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We must get to the bottom of what happened that fateful night of November third, 2020. Finding out what happened, and how it happened, is our highest challenge and duty. We cannot just let this go. There is no option. We cannot escape and we cannot retreat from this sacred task. America’s future rests in uncovering and defeating this great evil. Your vote will never matter, if we do not do this. But I believe in miracles.

I believe that God is going to do it in a way that no man can claim credit. Rehearsing the impossibility will heighten the miracle. Look at the evil they have done.

Time Magazine admitted that the Left rigged the election to defeat President Trump. No wonder millions feel their votes will never matter again. https://thefederalist.com/2021/02/09/time-magazine-gushingly-profiles-the-successful-conspiracy-to-rig-the-2020-election/

Will your vote ever matter again in America? That is the question few are willing to face, let alone answer. I will do both in this blog.

There is a clear but narrow path to restoring our elections. Believe it or not, the American church is the key. But I believe God must do a deep work in us in order for us to step up to our duty and our destiny.

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We must face the fury. There is a reason Democrats and the Left have unleashed their fury on those who doubt the results of the election. They had to ban us. They had to use a scorched-earth attack on people like Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and anyone else who, to any degree, claimed there was fraud.

The swift and vicious censorship by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google had nothing to do with protecting the nation. It was shock and awe, designed to prevent anyone from uncovering the truth.

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But the army of God must face their fury. We must dig deep and find the emotional miracle of God’s grace in order to hold our ground. It is a withering attack. That is why some voices who had formerly declared victory, faltered near the finish line.

Now they face a new agony. But you must not falter.

You must be wrapped in the revelation of what is at stake! This is not just about vindicating Trump—this is about your freedom—this is about your children’s freedom. So, how do we face the fury?

I found some promises in the Bible that are amazing and, at the same time, eerie. They seem like they were written to American believers, fighting to expose the fraud. 

These verses instruct us to be trained and to remain calm as God works to bring justice:

“Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O Lord, and teach out of Your law, that You may give him rest from the days of adversity, until the pit is dug for the wicked” (Psalm 94:12, 13).

Take a close look at why these promises are so perfect for the righteous who are seeking justice in this corrupt moment.


It is telling you that God is training you. It is telling you that this training will keep you calm in the waiting period that might otherwise grind you down. Then the passage concludes with this awe-inspiring revelation: God is digging a ditch.

God is digging a ditch. Do you realize how important it was for Trump’s victory to be delayed? It was necessary to uncover the magnitude of the evil in our government. Had Trump just waltzed into a second term, he would have been paralyzed by the Deep State and the Swamp. He would have had people around him he only thought were on his side. Now, at least, we have the big picture. We see the mass network of corruption that is made up of both Democrats and Republicans.

God is digging a ditch! It is taking longer than we had hoped it would, because we need a ditch big enough to hold this entire web of deceit. But God wants you to remain calm during the digging.

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The plot will be uncovered. 

That is the story of Esther. But another story is much closer to our situation. It is found in Nehemiah 4:14-15, “And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” And it happened, when our enemies heard that it was known to us, and that God had brought their plot to nothing, that all of us returned to the wall, everyone to his work.”

Here we see the man of God speaking courage and firing up the morale of discouraged warriors. Then he praises God for the miracle of uncovering the plot.

These are days we must use to press into God. These are days when special vessels will rise with special gifts to save souls, heal the sick and to reveal the evil. Chosen voices will be given secret information that will turn the tables. God Himself will judge the corruption.

We are on our way to a day when our vote will count and elections will again be free and fair. It is coming!

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  1. Julia

    Thank you for the amazing words of encouragement!
    You are a true faithful servant of God!
    Praying for your ministry!

    • mrsbmp

      I will always stand with God and keep the cross the center of my faith. Thank you God for delivering the world once again.

  2. NickT

    Amen to all you stated Mario….The church is the key, there is so many of us if we would all just unify as one on this stolen criminal election in November. We pray that our God will do a miracle once more and overturn this past election and put back in the rightful elected officials and everybody speak up to the point of driving the leftist crazy.

  3. Scott

    Have you ever considered the obvious that God prefers a church-going Christian like Biden over a con man?

    • Mark

      I agree with you Scott but most likely your comment and mine that I wrote right after yours will be removed. Mario only allows “group think” people to comment. My comments, though written cordial, have been removed numerous times.

    • Catherine

      Donald Trump is not a con man. People who think so show that they lack wisdom and discernment. A church-going man who approves of, sanctions and celebrates the murder of the unborn — while making taxpayers pay for it — is not God’s preference.

      • Mark

        Catherine. It was not until Trump was toying with running as a Republican President when he changed to becoming pro-life. He conned you into voting for him by taking on this stance. Besideds that con, read the history about this man than use your common sense discernment.

        • smuzick

          Mark, There are a lot of problems with your thinking. FIrst of all, God is perfect. God doesn’t have to do fraud to win. There are 133 million registered voters in America yet 159 million votes. So, that isn’t the way God works. Secondly, God doesn’t control people. Control is of the devil. God only offers free will. We either choose him freely or not but he doesn’t force himself on you. And thinking God chose Biden is such a joke it’s pathetic. Why would God choose someone who holds people in bondage. Oh, you think not? Then why are gas prices and taxes on the rise. Does that make life freer? No it doesn’t. There is so much more that goes against your thinking. And bottom line is this. God will win. It may be with Trump or someone else. God gets to pick how we win. But, you need to read your Bible again. One of the ten commandments is thou shalt not kill and abortion is killing. Oh yeah, The democrats want to take away our first and second amendment rights. Think not then why is facebook and youtube among others censoring people. And how free will you be if they take away peoples right to defend themselves? Nope buddy, you are very wrong.

        • Patrick Berger

          Hey Mark, who do you say Jesus Christ is?

          • Mark

            The Christ. The son of the Living God.

        • Brenda Worley

          He may have been pro-abortion in his life before becoming President, but he had a change of heart when he had Christian leaders informing him about what the Bible had to say about it. Anyone can change by and through the power of God. I hope you can see the difference in “then” and “now” when God changes a person for the good.

          • Mark

            Hi Brenda, I appreciate your good faith comment regarding how that the power of God can change people. Could you please give me some kind of a reference to when Christians changed Trump’s mind about abortions? I can’t seem to find any reference to when that occured. I do recall when Christian leaders got together with Trump to discuss getting their support but that was after Trump was campaigning as prolife which according to what I am seeing was just a way to con Christians into voting for him.

        • Betty Daws

          Look at what he accomplished!! Do you believe God can change a heart? Forgive Past?

      • Laura

        Catherine, such a great answer!! I love you!

      • Greg Strom

        Amen to that sister! Church going ? Someone the bishops won’t give communion to? Al Capone used to go to church too… didn’t make him a believer … it was just for appearances

    • RAFO

      Scott, you and Mark are an enigma of sorts. Excuse me if I don’t mince words, but your comments deserve a strong response.

      If the two of you are non-Christians, then why read and bother to comment on Mario’s blog?? Just to upset a few “holy rollers”? It’s not working because we know your type.

      If the two of you are born-again Christians, then our ranks are in much worse shape than I could have ever imagined! Why? Because both of you show a complete… and I mean COMPLETE… lack of discernment. Joe Biden is a good Christian? Really? I guess being pro-murder of babies, pro-Chinese communist, pro- open borders, a heretic, a sleeze bag that loves hugging and sniffing little girls, a stealer of elections, a godfather of a crime syndicate, anti-American in EVERY way… could go on forever… THIS ENTITY FROM HELL is what you call a good Christian man?? IF you’re a Christian… IMMEDIATELY fall on your face and repent… beg God to open your eyes before it’s too late! You guys are the blind leading the blind, and I just PRAY you’re not really indicative of what’s happened to the ones who are called by Jesus’ name… it’s too horrible to even contemplate. Seriously, your souls are in jeopardy and you don’t even know it! God help you if you don’t wake up… and soon!

      BTW, please don’t go for the “you’re not supposed to judge” guilt routine… no condemnation here… but we ARE called to watch for the fruit of one’s life and DISCERN (whoops… there’s that bad “D” word again) whether they be sheep or wolves. To associate or not associate with a heretic requires judging words and actions by the body of Christ. This is Biblical. Be careful… you are treading on very unstable ground (quicksand) if you really believe what you stated here.

      • Mark

        God bless you RAFO.

        • Patrick Berger

          Which god Mark?

          • Mark

            Not the God that Right Wing Christians promote that are supporters of con man Trump. That is “another” Jesus.

      • kingskid48

        Very good answer, RAFO.

      • Ida Zamora

        <3 Amen Rafo!

      • Karyn

        Well said.

    • Sandra

      Going to church does NOT make you a Christian.
      Just as calling yourself a president does not make you a president.
      This Clown show must end and it will.
      Hate damages you, not the person you hate.

    • pooch55

      have YOU read that the catholic bishop of pelosi’s district said that NO one that kills babies and wants the gov. to pay for it is not a devout catholic

      • pooch55

        a senseless man does not know ,nor does a fool understand this, when the wicked spring up like grass and all the workers of iniquity flourish, it is that they may be destroyed forever.

      • Mark

        I have read that pooch55. I am against abortions too. I have a question for you. If the Devil was disguised and ran for President as being prolife and pro Israel, would you vote for him? Then why did you vote for Trump?

    • RueW

      You got the names backwards

    • Jane Frahm

      A church going Christian that advocates murdering babies by the thousands everyday. If that’s a Christian to you you need to repent and try again.

      • Mark

        Jane Fraham. I should have communivcated better. I only meant to agree that Trump is a con man. I am not into Biden either. I believe that both parties are of this world who’s god is the devil.

    • kingskid48

      Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he is not a hypocrite either. He is open and honest about his own beliefs and faults. he’s a work in progress.

      Joe Biden is one of the worst hypocrites that has ever been on the national scene. He supports aborting children down to the very last days before birth, forcing Christians (real Christians) to fund abortions, flooding the border with untested illegals and busing/flying them all over the country, then blaming rising Covid numbers on legal citizens. He is corrupt to the core, is owned by China and who knows what other enemy countries, as is his entire family. He is planning on taking away our First and Second Amendment rights, destroying our schools, and the family unit. Supports allowing children to go through transgender surgery at young ages. He’s one of the worst liars in politics, and that is saying a lot. It seems to be impossible for him to discern what truth is any longer…..we could all go on and on.

      He can go to church every day of the week and light all the candles he wants, chant his heart out, and wear his old knees to the bone kneeling, but none of that, ZERO, makes him a Christian. His soul is in desperate trouble at this point. I pray he repents before it is too late.

      You and Scott need to f ind yourselves a hobby. Trolling Mario is not going to work for you.

      • Mark

        Kingsshid48 Trump is open and honest? Are you serious? If you do any research on his staements you will find a trail of lies. One very small example: When David Duke, the white supremacist, announced his support of Trump, Trump said he didn’t know anything about him. But it clearly knew who he was by previous staements he made. He probably lied more than any other President ever.

        I find it very disturbing that so called Christians just turn their eyes away from Trumps sins and say things like “he is a work in progress”.

        What do you think about when Trump said, there were “very fine people” on both sides of that protest at Charletsville? One side was made up of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. The other wasn’t. What do you think about that?

        The Christian Evangelical Church is deceived. They have shamed the good name of Jesus by being unevenly yoked withTrumpism. He conned Christians by showing his “made up” prolife support. It is all a con game.

        • Stan

          Christians repent, God forgives! Jesus shed His blood for ALL, yet many fools worship political Demoncrats. Free will is a gift and a choice each soul shall encounter. Choose wisely. Amen!

        • kingskid48

          President Trump never said that. He never said there were good people on both sides, not the way you are presenting it. Your lie has been completely disproven, many times over. You have fallen for the meme of “Trump lies” that was put out by the lying so-called, “media”. Have you listened to Joe Biden? Please list his truthful comments here-if you can find any. There is plenty of room for them all-you may be actually able to find one of two if you looks back over his nearly 50 years in office.

          Good luck. You’ll need it.

      • Greg Strom

        Absolutely well said Kings kid!

    • Debo

      Scott you need to do your research. Biden has taken millions in bribes from China over the years.
      I’d start by checking the e mails found in Hunter Biden’s lap top
      Be a truth seeker!

      • Mark

        Hi Debo. Can you please back up your accusation about Biden taking bribes from China with any facts? Can you show anyting that would makes sense? Regarding Hunter’s lap top, what do you know “for a fact” that is in it? If not, I find it interesting how you think you have a license to judge people without doing your own research.

        • kingskid48

          If you even have to ask for proof of those things, you are hopelessly blind.

          or, you are not a Christian at all..you’re a troll sent in here to cause trouble..

    • CS

      Haha – Biden a churchgoing man! If you care, Pray for his salvation – you can tell by his actions that man is terribly lost, and no one but God knows how much time Biden has left. You are not doing him any favors.

    • Robert Norris

      I pray for discernment and wisdom for you scott,you have blinders on

    • Robert Norris

      Mark, do you recall that Biden was denied communion from his own church because of his stance on abortion

      • Mark

        Robert, You need to get your facts straight and not jump to bias driven onclusions. Here is a quote from Fox News dated July 1st: “Roman Catholic church frequented by Biden will let anyone receive Communion amid abortion controversy”. I will be looking forward to your response to this.

        • Robert Norris

          Like others have said, it isn’t worth the time and effort to argue with the trolls, may GOD have mercy on your lost soul,praying for you

    • Coach

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

    • Rev. Mark L Shaver

      You are so deceived my friend. Wake up from your slumber.

    • Loyd

      Biden a Christian? Scott, you must be smoking religious weed. YOU are deceiving yourself.

    • Karyn

      A man who is for abortion and the murder of innocent babies isn’t a man of God.

    • jksassy

      Biden is NOT a church going man! He is very corrupt, deceitful and blatantly lies to the people daily. He is such a NOT church going man in fact, that the Catholic church has banned him from ever receiving communion due to his support of abortion. What true Christian believes that sacrificing children is okay? Not a true Christian, to be sure!

    • Csthy

      May Gods open your eyes to the truth

    • NickT

      Scott my friend, are a fool…If you think biden is not the con man. Biden kills babies (abortions) duh and President Trump is a
      the most pro-life President, besides biden is just a puppet of the Leftist cheaters.

  4. Mark

    This post is a clear example of Evanegical Christian confirmation bias at work. A good example is when Mario quotes the article from the right wing magazine The Federalist stating, “Time Magazine admitted that the Left rigged the election to defeat President Trump.” Time Magazine does not admit in that article that the Left rigged the election. This artcle is full of misinformation but Mario uses this as representing truth. Again, this is a great example of Evangelical bias at work.

    • Wordforworld

      Thank you for showing up, Mark. Truly, all who visit MMM are welcomed and we also always pray that all commenters are convicted, convinced & converted by the Holy Spirit into salvation by the Blood of the Lamb. ALL WHO CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST SHALL BE SAVED.

      • Mark

        Wordforworld. Thank you for your very positive comment regarding my comment. And I too pray, pray that all commenters are not guided by the present culture and conformity of this world’s politics, but by the transformtion of their mind through the Holy Spirit, Whom guides us to all truth, so that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, perfect will of God.

    • pooch55

      may GOD bless you and open your eyes. JESUS loves you

      • Mark

        Thank you pooch55! I love blessings and having my eyes opened.

        • fromanislandinnewhampshire

          It’s clear to me that Mark loves strife and hates truth, also loves lies, and hates God’s chosen .By their fruits you shall know them.

          • Mark

            Thanks for your kind words fromanislandinnewhampshire.

        • Loyd

          Mark, you are so correct. You are a confirmed Woke Biden Butt Kisser who drinks the Dummycrat’s KoolAid. You definitely are a slave in the Democratic Plantation. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • kingskid48

        We are told in Scripture not to wish someone well who comes in and spouts evil, not to wish him Godspeed. 2 John 1:10-11

    • NickT

      Mark, you are just full of bias on the left misinformation, lol

  5. JH

    Mario, I have listened to your broadcasts since the 1970s. I saw you in Los Angeles back then and more recently in Houston. Your teachings, the miracles that flow through you, the lives changed – have all changed mine. You have been consistent in speaking the truth of the gospel and exalting Jesus. I pray for another fruitful harvest as you go forward in Sacramento. I stand with you for whole gangs to come to Jesus together – I believe these are ready made churches just waiting to be touched by God.Thank you for your ministry.

  6. lordswarrior111

    Thank you, Mario, for your insightful comments about the present day situation in America. Obviously to me at least, the comment trolls are out even in this website to spread the lies about the election and President Trump while Biden is raised as a paragon of perfection. As usual you have hit a nerve and are right on target. Not backing down. I stand with you and all others who realize the critical nature of restoring free and fair elections in America and overturning the evil manifested in the 2020 elections.

  7. Phillip D Beatty

    Yes,Bro. Mario! It is pitiful & pethetic to watch or hear Biden. He not only evil & uncapable of leading, but he has one foot in the grave & the other in the nursing home! I wish people would wake up & get a brain to what is going on! Trump is not a perfect man , but look at his tract record as president! I AM SICK OF IGNORANT ,NIAVE SO CALLED CHRISTIANS THAT HAVE NO SENSE OR DISCERMENT!!!

  8. Sandra

    Thank you very much for that encouraging word! May we all return to the wall now, everyone to his work.

  9. Anne

    Mario, we really appreciate you and your blog. Keep up the good fight.

  10. Roger Culwell

    Amen sir the Church has to stand and speak out, but they still telling me on Twitter to hold my peace, even though things are going to pieces, and the only peace they will have soon, if they don’t learn to stand and fight and do spiritual warfare,will be in pieces for they are destroying everything they can, and we must insist Congress repeal sec 230 and take power away from big tech and stop ballots accept for the one’s who are not able to get to the polls, we must have election integrity restored, or these tyrants will keep on, but we are suppose to be sweet and nice and let them run over us the church of today says, they holler they are Christ like if we were Christ like as many claim we would not be losing this nation or the church would not have been taken prisoner, we been lying and its time we repent and really be Christ like instead of faking it, we need to be come like Christ and the Apostles and change the world, instead of the word. God Bless you sir good word

  11. Aaron Jackson

    Modern church dwellers lack the patience to watch and pray.
    If it’s not instant gratification it’s not worthy of consideration.
    The Election situation is a perfect scenario to expose the lack of spiritual endurance and the abundance of carnality not only in the laity but in the ministry.
    But….I want to mention this..
    And can anyone concur?
    A serious issue is discerning weather or not a claim is conspiracy theory driven demonic propaganda.
    It is an issue because if it’s latched onto and delivered to a congregation through a pastor to his people the odds are in most congregations the mental stability of a large portion of those folks cannot handle it and once the devils payload blows up in that segment of the church the potential for rebellion is elevated.
    I love Mario’s way of handling these topics because he receives info and prays, at that point it’s no longer just stats and info it becomes weaponry after its filtered through the Holy Ghost that I can share.
    I have no problem sharing Mario’s posts.
    But some other people that are called prophets😐?
    Although I enjoy certain aspects of there ministry it’s hart to share any of there stuff because they may say something worthy of sharing and turn around to say some bizarre thing that discredits them.
    I find it frustrating.

  12. Bridget E.

    I pray Luke 8:17 daily – that the hidden things regarding the 2020 stolen election, the Capitol Breach, and the Covid/vaccine conspiracy and cover-up will be brought out into the open for all to see.

  13. Terri

    I’m in Illinois praying for you in California. Two of my children live there

  14. kingskid48

    Skywatch has been doing an expose on the sad state of the Church and of many Christians, and sadly Mark and Scott are indicative of the problem, if, indeed, they are actually Christians. The person who said here that the Church is in a worse state than we thought if these two are Christians is absolutely right.

    Either way, they need to fall on their faces before the Cross.

    Pastor Mario, you must be doing well if you are picking up trolls. When the devil shows his hand in such an obvious way, we are doing something right..

  15. n9nwo

    what G-D is doing is toughening us up. Just just to win a battle but to endure to win the war. We are being prepared to purge the left from America. Just as Israel was to purge the Promise Land.

    • Loyd

      n9nwo, please use your real name: Greg Dean. This will confirm that GOD has toughened you up.

  16. Roberta Rooks

    Thank you for continuing to speak truth. Praying for you , for God’s people to stand strong in truth, and for God’s sovereign intervention in this nation and in Israel

  17. John Mark

    i want to encourage Mario’s faithful readers to ignore those who want to post on this blog for strife and debate purposes. The Lord knows those who are His, and those who are not. Satan’s work is to cast doubt on the integrity of God and God’s people. This will be my first and last comment concerning those who want to begin posting here to stir up strife. God’s people should have known they would be coming, and after this moment I do not intend to give any of them the time of day. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into it. Just recognize it for what it is, and let God deal with it.

    • Aaron Jackson

      John Mark
      I’m surprised it’s been this tame on the Blog.
      The ankle biters like Mark and Scott that get on here and try to lure Mario into giving them attention for debate and lie about there posts being censored are not worth engaging because they are full of religious spirits.
      The kind that twist your words.
      Snakes 🐍

    • Darlene W

      Well said. Give it no place.

    • kingskid48

      You are right, John Mark. It’s definitely better to ignore them.

  18. Darlene W

    Too many trolls. 🤦🏻‍♀️Just like the devil to cause bickering and division to distract from the Truth that was presented here. I believe in miracles too,Mario. I as reading Isaiah 26 v 9-12 Amp. Bible just before I read this. It fits in too. I love the visual of the ditch!!

    • T.J.

      Mark, you should know that many of us here have been preparing for this fight for decades. Mario has been a faithful general and has been giving us tactical intelligence also for decades. Your feeble attempts to sow discord, disunity and to interfere with this Army, have faltered, crashed and burned. And here is why:
      Prov 18:2
      A [closed-minded] fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his personal opinions [unwittingly displaying his self-indulgence and his stupidity]. AMP

      In case you’re unclear, you are the fool.

  19. Mark

    It is interesting how so-called Christians do not like to engage with opposing views. Instead they right-off any opposing views as being from the devil. That ends the conversation. Very cultish.

    • Aaron Jackson

      what do you care?

    • Loyd

      Mark, look in the mirror and eat what you serve. You observe lying vanities and forfeit the grace that could be yours.

    • jksassy

      Mark, stop. Just stop. You are embarrassing yourself with a complete lack of knowledge and discernment. I would tell you with kindness to get on your knees and repent. It is the only way to save yourself at this point. And open a bible! You would be surprised what you gain by reading and digesting the Word of GOD! You can’t just say a few Christian words here and there and call yourself a Christian! And shame on you for disrespecting a true Man of GOD, Mario Marillo, whose YEARS of work saving souls and healing the sick go way beyond your level of understanding. GOD sees and hears you. You will not be favored by GOD through your hurtful words. The Lord hates strife and those who provoke it. Repent!

  20. Aaron Jackson

    What kind of person goes out of there way to a website and enter the blog of a minister they obviously don’t agree with and badmouth there viewpoint.
    Either there motive is nefarious or the lack of maturity and self awareness is chronic.
    No one here is delusional enough to believe that Scott or Mark would yield to any argument regardless of its merits.
    That’s why it’s not worth engaging.
    The cool thing is people here will actually pray for these blokes and not just say they will pray for them.
    I say to those with only an intellectual argument beware you may be asking for than you are bargaining for.

    • Scott

      I just found it odd that a pastor would get involved in political activism and portray one party/side as good and the other evil. Even more odd to choose Trump as a beacon of good when even his supporters acknowledge he is a deeply flawed individual. IMO, what the Bible says about lack of humility has been the continued source of many of Trump problems.

      • Aaron jackson

        It’s odd that the both of you find your way here at the same time or are you guys the same person.
        Sorry if I didn’t use your preferred pronoun “Guys is a loose term” hope your ok with that?

      • Darlene W

        It is not about President Trump. He is not the savior. It’s about the harvest and lost souls being brought into the kingdom of God. People are going to hell and eternal damnation we can’t let that happen. The price paid was too great. We must speak out wherever whenever and in whatever area.

    • Loyd

      Aaron, you just laid the ax to the root of their motivations. You can’t teach stupid. Well done Aaron. Well done.

      • Aaron Jackson

        Thanks loyd God bless

  21. Mark

    Hi Aaron, What kind of a pesron? I care about the testimony of Jesus Christ and find it to be a terrible and shameful testimony for Christians that support Trump and propagate his lies including his BIG lie about who won the election. I am willing to have a cordial debate that is “fact based” regarding Trump and how Evangelical Christians have shamed the good name of Jesus Christ by supporting this “wolf in sheep clothing”. That is what motivates me. Do you have a problem with my heart’s intentions?

    • Loyd

      Mark, YOU are the loud mouth punk who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. YOU are the Biden Butt Kisser who bows to this lying criminal who knows the election was stolen, but you are too stupid to acknowledge the obvious.

    • jksassy

      Mark, I have a HUGE problem with your hearts intentions!! Mainly that your heart is not pure. You must be a very bored and pathetic person to troll a blog of a TRUE MAN OF GOD. Once again. Stop. Just stop. For heavens sake. We are NOT here to debate, but to lift Mario up for the incredible work he is doing in winning souls and healing people. Find another way to vent. Doing on here is beyond ridiculous.

  22. Mark

    Christian Evangelical confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values. Evangelical Christians display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes. The effect is strongest for desired outcomes, for emotionally charged issues, and for deeply entrenched beliefs.

    Know Thyself
    Search my heart Lord.
    Humble yourself before the Lord

    • Aaron jackson

      I notice you use the term “Evangelical Christian” as a party to whom you do not identify.(Freudian slip)
      Interesting way to express yourself at the end closing statements (autobiographical projection)
      You are not as intelectual as your trying to portray yourself (leftist Neo liberal profile)
      Your in the wrong forum to pull this nonsense no one is buying what your selling.

      • Loyd

        Aaron, you just put the nails in the coffin for Mark (Scott)! This clown just doesn’t know when to cease making a fool of himself!

        • Aaron Jackson

          They wanted Mario to come here and engage them and then twist his words to post it someplace I bet it’s some guy with a YouTube channel.

  23. Greg Strom

    Mario… maybe best to ban these trolls ? They Took up a lot of time and energy here on the comments and they are just trying to cause discord and disunity. Who knows that they aren’t paid by the Democratic Party ?
    Causing confusion amongst those who are not well established in the faith. Just a thought

    • Mark

      Hi Greg. I actually expect to get censored from this website. Evangelical Christians “fear” engaging in an open conversation that opposes their views. Opposing views are a threat to their security blanket. I am not a Democrat or am I being paid by that party. Your concerns about me appear to be very cultish. Why do you think that allowing other train of thoughts about the Chritsian faith as being a bad thing? Discussing different views are how human being grow together but you some how view it as a threat to unity. All I am interested in is having is a “fact based” discussion on the topic that Mario has brought up about Trump and voter fraud. It appears that you think that is a terrible thing and that anyone with an opposing view should be censored.

  24. Mark

    I want to thank Mario Murillo ministry for allowing me to post opposing views on this site. I hope that I at the very least planted in the minds of fellow believers a questioning of their beliefs about Trump.  I have considered and think it would be best if I self-censor myself from this site. I will abstain from commenting on this site unless I am invited to. Thank you all for listening. Again, thank you Mario Murillo ministry.


    • Loyd

      Mark is now having a pity party. Mark your guilt manipulation attempt is pathetic. You attack Trump and Mario and then start blowing smoke with some sicky sweet verbalized religious garbage. Persecution complex perhaps?

      • Aaron jackson

        “unless he is invited” 🙄

        • soljerblue

          I think Mark and any others who think as he does should be allowed free access to this site and its comments section. Wrong ideas and twisted logic — even when those things hide behind biblical phrasing or quotes — are best aired so their falsehoods are exposed as widely as possible. We know that Satan quotes Scripture. So also do his minions.

  25. Aaron jackson

    Hey everyone this may seem weird and off topic but I feel an urgency to pray for a certain musician and I know God has given Mario access to other musicians in the past (Bob Dylan)
    I have been sensing an urgency to pray for John Mayer recently.

  26. Mary Wilson

    Wonderful blog Mario, as always. We absolutely do need to get to the bottom of the fradulent election and I know we will. God is digging a ditch and I’m sure it’s a great big one!!! Thank you for always revealing the truth and for the hope you provide to the multitude.

  27. Wordforworld

    The LORD is known by the judgment he executes: and in the Name of Jesus: WE THANK YOU, LORD THAT
    the heathen are sunk in the pit they made,
    the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands;
    they are taken in the devices they have imagined,
    And The LORD shall bring upon them their own iniquity, &
    shall cut them off in their own wickedness;
    So be it, amen.
    Praise be to God!

    We need agreement in prayer as one in Christ.

  28. NewHeavenOnEarth

    I am not able to like this post or like comments here, like I used to be able on WordPress; I am no longer able to see the comments or make a comment on WordPress, and for a long time this blog did not even show up in my feed. Now it is showing up but I am not able to share it to my WordPress site. I was also unable to reach this website for quite a while; it just wouldn’t open, while any other website would. It makes me think there are powers that be who do not want this blog read, liked, commented on, or shared.
    Having said that, I see the antichrist spirits are out in force, and want their “way that seems right” pushed, by backing a stolen election, tolerating corruption and compromised politicians who also tolerate killing babies in the womb, even up to and after birth if their evil was not successful the first time; pushing radical Marxist theories; pushing socialism, making people dependent on government, not God; following false religion and counterfeit spirits and false prophets of the media instead of asking Holy Spirit who God our Father anointed and appointed to return America to a republic under God with God-given unalienable RIGHTS for all who come here LEGALLY, not under the guise, mask, deception of the far left wanting to make tax payers, who are already hurting because of the illegal shut down, pay for free everything for government-dependent illegals, so the far left don’t have to keep stealing elections, killing dissenters, and destroying reputations of real, uncompromised politicians, scientist, and doctors whose scientific evidence is being suppressed, hidden, canceled, so they can take and keep power they didn’t earn and is not of God but the god of this world under the influence of the spirit of the world: ERROR. The far left can only keep power if they SUPPRESS the Truth of God and suppress the truth of the 2020 election.
    I am glad to see you are still blogging and still following the Spirit of Truth, even when it is not popular with the left or the world. Thank you MMM for standing strong on the Word of Truth and following the Spirit of Truth!

  29. Darlene W

    The revelation and insight in this blog is such a blessing. God has always had this. And I am thankful He is opening our eyes to see His plan. The Lord God is my strength,my personal bravery and my invincible army. He makes my feet like hinds feet and will make me to walk(not stand still in terror,but walk) and make spiritual progress upon my high places. Thank you Mario for further igniting the fire. Not playing offense, not standing still.

  30. Linda C

    Preach it, Brother Mario!! May truth prevail and all corruption be revealed!!




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