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California is now beyond words. The insanity coming out of their state government boggles the mind and it can be totally disheartening to the believers who live here.

It is never safe to make sweeping statements or try to gauge the mood of all Californians.  No matter how hard you try, you will generalize. But no one can deny that California is pagan, addicted, digitally distracted, angry, skeptical, depressed, and demonically oppressed.

California has for decades been paganized by a media tsunami of filth, the tyranny of secular progressives, and the silence of the Shepherds.

-Poverty is spreading rapidly there and many are victimized by the greatest income inequality in America.  California is now dead last among the 50 states.

-California is the magnet that is pulling the popular votes of fifteen states and the District of Columbia into the Nation Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This movement is an attempt to make an end-run around the Constitutional Electoral College. The purpose of the NPVC is to make the Left-wing politics of the largest population centers the law of the land, and disenfranchise the smaller states and rural communities.

-Californians are over-medicated by misguided doctors and laser-focused drug dealers.

-Californians are bitterly divided by politics. There are the large blue cities which are dominated by Socialist-Democrat politicians and there are the smaller rural communities that are bright red, Republican, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, who are disgusted by the insane laws pouring out of their state Legislature.

Take a look at some of the demonic insanity taking place in California:

-California Senate Passes Resolution Telling Pastors to Embrace LGBTQ Beliefs. Not content with drag queen story time in public libraries and forced instruction on gay lifestyles in public schools, legislators are going even further and violating the First Amendment by making it a crime for the clergy to state from the pulpit what the Bible clearly says, that God will punish all sexual sin.

 –CA Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing ‘Free’ Chemical Abortions For College Students  Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins said,” California legislators are recklessly experimenting with students’ lives and health by advancing a plan to force school health centers to become abortion vendors, pushing chemical abortion pills to force an intentional miscarriage.  These Toilet Bowl Abortions would create havoc on campuses, as girls are sent to their dorm bathrooms to bleed and pass an aborted infant in a toilet, without medical supervision or assistance,” Hawkins added.”

-California has decided to effectively separate their state from the rest of America, declaring themselves to be a sanctuary for illegal aliens, protecting them from ICE raids.

-The prison system is a revolving door for dangerous criminals and pedophiles. Currently, there are 100,000 sex offenders registered in the state. This means that 1 in 400 Californians are on the list, living near schools, and mostly unmonitored. California passed a bill that will go into effect in 2021 that will allow most sex offenders to petition to be removed from registries, as long as they have not committed another serious or violent felony or sex crime, allowing them to go undetected and unsupervised.

-California is anti-Second Amendment. They have banned nearly every firearm and any magazine over 10 rounds, blocked citizens from obtaining carry permits, prosecuted those who have defended their families, and added an expensive background check that is required when anyone buys ammunition.

-Worst of all, many feel no hope for the future and are taking their own lives in record numbers. In short, California is in a condition that is beyond words.

-Many more Californians than you realize are saddened by the general defeatism coming from Sacramento. They are fed up with the fake news media, and appalled at the demented teaching being employed by a sick university system.

While that description sounds like I cannot find much good in Californians the opposite is the case. There is much good left here.  In fact, I believe this state conceals a vast number of warriors of faith, generosity, and courage.

When I say California is beyond words, I mean California can no longer be reached by mere words. We must have something new…or, something so old it is new.

What do we do now?  There is a clue in something Billy Graham once said.  When a reporter accused him of setting the Church back 50 years, Billy said, “I was trying to set it back 2,000 years!” In the third decade of the first century A.D., the world lived in a similar swampland of despair, perversion and anger.  Christianity emerged from that morass.  But how did she do it?

The church verified the resurrection of Christ with signs, wonders, and miracles.  The church infused the gospel with their infectious joy, their irresistible love for one another, and their golden service to the poor and the forgotten of society.  These things provided the Christian clout.  This is why Saint Francis—for whom San Francisco is named, by the way—ministered to the poor and operated in the gifts of divine healing, said, “By all means preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.”

What Californians need is what I call The Blatant Attempt.  The Blatant Attempt is drawing a line in the sand that alerts the public and defies Satan. It consists of four clear steps.

 1. A highly public and powerful invitation:We have been guilty of asking people to attend meetings and conferences that are not compelling and do not stir the heart. Moreover, we have been afraid to make that invitation a matter of public knowledge. We must be brutally honest as to exactly what the purpose of the meeting is: to encounter the living God, the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

 2. Thus, we must invite them to encounter the power of God in California. We must spell out that God cares for people and has healing power for those who suffer.  Think about it! Don’t you believe that when people brought the lame, the blind and the lepers to Christ there must have been a conversation about what could happen if they came to the event!  That kind of expectation is a must if The Blatant Attempt is to be effective.

3. We must alter the service to meet the challenge. Nothing is worse than selfish Christians. Dismantling and rebuilding our meetings so that they are an event where compassionate Christians lead those who are sick and hurting to a miracle. It should not be another tired event where over-fed, bored saints are further lulled to sleep. If we can still cling to ‘business as usual’ in this dark and desperate hour, it proves how misguided and deceived we truly are. These powerful and anointed new meetings must include fasting and intercession.  The format of these new meetings must be based on surrender to the Holy Spirit.

4. We must contend to make revival permanent. When the Glory blasts through, keep going!  There should be no return to normal, this should be the new normal.  Trust God to give you strategies to host His presence from now on! Maintain the fire, and channel the fire into a sustainable way of life.

This is my exhortation to every ministry in the State. I would love to work with you, but whether we work together or not these truths are for all Spirit-filled leaders in California. But what I have just described to you is what we will continue to do, until the raging river of God’s Glory floods the Central Valley!

P.S. Our tent crusades are a blatant attempt to declare the Gospel that is beyond words.  I have an absolute assurance in my spirit that we are about to see the greatest demonstrations of healing power California has ever witnessed!

Click here to read more about what we are doing in California   https://wp.me/p1vrzp-6vJ

 Click here to become a worker in our outreach   https://app.mobilecause.com/form/Yc4rjg?vid=1lwvn


  1. Carolina

    Excellent article post Mario.
    I would like your opinion about what I read and heard yesterday on the CBN news network. A Dr. Kevin Mannoia, chaplain of Azusa Pacific University and the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a Pastor Dan Carroll of Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, CA, have been actively working with CA legislator Low, who promoted and helped deliver AB 2943 as a law for banning what they call ‘Conversion Therapy’ and all books relating to it for the alphabet people, 1 year ago. Carroll says that they along with some 30 other Pastors in CA got that law recended and changed into this new Resolution and that its only that now, just a Resolution instead of a law, it is a suggestion offered by the state of CA to all Pastors and ministry leaders?
    Now when I listened to what they had to say here…https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2019/july/nobodys-being-forced-ca-pastor-denies-clergy-being-pushed-to-affirm-lgbt-ideology
    I couldn’t help but reflect on this wisdom that Apostle Jude one of the brothers of Jesus said; ( Jude 1: 22, 23)
    “Show mercy to those whose faith is wavering. Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. There are still others to whom you need to show mercy, but be careful that you aren’t contaminated by their sins.”
    After hearing out these pastors testimony regarding these Calif. LBGTQ issues, I couldn’t help but consider, that they were in danger of becoming diluted regarding their own Christian beliefs and values.
    What do you think? We value ‘your’ perspective & opinion.?

    • Darlene W

      In essence those pastors don’t want to” offend” anybody.(“hurt or wound”)We are to speak the Truth in love.It is the only thing that will set people free.Giving the devil an inch is never a good idea.We all know how that works out.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Yes Carolina they are in danger. That’s the rub of the church growth movement and the respectability movement . One feels compelled to continue church growth at any cost and to appear intelligent to the wokesters. One more reason to pray and speak out intelligently. -Mario

      • Carolina

        Thank You Mario, that helped!!?

    • Bobbie

      Carolina: Thank you for your post here, didn’t know this. Would say they are still compromising, these Leaders. Where are the Jehu’s? These leaders could have really taken a stand and said “enough is enough”! See it as catering to the Beast System.

  2. Diane McDaniel

    God bless you and your team mario. i pray ceaselessly for all, and know that God chose you and your team to change the mindset of ALL peoples in Cali, especially those that need the change. Than God for His move!!!

  3. dawnquiocho

    I’m planning to fly from Andrew Wommack’s Ministers’ conference to Fresno to volunteer for the Tent meeting Oct. 6-12.
    This is your Active Duty Army Chaplain friend from DC,
    Dawn Quiocho

  4. Elizabeth Moffitt

    Dear Sirs, While in prayer this morning, I was compelled by the Lord to share something I had seen in the Spirit about a month ago while praying for the nation.  I am  merely acting in obedience, trusting God will give wisdom, to whomever reads this. What I saw was this: Rising up from the ocean at the point of San Francisco, was a “Sea Serpent” demonic image.  I watched it open its mouth and loose an angry soundless roar over the land. Its face was that of a giant lizard. After it had finished the soundless roar, a tail was raised up out of the waters. With one swift move the tail was brought down with a mighty smack, in a straight line, across the land mass. The tail appeared to be one like that of a scorpion. The tip touched a spot in California and poured poisonous venom into the land. I was unaware what city this would represent, being unfamiliar with California. The Lord then instructed me to look at a map of California. Immediately I realized the straight-line path that I had seen. Three points were highlighted by the Lord. The first city was San Francisco, the second, was Berkeley, and the final city, where the poison had entered, was Sacramento. This is what I was shown.  May the Lord pour out wisdom, discernment, and His strategies to you. May He richly bless and protect you, in Jesus name. Sincerely,Elizabeth MoffittYoungstown, Ohio

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    • Bobbie

      Yep, thank you for sharing. Friend posted this entire Memo to her email list so then read. It’s for PRAYER! Know that Witches and Warlocks are praying also especially for the demise of Marriages and whatever else; worse they weren’t hiding it, they shared in public.

    • Bobbie

      Elizabeth: Someone sent me an Apostolic or Prophetic Bulletin that “there was a satanic dome over the U.S.”. I’m trying to find it. ALL my friends who are major intercessors would agree; PRAYER would break that Dome and Ceiling as we know the warfare has been horrific and also Worship. Pray without ceasing, everyone please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

  5. Lindy

    Hi Mario. Would you please do me a favor? I tried twice to unsubscribe from your blogs through wordpress without success…if you can, please do it from your end.
    I am off the internet and only use a smartphone for necessary purposes as I need more time in prayer. Not because your cause is not worthy, it is, but I have my own God given turf in NZ, to evangelize.
    I have prayed for the success of the upcoming meetings in California and for true revival, both in the church and among the unsaved. I don’t have time to read your blogs and have unsubscribing everyone who is not someone I need. Your turf is USA, mine is NZ. Thank you Mario and God continue to bless you.

    • Bobbie

      Lindy, Breathe.
      I found Mario’s website because the Lord told me to look at a certain day. It was years since thought about other than to cover him in prayer. Yes, Pray and read the Word; it’s NOT on works and performance or striving. It’s also those amazing divine appointments and what God uses to teach us. This is great community to see people are praying and know what’s going on and sharing. Even pray for Time that he order my day period as timing is everything. Enjoy it all and will keep you in prayer. Rest in his presence.

      • Lindy

        Thank you for your concern Bobbie, but I do know what God has told me to do; moreover, I am called as a voice in NZ not USA. There is nothing wrong about “striving together in prayer” and “labouring” in prayer, these are Scriptural NT practises. I feel I have barely touched on them, and look to God to give me His strength and unction for this necessary duty of all Christians.
        One receives far more “rest in Gods Presence” when labouring in prayer, than sitting around reading blogs.
        I do not have use of computer now unless I go to the library in town, and being on a smartphone is only a necessity because of emails.
        I see Mario took down my original reply (for I checked to see yours,) he us not happy with me at all. I thought I had been gracious enough in explaining why I’m not reading his blogs any longer.
        Perhaps you will have time to read this before he does so again. I shall try again to unsubscribe.
        Please do not bother replying.
        God bless.

  6. kingskid48

    I had a long response typed up and it disappeared before my eyes. So typical of the enemy. This post is so right on, Pastor Mario. Everything you said about California is true, and more. They are fewer and fewer places where it is safe now for a woman to shop alone. Drug-addled homeless are literally everywhere. Legalizing pot was one of the worse things that has ever happened to this state, but it just added to the festering mess that the liberals have created. If it was not for your posts, I would be even more discouraged than I am. Jesus is the only hope for this state. A move of the Holy Spirit is the only thing that will save us. But as much as I hate to say it, because we have a great church, there is still something missing in the services. There is still too much preaching to the choir and getting the same people saved over and over again. Every service should begin with powerful worship music instead of most of what is being called worship music today. It’s hard to focus on the Lord with that music and to get into a genuine atmosphere of worship. We have got to let the Holy Ghost move in every service and we’ve got to do it soon. If the second service people have to stand in line and wait for the first service to end, then great! Maybe drive-by sinners will get curious as to what’s going on and turn in. Isn’t that what revival really is? Everyone’s flat on their face before God and no one wants to leave? People are genuinely healed of all kinds of diseases and delivered? It is the only thing that will save us. It has to start soon.

  7. Shoshanna

    Brother Mario I can’t believe how great your blog is you hit a home run with everyone you post.

    I have another concern about California and it’s the Governor. The current Governor has a relative that is married into Pelosi ‘s family a very evil connection. I am interested in this because the Governor’s ex-wife is Kimberly, from Fox News, who is now Don Trump Jr.’s girlfriend. Maybe this is on the up and up and there is no possible way information could be passed on and used against our President. This just doesn’t feel right to me and I am praying.

    • Carolina

      Shoshanna, I can see why you’d have trepidation about the connections related to Kimberly Guilfoyle who’s now been with Donald Trump Jr a couple of years.
      Ron Pelosi however is a “former”, ex, “uncle in-law” to Gaven Newsome CA Governor. As well I’ve heard & seen Kimberly refer to her former ex-husband Gov. Newsome with rolled eyes and raised eyebrows as if that marriage was a big mistake she was not going to make again.
      I can’t imagine Ms Kimberly carrying tales to her ex while she’s intrinsically involved in being not only Don Jrs new love interest, but also Donald Trumps re-election 20/20 campaign leader, organizer and all around director along with Mr Trump himself. Of course I do appreciate Kimberly Guilfoyle and think she is not only beautiful but extremely intelligent, well educated, and a Conservative.
      So I may be a bit prejudice in favor of her and on behalf.

      • Shoshanna M. Zimmerman

        I wish Don Jr. would work on his marriage since he has 5 kids, but what do I know.

      • Bobbie

        Carolina Shosanna; Maybe why she rolled her eyes: Let me come at it from what know and been seeing and people tell me true stories. I see gifting, and A LOT of people have been taken out this way; on purpose by the enemy or waylaid. Some of these people are gifted Apostolic and Prophetic; IF God is NOT ruling and reigning in our lives, well (deep subject) the consequences are sin, divorce. Look at what Gavin Newsom is doing; it would be interesting to know the root of bitterness springing up and defiling MANY being used as a tool as his FRUIT speak volumes; plus, OBVIOUSLY very unhealed and “diabolical narcissism” etc., We can tell what god is ruling in his life by his fruit or lack thereof! He needs prayer, we all do!
        We ALL need to pray for the restoration of Marriages and Forgiveness especially if, have remarried.
        This is kinda offensive but true; we don’t want to see and or believe: People know that their friends were dating Warlocks/Witches and spells were put on them to marry that person; put them under a spell (going after Gifting and MONEY). I’ve read that in Books and Derek Prince does teachings on EXPOSING and I’ve heard and know many a true story. Someone conveyed to me at Dr.’s Office she really upset that her friend who was gifted Apostolic Male and had $, she couldn’t understand how he hooked up with this woman and I said you didn’t think to PRAY, God take the Blinders off his eyes and also to confront and lay it out what you were seeing and asking him to Fast and Pray; any of us to marry our future spouses? Obviously he compromised; YOU CAN’T TELL ME YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR WARNINGS and or Dream or God speaking to you or sending you people. Remember Speaker speaking, that she had a friend of hers getting married in a Dream and Lighting Bolt came out of Heaven between the two as they were doing their vows. She relayed the dream to the friend who didn’t heed and should have as Jezebel Spirit is “ALWAYS AT WAR WITH YOU”.
        Had a friend running for her life in her dream of leaving everything she owned behind to get away from her husband in a dream who was just her finance at the time, she had a number of warnings; friend came to her and said “I’m going to visit one of you in prison, and it won’t be you he’s going to kill you, what’s behind him she called him the devil in blue jeans” (written articles about this, that you take away the family unit of “earth mother”, sex and the children after whatever child issues not healed up of unforgiveness and we are seeing that in the News of Spouses killing the Spouse and the entire Family or like the mass shooting in TX Church). One night after horrific fight, she got up and went to Church and someone came up to her and said “Blessing from the Lord he makes rich and adds no sorrow”. She was still planning the marriage and even the Lord told her “IF, you Marry him you will NEVER fulfill your call and destiny”. This was straw, an Angel asking for money because Hungry and the Fiance refused to help poor/homeless and that was the straw she needed because she’s big into feeding/clothing the poor, finally heeded. She will convey, that the young man was Apostolic in Call and he fit her list tough list for marriage. God intervened numerous times during this time she had people saying pray for him; well meaning Christians, he was saved but no change and he was not for her.

        Regarding Kimberly: DON’T sit in legalism and in judgment of anyone, WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT PEOPLE HAVE GONE THROUGH, “Christ was a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief”: God is orchestrating our lives and whatever brings us to the end of ourselves, plus some things are plots/snares of the Enemy to waylay gifts, callings and destinies and KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY. Some of it is our own stupid, self-righteous pride (been there). Graham Cooke’s MESSAGE “wounded and betrayed believers are useful to God”, unreal of WHY ARE LIVES GO THE WAY THEY DO! I do not read or worship him but this was ONE of the most life changing messages for me EVER (was going to hell up until that point).
        Have friend who is SO PRECIOUS; who is so like Jesus and no guile and yet, 1st impressions by Christians, is she is a witch. God is watching how they treat her, whew. You cannot treat people like garbage and worship God at the same time, as they look at outward appearance; but she is so pure in heart as a living epistle for all men to see. Know her life; how she is walking on the Planet with what she has gone through and she is just a MERCY AND GOD’S LOVE AND GRACE person; honor and privilege to have met her! Just an innocent, so LOVES Jesus she is a teaching example for me, tremendously! Weep for Joy when see her. I’m waiting to see who God gives her for a Husband, waiting for joy unspeakable!



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