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He screamed and he kept screaming until he could scream no more. Then he fell off a cliff into the abyss of broken souls. The force of his crash could have moved the earth. Fragments lay around him—the new and hideous replacements of his former self. Shame replaced love. Cowardice replaced faith. Fear drove out Hope to make room for the mocking predator. Worst of all, he saw his destiny plunge into a black hole of regret.

This is the day after Jesus died.

To survive, Peter became a robot. He went fishing. It’s what he was programmed to do. Peter went through the motions.  Avoiding feeling, suppressing every emotion.

The difference between Peter and Judas Iscariot is razor thin. The same fever of despair and regret raged in both of them. It drove Judas to suicide. Why didn’t Peter do what the other traitor did? It was because Jesus prayed for him.

Satan told Peter a lie. Peter not only believed that lie, he now embodied it. And, it is the same lie that Satan is telling America right now—the lie that all the good and important things are gone forever.

Whenever those who hate God and America try to enforce a change, they call it ‘THE NEW NORMAL.’ They sold us on ‘THE NEW NORMAL’ of abortion, same sex marriage, and godless education. Their latest excuse for seizing control is the coronavirus. Something to remember: ‘the new normal’ is always nothing other than the old abnormal, it is just disguised.

Memories tortured Peter. He tried to fight it with all his might, it was impossible not to relive those days. Two mistakes haunted him the most. Thinking he could save Jesus, he swung it at the head of the high priest’s servant, Malchus, who, fortunately had moved just in time, losing only an ear. But his greatest horror was his discovery that he was a coward. He denied Jesus three times. The rooster was still crowing in his spirit.

And, it is the same lie that Satan is telling America right now—the lie that all the good and important things are gone forever.

Peter is haunted by the day he met Jesus. He was minding his own business when Jesus interrupted his entire life. Fishing all night and caught nothing.   His hands are red and sore. Every muscle ached. He had nothing to show for a brutal night out on the water.

Then the strange Teacher said, “Let your nets down again for a catch.”  Peter half-heartedly did as he was asked, and the catch was so enormous it terrified him.  He begged Jesus to keep His distance, “I am a sinful man!” Peter cried. Instead of leaving Jesus spoke the eternal words “follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.” That was Peter’s destiny. That became he identity and reason for living. It is his destiny.

But Peter is now convinced—after his failure and denial—it is too late. He believes his destiny is lost forever. You must get that or lose the impact I what I will say next.

It’s dawn on Resurrection Sunday.  Peter couldn’t know that at that very moment, an angel was talking about him.  Mark 16:7, “But go, tell His disciples—and Peter—that (Jesus) is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him, as He told to you.”  The angel added the words “and Peter.”  Why?  Because God knew Peter would have disqualified himself if the invitation was “for disciples only.”

The angel added the words “and Peter.”  Why?  Because God knew Peter would have disqualified himself if the invitation was “for disciples only.”

Peter demanded: “Are you certain the angel said my name?!” “Yes, the words were, “Tell the disciples, and Peter.”” At that moment, Peter rose from the dead. He knew he was not rejected. He knew the unmatched glory of a second chance.

Satan did all he could to destroy Peter. He knew this man would shake the gates of hell.  The first shaking came on the Day of Pentecost.  Wind and Fire transformed Peter.

The coward, who had denied his Lord three times is restored. Jesus  appeared to Peter, giving him three new chances to affirm his love. Jesus even provided a charcoal fire. It was by a charcoal fire that Peter failed. Peter is utterly transformed. He is now a lion carrying a devastating witness. He roared, “This is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel!”

He is now a lion carrying a devastating witness. He roared, “This is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel!”

In the days after Jesus died, evil exerted a crushing blow on the entire city. All the Christians hid in their homes behind locked doors, and it’s like that today. Satan wishes to crush our hopes and dreams. Evil men would sell us the lie that we must adapt to a grim, cold, and dark lesser vision of America, the church, and our futures.

Those who are marked by God are unstoppable. When the doors reopen for America, God will fully restore our destiny.

But there is one miracle that remains to be explored. Cutting off Malchus’ ear haunted Peter. But there was more to it than just healing an ear. Because, my friend, that night Jesus healed more than an ear—knowing the future, Jesus knew Peter must not be sitting on death row on the day of Pentecost. Jesus prayed “permit even this” and reattached the ear, in order to protect Peter’s destiny.

He is also guarding yours.

Have a blessed Easter! Please pray for our crusade in Phoenix.



  1. Joan

    Thank you Mario!
    Indeed, the perfect words needed right now!
    Happy and a blessed Resurrection Day to you and yours!As always, praying for you and your work for Our Lord!

    • Margaret. Siciliano

      Thank you Mario! The perfect message for this hour! Much needed also..’
      You your family and team have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! I appreciate you. God Bless

    • Kathy Grinley

      Wonderful word. Great perspective. So timely and relevant!

  2. Wendy

    Such a good word and awesome amen

  3. Lidia

    This was a powerful word!!!
    Thank you, Ev. Mario, for sharing this encouraging insight- will be praying for AZ. Blessed Easter to all!!!!

  4. Andrea Duncan

    ABBA FATHER GOD wi5h pure hands and clean heart. We thank you for new venue For CRUSADE Mario Murillo Ministries because your plans and time of people being their to be healed delivered set freeand receive you Jesus as Lord over your lifes now. AMEN. we Plead Blood of Jesus over this CRUSADE right now volunteers we call you forth from nor5h South East and West to come now to this CRUSADE. We decree and declare triple amount of people and souls saved for Jesus Christ right now covering this CRUSADE with Blood of Jesus ever provision meet. Financial provision we call forth nor5h South east and west come now in Jesus Mighty name Amen. We pray for blessed weather pray for supernatural wisdom discernment for Mario Murillo and Ministries and all volunteers and people who have given their time kindness and prayers. AMEN AND AMEN. Let the Dunamius power of the Holy Spirit fall sign and wonders and miracles never seen before. Thank you Jesus 🇮🇱🇺🇲🕊♥️😊🙏

  5. Beverley Hudson

    Easter Blessings

  6. Richard Grzandziel

    Let’s just PRAISE the Lord. !!!

  7. H Cappadonia

    My doctor told me I had a disease and told me NO MORE RUNNING MARATHONS.

    She told me to embrace “my new normal.”

    I don’t fault her personally because she was looking at a bunch of test results with no answers yet, and the possibiity of cancer was at the time on the table. But the ” new normal” really bothered me, and it is triggering at this moment, which is what this comment may go a little long.

    However, God had called me to run. Even if I run slowly. Running is my praise and worship and intercession and meditation time. It’s my time with the Lord. Additionally God had allowed me to use this as a plaform to share testimonies and to teach other to take care of their temple.

    I did back off from running alltogether for a season and running marathons for a longer season after that. It was less out of fear and more out of wisdom. But then when the Lord made it apparent to me that it was wise to run again, I did. But I had to be willing start from scratch. I was. I had issues with my foot and was healed at your yellow tent meeting in Batavia. After NINE YEARS of comeback, and godowns, trials and training, sickeness and health, I was able to complete the full Philadelphia Marathon last November.

    The finishers medal incorporates a replica of the Liberty Bell in its design, and it actually rings!!!

    I looked closer and was beyond surprised to find that it also contains the same Biblical insciption on it:

    Leviticus 25:10. “And you shall concecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout ll the land to all it’s inhabitents.”

    The liberty that was fought for that became AMERICA was GOD’S IDEA of THE WORLD’S “NEW NORMAL “.

    We may have fallen off the pace, we may stop cold for a season; but if there is anythiing I have learned is that if we humble ourselves and seek His face we can come back.

    I know this is true in every cell of my body.

    • Gail Segars Rainey

      Thank you for sharing this testimony! This just adds to a great RESURRECTION SUNDAY CELEBRATION! Yes, Evangelist Mario just shared a deep word about Peter that no one I’ve listened to from the pulpit has ever shared! It’s brilliant, because the teaching came from Holy Spirit. Thank You, Heavenly Father, that You are a merciful God of second chances and You have a destiny for Your born again children! In Yeshua’s Name, Amen and amen.

  8. Maria Alvernaz

    I would like to know when Mario is coming to California.

  9. Kim Barrett

    Thank you for sharing! I’m praying for you & the team. I moved from TX to WA so my info changed.

  10. Thomas Homberger

    Love what God is doing through you, thanks for staying available and obedient.
    Surprised, however , wishing ” blessed Easter”. Easter is a demonic and pagan celebration and we can’t expect a Blessing from that.
    Blessed. Resurrection weekend,
    HE truly is risen

  11. Bruce Wakefield

    I love you Mario but Jesus was not resurrected on Sunday. He was resurrected Saturday evening just before sunset. Jesus was in the tomb three whole days and three whole nights.

  12. Donna P. Lumpkin

    Thank you Mario for your ministry. The word today about Peter really helped me to get up off my pity party and FOCUS. I need and will connect with your ministry and other praying ministries so I can stay in tune with fellowship of ‘Believers’. This Sunday is not about a bunny or egg, it’s Resurrection Sunday. Praise God and I will step up with and in my prayer life. Thank you, again Mario.

  13. Tommie Leamon

    Such a timely word…

  14. Maxine Avery

    Praying for you, and the great.commission that is before you.
    The harder the battle the greater the victory will be. Sign and wonders and great favor follow you with a greater anointing.
    The fields are white.

  15. Faith Gates

    Fantastic Easter message for those who need to be resurrected from dead hopes, dreams and callings!

  16. Terri Montoya

    Well spoken, brother Mario! What insight and comparison to present day events and deception by the enemy! I am always blown away at the parallel portrayed in the blogs you write – God is so good, and we will see His mighty Hand move and sweep across our Nations! The lies of the enemy will soon be erased – if My people…!! God bless you and cause His mighty miracles to set the captive free, heal bodies and minds, cast out demons, and pour out His Spirit on all flesh! Cannot wait to hear about Phoenix and watch it unfold!
    Have a blessed Resurrection Day!

  17. Eugene Ritchie

    Awesome man o God , I believe God not done with America because it belongs to Him . I love you and the work you do for the Kingdom of God . I pray one day I get to meet you. I am a missionary for Christ. I will keep you in prayer

  18. Debbie Eldridge

    Why didn’t Jesus pray for Judas?

  19. Robin Lorenzen

    Powerful affirmation and encouragement! Thank you for your heart of love for God, for America, and for us. Have a blessed Resurrection celebration, Mario.

  20. Jane

    Thank you, Mario, for these insightful remarks
    regarding Peter!

  21. Andrew Giannelli

    Mario’s an apostle

  22. Kate Bryan

    This message is one in due season. I hear some say that the collapse of America is upon us. I love our God who formed our country for His own purposes and want to see it rise from the ash heap we are in right now. Praise and glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He orchestrated everything.

  23. Jose T Matute

    Absolutely the truth! May God Bless this beautiful ministry of God & His servant Mario Murillo and all the people involved. 🙏

  24. Becky

    Brother Mario, A powerful Word and Reminder! God is not finished with His people or with His nation, the United States of America! He is still guiding, instructing, comforting and chastising. We are not perfect, but by His power we can be as a Peter and move in that direction! To God be the Glory always and in a mighty way in Phoenix! Happy Easter, He is Risen! Hallelujah!

  25. Jerry Daffron

    And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. — I Peter 5:10
    May God continue to use you and your staff and the volunteers mightily for the Living Proof Phoenix Crusade April 21-24 and beyond.

  26. Collin R Williams

    Thank you Mario.

  27. DiAnn B

    Yes and Amen! God is not finished with us or with America! Thank you, Mario!

  28. Mark Elam

    Wow. This is powerful insight! And it’s for me!

    Thank you, brother!

  29. Jim Hauser

    May there be mighty miracles of healing and deliverance! Amen!!

  30. Diane E.

    I love how you pointed out that Peter was given the chance to be restored by the fire 🔥…since by the fire 🔥 was where he denied Christ. I believe many of us need to recognize that our Father is trying to show us that our defeat or disappointment is not an ending place in our life, but a place where we can choose to rise from and walk in renewed, greater love and calling. Thank you for making that point,

  31. Douglas Krause

    Mario, I only met you once, but your spiritual insights, show the favor of God is upon you. You are one of the spiritual cords, in my plumbline of accord, to the Lord. God’s provisions manifest, for those whose faith, and wisdom, abide by the Spirit of His being. HalleluYah.

  32. Mark Taylor

    Mario Iam going to ask my church if they would sponsor me to go to AZ and volunteer during the meetings. I was at Winston Salem and I can’t sit still. My spirit is screaming at me to just go. Don’t look back don’t look at my wallet just put it on your credit card and pay later and commit your days to Jesus and His provisions. He will take care of the details just GO. People of God pray for me. My wife is against the long trip from Lancaster pa to phoenix but I know the way. I used to drive drugs from Az to Mich many times and worked for the devil. Back before I came to the cross. And asked Jesus to heal my broken life and he did more than I could imagine Pray my wife gives me the ok and I just go. Thanks and we will see what happens

  33. Anne

    Dear Mario, Thank you, Thank you Thank You.
    Prayers continue for you and what God has entrusted you with.
    So grateful for your witness.

  34. Larry Lavallee

    Praying and believing for GOD to make a way for my wife & I to be Laborers at this event. We have already committed to be a part of the Batavia NY event in June. Lord, please provide the vehicle & resources to be a part of The Harvest !!!

  35. Dianne Doonan

    This is a wonderful article about Peter and the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! I will definitely be praying for your crusade in Phoenix and that you will have an abundance of side by side co-laborers in the ground that you take for Jesus. Considering the opposition from the enemy, l believe that this will ignite a passionate fire 🔥 in the hearts of every single person touched by God! ❤️‍🔥 Signs and wonders will abound and a harvest of souls will be won, as the Holy Spirit’s power is unleashed by the preaching of the Cross! ✝️ I am extremely honored and blessed to be a part of your team Mario as my prayers 🙏 go before the Throne Room of Grace to obtain Grace and Mercy in America’s time of need! Be encouraged brother, l have been following your ministry for years and as the saying goes…” you can’t keep a good man down ” except I’m changing the word good to ” godly !” Love and prayers in the mighty, matchless, magnificent and powerful Name of Jesus Christ!

  36. Matthew

    Thank you for reminding us f our GOD of second chances ☝️

  37. Connie Strock

    Praying for you all.i know its gonna be Blessed because satan and his demons tried to hard to mess it up.but greater is he that is in Mario.and all of us then he that is in the world. And no weapon formed against you will prosper.and you will have more then enough volunteers in the name of Jesus.and many,Salvations,healing and Jesus Name can’t wait to hear the victory report.

  38. Shirley Landspurg

    Outstanding Mario, thank you.

    Praying for the Crusade here in Phoenix, let the Fire fall!!

    The Way made before you, His Presence around you, as a Shield and for your staff, and workers.

    May the enemy watch from a great distance and be made to kneel as the glorious Name of Jesus is lifted up, and His children are gathered in. Hallelujah

  39. Scott Robson

    THANK YOU, Mario. I have marked the days of the Living Proof meetings on my calendar and will remember to be praying.

  40. Terry Haight

    Thank you for your insightful teaching on this subject, Peter. I’ve read that many times in the Bible but never looked at it like this. Also thank you for all you do for The Kingdom. You sir are truly a man after God’s own heart.

  41. Tony


  42. Carolyn Gray

    Precious Lamb of God. Thank you Lord Jesus for all you did that day and continue to love. I love you with all my heart!!!

  43. Paula

    Dear Pastor Mario,
    I have just read your blog on Peter, and I am brought to tears! You are spot on! I pray every day that God would see that there is a remnant that BELIEVE! That Jesus hears through the communication of The Holy Spirit. He sees, even here in OR, the state dedicated to death, first to do assisted suicide, proponent of abortion up to birth, Lawlessness and perversion. Sanctuary to people entering our country and state illegally. BUT, because we who love our Lord Jesus, BELIEVE HE is WORKING. Thank you for boosting my hope! God Bless!

  44. Mark Benassi

    This may seem an odd comment but I am in the music business and I have noticed how the word “dream” seems to have disappeared from popular music. It used to be commonplace. I think it is because people have lost the ability to dream and Christians have forgotten how important dreams are in the Bible, from Genesis on. I’m glad Mario mentioned dreams, not just hopes. Peter had a dream that he thought had died but it came back to life and it made him come back to life. Fear and uncertainty kill people’s dreams. This is why dreams have been taken away from people and they need to get them back. Dreams make life worth living.

    • William Ruppelt

      Lovely and encouraging comment, thank you.

  45. Carol

    God bless you for all that you do Mario !!
    Have a wonderful Easter!!

  46. Pat Devitt

    This was such a touching message Thank-you and May God grant Grace on our country

  47. Nancy Garver

    Dear Mario, I pray that the Lord give you divine health as you minister over and over again. I am asking the Lord to bring the lost, hurting, desperate, dieing and lost under your tent. May the gifts of the Spirit flow through you as never before. May the numbers submitting to the Lordship of Jesus grow with each tent meeting. May all of your financial needs be covered twice. May the Lord be glorified and adored and recognized as you bring Him and all He stands before them in full view. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

  48. Mary J.

    Amen! Soooo we’ll said!!

  49. Theresa

    Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Happy Resurrection Day. Thanks be to God!!

  50. Michael J. Briglia

    I have felt the despair Peter felt. Jesus intervened into my life and saved me from committing suicide. Later I realized Jesus still loves me.

  51. Mark and Susan Dubois

    Happy Resurrection Day, Brother Mario!

  52. Phoebe DeMouth

    You got me crying 😭. This is God’s way of showing me so many things about my own personal life. And so accurate to the church of America! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! Happy resurrection

  53. Ron Sawvel

    Thanks for this timely & good word!… Very encouraging.
    We noticed something we couldn’t quite put our finger on when we went to Pomona to help pray with people at the amazing LivingProof crusade (Such a blessing!).
    At the time, my wife and even I asked each other “What is happening here?”
    We saw many of God’s people, mostly men, shuffling around stooped over as if they were far older than their actual age.
    It wasn’t just one or two… There were dozens, and we didn’t see the lost or sinners displaying the same kind of feebleness (the lost were ravaged by sin in different ways).
    Many of those shuffling & stooped were even among the volunteers, and some appeared to be in their 40’s & 50’s, but behaved as if they were 30+ years beyond their actual age.
    I think this retelling of Peter’s story hits the nail on the head.
    The people of God have been pummeled over the last years, not only with the accusatory atmosphere of our demonic times, but a sense of condemnation and a sense of hopelessness for redemption.
    The story of Peter matches many of us in God’s army more than we might like to admit.
    Proverbs says that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”
    I think most of us can point to hopes deferred in our own lives, and the enemy is only too happy to whisper words of unbelief, like burning coals, to add to a sense of “what’s the use?”
    IT’S A LIE!… We are on the verge of VICTORY… If we will stand!
    “Having done all to stand, STAND!”
    Concerning what we had seen in California:
    Proverbs also tells us “Heaviness in the heart of man makes it stoop, but a good word makes it glad.”
    We pray all the people of God who read your message will be encouraged, strengthened, and emboldened in the assurance of their immense worth in God’s Kingdom.
    Brother Mario, Please keep these GOOD WORDS coming – They mean more than you could ever know!
    Many Blessings

  54. mary A sherpa

    Thank you Mario, I was just asked last night by a teenager I played The Passion for. She asked me why Judas dud what he did and why Peter dud what he did. I told her same thing. She also wanted to know if she could go down the uske tomorrow at church. To repent. I told her she could but she wants to do at my Church Radiant where you just came in Pal.m Sunday I’m so excited. because as you know, Pastor Todd or Kelly will do an awesome message. She is raised Catholic. Please pray for her name is Mydi she is s from Honduras . Thank you for all you do for the lost and, your Servanthood to Christ

  55. Ames

    Thank you for this, Mario. After 50+ years as a Christian, I was/am on need of hearing this once again. Rich Blessings to you and may every need for the upcoming work in Phoenix be met many times over and may the fruit be more than abundant.

  56. William Ruppelt

    Evil can do no more and no less than fulfill the words of God.
    “All things were made by Him and for Him”

  57. NickT

    Amen Mario,
    We will not believe satan’s lies. America, the church, and our futures are in God’s hands and we won’t give up on a great revival here and around the world!


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