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Intellectual pedophiles want to expose your child to all kinds of perversion and to their vile sex acts. And they are banking on the church to just look the other way. There is no doubt the next phase of the LGBTQ agenda is to sexualize children. Now, they claim exposing children to sex acts fights racism and homophobia. That is is their camouflage.

They want to expose them to all kinds of sex acts. Here is what they are doing already: In many schools, they are having children act out various sexual positions, in class – as early as Kindergarten!

They want nudity in their Gay Pride parades, because they believe that it will be ‘good for your child’. You may wonder, “Who wants this? Who is outspoken about this?” Here is one, for example: a professor at Yale.

Yale University associate professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Joseph J. Fischel, blatantly endorses exposing children to public sex acts in his nauseating article titled, “Keep Pride Nude” in the Boston Review.

They believe letting Children see sex acts fights racism and homophobia.

His reasoning? He believes exposing children to kink and other deviant sex acts will combat “homophobia and racism.” Once again, we see the tried-and-true weapon of the devil being adopted by the Left: label a Christian a homophobe or a racist and they will fall silent. Tragically, it still works.

They are counting on you to be so scared of those labels that you will even sacrifice your child.

Spencer Lindquist in his article Yale Professor Wants Your Kids To See Sex At Pride Parades So They’re Not ‘Homophobes’ says this: “Fischel researches the “regulation of sex” through the lens of “queer studies” and “critical race theory,” which he uses to build his case during one of the opening paragraphs, commenting on the presence of various different deviant activities at pride parades. He writes that “anti-sex, anti-kink complaints are not only wrong but also racist and bad for children.” 

Fischel asks in his disgusting article, “Why might some ‘sex in public’ be right and good?”

Lindquist exposes Fischel’s intention: “The short answer is because refusing to embrace public sex is racist, of course. According to Fischel, ‘Bodies of color, simply by existing, were tantamount to sex in public.’ Adding that ‘Blacks were white folks’ sex public [sic],” capitalizing “Black” while leaving “white” lowercase throughout the article.”


Curiosity is the primary tool pedophiles use to groom children for sex.

Fischel goes out of his way to attack the family: “We ought to celebrate kink, butts, and boobs… especially for those kids whose opportunities and curiosities are stifled by racist violence, economic inequality, or their heterosexual nuclear family.”

Experts say curiosity is the primary tool pedophiles use to groom children for sex.  Fischel wrote about his desire to legalize sex between adults and children.  In his book titled, “Sex and Harm in the Age of Consent,” he said, “we should enact laws that would include the “decriminalization of sex…between some minors and adults,” while adding those ages 12-19 should belong to “a separate sex class under the law.”

But this week of assault on your child didn’t stop with Fischel. It includes the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, who released a video containing this lyrical threat: “We are coming after your children and you won’t even know it.” Some of the members of that group have already acted on that lyric, and have literally gone after children. An investigation showed that some of the members of that Chorus are registered sex offenders.

Cowardly Christian Influencers and lukewarm believers are silent. 

I could not sleep last night. I lay awake, thinking of my 11-month-old granddaughter. What will she face when I am no longer here for her?

I was also thinking of two elements of the Body of Christ that have caused outrage in me, and frankly, are driving me to my knees.

The first is cowardly Christian influencers who are hell-bent on self-preservation. They stand in their pulpits every Sunday morning and could easily speak out and denounce this evil―but they will not. Why should we expect them to? Because the evil of the Left threatens the very lives of the children in their congregations, that’s why!

Why should we expect them to fight for our children and grandchildren? They remained silent about same sex marriage. They did not stand against abortion. The American Church has not consistently protested against the murder of 61,000,000 babies since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973. The only thing they actually spoke out against was Trump’s ‘mean’ tweets.

The real question is, “Why are you—a soldier in God’s army—still listening to them?”

My other grief is Spirit-filled Christians binging on blessings. They want a feeling, a tantalizing word, or an exotic experience. Instead, they should be trained, equipped and sent out to destroy this threat.

Let us stop perverting the word ‘church’. Church is not merely supposed to be a Sunday morning meeting, where a people-pleasing preacher salves the guilty conscience of an apathetic audience. It is supposed to be real time of worship and a challenge to be the people God wants us to be in this present darkness.

What is real revival?

Let us also stop perverting the word ‘revival’. Revival is not a bunch of harmless noise from an artificially whipped up crowd in a church building. It is not flattering each other with alleged words from God. Revival is action where it matters! Revival is always accompanied by reformation!

Fire, for fire’s sake, is a counterfeit. Revival possesses a piercing message. It becomes a coherent strategy. It spills out of the sanctuary and confronts the local evil.  Revival is the gifts of the Spirit operating as they should destroying strongholds 2 Corinthians 10:4, “For the weapons of our warfare are not weapons of flesh and blood, but they are mighty before God for the destruction of strongholds…”

Satan, acting through woke ‘intellectuals’ such as Fischel, wants to offer your children and grandchildren to pedophiles. He is counting on you to read things like this and say, “So what?”

The SF Gay Men’s Chorus says you are so stupid and distracted that when they come for your child, “you will not even know it.”

I am saying that the Holy Spirit is calling us to an unheard-of level of the anointing of Jesus Christ in order that we may combat this debauchery.


Yes, it is a delicious free lunch. But more than that it is our final thrust with Pastors and Leaders before the tent crusade on August 8-11. The luncheon is free but you must register. Use this link to print out tickets for you and your party.


  1. NickT


    • Suzanne

      Check the history of how the Roman empire fell; there is AMAZING similarities as to what’s going on today. Nothing new under the sun. History is repeating itself. Our government is similar to the Roman/Greco system. They had open borders that led to barbarian invasions, weakened military, corruption, heightened taxation, division (Eastern, Western empires), slave trade of the barbarians, then finally after the fall of the Western empire, the Eastern empire eventually was ruled by the Ottoman empire, Islam being the ‘official religion’. Does this sound familiar? All that these socialists want to do is divide this country, raise taxes, weaken our military, increase immorality, keep open borders for the human slave trafficking trade, raise taxes to further divide us & let Sharia law become our constitution. Implode from within, just like they did on 9/11. If we don’t know where we have been, we won’t know where we are going, but doomed to repeat the Roman Empire’s fallen history.
      Thank you Mario. Stand up against this onslaught of blatant immorality. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

      • James

        Also the Romans kept the people quiet and diverted by giving them free bread and circuses. Today we have welfare programs and professional sports and entertainment. During the pandemic the churches were closed but the internet, TV and the liquor and pot stores were wide open.

      • Linnie

        Well said…thankyou

        • jackdominique925protonmailcom

          And the sad part is most went along with it not objection but following in line with it all

      • Graham

        It is important that people understand that this is part of the standard modus operandi of communists – cause chaos, set people against each other, commit evil acts and accuse the other side of evil, lie then accuse your opponent of lying, and totally ignore the suffering in all this.

        People including politicians and journalists say why don’t they understand the error of their ways, can’t they see the harm they’re doing, can’t they see how this is killing business and jobs?

        They know all this, that’s why they’re doing it. They really do not care. They simply want control because they believe Marxism and communism is the right way to govern.

        Opening the southern border is partly to cause more chaos, but it’s also to let in the criminal class to bolster Antifa. You can’t have a communist revolution without a criminal class.

        In an interview in 1915 Vladimir Lenin was asked why he surrounded himself with criminals. Lenins answer was that academics will discuss and debate for decades, but with criminals he could start a revolution. In 1917 he did just that in one day. Years of chaos and confusion, and on one day they take over.

        Thank you Mario for speaking out, for God is the only one who can turn this around. We all need to do this and now.

      • Tammy Adams

        President Johnson’s 501 c3 silenced the churches from speaking out the TRUTH about what the government was up to. Too many mega churches have bowed to government and have NOT preach the True Gospel!

      • MikeDAG

        The LGBT crowd deserves DOOM ON THEM. PERIOD.NO MERCY, NO QUARTER.

      • Janeend11

        Totally agree with this… I’ve been saying the same thing for years, the deterioration of values and principles in this country is astounding! Wake up America, The Fall of Rome is here and it’s coming for us!

    • Margo Daugherty

      My take on the abortion issue is this: if the pro-abortionists’ parents had believed as they do, the issue would be moot. ….And MOST of the left learners would not exist. Just saying.

      • Brian T

        I get your point, but it still would have been murder.

    • kingskid48

      After not being able to get this blog to come up all morning, I just tried twice to post a comment and both times it disappeared. The Enemy must hate this particular blog.

      • kakkime

        I couldn’t get it to load until now, either

        • Jacqueline Marie Bergin

          I’m just so sickened by what is happening. Im not keeping silent any longer. The Light of GOD always wins!! hanks Mario

    • Gail Erickson

      Let’s pray for the courage to do all we can where and with whom we are!

    • Harold Butler

      We are earthly operatives in a spiritual dispute. The time is now for the body of Christ to take a stand and fight the good fight of faith. We can no longer sit on assets and do and say nothing.

    • Lloyce Robinson

      Praise God for this Blog and the courage to write it????????????????

  2. CS1

    this is the greatest fear of our I have of our Nation and what God will do once His anger is kindled. The 1.6 million abortions , the child trafficking, and sexual abuse happening in the homes and public school system. The Blood of Christ speaks a more better thing than the blood of Abel. Yet it was Jesus who said to cause one of these little one fall it would be better for that person a huge rock was placed on his neck an thrown into the sea. We need to stand up more and pray more and resist more. I cannot see standing before the Lord and HIM saying to me why did you not do more knowing what you knew?

    • bwalker42

      That’s over 61 million abortions. That number has remained the same for about 9 yrs so I’m thinking it’s many more people than that who have been murdered by Baal Prophets posing as Dr’s.

  3. Jeff R

    God is about to fire a lot of AWOL generals who don’t have the steel to fight back, and replace them with a new cadre of fire-breathing hell-fighters who aren’t afraid of ugly names and schoolyard taunts.
    Reinforcements are coming. Hold the line.

    • Jeanette Reynolds

      Yes, Jeff!! Speak. ✝️

    • Darlene W

      Amen. Agree!

    • Linnie

      Love this – well said!

    • bwalker42

      Fire! Holy Fire of God, Holy Fire of God! Holy Holy Holy Fire of God Most High, Fall on this land The US of A! In Jesus!!

  4. Kelli Eddings

    Thank you Brother Mario for not backing down and fighting for our children.

    • bwalker42


  5. ali

    Thank you Mario. Our church prayers for ‘revival’ each week, yet I wonder if we truly understand what is needed to birth a revival. Continue to sound the alarm as together we His mighty warriors stand against the powers of darkness and defeat the enemies of our God. Let God arise, HIS enemies be scattered. LORD bless.

    • bwalker42


  6. Janice P

    Thank you, again, dear Brother, for your blog and faithfulness. Since I don’t “seek out” this kind of perversion, and more often turn my head and hold my stomach, I appreciate your expose’ on this “person” (aka demon-stronghold). Now, I can pray against “them” by name.

    A side note of wonder: last week, I flew from AZ to MT for a brief visit w/ grandkids – oh, and the kids, too. I “just happened” to get a seat next to a lady, and we began to compare notes. Long story, short, we had SO much in common! She’s attended your meetings and the Modesto revival event. We spoke of depopulation, virus-hoax, the remnant, etc. We’ve exchanged numbers and remain in contact.

    Oh, then in my brief 5-day stay, my daughter wanted to try a restaurant for lunch. Guess what? This dear lady, “just happened” to live very near by and frequented that restaurant! Tell me that wasn’t a God-arranged-meeting?! He is at work. We marvel, and are humbled to be a part of it!

    • bwalker42

      Glory to God!

  7. Mary J.

    I’m am still having a lot of trouble getting this blog to come up on my phone. Persistence paid off. That is what we need to fight this evil. Persistent pressure is needed to take the kingdom back by force. Nothing makes me angrier than this topic. Good thing I am saved. I don’t know what to do but pray and give money to ministries that are combatting this. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

  8. Mark Stripling

    Google is stopping me from posting here.

    • kingskid48

      Same here, Mark, I tried three times.

  9. Kevan

    After receiving an email notice of your blog, clicking the link to open the full blog produced nothing. This is the 2nd time this week. However, I thwarted the Google watchdogs by opening a new tab – the website and opening the blog there.

  10. Mark Stripling

    People are being hindered from posting here by google. I am trying another method of posting, so here goes. A lady from our church got word that a group wanted to come in and teach sex education to our local elementary school children. They said it would include teaching fourth grade boys how to put on and use a condom!! She attended the school board meeting and expressed her dismay that this was even being considered for 4th graders. She told the board that these little ones are special to God, loved by Him, and should be protected from those who would try to rob their innocence with this type of thing. She then said, “Could we pray about this before you vote?” The president said that no one had ever prayed at a meeting before, but that it would be ok if she did. She got on her knees and prayed to God for His will to be done and that He would protect these little ones from those who would harm them. The board then proceeded to vote “no,” and this proposal of the perverted was defeated! Sometimes it only takes one firm believer to stop Satan’s plans. Also, our city recently voted to become a sanctuary city for the unborn. The law was set in place to criminalize those who do abortions, and our Planned Parenthood was stopped from killing babies! Our area was in a horrible drought, and has a dry, arid climate anyway. 2020 saw almost no rain. Almost to the day that the killing of babies stopped, rains began to fall, inches at a time, and our area is as green and lush right now as a watered garden. Our local weathermen are dumbfounded! They had just forecast a dry, hot summer with the drought worsening! But God! The Jeremiah 7 judgement was lifted off of our land when the child sacrifices stopped, and our farmers are rejoicing! Don’t give up! Pray and act against this advancement of hell coming upon us! God is still God!

    • Lorie Bailey

      Thank you for sharing this powerful and encouraging testimony! I wish this story could be shouted from the rooftops to encourage believers in communities all over our nation!

    • bwalker42

      Would you be in E. Texas? Glory to God Most High!!!!!!!!! Bless the Lord!! Bless Our God!!

    • Grant


  11. kingskid48

    I don’t know what was going on this morning, but it took me until half an hour ago to get this blog to come up. I knew the content was going to be very important and “controversial”. Either google was messing with it, or the Enemy himself was trying to prevent it from being viewed. I tried everything-another computer, my phone, coming in from different ways.

    Thank God, this finally came up. And thank you, Pastor Mario, for speaking out on this, for being that voice crying in the wilderness of America’s astounding depravity and slide into the abyss.

    Once again, I have to say, I am stunned that we do not see groups of pastors visiting schools, holding press conferences, addressing school boards, holding all-night prayer meetings, special conferences, appearing on the Conservative news shows, etc, etc. Why are they not screaming to the rooftops that America is about to lose her place among the nations due to the massive crimes by government officials, media, celebs, academia, Big Tech, Big Biz?

    This entire movement to destroy our children in any way they can, will be their “crowning achievement”, IMO. If they can succeed in finishing the destruction of our children and the family unit, they will succeed in doing away with America, her influence, and her destiny, for good.

    I’m reading a book by Allie Henson and Donna Howell. In it, Rev. Howell describes her vision of one of the evil angels that is locked at the bottom of the Euphrates River, awaiting End Times. She describes this being as incredibly beautiful, yet emanating pure evil and hatred toward God and all those who follow Him. (Not her exact words). If we are that close to seeing the release of those evil angels, we are very close to the End. Do we want to be the ones to lose America right before the Return of the Lord?

    I’m also reading Perry Stone’s new book on the America’s Apocalyptic Reset. He talks about much of what Pastor Mario talks about. Both books do. I recommend them both. Read them, pass them on, and pray for America while we still can.

    Several years back, I was attending a church in a neighboring town. I went into their bookstore to browse. This was a nice church with a good pastor. But I was so disappointed to see that as far as I could tell, every book within my view was on the Prosperity Gospel. I did not see a single title that indicated the book covered Israel, End Times, or Spiritual Warfare, much less, the staggering problems that were about to hit us.

    On another Sunday, to his credit, the pastor announced that there were petitions in the front to sign regarding something going on in the schools. I stopped at the tables to sign a petition. The girls there did not even know what I was talking about. I don’t know who was to blame for the lack of caring and communication, but it was a shame..

    And ten years later, I am now reading books warning us about the coming catastrophe at our doorstep.

    • Noel

      I could not even open this post when it arrived at 0915. It has taken until now to even access Mario’s website.

      I will never give up praying for a wave of righteousness to wash across the soul of America and cleanse her, no matter how filthy she has become. The LORD has done it for me and I do not believe this flood of filth will continue. America is ripe for repentance.

    • Noel

      I could not even open this post when it arrived in my inbox at 0915. It has taken until now to access this website.

      I will never stop praying for a wave of righteousness to wash across the soul of America to cleanse her, no matter how filthy she has become. The LORD did it for me. America is ripe for repentance.

  12. Linda Lewis

    30 yr.s ago I was living near Charlotte, N.C. The city council was considering special rights for homosexuals. They were all set to pass it when a little old lady read a newspaper that was a homosexual publication. As she read it people were literally getting sick. One of the statements was”We are coming for your children”. It did not pass. Power of the truth. Thank you Mario.

  13. Janice Burlet

    Stay close to the Lord and hIs Word and Stand for Truth and Righteousness. We are at War for the Soul of America and her citizens.

  14. Kristin Salzman

    Thank you Mario for the courage and boldness you exhibit to expose the enemy with your “truth blogs.” I pray the Holy Ghost empowers you in even greater ways as you prepare for your Sacramento tent crusade, preaching the Word with signs and wonders following. I too tried multiple times to get this blog to open and kept getting an error message and this is the third browser I tried and finally got through. The enemy definitely didn’t want us to read this, but he is a defeated foe. May the fire of the Holy Ghost fall on Sacramento and spread from sea to shining sea.

  15. Sandra

    Oh, what a word! Sobering truth! May we all intercede and stand up to this evil each according to our calling. In Jesus’ Name!

    • bwalker42

      Amen! God Bless His People.
      Father God, I thank and bless You for this hour.
      The Remnant is faithful to God. The Remnant is beautiful. The Remnant is full of power for God. Onward Christian Soldier!
      Victory in Jesus!

  16. d48day

    Amen I have felt for years (since gay marriage or even before became legal) that they would be making pedophilia legal and acceptable and we are well on our way – I always wondered how Sodom & Gomorra ever got so evil and now I see

  17. manners1944

    Absolutely Right Mario.
    Father God, protect Mario and all others on the front line of battle.
    Develop our intercessory and spiritual fighting skills to be the military
    elites behind them to effect victory.
    You only need a dedicated remnant for Your Glory.,
    We are more than conquerors in Your Strength Lord.
    Gillian Alp (France)

  18. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    I am glad that this topic is finally exposed and thank you Mario. for this article. For years you couldn’t even get Christians to talk about it; I tried, and still do. Now we must truly mobilize, and take this evil out, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, this will be done!

  19. Claudia MacPhee

    The cries and the tears of the little ones WILL NOT be unheard by GOD! The depravity of all of this time regarding the Children, from the abortion, to the waste of baby lives at the border to the sick, sick evil these pedophiles have yielded to – not one of us, NOT ONE OF THE TRUE BODY OF CHRIST, can stay silent or not act! Jesus spoke very specifically about harming one of these dear little Innocents! If we are not speaking out and acting against this evil, we are guilty OF the evil and sorrowfully, many, many precious little lives are taken and destroyed by our hesitancy to call evil…evil In a famous rock song, not from a Christian band, a line from the song states “Evil’s still evil in anybody’s name.” Don’t care what one calls themselves, the fruit of their actions tells the story of the tree they come from…

  20. Noel

    “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.”

    This evil will not be totally eradicated before God’s Kingdom is established in the earth but I believe His “Kingdom People”, clothed with power from on high, are NOW thwarting much of satan’s defiling plans. Come Holy Spirit! You are more than able to transform the darkest soul.



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