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Remember the horror you felt when you thought Hillary might be president?  Save that feeling, you’ll likely need it this November.  Up until today I could say Republicans had an edge for the midterms because of money and the victories Trump has won.  Now, I can’t say that.
An old familiar virus is infecting the church.  It is removing the sense of urgency that got Trump Elected.  It is bringing back failed ideas that sidelined the church in two disastrous presidential elections.
In 2008 we were warned what Barack Obama would do.  Pastors didn’t think it was right to get involved in politics.  On top of that, millions of Christians, with a murky understanding of the Bible voted for him.  Those fallacies are back in the church.
Obama ended up being far worse than we could have imagined.  The vast machinery of the left that he set in place is still dismantling our freedom.  How soon we  forget  the price of apathy.
By taking the House and the Senate, the left can do as much damage as having Hillary in the White House.  The first thing they will do is impeach Donald Trump.  While it will take more than impeachment to remove him from office—they will move to do that next.
Before you write me off as an alarmist let me ask some simple questions?
Do you see Christian Leaders trying to rally the church to stop leftist candidates?  Think about what everyone is preaching right now.  Do you hear anything about the looming threat to our freedom and our children’s?  My guess is that you don’t.
Do you notice how many in the church are apathetic because they think that Trump’s victory is the only real victory we need?  They are blissfully ignorant of the need for a whole new effort to organize and defeat the coming threat.
Do you realize that there is only one thing you need to know to vote in the midterm election?  It goes beyond the fact that they want to take away the second amendment, they would to return to the deficits and government regulations that were strangling our economy and they would go back to the foreign policy that endangered us.
Here is the one thing you must remember: The Democratic Party has declared war on Christianity.  Think about it…
Who bankrupted Christian bakers?  Who devastated the Little Sisters of the Poor?  Who told our chaplains not to mention Christ to our soldiers?  Who told pastors they would lose their tax exemption if they told their congregations how to vote?  Who put Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s nonprofit status in suspense for telling voters to vote their conscience?  Who booed God and Israel at their convention? Who changed marriage?  Who made your children go to schools with transgender bathrooms?

(Check out my blog on how Obama was the most Biblically hostile President in history) 

You are about to see the vilest campaign in American history.  The left will divest itself of all decency.  There will be a billion dollars burned on a propaganda campaign to label anyone who supports Trump or Republicans as racist, sexist, homophobic, and mentally challenged.
Christians are just not prepared—at least not yet—to stand against this wicked assault.At this moment, an old lie is resurfacing—it is the idea that to be sweet Christians we must not take stands that make us look bad.
The other lie is the one that says since God is sovereign and omnipotent we should just trust  the outcome of November.
The Word of God shows us that God has chosen to use prayer, repentance, and obedience.  2 Chronicles 7:14 begins with “if my people.”  That proves it is on us.
Between now and November I will be doing everything God tells me to warn and provoke the church to action.


  1. Nellie

    Whenever I tell people that there’s a plan, an ancient plan, in place that is being implemented under everyone’s noses, they are quick to dismiss this as nonsense. (Like all things that’s seemingly outside their control. ) I’ve never forgotten how an Ugandan preacher came to Europe and the United States many years ago to point out that there are 10 strategies in place to destroy Christian/Jewish values in this world. New Ager Alice A. Bailey published these strategies in 1948 – she was an instrument in the devil’s hands through her demon-inspired writings. These strategies have been implemented slowly but surely – and everyone who reads them gets a shock to what extent! Look her up and shudder! Like the Bible says: unless the Lord intervenes even the elect will be deceived!

  2. Anthony Yaklich

    Thank you brother Mario for your series of messages. They are red-hot and right on! Keep them coming as God gives them to you!

    • Carolina

      Yes…these are red-hot topics and answered Mario gives!
      Yet Mario, how can we get through to the sleeping church and especially their leaders who refuse to become involved in the good fight of our faith? When they have been so deluded as the Beth Moore’s and Max Lucado’s of current church culture, these types believe that the likes of Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi are valid electable people! least they did in 2016 and were openly bombastic about it. These types of Christian platform artists still don’t get it. All the while thinking in their finite minds that they won’t be “the first” to be shut down and out of their constitutional rights to preach and teach from holy scripture. They’ll either have to start appearing on Oprah’s program and speak in nebulous spiritual fashion or be told to keep quiet by liberal civil authorities. And these type of church culture preachers DO NOT BELIVE that can happen to them.
      Completely out of touch with the truth.

  3. Judy Haga

    Yes…..If my people! ….and HE will do it too….when we do our part and pray….Amen and Amen

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  4. barbara keller

    Don’t forget what’s going on with the Deep State. Praying daily for it all to be revealed.

  5. Joseph Tenorio

    “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

    “For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,”

    “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

    2tim 3:5-7

    chrino’s “Christian in name only” the “silly women” can be seen as the “bride to be “ who is “silly” or lacking SOUND Judgement. No relationship with the Lord, and biblical illiteracy has caused this issue. Discipleship today is in not what our Lord equipped the disciples to do Luke chapter 9:1-2

    1Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

    2 And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.

    I am in California and have been for over 30 years. It was the church who allowed the social decay. failing families, failing school, and failing morals. NO knowledge of Truth!. WE parish. God has heard us , HE has answered. Now we have a Leader who renders honor to God. Is He perfect ? No; but he has more courage then those who say they are full of the Spirit. “Form of godliness”. The GOP when they won back the House & Senate in 2009 DID Nothing !. wait they said until we win the POTUS.
    Now they are wimps. “For this sort are they which creep into the house” 2tim 3:6

    Are we going to say as shown in Jeremiah 7:4? when the Prophet of the Lord was powerfully showing them Ichabod and judgment was coming ?
     “Trust ye not in lying words, saying, The temple of the Lord, The temple of the Lord, The temple of the Lord, are these.”

    “Trump will take care of it”. It is offensive to see yet again those of the “Church” as they did after 9/11. We were about to have a great movement , but what happen? the shock and awe of the Church had no impact in America . We ran to Church growth blue prints, and abandon the Word of God for PC as the people came back. NOW yet again? I’m in California held captive as Daniel was, and others. The Good new is our Lord has come to set the captive FREE ! Luke 4:18-19 Jesus quoting prophet Isaiah. I hope to be like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abadchicano. My God is able to delivery me AND EVEN IF HE DON”T I will not BOW.

  6. Jeanie Ruprecht

    Hi Mario!
    I so appreciate getting your messages in my email box. You are so right about this. It’s hard to understand how people can be so apathetic about this kind of stuff – it’s as if some suffer from memory loss when it comes to what the Left has served up.
    How can any Christian forget the Left’s hostility towards us? And while it’s understood through what Jesus said in Scripture, that the world would hate us because they hated him first – we, in the U.S. are privileged to have both the right and the opportunity to at least have a greater effect on our lives and outcome for the sake of our children and grandchildren by trying to vote for those who stand for righteousness. There is no righteousness in those who support abortion, those who are trying to bankrupt Christians because the the Christian doesn’t want to bake their cakes or take pictures of same sex unions, those who want our kindergartens to know that Heather has two Mommies.
    IMO, all these Presidents have been horrible, from Papa Bush to Baby Bush, The Clintons, etc but y’know what? I know Christians, who are just as sweet as they can be and carry Obama tattoo’d on their sleeve! It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. However, now we have President Trump who is a good President and seems to sincerely care about America and people despise him! It’s beyond me.
    IMO, we as a Church need to fast and pray and ask God to have mercy on us because we really don’t know His (God’s) Ways if we, as a Church, can despise someone like Donald Trump.
    Where is the discernment? It’s not about right vs. left … It’s about right vs. wrong. It’s about righteousness vs. unrighteousness.
    This is what the LORD says about His Church and will we be ready when He returns?
    “For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of Living Water – to hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns that hold no water.” – Jeremiah 2:13

  7. Mary Aversa

    Dear Mario,
    It is so great to receive your messages. Too many preachers out there just don’t get it like you do. I was saved at one of your meetings in Pasadena about 40 years ago. I am so very grateful for having attended.
    As far as pastors not believing in politics in the church or that God was not in politic, what part of Biblical history did they skip over. God was very much into politics.
    My family and I are praying for your speedy recovery. Yes satan is trying to prevent you from your mighty work, but I know you will not be stopped AMEN!
    God Bless you,
    Mary Aversa

  8. Judy Pink

    Oh, my goodness. Thank you, again, Mario. You speak exactly what is on my mind. I am SO concerned about the November elections, and I’m SO frustrated that there is little I can do. I have felt this way for years, so to tell you the truth, I am angry at the apathy of the church…in particular, leaders who could make such a difference. It’s so sickening to me that they just go merrily along with their agenda while our country hangs in the balance. Why can’t Christians unite and let their voices be heard? As I wrote to President Trump and Dan Scavino and Kellyanne Conway…we need a HUGE media campaign to defeat the Democrats in November! What is the GOP doing with all the money they have?? Supporting people like Mitt Romney who will be a little thorn in Trump’s side. People are so ignorant about voting that they don’t see the irony of voting for a third party candidate when that pulls votes away from Republican candidates and in some, cases, gives the victory to Democrats, ie, the race in Pennsylvania. The democrats have figured out to run young, good looking candidates who basically lie to get in and then they will fight against Trump. How do I know they will? Because they are Democrats. There is no such thing as a centrist Democrat politician. They stand on the Democrat Party platform. We MUST not let the hard fought battle for the Presidency go to waste. Thank you for all that you do. I pray that you are in much better health. Blessings to you and family.

  9. John

    You are spot on. Christians have been under assault for hundreds of years, but because of complacency in the church, it has finally taken root. The evil has prevailed because good men stood idle and did nothing. Recovery of a once great nation would be grand, but God’s focus is on souls of men, and not the corrupt nations.

  10. Kim Denner

    Now California forcing their grotesque sex agenda on California Christian Schools!
    Meeting March 25th at Quail Lakes Baptist Church in Stockton for strategies to stop this evil agenda.
    I am outraged ! I will fight in prayer and in person!!!

    • Tolulope Yemisi

      My sister,am a Nigerian and I want to please plead with you, fight for America on your knees and through your votes,cz,USA is the only hope of at least 60% democracy to the world, let me tell you the agenda of Muslims they wants to overtake America cz,that’s the only place hindering them from becoming world leaders.if you know what these people are doing in Nigeria to Nigerians that are Christians living in the North it’s sad,just about a week ago,a Christian community was ransacked and a pastor and his 3Children were killed, about 2months ago a Catholic church was attacked 2 priests and 17parishioners were killed, just to name a few of their atrocities, and this particular state we call it Plateau state used to be a 90% Christians before they started to tolerate muslims,and, what is the end.

  11. tjgwynn

    Canada is feeling the same ramifications from the Left and the majority of Christians are sleeping. We just had our government vote last night to not give money to organizations for summer students that are against abortion. If you did not answer that question on the application, it got thrown out! This is against our Charter of Rights, yet this government just keeps marching on with their horrible agenda. Our Prime Minister is a joke around the world because of his foolish actions, our economy is not in good shape because of him blocking all our oil production (I live in the oil capital of Canada) and he focuses on things that are not of importance to push his agenda. Unfortunately, it is the same agenda that you are talking about coming from the same place. We are walking through as a nation what America has just come through yet I could not find people in the church who seem to see what is going on. Thankfully we do have an army of God that is fighting for our nation but they need help.

  12. Fred S.

    Unfortunately, if the Church does not act to save America, the sodomites are going to come to power again. Their anti-Christian agenda is going to include arresting Christians for speaking against the very sins that God tells us to speak out against! The judgement hand of God is poised to strike this nation. Don’t believe it? Look around. Earthquakes are increasing in number and intensity all over our country, volcanic areas are showing signs of pressure building underneath them. Look at the severe weather that has struck our country in the last few years…it is only going to increase. Finally, look at Russia and China, they are seriously outpacing us in military advancements, what do you think they will do when they think they can finally defeat America and go back to world conquest? It won’t be long in coming and The American Church will be driven underground to watch in silence.

  13. Larry D. Shankle

    Without a doubt, we must always do our part. Believers play a vital role in the process of everything. Whether it be government, church, compassion, helping those in need…believers have a role that we cannot afford to abdicate. My prayer is that God will raise up prayer warriors in every church to combat against the darkness of the days in which we live. Thanks for the reminders and the encouragement.



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