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A major announcement about children, from Mario Murillo

For those who are coming to our next event in the Tent, we have a major announcement. WE are going to have our very first Children’s crusade in Winston-Salem, NC.

You heard right. Right next to our big top tent there will be another tent. In that tent, the Glory of God will fall on children. This crusade will be for children between 5 and 11 years old.

Starting today, you can register your child who are between the ages of 5 and 11 years old for this program. Use this link to register your child right now.


This is also a big announcement for the army of God: 

This is a declaration of war on the enemy’s attempt to steal our children!

The benefits of this children’s crusade cannot be overstated.

-Many parents who want to come and hear the gospel and be healed.  But they are often unable because there is no program for their children. This new ministry will open the floodgates of blessing for many.

-This will be a top-notch program. It will be led by Mike Watson, the director of children’s ministry at Agape Faith Church in Clemmons, NC. He is well know for the excellence he brings to children’s ministry. The parents in the big Tent will have peace of mind. Their children will have a great time, and receiving powerful ministry.

-The priority will be on excellence and safety. This children’s outreach will follow strict protocols to ensure that every child is safe and happy in their tent. We are thrilled to be able to partner with the talented and competent ministry of Mike and his team.



Here is how you can be a hero to children:

-Volunteer! Use the special link to fill out the volunteer form that is specifically for children’s workers. Assist Mike Watson and his team in this amazing mission.

Think of it! A child won to Jesus today, can offer Him a lifetime of service. And in this day when so much evil is directed at children, you can be a force for good.

-Spread the word that a children’s crusade is happening alongside the Living Proof Crusade. Invite anyone you know who wants to be saved and healed to come to Winstons-Salem, NC, October 22nd through the 25th.

And now you can tell them something more.  Children between the ages of 5 and 11, will have their own wonderful event!

The bottom line: Register your child. Volunteer to work with the children. Invite and bring people to the Living Proof Crusade. And, please, join us in prayer as we come before the Throne in faith, expecting a great moral awakening!

VOLUNTEER TO SERVE AT LIVING PROOF WINSTON-SALEM  https://mariomurillo.org/nc-signup


  1. Eric Moon

    This is AWESOME!!! Praise you Lord Jesus Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah!

    • Kathy Cerwin

      I wish you would have something in San Antonio, Texas!m

  2. Jennie

    Finally! This is 40 years needed! Praise GOD for both Parents & Children!

    When my kids were little church turned out to be often just more work because they needed a parent to help so often, and with two babies close together and then later a third when I just started getting a breath, I truly needed to come to church to be fed. Sometimes when we attended a larger church we could go to 2 services so that I could help through one service and breathe & fill up at the next.

    I share this because I do not know if people realize that many parents do not have family close by and are all alone, so if we can help both parents be well cared for and refreshed, then they will be more able to raise up this generation.

    O Mario I pray many churches will truly see what GOD is doing and take note for ideas 💡

  3. maryruth drescher

    Praise the Lord
    Mario there are 1,000 children missing in Cleveland, Ohio and the police chief is just concerned. A grandmother says her grandson is one of the missing, but he knows Jesus and have Him with him. She said NO one is doing anything about this problem.

  4. Darlene W

    Wonderful news. 🙏

  5. Beverly Belle

    Praise God. What a blessing. Let’s all standup for our children, God loaned them to us, now let’s stand up and protect them with the word of God.

  6. Chuck & Diana Harmon

    God bless you Mario for all you do for the Kingdom of God. We began following you in the early years of 1970 thru Melodyland and you’ve been a consistent force for good ever since that time.

    I remember years ago when you said the enemy was coming for our children so we must fight with everything God has given us to defeat this sinister plan of Satan.

    We attend as many of your crusades as time and finances allow.

  7. Teresa Walker

    Thank You Jesus!!!

  8. ronald

    would put the last two days of the los angeles crusade on you tube. I am very heartened by the number of those saved and the miracle’s of healing

  9. Margaret Siciliano

    Bravo Mario. What a marvelous idea , a crusade for children.. definitely a God Idea!!
    A great full thank you for you and your ministry! You Mario are a precious gift from our Lord! God . God continue to bless you, your family and ministry’

  10. Jacquelyn Ostby

    Praise God, Thank you Jesus! Thank you team for listening to our Father and providing this glorious blessing to the children!

  11. Terry Haight

    This warms my spirit as I believe the children are under attack, but Gods children are not for sale. And they are protected by God Himself. I pray for it. Thanks Mario for providing this for the people who have children and want to come.

  12. Teresa Gurley

    This is excellent news for families.

  13. Edith Toole

    Thank Father and you all for this most life changing ministry for children!

  14. Sharon Brown

    Wonderful idea ministering to the children. May God bless this event and bring many into the fold.

  15. Marsha

    This will be A thrilling addition. Now more than ever children need to be taught about God! I am so happy about this ministry. Thank you for doing this. Children are so attacked on every level of their life and they’re too young to have to worry about these things. I know their fears will be taken away with knowing God

  16. Salamatu

    This is wonderful Mario, reaching the children as well and a counter punch to the Wike agenda that’s after them. They are our future…Thank you for all you do for the kingdom!

  17. Ron Rupp

    Thank you for not forgetting our children..the age they need disciplining…not coloring but meat..they’re more receptive than adults…that’s why a rabbi taught jew can recite the Torah by bar mitzvah

  18. Sandra

    Awesome! Satan can not have our children!

  19. Brenda Hanson

    This is a declaration of war on the enemy’s attempt to steal our children!

    Praise the Lord! God bless this outreach.

    “But Jesus said, Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to be; for the kingdom belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

  20. Dru Thompson

    I am registered but I will serve with Pastor Watson withe the children’s tent.

  21. Judithlo Davis

    Be careful when you have that many children because predatorscwill be there so pray over each child and vet all adults who are protecting them.. God bless the children and your ministry

  22. Margaret Gail Segars Rainey


  23. Wood Robert

    Praise God! Great news about the Children’s very own tent to experience the power and glory of God

  24. Therese Bedard


  25. Joyce T Decormier

    I thought NY , upstate NY was the next destination for Oct. ??????? What happened?????? Please let me know, I am from Ct. and was REALLY looking forward for this one.

  26. Darlene

    Fb post said to contact you directly, I don’t believe it’s this ministry

    • Mario Murillo

      yes. That is a fake account. I never ask people to contact me directly.

  27. Robbie Haroldson


  28. Guido A Benazet

    MA RA VI LLO SO!!!!!!! Dios los bendiga a todos
    WON DER FUL!!!!!! May God bless you all.

    • Mario Murillo




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