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Is God doing a secret work in you? Many Christians are fed up with the world system—especially the way it operates in the church.  Leaving church they think, “this is not it, there’s something wrong here.”  They can’t stomach the glitzy entertainment centers anymore. Many of them are angry at ego-centric pastors with grandiose, expensive and carnal visions.  They accuse them of being distracted—even derailed from their first love.

God hungry people are abandoning attraction churches—something revolutionary is happening inside them. Many say “I am tired of going to a service that feels like a rock concert capped off by a TED talk.

“I am tired of going to a service that feels like a rock concert capped off by a TED talk.

A secret work has started in them.

Many honest Pastors are also in divine turmoil.  The enemy condemned them for having a smaller church.   After years of blood sweat and tears their churches were battered, broken and diminished because they can’t compete with mega-mania.

A secret work has started in them.

And why can’t they compete? It’s because they keep their integrity!   When they see large crowds and big money pour effortlessly into churches that either hide or pervert the Gospel…it’s easy to feel like a fool for staying true.

The Bible describes them: “Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain, And washed my hands in innocence. For all day long I have been plagued, and chastened every morning.” Psalm 73:13, 14.

However, our friend in Psalm 73 came to a great revelation. After being bull-dozed by the success of the wicked he took action “16 When I thought how to understand this, It was too painful for me—17 Until I went into the sanctuary of God; Then I understood their end.”

When he entered the sanctuary exhausted and discouraged, the greatness of God overtook him.  He saw that evil always loses.

This is a part of the secret work God is doing in pastors!

A growing number of hungry hearts agree—with all its money and crowds—the compromised church did nothing to rebuke America’s sin.  The seeker model was a house of cards against the onslaught on the unborn and marriage.  While men slept, we had millions of abortions and marriage was destroyed.

The compromised church did nothing to rebuke America’s sin

Charles Finney said, “If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it.

He went even further:  “If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.”

Deep, deep in my soul where the real knowing happens—I know God is doing something new.  Every atom of my being tells me that God is doing a secret work in His people. 

God is finished with hirelings.  He is drawing a remnant out of corruption and into a special, supernatural nearness to Him.  They will empty themselves of everything, every ambition will be burned out but one…to love and please Christ.

Is God doing a secret work in you?  Has God closed you in and stripped you of all enjoyment of lesser things? 

Is God doing a secret work in you?  Has God closed you in and stripped you of all enjoyment of lesser things?

Are you in divine frustration because you are going to be a part of something only God can do?

What if millions of Americans get so miserable that they cry out to God in total desperation?  What if their cry is too deep and their hunger is too great to ever be happy in a lukewarm church?

This is why the Holy Spirit is recruiting a new breed…a breed that can be trusted in an awakening.

God is doing a secret work!  He is pulling a remnant to Himself.  He is taking a special core and communing with them—training them—empowering them—preparing them for one last mighty blast of power. 

The Holy Spirit sees that our nation hangs by a thread.  The death-rattle is in America’s throat.   Before God allows destruction—He is going to do one last massive miracle.  What will that look like?

He is taking a special core and communing with them—training them—empowering them—preparing them for one last mighty blast of power. 

-People no one’s ever heard of will come to the forefront.  They will arrive with awesome power and piercing messages.  Not all of them will be regular ministers.  In fact, the majority will not leave their secular careers as God is using them.  Some will be children!

-Strange locations will house massive outpourings.  Churches that have been small for years will become ground zero of God’s presence.   People will flock in from everywhere to these centers of fire and glory.  Stunning signs and wonders will rock entire communities.  These churches will be forced to stay open 24 hours a day.

God is doing a secret work in you.  He is making you miserable to make you into a miracle. The secret work will not be a secret for long!

We still need volunteers in Phoenix! Thank you for joining forces with our army! Click here to become a volunteer


  1. Michael Lupo

    Do you remember me from Resurrection City..?Mike Lupo ,and am in Grass Valley ,Ca now..Keep Jesus going,,I love the firestorm..

    • Mario Murillo

      Of course I remember you Michael! I am preaching in Sacramento at Destiny Sacramento June 2 6PM Hope I can see you at that time.

      • David Ghai

        Good morning. I registered for the event in Duluth, GA but did not receive a confirmation or agenda. How do I get that? Blessings, David

      • Mary Nadwodny

        Mario. Moved from spiritually dead N Va to the same here in Tucson. This area is desperate for a preacher. So tired of feel good no Holy Spirit led churches. Is there any one who can take up the mantel.

    • Linda Mize

      Pastor Mario, since January I have been pulled aside, only satisfied when I am in my Word or in prayer!!
      I’ve canceled all my live stream TV can’t watch it!! Praise Jesus I want to be in that reminet!! I’m older and for awhile felt lost, forgotten, useless but recently I feel that fire shut up in my bones To God Be the Glory!!!!

      • Terry Parrott

        Linda, my, precious sister, you’re never alone, nor useless. I’m 80 and the Lord has called me to intercession… like Anna in the temple. Keep that fire burning, don’t let it go out. Your prayers are needed for this generation that is will be birthing into His Kingdom…for a such a time as this we are needed. Terry Marie

      • Phil Parr

        Amen to that Linda Mize. There is an unspoken but definite trend in churches that I’ve attended that says to us older saints, “you can keep coming but only as a spectator, and by the way, keep on tithings” Caleb was 85 when he went to Hebron and slew the giants. I’m not close to that age. In the spiritual realm, there are modern day Caleb’s!

    • Mark B

      Yes so right on. This is me. This is our church. Lord, let your glory fall! Send labourers into your harvest. For the harvest truly is the end of the age. Jesus, Lord Sabaoth, you’re coming soon. Maranatha!

      • Diane

        There are a number of great books written by men who are on the same page! One we really appreciate wrote Reimagining Church, reminding us what the first century church was like, and a way back to that! Astounding how far we’ve moved away from the simplicity of Christ, and meeting together to edify and encourage one another! Incredibly refreshing!

    • Connie Strock

      So exited about Phoenix. God will supply the volunteers.thanks for this message.i was feeling aupset.because i dont see.soul winning in even small churches.and there’s no communication.if you need to talk to have to talk to voice mail.and Noone calls back.i would even volunteer to answer phone calls and pray for people. Why are they so buzy I pray that its to minister to the hurting and lost.and not going to ect.what if a person is suicidal.but they get voicemail.too sad.makes me mad.

    • Suzetta Hause

      YES, Mr. Murillo,
      I am part of this remnant…God is using me.
      God loves me boundlessly.
      I am so fortunate. I love JESUS CHRIST so very much… I am nothing without Him.
      Suzetta Hause

    • David Reaume

      Love your ministry brother Mario

    • phil beatty


    • Genia Blankenship

      Thank you Mario! We are trying hard to work with the Holy Spirit in these times. Genia

    • Roberto Rascon

      This has been my prayer, not only for God to reveal His Glory in the Body of Christ, but to do it in my life. There a preparation going on, that I recall a word of knowledge revealed many years ago, and how God is preparing such people for such a time. This is being done by the Spirit of God which reminds me of Moses needing 70 elders from the tribes of Israel who had the spirit of God upon them. And, the parallel of Jesus having 70 disciples being sent out with the power and authority to heal and cast out demons.

      Such a preparation is to reveal to the enemy that God is still in control. To show the body of Christ God’s directive upon our lives.

      Let us continue the spiritual battle to be overcomers, to win souls for the kingdom of God, and do so with the anointing of the Holy Spirit where the manifestations of God’s Spirit freely flow through the Body of Christ.

      Let us go forth in the power of His might turning darkness into light!

  2. Mike Lupo

    Join “Truth Social..” you be loved there.

    • Melissa Ward

      Coming to pastors brunch on 4/20 in floodgate church in MI and Getting married May 18th and will be at your event 18-22 in MI. Ready to launch next level ministry

    • Carol Doyle

      Great message Mario. My friend and I have been very frustrated. We have struggled to find a good church in Loveland, CO. However, God moved me to Amarillo, TX in 2022. I have found a church that is not an entertainment center with a pastor on fire for God.

    • Suzetta Hause

      Thank You for your truth
      Dear Mr. Murillo…I love following you.
      Suzetta Hause

    • David L. Williams

      Joining Truth Social isn’t possible for those who do not have a smart phone.

  3. Lisa Nolland

    Great stuff, Mario and AMEN to it —
    Love from the UK, where we are in similar straits, but then, ‘But God’.

    • Sheila

      Thank you Mario, for doing the will of Abba Father. I pray for you and your ministry team.
      I’m glad and thankful for the church I go to.
      The pastor speaks truth and calls out sin.
      it’s not a big church. Her husband is evangelist that travels.

    • Lisa Wright

      Thank you God for this message. I am encouraged . Bless Mario as he spreads your word of life and hope as you give it to him to say. Show me my place and purpose as well to bring others to the cross that gives hope.

    • Joy Compton

      Lisa, from a fellow Brit – Amen and standing with you. There must be many of us desperate for God to work in US and here in UK. I’m believing for my little church in Swindon to be ignited by Holy Spirit to. become a ground zero Mario speaks of. The remnant is rising. God bless Lisa.
      Joy Compton

  4. Mitch

    You do seem to understand what’s happening brother.

    • Christine rinard

      Awesome message!! I remember you from Berkeley many years ago. And our Lord has a plan. Bless you!!!!

  5. Peter Yang

    amen, humbly I am one you are speaking of, I want something true and real, the true gospel, holiness, not this entertainment business of a church and celebrity pastors who are being found out for their narcissism and secret sins being revealed en mass

    • Eloy Soria

      Hello Mario,my wife and I attended the Hanford Ca Tent meeting,we are from Visalia Ca.What a Blessing!We left our large Church one year ago to attend as 2 year old small Church that preaches God’s truths. before I read this we were lead…..just as you discribe.If we listen God will lead us! God Bess you in Phoenix and continue spreading the truth.

    • Joanne Villegas

      Every time I read these blogs it is like you are reading my heart and thoughts, and desires to serve my God in a mighty way! Nothing else matters but to serve Him ! In prayer and sharing Him with others. The small church we have been attending seems to want to remain in their little mode, however we have discovered a few with the desire to seek and serve God more. They have volunteered for the Phoenix tent meeting and now another man has come to us asking to be involved! Small beginnings but a beginning nonetheless! Blessings to you Mario!

    • Jayne

      I left a large church in Missouri only to find that my next small church was a seed off that large church.
      I’m now attending a Calvary Chapel that seems to be on the right track. The Great Commission doesn’t tell us to have fancy buildings with wonderful music productions.

  6. Greg Green

    I am behind you 100%.
    Col 1. God HAS restored ALL creation back to Himself by Jesus Blood. “It IS finished.” He knows the end from the beginning. Is the head of ALL rule & authority. And steers leaders hearts however He wants. Prov 21:1 God IS GOD

  7. Ena Howard

    I wept all the way through reading this! Thank you, thank you Mario from my heart and God bless you for all you and Lance etc are doing. Praying for Phoenix and for more helpers. Sending so much love to you all. From Cape Town.

    • Mark Thibodeaux

      I agree with you, Mario. I am blessed to be part of a small church where the Pastor still preaches the gospel and is not afraid to tackle the more difficult subjects of sin.
      We believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit.
      Our Pastor doesn’t touch on politics much, but he did call out Biden’s blasphemous Transgender proclamation on Easter. So evil! He also encourages us to vote according to Biblical principles.
      Our church is small, about 75 per service or 150 total on Sunday, but we are tight and the Holy Spirit is welcome and falls on us weekly, all glory to God! We are growing a little at a time, but we are all sensing growth is coming and we continue to invite our neighbors.
      Keep up the good work of sharing The Good News!

    • Diane Coon

      A prophetic word. So many of us tucked away learning from the Holy Spirit. Enjoying the visions of truth of the pouring down of the latter rain… with miracles, signs, and wonders that testify of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Stephen Allen

    “Churches that have been small for years will become ground zero of God’s presence”.

    That’s been my prayer for our small community for years. I’m taking your prophetic words to heart. Thank you

    • Freda Champlin

      I wish you would come to Nashville, TN.

  9. Greg Green

    Please stand in agreement that God will enable me to do as much as I possibly can to help your ministry. Time is of the essence. We are going to bash the devils brains out. THIS THING “IS” TURNING AROUND.

    • OasisHunter

      Thank you Brother Murillo! I have been a member of several different churches, side eyed for “church hopping,” and challenging a PhD traditional denomination pastor. The Holy Spirit has led me here.
      Being in the Oakland, Bay Area is a challenge. Many ex- pimps, and pushers, that became pastors to push a different product. People desperately needing the love of a Savior.

      I’m seeing that many of them are beginning to pass away, or move away. They abused money from tithing, neglecting God’s people and church buildings.
      I am seeking another church. I am motivated to keep going after reading this blog.
      Thank you!!
      Praying for more workers to join you in Phoenix!!

  10. Ralph Stamp

    Thank you Mario . Timely Word of the Lord and you literally prophesied the cry, the work and the longing of many of our hearts. The Holy Spirit has spoken to us through you. I thank the Lord for your Bob Dylan “phone call of confirmation.” There are many of us who needed to hear this confirming anointed words.. We are already gearing up for Batavia.

    • Diane

      Mario. Thankful for you!. Received word from you thru tv that my emotions are healed, body and that God is restoring me back to the “real me”. I am 76 and lost joy and hope for many years. Thank you! 💜😊

    • Dick Schinke Ralph. What do yoiu mean by the “Bob Dylan “phone call of confermation.What do yoiu mean by gearing up for Batavia.

  11. Alyce

    Hallelujah! Thank you Mario!! This message just settled some questions that have been buzzing around in my spirit for awhile now!! Praise God.

    • Jeanna Sumners

      I’m waiting for you to come to Central Alabama. I am here, waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled spoken by David Yonggi Cho in the mid-80’s that in the time before the Lord would return there would be great awakening in the central part of Alabama. I heard it then and am still waiting on it now. I am to be a part of it. Your words have confirmed it all. We probably will never meet here on earth but we can talk about this in heaven. Thank you, my big brother for your service to encourage those of us isolated and secluded in our trenches and fox holes waiting for the signal.

  12. Fred Remick

    The time is now

  13. Carolyn

    Amen, Amen and AMEN!

  14. Charles

    Thank God mario sees the truth because I wondered why the big churches were not preaching about the sin in the world today or even coming against it may God almighty forgive us all I ask for your forgiveness Jesus forgive me

  15. Charlene Frazer

    I am miserable and have been for a long time. I was going to this church but I am wheelchair bound and can’t get out when it rains or when it’s too hot. The chair has numerous issues but I can’t afford to get it repaired. I pray over it daily. Where I was going was not a place I was used to. I asked the pastor if they ever let Holy Spirit move, I was told maybe this isn’t the church for me. I stopped going. I am very restless. I’m not in a good living condition right now. I have several promises God gave me and am waiting for them to manifest. Been going thru STUFF for 30 yrs. The enemy has tried to take my life many different ways. I am tired. Please keep me in your prayers.

    • Curtis Cabezut

      Praise God Thank you Mario aChampion of the Most High God Bless you in Jesus Name

  16. Stephen Muzick

    You cannot candy coat God or his message. Trying to entice people with a concert performance may work for a while but eventually a hunger for a deeper walk will spring forth. Once again a Mario you speak the truth. God will see the remnant arise and he will be glorified. God bless.

  17. Ben Rhodes

    Thanks ,Mario ,now I see what God is doing in my life ,you have described just what I am feeling. Thanks so much for obeying God, pray for me ,Holy Spirit show me the way!

  18. Mildred Hess

    Mario,, thank you for this message. I especially liked the quote from Charles Finney. I reread it several times.
    Thank you Mario, for making Soul Saving a priority of your ministry. Very few Pastors have Alter Calls today.
    We miss you not being on Flashpoint anymore. Please visit FP when you are able. GOD BLESS.

    • Carolyn S. Flemming

      Dear Mario..this is off the subject of this post but I need help.
      I am a follower of Jesus and A strong supporter of your ministry also.
      My husband and I came to the Colorado Springs tent meeting this past july as volunteers. Just 2 weeks before we came our grandaughter who is a young teenager was diagnosed with lukemia. It was hard to leave her and the family at that time but I just wanted to believe that somehow with us being there she would be healed.

      It didn’t happen…in the mean time she has had a bone marrow transplant that seems like it is possibly not going to be successful. We have prayed and claimed God’s promises ..we have not given up and will trust God no matter what happens. I am just crying out in desperation because yesterday we received some not very good news. So I am not only pouring my heart out to God but you who has been a vessel of healing. Our Grandaughter is a believer and actually claimed Romans 8:18 …bless her heart but she has suffered greatly through this whole process and I am sure when she claimed that scripture didn’t realize how much she would have to suffer. They may have to redo another transplant ,this is going to be so hard for her and not just her but het diblings. and I am just asking and trusting God for a miracle of healing in her life .I know you are not the healer ,that comes from Christ alone but God has used you to allowing His healing to flow through you. Can you just join us in prayer for Sophie’s healing… So His Glory can be revealed in her and us. Not glory for us but for Christ. I have asked God to use this to be a witness of truth to our prodigal son. If you have any suggestions as to how we can more effectively pray please share.

      I don’t even know if you will receive this message or what I expect if you do. I am just reaching out because my heart is broken to have to see my daughter and her family to go through this . I know God can heal but so far it hasn’t happened!
      Lord Jesus have mercy and help us to come through this trial victorios.

      • Mario Murillo

        Thank you for sharing with me about your granddaughter. I have one too. I am fiercely asking for your granddaughter to be healed. Matthew 18:19!!

  19. Laura Greengrass

    Thankyou for the invitation to subscribe. I would love for you to bring your crusade to Florida, specifically to the area of Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg ! I try to tune in to your sermons everyday, also following Todd C. And JosephZ… Cant seem to get enough of Gods word these days. Please pray for me and my family, as we all need healing in various ways which have taken its toll on me, psysically and mentally to the point that I hardly recognize myself anymore. Thank you for all you do to help so many and for our once great country as a whole. Politics and religion most certainly belong together ! ♡

  20. Thomas Holohan

    I was sitting in a small Church with about 40 people. Jesus appeared suddenly at the pulpit a pointed to me and using his finger to say”come forward”. I stepped to my left walked down the aisle made a right and as I began to walk up to Jesus he turned to me and handed me a baby. When he handed me the baby the glory of God shot through the building lifting all of us several feet in the air and it continued outside it was just plain supernatural. I woke up from the dream and I asked the Lord what it meant. A year later he sent a man from Russia to interpret.” The baby represented a move of God the little church was a cradle where a baby could be born. “He went on ,-“every church and the leader that opens their hearts to a move of God will see the outpouring of the Spirit.” One month later I was asked to speak at a church in upper Florida for one night. I arrived , the pastor met me in the parking lot crying. Walking me in the building people were on the floors and draped over the altar weeping. THE presence of God the was felt and the Holy Spirit was active. services went for nearly six months 6 days a week the newspapers carried the story of the conversions and 50 gallon drums filled with alcohol drugs and pornography that was burned. But the glory was the story. I have seen this over and over and it is getting ready to happen again and again Nationwide. Thank you for the confirmation. For God is at work WITHIN YOU both to Will and to do of his own pleasure.. WE LOVE YOU EVANGELIST AND BROTHER MARIO.

    • Carol Scarth,

      Good word brother. Keep on keeping on!

  21. Carleen Rowan

    Christians need this so much!! It will be glorious when it happens!!

    • Joe M Garza

      Pastor Mario Murillo, may God continue blessing you with your Ministry. I loved to know when are you coming to South Texas (McAllen, Tx). I would love help you in what ever the Lord wants me to help you.

      Your Brother in Christ
      Joe Garza

      • Mario Murillo

        So good to hear from you Joe! I remember our last visit there and the mighty church of God! Pray. We would love to crusade there. -Mario

  22. Pearl Dalton

    Thank you Mario. You are so right about the churches. They profess to be pentecostal, but no fruit. No miracles,dry prayers 🙏. And definitely worldly I. The pulpit looks like rockers in their jeans full of holes on purpose 😳

    • Debbie

      And also what I saw was no follow up, no mentorship. And a small group of people run every thing. And your gifts are never used. They just want you to attend, pay your tithes and volunteer on Sunday morning as a greeter or fun the camera. I was called to more than that!

    • Sarah

      The nameless Remnant have been prepared in the fire 🔥 of affliction. They have been raised outside the 4 walls of The Church for decades by the hand of God ❤️🎚️👑🕊️🙏🏻🙌🏻
      They know their King 👑
      They will NOT compromise.

  23. S.R. Jordan

    Surrender, service, sacrifice supports spiritual strength, supremacy & sovereignty of Gods good pleasure of providence in the power of His permanent promise & Lord Holy Spirits Presence.
    For God and Country. “KING JUSES ALONE IS WORTHY To God be glory, honor, dominion, service/respect power/praise always & forever.

  24. Keith Honeycutt

    Amen and amen brother! I call it a Ever increasing Holy Dissatisfaction with the status quo! I proficy a global God sent pandemic of Holy Dissatisfaction with the status quo! You’ve been infected you’re a carrier although the enemy would try and muzzle you, put a mask on you every where you go people will be infected and God will arise and His enemies will be scattered!!

  25. Maria M

    Thank you, Mario. This is exactly what has happened to me. I told my friends, I really don’t care about traveling or anything. I only care about the lost. How does this happen? Spending time with Jesus. Taking communion daily. Talking to the Father and crying out to him for my unsaved family members. God is doing a wonderful thing at this time. Come Holy Spirit! We need you!

  26. Sheryl J

    This is powerful truth. Thank God for His TruthThis is what my Pastor has been saying for several years.
    I am so blessed by how God is moving in this time.
    Keep the fire burning.

  27. Malone Kathy

    I’ve been in the crucible for several years. I’ve come to see the difficult circumstance’s as a gift and blessing from God because he’s using it to teach me to trust him. I’m learning to walk along a precipice without a safety net for I am safety etched in the palm of God’s almighty hand. Looking forward to the Courage Tour event here in Atlanta. Thank you Lance for your encouragement when we spoke at the pre-pastors meeting – you reinforced the word about ‘decorum’ and encouraged me to keep writing. I spoke with Lance right after and he asked me to write an article about that same meeting!

  28. DLK

    I left my church when it closed from covid. I had known prior to covid that something was missing but couldn’t put my finger on it. About 6 months prior to covid God led me to a little gym who has a ministry to share Jesus and God’s Word. God was preparing me to make this move. We meet on Saturday’s for about 2 hours and the Word of the Lord is more real than ever before. The focus is our relationship with God and listening to God not man. Praise God!!

  29. Becky

    Yes, Yes, Yes! That is what God is doing in me and has been showing me for many years!

    Have you ever had sandpaper rubbed over your soul, it’s a God thing! Yes, it physically hurts a lot! Been left in the dark and thought He had abandoned you to hell, it’s a God thing! And it isn’t pleasant! But when coming out on the other side we can say He Is Worth It! But it was terrifying beyond belief or description! In my defense against it, I quoted a lot of Bible verses, “He will never leave us nor forsake us,” and “Greater is He Who is in me than he who is in the world,” etc. Be prepared for this, memorize these verses and be ready to throw them out for the protection of your soul at a second’s notice under a spiritual attack! Be prepared, the enemy is!

    Is God getting us ready for something, Yes! Does He want us to fear nothing so much as Him and His power and justice, Yes! He is coming for His own and you only really know you are His if He cleans you up for a Holy God and a Holy Heaven in time for Rapture! It’s coming, be ready by allowing Him to do what He wants! To God be the Glory alone! As Charles Spurgeon reminds us “Soli Deo gloria!”

    God always takes me by surprise! In the many spiritual battles and Godly redirections, I usually have no clue what is coming, which to me seems worse because I am just going along and then POW! It leaves you reeling and thinking, what is going on! After several overwhelming experiences now, I go right to God and begin speaking the Word against what is coming against me!

    As you said, Brother Mario, the Holy Spirit knows we are hanging by a thread as a nation, but also as individual souls. Individual souls are hanging over the pit of hell and the enemy is laughing; he has taken more people away from their true destiny and from God receiving the glory! Let’s not let the enemy win, God will be glorified, and souls saved! God’s kingdom will increase and the enemy’s will decrease! Wake up, no more vain imaginings, just Godly callings and enabling!

    You called it and stated it correctly, Brother Mario, and I’m so glad! The truth is finally being revealed from Heaven by someone I trust, and I can concur that this is happening, so far people like me are unknown. But He is having me working on several projects in diverse areas and it is coming soon! God help us all to be faithful and complete the work which He has begun in us!!! Hallelujah, He is coming for His own soon!

  30. Debbie

    I have tried to find a church in my area. It’s just frustrating and impossible.
    I started a very small home church. I would love to be in community. But the churches just aren’t awake.
    I know God has things planned. Just seeking him with all my heart. And trying to be a prayer intercessor. Thank you for these blogs they are very encouraging for those of us feeling called for this time. And just won’t settle anymore.

  31. ali s winters

    After two attempts to attend the corporate church we gave up. Spent almost two years without attending a church. Relocated and gave it one more try. Disaster…then God broke into our desperation and did a mighty work. He moved on us to start a prayer group in our home and one of those who now attends our little ABBA’ Army prayer group had a home group and invited us to visit. We did and were blown away by the teaching of the Word, ministry and fellowship. We now attend regularly and are so thankful to God that He who has promised is faithful. LORD bless. Praying for Phoenix revival; shaking and breaking strongholds, setting captives free.

  32. Stacey

    Many churches are too worried about their 501c3 status. They don’t want to stir the pot. The government owns them.

  33. Greer Trice

    Thank you Mario. It was the Word in due season for me.

  34. Suzanne Russell

    I know I am one of them. God has had me on the shelf so to speak for years now, but also did some healing within me during that time. I didn’t stop working for the Lord, but it was in a quieter way. Most always was never noticed by anyone except the person I dealt with, and that was just fine with me. But lately He is strengthening me and making me aware to get stronger, closer and other things I can’t say just yet.
    God is so good. This is what I have been waiting for. My heart has been grieved for years at what I see in the churches here. I know that they could have so much more!
    Recently God answered my prayers and gave our Pastor a dream. He told him he was doing good, but that he could have so much more!

  35. Robert L norris

    You are so right on. Thank GOD I belong to one of the churches you talk about. MY church, GRACE CHURCH OF THE VALLEY, in little Greendale, In is one of the churches you talked about. Our Pastor teaches the straight forward, un compromising word of God, just the way it is written. I can’t wait for this explosion of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Mario for speeking the truth. Bob Norris

  36. Billy Ferg

    Greetings Brother Mario ! I love all your messages but today’s was special. I am a pastor of a small church in Appleton Wi . We love the presence & power of Holy Spirit. I heard you will be in Eau Claire in July, I plan on volunteering for that. Our church is l livingfaithappletonwi I have been pastoring 37 years ! God’s Blessings on you Mario !! I’m praying for all your tent meetings!

  37. Michael J. Briglia

    I agree! It was a good prophetic word I needed. Thank You!

  38. Samuel M. Smith

    Mario, I pastored a small church for 15 yrs. I watched ministers sell the gifts for $ speaking to the lust of the hearts of hearers. When I ask “Lord, is this ok with you?” He responded with “others may do it, you may not!” Then tragedy struck my home. Divorced, 4 daughters and a church that failed. I began a “long dark night of the soul”! Depression, cannabis addiction and despair. I couldn’t pull out of it. 15 years of “death on earth”. I cried out to Jesus. I thought I’d gone to far to come home. Condemnation tormented me! Then one morning the Holy Spirit filled the room and I wept for several weeks. He set me so free my feet have yet to touch earth. Then I read “Are you a Wounded Healer?” I found myself in Daniel 11:35, It explained everything. God’s ways, purpose and my future! I’m 75 and I’ve never felt younger. It’s been God at work in me all these years! Mario, I don’t have words to express my gratitude for the truth you are preaching. The mind and heart of Father! Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I share this report. NOW is the appointed time and Je 29:11 is alive in me! I have been set free and “raised from the dead!” Thank you!

  39. Sally Lacey Lakeland FL

    I have been struggling with exactly what you just described in this article…I am 81 soon to be 82 in September..a couple of weeks ago in church, in my spirit I heard, you don’t belong here anymore. I don’t know what to do, I am praying it but no answer yet. This post is what I needed to spur me on.,. Please pray for me

    • Around the Father's Table


      Our God supplies all our needs according to his riches in Glory. He us able to make all grace abound toward us, that we having sufficiency in all things may have an abundance for every good work. We stop thinking outside ourselves and inside the word. And we will let Jesus bless the world thru us. ( in Jesus name we pray)Amen
      From kcm ministry prayer but led to pray it daily and share it.

      Praying for you and of course Pastor Marios events including Phoenix

      Keep Praising him!, The Lord is doing amazing things!

  40. Irene Bryant

    If I lived closer, I would volunteer. We had a rally last weekend and had many salvations, healings and deliverances. It is exciting to see the Lord move. Next weekend is the Esther’s Arise gathering at Legislatures across Canada. It’s time we were speaking out on behalf of our children. What’s happening in schools is evil.
    I volunteer with Life on Wheels helping women off the streets and getting set free from alcohol and drugs. Jesus is the answer for them.

  41. Jerry Lawrence, Dallas, Texas

    Amen and Amen Mario!! Hallelujah that there are disciples like you who are teaching and urging worship and supplication rather than coming together for entertainment!! Let’s, feed our spirits and equip us to do so with those about us instead of ministering with our more carnal appetite.

  42. Cindy Dickerson

    This is so refreshing to hear you speak about this. It has been a deep concern and frustration regarding the state of the church. It is quite difficult to find a church that has worship leaders that know how to worship and lead the congregation or pastors that aren’t giving Ted talks. I have been walking with God for 40+ years and to see the church state is heart wrenching. I long for God’s presence in corporate worship…I am hungry for the visitation of the Holy Spirit in our worship. I, too, have gone through times when I just don’t want to go because of the lack of teaching, presence, or Jesus want invited.

    Thank you for posting this. I know of many believers that struggle with this whole subject.

  43. Jon C


    Could you put together a Outline of how we should be praying at this hour?

  44. Carol

    I haven’t been inside a brick and mortar church for close to 6 years. I got so tired of the hype and fluff and no meat in the worship or the message. If I wanted strobe lights and fake smoke I would go to a night club, been there done that and don’t want to see it in a place that is suppose to be representing my LORD Jesus Christ.
    I have learned more in these last 6 years from the teaching of the Holy Spirit to me than I have ever learned from attending a brick and mortar church. What I learned from the pastors of churches is that I needed to be doing something and keeping busy. They were more concerned about bringing more people into their church than into God’s Kingdom. What I learned from the Holy Spirit is He doesn’t want me doin, He wants me being. Being in intimate fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ, getting to know Him like I’ve never known Him before. When I know Him like He wants me to know Him than I will work with Him not for Him.
    I’ve always thought the Fruit of the Spirit was more important than the Gifts of the Spirit, because to me the Fruit represents the character of Christ and when we have that flowing in, through, and out of you than the Gifts will flow and it will the LORD Jesus Christ Who will get the glory not some man or woman. Jesus Christ is what it’s all about and not anything else and it’s always been the One Who it is about from the beginning to the end of His Word.

  45. Trula

    I meant business when I said, Lord use me several years ago. Ever since…

    The Lord has been preparing this nobody (me) for a long time for this time. I feel like a horse at a race gate, waiting for the gate to go up, so I can RUN.

  46. Sandra

    Love every word you speak or print! Why do pastors not get it? It is not about them but about HIM! My greatest desire is to see souls saved, delivered and set free from the lies of satan and the attacks of his demons! Like I have said before, you are the man to save many souls and feel every tent crusade will be greater and greater. Prayer warriors are praying for your ministry and others to stay committed to soul saving!!! Time is running out! Pray for brothers and sisters all over the world to be saved! Satan is a liar and the father of them! Blessings daily for your ministry.

  47. Nancy

    I just love you all so much and anticipate a time when I can meet with brothers and sisters of the Lord. I am old, but undergoing a fire power of my own. The Lord is doing a work in me in the quiet, freezing recesses of ERs as I pray for His glory to come and swallow up all the unbelief in the healing power of the Presence of God. The work is absolutely to know Everything is about Him.

  48. Suzanne Bonne

    This is everything I’m feeling about the state of the Christian churches on Long Island. I yearn for the churches of my past, and pastors I would have followed to the gates of hell. They are gone now and the money-hungry, TEDtalk-spouting adolescents taking their place make me want to scream. So glad I am not alone. Thank you, Mario. It’s still awful not to have a church, but praying God is waking up his believers.

  49. Brian

    Thank you Mario! This has been building prophetically for the last three decades. Grateful, that you are seeing it. Most of the people who commented here and resonate with this message will not see it or experience it even though they want to. Most will never reach the point where they can consider making decisions to point their life and family into this wind or movement of the Holy Spirit. Most do not understand what they don’t understand about the Gospel. But those of us who do, are already experiencing it in our lives. The secret is, Christ in you, the hope of Glory. When you do, then frustration ends. and a life of fullness of Glory leads you.

  50. GreyDove

    Any possibility you can post somewhere which churches are supporting your tent crusade?? I have been searching for a church in the south Tucson area for quite some time now – one that is not cliquish, or entertainment-focused, or “seeker-friendly” milk drenched. Maybe by knowing which churches in this area supported Mario Murillo Ministries, I could find a home church!!



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