Come with me to see a miracle in California.

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Christianity Today | 23 comments

Come with me and see a miracle happen to California. You may be one of those chosen by God to work alongside us in the Central Valley. You may just be a believer who understands what is at stake in California. Read the story that is not just unfolding in the Golden State but is specific to 4 major events coming soon!

Not long ago, five cities in the Central Valley made the list of the Top Ten Worst Cities in America.

Why I believe a miracle is coming:

The good people of this region have been hit by everything you can imagine, including drought, foreclosures, drug addiction, gang violence, massive homelessness, and breathtaking political abuse by Sacramento.

When California received $410 million in 2012 as part of a nationwide settlement with major banks accused of abusive foreclosures, Gov. Jerry Brown used $331 million of that money to pay state agencies in housing and other programs in order to cover their deficits.  Kamala Harris knew about this but kept silent. Now California has lost a lawsuit, and this money must be paid out to the victims.

The Central Valley was not even on my radar. Five years ago my bags were packed to move out of California. I was moving away and thinking, “Maybe it is time to pass the mantle on to someone else, and retire.” Then my nation went crazy.

That is when the dream was given to me—a life changing dream.

The dream happened during an afternoon nap between services in Stockton. I believe that this dream was meant to encourage the people of that city. Especially because of what was in the dream.

It was the kind of dream that I tell people they need to handle with caution. In the dream I was suspended high above California, and I could clearly see Highway 99, all the way from Red Bluff to the end of 99 at Laval Road in Arvin, California.

Suddenly, as I watched, Highway 99 was transformed and became a river! Trees started popping up on the banks of the river. The voice of the Lord said, “This highway shall be a corridor of my Glory.”

Five years pass, and I am invited on the TruNews Network with Rick Wiles. Next thing I know, he has donated an 8,000 square foot, brand spanking new tent, as well as 1,000 chairs from the luxury boxes of an NFL stadium. What a miracle!

God then revealed to me that this tent was to move south and follow Highway 99, and that the river I had seen would flow in the tent, healing innumerable sicknesses and would bring in a massive harvest of souls.

Now, here we are—watching the fulfillment of that dream. Indeed, the river has flowed south from Marysville, CA, then through Paradise, CA and the current intensified in Stockton. Now we are watching the unimaginable as the river is about to reach to Dinuba, Hanford and Fresno.

As I write this to you, thousands of people are experiencing an amazing dealing of God in these cities. There is something in the air—it is vibrating with hope and faith.

People like to use the expression: ‘something has shifted,’ but that feels woefully inadequate to explain the unity that is emerging among leaders—the expectancy in the people—and the acceleration that seems to be coming.

With all my heart, I know we are about to hit the mean streets in these cities and pull treasures out of darkness. We are about to feed the masses of poor and unsheltered.

Nothing will be able to stop the explosion of praise that will erupt when the miracles, that I know are coming, arrive.

Why am I telling you this? In order to fulfill this dream, we need workers. Why not join in something so wonderful that if Jesus tarries, people will be talking about it 30 years from now?

Many people have asked me, “What kind of workers do you need?” My question back to you is, “What do you want to do? Do you want to hit the streets and watch gangsters delivered? Do you want to help organize a statewide night of prayer in Chukchansi stadium? Do you want to be an usher in any of the services? Do you want to pray with those who come to Jesus?

“Do you want distribute food and clothing in homeless camps? What about helping with our massive children’s outreach in Fresno in November? Are you willing to give up your Thanksgiving Day?”  On that day, we will conduct a complete miracle service, followed by a sit-down dinner for a thousand people.

If you come to the Night of Miracles in Hanford, you will see the true fire and miracles of Jesus. If you come to six nights under the tent in Dinuba, you will see God rock an entire city. If you join the thousands at Chukchansi Stadium, you will feel the power of prayer like you have never felt it in your life.

Start by praying. Even if you are reading this from Wellington, New Zealand, the Gold Coast of Australia, or even Cape Town, South Africa, you can pray! Start now.

I promise you, a river of life will end up flowing out to you!  

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  1. Wendy McKaskill

    I love what you’re doing, and am praying (from Australia) for you and your outreaches!

  2. bohomama-chats

    Yes, yes! I believe with u Mario from Susanville, California I share with your heart I purpose to pray on this to be a part with you in person or in spirit transportation challenges my physical commitment so I stand in agreement with you as our mighty God provides! Glory glory it is raining in California Praise to the King HappyDance! Lori ________________________________

  3. Carolina

    Mario, we will keep praying and supporting you, the team & The Dream!?✝︎?

  4. kristymctee

    I re-read Hannah’s song in I Samuel 1 yesterday and this verse caught my eye: “He lifts the beggar from the dunghill, to sit with princes, and inherit a throne of glory.” I’m hearing a lot in the news about the homeless multitudes in California cities and the woeful lack of sanitation … literally, these people are living among dunghills! Could it be that the next big move of God will be among these men and women, outcasts from society? I am praying for that, and for you Mario!! -Kristy in Atlanta (former longtime CA resident)

    • Carol Owens

      Kristi: I LOVE your message. I’m going to read Hanna’s song again and pray it often. Blessings on Mario.

    • iamseatedwithhim

      Kristy I believe you are referring to the “Lazarus Generation” which has been mentioned by Mario years ago in his “7 bullets” message.
      These are the people who were as good as dead and whom God raises up in the last days to be mighty, unstoppable warriors who get it done for God because they have nothing to lose.
      Get ready to see God raise up and mightily use these outcasts of society to confound the wise.
      I know I am seeing them on the streets more often now and I am preparing to work along side of them.

      Right Mario?

      Maybe a redo or re-release of that message would be very timely now since I don’t believe it can be found on the web otherwise.

      Hoping you will consider that Mario

      One plants…another waters…and still another sees the fruit.


  5. Gregory A Dean

    This is just the start. Others will do this, repeatedly, across the nation. Especially in the corridor from Boston to DC (very dark area).

    I have been waiting on a spiritual revolution for several decades. I see it now happening.

    • Darlene W

      I see it too ! People are waking up.We are entering into the times that we have all prayerfully longed for.

      • Gregory A Dean

        There is more prayer than we have had in decades. A lot of it is how Trump is treated. And how the left are attacking not just Trump but going after gun owners, evangelicals, and conservatives in general.

        The left has over played their hand. They assume that no one goes to church and those who do are basically wrapped up in themselves. That 60% of the public agrees with the left.

        We are seeing massive amounts of prayer. Things are just on the edge of popping.

  6. Nori Naylor

    We are already seeing the move of God in Dinuba. People are experiencing healing in increasing numbers. Those prayer walking are seeing signs of God’s hand upon the land where the tent will be erected. You don’t want to miss this.

  7. waibera mahamba

    Thank you

    May God bless you abundantly

    Our vision: Planting Churches around the nations of the world as we minister to people who have no hope.


    2019-09-17 8:20 UTC+02:00, Mario Murillo Ministries

    • Bobbie

      Waibera: Friend was made aware of what’s going on in the Congolese and she is been doing the Clarion Call for Prayer, Funds/Helps. Friend is having yard/garage sales to raise money to send regarding Missons and getting people involved. Please keep people aware the need and what to specifically pray for. Will send her this Bulletin with comments. Thought, we all have way too much stuff if you can downsize and sale/sell and give the funds to Missions, Orphans please do so. Like when needed Water Well went networking to see who does.
      Friends and I give directly to people so they will get the needed funds, no middle men/woman. We all found out it was better to hire a Tailor and Dr. for an Orphange in India rather than sending clothes as small box of clothes $300.00 to mail vs. Tailor in India with Silk at $2.00 a yard. Someone donated $ for sewing machines, computer, shoes. The way the Banking System set up, one missionary friend we load her Pay-Pal card and she Skype and let us know received $. One friend flies in and overseas $ (money) is going to what needed and designated Orphans/People as has Masters in Nursing and let’s her email list what is needed. I have yet to see a U-Haul follow anyone’s Hearse.

  8. iamseatedwithhim

    Is anyone praying for Israel?

    • Bobbie

      YES, people are praying; “more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of” and add; fast and pray your guts out. “Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting” by Derek Prince excellent read and watching his Video’s on Prayer, Fasting and Spiritual Warfare as excellent Teacher (learned something from him, major). Make people aware; the Clarion Call to Prayer, please! Believe in fasting, praying and REPENTING!
      1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 English Standard Version (ESV)
      16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
      ENCOURAGE MYSELF IN 2 Kings 6:15-17 (note verse 17)!
      Maybe we should go into every Nursing Home, and ask them to pray for the Glory and the Fire of God; Lord’s Prayer!

      • Darlene W

        Going to a Nursing Home tonight. Will be asking the residents to pray for the glory and the fire of God.

  9. Darlene W

    Praying and declaring that Highway 99 all the way from Red Bluff to the end of Laval Rd in Arvin, California shall be established as a corridor for the glory of God.Nothing the enemy has can stop this move of God.

  10. Darlene W

    Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee; and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22 :28

    • Bobbie

      Darlene: Please read all of Psalms 24: Highlighting verses 7-10. Thank you!
      7 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
      8 Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.
      9 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
      10 Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

      Was there 4-16-1998 when someone did this awesome Prophetic Message on “Gatekeepers of his Glory”. The item that stood out it we would be walking pillars of fire and glory that Acts 3:6-16 highlighting “Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. Praying for ARMIES of this Apostolic and Prophetic generation. PLEASE GOD, SEND HELP, “Save Us Oh God”, song!

  11. V Were

    Oh wow this is so exciting. When the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord will lift a standard against it.
    Blessings from NZ

  12. kingskid48

    After a day of watch and reading crazy news, this is thrilling beyond words to read. I can’t get physically involved, but I can pray and give and will be doing so. God Bless Pastor Mario, his family, and all involved.

    • Bobbie

      kingskid: I encourage myself in: That N.Y./L.A. Times, Orange County Register, whatever News outlet is out there is NOT God’s agenda-Hallelujah, Happy Dance!
      Someone called recently and talked about Smith Wigglesworth not allowing any newspaper in his Home and to the tune don’t bring those lies in here, YEP! “world is predicated on lies”; so we have to search for truth-John 8:31-32, Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11, Galatians 3:28. So, I go and read God’s WORD and remind him of his WORD CONSTANTLY-Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

      Turn off the “electric toilet” and the plug in drug-T.V., Matthew 18:20, Mark 16:15. I ask God to order my day and Divine Appointments. GOD IS AMAZING!
      Had this ephiphany one day that was born here and now-this time frame wanted to fulfill call and destiny this is on one of my favorite Grave Markers “ARE THE THINGS YOU ARE LIVING FOR WORTH CHRIST DYING FOR?” also enjoy his reads/quotes, Leonard Ravenhill. My next breath is not my own, it all belongs to God! It’s NOT on works and performance it’s because of his GREAT Love and Mercy. Resting is great also, but love sucking carpet/stone=praying. The amazing, wonderful, awesome people who impacted my life forever and bondservants and are not known, make a difference whichever way you can!

  13. BarbaraETF Zaza hi Lewis


    On Tue, Sep 17, 2019, 2:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Come with me and see a miracle happen to > California. You may be one of those chosen by God to work alongside us in > the Central Valley. You may just be a believer who understands what is at > stake in California. Read the story that is not just unfolding in ” >

  14. Aaron

    The moment president trump landed in California yesterday I felt a relief from some of the most oppressive witchcraft assault that our church had ever gone through.




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