I am asking you to come to Colorado Springs

by | May 6, 2022 | Mario Murillo Ministries | 23 comments

I am asking you to come to Colorado Springs to see a great manifestation of God’s power. Not because of me, but because I know it is God’s time for Colorado Springs, I am issuing this special invitation. It is because of a deep conviction that the meeting in Colorado Springs will be the dawn of a new era. Those are big words. But I would not dare say them unless they were true.

This manifestation of God will have only one star—Jesus Christ, the Bright and Morning Star. He is the attraction. He will work the miracles. He is the author and finisher of this massive outreach.

We have not seen the cooperation between churches like this. We have never before felt the momentum of the Holy Spirit on any outreach, so early on.

This manifestation of God will have only one star—Jesus Christ,

The Friday Night service in Tulsa added a dimension of power that stunned us all. Now we will see it repeated on a new scale in Colorado.

The most important thing God has done for us is to give us a volunteer army. This time around we are being more aggressive in gathering soldiers for Living Proof Colorado Springs. There is a reason that we are so urgent about volunteers, and why I am asking for you to volunteer.

The most important thing God has done for us is to give us a volunteer army.

Volunteers are a sign of revival. Psalm 110:3 says, “Your people will offer themselves willingly [to participate in Your battle] in the day of Your power…”

The Bible teaches us that when people volunteer—when they offer themselves—it is a sign of revival. In city after city, we have witnessed the unmatched power of volunteers.

Our volunteers not only see miracles in the Tent, but on the streets and in the neighborhoods. These miracles stick with them for the rest of their lives.

One of our workers was in a supermarket at the checkout stand. He said to the woman working the cash register, “Jesus loves you.” She collapsed on the counter and sobbed for over a minute and a half. They prayed together and she was utterly transformed.

But a lack of volunteers is a major setback. One of the volunteer teams is composed of intercessors. Charles Finney had Father Nash intercede during his crusades. When Father Nash went to heaven, Finney worked hard to replenish the intercessory ministry. When he could not, he left the evangelistic field.

We already know that the harvest will be great in Colorado Springs. We also know there are leftists in this region that do not want us there. These are reasons why we must gather an army.

Especially, if you live anywhere near Colorado Springs, we need you! A vast number of souls are coming into the Kingdom. We expect large crowds every night. There are so many ways you can serve. And we will need every one of you.


We have done so many crusades, that we can tell in advance how it will go. All of the indicators point to a glorious manifestation of Jesus in the tent meetings. These meetings begin Sunday, July 10th, and go through the 13th.

There are so many ways you can serve. And we will need every one of you.

Come to Colorado! Even if you live far from there, come anyway. Make your plans now to join me in a mass miracle of evangelism and healing. It will change your life, and the lives of many, many souls.

And, if you are a leader or a pastor in the Colorado Springs region, please come to our brunch on June 4th. It is free, but you must register and print out your tickets.

There will be a link below for you to get tickets and another link for you to volunteer.

Thank you for listening to my heart. I want to issue a fair and sober warning: The tent crusade in Colorado Springs will be a raging river of the power of God. Come and see. Come and serve!


Volunteer now! 


Calling all Pastors and Leaders! Join me for a brunch of Fire and Glory in Colorado Springs. This is the official launch of our greatest soul winning and healing invasion ever. It is free but you must register and you can print out your tickets. Register now!





  1. Greg Strom

    I tried to sign up to volunteer but I do not have a Google browser. It says Google is required. We have a DuckDuckGo because, quite frankly, we despise Google. Is there another way besides having to download their despicable browser?

    • Judy Pearson

      Try Brave or Opera

    • Sandra StewartDelli

      The fields are white and ready for harvest but the workers are few. I am praying for workers. I will put out the call to Bethel in Redding.

      • Susan Gillespie

        Almighty God is doing an amazing work through Mario Murillo and his team! Isaiah 59:15b through 16a says “ The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, he was apalled that there was no one to intervene;…” That will NOT be the case when Mario Murillo comes to Colorado Springs! God is raising up his army to stand for righteousness and defend the faith. We will be there to volunteer! I thank the Lord for what He is doing through Mario Murillo and others like him who are standing with Jesus and delivering our nation from the ravages of those who are trying to destroy us. God’s people are no longer on the defense; we are now the offense! The evildoers are shaking in their boots because they know they are going down! “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.” We have the Holy Spirit and the armor of God! Welcome to Colorado Springs Mario!

    • Pamela Orr

      Dear Saints,
      I have signed up as a volunteer. This will require a pricey airline ticket since I live out of Colorado. If anyone reading this knows how I could have a host home or share e lenses with another volunteer, please let me know, Ok.? Thanks and blessings, Pamela Orr

  2. Linda Haze

    Unfortunately I am unable to travel to Colorado, but I will be praying that God will visit your meeting in a very magnificent way. Praise God!

  3. Tom Zito

    Posted on Truth Social

  4. Collin R Williams

    The Lord our God will continue to work through you and your ministry. You are a God listener and a truth teller.

  5. Paul

    Would truly love to come, I ache to come,,but I live in France,,,,,

  6. John Mark

    I lived in Colorado Springs at one time. That is one badly needed revival meeting. I am considering the possibility of volunteering and traveling there for the meeting. My wife and I are pastors, so I could only drive in for Monday through Wednesday if that would be of any benefit. We also love ministry to prisoners and those in drug and in alcohol recovery settings.

  7. Dona Schmidt

    What a mighty God we serve! Tulsa was incredible! God bless you, may He raise up many volunteers.

  8. Denise Myers

    I have been praying for this ministry for several years. God spoke to me before covid and He gave me a vision of church services in tents, like tent revivals I remember from childhood. I wondered, then, why we would start having tent revivals when there are so many church buildings and God told me people who won’t walk into a church building will walk into a tent service. Then, one day several years later, I saw Mario’s big white tent and God immediately reminded me of that vision He had given me and I knew that was it! I’ve been praying for Mario and his team ever since. I went to the Tulsa, OK miracle service and I can tell you the POWER of God could be felt all around that building, in the overflow area (where I was) and it was electric!!! If you get to go to one of his services, do it!

  9. Dora Elizabeth Moffat

    Praying for the crusade, I cant fly or probably cross the border as Im not jabbed. but will be praying for a great harvest of souls and miracles, in Jesus Name.

  10. Lenny Kovacich

    For God so Loved the world, He sent his only son

  11. Marie giddings

    I am interceding for you now in Florida, Mario Murillo and all Pastors and leaders in the area of Colorado Springs, and all the volunteers and the crew, AND THE OUTPOURING OF HOLY SPIRIT ON IT ALL

  12. Gail Segars Rainey

    Evangelist Mario Murillo, I want to come to Colorado Springs. I have started praying that if Jesus is calling me to come then My Lord will help provide a way. I no longer have a car. I am on bicycle and walking in Eatonton, GA (70 miles S.E. of Atlanta). If you know of any volunteers from my area coming, I could catch a ride and I will start putting some cash away to come. Thank you for the invitation! You should get many volunteers from Charis Bible College/Andrew Wommack Ministries.

  13. Michelle Stettner

    My husband and me are leasing a big truck to begin a journey of “self employment” that will begin for a year being under a company; he goes to orientation May 16; and is letting them know we want to be a part of this revival in Silver Springs Colorado… I have felt a pull to come since you announced it. I even put it in my calendar on my phone. It is a strong feeling I am supposed to be there! I am believing GOD that we can be! GLORY HALLELUJAH! I am excited to witness what all JESUS has for everyone! BLESSINGS TO YOU Mario Murillo Ministry!

  14. Donna Comley

    I am coming Mario! I want to see God move! I had planned to go to Batavia and that got cancelled sadly. I came to the Lord 20 years ago, I’ve seen him move some, I wanna see BIGGER! Praise Jesus! 🙂

  15. Sandra

    Praying for great success in Colorado Springs, wish my friend and I were able to attend and assist but know there will be an out pouring of volunteers in that area. Some of the beat people in the world live there and nearby! Praying GOD pours out HIS Glory there like never before! Keep pushing toward the east and cover the states then go to the world! Bless your ministry and multiple your Army of helpers in JESUS name. Amen

  16. Rick Cozby

    4 years ago I was in a church and the Lord gave me a word that I spoke out in the service that Jesus was taking revival out of the churches and into the streets. Into Tent revivals and in stadiums in America. As soon as I spoke these words the pastor said he meant from the church to the street. I said no he didn’t say that, he said out of the church into the street. Good to see the proof of his word come to pass. I have followed your ministry from your visit to Bakersfield. I live here and hope you come back. God has been so good to me and I hope I can volunteer at some point. God bless you indeed!

  17. Mary French

    I want to send a check to Mario Murillo’s ministry I don’t have an address for the envelope. Can you send it to me

    • Mario Murillo

      Mary thank you! You can mail your gift to P.O. Box 408 Lafayette, TN 37083

  18. Gwendolyn Willis

    Please come to Oklahoma



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