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If you believe in the covenant that God made with America—if you are a patriot with Pentecostal fire—if you believe in prophets, and if you believe Trump still has a destiny in America, then listen up!

It is time to drop the label of remnant. We are no longer a remnant. A remnant does not have this many members. This is a mighty army!

Back in the day we were huddled in secretive prayer meetings. Leftists and popular pastors made fun of us. There was a time when admitting you are one of “them” was risky. There was a time when you could feel the isolation of our movement.

The roar they can’t ignore

You are longer isolated. Today, you are the roar they can’t ignore.

You are among those who rightly interpret Romans 13. The scales fell off your eyes. You resist evil government. You walk in love toward mankind, but in holy rage toward devils.

You are no longer a marginalized subculture. You are a force in American culture. You and I are no longer a smoldering ember that Facebook or YouTube can smother. The flames of reformation have jumped their walls.


Many assumed the Capital Riots would kill our movement.

On January 6th, what the devil meant for evil, backfired. He believed that the Capital riots  had finally brought a death rattle to our movement. Satan laughed with delight. He thought we were discredited, defeated, and dead.  Remember how dark it felt? Then the lie began to die.

The Left lost its mind condemning a riot that was infiltrated and abetted by agents from their own side. Worse yet, they fully ignored the evil of the BLM/Antifa riots that saw 14,000 arrests, caused $ 1.5 billion in damages, and took 25 lives.

The Left looked even more deranged by calling it ‘the worst riot ever’. Some on the Left have even said that Jan. 6th was worse than 9-11, where thousands died! America asked, “How can you say that? The damage and death from the capital riots, while awful, was miniscule beside what happened to Portland, Oregon and dozens of other cities.’

Thus, our movement revived. Polls show a growing number of Americans oppose abortion-on- demand, open borders, church lockdowns, and forced vaccinations. They also believe the presidential election was stolen by voter fraud. When you factor in the control that state media has over polls, it is amazing that we know anything about these trends. And the percentages of those who know the truth must be much greater than they will admit.

Here are the biggest reasons for me to discard the remnant label:

-This blog. In the last month they have thrown everything at this blog to stop it. That is why you see it sporadically. But even with all of the glitches and shutdowns, I am stunned. This blog which began with just 12 people reading it, is about to reach 16 million views! There is no version of that that can be called a remnant!

-There are conferences and events that declare revival and reformation. They are overflowing. Some of them are forced to move out of churches into major arenas, in order to accommodate the crowds.

-Fires are breaking out in every corner of our nation. Patriotic Christians are meeting in churches, barns, community centers, homes, schools, parks, at flag poles, and even in restaurants.

We are a popular uprising—not a remnant.

Acts 2:46-47, “So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.”

Pray for Living Proof Sacramento




  1. Judy Swindle

    Yes and amen! We must stand up and roar!

    • Melissa

      Yes and Amen. Glory to God in the highest.

      • Marcella A grateful servant of God from Canada

        God Bless and Thank You Mario

        • Darrel Parks

          God bless we must stand up like Lions and pray daily.

        • Paul Fletcher

          God Bless you Mario. I’m new to your blog about one month now. You are inspiring me to make a stand against the evil around us. I have been a side line Christian all my life but you have gotten me into the battle. I believe the Good Lord lead me to being a regular viewer of Flash Point. Where I was introduced you and the other great faithful leaders. I thank God for your leadership.

          • Yvette Miller

            God bless . As one. Glory to God.

          • Anita Froman

            Holy Spirit come…demonstrate the goodness and power of God with healing…deep transforming Godly sorrow leading to a transformed life filled with the Holy Spirit…Father we need you like air…reveal Jesus and the cross…and Christ in us the hope of Glory…only you can breathe life into the dead bones…come Holy Spirit like a flood…give present day Pentecost…awaken us Oh God.

        • Debra

          This is time where those sitting on the fence about God will need to jump to the side where the field will burn or the side that will be a soothing quiet for their soul. We should all be standing in that beautiful field shouting for them to come and find peace and love through Jesus our King! The fence is collapsing. Choose the right side and jump!

          • Wordforworld

            Agree w/you, Debra! In the Name of Jesus, we call out of the darkness all those souls that the Father promised to His Son, before the world was! OUT of the darkness!
            INTO the kingdom of Father’s dear Son, in whom we have remission of sin, in His Blood.
            We say, Father! Great and gracious! THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!
            Amen, so be it.

        • Donna Kinsley

          Praise God for you, Mario! You are truly God’s anointed servant. His mighty fire is on you whenever you speak.

      • Carol S Ronning

        Yes, we are so grateful for this blog and your truth. You are our faithful brother and we stand with you.

      • Beverly

        Praise be to Jesus . We will stand up for His Word to go though this world with the mighty name of Jesus for the lost and hurting and the once that feel no one cares. We do as believer we stand and share Gods word in fasting & prayer. And tell people about His love for them and He will except you just the way you are. We have all been there and know we are a live with Jesus.

        • Debbie

          Amen Mario! Keeping you in our prayers.

    • Brenda

      Yes and Amen. All Glory and Honor and Praise Goes to our Father. Release the Glory! Amen

    • dadsgirl52

      Powerful message! Amen dear brother!!!????

    • dianetelles

      Hallelujah! The Lord God is Mighty!!!!
      America shall be saved and the giants shall fall!

    • Dion

      Thank you Mario for your ministry and my wife and I are praying for you and your family daily keep up the good work in God. Dion Hindson

    • Joyce Miller

      Yes Amen

    • Kathy Barr

      Yes yes amen… thank you Jesus for you … I look forward to seeing your blog … your books I believe good will reveal… I am a Christian patriot… I believe that God is working for the good ????‍♀️????????????‍♀️

    • Jerry Wood

      Yes, Mario, n we must through prayer n boldness of the Spirit press the battle against the enemy of our soul. Christ’s Church will prevail. PTL!

      Alaska Wilderness Missions

    • Julie

      My Pentecostal grandmother is raising her hands, speaking in tongues , dancing in the aisle, in Heaven ! Praise God!

    • justicetruthwarrior


    • Mary S.

      The sleeping giant is definitely awakening! Praise the Lord for the coming of the most powerful awakening that the world has ever seen! Thank you for standing in CA, Mario!

      • Bob Quinn

        God made America great! Through believing the gospel of Jesus Christ and faithfully serving the Lord, none of our enemies could stand before our God! He is our strength, our shield, our exceedingly great reward! If we are led by the Holy Spirit, victory will always be ours! Trust in Almighty God! He who abides in the secret place of the Most High will dwell in the shadow of the Almighty!

    • MikeDAG

      This country is being judged by God forget it it’s all over

      • Thomas

        It’s not over until the trumpet sounds.

    • Richard D Rosier

      What I don’t understand is why aren’t ministries talking about the mark of the beast v.s. this vax?on the other note Mario’s Fresno meeting was outstanding. See first hand a brother getting called out healed and a specific word spoken about him. Praise God for Mario’s loud bold voice for truth and honesty. But even better revival of the unchurched getting born again.

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez

      as Greg Locke, Ken Peters, Matt Shea, Coach Dave Daubenmire, many others are roaring!!!

  2. Danna

    Amen! Cannot love the truth of this enough! He in us is MIGHTY! Our AWESOME GOD…HE REIGNS! John 8:32 and Luke 8:17!

    • Edward Karl Schenk

      Mario, Your first sentence: “If you believe in the covenant that God made with America—…”
      Please show me in Scripture where it says “GOD made a covenant with America”

      • Louie


      • Di

        • Edward Karl Schenk

          That is as is printed: “America’s Covenant with God”
          It is NOT ‘GOD’s covenant with America’
          There IS a difference!

      • Chris

        If it were in the Bible he would’ve simply said, we know God made covenant with America. Have you ever received a rhema word? Do you think everything God has ever done is written in the Bible? John, I believe it was, said that all the books in the world couldn’t contain the works of Jesus. That’s easily interpreted as the 33 year life of the son of man. Infinite more are the works of God in his glory. I think your heart is in the right place. We should never base our doctrine on anything not in the Bible. That’s why I say and why Mario said, if you believe. Not believing that holds no bearing on salvation but there’s also nothing in the Bible compelling us to abandon our country to the left. No other country outside of Israel was created and devoted to God on inception. I believe God honors that dedication and there is much to be said about Gods hand on this country. Everyone knows America has made many grievous mistakes but she has dispensed the gospel. I call you blessed in Yeshua Jesus’s name. Have a great day brother.

      • Wordforworld

        Ps 9
        The nations that forget My Name will be turned in to hell!
        Have WE forgotten His Name?

        1king 8:28-30 all who pray toward His Holy place, He will hear and forgive.

        In God we trust

        2Chr 7:14 if MY PEOPLE, CALLED BY MY NAME, humble themselves, pray, seek My face, turn from their wicked ways; THEN
        I WILL HEAR from Heaven,
        I WILL forgive their sin
        I WILL heal their land.

        Did we vote wrong platform? Do we still support ungodly venues? Do we frequent those businesses that support abortion? Have we called on all levels of government to honor God? Have we abandoned pastimes that support ungodly entities? Turned from our wicked ways? Have we searched for truth?

      • Gail Neer

        Many people of God made a covenant with God in the Scriptures and God took them seriously and joined in with that covenant. You only need to read American history to see the various ones (sometimes they were individuals and sometimes they were groups of people) that made a covenant with the Lord. Covenants with God are interlaced all through the history of our nation along with the sacred founding documents of our country. When God enters into a covenant, He does not break covenant.

      • Jeff R

        This is incongruous. It is also a logical fallacy. I can’t imagine a real Christian saying something so spiritually obtuse, so I’ll assume you’re another troll sent to try to cause chaos.
        You all try to talk the talk. You use some lingo. You throw in a few “buzz words” and some snappy pseudo-hermeneutics, and you think you’ll just blend right in. But you’re the spiritual equivalent of three dogs in a trench coat and a fedora.
        You all don’t walk the walk, and it shows.

      • Jeff R

        This is incongruous. It is also a logical fallacy. I can’t imagine a real Christian saying something so spiritually obtuse, so I’ll assume you’re another troll sent to try to cause chaos.
        You all try to talk the talk. You use some lingo. You throw in a few “buzz words” and some snappy pseudo-hermeneutics and you think you’ll just blend right in. But you’re the spiritual equivalent of three dogs in a trench coat and a fedora.
        You all don’t walk the walk, and it shows.

      • Jeff R

        This is incongruous, not to mention a logical fallacy. I can’t imagine a real Christian saying something so spiritually obtuse, so I’m assuming you’re another troll sent to try to cause chaos.
        You all try to talk the talk. You practice the lingo. You throw in some “buzz words” and some snappy pseudo-hermeneutics, and you think you’ll just blend right in, but you’re the spiritual equivalent of three dogs in a trench coat and a fedora.
        You don’t have the walk, and it shows.

        • Jeff R

          I guess anything worth saying is worth saying three times. Apologies for my glitchy internet.

      • RAFO

        Hey Ed, you don’t know much about American history do you?? You don’t think God could make a covenant with a nation, or a people, past the last chapter of Revelation?? Where have you been, under a rock? What was the Mayflower Compact for goodness sake? What does it say in our Declaration of Independence? You must be a product of our public brainwashing centers. Go read some RELIABLE history then come back to this discussion armed with the correct ammunition.

        • Edward Karl Schenk

          It is:
          “America’s Covenant with God”
          It is NOT ‘GOD’s covenant with America’
          There IS a difference!

          • Kevan

            Ed, you keep repeating – “There is a difference” – without further explanation. Readers may be interested in what you think the difference is between God initiating a covenant as opposed to the American colonists covenanting with God. Your questioning of where is the Scripture for America’s covenant is abstruse and
            for the sake of clarity for all, below is the root meaning of ‘covenant’:

            The term “covenant” is of Latin origin (con venire), meaning a coming together. It presupposes two or more parties who come together to make a contract, agreeing on promises, stipulations, privileges, and responsibilities. [from]

            Therefore unless you explain your angst over who authored the covenant between God and America, readers are left to guess what you are thinking. All disciples of Jesus should already know that the only perfect covenant is the one God makes with Himself.
            All other covenants where man is included can only stay together when man obeys the instructions as in 2Chron. 7:14 – in a word – repentance, as Wordforworld pointed out in his comment earlier.
            I believe this blog is an attempt to rally the Christians to know that God has accepted our cries of repentance and to show us how and when to take higher spiritual ground in keeping the covenant intact.

    • Alyce Prewett

      Amen Mario!! Together we stand and roar as lions into the darkness and Gods Glory is once again beginning to shine across America! Then around the world!! No longer a remnant but the mighty Army of God!!????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️

  3. Linda Martin

    United We Stand!

    • Leland Pollock


  4. P.Baker

    Yes ,United we stand regardless of the opposition…. satan is already defeated…he was stripped of all his power at the cross. The Blood of Jesus Christ defeated him. That is why satan hates the Blood being used and talked about because it finished him off. We now have been given all power and authority over him in the name Of The Lord Jesus Christ.
    And we need to use it often. We are a powerful Army moving forward.
    Good word Brother Mario.

  5. Julia

    Your posts are amazing Mario! God truly speaks through you!
    It’s such an inspiration to me to read them when they post and to watch you on Flashpoint!!
    Thank you ????

  6. Amalia

    Satan is a defeated toothless foe under our feet. People of God the roar of the rising Mighty Army of God is getting louder & louder???????? Hallelujah???? Our Jesus is on the Throne! I am “Praising God” in the mist of everything???????????? Get Ready Get Ready for the Army of the Living God is on the move????????✝️ Listen can you hear it????????????????❤️????

    • char mundy

      Your blog is amazing But since the format changed I have difficulty getting to them. Usually it spins and spins but doesn’t download. When it was pasted into my email I could read it easily and without having to access another site. Now the font is hard for old eyes to see.

  7. Okke

    Darkness can never win against light. Let alone the LIGHT.

  8. Eleanor Barwick

    I am so thankful for your ministry and the truth you speak. May God continually bless you and your ministry. We pray for all God’s men and women on the frontlines. I share all things, but often I am censored however, that does not stop me.

  9. d48day

    I believe there are more of us then there are of them and certainly if HE is for us WHO can be against us?

  10. Doug Spurling

    For the Peace of the nation, David willingly walked away, when Absalom, had a fraudulent election.

    How long did David willingly stay away?

    3-4 years.

    Little by little, the people united, day by day their eyes were opened.

    Multitudes gathered. Mighty Men of valor, engaged.

    Until with one voice, the will of God became the will of the people, and the rightful king, took his rightful place.

    And the nation was blessed, to the glory of God.

    “Even in times past, while Saul was king over us, you were the one who led…”
    2 Samuel 5:2

  11. Marrion

    So happy to hear what God is doing! “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

  12. Roger Culwell

    amen good word, I heard this morning, [I got a word this morning the Church will be led out of bondage, and will return to his words and keep his commands and teach them to their children, and turn and not worship the unclean things of other Gods and will love and honor only him with all their hearts, he has chosen some one, and satan will be put in his place!. God Bless you sir

  13. Pamela Fedrizzi

    Started posting your blog on GETTR… great platform…

  14. Tia

    Yes!!! ????????????

  15. Susan Sharp

    What wonderful encouragement. God is on the move!

  16. Summer Breeze

    What wonderful encouragement. God is on the move!

  17. Wordforworld

    Whoooeeey! Saints, if 1 can chase a thousand, & 2 can chase 10,000…,

    Let’s do it, let’s magnify the LORD JESUS!

    In His mighty Name, we call the house of the wicked OVERTHROWN, the throne of iniquity CUT OFF, and the workers of iniquity scattered!! The LORD has sent out His harvesting angels to thresh the evil platforms to dust! The wicked have lost their resources, their strength is departed from them! They are bread for us!

    Praise God, blessed be His Name forever!

  18. John Powelson

    Even 16 million is not enough. This country, United States of America, was founded by Christians for God and Christians. According to the statistics We, Christians, are somewhere between 65% and 75% of the population. That is on the low end 208 Million Souls and the high end 240 Million. We all need to do our job and wake up the sleeping Christians and get them activated for Christ and his ways over those of the Secular/Satanist/Sodomites/Socialist/Communist/Globalist ways of life. If we expect God to protect US we must at least stand up in our capacity of Sovereign voter and overseer of our political and legal systems given to US by the Grace of God through the efforts of our founding fathers who bled and died to obtain our freedoms and liberty through several wars. If we fail to do even the simple safe things like electing better Political Representatives and Judges that won’t under cut our Christian Heritage and our rights as Christians in our own lands we don’t deserve to be saved and favored by God’s great hand and love. Let US all get off the couch and into the Battle to save our Christian Country for God’s great glory and prove our love and gratitude for all he does and has done for US and I am sure he will Bless US again, all we need do is repent our slothful ways and get in the fight. This is our Come to Jesus moment don’t fail God, US or yourself in picking up the Sword of Righteousness bringing all others you can into the battle with you

    • Etta Danielson

      Praying for you and all involved in the Sacramento revival.

    • Wordforworld

      John, perhaps you overlooked the exponentially increased numbers that ONE can accomplish, in JESUS’ NAME!. Then the exponential results of TWO to put ten thousand to flight, all because of the LORD’s Presence!
      This is good news.
      The power of agreement is not a man-made idea.
      The power of the Anointed One and His Anointing on His children is marvelous.

      16 million, that’s some “remnant.” That’s as Mario says, is a Mighty Army of God’s, and on the move.
      Praise God.

  19. Claudia MacPhee


  20. Wordforworld

    Whoooeeeey!! If 1 can chase a thousand, & 2 can chase 10,000…

    Let’s do this, saints!!
    When the Body of Christ finally says the LORD’s Word, He will work with & confirm His Word with signs following!

    Let’s Say what He said! Isa 14, “take up this proverb agst the king of Babylon saying ‘how the oppressor ceased, the golden city ceased! The LORD has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of rulers’”!

    We’re told to say continually: “God be magnified which takes pleasure in the prosperity of His saints!”
    God, be magnified!!!

  21. Dan

    I just want to say thank you Mario for daily encouragement to us who believe that this country was founded on Jesus Christ . I Pastor a small church and I believe that the church needs to stand now like maybe never before in its God given authority to come against this tyranny and spirit of anti-christ that is not only trying to take over our nation, but the whole world. I have been outspoken about this and as such I have lost some members of the church, however I refuse to succumb to the tactics and persecution of the leftist socialist agenda. Following your blog helps keep me strong and I do believe that we need to keep up the good fight, and keep proclaiming the word of God – the true word of God to the world.
    Thank you.

  22. Elyce

    Thank God we are not a remnant but a force of justice and righteousness for God. We are overcomes.
    Thank you Mario for standing strong and giving the messages we all need yo hear.

  23. lordswarrior111

    Thank you, Mario and all of your ministry. Most encouraging to know that we are not a few, but many who desire to see the outpouring of God’s spirit in a Third Great Awakening! Praying for Living Proof Sacramento and great harvest of souls. God make all your efforts on behalf of the Kingdom of God prosperous, blessed and successful!

  24. arnoldfishman

    Mario, it is very difficult to access this blog site–often will not open. Either Satan does not want Christians to read it or maybe a simple reason—more bandwidth needed which means more dollars into the web operations. If you need dollars for this, please let readers know. thanks for everything.

  25. Conita

    The Roar of His body is not the only Roar that can be heard, two weeks ago, I heard the Roar of The Lion of The Tribe of Judah, audibly. A few days ago, as I was praying and applying the Blood of Jesus to my property etc. I heard in my spirit, look up and I could sense the angels of the Lord all around. I heard two words, Battle Cry ! It is time to start running towards the enemy, not away from him with the praises of God in our mouths and the sword of His Word In Hand…ready. It is time to be the Church, not just attend Church. We are His Bride, He is coming soon and the blemishes and spots are coming off. It is time to be one in Him, to Unite and to be in one accord, when His people Unite and sing His praise with One Voice..His power will fall in ways that we have only imagined and cannot imagine. It is time..It is time…It is time.

  26. Clair Davis

    Mario, I love you messages and can’t wait to read the next one. I watch Flashpoint every week & love listening to all of you. I have been reading your comments and had the same problem with not being able to access your blog until someone suggested I switch to duckduckgo as my back up browser. Just & download it or download the app on your phone. Then type in whatever email service you use & it opens fine. I have been using for about a week and no problems so far. God bless you Mario as I know God will do great things thru you Have you in my prayers as CA will be the epicenter of revival

  27. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    Our confidence is in our God, and we will follow Him, few or many! Advance at the Roar!

  28. David Rios

    These blogs are so amazing! Inspiring! Thank you Mario!

  29. Jeff

    Thank you Mario! May the fire of His Holy Spirit fill you to overflow again and again…

  30. Tricia Sims

    Praise the Lord for millions reading your blog which proves our God is greater than the opposition! Praying for you and your ministry daily Mario! Thank you for your steadfastness!????✝️

  31. kingskid48

    Thank you for such a wonderful, encouraging blog, Pastor Mario. So thrilling to read.

    I think we were in danger of becoming just a remnant, but I do believe many in the Church are finally wakening. It took the bizarre state of the culture, education, and government, I guess, to finally scare them enough to turn back to God. And of course, the fact that God has sent us your crusades, blog, and appearances with other prophetic people at this time.

    To those who believe that 16 million is an unimpressive number, remember we are told in Scripture, ‘Despise not small beginnings”.. Zech. 4:10. 16 million already, after beginning with 12 readers: That’s a staggering number.

    Praise God for every single person who is waking to the call of God to bring in the Harvest.

  32. Marleen

    Thank you for this blog. Keep praying and seeking and pulling down the principalities and powers of spiritual wickedness! We are with you. To God be the glory!

  33. Moriyah


  34. david k. martin

    Yeshua’s Shofar will be heard >

  35. NickT

    Amen Mario! Way to fire us up! Great words for God’s movement! Yes, we are the roar they can’t ignore. Wow 16 million views, awesome! This is God moving on his people we will never give up on or shut up and declare revival and reformation.

    To quote Bonhoffer again ( sorry I’m 1/2 German and have been reading his awesome book.

    ” Serious Christians in Nazi Germany were at war with something that was unrepentantly EVIL, that would not listen to reason ( from the Nazi’s) and the REAL Christian’s WOULD NOT COMPROMISE!.

    Our new false Government needs to go, and what the did and are doing is wrong.
    President Trump won and needs to be put back into office and all the others that they stole our vote also!
    God send revival and reformation and use your people. Amen

    • Marvy

      We bind you satan and all your cohorts, in the name of Jesus. Our mighty God sustains and equips us for He has promised that, “The gates of hell will not prevail against the church.” “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29.

  36. Janice P

    Still: There are those of us who ARE in a remnant situation – locally, within our community/group – often, it “feels” lonely, we are alone in having received our gift of tongues and/or being able to discern the hands of the Lord at work – regardless of how things look. We press in, praying for the glory of God to be poured out – undeniably – upon ALL flesh! Hasten The Day!

  37. RL Perrin

    Excellent word Mario, for such a time as this, if not now then when, if not you then who?


    I’m sure that you remember this one ….. :RIGHT ON!!!!!
    Outstanding, brother … OUTSTANDING!
    Please don’t ever stop with the TRUTH … wether it hurts or not.

    God Bless you, your family and your wonderful ministry

  39. Hazel

    Oh how we appreciate you so very much Pastor Maurio. Please don’t stop your blogs. They keep us informed and give encouragement and show us how we need to pray. God continued blessings and protection over you and your family.

  40. Bridget E.

    Yes! I will stop using the term “remnant.” That is not an accurate term for a group as large as we are.

  41. Greg Dean

    It is not a remnant. Millions have not bowed their knee to Ba’al.

  42. Etta Danielson

    Praying for you & all helping you in this outreach

  43. Victoria

    You stated, “This blog began with “12”. Jesus began with 12! The number of authority! Praise the Lord!

    • Wordforworld

      Cool thought, Victoria! That’s why it’s also exciting to know the “exponential increase” principle that’s sprinkled throughout Scripture:
      Sow A seed to expect HARVEST.
      What man sows, that shall he reap.
      One can chase a thousand, 2 can chase 10,000!
      Give to others, there’s a bunch coming back!
      We expect the exponential for MMM and New Season Church for every good seed sown, in Jesus’ Name, amen. Blessings!




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