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One of the greatest cruelties—if not the greatest in history—was done to Mary Magdalene.  She was once sold on the streets. She knew the special insanity of demon possession.  She knew the yawning blackness of total despair.

Then Jesus rescued her.  Jesus cast out seven vicious devils—devils she thought would never leave.  Once deemed human garbage, she is now redeemed and planted into a family of indescribable love.  Things would never be the same.  Her nights of remorse, her days of futility, her shame, her emptiness, were now all distant memories.


For three years she lived a life she could have never imagined, crisscrossing Judea, hanging on Jesus’ every word, weeping gloriously over every miracle.  Each morning, she awakened a more powerful and joyous woman of God!  She thought that this would go on forever.

Each morning, she awakened a more powerful and joyous woman of God!  She thought that this would go on forever.

People use the phrase “nothing could be worse…”  They use it before describing something unimaginably terrible.  I will use it this way: Nothing could be worse than to be in hell, and then taste heaven, only to return back to hell.

Then on that fateful Friday, it all went horribly, horribly wrong.  How could the One Who called the dead back to life and silenced a storm at sea, be arrested?  How could the One Who gave words of exquisite beauty, love and wisdom, be tortured and killed?  No one wanted to save Jesus more than Mary.  No one felt more horror and helplessness than she.

No one wanted to save Jesus more than Mary.  No one felt more horror and helplessness than she.

That night, profound hope had given way to even deeper bitterness and disappointment.  She must have thought, “If only I had never met Him.  If only He had left me to die in the streets.”  She slept only after exhaustion became more powerful than sorrow.   Too wounded to go on living, and perhaps too tired to commit suicide…

Mary is of special importance to me today, because her testimony is the best one I can think of as we commemorate this Good Friday, in such a dark time as the one we are living in.  Mary’s miracle is the miracle America needs now!


Here’s why: When the first shafts of Sunday morning light stirred her awake, she dreaded it.  If ever a heart was broken beyond repair—if ever a soul would rage against the approach of hope—if ever a woman just wanted to go back to sleep and never wake up, it was Mary.

That is why she was shocked when she felt an odd energy coming over her.  She soon felt an even stranger impulse—to go to the tomb where Jesus lay!  How could she return to the only spot on earth that could reopen her wound?

What overruled her despair?  What fuel was driving her so completely against her common sense and her broken heart? 

What overruled her despair?  What fuel was driving her so completely against her common sense and her broken heart?  Paul answers that emphatically! “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you” (Romans 8:11).

Do you know any therapist capable of rebuilding the ashes and rubble of her soul?  Can any drug, any teaching, any relationship, reassemble her heart the way the gentle but powerful Comforter could?

We all know about the power of the resurrection: it was the greatest display of power the universe has ever known; even greater than the alleged “big bang” that, theoretically, began the universe. The resurrection sent shock waves through the principalities and powers of darkness.  It shattered Satan’s power and stripped him of the keys of death and Hell (Rev. 1:8).  Jesus set the captives free in the bowels of the earth, and “led captivity captive” (Ephesians 4:8).

But, the first burst of resurrection power was much gentler. Mary was the first human to feel the power of the resurrection.  Her eyes, which were red and sore from sobbing, were now refreshed and clear.  Her arms which had hung limp from heartsick lethargy were now responsive, strong, and full of purpose. She sat up and found hope pumping through her veins. She wondered, “Why!”

A notion seized her, gently, but firmly.  She knew she was to go to the tomb, and she immediately got going!  Washing up, brushing her hair, and quickly getting dressed. All the while the expectancy of an indescribable ‘something’ was building in her soul.  Before she knew it, she was out the door, and charging toward her worst fear.  Only, now, she was not afraid.

She found the tomb vacant. Then she turned and saw Him whom her soul loved.  Many awesome things happened that Easter, but none more wonderful than Mary reunited with her Savior.

 She is the best testimony I can think of for our national dreams that have gone up in smoke. 

In the genetically altered, politically charged, drug addicted, violent purgatory that is America today, Mary Magdalene stands as a poignant figure.  She is the best testimony I can think of for our national dreams that have gone up in smoke.  Our culture has wearied itself with perversion…hunting down everything natural and replacing it with a disfigured counterfeit. It has marched, protested, and boycotted the very color and life out of everything—to the point that everything is a cause for taking offense.

What happened to Mary, is proof that there is nothing better than the Gospel.

America!  This is what you need!

“Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons” (Mark 16:9).

JESUS APPEARED FIRST TO MARY!  He had never forgotten her. He knew she was suffering the most, so He healed this precious soul first!

Happy Easter! Please pray for Living Proof Phoenix!


  1. Mary Grimshaw

    I wish I could go, but we are not able. Finances. If God wants us there, He’ll have to make a way.

    • phil beatty


  2. Mary Grimshaw

    I do need prayer for healing. I have fibromyalgia. If I don’t take muscle relaxers when I go to bed, I don’t sleep. I am in a fair amount of pain all day. Tylenol and Motrin don’t help. I use a walker because I fall. God allowed me to witness to a man and his son. I didn’t know they were muslim. I was soo Happy! If God leads me, I want to do it again. The dad is Hahamed, and his son is Armeed. Please lift them in prayer for salvation I have them on my hand in sharpie ink, so not to forget to pray.

    • Barbie Schamberger

      So sorry about your fibromyalgia. I suffer from that too. I found that Bioptimizers, which has Has 7 Forms of Magnesium: Glycinate, Malate, Citrate, and More, has greatly helped my fibromyalgia pain. I don’t know if it would work for bur it might be worth trying.

      • Alzie Rice

        I just told her the same thing!

    • Annette Vickery

      Hello friend, Jesus paid for your healing. You need to stand against the devil and demand he leave you in Jesus name. I would suggest listening to Andrew Womack ministry’s healing sermons or Curry Blake from JGLM in Texas.

    • Alzie Rice

      I too, have fibromyalgia. As well as RA. I cannot take most of the anti-inflammatory meds. I have been using Turmeric in capsule form and a multi- collagen powder for about year. I’m walking better, have less pain now. Then I added a multi-magnesium tablet. It’s amazing what the combination has done for me. I pray this will help you. I just know it’s done more for me than twenty years of pharmaceutical products.

  3. Joan

    Thank you Mario
    A very timely and sweet account of Mary Magdalene. Holy, Righteous and Worthy is Our LORD and Savior Christ Jesus! This has helped me tonight.
    Praying for you and yours.
    In His name, Amen

    • Mary Booher

      Beautiful and poignant. I never thought of like this. Causes me to think and pursue deeper.

    • Kimberly Anderson

      Mary Grimshaw ..Fibromyaligia is a sugar disease, I have up on food that turns to sugar..vegetables, fruits, flours ,etc…. eat minimally processed meats..use oraginc agave and organic stevia in place of sugar, bobs refill 1+1 floured organic raspberries and bananas..go to an allergist..and learn what organic fruits you eat have family members in order to avoid pain..

  4. Elijah Wanjala

    This is so much astonishing and deeper revelation, I’ve learned for the first time that Jesus Christ cast demons from Mary Magdalene….

  5. wayne nabors

    Thank you Mario
    It is indeed time for America to be restored by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
    Blessings my brother


  6. Mary jo

    Thank you bro. So beautifully penned…

  7. Carolyn Brooks

    Thank you for this anointed Word that do clearly depicts where our world is today. Keep sharing the liberating power of the True gospel that sets the captive free. Blessings

  8. Wendy Cairns

    Greetings and Happy Easter from Townsville, Australia!

    A beautiful conversion indeed and in Jesus mighty name this world wide awakening will see thousands upon thousands of genuine conversions like Mary’s!

    Praying for you Mario and all who are of like mind and heart for the great end time harvest, may His glory and power saturate all who love our Lord Jesus with an undying love! The Lord bless and keep you.

  9. Richard Imus

    Awesome blog. I think your article tugged on every part of my heart. Much needed and timely. For myself it helps me to know others feel the heart of God and are moved to tears. I feel it hit me every time I approach the tent. I begin to sob. The last tent I began To sob fifteen minutes before we landed in North Carolina. God began to speaking to me saying “these people were once close to me but now they are far off. Then I had a word for the woman across the isle from me in the plane. After telling her that her Hod g
    Has heard her prayers and her daughter was coming to Christ. Moreover, her granddaughter who has a calling on her life will also follow Christ. She began to weep. Then I was reminded that Early 2015 in a dream I laid hands on an ancient giant woman surrounded by intercessors praying. A voice told me to yell aloud one word “ Arise!” This woman after looking like she was dying jumped up and began to dance like a teenager. For two weeks I asked the Holy Spirit what this meant. Then, praying one morning after waking up in the night I heard the words “the woman in your dream is America and I am going to use you to bring her back to life. Like now. God gets me up in. The middle of the night to pray and intercede. It was 1::00 this morning when He woke me. I’m feeling like this night he means business. I am going to sit in my quiet space now and listen for His comforting voice. I’m praying the Holy Spirit is going to make good on His promises to me that America Shall be saved no excuses. I heard Him say this three years ago. Our daughter who works with inner city action heard this phrase too because it was in Sacremento when her mom and I received this word. “America. Shall Be Saved No Excuses.” Praying for you and your family Mario. Thanks you for getting up every morning to listen to The Holy Spirit.

  10. Claudia

    He Is Risen

  11. Dianne Tylski

    I painted her to depict this very moment in time

  12. Pearl Dalton

    Thanks again Mario for being a soul winner for Christ.Have a blessed Easter

  13. Esther Gibbs

    Beautiful blog! Our gospel choir is acting/singing out this story of the resurrection of our Lord right now and loved ur deeper look into Mary Magdalene. Jesus really does come for His own lost lamb!!!

  14. Stringer Marie

    Thankyou very much

  15. Nerridah Khoory

    I am sad for kids and my heart breaks for the harm they have done by believing a lie. My son 2 massive heart attacks & hurt me saying Your God won’t help you mum not getting the jab!!
    Nurses I worked with all med damaged. Constant praying for revival in the world😭

  16. Tanya Franck

    So true!!! Love this!

  17. Ricky Bye

    Praise God that His, (Yahshua”s) resurrection is our resurrection now and forever !!!Thank you Mario. Great article.

  18. Phoebe DeMouth

    Wow! This is so powerful! Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about this? Why have I never pieced that all together? This is so powerful that we need to spread this story. Thank you so much for sharing

  19. Doreen Tucker

    Your last two blogs on Peter and Mary have so encouraged me to press on. We are in such gross darkness and you continue to encourage and bring hope for both those who believe and those who do not.
    We are praying for you Mario.
    God bless and keep you.

  20. James mauldin

    In total agreement 🤝. America needs an infusion of Christ’s loving kindness ❤️

  21. Becky

    To those who have not experienced new life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ it is all “fables and nonsense.” For those of us who have, it is incredible! That He Who created everything out of nothing would take notice of me? That He would do something for me? That His Spirit would comfort me, teach me, guide me? That this is all true and miraculous is something in itself, but that He would do it for me produces lifelong devotion!

  22. Betty Graeber

    Yes! Amen!

  23. Dawn Meier

    A person that gives word to our church. Was suddenly in front of me. She said “you are loved, You are so Loved!
    Next Sunday I saw her and asked what she meant by that? She doesn’t know what she said. I know she was saying God loves me. I know God loves me. He confirmed that he hears me. That’s what I think. I’m talking to him all the time. But I know the Bible says were 2 or more are gathered I will be there. He is with me even now. Pray for my husband. He needs to focus on God and not of the things that have to be done.

  24. Larry Lavallee


  25. Sadie

    WOW! This is Amazing & so Powerful.
    All our hope is in Jesus, our Resurrected Savior! Amen

    Thank you, Brother

  26. Malone Kathy

    I can’t stop weeping for the pure pain and joy of it. Thank you Mario. Blessings.

  27. Laura Barber

    Thank you Mario for remembering always who He is and what he has made and called you for. What an awesome, incalculable blessing. Happy Resurrection Day!

  28. Sandra Meyer

    We have just studied the women of the Bible and she is my favourite! I love the way you have told this! Thank you. I am in Perth Australia but I am praying for Phoenix‘S tent meeting and follow you every time I can.

  29. Christine Couchman DeAngelis

    Amen. ✝️

  30. Ron Rupp

    The Glory to FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT for a way for us to come Fully to THEM and THEY in us….HE IS RISEN

  31. Terri Wical

    What a confusion of emotions! The unbearable pain 💔 to witness so much evil, so much injustice, so much debasement. To watch your world fall apart and feel so empty. And then… to feel hope, to feel the magnitude of the power of the Holy Spirit, the rebirth, the pure joy, the promise exploding into reality. Oh my sweet Savior we can scarce contain our adoration for the promises fulfilled and those to come.

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  33. Michael L. McAfee

    Just as He used Mary Magdalene in that day to affirm the value of women, Jesus wants to use her story prophetically to all women today for the Final Great Harvest. Women are uniquely created to respond to the pain and suffering in the world today and to offer a listening ear — and encouragement — to those downtrodden by the plague of demons unleashed in our day.

    Thank you, Mario, for this reminder of how utterly Mary was redeemed and how deeply Jesus wants to heal our world.

  34. Jeanette Reynolds

    This story touched my entire soul. Thank you, Brother Mario.

  35. Judy Campbell

    How beautiful! Indescribable! The amazing truth of how hope fulfilled completely destroys hope deferred! Praise the Lord! Praying for Phoenix!

  36. Christi Nicholas

    How precious is that❤️we must never loose the fire or passion for the Christ🔥🔥🔥His blood is our redemption.🩸🔥❤️

  37. Marie Groves

    ON MY KNESS! Sending love and prayers each day from Eden,NC

  38. Ignacia Herrera

    Praying 🙏🏻 for your ministry to help save the lost souls of Arizona, praying 🙏🏻 that healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ is returned to those most in need, God’s blessings to you and your ministry

  39. Priscilla Baughman

    Thank you. As a herald post-abortive women I identified so deeply with this story. And having a Post-abortion ministry(Restored Purpose) I think of all those still living imprisoned by Satan and on the other hand all those I know whose life’s have been transformed by our loving Savior

  40. John Harris Kirkley

    Mario! The first shafts of sunlight did not awaken Mary Magdalene! She was up before dawn and “went to the tomb early, while it was still dark,” according to John 20:1.

    > But I read & copy & save all your BLOGS .. sharing many of them with many friends.

    > I’d love to help in Arizona, but I’m 81, a retired missionary speaking at churches, prisons, and schools in Kenya, East Africa.

    > May God bless you, your ministry, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA .. again!

    > And may we Americans REPENT SINCERELY .. so that we can receive God’s Blessings.

  41. Steven W. & Doris Honeycutt

    What a beautiful story you sent me! I feel like the least of Kingdom” but I feel very connected to you Mario” and yes! out of my little I will back you because I believe in what you are doing! Our Mission is to reach the lost SOULS” So? I am asking you to pray for what I have been believing for? A lucrative business so I can be a greater Blessing to the Kingdom! And for a complete healing for my wifes and me also.

  42. Valerie French

    I will pray! God bless you Mario and your family!

  43. Marie Giddings

    This is a beautiful and so encouraging message. Thank you!

  44. Connie Strock

    Its gonna be awsome especially because the devil tried to stop it.cant wait to hear about the victory.of Salvations.healings deliverance ect.

  45. Jane Alexander

    Oh! Such a life giving post to me in these says of desperation and sorrow. Amen and thank you.

  46. Rev JP Timmons

    Very profound spiritually. The whole world needs the transforming power of the gospel and the Holy Spirit. But the persecution comes first and Christians must be ready. The Lord told me in 2014 that the greatest attack against Christianity and the Bible in the future was going to come in America. We are beginning to see that but it will get worse because of the LGBTQ agenda of the antichrist. Maranatha

  47. Ria G J DAVIDS

    Happy Easter, Mr. Murillo.
    May God remain your strength and portion.

  48. Terry Haight

    Thanks Mario for this great story. Keep up the good work for The Kingdom. You are quite an inspiration for all of us who follow you. Godspeed friend.

  49. Janice

    Very powerful! I love this! Thank you, Mario. God bless you and the mission He has put in you.

  50. Norma Miner

    When are you coming to New England? You seem to stay out West down south.
    Can you please look at Ct, MA, NH, VT? There is a place in Springfield, MA called the Eastern State Exhibition. Very large area, lots of parking. It is surrounded by many other states. Please Come. We need miracles, signs an wonders. So much drugs.

    • Mario Murillo

      It may not be New England but June 23-26 we are in Western New York. Batavia.

  51. Katherine Frazier

    That was beautiful! I completely agree with the life changing need for our America. Mary was blessed with the full charge of ‘life abundantly’, through the power of the Holy Ghost! Boy how I pray Easter Sunday brings on a move of the Holy Ghost in or country!
    Thank you Mario. Prayer for upcoming event with much love and great anticipation!

  52. Nick

    Amen. Unlike Mary Magdalene I sometimes find I value less Messiah’s saving work on me as did she. Oh that God would remind me daily of the miry clay from which He pulled me to safety.

  53. Kathi Raffone

    I relate to Mary Magdalene in SO MANY ways! Thank you for a deeper look into her soul. Mario, your words are always profound, but this vignette of Mary was the most tender and real treatment of her person
    that I’ve ever read. My own joy is renewed today at the age of 80!

  54. Linda

    This is beautiful, Mario. You have helped us see into the heart of love which prompted Jesus to die for each of us, no matter who we are.
    I often wonder, since I can find no place in the Bible which says so, why Mary Magdalene is referred to as a prostitute?

  55. Linda Murray

    What a love story!

  56. Samuel Burns

    Thanks for such aa powerful anointed word!

  57. William Ruppelt

    Mary is highly prized by her Savior. Praise God for His glorious ways!

  58. Michael Roane

    It is obvious you spend a good amount of time meditating (imagining) upon the word of God (to His praise). If I may make one comment. Don’t give the “big bang” any consideration. An explosion is a disorderly event. Genesis is very clear about the order of creation and you also have this: “For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens (he is God!), who formed the earth and made it (he established it; he did not create it a chaos, he formed it to be inhabited!): ‘I am the Lord, and there is no other.’” — Isaiah 45:18 (RSV)

  59. Donna Emidy

    So beautifully said….
    Thanks for sharing this insight!

  60. Terri Montoya

    Such a beautiful depiction of Mary – I am sure she felt all that is written here – such a beautiful way to describe what she must have felt during this time – what a glorious moment to see Jesus on Resurrection morning! Hallelujah! 💕✝️✝️

  61. Theron Dingler

    When you read an amazing point of view such as this, it makes my problems seem so small and reminds me of how blessed I truly am even in these days. God bless America and the Living Proof Phoenix.



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