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America should wrap her collective arms around those suffering families in Buffalo, New York. We should be grieving with them, helping them, comforting them, and loving frightened children. Instead, they will be used. They will be dehumanized in a system that only wants to pretend to have compassion. It is the way we are now in America.

Loving and healing is what we would do if we were not so bitterly divided. We used to be that way, but that  America is gone.

Every once in a while, a preacher should point out national sin. They should do it in a way that is fair and that transcends party affiliation. They should even risk alienating their own base. I shall try.

Mark my word—you can tell the degree of evil in a politician by how fast consoling turns into propaganda. How fast does this evil become a booster rocket for a pet bill in Congress? At what speed do they move to condemn a vast group of people who had nothing to do with this? How quickly do they ask for funds to supposedly fix this problem? And finally, do they provoke anger and violence instead of healing?

You can tell the degree of evil in a politician by how fast consoling turns into propaganda.

But the larger question is directed at these evildoers themselves. Do you even want a cure, since your grip on tyranny and your prosperity is based on keeping people angry, divided, and afraid?

Will this tragedy change anyone’s mind in America? Without a miracle it will not. All this will do is harden preexisting opinions. Most will plug their ears and dig in their heels. We are now a nation of paramedics who are too busy arguing about how to treat the patient, to close the wound.

In the past, we would listen to the wisest, not the loudest. Wise leaders who disagreed could sit together and see the big picture and not the narrow grievance. It is how we won two World Wars. It is how we crawled out of the great depression. It is how we healed after the Civil War.

It is a happy day when none of the politicians get what they want, but Americans get what they need.

It will take the radical middle to save America. People who are fed up with both extremes and only care about doing what will work. It will take people, who may disagree, to sit down together, because they realize that their differences don’t amount to a hill of beans, compared to the common threat.

It is a happy day when none of the politicians get what they want, but Americans get what they need.

We need to demonstrate unconditional love in Buffalo, New York.

1 Corinthians 13:4-5, “Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil…”

What do we need the most? We need to pray and preach the Gospel. The enemy of our soul loves to tell us that people are not open. In this time of despair and turmoil, souls are starved for the Gospel. In every tent crusade we only have one critical shortage—a scarcity of workers. Imagine this: we rarely have enough counsellors to pray with the souls who come forward to be born again.

The images we see on television are false flags. They do not tell the story of millions who—regardless of race—are ready to be saved, if someone would just give them the Good News.

Hope can rise out of this tragedy. The righteous must not give in, either to fear or doubt. Just because so many have failed and have given in to compromise and evil does not mean that God is without voices. In fact, this is an hour in which many who consider themselves to be nobodies will be a key to rescuing America.

May God convict us all to demonstrate His love, bring in the harvest, and do what America needs, even if we get nothing in return.


  1. Karen M. Held

    Thank You for Loving People so much. Your example sets our Vision on a course to Love People even More!!!

    • Tim Price

      AMEN brother! We are more focused on using a tragedy for Political Advantage. Satan has his ways by God still wins!

    • Marcus Maddox

      I thank God for Mario Marillo

      • ethyanne


    • gege4god


    • Laura

      Mario, this is excellent write up.

    • Deborah J. Jones

      Thank you Mario, for speaking what needs to be said. Looking forward to your Revival in the fall in Rocklin. Will be there in person, may God Bless you.

  2. Tanner from Louisiana

    “It is a happy day when none of the politicians get what they want, but Americans get what they need.”Amen

    “Hope can rise out of this tragedy. The righteous must not give in, either to fear or doubt. Just because so many have failed and have given in to compromise and evil does not mean that God is without voices. In fact, this is an hour in which many who consider themselves to be nobodies will be a key to rescuing America.” Amen Hallelujah

    Build the 🏕tents 🏕
    Fill the 🏟stadiums 🏟

    🙏🏼 Time to shift and change atmospheres, change is coming, plow, uproot, build 🇺🇸🏔🪓🔨🗡🌲🇺🇸

  3. Heather

    God help my precious Buffalo neighbors. and for all those who will be traveling in and out of Buffalo in the coming weeks, specifically for Buffalo Marathon Weekend On May 28/29. Marathons can be very difficult venues to secure.

    Ive been in tears over this all weekend here in Rochester. Beyond sick over it.

    As for your comment regarding the politicizing of his shooting, extending the evil; I agree completely. A song lyric came to mind while I was reading it:

    “I give in.
    You use my need.
    All you want is whatever you see.
    You’re gonna help yourself
    you’re gonna help yourself
    you’re gonna help yourself…
    … to me.”

    – Sam Phillips

  4. Janice Cocklereece

    Thank you for your words that challenge all of us as Americans and Christians. You are to right! We need to pray, preach the Word of God and love those who are hurting! Blessings on you and your ministry.

  5. Larry Franklin

    Lord heal our country, comfort those in Buffalo and all around the world who are hurting and have lost loved ones.
    God, you are my comfort when I am very sad and when I am afraid. Jeremiah 8:18

  6. Jerry Givan

    Mario is totally on target, amazing how quick some were on the far left paint a political picture without knowing any of the real facts.

  7. Beth Bain

    This is so true…Buffalo should bring us together as a grieving nation…not tear us apart over screams of racism. This has to stop. Thank you Mario for being that bright light that shows the true meaning of tragedy.

  8. Raymond Luntz

    Especially in the darkness a single candle will burn bright. I shared before, but is appropriate now.
    I was a volunteer at the Hanford Mario Murillo crusade in California…..

    I met Freddie at the crusade last night. (Monday, 21, 2022)
    I have been assigned to ADA parking which is next to the Main tent for obvious reasons. Some of the people have a hard time walking the 30 feet or so from the temporary driveway to the handicap seating, let alone the 200 feet or so from the ADA parking lot.
    Before I proceed with the story, I am compelled to remind the reader of Psalm 23. The Lord is our Sheppard. We, therefore, are his sheep. Many times throughout the scriptures his people are referenced as sheep. Sheep are really not that bright…….Moving on.
    Did I mention the ADA folks sometimes need to get out as close to the Main tent as possible? As fate would have it, this is the same location everyone else comes through to get to the tent.
    My job is to assess if the ADA folks can walk from the parking area or must get out directly in the main path to the tent. As I shout, with some authority, to the masses of sheep that are focused solely on getting in the tent and to a seat…..” Please stop…Please stop…Car coming though”. Freddie (whose name I now know) walks right behind me. Ignoring my bellows of warning, ignoring the rest of the crowd patiently waiting, Freddie walks directly by me and in front of the handicapped vehicle.
    My frustration level was high, but everything worked out fine with no physical contact.
    After filling the main ADA lot with cars, things slow and I wait to move to my next assignment. I noticed Freddie coming back from the restrooms. The spirit led me to talk to Freddie.
    As I approached Freddie I noticed he was about 7 feet tall. Having grown up with a few gang friends, I also noticed he had the special walk. He was hiding his tattoos under his shirt. Freddie towered over me. I was led to ask “When did you receive Jesus”. In a moment his countenance changed. He said; “I asked Jesus into my heart a year ago. I was water baptized, and then the Holy Spirit came. I did drugs (he named names I can’t remember…a lot of drugs). I did alcohol and was in a gang. But Jesus changed my heart and I’ve been sober for a year now!”
    I no sooner told him what a great testimony he was for the Lord than he broke a bit and asked me for a hug. As we embraced he quickly told me he loved me. I guess he never had a short, fat, old white guy praise him for his testimony before?
    What a blessing. For a moment I hugged the love and power of God to change a heart. I met Freddie.

    • Annemarie Espinola

      What a sweet testimony for you too. I worked the Tent in Modesto, CA and helped a young lady in a wheelchair with not much life in her, two nights later I saw her healed pushing her wheelchair out. It was beautiful for her and her father, but also for me … I too was touched by the hand of God.

  9. jerrygivan

    Totally on target, I was amazed at how quick they were to try to turn it into apolitical issue. I has latter turned out the criminal was really not who they painted him to be.

  10. wms2

    Amen Mario.MSM is demonic,intent on ushering in the NWO and to do that they know they need to keep people divided.Praying for unity in our country.There has to come a time when people let go of all this vitriol and hate.

  11. Collin R Williams

    Once again you see the big picture. This will be used by the evil ones to promote more violence. When there is no punishment for crimes, crimes worsen. People who are mentally unstable are released back into the streets instead of receiving the treatment they need. The very people who are supposed to represent us are calling for violence. Only God has the answers to these issues and until the people of the world turn to him, it’s going to get worse.

  12. Gail

    I’m going to put my neck out there on that line of being called a conspiracy theorist but, Mass murderers escalated to huge numbers in areas with restrictive gun laws. I think someone entices the feeble-minded and set these things up to purposely caused the murders and Division. And oh, isn’t it interesting that they often will tear the buildings down immediately afterwards to stop any further investigations ?

  13. Janice Snider

    Mario, you have so much love to spread. I’m gonna be honest here. When I first heard of & saw on Fox about this shooting my heart went out to the many families that will be affected by this for years to come. And then I thought how young this shooter was & probably hadn’t been long out of school. They have been teaching this crt in schools for quite few years. They have tried to turn our children against one another. They have put different races in boxes. No wonder we have mad confused young people. I hope & pray this never happens again. When kids are taught stuff in our schools & parents don’t even know about it that anger can be led to get on dark websites & then this is what happens Nobody will never talk about this. It will just be blamed on the narrative. God help us if we don’t get hold of our youth. That’s what drew me to you Mario years ago. You weren’t afraid to tell the truth & you have a heart for the young. I have 2 small great grand children that are toddlers now but when they do start school I will be at those board meetings. God bless you Mario foe all you do for such a time as this.

  14. Lorri Nelson

    After scanning all the early emails for today …only 1 remained. What can a poor woman do with nothing but time and pain to help you? I can bring a small jar with some oil?!

  15. Orva Kaufmann

    Thank you for speaking like it is
    shalom of Jesus be with you

  16. phyllis c close

    Truth! Blessings! I appreciate your godly response and totally agree!

  17. Frances Barrera

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  18. Johnna Stuart

    God Is On A Roll

  19. Denise Myers

    Mario, thank you so much for sharing your 50 years of Godly wisdom and experience with all of us. I am praying that God will give you the volunteers you need for your tent revivals and I’m praying for a massive revival all across the U.S. and the world! I am a Christian patriot and veteran. May God bless America and may God bless your ministry!

    • Mickey Holiday

      I miss America what happened to the dream?
      I miss United States I’m looking for the team,
      They came from far across the sea, Pursuing heaven’s destiny,
      I miss the U. S. A. come back where you belong.
      © Mickey Holiday 2021

  20. RAFO

    Not to be the bearer of bad tidings, but incidents like the Buffalo shooting is just the beginning… the tip of the iceberg. Why? Because the powers that be (PTB) have an agenda, and part of that agenda is to birth a new America out of the old through much bloodshed and violence… the chaos will serve them well to shut down the 2022 November elections. I predict here and now the election will not be allowed to happen as the controlling party WILL NOT willingly give up their power. Face it… we now live in tyranny. God has allowed this. Why? To bring us to our knees and back under His protective wing! If we refuse we’ll go the way of all nations who have forgot God.

  21. Mickey Holiday


    I miss America what happened to the dream?
    I miss United States I’m looking for the team,
    They came from far across the sea, Pursuing heaven’s destiny,
    I miss the U. S. A. come back where you belong.
    I miss America the land of liberty,
    I miss United States on this we can agree,
    There’s never been a greater place, So full of God’s amazing grace,
    I miss the U. S. A. let’s bring it back again.
    I miss the anthem at the game, ole glory doesn’t seem the same,
    For such a time as this we’re here to change the atmosphere __.
    Bring back America you’ve been a-way too long,
    Bring back United States together we are strong,
    Within dependence on the One, the only way for battles won,
    Bring back the U. S. A. and sing our song again.
    We lift our voice and testify. We lift our hands to God most high.
    In God we trust and pray, and all the people say amen __.
    Rise up America and make it loud and clear,
    Rise up United States, the rea-son we are here,
    We’re rising up to take a stand, for all who need a helping hand,
    Revive the U. S. A. let’s hear it one more time.
    There’s never been a greater place,
    So full of God’s amazing grace,
    Come back America, let ev’rybody shout Amen!
    Amen! Amen! Amen! A———–men!

    © Mickey Holiday 2021

  22. NickT

    Amen, only God and his people thru prayer and standing up to against the evil can save our nation. satan knows his time is short and is really ramping up evil, using this silent coup (the rigged election) and evil leaders to try and destroy and divide our nation and people. But we will raise up against the evil and the unjust peacefully with God’s help.
    We will not give up or shut up and will keep believing our God for a breakthrough and revival!

  23. Mary W. Speck

    Spot on Mario. Plan on seeing you in personal in Fort Worth. Where people shut a door. God opens windows. Blessing as always to you and your ministry.

  24. Grunt

    As a Marine Veteran, a father of a combat Marine veteran, we know how to fight not only physically but more importantly, spiritually in the Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. We love a good fight vs evil!!! Through fasting & praying!

  25. Holly

    Thank you for your wisdom & truth

  26. Ada

    Thank you Mario for truly hearing the Lord God in all you do and doing…. For His glory!

  27. fran fink

    reading this blog is a matter of truth in our face. Thank you Mario for all the work you do as the Lord directs. My heart is saddened when I read about not enough prayer persons to pray with those who would receive Christ. Right now all I can do is pray for your Ministry and the souls that will be coming in, and that the laborers will Not be few because reading your messages shows that the harvest is ripe. I am even praying that I may come along side and help as a fellow servant. God bless you fran

  28. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    Heavenly Father, We are so pitiful in America now……We have been duped and duped and duped, until we cannot even recognize the truth when it is right in front of us…..In many ways—we are like a “clogged drain.”

    Father, send YOUR HOLY SPIRIT Power throughout America NOW, We humbly pray. We have to see the consequences NOW of turning our heads away from the truth—and thinking it will go away…..IT WILL NOT GO AWAY, We know deep down inside of each of us…..THE WORLD SYSTEM has set its TRAP to bring down the United States of America…..YOUR nation, Heavenly Father. YOU called us to be a Light to the World….and for many years we fulfilled YOUR CALL—-but NOW—so many of us are groping in the darkness…..

    So many hungry and hurting souls crying on the inside, and trying to keep a “happy face” to the world…..Deep down—Just trying to Hold On—waiting for HELP TO COME.

    Thank YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER, for Mario and others who Courageously STAND….Place a deep desire within each of us that cannot be drawn out of us UNTIL America turns back to YOU, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND OF JACOB. FATHER, give us dreams and visions of what to do and how to do it to bring the minds and hearts of Americans together…….Remove ALL STRIFE that has hindered—is hindering—and that would try to hinder in the future of YOUR America.

    FATHER, send flashes of Memories to people of the “old America” where Once we Stood as a Light on a Hill, not just to our own people—but to those around the world.

    I cry out NOW FATHER for YOUR INTERVENTION in such a POWERFUL WAY that no one will miss YOUR GREAT SIGN to the people of America. There is nothing that YOU cannot do. ARISE NOW, HEAVENLY FATHER. We pray, fast and We do Believe. In the Precious and Holy name of my Savior and my LORD, JESUS CHRIST, YOUR ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. Amen

  29. Tina

    The spiritual warfare on our area between buffalo and Rochester is real!. You were supposed to be here in Batavia, NY. Smack dab in the middle between those two cities the 12th thru the 15th!!!!! Those leaders that rebuked you from coming due to Political talking points they didnt agree with are the same ones RIGHT NOW, running to their politicians that are politicizing this Horrific Act! HYPOCRISY at its highest. Those folks did not Represent the thousands of people who showed up in October 2021, I know, I was there.

  30. Robert Lee Swaim


  31. Sandra

    I agree Mario, satan wants to destroy America and every other Country and so sad thinking about hell enlarging itself and shed tears of joy that God will erase people from our minds that are in hell or will be there, because we will be able go and view it on earth! I pray everyone would repent of their sins and be secure with Jesus, He is my hero and I will always trust Him for everything! He is worthy of praise! Thank you for doing His will! That is all He asks of us! Continue to seek Him for your every move, praying for souls to come home to eternal security! How blessed are your volunteers to see God’s mercy! Love my brothers and sisters all over the world!

  32. kingskid48

    Thank you, Pastor Mario, for sharing your love of people and your wisdom with us. This tragedy is a heart breaker. These dear people and their families do not deserve to be used to further anyone’s agenda. My heart is broken for them.

  33. Gretchen Anne Carter

    Truth. I shared this post to Facebook. Keep speaking out and listening to Holy Spirit. Acts 5: 27-32



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