Two urgent reasons we must prove election fraud that we have overlooked.

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Election Fraud | 96 comments

There are two urgent reasons we must prove there was election fraud. We ignore them to our own peril and there is a great danger that we will ignore them.

Here is a painful fact about war: The most important moment for any army usually comes when they are totally exhausted. We are at that moment, and we are exhausted.

They called us to action, again and again. The most vicious and determined enemy we have ever faced has drained us repeatedly. They are protecting the most insidious crime in modern history, and Federal government agencies lead the cover up.

No wonder we are tired!  They have bitterly rebuffed every investigation. Courts ridicule the evidence. They label anyone who dares to speak out about the fraud is labeled a conspiracy theorist. And they face a withering assault.

The endless calls to action exhaust us. We are tired right when our important moment has arrived!

What is our important moment? The answer is Arizona, where the first domino has fallen! We have the evidence. It is overwhelming. It could lead to victories in other states―but only if we do not grow weary in well doing!

Is America about to see the exposure of the greatest deception ever in our political history? Only if we stir ourselves, yet one more time, in our holy cause. But we can lose the war. Because we are emotionally spent. And now you must see the facts.


Here are two overlooked facts about election fraud that will awaken a fresh urgency in you:

1. Trump will not run again, unless fraud is exposed. High ranking officials in the Trump campaign have said that Trump will not run in a rigged election. He sees no point in trying for the White House again, unless the fraud is uncovered and the voting process is monitored and legitimate. Which means that all the rigged Dominion machines must be replaced.

2. If fraud is not exposed, Democrats will do it again. And, this time, it will give them total control. We know the Democrats will absolutely risk committing fraud again, because the rewards are too great to pass up. They need just one more fraudulent election to forever wipe out freedom. I would add that one more fraud election would mean that there will never be any more elections.

Fraud must be proven, here and now.

The die is cast. The facts take us to one inescapable conclusion: Fraud must be proven, here and now.

That means we must pray. We must speak out. We must organize, unify, and find that extra gear to press on until we win.

When opportunity knocks, wise generals know how to fire up emotionally drained soldiers. Nehemiah did it when he said: “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses” (Nehemiah 4:14). Nehemiah did it by driving home the urgency.

Can we find the urgency and summon the strength and courage to fight on? Will you rise up and join the fight for this nation, the right to preach the Gospel, and your children’s future?


On Thursday, the following statistics were reported to the State Senate in a briefing by the contractor hired to conduct the audit, Cyber Ninjas:

**74,243 absentee ballots received with no documentation/record of being sent out
**18,000 people who voted in 2020 election were removed from voter rolls shortly after
**11,326 who voted were not on voter rolls on Nov. 7, 2020 but were on Dec. 4, 2020
Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers wrote the below tweet during the press conference:
“I have heard enough. With the tens of thousands of ballots mailed without being requested , the over ten thousand people who voted after registering after November 3rd, the failure of Maricopa to turn over the 40% machines, the passwords that Dominion still refuses (½) to turn over,& tens of thousands of unauthorized queries demonstrating how insecure the election was, I call for the Biden electors to be recalled. Arizona & a new election must be conducted. Arizona’s electors must not be awarded fraudulently & we need to get this right. “
Former President Donald J. Trump weighed in on the latest developments with the following statement:
“Why won’t the RINO Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona give the routers? What are they trying to hide? They are fighting for life or death. What is going on? Give the routers! Doesn’t this mean that the voting was, despite their statements to the contrary, connected to the internet? The Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election was monumental, and the facts are coming out daily!”
An Arizona Public Opinion Pulse survey shows that 62 percent of registered Republican voters believe the outcome will reveal that Donald J. Trump actually won Arizona. Officially, President Joe Biden remains the declared winner by less than 10,457 votes or .3 percent of the vote.

3,981 who voted in the 2020 election registered after the October 15, 2020 deadline




  1. Dianne Tylski

    Yes and it does bother me that most p Christians I know are not addressing this. Voter ID also is not being fought for. With voting machines in place says WE NOW AND FOREVER MORE WILL HAVE ONLY ONE PARTY IN POWER if we don’t get this job done. Thanks for speaking out

    • TreB

      Amen. We must rise up and fight for truth.

      • R. Paul Spence

        You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. Trump lost by millions of votes and this has repeatedly been shown to be a secure election.

        • Mary

          I’m sure you think you are cleaver R. Paul, but you’re not. And the saddest part is they have allowed you the freedom to speak. Something most Christians don’t have the luxury of anymore. I will pray for you,,, not argue with you. Hell is hot and lasts forever and you need Jesus!

        • Greg Rogers

          Keep drinking the koolaid. You have no evidence to back up your Ridiculous statement!

    • Kim McDonald

      I am in agreement with you Mario, thank you for being obedient to Christ! We will not give up and we will not grow weary for doing good. God bless you and your ministry ❤️

    • Tim Lindquist

      AGREE 100 PERCENT !!

    • Shirley Bryfogle

      You are so right! I live in Biden’s state of Delaware, in Sussex County, which is mostly farming country. We have a great number of good, evangelical churches. However, I cannot find one church that has taken the call to pray for our nation. I am often criticized for my patriotism and concerns for this country. The primary thoughts are that God has everything in control. I do not have one person to share with. It gets kind of lonely sitting on this limb alone. I get my support from Mario, Dutch Sheets and others on the battlefield. After listening to Give Him 15 this morning, I am convinced that there is a definite demonic presence here in my state that comes from our president and his presence and influence is Delaware. His is an evil domain and Dutch’s message convinced me that I must continue to pray that God will tear down the strongholds. I am praying for just one person to share this burden with.

      • Mary

        Shirley- I am praying that like minded people will be brought to your corner of the US and you will increase in number. Thank you for being faithful in not only praying but standing for truth. It’s sad that the state of the church is “nap mode”

      • Cassie

        Dearest Shirley, I stand with you. I am also alone in the state of Washington. I totally understand the lonelyness. I am asking heavenly father to give you and me a prayer partner with whom we may share our thoughts and prayers and hopes and whishes for our country. I Jesus name I pray.
        Cassie stands in Washington state

        • Mike Mealer

          The enemy wants us to feel all alone! This is NOT the truth! There is a multitude of people who feel as you do. We CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!

          • Jewel-Lily Daniel Clark

            Amen Mike! I even live in Arizona and I pray in the middle of the night in my prayer room mostly. But we are all connected in the Spirit and supporting one another in prayer! We are connected in the Spirit and through on-line churches and blogs like this one <3 so Praise the Lord for this blog and for all my brothers and sisters in Christ and I am thankful we are connected! The devil is a liar and so lets give him a black eye by rising up and agreeing today in prayer for one another! Remember, Prophetess Anna was in the synagogue every day praying for Jesus for years and years! she was an 84 year old lady when her prayer was answered and she got to see her Lord Jesus when He was a baby <3

        • karengraff

          I stand with you in Washington state, Cassie. I live in eastern Washington and I have a few like minded friends but I would like to pray with them and somehow we don’t.

          • Mark Mecucci

            I accepted Christ in 1973, the following year we moved from NY to Southern California. We became part of a charismatic prayer group in the Catholic Church. We were eventually kicked off the church grounds and began meeting in my garage. My garage was the last time that I gathered together with other believers where the Holy Spirit led the meetings. Over the last 40 years, I’ve grown to despise (quote unquote) Christian churches. The Holy Spirit is never allowed control as the pastor and or church leaders always push their own agenda. Our country is in this demonic stranglehold, not because of democrats, but because the church in America is anything but spiritual. Pastors are filled with pride, and we are living today the scripture of the blind leading the blind. Years ago as I knelt on the floor in my bathroom in the middle of the night in prayer, I heard the Lord speak softly in my spirit, “Rebuild My Church” I literally looked at the ceiling and said whaaat?!? I don’t even have a ministry, I said, and I’m afraid to talk to people about you! He just repeated “”Rebuild My Church” Since that time many years ago, I’ve gone through periods of backsliding, and times of closeness to the Lord. I will 70 in a couple months and God has called me to warn all those who call themselves Christians including me. As horrible as the loss of our freedom in America is, there are millions of church goers who are headed for hell. Many that the Lord will say I never knew you! Our life in America is but a vapor, a millisecond in regards to eternity. With the utmost urgency God has called me to warn the most deceived, those who think they are Christians and are not. Jesus told the Sadducees they were in error for their lack of scripture knowledge. As important as saving America is, our first priority, those of us who are called according to His purpose, is to lead those who think they belong to Christ, but don’t, out from under the veil of deception. The church in America has allowed sin to be part of it’s assembly, and there can be no healing in our land without nationwide repentance. That begins by leading one person at a time to a place of submission to Christ and the Holy Spirit ✝️

        • david baney

          Hello Cassie,feel free to contact me

        • R Paul Spence

          You are alone because everyone around you knows you are an asshole

          • Rose

            You are an awful person for saying this, I hope you repent before its to late. I’ll be praying for you.

          • kingskid48

            This is not facebook or twitter, R Paul. Your comment is inappropriate here and certainly not Christian.

          • AD D

            Yikes Spence. Nasty people like you see yourself as an asshole, hate it, then call everyone else that. Pretty pathetic.

        • Tanner from Louisiana 777

          Preach it Brother Mario
          Build the 🏕 tents ⛺️
          Fill the 🏟 stadiums 🏟

          “The die is cast. The facts take us to one inescapable conclusion: Fraud must be proven, here and now.
          That means we must pray. We must speak out. We must organize, unify, and find that extra gear to press on until we win.
          When opportunity knocks, wise generals know how to fire up emotionally drained soldiers. Nehemiah did it when he said: “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses” (Nehemiah 4:14). Nehemiah did it by driving home the urgency.
          Can we find the urgency and summon the strength and courage to fight on? Will you rise up and join the fight for this nation, the right to preach the Gospel, and your children’s future?”

          As ☝🏻 ONE

        • mgardenerfarmer

          Cassie, I/We stand with you here in Skagit Co., WA. You are on right track. Expect Father to put patriotic sisters/brothers in your path. Prepare your heart for it. Daily we meet Christians who are like minded. Once in Twisp @ 4pm we met a sister (in the blazing heat) who invited us to her home. Spent entire eve with her fellowship including pastor. Last week overheard 2 brothers mention Mario M. in Whatcom Co. introduced myself and found they, with others, are planning a tent revival in Sept. We meet weekly with hundreds of activist patriots as well as network/evangelize. Ask Holy Spirit “daily” adjustments and then “hear” His assignment, which often includes encouragement from sisters/brothers we don’t yet know. But we can expect it.

      • Judy weir

        Shirley, I live in Alaska but am willing to stand with you…that every prayer of our heart for Gods will only! Even though we are thousands of miles apart…in the Spirit there is no separation! Where 2 or 3 agree there is power multiplied! The enemy IS defeated and Jesus still Lord! Judy weir Haines Alaska

      • mysteryfan247

        Shirley, take heart. You don’t need a whole congregation, you only need two or three agreeing together in prayer. Have you considered meeting on Zoom, for instance and praying together that way? Some of us across the country are praying that way and God is honoring us with His presence. If you can’t find someone, I will be happy to join with you even though I live in the West.

      • Joni Butcher

        Shirley, I completely relate to what you are saying. I teach at a prominent university in Louisiana. Although there are many conservative believers in my state, at work I am completely alone. No one will stand with me against these demonic forces. I am treated like an outcast and an enemy. I am determined to stand strong, but, as Mario said, I am very weary. I feel as though I have no one to join with me and help me stand at moments when I feel so very weak. I, too, get strength from listening to Mario, Dutch Sheets, Kent Christmans, and Hank Kunneman. I need the refreshing in my spirit to keep me going. God bless you for standing firm and please know that you are not alone.

      • Lauren Jones

        You are Not alone! There are many of us who are very concerned and speak out what we know and yet it is met with an attitude of so what,?! People are going about their lives ignoring what is going on ignorant of the consequences of what is going on because they have no proper education or understanding of what is happened in our past! And even in the church they really have no idea of what God‘s Word says because they don’t read it they don’t study. They only know what the pastor tells him, and as in my case also, we only get oneCarefullyTimed sermon that has nothing to do with what we are facing today. I am 72years old And there are many in my age group who do you have this knowledge and despair of what is going on, but Are not willing to stand up or even vote. They’re just waiting out their time. It is hard to find like-minded people but I do find them here online. But one has to be very mindful of how one states their beliefs- I have been censored, and I have been blocked but now I know the ropes. Here is a clue. They have bought checking every bit of your posts. But these pre-programmed items cannot decipher phonetic spelling. It is a great weaknessAnd with care, it is very useful.

        • Pamela Rosensteel

          Good to know!

      • marybeth

        Shirley, on Telegram there’s a site for each state for people to find each other. America First Audit. I hated downloading another app but I did find several from my area. Trump fans are keeping a low profile in blue states because of the riots, intimidation and subsequent job losses of those who have spoken publicly. It’s really oppressive. But there’s also a prayer site for the audits you could find.

      • Ron

        And I’m here in Silicon Valley, land of the Big Tech. Facebook HQ is just several miles west of here. Many of my family members, friends, and former church family members don’t seem to believe in the things we in this forum are passionate about, such as the gravity of spiritual warfare. I felt betrayed when my former church leadership rejoiced when Biden/Harris “won” the election. Anyway, you’re not alone. May the LORD connect you with like-minded, God-fearing folks who can uplift you and bless you as we continue on this campaign!

      • Cris

        Dear Shirley, I live in the blue state of Connecticut, I am also alone in prayer. I do not know if you have heard of Intercessors For America, you can look up their website,
        I do pray every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:15 noon till approx 1:15 pm with them.
        They are spot on, and have Thousands praying from across the Nation. It helps me tremendously, I’m now a part of a Intercessor Group that is in One Accord.
        I’m grateful and blessed.
        Please consider looking them up. David Kubal from Virginia leads the group.

        • penwright1029

          Chris, Thank you. I’m goin g to check Intercessors for America.

      • Deborah McCain

        Yes! My husband and I share the burden! Thousands of like-minded Christians! We are the Remnant praying for God to move his Hand over this nation and world and expose the corruption with inevitable justice served! Continue to pray and trust! Many in California, which we believe was also stolen by the Left, are Standing with you for Truth! Keep praying! You are NOT alone!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      • Pam Pettis

        Totally understand Shirley I live in Oregon where it is taxpayer paid abortion on demand to birth and doctor’s assisted suicide. Churches refuse to even address issues, you wouldn’t even know there was an election. So grateful for Flashpoint and Elijahstreams and the prophets. I did find a few women to gather with weekly to pray with. That has been a lifeline to us.

      • Leslie McCowan

        Shirley, I concur with your statements. I and my bible study group have been receptive to Dutch sheets teaching this past year. God is sovereign but he wants to use us. We are his army of prayer warriors. We are discerning and can see the enemy who is trying to take over our country. It is up to us to stand in the gap. I too, have seen an ignorance or lethargy by fellow Christians who are floating around in some kind of limbo. Let’s continue to pray for them as well that the Lord will wake them up and have them join us in the fight. You are not alone!

    • Andria Jerner

      May God give us a plan to fight back…

    • Deb Gibboney

      I LOVE your voice to the church!
      I think that we need to realize that all fault can be put on the Democrats. We MUST realize that we are at war with an antichrist spirit that has PERMEATED all systems and the REPUBLICAN PARTY RINOS ARE ALSO IN BED WITH THAT ANTICHRIST AGENDA. satan has compromised most leadership in the governmental, corporate, medical fields.
      Our faith is in GOD and we recognize that His awakened Church and the MAGA Patiots are at the forefront in God’s War.

      The Democrat Party left sanity a long time ago and has consistently bought the kool-aid of the radical agendas.However, It would do us well to begin to call it as it is; that we can have NO CONFIDENCE is any political movement but the ONE EXPOSING LIES AND DECEPTION IN BOTH AND ALL PARTIES that are not furthering a Constiutional Republic and declaring that our nation was purposed by God for His End Time Awakening and Revival. We pray for ALL citizens to fight to Make America Great Again!!

    • lindalu122

      Praise God that you Mario are in the trenches but do not think for one minute that you are by yourself. There are many here in NC praying for you and praying for this country!!!!! I can’t say it’s the majority by far but there is certainly a strong remnant standing strong and speaking out!!! Praying for more to get on the patriot band wagon of prayer warriors!!! Follow these bold men of God like Mario, Jack Hibbs, Gary Hamrick, Matt Maher (hear him on YouTube at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA) I could go on and on amazing men of God, Jack Allen is another!!! We are blessed by many to encourage us along this path! We will not surrender to these attacks but gather at the battle stations of prayer to bring down the evil in this country and hold up our God to conquer what we have failed Him in for so long in not manning our stations and fighting the enemy around us. Lord be with us!!!!
      New Bern, NC

    • gisella39

      Mario, I am instructed by Yeshua/Jesus to fast three days every week for the next three month. He also asked to ask my friends. So far we 11 fasting three days a week. This is a spiritual warfare, and no one will win this case except Yehovah. We must unite in prayer fervently for the next three months. He has assured me that this government will be overthrown and He is the only One Who can do it, for the problem is very deep and no one else can do it. I believe He has spoken to me, just as when He told me my son would die on February 6,1978, and one year later even at the same time He has spoken to me the year before, at 5:20 PM, my son die of an accident. He fell into a ditch to save the dog. You can download my autobiography NEW LIFE AND GLORY, on Amazon, for 2.99. I do not write to make money, only to see people saved. It is also available on paperback. We must fast and pray, it is the way He as called me to do, and to pass it on , now I am asking you all, let us unite in prayer and fasting, He helps us in this process.
      Freedom this time will come. Shalom

    • dianetelles

      We cannot back down but must continue to stand up for what is right and demand that the Truth be made known not only in Arizona but in multiple states including California where I live. Our elections must be transparent and every legal vote counted. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered, I cry out to Jesus to come and Heal our land and forgive us for all our sins. We need Jesus in our government, homes, schools, media and entertainment. Lord give us wisdom and strength to stand and Trust in the Lord who will deliver this Nation for His Glory!!!!

    • Jaeson

      Sorry but you are a fool. Republicans in Georgia said no election fraud. So did Republicans in Arizona. When was the last time you volunteered at an election? The security official who. is also Republicans said no fraud. Your god Trump lost!

  2. ggrammaAlyce

    Amen ..I believe you Mario! We are exhausted and must get fired up under the pressure to rise up and fight on…intercede like never before…don’t loose our foresight of possible defeat if we fail!! That’s a very scary thought but right on the mark!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. lordswarrior111

    We are not afraid. We will fight on! We have no other option if the United States as a free country is to survive. Thank you for clearly defining the situation, but we didn’t have a majority in the Revolutionary War and we don’t now, but we will win anyway, hallelujah!

    • Grant

      We are NOT AFRAID…

  4. David & Elese.Cosgrove

    Amen! We are so encouraged by your blogs, Mario! Thank you for continuing on. We noticed with this new format, though, that we can no longer expand the writing to make the print bigger. We have difficulty reading it now. Is that a feature that could easily be added?

    • Ivan

      David if you’re looking at this blog on a cell phone tipping the phone sideways and then with 2 fingers stretch the screen it will be bigger anyway that is what I do

  5. Michele A. Cort

    Like David we must pursue, overtake and recover ALL! David was whipped, but he encouraged himself in the Lord. He and his army recovered all✝️So will we!

  6. kayelovesjesus1234gmailcom

    America and our freedom hangs in the balance We must continue to pray declare and decree the outcome of the fraud in our election will be clearly revealed and victory is ours This is a fight for not only our freedom but for righteousness We will not back down or give up the fight All Glory Honor and Praise belongs to Jesus !!!!

    • Beverly

      We as Christians need to stand up for truth & justice. And pray that the fraud is brought to justice and are Lord Jesus gets all the glory . It’s about how we go forward and to have life and freedom for all. And people set free from this darkness . And are children & grandchildren to know freedom and to have a life .

  7. Christine Derksen

    Keep praying/standing strong/speak out with the TRUTH and NEVER give up. If we go under. There is no hope for other nations.

  8. Tom Graves

    The Kingdom of God is invading the earth and things are about to change. It is our Praise and Worship that changes the atmosphere. Let the High Praises of God be in your mouth everyday! See Psalm 149

  9. Darlene Green

    Saints be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might!
    Father God, I ask that you would impart this word to your weary saints that we might be able to stand our ground, especially those on the front lines. Strengthen and empower us with your might, give us wisdom beyond our own ability and fill us anew with your peace, your joy and a greater boldness to speak your TRUTH! Amen, grant it Lord, be it unto us according to your mighty word! We humble ourselves under your mighty hand oh God, that you may exalt us in due time!

  10. n9nwo

    We have to insure to the public that elections are fair. Even democrats worry that too many elections, especially primaries, are rigged.

    What we need to do is have all vote tallying centers have cameras that the public can view during the process. That is very crucial.

    We must insist that everyone have ID from age 16 and older. If we have to, link DNA to the SSN at birth as well.

    Instead of a month of voting conduct elections over three days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Restrict mail in ballots such that they have to have a chain of custody for each ballot.

    Long term we need to reach more of those who vote democrat and bring them to the Messiah

  11. Gary

    “Let George do it.” is a phrase that was popular during WWII. It was referencing George Patton and the 3rd Army, that, under the command of Gen Patton, was sweeping across Germany. Today, remarkable, trust worthy, leaders are not getting the exposure that George did. Our leader is Jesus. However; most pastors don’t know anything about how to make people understand that We The People have been given the authority to take down strongholds. Because they are inept or afraid to speak or love their little entertainment centers, We The People have been neutered. They will be held accountable. We must take back our government or we will be held accountable too. We have not been given the spirit of fear but of love and of a sound mind to follow the instructions of Jesus. It’s way past time to go to work. The battles have already been won but We The People don’t know it.

  12. Mary J.

    Mario we stand strong with you and all you are saying! His power is made perfect in weakness. Whether we are weak or strong His grace is sufficient for this battle!


    When the courts and elected officials and bureaucracy and the media have locked arms and uniformly refused to address or even look at the massive and blatant evidence, just how and by who will the election be overturned? This is not something new – I remember reading reports from Florida in the 1990’s about rigging of voting machines. It has become SOP now.

    • Grant

      Encouraging WORD from across the pond…Noor (last name in a minute) was 14 when the towers went down; now 34 Noor lives with her mom and sister in Switzerland. Noir said, “The current group that occupies the White House…WERE INSTALLED by THE RULING CLASS”!! Noir gets it from different point of view and her last NAME is BI Ladin (sorry spelling) Osama Bi… Noor is his niece and stands for freedom in America. “election” on the surface but demonic dark powers indeed “installed current occupants’ and yes we do have ruling class.

  14. Stacy

    Truth spoken as usual! Time for ACTION and prayers!!

  15. Kevan

    Shared to my FB page

  16. Peder E Halverson

    Just yesterday “someone” blocked me from getting to Via Mario’s email blog link, via my computer browser’s saved link, via directly typing his address in, and other ways. For many minutes my computer kept receiving the message that it was attempting to enter a dangerous site and refused to allow me access. Then, around ten minutes later, all links worked properly – the exact same links. This happened both on Apple computer and Google phone, so it is bigger than them. And it was temporary, apparently so that it could not be proven – was it just a short test?

    • June criner

      Same problem I have had seeing this site. At least 3 or 4 times!!!!

    • Jane Frahm

      It happened it me as well. They don’t want Mario message going out. But we need to remember that God told us we should claim everywhere we walked for His Kingdom, we need to start doing this. If each true believer claimed everywhere he walked where he lived we would take back the ground Satan has stolen and the evil can’t operate in the Kingdom of God! May sound simple but that’s what He said for us to do but it’s a forgotten passage. Let’s do it God’s people!

    • Judy Clair

      I experienced same situation here in SC. Wss blocked 3 times. Truth prevails! PTL

    • Kathi Kasel

      I had this happen too on 7/21

  17. Carolyn

    We must expose the fraud now.!!!!!

  18. rascal315

    In my mind we are up against the most sinister and evil force ever perpetrated on the American people! It is being perpetrated by our own politicians in concert with Big Tech Barron’s and a few billionaire’s willing to finance nefarious activities! One of whom is Bill Gates! Another is George Soros who has always been in the mix! These henchmen are NOT Patriots and DO NOT love this country but only what they can milk FROM IT! Only if we unite as Christians, whom Gates and Soros HATE, and ask in one voice for the Lord Jesus Christ to give us His strength and wisdom to DEFEAT this attempt to destroy our country and faith. With God on our side they are doomed to FAIL!!

  19. Melissa Grimes

    We must storm the gates of heaven with our prayers! Intercede for our Nation in this most critical time!

  20. Karen S. Mahan

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, Mario! Thank you for being a strong voice for our Nation! I refuse to doubt what God is doing, and also to grow weary. No way!

  21. Tammy Jo Winiger

    Yes and amen💙❤️💙❤️God show your hand!

  22. Gerald Snoeyink

    STAY STRONG my brother!!. May God bless in your present endeavors and the in the future.I will pray for you that your strength will not fail you and that you will be blessed beyond your GREATEST thoughts.

  23. kingskid48

    Mike Lindell is going to hold a Cyber Symposium on Augest 10-12. He has so much evidence, that it can no longer be ignored. It is so overwhelming that he is offering at 5 million dollar reward to anyone who can disprove the evidence!

    Pray for Mike Lindell and for everyone else involved in exposing this massive fraud. It’s now or never. We take save America now or our freedoms are gone for good.

    Sign up for Mike’s FRANK and make everyone you know aware.

    • Dawn L Dely

      Yes, Mike Lindell was given evidence that China cyber attacked the election by a whistleblower in cyber security. He has made four documentaries exposing this and the fraud on the ground. Go to or to watch these. “Absolutely 9-0” is the most recent and explains the information that he has. Pray for him! He has received some serious death threats!!

    • Karen Foust

      Watch the livestream of the symposium and pass on the info about it to everyone you possibly can. The american people need to know the truth. Our very existence as a nation founded on biblical principles is in extreme danger and we, the called out assembly of our Lord, can make a difference.
      Aug 10 -12

  24. kingskid48

    It took me all day with the last blog to get in. This time I got right in. But I see my comments are not posting again.

    • Mario Murillo

      yes they are

      • Tanner from Louisiana 777

        Your comment is posted

  25. Mickie Paluch

    Continue to pray but please also make a donation to this ministry, funds are always needed to continue this work. It’s so easy ; go to Even if you can only donate $10 it will help and make a difference. Support those on the front lines!!!

    • Vincent J Mack

      If the 2022,2024 elections are lost get ready for the camps to start opening up they will have total and complete control over this nation the government, the people, the news media and everything else. They said they are coming for us and believe it they mean it. We all need to fast and pray like never before this is our last chance

    • Darlene W

      Yes! Agree. The money in the hands of evil needs to get shaken out

  26. parrillaturi

    When all is said and done, we will see first hand, what the Democrat Party really stands for. Evilness, corruption at its highest level, hatred for this country, and what it stands for, thirst for power regardless of the pain they inflict, and let’s not forget, the hatred they have demonstrated toward God, and His children. The Church will prevail, and God will do us justice. They are laughing, have no fear of the Lord, but what awaits them is beyond belief.

  27. Terry L Griffith

    Mario…God Bless you, and I am praying for you and our country. May the Lord lead us and guide us as we come against this evil in our land.

  28. Darlene W

    All I know is that nothing will stop this Highway 99 river of glory. There is a ground swell of momentum coming. Groundswell

  29. Roger Culwell

    Amen sir We must fight now like never before, and get congress to repeal sec 230, and stop Big Tech or Dominion will continue to steal the election, voting machines should never been where out side help or internet access is possible, power must be taken away from Big tech, even if we go back to the lever voting and voting ballots should just be for certain people not able to get to the polls, they must fix the voting system, and give us a chance, but they want to fix it where they can keep stealing, and we must stop them, our children must have a chance at freedom no matter the cost, and we must stand and do it, THE CHURCH MUST LEARN TO STAND AND FIGHT AGAIN, I HEARD THE LORD SAY MY PEOPLE MUST LEARN TO FIGHT AGAIN, AND HE SAID TRAIN THEM, I SAID GIVE ME THE PEOPLE AND THE PLACE AND I WILL TRAIN THEM TO BE REAL WARRIORS, BECAUSE SOME TIMES YOU HAVE TO SHOUT AT THE ENEMY, AND I EVEN POUND MY FIST AT HIM WHEN I SAY TARE THEM STRONG HOLDS DOWN, AND I LIFT MY HAND IN THE AIR AND PULL DOWN HARD WHEN SAYING PULL DOWN THE STRONG HOLDS, UNTIL I AM SOAKED FROM SWEAT, THE ENEMY ACTS LIKE HE IS HARD OF HEARING, WE TRY TO BE TO GENTLE WITH THE ENEMY AND WE NEED TO GET VIOLENT, AND TARE HIS KINGDOM DOWN, EVERYTHING TAUGHT TODAY IS TO TAKE THE FIGHT OUT, AND WE NEED THE FIGHT AND THE FIRE BACK, ITS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL WIN, THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN SUFFERED VIOLIENCE AND THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE, IT TIME WE FOR4CE SOME VILOENCE OUT OF dc AND CONGRESS, AND OUR LEGASL AND ELECTION SYSTEM, GOOD WORD SIR RIGHT ON IT. GOD BLESS

    • Tanner from Louisiana 777


      El Shaddai

      “Almighty God” (´El-Shaddai) is the next great title by which God reveals himself to Abraham. The term appears as “´El Shaddai” (“Almighty God”) seven times, and standing alone as “Shaddai” (“the Almighty”)

  30. NickT

    Amen to all you are saying in this blog – yes never give up to the fraud and censorship of our last election. Trump won big!
    We can’t have elections if they are rigged. To quote Bonhoeffer’s book again, in Nazi Germany former Reichsbank head Hjalmar Schacht exclaimed to dinner companion “My dear lady, we have fallen into the hands of criminals (Hitler and the Nazi take over of Germany) How could I ever have imagined it!
    That’s us in America, not all but we now are being lead by an illegal president and a lot of others who were not elected legally! We must continue to pray for our nation that our God will expose them and we must speak out!!

    • Sue

      Hi, can we all agree to STOP calling Biden our president, as the prophets have told us not to do? It seriously irritates me whenever I hear or see it in writing because he is NOT the president.

  31. Miriam Dahl

    … joining with you, praying from Canada

  32. suegary21bigpondcom

    I feel that our greatest threat is from the church itself. Here in Australia nothing seems to bother them, with very few exceptions, none stands against abortion, same sex marriage (Some have embraced it) euthanasia etc. They carry on in their own world. Generally, here in Australia, sadly the church dislikes Donald Trump, he is seen as racist, uncouth and a bully. There is very little or no preaching on sin or repentance. We have reaped what we have sown and have brought judgement upon ourselves.

  33. Sue

    Okay, I’m ready, let’s go! What on earth can we do to push this onward? I’m ready to help, do whatever so if anyone has ideas, let’s get started and I think this is a great place to do that!


    Those of you who are like minded on the subject of “Voter Fraud” . The ideal thing to do is start a conference call twice a week and call in on a toll free number and all can have a chance to pray about this and get this job done. Let me know what you think. There are free conference call companies.

  35. Elaine Heistad

    Again the Lord God Almighty is calling us to rise up, take off the mourning clothes, put on the garment of praise, which the enemy hates and head for the front lines. We cannot wi without moving forward, marching towards the enemy, not running away from the battle. He’s already promised us a Win so let’s do what we are called to do.

  36. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    Thank you for stating this thing clearly Arizona is the key, and God has a plan. He is not confused, and we must not grow weary and quit .

  37. Mark P Hill

    Please take the bias log out of your eye so that you can see clearly.

  38. kingskid48

    Mike Huckabee had an extremely informative batch of info in his email this morning. This is one of the links he included:

    Saints, we are up against the powers of darkness in these days. It’s clear that poor old Biden is deteriorating quickly now. We have a communist waiting in the wings to take over our government! For all her giggling and cackling, she was raised by nefarious people and should not be underestimated.

    All this time, I have been of the opinion that she is no smarter than Joe. Could her strange/juvenile actions and her apparent ineptness at every job he’s given her, be a cover for her intentions once she gets hold of the reigns?

    Dear God, I pray that the churches and pastors are waking up out there.

    Pray for Mike Lindell, Brannon House, Gen. Flynn, for Pastor Mario & his family & crew, for everyone at Flashpoint and all those involved in the exposure of darkness.

  39. Kay Runyan

    the Lord gave me an urgent dream that we must, Must, MUST delve into the election fraud and get this mess cleared up! Not only do WE HAVE TO PROVE THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN, THEY have to prove that Biden did win, we must prove without a doubt and SOON that the election was stolen and get all of the information we need. WE MUST PRAY FOR THE SUPREME COURT TO FOLLOW THE LORD’S PROMPTINGS IN THIS!!!! Mike Lindell got the proof…it is hard proof. We need the Holy Spirit to bring the TRUTH out for ALL to see! In the name of Jesus!

  40. Michael Lewey

    You are a liar, a fool and a dominionist traitor.



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