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It is Good Friday in Modesto. I have no doubt that both Satan and Hell are screaming, “Foul!” It is still a full two weeks before the tent goes up at John Thurman Field and souls—scores of them—are already being saved!

Frank Saldana and Carmine Azzato were a Holy Ghost, double-barreled shotgun, today. After we gave away prizes. After the haircuts, clothes, and food were shared, the people stayed to hear the Gospel.

Carmine told his amazing story—a journey in professional wrestling that spanned 24 years, in dozens of nations, and 9 world championships. But he said, “None of that kept me from trying to commit suicide 3 times.”

He went on to compare the souls of the audience and the valuable prizes we gave away. “These prizes are one of a kind, and to God you are one of a kind!” he said.  After he reached a crescendo of impact on the hearts of the people, he grabbed a towel and wiped the makeup off of his face declaring, “It is time for you to wipe off the mask!” And then, just like the pro tag team wrestler he is, he handed the mike to Frank Saldana.

Frank stood there, reflecting God the Father’s heart for the people. Building on Carmine’s soulwinning message, he appealed to them to come to Jesus. And they came. Out of that large crowd they tell me that 100 souls were saved. But as always, only God knows the real number.

Our volunteers, under the leadership of the team from Inner City Action, waded in and brought life, transformation and healing miracles to the hungry souls who obeyed the call to come to Christ.

(Editor’s note: Be sure to read Mario’s Sermon on Mary Magdalene.)

All of the hard work; all of the prayers; all of the financial sacrifices by our partners, broke through today. One sowed. Another watered. But God gave the increase.

Forget about all the lies you have heard about California. The dictatorship of Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Democrat socialism is neutralized by the presence of God. Whether it is in a tent, in a park, or in a church—when the power of God is present, when the message is preached forcefully, full of truth, and full of love—chains break, and the soul is delivered from darkness into His marvelous light!

Brace yourself, because this is only the beginning! Hundreds have yet to report for duty on the streets of Modesto. Many powerful meetings are just beginning in this region. The people of God in the Modesto area got a crucial foretaste today of the harvest! A harvest that the devil does not want us to know is here. And soon the tent will be here!

Satan thought he had won when Christ was crucified, but soon, it was clear that he had made his worst mistake and his biggest miscalculation. So, the devil will find that after locking down the California churches, and pouring despair on the people, that all it did, was deepen the hunger for Jesus! If this is the precursor to the tent—then what has the Lord in store for us come Sunday April 18th?

I am personally inviting you to come to Modesto, join us, and help bring in this harvest!


  1. Roger Culwell

    Thats wonderful to hear, thats what its all about, the fields are white and ready for harvest, we must go get them and bring them in.

    • C. Jones

      Absolutely wonderful good great news! VICTORY VICTORY VICTORY

  2. Flynn

    HALLELUJAH! PRAISE GOD! HE IS RISEN, INDEED! Will continue praying and fasting for revival!

  3. Petro Swart

    Well done team! Thank you Father God for sending Jesus! Thank you Jesus that You paid the price for our salvation!
    The Mary Magdalene preaching was magnificent! Bless you Mario Murillo!
    I’m praying for every soul to stand steadfast in Jesus!

  4. Tammy Richison

    I was raised in Riverbank near Modesto. I know live in Iowa and am so happy to see you working for the Lord. I am praying for you and your team.
    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Sandra


  6. Tammy Adams

    I can NOT join but, I will donate and most of all, PRAY for the Harvest of souls. Mario you are doing God’s work….Remember the gates of hell will NOT prevail. NO weapon formed against Mario Murillo Ministries will survive! Go my dear Pastor! NOT even Gavin Newsom has a chance against God’s people……

  7. Dawn Melendez

    Praise You God thank You Lord Your mercy endorse forever:) Lord it’s so wonderful to hear all about Your miracles.
    In Jesus name I desire for Your same miracle working power to be right here in my region . Lord Jesus I ask For my brothers and sisters to ask You to check their hearts for what doesn’t please You so they want to be set free from strongholds of the mind. Free from shackles that keeps hands down from praising You, in the church put back the alters , in and outside the church put the cross back , allow The working power of Holy Spirit in the church. Lord I trust you to do this. Lord because it’s time for the people in this reign to be free !!! It’s time To have Holy Spirit manifest the Lords Almighty Power on , in and through out every man, women and child
    Who lives , shops , works , visiting and driving in this region.
    Its time to rise up all Your children you have taught Yourself to heal the sick , to cast out devils and raise the dead. In Jesus Christ Name It’s time for all of Gods people in this region To Use Holy Spirit God given gifts ? to boldly Not care what anyone thinks of them to join together to cast out devils , heal the sick and raise the dead!!!!!!!! Lord bring us together so You may use us to help free the lost in this region.
    Mario please pray this for the people in Paducah Ky 42001.
    Oh , I can’t wait to hear you preach at
    Fresh Fire in Corner Stone church Nashville Tennessee.

  8. martyrea

    ??? Glory to God!
    On Fri, Apr 2, 2021, 9:08 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” It is Good Friday in Modesto. I have no > doubt that both Satan and Hell are screaming, “Foul!” It is still a full > two weeks before the tent goes up at John Thurman Field and souls—scores of > them—are already being saved! Frank Saldana and Carmine Azzato” >

  9. sfladyblog

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    Dear Mario, Your messages are compelling, I’m sure you’re possibly reaching hundreds, if not thousands of readers, but the writing is quite lack

  10. yesua7

    praise God

  11. Tammy Spurdle

    So deeply moved reading this. Our God, our beautiful Saviour Jesus, we thank You for Your sacrifice, Your love for all mankind. God be glorified in America, here in the United Kingdom and in every nation on earth.

  12. Griselle Trujillo

    Yes! This is the psunami that the Lord is talking about! Tanks,Lord for Mario and your team! Usted then for your glory and kindom, and sends miriad of angels to help and protector then, in the Name of Jesus!

  13. Ireneburdett

    Thank you FATHER your will be done in JESUS name amen

  14. barbaramanuel

    God bless you Mario! You have certainly paved THE WAY!!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  15. c7hoffman

    Mario Bless you for bringing so many souls to Jesus today by the Holy Spirit! I really need this revival in my area of the San Fernando Valley. I guess you did come to the Los Angeles area before and was wondering if you would be thinking of coming back maybe to the Valley area if you can. I do not know of anyone around me who is following the Lord at this time, most of them are liberals and hard to communicate with them about Jesus and standing alone is not easy. If you know anyone who is in my area could you connect me with them so I would not feel so alone in this battle against the evil of this world. I can give you a donation to help you with your travels to win souls. God Bless you Mario!
    On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 9:01 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote: > > mariomurilloministries posted: ” It is Good Friday in Modesto. I have no doubt that both Satan and Hell are screaming, “Foul!” It is still a full two weeks before the tent goes up at John Thurman Field and souls—scores of them—are already being saved! Frank Saldana and Carmine Azzato” >

  16. NickT

    Amen, PTL… we would love to come and help but we live all the way in NE Mississippi.
    We will be praying though.

  17. prayinginok

    Rejoicing with you! Thank you Lord!

  18. Karen Graham

    God is on all sides of this miracle happening moment. He waits for no man & He calls all to Himself. Miracles abounding to the all. Lost sheep will be found, blind eyes will see, the deaf still hear & the lame will walk.
    On Fri, Apr 2, 2021, 9:07 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” It is Good Friday in Modesto. I have no > doubt that both Satan and Hell are screaming, “Foul!” It is still a full > two weeks before the tent goes up at John Thurman Field and souls—scores of > them—are already being saved! Frank Saldana and Carmine Azzato” >

  19. Larry

    1 Corinthians 13:13
    In this life we have three great lasting qualities—faith, hope and love. But the greatest of them is love.
    Thanks to you and your team of walking and showing God’s love, I to believe a great awakening has begun. Praise the Lord

  20. Connie Strock


    • Sharon Sartell

      Have prayed! Will continue to pray Holy Spirit “Brood over the souls in Modesto! Soften hearts to The Word of Life and add to the Family as repentance and salvations occur. Satan, we bind your attempts to lie and deceive these attendees from receiving their gift of salvation. Holy Spirit, expose every demon and it’s activity. We loose these souls to the Truth of Jesus!!!

      • Kim Barrett


  21. RS

    Praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to the glory of God, the Father, our Strength, our Rock, our Righteousness!!! So very exciting, what the Lord is doing among the people in CA – breaking chains & setting captives free!! ??????
    May the Holy Spirit continue to woo the people to the Father, and bring them into all Truth, according to His Word!!
    Brother Mario, I plead the ? Blood over you and your team, a wall of Fire around you, a hedge of Protection, and His angelic Host to encamp round about you, to keep you in all your ways & guard you from all harm, danger, accidents, and illnesses, and from the evil one, in Jesus’ Mighty Name! May His Presence go before you, come alongside you, and come behind you; to fill you to overflowing with His anointing, and to bring those saved into a season of discipleship, so they may be adhered to Him, in ALL Truth & Righteousness!! To the Glory of God, and for the furtherance of His Kingdom! In Jesus Name, amen!! ???

  22. Susan

    Amen MMM! Thank you for not giving up and spreading the Gospel!
    Through your blog I t’s the first time in over 30 years – that I want to be part of tent meetings again.
    Would love to fly over and participate but our borders are still closed.
    However- what the devil meant for evil- God has turned into good: will have to stay and evangelize in my own country.
    So encouraged.
    The Lord Bless you and Keep you and make His face shine upon you!
    In Jesus Name. Amen

  23. Mirian Montalvo

    Praise God! Praying for a wave of Revival to swing over through this whole Nation that is crying out for a Savior! Blessed to see and hear about the zest coast!

  24. Marlene Nichols

    This is such wonderful news. Prayers are with you! Marlene Nichols
    Sent from my iPad

  25. Regan Walker

    Thank you, Mario, for taking the time to keep those of us praying abreast of developments. May God continue to protect you and bless you and your team for this great work!

  26. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    HALLELUYAH!!!!!! AND IT IS JUST BEGINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  27. Penny McCartney

    Tears of joy and thankfulness in my eyes and coming down my face. God is so good and He is dancing over California right now. But this is just the start.
    Prayers for protection over all. Amen

  28. Sandra Calhoun

    Love this and yes GOD is answering all the prayers for your tent meetings! GOD bless you and your team!!
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  29. Marcella A grateful servant of God from Canada

    Glory be to God, Hallelujah!!!! Jesus The Son Of God Lives.♥️

  30. Darlene W

    The highways and byways, this is wonderful.

  31. Marilyn Lacey

    Amazing! God is good all the time!

  32. Bette Jane Bond

    Tonight, 4/3/20, when out evangelizing small groups on the streets of Southern California, we had 9 people accept Christ. The fields are so ripe. Also, in the last 4 weeks, two non-Christian (unsaved) fathers told me their YOUNG children are asking them about God. Then, the same family comes to the Lord…with the young children leading the way. God is moving in Southern California, too. Bless you! We can’t wait to hear you at Harvest Rock Church! Pastor Bette Bond

  33. Kim Barrett

    I feel overwhelmed with Holy Spirit expectation of what Jesus is doing & about to do through you & ministry team!!! This is very exciting! Will continue to pray, thank you in advance Lord, Amen ?

  34. Vivian Maroney

    Jesus gave me a vision of the Havest that will come over my small island here in The Bahamas. It too was beautiful. Many people were saved. Satan can not stop what God has ordained. He showed me the door of the dispensation of Grace is still open, but it will not be open forever. There is still time before it closes. Now is the time for salvation!




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