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I just remembered her healing and started to cry. Her miracle happened the Sunday before Thanksgiving, many years ago.

It was one of the most wonderful words of healing that God had ever given me. (I so want Jesus to be glorified that if I could, I would take myself out of this wonderful story.)

When I looked at her, the Lord let me see an attic full of boxes. I felt sadness about these boxes. They were Christmas decorations. I knew that she had made many of them herself.

But now her hands were crippled with arthritis. Her gnarled, pain-wracked hands could no longer display these beloved objects. So they stayed in their boxes, and that broke her heart.

The Holy Spirit said, “I am healing her hands. Tell her to unpack all of her decorations and flood her house with the Joy of the Lord.”

What happened next is indescribable. The Holy Spirit said, “I am healing her hands. Tell her to unpack all of her decorations and flood her house with the Joy of the Lord.”

The look on her face was a mixture of radiating glory and defiance. That look is frozen in time. Satan had robbed this wonderful woman of her joy at Christmas. Now the power of God turned back the clock and gave her the hands of her youth. Hands that would set off a frenzy of decorating.

I did not cry today because I remembered her healing. I cried for our nation. I wept for the American church. We let the Left bully us. We let them pervert our Thanksgivings and Christmases. We let them steal our joy and mute our celebration.

WOKE DEVILS shamed us into toning it down, when we should have turned it up!

We are ashamed to be outwardly joyous. Because they made it hate-speech to say ‘Merry Christmas’.

WOKE DEVILS shamed us into toning it down, when we should have turned it up!

They did not cripple our hands—they crushed the American spirit. The smoldering pile of evil they have done reaches to the heavens.

Nothing reveals our depraved degradation more than Disneyland. It is a miserable place, especially at this time of year.

Disneyland was once a patriotic masterpiece. Now it is the habitation of devils lurking over every child to make sure they are being inclusive, ashamed, or victimized. Every shred of innocence is gone. The ‘happiest place on earth’ is now the place where childhood goes to die.

It is at this time of year that the insanity of the current Biden/Obama regime feels most gruesome and wrong.

There is a moment in Scrooge where two men are explaining why they raise money for the poor at Christmas: “a few of us are endeavouring to raise a fund to buy the Poor some meat and drink and means of warmth.  We choose this time, because it is a time, of all others, when Want is keenly felt, and Abundance rejoices.”

And, it is at this time of the year that the disease called WOKE is most keenly felt. It is at this time of year that the insanity of the current Biden/Obama regime feels most gruesome and wrong. It is in this festive season that public schools and universities seem extra sadistic and deranged.

We are in a world where the inmates run the asylum. Mobs attack stores. Atheists deface nativity scenes and scream in schoolboard meetings and townhalls for the Bible to be eradicated.

Even Halloween is not enough for them. They have to make Christmas horror movies.

Back to the story about the woman’s healing. I remember looking into that woman’s eyes. She was not just healed of arthritis, she busted out of Christmas jail. She was Christmas! She was a Christmas storm!

Look out! Lights went up. Multiple trees bright and joyous festooned the house. She baked. She crafted. She invited long forgotten guests back for dinner. The way we used to do it. Her joy was back. She would never let it be stolen again.

Why are we ashamed of the Pilgrims and of the meaning of the celebration next Thursday?

Michelle Obama ordered us to tone down our family conversation at the Thanksgiving table. She even said we should snitch on those who said things that are unwoke.

We do not need to shoot into Bud Light cans. But we do need to do something about that! Why are we ashamed of the Pilgrims and of the meaning of the celebration next Thursday?

This Thanksgiving, let us rebel. Instead of just sitting down to a meal, let us enter into His gates with Thanksgiving. Let fervent praise arise in our homes! Bring back singing! Bring back games. (Young people, trust your elders — they remember how to do all of this!)

Oh, the Christmas carols! So much is said today about deliverance from demons. I promise you that nothing removes devils faster than Christmas carols! Remember them. Learn them. Sing them with attitude!

And make everyone who can—over Christmas dinner—tell what the Lord has done for them.

You may not need a healing of arthritis, but you probably need a healing of courage and boldness. Stop being ashamed. Turn up the laughter in defiance of the leftist curse.

Laugh and sing louder. Tell perfect strangers, “Merry Christmas!” Hold those you love closer and let an epidemic of forgiveness break out!

Yes indeed! Happy defiant Thanksgiving and Merry rebellious Christmas!

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  1. Lisa


    • Michaela

      How inspiring and so very motivating!! Just pure Holy Ghost firepower 🔥⚡ thank you brother may the Lord continue to pour into you and us until the entire body of Christ bursts in revival !!

    • phil beatty

      Yes! Amen ! Glory!!!!

    • Cynthia Mosley (Douglass)

      I Love the Message! I’m Going to Lift It Up With Jesus Christ and Songs! The Lords Prayer! I am A Grandma Of 12 Grandchildren!
      At 67 And Walking With Jesus (Yeshua Hamishick).Evolving In Him With Rich Deposits from Him For 53 Years I’m Going to Keep Laying The Foundation Of Our Lord and Savior King Jesus! Happy Thanksgiving! To All And Merry Christ-mas!

  2. S.R. Jordan

    Thank You Mr. Murillo for sharing this encouraging holiday testimony.
    Christianity (this world) needs more dangerous & deliberate men. Not prideful or arrogant men. Not rash, immature, unstable, pugnacious, haughty, religious, or unloving. Rather Godly, morally dependable men who cannot be bought, sold, or tamed; men who will not take no for the answer but rather seek how/what is/as the answer. Men with convictions, whose only allegiance/loyalty is to Christ & The Truth. Men/Women whose only motive/desire is to make right the master/s of might.
    “A man after [God’s] own heart.” The Prophets/Apostles were such men.
    America has such men. Pray The Lord sends more. Matthew 10:34 | John 7:7
    For God and Country.
    To God be glory, honor, service/respect/reverence power/praise always & forever.

    • Na

      I live in Southern Ca where there is so much darkness . I pray God will open the windows of Heaven and send light and joy and healing to so many. Banish the drug trade , crush Hollywood and the pornography industry . Bring hope to so many

    • Sandra

      AMEN you said it all! We need a breakout of men and women like Mario and that is what I am praying over this Nation. It is a time to stand up and stand out. No wimps in our leadership offices nor churches!! My word says Hell has enlarged itself and will be over crowded and it will be a wonder for all to view and ask why! What an awesome day when Christ comes to take the Earth back and bind satan for a thousand years! Looking any day for his calling the saints home!

  3. Barbara

    Thank you for speaking with truth and honesty. It’s so missing these days because of fear from leftist. You are uplifting and ‘truth sets us free indeed.’ It’s hard being brave these days but you show us an example of all we shoud be but are afraid to do so. Thanks again for all of us.

  4. Patricia Lovelace

    Great lesson Mario. And I intend to do my part. I will share some short stories about what the Lord has done for me this year

    • Gisele Cox

      Thank you Mario! You are a true warrior for Christ. You exhort us to be true warriors as well!

  5. Terri

    I felt joy and excitement begin to bubble up inside my heart as I read this blog! Thank you, Mario! I’m going to make Christmas a joyous celebration of Jesus and my family

  6. Suzanne Bonne

    Oh I just LOVE THIS!
    God is good and Jesus is alive!

  7. Gail Segars Rainey

    HAPPY DEFIANT THANKSGIVING AND A REBELLIOUSLY MERRY CHRISTMAS BACK TO YOU, BROTHER!!!!!! p.s. I am like a “gail storm” getting ready even with one good hand. My leftie was subject to a “hit and run” on 9/23/23, but God be the glory He is healing the crushed left wrist, ulna and radius miraculously fast!!!! PRAISE AND HONOR AND GLORY TO GOD OUR FATHER, YESHUA HAMASHIACH AND HOLY SPIRIT!!!! p.p.s I wept this morning reading about the lady’s hands being restored and these are grateful tears.

    • Sandra

      I can tell from your post your healing is coming speedily! Satan means to atop us but he can not!! Praise the Lord and look at what the Lord has done! GOD is GOOD and woke is evil and I just laugh at them like I see my Father doing!! I praise Him for your healing in JESUS name!

  8. Marcia Ellis

    Thank you Mario for sharing hope during this season of Thanksgiving and Merriest celebrations of God with us. I think I will go decorate today

  9. Sharon

    Is this Treasure Box available in Canada? I don’t seem to see that.I really want one for a gift and one for myself. Please advise.

  10. Douglas Krause

    HalleluYah. Let the love of Our Father reign.

  11. Morgan Randolph

    My wife and I are ICFM members and have been in your meetings and so cherish the presence of the Holy Spirit and what He is doing. Thanks for your blog and update and of course the miraculous healings our loving Savior does. I’m believing Him for restorative miracle for my right leg, had polio when I was 18 months. I know He is faithful a this is done in a blink of an eye from my loving Father, and Jesus. I keep you in my prayers every day and know God is blessing continually. Be Blessed🙏

  12. Viviane Smith

    Mario I so appreciate reading your blogs. What you say in the USA is what is happening in Canada 🇨🇦 as well. Thank you for speaking out so honestly.

  13. Tammy Adams

    Yes to God all the glory and praise…Say Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving. God is creator of heaven and earth.

  14. John

    Once again a timely word.
    As I sit here with my wife of thirty eight years of marriage. The medical field has said there is nothing more to be done. Though my heart is broken. I still stand on the word of God. The gift that came at Christmas came to save, deliver, and Heal. Sadly Mario you are right. We toned down in America instead of getting a loud. We have been a nation, that people from all nations have made their home. Only God can do something like that. My wife and I have never stopped saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Thanksgiving we taught our children the true meaning of both. The woke group may want to change our history. But I believe a biblical awakening is in our midst. Thanks again Mario for listening to the Holy Spirit. As the song says if we are the redeemed and believe in God, what our founding Fathers, the pilgrims, and what God did by sending his son we have a song to sing this holiday season and ” it might get loud”

    • Mary

      Brother and sister in Christ, please look up the YouTube video of Andrew Wommack that is titled “Do you believe God has healed you?” Please watch this! 🩷 Please!

  15. Shanda Donahue

    Thank you Mario for this reminder. Thank you for your boldness. Keep preaching with boldness.

  16. anthony perone

    Amen, Mario. Thank for reminding us of God’s greatest miracle—God became a man and dwelt among us. He is Emanuel—God with us.
    All those powers of darkness and evil loathe us because God loves us so
    Let us rejoice indeed, for we have received the Greatest Gift—God’s own Son!

  17. Morgan Randolph

    Apologize for not thanking you for making a stand for this country’s well being, with you always, keep being defiant Brother Mario

  18. Janice

    Oh! I love this!!

  19. Sandra Z.

    I love this word! Thank you!

  20. Deborah Hillyer

    Thank you Mario for always sharing God’s truth and ways. I didn’t know this about Michelle Obama, but I’m not surprised. The Obamas represent Satan and I’m on team God, so I love your ideas in this blog!

    • Sandra

      I heard her say she hated America before he was ever elected! It made me sick and I will never forget it.

  21. Bettsey

    Take the holidays back for Jesus, thankfulness, and family!
    Thank you Mario for speaking up!

  22. Becky

    Brother Mario, This message is a reminder of the heritage of this nation! I will not be ashamed, and have never been, of my ancestors who arrived on these eastern shores aboard The Mayflower in 1620! For the past few years, I have been collecting books on this topic, and you would be surprised how many of them have been purged from library collections! Let’s not have the truth be presented in the public square, Oh No!

    I just purchased the cutest book, Pete the Cat The First Thanksgiving A Lift-A Flap book, and I would recommend it to anyone, of any age. The final lift-a-flap states this, “I am thankful for the brave Pilgrims that started this new free world.” The books ends with the question, “What are you thankful for?”

    I am thankful for the sacrificial death of Jesus to atone for my sins and those of the whole world. I am thankful for my Pilgrim ancestors who gave up everything they had previously known and came only armed with faith to this land. I am thankful for the help of God each day and for the love of those in my small, but hardy family.

    I already have been getting my Christmas dvds ready, as this is the happiest time of the year! I decorate my tree each year with many ornaments which my own grandmother made each year for her grandchildren. It is such a happy, special time of remembrance, since she and many of my relatives have been in Heaven these many decades. You don’t meet many people like those anymore! They suffered, they experienced hardship and loss, but they overcame through their faith and their commitment to each other.

    May God be with us all at this holiday time–Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! These are the values which last, these are the earliest glimpses of Heaven!

  23. Terry Haight

    Very well put as usual Mario, you never disappoint. Your words of wisdom are from the most High. We love your closeness to God and His wisdom coming through you to us. We need more of it and thank you for the encouraging words.

  24. Pam

    Thank you, Mario, for this wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas message!! I will do it!!!

  25. CH

    OUTSTANDING! Well Said as always!!!

    1 Cor 1:20-31

  26. Jeanie

    Good word!

  27. Carlyle

    Thank you Mario . So true. Let Christ arise in the midst of the world and may the world encounter the true Jesus. We are in warfare don’t let your guard down or compromise. Redeem the time because the days are evil..

  28. julie

    Mario, kuddos, my friend!! Bless you for speaking up to these issues we have been subjected to. Back to the joys we once knew in this our beloved America! Recite the early stories of the Pilgrims. Remember how our country was founded on freedoms that somehow today are elusive if not gone! We are believing for (and are seeing some of it in Mario’s services) the GREAT REVIVAL to transform hundrds and thousands of people across the USA and the world. Thank you, Mario, for your presistence and heart for the lost and for the broken.

  29. Kay McCulley

    Thank you for that story. I understand how she felt not being able to decorate for Christmas. I have essential tremors so bad that I can hardly eat or do anything with my hands anymore. I used to love having people over for a meal from our church I love to cook and
    Make Quilt for Ministry‘s That I’ve had to stop doing all that. Prayed for me at God about touch me also.

  30. Susan

    Amen and Amen, Thank you for the encouraging blog; today at early Thanksgiving we are sharing the true story of Thanksgiving With our kids and grandkids using narrative a slideshow and little objects in baskets For the kids to take out an examine. One of those objects is a rock called courage. may we be courageous and sharing the gospel and sharing the truth that our nation was founded on that great gospel and the rock, Jesus Christ

  31. Joyce Amos

    Thank you for this. I have been rebelling for a while. I love going to woke stores and tell everyone Merry Christmas. The ones that give me dirty looks I smile at the most!! They are not going to ruin my Christmas!!

  32. Daniel Conlon

    Thank you Mario. One of the things I am thankful for is your ministry. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  33. Jane Visser

    Thank you for reminding us that we need to take back Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Some of us have forgotten how intimidated we became. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  34. Julie. Jones

    The first Thanksgiving was in 1619 at Berkeley plantation in Virginia and had nothing to do with turkeys and everything to do with thanking God. The woke that vilify 1619 don’t acknowledge that. And the 1607 covenant at Cape Henry… is that in the history books? Why?

    • Mario Murillo

      Because it was not available for the drag queen story hour.

  35. Terri

    Always such a timely and revelatory word, Mario! So glad you are standing on truth – I have always listened intently to what God reveals to you – we need to heed the Word, act on it, and live the life Jesus paid for us to live. Reckless abandoned – we must unite as the army of God in this fight to save the souls of America for Christ – we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation! United in Christ, God bless you!

  36. Adelin Schauer

    I will not let this evil culture rob me of joy in celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t care what wokeness says. I say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
    Thanks Mario.

  37. JoAnna DiPastena

    Brother Mario once again you Nailed it. To me nailing something is to fasten it in your memory. Think of boldness for one to show a written or verbal image. Look at the Cross of Jesus as the ultimate visual. So let’s make our bold declarations this year. Last year the Bill’s football game robbed me of family time to share our love for Jesus overridden by the gods of sports idols. I say never again in my home I declare in the Name of Jesus. I thank God for you your family and entire staff. JoAnna

  38. Linda J Taylor

    I’m thankful to God for him and for his son. My granddaughter will get married Dec 12th and her dad my oldest son had gotten into wicken. he has herd the word and was baptized in the pass. he couldn’t be saved and get into it. my granddaughter Tamara’s twin is considered a witch my son doesn’t listen to me so I just keep praying for all of them. the one getting married and her younger sister are saved but out of church and the word. I fast.pray.and give people the gospel. but I fell so bad in a divorce over 30 years ago and watched my Family slowly slip away its a long story but I keep praying. please pray for them ..Roy Hollaway and daughter Cheryl for salvation and the evil one leave.ive fasted prayed and served the Lord for 45 years and watched and prayed ….my other son is saved and loves the Lord. my youngest died in a car accident at 44 years. he was saved. I will see all at wedding please pray THAT God WILL BE WITH ME TO SAY What I SHOULD AND BELIEVE FOR HIS MIRCLES

  39. Sandra

    Love all your posts and yes we should sing louder and rejoice greater because of HIS birth we can have ever lasting life. So glad to call you my brother in Christ and wish we had more standing strong for the Lord and against the anti-christ. Praying for tour ministry and others that take a solid stand against evil and wokness. Praising GOD to heal our Nation that is so diverse and so loved. GOD is GOOD all the time! Happy Thanksgiving and have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas season and go stronger in the New Year!

  40. Carolyn SUE Flemming

    Mario. My heart is heavy this Thanksgiving as my grandaughter Sophie who has lukemia will be in the hosiptal to have a bone martial transplant one day before her 14th bithday. It is hard to be seperated from her family and friends over the holidays . It is saso hard to have to watch such a precious grandaughter go through this. She was disgnosed with lukemia just 2 weeks before the Colorado tent meeting this year. It was also hard to lesve her to attend the conference to serve there so soon after her diagnosis.
    SOPHIE has claimed Romans 8:18 as her verse.we are tusting God to heal her completely at the same time it is a hard thing to go through.
    Just needed to pour out my heart . Feeling a little sad this
    Morning but trusting God to wrap SOPHIE in his arms through this whole process and for her to realize the truth of Romans 8:18 when she comes through it all

  41. Steven W. & Doris Honeycutt

    I was glad to hear about the beautiful miracles that Jesus did for that precious sister, it makes me happy! But Pastor Mario” Is there any miracles left? for God in the Name of Jesus to manifest the healings from Winston-Salem Crusade that I believed for my Right Hip to be made whole , because I am in constant pain and I am desperate in the Name of Jesus! Sincerely, Steven W. Honeycutt



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