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Dear Democrats, do not mess with this election. This time, a false victory will be much worse for you than an honest defeat.

Allow me to lay out the reasons why.

But first, I want to reinforce my conviction that the church is in a spiritual battle for the souls of men and women. Of course, I am not calling for an armed takeover of America, nor will I ever condone physical violence. I also want to make it clear that if Democrats win the midterms fair and square, I will accept it. But if you repeat the tricks you perpetrated in past elections, it will be the end of the Democrat Party.
Now here are my reasons why you should not mess with this election:

-No one will believe it.

The majority of Americans have already rejected you. Any tricks this time will only reinforce their belief that you are corrupt.
How do we know they have rejected you?
Your state-sponsored media has not been able to convince America. Almost every newspaper is on your side, and the media, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS ooze out your agenda and promote your candidates 24/7. Yet, they have not convinced Americans — rather, they have alienated them.
Everything the January 6th committee has done has flopped. Even Bill Maher admits that.
Americans rightly blame you for crime, inflation and destroying the economy. This time, if you attempt to seize power by manipulating votes in battleground states, you will be totally discredited. There will be a massive backlash and a massive investigation.

-Trump is not on the ballot.

This time the hatred has no cover. You succeeded in scaring the public about Trump, but even then, I believe he won. But there was just enough dust kicked up to get away with it. This time there are too many well-spoken Republican candidates and you can’t get away with smearing all of them.

-Too many eyes are watching. You will get caught.

Republicans in vast numbers are volunteering to work to help count votes. Your effort to keep them out has failed. People will see the thousands of mules in the middle of the night this time. Lawyers have already filed suit against polling stations that only have Democrat vote counters. Too many eyes are watching.

-No Zuck Bucks: You don’t have the money to be slick this time. It will easier to catch you.

There is a likelihood that you will be sloppy because Zuckerberg did not kick in the $400 million dollars he did last time, to fund your mules.

-Blacks and Latinos have turned against you.

This time it will be impossible for you to claim that your usual base of support voted Democrat in overwhelming numbers.

-You have fielded weak candidates.

This time, the clarity and answers are coming from Republican candidates. The Democrat candidates are their own worst enemy. They have nothing to talk about but abortion and global warming. No one will believe that they prevailed, given the current crisis America is facing.
The best thing to do is let this be a free and fair election. Don’t try anything. You will be much worse off in a false victory than in a true defeat.






  1. Dessie Dennie Young

    Truer words have never been spoken. Praying that your words of WISDOM will be heeded by those it was written for in Jesus name.

    • LouSunia The-Watchman

      Amen brother, All that has been done in the dark and hidden from our eyes will soon be unveiled for all to see, in Yeshua’s name!

    • gege4god


      • Kinga

        Amen ,amen & amen .

      • Susan S.

        I need the wisdom of more mature believers. My heart is breaking. Outside of Florida and a few other states, the pro abortion and antiamerican candidates are winning. I do not understand why God would allow this. Many people have fasted and prayed to have godly people elected. What went wrong?

        • Frank Lee

          God gets all the Glory in the end,when evil is put away forever. Jesus said it will get worse,so thats why it gets worse. This is not our home. We are in the world,not of it. Satan has a brief period to rule this world:FACT. But Jesus is coming….

    • stephen munyer


  2. Kay serps

    Amen and amen

  3. Susie E.

    Thank you Pastor Mario for this statement of truth. I voted and I thank God for this God given right

  4. Jim Glymph

    May God Almighty continue to bless all that you do! Thank you for tellin’ it like it is!

  5. Sandra Douglas

    Oh yes Mario!! Here Hear!! It will be worse for them if they interfere with God’s plan to redeem His

  6. warpedw

    If this is all they have-abortion- sin, and global warming-God’s purview. Either way this is not what He wants!

  7. Mel

    Straight talk!!

  8. Barbara Ronne

    Oh sooo true !!! Keep on speaking Mario! We are listening!!!

  9. Ezra W Hodgson

    Right on!

  10. Marianne

    Yes amen !!!!

  11. Dean E. Johnsen

    Dear Mario, I’m one of the producers for HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Theirs is an inaccurate comment you made by writing, Everything the January 6th committee has done has flopped. Even Bill Maher admits that. Bill has never admitted that anything the January 6th committee has done has flopped. When the hearings started he said this in his monologue, Fox News is not going to show the January 6th hearings live. It doesn’t fit with their narrative. Plus, why rehash the riot for all their viewers who experienced it in person?”. Kellyanne Conway was on our show a couple months ago and she and Bill had a heated exchange during the taping. The conversation turned to the evidence that was laid out by the house committee the day after the first televised live hearing. Maher and journalist, Josh Barro, were discussing how the committee’s evidence could be a precursor to a criminal indictment. Conway tried to shift the conversation to soaring gas prices, baby formula shortage, “ why is everyday January 6” to which Maher replied, “ Here we go again, spin doctor, back to gas prices which have nothing to do with this.” Later on Maher argued that the evidence is clear that Mr. Trump has broken the law “ If he committed crimes then somebody will have to prosecute that. But that’s not what the hearings are,” Mrs. Connwaye said to which Maher said, “ Why are you afraid of him beating Biden? Because he’s a criminal who doesn’t abide by American Democracy. That’s why. Because he doesn’t care. He knows he lost the election.” Do you even watch our show? Cuz if you did you wouldn’t be giving out inaccurate information.

    • Mario Murillo

      Sorry Dean, I stand by my statement that he called it a flop Here is his quote from Bill Maher predicts GOP to gain big in interim period because of ‘woke culture’
      Latest News / By Ashley Cornell, email: / November 5, 2022

      Maher also said the Jan. 6 hearings, which recently concluded, “had not swayed anyone,” despite the “masterful job of presenting the case.” Pretty much it hasn’t swayed anyone it is a flop.
      -Mario Murillo

      • Michael Stanley

        Good thing he’s a producer not a writer. EX..-Their is a inaccurate comment…. (????)
        I think he needs a grammar check, not a spell checker;
        Especially when he’s trying to bring accusations against One of God’s Anointed

        • Dean Johnson.

          I’m not trying to bring accusations against anyone but I do stand for accountability and truthfulness . I don’t stand for saying something that never was said just to fit your narrative. I apologize if my comment seemed like I was attacking Mario I wasn’t.

      • Susan S.

        When will the democrats be held accountable by God? Their platform goes against everything that God stands for. It seems that most of the Democrats are rewarded and the Republicans are punished. Maybe if you would have held the fire and glory revival before the midterms instead of after this disaster of a midterm would not have happened as it did.

      • Dean Johnson

        Dear Mario, I did read the article you posted. Bill has said this more than once and a couple months ago he did a New Rules segment on the Republican GOP taking over because of woke culture.I will link the clip at the end of my comment. I talked to Bill this morning by phone and he read your blog post and he wanted to know if you would like to be a guest on a future Real Time episode. You can talk about Jan 6, voter fraud, Trump etc. Email me at and I will add you to the list and discuss with the casting director and the production team. Here’s the link to the clip:

    • Michael Stanley

      Good thing your a producer not a writer. EX..-Their is a inaccurate comment…. (????)
      I think you need a grammar check, not a spell checker;
      Especially when your trying to bring accusations against One of God’s Anointed

    • Eve Dobler-Drew

      Dean, how can you insinuate or outright call President Trump “criminal?”
      Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent trying to prove that in court and congress and no one can come up with any proof. Hunter’s laptop, proving pay to play, and Hillary’s private illegal server, on the other hand, are suppressed by the woke captured press and nothing is done in the compromised FBI about their actual crimes. Oh, and the fact that Hillary paid Steele to come up with a fake dossier on Trump’s so-called “Russian collusion.” How do you explain that away?

  12. Susan Jones

    Amen & Amen! So be it. Hal-le-lu-jah!

  13. Diana

    Like the news letters!



  15. Edwin D Grigsby

    Amen. I have never seen so many people out voting today. I waited in line for a while.

  16. Samuel Stewart

    Can’t put it in better words!

  17. bevlewey

    Perfectly stated Mario!! Amen to that & lwet’s pray God will turn evil into good TODAY!

  18. Trish Wenzl

    Will said Brother Mario and rightly so

  19. Cheryl

    Amen!!! The true judge is seated on His throne and He is never defeated. Go team Red. God is on our side and He already won.

  20. Adelin Schauer

    Right On!!!!!

  21. Wilma Cobb


  22. Joyce

    Strongholds are coming down!!’

    • Cajun Alaskan

      In JESUS Name, AMEN!! 🙏

  23. Linda Wilkes

    Wow, you made excellent points. Well said brother. God bless you all.

  24. stephen munyer

    God bless your ministry Pastor

  25. NickT


  26. Jason

    You called it, Mario. It looks like the cheat was on, but I have total peace. The Lion’s roar will be heard and heeded. At the end of American Stands at 10pm, Gene and his guests, knowing how obvious the steal was, were laughing and praising God. This is going to be epic. Bless you brother!

  27. Randal Postel'

    It is already evident that the party that once was in name principles and honest integrity or at least once thought was these attributes, is no longer that party called democrat…they dishonest ,disingenuous, no sense of sacredness and liars and cheaters because they have become children of satan! Already they have dishonored their spoken purpose and become doer’s of dark deeds and the only way to win in their minds is deceit. the God of All creation will deal with them harshly…so beware…

  28. Michael L

    Mario, et al., I found this at Steve Quayle’s site. I am sending a similar message to many places so don’t think I am gloating. How about that “free and fair” part, hey?- Fetterman won (I laughed to myself as I typed that) which is a wake up joke on you and the Amen chorus here. Time to get with the idea that voting doesn’t matter and planning for that fact is the plan. I struggle with how many people continue with that delusion. Ditch the system and form teams locally. not going any further because I don’t kick dead elephants.

  29. George

    Boogie men everywhere, controlling and manipulating elections be warned! Mario has spoken, his god will punish.

    • Doug

      America is under God’s judgment! He has allowed the corrupt and evil to be in power. Every decision they make is destroying the fabric of society. They are directly attacking our innocent children with trans indoctrination. We are seeing Romans 1 in reality, reprobate minds devising evil.

  30. Mike Mesnard

    Thank you that you have spoken truth once again.
    I know that you never speak out of your flesh or emotions, but from a heart that truly is devoted to the one and only true God! I respect you in that you repeatedly say ” I say this with fear and trmbling”. Thank you for being honest and transparent! I love what you write. I know that you truly seek God with all your heart as the signs and wonders follow.
    I have a desire that one day I will get to meet you and hear you speak in person. Sincerely
    Mike Mesnard

  31. 4gv70x7

    Proverbs 21:30
    “There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD.” Fear not, the sifting continues. Amen.

  32. Sandra

    GOD hates liars and they shall receive their just due! Even so called pastors who think it is alright to commit murder! Evil thinks they can get away with it but GOD says NO WAY! There will be no mercy on their day! I am tied of people telling me to be quiet!

  33. memoriesinprint

    excellent blog! one suggestion is to change the type face/font as this one is rather difficult to easily read

  34. fedupwithitall

    They don’t care, doing everything openly.

  35. George Hill

    Voters by and large rejected Election Deniers Running to take over elections, as well as the big lie promoted by Trump, including the lies that you promote with this blog post.


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