God is Moving in Los Angeles

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Mario Murillo Ministries, Proof4LA | 47 comments

Two nights in the books and two nights God has shown up and done just what He promised. Lives were forever changed and transformed for His glory.

It was a beautiful night in Los Angeles. The weather cooled down quite a bit from the first night, and tonight there was a fiery red sunset which bathed the Tent in a scarlet glow.

I knew the traffic on the streets and freeways of L.A. would be a challenge for people, but once again the Tent was full of both people and anticipation. The Spirit of the living God was present as the Victory Outreach Worship Team and Choir led us again into the throne room of our Mighty Savior. They were just as anointed tonight as they were last night. Just a choir and an organ — we are getting very spoiled.

Mario took the platform and told the people that tonight would be a supernatural healing night, and that the power of God was going to heal the sick. He told them they needed to allow the Holy Spirit to prepare them to be healed, and led them in a prayer for that purpose.

He began to share about how on September 11, 2001, America suffered the worst act of terror we had known. Mario shared how, on Good Morning America, when Billy Graham’s daughter had been asked such questions as, ‘How could God have allowed us to be attacked and have allowed all those lives to be lost’, and ‘If He is a God of love, how could He allow that?’

Her response was that we had asked God to get out of our schools and our marriages, our laws and courtrooms, our government, our culture, and our music. And that, being a Gentleman, He did.

Mario went on to say that on that day America began a journey of being unprotected. People asked if God is judging us, he said, “No. We are judging ourselves.” Much like how the law of gravity will not respect you if you jump out of a window. In the same way, when spiritual laws are disrespected and violated, there are consequences.

Mario shared that although we were going to see many miraculous healings tonight, we were going to go after the most dangerous illness first. He reminded everyone that they were all going to die eventually. And that, although God can heal you of your disease, one day you will die. Even Lazarus, after he was raised from the dead by Jesus, had still died later on.
The Bible states that after you die, you will stand before God and only those who have been saved by Christ will have everlasting life. Those who have not, will be subject to everlasting separation from God.

You might want to ask God how He, a loving God, could put you in everlasting torment. But it won’t work because God will remind you of that night when you sat under that tent and saw with your own eyes the presence and power of God. How you heard that He had bankrupted Heaven to save you, but you said, No.

Mario talked about how we have witnessed the horrendous consequences of not only our own choices, but also of those who we know and love. He said that sin is the worst disease known to mankind, and that it is the only sickness that continues after death.

He shared how Americans are going back to the Bible, and back to the Truth. How they are going to meetings like this. He said it began on January 2nd when a football player had a heart attack during a game and a few weeks later a group of college kids in Kentucky couldn’t stop singing and praying.

The nation turned its attention to Asbury and four weeks later a film was released called The Jesus Revolution. Not long after that more things began to happen. Woke corporations were being affected as incidents such as Bud Light, Target, and many others made the headlines. Then a film came out called The Sound of Freedom.

Mario said, “God is giving America one last chance.” He then asked, “Why is America on its last chance?” It is because, as the Bible says, “Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12).

Al Gore is wrong. The problem is not global warming – it is moral cooling.

Mario shared the story of when Jesus asked the man who lived among the tombs what his name was, he said, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” Mario asked, ‘Did you notice Jesus never called the man himself, ‘Legion’? because He was not about to use the pronoun the demon wanted to be called by. It’s not what you want to call yourself that matters.’

He then talked about how the Scripture says, ‘In the last days perilous times will come.’ Scripture identified what our modern news fails to identify: the one thing that will make life dangerous, the moral condition of human beings.
Mario asked, “How do you know when a conspiracy theory is not a conspiracy theory? It’s when they censor it.” For example, ‘If I were to declare unicorns were real, it would not be censored, because it’s not true.’

“The threat is the Truth. And the truth is that God wants you to surrender your life to Christ. Because He isn’t just a man, this isn’t just a book, and we aren’t worshipping a dead God.

“The danger is not the gangs, it’s those who go to church and don’t know God at all. The failing is the pastor standing in the pulpit and telling people their beliefs are more important than their condition.

“The Bible does not say to turn away from the atheist or those who are disobedient to parents or blasphemers. It says, “Having a form of godliness but denying its power, from such people turn away.”

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ Who lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Galatians 2:20).

Mario said that by becoming a Christian you did not check your brain at the door. You did not become a Bible-thumping hick. You are not an individual devoid of class, creativity, or individuality. Instead, you receive an upgrade, because you now belong to the Creator.

He said that when the forgiveness of Christ enters your heart you no longer want to sin, no longer want to live a lie, you want to be transparent. And the peace of God that is in you takes away your fear.

Mario once again compelled the people who wanted to be free of a life that is painful and disappointing, people who are tired of the satanic attacks, the weakness, the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

He told them to raise their hands, then to stand, and finally to come forward. And once again they came by the hundreds. Filling that altar with so many souls who were tired of doing things on their own and were now surrendering their life to the One Who promised to give them life, give them peace, give them freedom, and give them love.

It was amazing to once again watch so many come forward and surrender their lives to Christ. It never ceases to bless me.

After he prayed with them, he directed them to go out of the Tent briefly, to be ministered to by the workers and to be prayed for individually.

Then he spoke to the remaining crowd for a short time. He talked about going to the doctor when you are in need, and how when they give you medication for your sickness, very often the side-effects are worse than the reason you were given the pills in the first place – but when Jesus heals you, there are no side effects.

After those who had gone out to be prayed for had returned, there was a very noticeable shift in the atmosphere under the Tent as God began to move and to touch people’s bodies.

Mario called out a woman in the back who was suffering from arthritis in her hands, back, and legs. Then he turned to one side of the Tent and called out a man whom he identified as having had multiple heart attacks who had been born with this condition and who was on a transplant list. His wife was nodding and confirming all that Mario was saying. He added that God was healing the man’s heart. His wife was so overwhelmed.

I know this was a genuine healing and I can’t wait to hear the new doctor’s report and the testimony of that couple!

Mario then called out a man and a woman. The woman was healed in her spine, and healed of neurological pain and dizziness. He had her take a few steps forward and she confirmed all he had said. Then she began to move her body freely and without pain. She was able to move her arms, shoulder, neck, and legs. She was able to move without pain or difficulty.

Next Mario had her lay hands on the man, and he revealed that the man was supposed to have done something big for God, but that he had received a diagnosis of death. And Mario said the expiration date they put on him is now gone.

He said there were so many people being healed it was impossible to name them all. So he had them raise their hands and ask God to heal them. Suddenly a woman screamed out that she had felt the place where she’d had a lump, and that it was now gone!

Mario then had everyone sit down. He then pointed out a man with a heart condition who was being healed, and then revealed there were five men in that same section who also had heart conditions.

Then he highlighted one of the men in particular and revealed he was being healed of other things as well: diabetes, pain in the legs, and neuropathy of the feet. Mario said that the pain in the man’s feet was now gone, and the man began to walk and then run up and down the aisle, free of the pain.

Next he called for every person who was battling cancer to stand to their feet. And people stood up all over the Tent – so many people! He led everyone in a prayer over this healing.

It was such an incredible night and so powerful. I can’t wait to hear all the stories of those who have been healed that will come out of this meeting as people return to their doctors and have these miracles confirmed.

If you haven’t been able to attend I would encourage you to watch the video of the service on Mario’s Facebook page. It will truly encourage you.

Watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/mariomurilloministry/videos/1221842205152782

But if you can make it in person, I strongly urge you to do so. There are still two more nights, September 12th and 13th at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA, Gate 17, beginning at 6 PM. Parking is free, and there are plenty of seats.

It will transform your life!


  1. Kay Lee

    Thank you, Mario for your commitment for LA. Miracles after miracles, you have proved Jesus is alive. How I wish this can happen in church as you said. I have been in bondage 70 years of hurts, unforgiving, bitterness, rejection. Yes,
    I have been christian over 30 years. Still suffering from acid reflux, mouth and tong problems and sleep disorder from old age. Could you pray for me for repentance so I can be free tonight. Thank you again for your faith and commitment!
    God bless you a thousand fold.

  2. Billy Back

    Mario, I know you are very busy and probably don’t read many of these but I watched a you tube clip of you talking about arguing with God and ready to give up on San Francisco, and then Bob Dylan. Wonderful story.

    • Mario Murillo

      It really happened Billy. Life changing!- Mario

  3. Mikah

    Glory! We are about to see a greater move of Father Yhovah!
    He has scheduled the release of “The Truth of the Kingdom” and “The Journey Through Tribulation” for September 23, the day before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. I believe the date is significant.

  4. Sylvia Peterson

    Thank you Lord for Mario. What a powerful man of God. Bless him and keep him.

  5. Matthew Robert Payne

    It is so good to hear a good report. Thanks for exposing the false Trump prophets like Kat Kerr. That was brave of you!

  6. Ron Rupp

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful…keep going, don’t stop…HEis moving…break the back of the enemy in California, then move on..HE will make it possible to stay there…you may be surprised from whom it comes from to stay…stay till released..Shalom Shalom

  7. Vicky Stanley

    How wonderful and exciting!!! So far beyond anything of man!!! Only our God !!!!!!! He is so awesome!!!! Thank you for being an obedient servant to your Lord and God and King!! May God bless you far and beyond what you could ever imagine!! And He already has!!

  8. Patricia Stanton

    This is my second Revival volunteering! Once again Tears of Joy ! Watching people be healed! You just can’t help but cry when the Gods Glory Falls down over his people. Watching new Brothers & Sister’s coming into the Family of God 💜🕊

  9. Adelin Schauer

    I would love to be there but don’t travel anymore – at 91.
    I love to watch and see the great number of people saved and healed.
    What a joy it is!
    Truly we are in the third great awakening! PTL

  10. Joanne Villegas

    I will be waiting for you to put it on you tube because the Lord had me get off Facebook many years ago.

  11. Bev Lewey

    Praise God for this amazing report that I’ve been praying to hear! Very powerful message Mario! I will continue to support you in prayer for the remainder of this event, & praying for protection & strength for you & all the volunteers. Praise God for what He is doing!!

  12. Annaliesa Moberg

    I’d love to be there, but I can’t . My heart🥲❤️. But I will be watching. If God would heal me and let me know he’s with me, it would be life changing and absolutely amazing.

  13. Paul Choquette

    So exciting to read

  14. Judy Drury

    Wonderful!. I am looking forward to hearing Mario at Christ for the Nations .

  15. Joyce Miller

    I need healing in my body my
    Potassium,sugar and my heart ♥️ Thank you

  16. Janice Gapasin

    What an incredible night. I was there and I witnessed it in person.
    An incredible message of encouragement. The Word came forth with power. So Cal, get in your car and get unbusy and see this before it’s through. Praise God that you came to us to bring us hope & healing we desperately needed it.

  17. Benjamin Guerrero

    We are praying for the Services for healing of the soul. People will come to Jesus and find church to grow in.

  18. Charlie Bauer

    Yayyy God, for showing up and performing signs, wonders, and healings! Our God is merciful and gracious to the lost people of Los Ángeles. Thanks Mario and all the team members and volunteers for being available to do the works that are so needed in today’s culture!

  19. Donna Leveron

    Praise God! I love hearing how the Ho,y Spirit is moving in LA.

  20. Shanda Donahue

    Wow so awesome what God is doing. I’m in Indiana read your blogs. Please pray for me. I have heart issues and infection in my blood. Also my grandsons salvation. Thank you and God Bless

  21. Therese Bedard

    So beautiful to see all that our Lord Jesus Christ is doing in people’s lives. So happy to see so many surrendering their lives to Jesus. I wish that I could be there. Yet, a man of God was here in Ottawa and many were touched.

    Our Lord is working things out for the good and extending His mercy and love to some of us who are saved and did not stay faithful to Him. Many people are being touched by Him. What a great God, we serve!

    In as much as none of us like hard times, at times, it’s the only way to wake us up. Therefore, even troublesome times can work for the good of people. That is when we come at the end of ourselves and truly turn to God and give Him the honor and praise and thanksgiving which He deserves. Sad to say that is what it takes for some people to wake up. Yet, praise God that we did wake up.

    Thank You Jesus for your precious gift of salvation! May we forever be grateful and honor You as You deserve to be honored and praised! May we tell many of Your saving grace extended to all who would believe and receive Your free gift of salvation! We love You, Jesus and thank You.

  22. Karen

    Please pray for my hop, eyes and teeth to be healed totally in my Saviours Name
    I love my Jesus.
    Thank you.

  23. Karen


  24. Elizabeth Jones

    I am forwarding this on to All in my Inbox.
    Lord let the eyes of All be Opened. Amen!

  25. Be Skinner

    This is Awesome

  26. joanne martocci


  27. Molly Jennings

    All of heaven is singing and watching as each one gives their lives to Christ; through you and your ministry under the tent in each city in the US. What a glorious celebration! Thank you Mario for your obedience to Gods calling on you and Michelle, as well as your ministry team. All the Glory to God! Amen. Blessings to you now and forever! Blessings to all in Los Angeles tent who’s lives will never be the same, and welcome to the family of God my new brother’s and sister’s in Christ. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  28. Judy Page

    Our Father performing thru His Love, mercy and grace, salvations, and healings…making new, changing hearts, fulfilling promises!! How awesome to be in the presence of God!!

  29. Peggy & David Ajax

    Praise our God almighty…we continue to support God’s work through the whole team in the US, through our prayers as we are missionaries in Panamá

  30. Barbara James

    I am praying for another mighty move of God tonight 🙏 🙌. To GOD be all Glory and Praise 🙌🙏💖✝️

  31. Lorelei

    When I tried to go to the Facebook page it said the address was invalid??

  32. Laura Mcconnell

    Hope I can go to Winston Salem as my daughter is on Methadone and needs healing, My Mother has Heart Disease and is on Hospice and I have Female issues I can’t shake from my past life and also need healing . Only God Knows if we can be there Lord willing.

  33. Robert Benz

    Hallelujah! This is wonderful news!!!

  34. Marsha

    Praise God for His mighty work & power! Never ceases to amaze me

  35. Leticia

    Praise God.

  36. JC Adkins


  37. Pearl Dalton

    PTL 🙌 for sharing the good report. God is soo faithful 🙌 🙏

  38. Carolyn Smith

    I’m from Ky my name is Carolyn, I am 72 soon to be 73 years old . My husband has suffered for years with restless leg syndrome, neuropathy among others physical problems and I myself have had a breathing condition caused from multiple bouts with covid and type a flu , my husband and I are Christ Faith believers, I still have daily devotion but my husband (Larry) has gotten to a place with all the medication he’s on to help him his focus has been and hope seem to have gotten lost . Please remember us in your prayers, I know God can heal us both , would so desire to be in a Holy Ghost moving service but can’t be. God’s Spirit is moving everywhere and I know He is faithful 🙌 Just so desire to see my husband healed, deleted and back working for the Lord, he was a teacher of the word 🙏

  39. Sandra

    And again I prayed for a great revival and it is happening. People are fed up with government that wants them sick and dead! So glad you are following Christ to let people know that GOD loves them and wants them whole. His love is so good. He is so good. Gos bless you and your ministry and your volunteers. May HE bless you all!

  40. Bro Andrew

    I say “He’s Alive!!” PTL!! Head for the tent and be healed!

  41. Giselda Velasquez

    Thank you Heavenly Father for all the saved souls that gave their life’s to you during these past 2 nights and for all the physical healings that took place as well. Thank you Father for your son Mario Murillo and his ministry and for his obedience to do your perfect will in saving souls. I also thank you in advance for tonight’s service, September 13. We decree and declare that your Glory will be seen and heard off all over the State of California. Millions will come to know Christ and give their lives to Him, in Jrsus’s Name, we pray, Amen!!

  42. Sonya weakley

    To God be all the Glory. I pray His fire will go throughout the earth. …all at the same time and burn out all the evil. Thank God for Marios obedience to Him. God’s heart ❤️ beats Lost souls, lost souls, lost souls. Each one reach one in these end times. Time grows short as the darkness grows..BUT, His Light will shine brightly. To show the way to the cross.

  43. Angus McCreesh


  44. Jean

    When is the next time you will be having a meeting
    such as this one. My nephew just had a stroke and he only 52 years old. He teaches and now he cannot read. He was pushing himself to walk and get move-
    ment in his legs and hands. But he cannot read.
    I would like him to go to one of these meetings.

  45. Paul Rosenfeld

    Praise God!

  46. Jann Ley

    Brother Mario,

    Please teach the Lord’s people how to KEEP their healings.
    May the Glory of God fall even more powerfully and continually in all that you do IN HIM! 🕊️



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