Supernatural Fire Falls in Los Angeles

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Mario Murillo Ministries, Proof4LA | 44 comments

How do I tell of all that God did tonight in Los Angeles? It was such a powerful night! The night again began with Victory Outreach leading worship, and as always they were amazing.

About halfway through worship, there was a marked shift in the atmosphere as we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit fill the Tent. His sweet presence was so thick that people were no longer just singing along but were truly worshiping God. It was powerful.

Mario took the platform and after an opening prayer began another soul winning message. Mario titled his sermon, “You are not safe.” He said the Holy Spirit was going to ask them to change their life, to turn from the way they are living and to live a new way, with a new power, and a new priority. And that the worst thing they could do is to say, No.

He said that one of God’s greatest gifts today is the gift of sanity, and that when God calls them, many respond by saying how complicated and entangled their lives are. But when Jesus was faced with an impossible case, He said, “With man these things are not possible, but with God all things are possible.”

Mario told them, “It’s even possible, with Jesus’ love in you, to forgive the person that, right now, you want to kill. It’s possible to say, No, to a habit you never imagined you would be without.”

He told the people the way the world is going they need to know Jesus, powerfully, intimately, totally, and without limitation. Today is not only the day of salvation, but the day of consecration. Today is the day of finding safety in Christ.

Mario talked about the false prophets who back in 2019 were predicting that the coming year would be one of peace, prosperity, and great blessing. He asked, ‘Why didn’t any of them see what was really coming? It’s because Americans only want good news.’

But the Bible says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and are saved.”

There is no safety in money, or celebrity, or vitamins, or an insurance policy. There is only safety in a right relationship with God.

He told about all the ways we think we are making ourselves safe. Where we live, where we work, where we shop, what we eat. But none of it is safe. The schools are not safe. But the name of the Lord is a strong tower!

Mario asked, ‘Do you remember when church was safe? But now we are told Jesus loves you just the way you are. But they neglect to tell you He loves you too much to let you stay that way.’

He said, the most important safety is safety over the power of the devil. The devil destroys emotions and people. Demonic power is rampant.

Mario told a story about when he was invited to join a panel composed of leaders from all the religions of the world. Each speaker was given five minutes to make their case. All the others told how great their religion was. So, when Mario went up for his turn to share, he referenced a threat that was extant at the time – the Hillside Strangler, who had people living in fear. He said to everyone, ‘You have heard what each of the religions can do, but not one of them could say they had defeated the devil.’

When you don’t have the blood of Christ on you, or the power of Jesus in you, the devil knows you are fair game. He told the people that none of the other religious leaders could offer what Jesus offers. Because Jesus defeated the devil.

Mario then called for those who wanted the safety that only Christ can provide to raise their hands. Those who want to enter the strong tower of the name of the Lord and have safety.

Then he had them stand and come forward. Once again the altar was flooded with so many souls! They came, uncertain, afraid, and desperate for the safety that only Jesus can offer.

He led them in a powerful prayer of salvation, then directed them out to be ministered to by our many workers.

Almost immediately after they returned, the Holy Spirit began to fill the Tent with His presence .You could feel the shift in the atmosphere and it was clear that God was about to touch bodies.

Mario told how, although he has studied the Bible for many years, one day the Holy Spirit said, “I want you to understand the price of God’s miracle working power. Many pastors want signs and wonders, but they are infected with church growth, which is grieving the Spirit of God.”

Mario went on to say that if you think about it, when the world is burning up and being destroyed, what does it matter how big your church is? The pursuit of members is breaking up families and taking a terrible toll on people, mentally and physically. You should be going after Christ Himself. The Bible says, “On this rock I will build My Church.”

He shared how healing does not come by demanding things from God, but by brokenness and a cry for mercy. He had everyone repeat: “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

After some short instructions, he wasn’t able to wait any longer and began to call out healings.

A woman in the back had stomach pain and insomnia. He had her come out into the aisle and told her there was someone in her family who was also battling an illness. He then prayed over her.

Next he called out a couple, the man with heart and pulmonary-respiratory disease. God healed his lungs, heart, hands, shoulders, back, legs, and also a bone disorder.

Then he identified a man near the front who was due for a medical procedure. Mario told him that he won’t need it now because God has healed his legs and his knees. The man began high-stepping out into the aisle and then walking back and forth across the front of the Tent, with no pain.

Then Mario came down off the platform and began to move through the crowd. He came to a woman and revealed that she had known she was going to be healed, and that God had already told her she would. She was healed in her bones and in her joints, healed of arthritis and bursitis. Mario had her move her neck and shoulders, and she was able to move without pain.

Next he went to a woman who had a disorder that caused every part of her body to hurt at the same time. She was experiencing chronic pain in her head, her joints, and her bones. It had been difficult to walk without pain, but now she came out and walked, then not only walked, but ran and danced across the front of the Tent. She was jumping and dancing and praising God.

He went to the other side of the Tent and spoke to a woman, identifying that there was a disorder which ran throughout her family, a hereditary condition that she had herself recently begun to show signs of. She was healed in her blood and her immune system.

Next Mario went around the other side and walked right into the rows to get to a woman who had recently discovered that something was growing in her throat. And it was now disappearing.

Then he had a man and his wife stand. The man was a war veteran and in a heroic moment of war, he had been severely wounded. His healing came in his heart and in his lungs. His entire right side, including speech and movement, had been affected by a stroke. And he was healed directly in front of us. As I watched, he began to move his arms, waving them over his head. As Mario was speaking to him, he had tremors in his hands, but they went away as he began to move. God healed him right before our eyes!

Mario was so overcome by all God was doing that he asked, “How in the world can we find the words? What can we say now? Except: “His name is Wonderful!”

Next he went to a man in the second row, and as Mario had the man stand, he was instantly healed, even before Mario could say anything! You could see it in his countenance that everything had changed. His nerves, brain cells, and blood were healed. His range of motion was fully restored. He began to breathe deeply and then to wave his arms, dance and bend over, reaching his toes. His balance, heart, and blood pressure were all restored. The man was overcome with emotion!

Mario then moved to the opposite side of the Tent. When he came to a certain man, he laid his hand on the man’s shoulder. He told him he was being healed of breathing problems, severe apnea caused by a closure in his throat and sinus cavity. His back and legs were also healed.

Another man who had growths and had been told he had an expiration date, was told that those growths were being healed.

Then a woman in the front was healed in her eyes, throat, blood, back, legs, and arms. And Mario told her that her voice was being touched by the power of Jesus.

Mario returned to the platform because the Holy Spirit had told him that He wanted to begin healing en masse.

Mario went section by section, calling out people with various diseases: diabetes, sciatica, asthma, COPD, extreme pain in the feet, nerve damage, heart disease, and migraines.

These were specifically called out so people knew God was in the room and was healing.

Then Mario had everyone who needed healing to raise their hands, and then had those around them place their hands on them and they all began to pray for one another.

As they began to pray, a woman began screaming on one side of the Tent. She had had a lump on her neck, but as they began to pray, she felt for it, and it was gone!

There was so much power in that room, it was clearly evident that the Holy Spirit was moving through our midst, and He was touching lives and healing bodies.

It was another incredible night! Each night I think it can’t be topped, and then God shows up and tops the previous night.

It is amazing to be in the Tent and experience all that God is doing, but it is even greater when the reports come in, as people go to their doctors and get the full report which proves all that God has done.

If you weren’t here tonight, you truly missed an incredible experience! But there is still one more chance. Wednesday night, Sept 13th, 6 PM, at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA.

Do whatever you need to do, to be here!


  1. Billy Back

    My younger brother and I were talking yesterday and I was relaying the news from your tent crusades of the healings that were happening and that new Christians were being used to God in this healing. We are both in our upper seventies and know what the government has been doing all over the world and he asked the siilliest question I believe I’ve ever heard. If this is all happening, why isn’t it on television. I said, because the media doesn’t want anybody know that God is moving and healing people. Bless you Mario for your service to our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. Scott Robson

    JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. D Wms

    It’s beautiful. What we have longed to see. That the masses would experience how truly wonderful our God is. Nothing on earth can compare to Him.


    We are taking my 23-year old son with severe autism/Tourette syndrome due to childhood vaccine injury, tonight.
    I hope Mario will select Armand for healing. He is a fighter and needs Jesus to finish his healing.

  5. Robin Jones

    Thank you Jesus for using Mario to accomplish your will. Tgank you Mario for hearing ears and eyes to see.

  6. Jeffrey Wiegand

    Far out man!

  7. Tammy Tuuk

    Thank you for being a servant of God ! Please pray with me believing for my granddaughter Mila Rose who is a believer and wants to serve the Lord , she has had seizures since this last year and has been prayed for and I believe and her dad also is a believer.

  8. Diana K.

    I am believing that my whole family will be healed, but even more important, that the lost will be saved and the lukewarm will be on fire for the Lord! He truly is my All in All and I love Him so much. Lord, send the rain!

  9. Kathy Abbot Troxel

    GLORIOUS! Praise Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us! HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR DEVOTION AND FAITHFULNESS. Galatians 6:9

  10. Jean Morris

    Praise God for all the miracles of this crusade!!! Thank you Mario for being an unwavering Man of God and uncompromising in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

  11. clay kidd

    The time is at hand. LET THE LION ROAR 1

  12. Todd Ward

    Thank You Most Blessed Jesus!!!!!!!!

  13. Maria C. McIntire

    Thank you Lord for your healing 🙏power, you are so WONDERFUL!!!

  14. Laurie Huddleston

    Good and gracious God, there’s none like you!!! Thank you for saving, healing, rescuing, restoring and delivering your people. Fill these ministers until they are walking on air, filled with your joy to the overwhelming magnitude and greatness that is your character!! Thank you for these testimonies!!

  15. Therese Bedard


  16. Beverly McClellan

    What a mighty GOD we serve! Jesus our Healer!! Praise His Holy Name!

  17. Dr. Gary L. Smith

    These are truly wonderful examples of God’s work, love, and healing of the body & mind. My son, Ivan Smith, was paralyzed on 04/05/2023 (see Ivan Smith Tennis). An Uninsured / Unlicensed driver, with various Drug Paraphernalia, ran a red light and collided with my now 22-year-old son. This tragedy should never have occurred. Ivan was on his way to the college tennis courts to prepare for matches against Rice University and Tex A & M. He never made it and after a dozen surgeries, God has chosen for Ivan to live. He was in a Texas hospital for one year and has now returned home in San Diego.

    Please pray for Ivan’s healing.

    Thank you-

    • Gary L. Smith

      Please continue to pray for Ivan Smith’s healing, from the automobile collision in San Antonio-Texas on 04/05/2022 (on his way to prepare for tennis matches versus Texas A & M and Rice University). Please pray that he will Walk again (google Ivan Smith tennis).

      Thank you very much!

  18. Molly Jennings

    Praise God! You are Holy Lord! Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. To God be all the Glory. Such JOY to witness the Holy Sprit heal and change lives who surrender to Christ. Jesus is Lord! In Jesus Name. Amen

  19. Rita

    Glory to God! For He is the reason! We expect miracles, signs and wonders and it is happening all over the world. Hallelujah to the Lamb, for His blood was and is enough!

  20. Marty Blakely

    Hallelujah. Praise be to God Almighty.

  21. John Jones

    Hallajuah. Yes Lord I’ve been waiting , it’s even going to get so strong that it will even begin outside the tent , there is a Christmas miracle coming , I wonder if it will be the Glory of God being poured out all over the earth . Healings taking place while preople sleep .and yet I wonder . Like the ten leaders , will only one turn back to praise God for the miracle . Yes many have been healed , but how many will thank and praise Him . I fear not will.
    Keep up the good work , it will only get better . Why it’s SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPRIALLIDOCIOUS

  22. Joan Keller

    Are there any set free from demonic oppression?

    • Mario Murillo


  23. Rebecca English

    Absolutely Amazing!

  24. Ruth Kent

    Praise His Holy Sacred Name, Jesus the Christ, Holy Sacred,True, and just, in keeping with the will of the Father, establishing HIS Holy righteousness, and soundness of mind for the Glory of God…AMEN Beautiful merciful, praise be to God…

  25. Brenda Richards

    Praise our mighty God!!

  26. Cheryl Disheroon

    This is all completely true. I witnessed myself. All glory to God.

  27. Bertha

    I praise God for his mighty acts, salvation and healing. May He arise and His enemies Be scattered. I am so encouraged and believe God is still at work in our nation.

  28. Kay Keddy

    God is moving!

  29. James Lyson

    Are you ever coming to the northern states or the eastern I live in michigan

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes. We need pastors to join together.

  30. DjKr

    What an awesome report on God’s glory and grace moving throughout this gathering in LA. I could not be there, but I had our prayer force one group intercede on behalf of this gathering of hungry souls. May Jesus continue His favor upon your ministry.

  31. John Lovett


  32. Samuel Burns

    Awesome what a mighty move of God in LA! Praise The Lord for His mighty miraculous power being displayed in LA. Glory to Go Glory to God. Glory To God.
    Bless you Mario for your obedience to the Holy Spirit.

  33. kathy lisle

    Thank you so much for sharing! God is SO good!

  34. Linda Maas

    Thank you father Son and Holy Spirit and Mario for healing miracles and prayer ministry to new believers and the family!!

  35. Scott Robson

    Dear Jesus, nothing is impossible with You. I again ask that some how, some way You would put someone in my son’s path in LA in order to get him under that tent tonight to save, heal and deliver him.

  36. Miki Jackson

    As I read this article, tears welled up in my eyes. I, too, need healing all over my body. How I wish I could have been in that service. I know my God can heal me.

  37. Linda Larson

    I watched each night with a full heart of love watching the Holy Spirit move, and I had plenty of tears!! It was so POWERFUL! Jesus we love you!‼️‼️

  38. Debra Heim

    Oh I wish I could have been there. I live in Las Vegas and have no car.
    On disability and would love to walk well enough to serve the Lord Jesus

  39. Castorena Vicky

    Praise God! He is worthy! We deserve nothing and he still gives us everything! The healing of the mind is needed all around the world. The world is pushing mental health medications on everyone. Even our children. I ask that everyone with any kind of mental illness turn to Jesus! Ask for prayer. The problem is sun. Jesus is the answer. The world can’t help us. Only Jesus!!!

  40. Donna Selzer

    We need more ministry’s like this. It can happen if Christian’s are willing to pay the price

  41. Steven W.Honeycutt

    It makes me so happy to hear about all of these people being healed! Thank you Mario for obeying God and being a vessel of fire.




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