words of encouragement! I live in the blue state of MN and , like CA, it is very dark here. But God! So anxious to see revival here!

  8. Cora Thompson

    Thank you Holy Spirit for all the great work you’re doing through your son Mario Murillo! I have been praying for my son Eric who lives in San Francisco and is lost that he finds himself by an act of God touched by this incredible ministry. 🙏

  9. Patricia Shelby

    Prayers are with you. Someday I will be there too.

  10. Brenda

    Thank you, Mario, for listening to God. Thank you for adding children’s outreach. Pre-K-college, our nation’s children need the hope and redemption of the gospel message. So many grow up without knowledge of HIm.

    Matthew 19:14 – But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs in such as these.” (NAS)

  11. Charlie Moody

    We serve the God of nevertheless because He is the God of always-the-more!

  12. Myrilla Carson

    Thank you , Lord, for Mario and his leadership to r those of us across the country. Gods blessings over you and May His Power Flood You and All working i in the “ fields” of California.

  13. Marlene Lasure Lasure

    This us so very encouraging!! I have followed David Wilkerson and World Challenge for years and am pleased when you are compared To David Wilkerson.

    • Mario Murillo

      That comparison humbles me. I knew David Wilkerson. He was the best rebuke and encouragement I ever got.

  14. Jen

    Many Thanks for spreading the good news Gospel in our State. California is beyond ready to be delivered from all evil hindering forces. Please consider scheduling our area LANCASTER , PALMDALE IN YOUR TENT REVIVAL SERVICES..

  15. Shannon Johnston

    We are taking the House. But without California we would not have taken House. Pelosi’s retirement comes from California. Now we have to give credit to New York also. These two blue states insured Republican Majority in the House. Mario you went to New York. This the Body of Christ rising up.

    By the way the MidWestern state did not perform and some parts of the Bible Belt. Look where the turn came from California and New York.

  16. Pamela Harris

    Amen! Standing in agreement and praying for great miracles and revival.

  17. Irmgard Robelot

    Dear Mario,
    I’m excited for California and your perseverance to preach the Christ as it was preached in the times of the apostles. My husband and I will be in prayer for your tent meeting and the Holy Spirit’s Power to manifest. Yes it will be glorious!!!
    Here in South Carolina, even though we are a red state, fighting for the unborn. We have a division in our state house between the house and the senate that they can not even come together and compromise to get a heartbeat bill or a bill where life begins at conception passed. The heart beat bill we currently have is hung up in the supreme court with a lawsuit from plant parenthood. But in spite of this, I believe that God is exposing the bad apples in the Republican Party and as you and so many others have said , only God not politics can change the heart of man.
    The van of abortion in South Carolina is now at 22 weeks until the Supreme Court is rendering their decisions. My heart brakes over the babies killed each day in our state and women storming abortion clinics from other states. But we do have strong leaders in our churches and communities and we come together in prayer as we are tomorrow to join the rest of the country in the pro life movement.
    Thank you for Paul’s prayer in Acts 4:29-30. I will be using that prayer for us in this fight.
    Thank you again and may the power of the Holy Spirit remain on you in great measures.
    In Him
    Irmgard Robelot

  18. Dessie Dennie Young

    This 87y-o widow blesses you & wishes her funds were large enough to send even a small offering. But I can intercede & will do just that.

    • Mario Murillo

      Dessie, your prayers mean so much to me!

  19. Paul Doyle

    Praise God!!!

  20. Sally Moyer

    So grateful for your ministry & your boldness in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus! Praying for you & all involved in what you’re doing for His Kingdom & definitely praying for a great harvest of souls as you speak into the lives of those who need Jesus.

  21. Cathy Burns

    I wasn’t able to get your blog this morning in my email. They said format was wrong.

    • Mario Murillo

      Please try again.

  22. Ricky Joseph Bye (@RJBiswhoib777)

    That young lady with the red horns and red cape and sign that said keep God out of California looked very intimidating.LOL

  23. Susan S.

    I am so happy about the great things the Lord is doing in the state of California. California was once a very nice place and can be again with the grace of God. My friend is having problems with dementia. I really would appreciate your prayers. With God nothing is impossible. I wish that the revivals would come to the eastern panhandle of WV. Thank you for your amazing site.

  24. Jeannie cook

    Mario we are so thankful to God that you will stay in California.
    We need your anointing. We watch flashpoint victory channel and other faith Ministries. We believe that God is turning this around. We stand. Thank thank you. Jeannie and craig Cook. Angels camp ,Ca.

  25. Diana Zarr

    I am in full agreement with you Miracles in California!!!

  26. Cheryl

    God bless you for your faithfulness to continue to do the work of the Lord in the face of adversity. We are praying for you all and expect to see the power of the Lord fall as only He can, changing lives and tearing down strongholds to set the captives free.

  27. Larry Hieb

    Thank God for your obedience


    I wish they would broadcast these events live because I was at one in NY and what I saw would bless anyone who could see this even if they couldn’t be there in person praying for your movement


    Mario, I have wondered for a few years now if Lord was calling you sometime, back to Berkeley?



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