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L. A. was greater than you know. But what we do now will make all the difference in the world.

Maybe you have seen the reels of those who were healed in Los Angeles. Perhaps you have seen the videos of the masses who came to Jesus. But with all that, there is something you do not know.

We are only now starting to appreciate the greatness of the victory in L.A., and how much greater it was than we had first imagined.

Marco Garcia pastors one of the most powerful churches in Southern California. They have eight dynamic congregations. Each with their own campus. Pastor Marco texted me this, after the crusade was over: “L.A. will never be the same.”

This entire event was impossible.

I was stunned by that text. I thought, “What has happened here to warrant such a statement? The very first thought that came to my mind was the “impossibility.” This entire event was impossible.

To convince you, I must take you back to my original agonizing night of prayer for Los Angeles. To grasp this we must go back to the very beginning. That was the most agonizing night of prayer that I can remember. I wrote about all of this in a previous blog.

God told me to do a crusade in Los Angeles. But I knew how impossible it was. It could cost five times more than any previous crusade. It would be a daunting task to get unity among the churches. We would be competing with a thousand distractions. We had less time to put it together than any other previous crusade. It seemed totally doomed to fail.

An atmosphere permeated the Tent that had not been witnessed in decades.

But by the grace of God, it went from total impossibility to total victory. Demons that had been operating unchallenged for years were confronted and cast out. An atmosphere permeated the Tent that had not been witnessed in decades.

America’s most hidden secret was unmasked: Los Angeles wants Jesus—in record numbers. A close look at the altar calls shows how lost souls were actually running to the altar to get saved.

We saw, with our own eyes, the fulfillment of Matthew 11:12, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

But the miracles were also violent. God enveloped entire sections of the Tent with healing. It was a new level of power we had not seen before.

The proof of God’s healing power was devastating to the powers of darkness. The harvest may be more than thousands. The buzz that developed across all of Southern California took us totally by surprise.

After the fourth night, I went from dreading this crusade to wondering how we could extend it!

After the fourth night, I went from dreading this crusade to wondering how we could extend it!

Proof4LA had all the results we had prayed for, and then some. In size of impact, no other tent crusade we have ever held comes close to this one,. We met the strongman in the media capital of the world and won a towering victory.

Our live streams were viewed in Singapore, Australia, Norway, Germany, the Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa, and many other nations. But people actually flew here from as far away as Germany to be in the Tent.

Yet the real news is about those who were watching in America. Only God knows how many politicians, movie stars and media moguls tuned in to see the power of Jesus.

It stunned us when the Fairgrounds asked us if we were coming back next year—as did the fire department and vendors who worked the event. It is this last development, the idea that outsiders felt that there was some unfinished business, which caused me to write this blog.

Pursuit is a huge word.

What am I trying to tell you by all of this? I want you to understand why we are stepping on the gas. What happened in Los Angeles tells us that something big is also happening in America. The nationwide cry for God is growing louder every day.

But we can miss it by making the classic blunder of war. Countless numbers of victories have ended in defeat because the armies did not understand the importance of pursuit. Pursuit is a huge word.

Listen to a general describe pursuit and its urgent nature in war:

“To the uninitiated, pursuit seems the easiest possible form of war. To chase a flying, presumably demoralized, enemy must be a simple matter, promising much gain at the expense of some exertion and hardship, but little danger. Yet the successful or sustained pursuits of history have been few, the escapes from a lost battle, many. The reasons are partly material, but mainly moral. A force retreating falls back on its depots and reinforcements; unless it is overrun.

“But the chief obstacle he has to overcome is psychological. The pursued has a greater incentive to haste than the pursuer, and, unless he is demoralized, a stronger urge to fight. It is only natural that the soldier who has risked his life and spent his toil in winning a battle should desire relaxation in safety as his meed (deserved share) of victory, and that the general and staff should feel a reaction from the strain. So that while coolness in disaster is the supreme proof of a Commander’s courage, energy in pursuit is the surest test of his strength of will.” – General Sir Archibald Wavell

In simple terms here is what the general is saying: An army that has just won a battle wants to celebrate and let up. But this is when they most need to overrun the enemy. The defeated foe is running for their lives and in retreat they are getting stronger. If the victor does not overrun the enemy at this moment, they risk not only losing the battle but the war itself.


Everything but soul winning needs to fade into the background.

What we do now will make all the difference in the world. Petty inter-church squabbles don’t matter when a nation is turning to Jesus. Everything but soul winning needs to fade into the background.

Jesus modeled the principle of war. Matthew Henry said, “When Christ had done that which spread His fame throughout all parts, He did not then sit still, as some think that they may lie in bed when their name is up. No, He continued to do good, for that was it He aimed at, and not His own honour. Nay, those who are in reputation, had need be busy and careful to keep it up.”

Mario Murillo Ministries will not let up! None of us can afford to let up! Our key soldiers barely had enough time to regroup when they headed out to Winston-Salem. We are pursuing the enemy. Yea, we will overrun the enemy!

Proof4LA proved God is moving in America. Winston-Salem will confirm it. This is God’s miracle moment for America. Here is my invitation to you: Join us in the battle!


Volunteer now for Winston-Salem! use this link!  https://mariomurillo.org/nc-signup



  1. Keara Donahue

    I’ve flew to Auburn from Idaho to attend your revival and witnessed healing first hand. You are divinely appointed and I’m grateful for you.

  2. Robert Wood

    Great to hear what God is doing in L.A.

  3. Delbra Pratt

    Illinois needs Jesus. Please come – Springfield, Illinois – we have a Fairgrounds and we have workers who will come along side and work with you.

    • Teresa Thomas

      Surely there are ministers other than Mario that God will use. He is doing a great work but we need other ones to come forward and have revivals.

    • Laurie Shults

      Illinois is in such need!!!!! We are being overwhelmed and overrun by darkness! It used to be a kind and loving midwestern start! Illinois needs intercession and Jesus through his power of healing!

  4. Lisette Matos

    Mario I love you! My brother. Amen to the Glory of God.
    Miracles ✨ signs and wonders confirming Jesus: “greater works shall ye do” ministry through Mario Murillo.

  5. Joan Strickland

    WOW, WOW, WOW – What a mighty God we serve! I thank God for you and your obedience to share God’s word and love where ever He leads. The harvest is great and Praise God for You being one of His Mighty workers! Pray for you daily – would love to attend, but Dallas is a far piece. Love your reports. Thank you Jesus.

  6. Shirley Bonard

    Mario I am 85 years of age and while I cannot travel to these events in person I will continue to travel on my knees as an intercessor and will continue to pray and believe for the lost and healings in all these events..in the precious name of Jesus!

    • JoAnne Shelton

      Hi Mario, I’m so thankful for the great report about LA. I was born there and my dad preached on the corner of 5th and SanJulian for many years. I believe it’s time for a great revival movement in that city. Blessings to you and your workers.

    • Pearl Dalton

      Mario it’s very difficult for me to travel to all these places with you, but I am blessed to pray and at times sow a seed to help you 🙏 😊 ❤️

    • Maria Cruz P.

      YES INTERCESSORY GOES AHEAD. Thank you fellow warrior.
      CALI thanks You

  7. Tina Moore

    Omgoodness! ! Hallelujah! We’re living in such a precious time right now ! This makes my heart so happy. My cousin lives in Placerville Ca. She has a daughter her name is Melissa. She’s been missing since October 2022. She’s a drug addict. I’ve been praying that the Lord would send her to your tent crusades for a while now. I know God can set her free. She was last seen in Chico bc she checked in with the police there as there’s a missing person report my cousin filed. Oh that she would find you guys or that God would send a worker to her. I know He’s keeping her and protecting her . Blessings and much love in Christ Tina. I pray that the Fire and zeal of the Lord will not let up in California and that Brother Murillo only expand in his anointing and Zeal. That he continue to be unstoppable,undefeatable , full of the Power and Boldness of the Holy Spirit ! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  8. Patricia S Justin

    I pray God’s blessings not only on this ministry and all who are so dedicated to this mission, but every single person who walks into the tent. I pray God increases your faith, strength. courage and finances. God is good.

  9. JoAnna DiPastena

    Brother Mario I believe in what you are saying about letting up after a victory such as Jericho and then defeat at Ai. We must uncover the hidden idols in preparation. Also Winston Salem will be celebrating their Halloween witch craft events. God designed the right place at the divine time. Much fruit for the Great Harvest. I will be volunteering. Lead on.

  10. April Baucom

    Praise God for these extreme miracles of His love and power!! The inroads into this media stronghold is the crack in their armor and fortifications! One that shall not be closed, but taken advantage of by the forces of God’s armies, both spiritual and natural.

  11. Phil Minard

    Praise God, Mario, you mighty man of God!! The Church in America is sorely in need of Revival and the lost to be saved! Thank you for your bold, courageous, unhindered witness that invites the Holy Spirit Fire to “pour out on all flesh”! Bless you and all who labor with you! In Christ’s Love,

    PS Please consider a share link to Truth Social.

  12. Jan Burlet


  13. Susan Walter

    What a wonderful report, Mario. As I was reading it, I had to stop & pray for you and your team! I will continue to keep you in prayer. More victories and MORE SOULS!!

  14. Linda Delgado

    God bless and protect your Mario along with your family and staff. God bless Los Angeles and God bless America.

  15. Laura A Lopez

    Hi Mario and believers,
    I wasn’t able to attend but I truly support and believe God has moved in our favor. Praying 🙏🏼 for your next victory in Christ Jesus. Amen 🙏🏼🎚️☮️♥️🙌🏼

  16. Leah

    Amen!! We continue to pray and hope for revival in Winston-Salem! By God’s grace, we who live here will join arm-in-arm together with you all and with Holy Spirit to win souls! Glory to Jesus. “He is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering.”-young Moravian missionaries in the 1700’s

  17. stephen gullixson

    my heart is with you mario

  18. Dianne York

    Hey Mario, are you all right?
    I brought my granddaughters
    To see you at Christ for the Nations last night. 8/22/2023
    Nothing was announced about you not being there until the replacement was introduced.
    They didn’t say why you wouldn’t be there.

    • Mario Murillo

      L.A. took my voice. Hated to miss! Never do it.

      • Teresa Thomas

        I will pray for your continued strength so God’s word will go forward.

  19. Linda Patterson

    So glad to see you in NC

  20. Karen Sorenson

    God is on the move!!!
    What an amazing time to be alive!!! We are witnessing the beginnings of the greatest
    outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on mankind!!! Jesus be praised and worshipped!!!
    All hail King Jesus, Emmanuel!!! God with us!!!

  21. shelby browning



    Amen and amen. Sometimes I hear David Wilkerson’s voice when reading these. His call to righteousness in spite of what one feels or what other voices are trying to control. God bless.

  23. Diana Gomez

    All honor and glory be to Jesus the savior of the world. Thank you Mario for paying the price. WE are in prayer for you and all those who sacrifice to do the work. God bless you and keep you in Jesus name.

  24. Fred Kirkpatrick

    The revival I have been praying for is now in full swing and I have lived to see it.

  25. David Mastel

    The move of God and the power of the Holy Spirit that moved in the tent each night and the manifestation of the salvation through Jesus Christ was an incredible thing to witness starting from the first night and building more and more!
    We are certainly in the times of distress in this nation of the United States because to many have accepted a form of Godliness but not really living in ways that are pleasing to God.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 is an evidence of God’s desire to change any nations tragectory and thereby relationship that can bring redemption. 2 Chronicles 7:13 is the premises of what to look for to see our failure! These words were used to address King Solomon at the inaguration event of the temple of God in Jerusalem in a pointedly prophetic tone to all who would read and possibly come to know and understand these words?! Most of us are gifted with sight are from birth of seeing with physical eyes, but few are gifted by spiritual pursuit to see with spiritual eyes, which only comes from God because these very words are spiritually appraised!!
    Solomon was given the prophetic instruction and failed in his pursuit of God because his many wives turned his heart away from God…read I Kings 11:9-11, it is a tragic story!
    In these times coming ahead the prophetic Biblical statements is that there will be a great falling away defined in Matthew Chapter 24. It is a waxing cold scenario that brings this failure to the foreground!
    We must not lose our understanding of purpose and our positions in the war that Mario is talking about…get into a church that understands the battle and equips the saints for the sacrifice of becoming a soldier, readied for battle! We must be willing to fight the good fight and take up our weapons of warfare described in Ephesians Chapter 6. We must be equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit which is the Father’s most reliable equipper first given to His prophets and then to His Son! Those giftings are shown in 1 Corinthians Chapters 12 and 14 and defined in Ephesians Chapters 3 and 4 as the equipment and equiping we all need! Desire these things and pray for these things. Do not quench the Holy Spirit is what 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 proclaims!
    We must be equipped by practice and emboldened by the direction of the Holy Spirit to bring us into all truth in the Scriptures! May we individual be prepared to each bring our gift when we assemble together as the Word defines! We are not to be corralled as sheep but we are to become priests to our God!
    Be in pursuit of the kingdom of Heaven and the face of the Father by coming into relationship through the shed blood of Jesus and the equipping of the Holy Spirit…the gospel of John Chapters 14 and 15 gives us our marching orders!
    Blessings in Him, be clothed in the full armor of God including the shield of faith and the double edged sword of the Word of God!!

  26. Sandra

    Praying for a greater outpouring in every revival and outbreaks like we are seeing on campuses! You started it and we must all engage in the battle to spread it all over the world! Oh that you could go to Canada! I have been so pressed to pray for brothers and sisters all over the world and to see the lost come in. Time is running out. Bless you for your great work for the Kingdom, your rewards will out shine us.

  27. Donna M Leveron

    This report thrills my spirit and the Spirit in me, it blesses, exhorts, and confirms. Praise God/YHWH!!!
    The harvest is white – over ripe, the sheaves must be brought in quickly.

  28. Rose Mary

    What are the dates for next year (October 2024) at the Fairplex? I need to make reservations early.

    • Mario Murillo

      October 13-16 2024 See you there!

      • Rose Mary

        Thank you. We plan to be there for tent put up to tent take down!!!

  29. Gina Gochez

    Churches UNITE!

    Luk_11:17  But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth. (Satan’s secret sauce- division)

    Gen 11:6  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. (God’s design of the church(us) Unity)

    When we unite the gates of hell will tremble. Keep the momentum!

  30. Gail

    Praise the Lord, God is moving. Jesus is Lord

  31. Robert

    All nations live in LA. May this fire and blessing and victory go forth from this event in this place to the nations of the earth.

  32. sharon clark

    The Holy Spirit is on the move. Praise God for tent revival. Press on my brother AND sister’s.

  33. Debra Zimmerman


  34. Esther, Joy Stone

    My friend Amanda and I were there at the Pomona fairgrounds for Mario’s visit to LA. and we loved it!!! We both want more more more! Please come back soon!

  35. Todd Ward


  36. Sandra Brannon

    What a blessing! It’s going to get even better…for the battle is the LORD’S!! Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. Thank you for your faithfulness Mario. May God continue to bless you and keep you in his care.

  37. Joel and Kathy Davisson

    If our post does not show up after moderator eyes,, no problem. It was really a private message to Mario.

  38. Arlene Sarver

    I was led to pray that each one who gave their heart to Jesus in the LA crusade reach at least 7 others who will come to Salvation in Jesus by their testimony. The bible tells us that what the enemy has stolen can be restored 7 fold so I declare this in Jesus name.

  39. Andrea Duncan

    Thank you God and Mario Murillo for doing what God has called you to do save souls first and take America for the Kingdom of God!!! Hallelujah I need you to contact Abel latino child of God he needs to work for you. Abel 707 680 9163. He was shot leg 21 years old now 30 yrs old prayed meet him last night. Seen his heart for Jesus Fire of God Holy Spirit came on him tears weeping seen the love of Jesus in his heart like you Mario. Thank you God bless you. Blood of Jesus over this now Amen

  40. Mel

    I love reading about your crusades on your blog and all what God is doing and how so many people are coming to know Jesus. Also seeing the healings. Will you ever consider coming to Pennsylvania or Ohio ? Thank you for all that you and your team is doing fir the kingdom of God.

  41. Rebecca Lane

    I got the chills reading this blog and tears began to fall. God is moving, and Mario is moving with him. Praise the Lord for such a supernatural success!!!!!!

  42. Mark Larsen

    I was able to attend
    Proof 4 LA on the last night, 9/13. Let me tell you, as I expected, God moved! What I didn’t expect was how He moved. God’s love was very evident. His powerful love gently filled the tent as people were saved, rededicated, healed, and set free from habits, addictions, fears and more. Unless you were there it’s hard to explain how palpable God’s love was.

    On the funny side, I had a check made out to Mario’s ministry and couldn’t wait to give it. I also needed healing and was hoping for a word. Though Mario came down, stood right next to my aisle seat, I didn’t get a word, nor did I get to give my check!
    Mario didn’t take an offering! He felt God was telling him not to take money.

    I said to God, in a laughing way, what? no word? AND I don’t get to give?

    Think if it, who would not take and offering at an event like that? Is there another preacher evangelist who would do that?

    I’m telling you, it was the love of God pouring out of Mario. I felt it when he stood next to me. All Mario wants is the fullness of God to hit every living person. What an experience.

    Mario said, no one will leave this tent without a healing and I believe it. I have a body scan coming up and fully expect the doctor to see No Evidence of Disease!

    Thank you Mario!

  43. phil beatty


  44. Mary Howald

    WOW!!! Praying!!

  45. Therese Bedard

    I am in awe at what God is doing! So glad to have read this! I am almost breathless at the impact this will have not only on America but on the whole world! Yes, this will spread throughout the world! I just know it! Thank You, Lord! Praise God! What a great God we serve! Thank You Jesus!!!!!

  46. Laurie Van Wyckhouse

    I am thrilled to hear how LA came out to hear about Jesus. You dared to enter Satan’s lair and God broke strongholds! God’s people, use your authority to call down these demonic strongholds across our nation. Spiritual kingdoms are clashing, and we are on the winning team!

  47. Mark B

    I follow each of your crusades. They always bless me greatly. I am stuck in Chilliwack BC, near Vancouver Canada and cannot travel. May the Lord raise up revival here and voices to carry the light to all who are in bondage here, and there are many. Our government is trying to bring us into great bondage but we trust in the Lord, our God. There have been many revivals in Canada in the past. We know He will not forget us and raise up more warriors again to carry His fire to the people who are in such darkness.
    God bless you and your ministry. We know the spiritual warfare is intense for anyone standing up for His truth in this hour.

    • Teresa Thomas

      I’m praying for a movement of God in Canada! Holy Spirit, move among the people and release the fire. Pour out your glory. Hallelujah! In the name of Jesus, Amen



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