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It is not because Woke is dangerous that we are silent. It is because we are silent that Woke is dangerous.

No one denies that America is declining. Inflation is at a 50-year high. Crime is beyond rampant in our streets. Our military superiority and our children’s education have been sacrificed at the altar of Wokeness. It gets even worse.

Public schools refuse to let us know the experiments they are subjecting our children to. Our southern border security has—by design—collapsed. Government and large corporations work together to censor opposing viewpoints. The Justice Department, the IRS, the federal courts, and the FBI are now the weapons of the Democrat Party.

We live in a world where the ruling regime works to make life obscenely luxurious for themselves while letting the masses sink in despair and misery. These are the conditions that in the past brought on revolutions.

Americans know the Left is clearly to blame. That is why it is so stunning that Republicans were unable to win a majority in the Senate and only able to win a slim majority in the House.

It is equally stunning how extreme the LGBTQ agenda got before there was a backlash. The Bud Light/Target backlash proved that massive, unified action is devastating to Woke corporations. But that only makes the situation that much more frustrating.

The Bud Light/Target backlash proved that massive, unified action is devastating to Woke corporations. But that only makes the situation that much more frustrating.

We could take away their power overnight—if only a specific group would speak out. There are 400,000 men and women who are protestant ministers in the United States.

We have a much more powerful weapon than a boycott at our immediate disposal. But, when I tell you what it is, many will tune me out. They certainly won’t share this blog. It has to do with our silence—a specific kind of silence.

There is a vast silence. But we are wrong about why there is silence. It is not because Woke is powerful that we are silent. It is because we are silent that Woke is so powerful.

We could take away their power overnight—if only a specific group would speak out. There are 400,000 men and women who are protestant ministers in the United States. They lead the largest voting bloc in America. Yet, the vast majority of them refuse to speak out on even the most incontrovertible and egregious acts of Woke.

I am not asking anyone to speak about conspiracy theories. I am saying that we must speak out against the direct persecution of the Christian faith and the wholesale upending of the Bill of Rights. I am talking about exposing the government plans to shut down the Church and ban the Gospel.

Yet, the vast majority of them refuse to speak out on even the most incontrovertible and egregious acts of Woke.

Meanwhile a sleeping giant remains asleep. 11 AM on Sunday morning is the most squandered moral opportunity in history. Millions sit passively as most preachers dance around the issues. They highlight problems that are not real issues for their people and ignore the actual crises in their lives. Believers are trying to live for God and raise kids in an enemy culture.

I say this with great reverence. Even if you as a pastor do not feel led to save America or comment on politics, shouldn’t you, at the very least, care for the hurts and attacks that assault your people on a daily basis?

If your congregation is suffering, why do you target fictional issues and ignore the real ones?

-A Christian teacher in your congregation just lost their job for refusing to use the “correct” pronoun.

There is a vast silence. But we are wrong about why there is silence. It is not because Woke is powerful that we are silent. It is because we are silent that Woke is so powerful.

Meanwhile a sleeping giant remains asleep. 11 AM on Sunday morning is the most squandered moral opportunity in history. Millions sit passively as most preachers dance around the issues.

-A believer in the Tech industry is fired for witnessing on social media.

-A Christian mom is at a school board meeting being heckled for defending her first grade child against LGBTQ textbooks. She looks around the room and her pastor is not there to support her.

-Youth in your church are targeted on campus for speaking out or wearing a Christian tee shirt. They need someone to talk to about it.

-The Associated Press just reported that the Davis School District north of Salt Lake City in Utah has banned the King James Version of the Bible for elementary and middle schools on the grounds that it contains verses that are too violent and sexually explicit for younger children. The Bible is too vulgar for children but bearded men in a sun dress is not? School districts have no problem forcing 5 year old kindergarteners to act out LGBTQ sexual positions, but they think that the KJV is worse than that?

-Transgender instruction is now mandatory for all students beginning in the third grade in California. No child is exempt. And the schools do not need to tell parents when their child will be instructed.

I understand that pastoring today is extremely difficult, but that’s no reason to let things get worse for your congregation. Believe me, I do understand those preachers who are still trying to figure out how to take a stand and speak out.

If your congregation is suffering, why do you target fictional issues and ignore the real ones?

But there are too many who are silent only in order to protect their positions. They skillfully spiritualize their silence. But nothing they say can hide the obvious: Christians are fighting against tyranny without the help of their pastor.

Now we must see what God thinks about your silence. We always quote Esther 4 where Mordecai warns Esther with…“If you remain silent.” But Isaiah 59 is much clearer and more devastating. Because it shows God’s anger toward silence and removes our excuse for silence.

Isaiah 59:14-16, “Justice is turned away backward, and righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God) stands far off; for truth has fallen in the street (the city’s forum), and uprightness cannot enter [the courts of justice].

“Yes, truth is lacking, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. And the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice.

For years the word ‘intercessor’ in this verse was understood to mean that God was angry because no one was praying. There are scriptures that say that, but this is not one of them. Here we see God saying, “Why is no one speaking out on behalf of truth and right.”

“And He saw that there was no man and wondered that there was no intercessor [no one to intervene on behalf of truth and right]; therefore, His own arm brought Him victory, and His own righteousness [having the Spirit without measure] sustained Him.”

For years the word ‘intercessor’ in this verse was understood to mean that God was angry because no one was praying. There are scriptures that say that, but this is not one of them. Here we see God saying, “Why is no one speaking out on behalf of truth and right.”

What will it take to cause these hundreds of thousands of preachers to wake up? A total catastrophic collapse of our nation? But that would be too late. Maybe it will take believers who are on fire leaving churches that refuse to speak out. If none of this works there is a chilling fact to consider: “Therefore, His own arm brought Him victory.”

God is going to save America. But it is sobering to think what He will allow us to go through in order to save it.

We can end the curse of Woke overnight if a tidal wave of unified voices will just speak out against evil and call for repentance. If men and women will just rebuke the madness. It is because of our silence that Woke is powerful.

A great evil has captivated California. While sincere and zealous, the church has not found an effective strategy to stop the flood of evil and tyranny. Is there any hope? Yes, because a new work of the Holy Spirit is breaking out.

That is why we want pastors and leaders to join us for an exciting brunch with Evangelist Mario Murillo on JULY 8th 2023, 10:00 am, at Victory Outreach Church, 11436 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710.

Mario will be sharing what God has revealed to him about LA and what the future holds for California.

The brunch is free but you must register.  Use this link now.








  1. Hott Mike

    I dont know how but we need special forces of apostles and tgeir helpers movibg into cities and communities winning souks and taking the gates by winning leaders to Jesus. True authority must follow them with signs and wonders winning leaders to the Lord. Obviously it must be directed and inspred by the Holy Spirit. What yoy do Mario is a good start in the right direction. Thank you.

    • Joyce Miller

      This is a very true words of wisdom!! God bless you Mario 💜💜

    • phil beatty

      AMEN & AMEN!!!!!!

  2. Helen Moohen

    Absolutely spot in wisdom and discernment

  3. LeNora Bryant

    Standing up.
    Having done all, stand.
    Are we?
    Am I?
    If MY people…..

    • Donna Fisk

      Thank you for not giving up,so many, even me, need to know, God Almighty is in charge still,so many need to know government leaders are not our savior I pray for strength, directions from The Holy Spirit


      Fully agree.
      One thing companies that support wokness be banned.

      Pray for confusion into this camp.

      Fear of the Lord is coming and persecution is here already. The Lord be magnified.
      Jesus died for our sins and healing. Time to take a stand.

  4. Buddy Ray


  5. Isaias

    Thank You, Brother Mario for having great courage and, standing against the ” Workers of Iniquity” Psalms 94:16. The most destructive plague worst than the bubonic plague. Is called SIN… it rots the core of man and brings death and destruction at the end resulting in separation from GOD.

  6. Patricia

    You are 100% correct.

  7. Lisa Kurimski

    I’ve been praying for God’s people to stand up. If we don’t, God will. We better be prepared if He steps in to do what we won’t. Well written, we’ll said! God bless you all & God help us all! Some battles we must fight & they are worth fighting for!

    • Donna Fisk


  8. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!

    I have been saying sharing about Salt and Light and sharing Edmond Burke’s quote for literally decades.

    But, been relegated to pew warmer or “encouraged” to leave.

    I remember a day when I had a pastor that would have visited me in Jail if arrested for street preaching. Now it is understood that the laity is entirely on their own only good for their tithes, offerings and attendance statistics.

  9. Diana Marquez

    Amen brother Mario! I recently shared with a highly influential person that I felt if the nations appointed Sherperds would gather together in unity at our nation’s capital and together be Obedient to 2 Chronicles 7, “if my people who are called by my name…”. God would honor the humility and move on our behalf. My words fell on deaf ears. Who will rally up these Pastors , who have been called to lead before God but are disobeying his commandments? I don’t have a National platform, not even a local one. God will have mercy on his remnant just like the word quote in Isaiah. To God be the glory!

  10. Workman MaryAnn

    I would love to pray for the crusade in Colorado. I won’t make it, but I was in Ocala, Fl and it was powerful.

  11. Kenneth Shelton

    Yes I believe the church, in part, part of His bride is a sleep because they lack the training to fight battles. This is not a new issue as people like E.W. Kenyon, William Branham, any many other fire runners further back than 100-years have been contending against. And sure why not right? I mean we teach that we should invite everyone to church all the while no one is discerning what is walking in the door. I cannot find anywhere where the bible states we should be inviting the non-believer to our training facilities we call the church. This might sound aggressive but in truth the church is a training center designed to equip the saints for the work of ministry all the while we are disciples making disciples that last. Yes last when why? When right now. In these days we are to stand and be found standing and yet this is impossible as long as the church continue to hands out the crutches of excuses for why we cannot spend any time preparing the bride for battle. It is time for the Joel Ch 2 arm to rise up, for the bride to make herself ready as Jesus deserves a suitable helper. I just launched my podcast Deep Waters through Applied Strengths Ministry in hopes to stir the hearts of the saints to get out of their chair and run for God as if it mattered. Thanks for your post and for exhorting us to move and to participate in a dying world.

  12. Cheryl Jones

    Thank you for writing this. It is rare, as you say above, that Christian leadership will address these issues, leaving the sheep on their own to deal with them. I’ve considered the question a lot. One reason I believe this condition exists is because of the prevailing eschatalogical belief. “Why should I fight when I’m going to take flight”? However, Jesus said, “Occupy till I come.” Another is the lie of “separation of church and state”. “Our Constitution was meant only for a moral and religious people….” (John Adams) The phrase separation of church and state was to protect the church…”the legitimate powers of government reach actions only & not opinions” (Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists). Years ago, a Presbyterian theologian and pastor, Francis Schaeffer, said that Jesus was “Lord of all of life, not just religious life.” That would include the marketplace and government. Our founding fathers certainly believed that Christians should be involved in governance. The church has been deceived on the difference between justice and social justice. You don’t want social justice, that is justice that is co-opted by communism. Because the church won’t lay the ax to the root of satan’s takeover of the social order, the globalist/satanic system spits out drug addicts, alcholics, pimps, murderers, thieves, riots, all sorts of social ills and HAARP creating natural disasters. I’m not against works of charity, Jesus says to help the poor, but there needs to also be the laying the ax to the root of what causes all this. When they built the wall, with one hand they did the work and the with other hand they held a sword (Nehemiah 4:17). The globalists don’t mind churches coming in with soup kitchens and other works of charity to mop up the chaos globalists have created. It saves the globalists the time and bother and their money. The globalists don’t mind the preaching of a prosperity gospel. But if you preach against sin and expose what they are doing, that is the sin in their eyes. The Catholics overall recognize this problem and are resisting it in a more vocal manner. Archbishop Vigano is a worldwide leader who is calling for all people to resist the agenda. He is highly educated in this. But because of the Catholic/Protestant split from the Reformation, it seems Protestants ignore him. Catholics overall are more educated; Archbishop Fulton Sheen who preceded in time Archbishop Viganor, warned of the dangers of communism. C.S. Lewis warned of what we are seeing today in the book, The Abolition of Man. Matt Walsh’s (Catholic) recent success with “What is a woman” shows how hungry people are for moral leadership to address these issues in an educated fashion. As of June 3, there were 177 million views on Twitter (‘Incredible’: Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is a Woman?’, lifesitenews). Christians need to vote against satanism, transgenderism, and wokeness with how and where they shop and stop spending dollars for corporations that push non-biblical worldviews. However, again, if the focus is on “why should I fight if I’m going to take flight” there may be no urgency to resist a corrupt culture.

    • Charles T. Finney

      So many churches are teaching that people will fly away tomorrow if they just keep their mouths shut, pay their tithes and sit quietly until they “fly away”. All this foolishness taught from what a 13 year old girl thought she seen in a trance, (and satan destroyed the church with this one) . May God forgive us and help us to stand up and speak the truth, not some theory from a 13 year old kid.

    • Jearell Kelley


      I’m visiting different churches every week and giving away business cards. One side has “Questions for Ministers & Christians Under Categories at” and then under that. On the other side is: “See Also: Censored Science on God’s Existence . . . . . Supernatural Evidence. If the pastors are not going to wake people up, then those who are awake MUST!

      Pass the Word….

    • Donna Fisk


  13. Pearl Dalton

    You are right on Mario.I have visited serval churches and the devastating effects in America are not being mentioned 😢 💔
    My church is you,Lance and Flashpoint.

  14. Laura Dominick

    Amen. My heart is breaking because of the evil that has overtaken this nation and the entire world. I pray that your call to pastors will be heard and acted upon for the glory of the Lord Jesus. And may every Christian speak out against this evil and support those who are fighting against it. May the Lord bless you, Mario.

    • JPAKDC

      Greetings and God’s Will be acknowledged… acted upon ayn’ let the ReViVaL soar… If you can not rattle the church…
      Go To the Divine One on One..❗️Go to God DirectlY… start a “Divine Fire” that eviLL can not quell❗️ Step out in Faith and speak God’s Living Truths that “Will Come TrulY To Pass❗️🔥Speak/Proclaim God’s Words❗️🔥❗️So many people of all age groups Are looking/ seeking for answers to thwarT that diabolical, disingenuous, flatulence that harkens eViLL’s footholds upon the of hearts and minds….. hands and feet of all age groups❗️⚡️In these times❗️ ‘OuR ‘Weapon of Choice’ is Prayer;
      PERIOD… We are all sons and daughters of the ‘Living God, GrasP the ‘Real RealitY’ that God has You here for a Divine Reason…. AppointmenT.You all have been, are and will continue to be anointed to fulfill your Life’s ‘Divine Purpose’s Callings.. If you ask, seek and knock❗️⚡️❗️You call upon God and stand in Faith…..a Living Faith…. hold onto your sneakers❗️✝️❗️God is looking for those (( all of us)) to stand up and speak up and ouT❗️💥God will Move On ThaT divinely so❗️🌟I can say this in complete confidence’s Faith… a “Living Faith” Jesus said that when two or more are gathered in agreement He is with us. He also spoke several times concerning” The Power Of Faith..”❗️“If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can do what was done to the fig tree.
      He also said if you have faith and no doubt, you can raise up that mountain and cast it into the sea and it will be done.❗️If you have faith and no doubts, what ever you pray for and believe , you will receive it❗️Jesus also said what I have done you can do so also if you believe❗️The Power of the Spoken Word sets so much activities in motion.. Was it not God’s Word that created galaxies…..
      Our Words Carry God’s Will Be Done❗️✝️❗️Don’t Wait for the Church, Government… etc… you trulY can fill in the blanks…NOW❗️💥 etc….Don’T wait❗️🌟 M⚡️O⚡️V⚡️E🌟..before you ACT…. Walk in Faith, Ask God continuously for His Divine Intervention to helP you….. You want to see a revivaL…. You want to see Miracles….. you want to ignite other’s innate divine kinship to rallY beyond our wildest expectation’s imaginations… to brinG about God’s Plans❗️
      We’ve all heard that we are all waiting for God’s Movements but God is Waiting for America to rise uP… wise uP and in so doing this innate stature to stand tall will trulY ignite divine guidance, insights, Miracles and God’s Grace and Blessings…
      God Bless America❗️🔥
      CarrY on❗️✝️❗️

      • Virginia Drastata

        Praise the Lord for those who will take God serious!!! God is looking for a people who will fight the good fight of faith for He who has called you will equip you for the calling. Don’t wait for pastors to rise up. We are all called by God for such a time as this as we live in the now and are given His precious promises. Therefore STAND and speak what Holy Spirit gives you . Don’t be hushed, don’t be timid, walk in faith with the one who has called you and do the work He has called us to. Lord thank You for the life You have given us, and may we all shine Your Light of love and trueth to the nations , and constantly listen for Your direction . Thank You Lord for all that will trust you and we can walk together with our armour on because You have given us everything we need to battle. Praise the Liveing and True God. Amen and amen111

  15. Judy Page

    You are spot on!! If everyone who calls themselves a born again Christian would speak up and use their voting power and boycott…we could beat this devil up!’

    • Michele

      Hey Mario,
      I am standing and will continue to be against what God hates.. we need an outpouring and a move of the Holy Spirit like never before. There is so much deception and places that we use to call safe are no longer. I spoke with you in Dallas last year about coming to Louisiana. Do you have plans to bring Fire and Glory here?

  16. Fred Bowen-Smith

    MARIO, as in the days of Bonhoeffer. The church fails its people due to its need for money. For the failure of our leadership that has allowed the government to threaten their free speech.

    Blessed and thankful for all you do!

  17. Ethyanne Andres

    Thank you Mario, I pray I am doing my part. I will be away this week. I pray my husband and I are able to attend someday soon. I live in San Diego.

  18. Rev. Vincent Gulino

    Dear Bro Mario
    Thank you again for sharing the truth. God gave the believer all they need to change things. Yet we are silent. We need to speak to the mountains that we face. We are not grasshoppers, but children of the most high God and joint heirs with Christ therefore it is time for us to stand up and be all that God says we are. It is time to run Satan off in Jesus name. Blessings to you and all you are doing.

  19. Cheryl

    So true. I am so blessed to have a pastor who is not afraid to speak the truth every week. I pray the other pastors wake up or the people bail out. This nation is in peril and it’s past time. We cannot let the harvest rot on the vine because we are asleep in our pew.

  20. Karen Secrest

    The Lord is saying a :shaking: like we have.never seen before is coming. Just as the Nazi tried to shut down churches, prevent more than 10 to gather, have all material from the pulpit reviewed so now we Will see massive food riots in NYC and in Boston. In California none in a million dollar home will be safe as the crowds want shelter from Norh Koreas bombs coming in all around.
    Behold your K8ng …

  21. Richard T Williams

    Praise God. Thank you for telling the truth. God bless you.

  22. Eric

    First, the words “woke”, “democrat”, “liberal”, etc… are just rephrasing of what God calls evil.

    Second, Church Incorporated is a construct of the devil. Pastors in America have been largely compromised, whether they know it or not. Have any of you watched “Star Wars”? Church Incorporated is similar to the Clone Army. For years the Jedi thought the Clone Army was there to help them. In reality, Darth Sidius (the Emperor) created the Clone Army to gain control over the galaxy by starting a proxy war and then ultimately destroy the Jedi. Likewise, the devil is using Church Incorporated to destroy Christians. Christians have been lulled into many proxy wars. However, the devil only has one objective in mind, the destruction of the church.

    Thank goodness, unlike Star Wars, we Christians have the God of the Universe. We have Christ. The devil and his constructs are in no way, shape, or form a match for God. Christians need to walk out the back door of Church Incorporated. We need to switch back to Christ as our head. We need to turn lives to Christ. To pastors, trust that God will provide your needs.

    • Shauna Leonard

      Amen and Amen! I didn’t even see that star wars but I am tracking with all you just shared!


  23. Eric Moon

    I’ve been saying this for years now. WHERE’S THE PASTORS AND THEIR CONGREGATION? No shows at the pulpits, no no shows at the schoolboards, no shows at the town Halls, no shows at pride events, etc…… silence is deadly and is literally destroying us, especially the children. God help us!

  24. Will Ruppelt

    Tell it like it is, Mario. We need to be “wacked up side the head” in order to wake.

  25. stephen gullixson

    right on mario,right on

  26. Gail

    Thank you Mario. So true!! Praying on what to do.

  27. Armando George Samora

    Evangelist Mario Murillo I love your blogs & preaching.
    I always speak out against the demonic agendas being push by the this Fraud administration, Woke culture & the alphabet mafia of LGTBQ that our destroying our nation & society. I would love to meet you one day. I pray & hope that I can make the pastors conference in San Diego California or the Conference in Colorado.
    God bless you & love you sir.

  28. Pat

    Thank you, Mario, for your bold words and warning to pastors to speak up. I recently left the church I was attending because the pastor will not say a word about what is going on in our nation. I have met with him twice and sent him the book “Letter to the American Church” by Eric Metaxas. It is not easy to find a church in my area where the pastor is speaking out. I do pray for pastors everywhere to be courageous and tell their people what is happening to America from a Biblical worldview. Sometimes it makes me angry and I have to guard my heart and not be bitter.

  29. RAFO

    Unfortunately our minister doesn’t speak out on current issues facing us on a daily basis, but rehashes old sermons and teachings he went through years ago… I still have my Bible marked from the last time we went through a particular book!

    He works a full time job on the side, so this is much easier for him than to come up with fresh and relevant teachings. We’ve been to several churches… most are like this. The other type is a rock concert with the “skinny jeans, big screens and fog machines”, which we can’t stand. We’re a people without a decent place to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth with fresh teachings and really worshipful music. Where have all the God fearing true ministers gone?? God help us.

  30. Teresa M Cawthon

    Yeah Mario!! Don’t stop the strong messages. We pray for you and the team. Also praying for wisdom and strategies for schools and the political arena. Grandparents doing prayer walks arround the school’s might be a good start.

  31. Joan Carlson

    So powerful!!!

  32. Mikki Costner

    I agree wholeheartedly!! How wonderfully stated!!!!! I have a small intercessory prayer group in my home, and I am very, very anxious to share this info, and pass it on!!
    Just as your book (Vessels of Fire and Glory) spoke to me so explicitly — so does this blog!!!!!! Thank you Thank you. Please continue!!. ( I am 80 years old., and have no intentions of stopping my group!!)

  33. Deborah Williams

    Looking around and listening to pastors online or just reading the title of their messages, Fear is what is causing this silence, as well as not walking in the real presence of God. There is a lot of mental ascent to the scriptures and that prompts these sermons a lot of times. People hold the position of pastor as a job, not a life consuming passion. People are trained to religiously attend Sunday, tithe, and possibly pray. Real discipling of people is very hard to find, brother Lawrence’s book on practicing the presence, should be taught and lived out. What does God say about the coward, holy Spirit gives us strength of character if you learn to let Him. So much more to say, read the Word for Jesus to instruct and be THE MODEL of how to live in oppressive times. LOVE your neighbor does mean speaking against evil where you find it.

  34. Joanna White

    I stand with you my brother in Christ!!

  35. Robin Yarnell

    Mario, I hope you read this. I’m from the Bay Area and came to know Jesus in 1971 during the Jesus Movement, or move of the Holy Spirit. We moved to Utah 10 years ago, and I realize there is a spiritual stronghold in this state due to the lie of Joseph Smith. I’m having a hard time finding a church where I am in Ogden. It looks like Victory Outreach is in Salt Lake which is a bit far and expensive since gas is so high. I need fellowship! Are you coming to Utah? People are hungry for truth, and the REAL Jesus. I hope you’ll pray about coming here. I’m glad my son and I got to meet you and your beautiful wife in Northern CA in 2010. I pray for you and Mechelle.

  36. Karen Sorenson

    Agree, wholeheartedly, Mario! We have been searching for a Pastor in Southern Idaho that will speak up and do something!
    It took a Pastor, from Jack Hibb’s church, in California, to come to Idaho and start a church! This new start is packed with 3 services and people are gathering to speak up in the community. God bless you and all who speak the truth in love!!!

  37. Marie Bury

    Thank you Brother Mario. You are one of the few that are not afraid to speak truth through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  38. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, I am overwhelmed by all I see going on…..There is so much I want to say, but I can’t write it here. You warned us before the beginning of the year about what America would face in 2023…It just keeps coming, and still people are have a jolly old time…, beer and hard liquor are daily rountines….teenagers are living so wild and loose….It Breaks my heart….

    Parents and grandparents—at least those parents who are still together—are just concerned about their children attending the best university and marrying into the most UPPER CRUST FAMILIES….


    I cry and pray and wonder what is coming next….How can anyone be so blinded with everything that is going on—-But I know—they are bound bythe enemy of our souls…….

    I cry and pray and hold on to JESUS….I continue to pray for America…I am limited in what I can do now.

  39. Edward Karl Schenk

    Mario, How many Pastors in 1938 Germany spoke up? Is it not the same now?
    It’s not the person.
    It’s what’s behind the person
    It’s not the situation
    It’s what’s behind the situation

    • Laurie Van Wyckhouse

      …True! So sad…!

  40. George

    Regardless of how many who choose not to hear…”Let him that hears….RUN…”. And to him that hears will MORE be given !
    Godspeed in these perilous times.
    He who called us is FAITHFUL!

  41. Dwayne Desmarais

    Blessings to you Mario…It does no good to sit here and write how spot on you are, and then slink back into “Church as usual” (Heb. 10: 37-38)You have been rubbing the paddles of a defibrillator together for years yelling **CLEAR** yet the heart of the Church (as a whole) has been basically flatline…

    In a dream I was told by an angel to teach on the book of Jeremiah. When I asked in what context, I was given a vision in the dream of a human heart on a life support system. Above, in bold black letters were the words **MATTERS OF THE HEART** For 51 chapters, Jeremiah pleaded with the heart of the people to come back to their first love, before chapter 52 happened…

    America and the Church are in chapter 51…are we going to gear up for the “destroyer” or stand and battle for the souls of the lost (many within the Church) I have been ignored also with the truth of what is coming. It will be a fire that will glorify or burn, and we will soon be shown which side of the flames we will be on!

    A well know accurate prophetic pastor (who I will not name (do not know if I can) once said

    ***a time is coming, where those who are in leadership now, who do not turn and do what the Father asks of them, will have their candlesticks removed, and others who will be obedient will take their place**

    We are on the cusp of that very prophetic word. I have sat under many in leadership who have been guilty of this : ***They dress the wound of my people as if it were not serious. “Peace, peace’, they say, when there is no peace*** (Jer. 6:14) The Church as a whole have silenced the true messengers and ***gathered for themselves teachers who will tell them what their itching ears want to hear*** (2Tim. 4:3-4)

    Lance once said: **Whatever you you follow on the way up the mountain, will control you at the top** Yes, many in leadership have balked at talking on the issues, but in many congregations, it is those waving their checkbooks that often dictate what is and is not “gospel truth” (I was in a few congregations where the “pocketbook” did the talking)

    Where are the truth seekers? Where are those willing to pay the price to see righteousness and justice back within the walls of the Church, in government, in our schools and in our cities and towns? Money in the bank…food in the cupboards…beer in the fridge…favorite show on TV tonight…life is good!

    I shaved all my hair so I could not pull it out and duct taped my head so it wouldn’t explode!! I truly believe ***There are more who are with us, than are with them*** (2 Kings 6: 16-18) problem is (as you stated) waking the sleeping giant. WWII awakened a sleeping giant…pray it will not take WWIII to awaken this giant! I pray there are many, many who say: ***I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint*** (Hab. 2:1)

    May Ruach Elohim breathe on you, your family and your ministry…..Dwayne…..><(("<

    • S. Leonard

      What a beautiful and powerful word from the Lord! I am still praying and soaking it in. Thank you for being obedient to share it.

      • Laurie Van Wyckhouse

        Well said! I watched Satan do two things to our culture over the past 20 years or so. He trained our society in denial and then put velvet gags over our mouths to train us not to say what we see. Truth can hardly be found in America! Pray for the Church!

  42. Shanda Donahue

    Thank you for standing strong unashamed. Praying Pastors will wake up

  43. John Segars

    God bless you. I’m so glad someone has the courage to say this.

  44. Sandra

    I agree even my own family want to silence me but I read the King James Bible (and study it) Dakes! Love Love Love the word, though frightening at times with what is coming. We have power over the enemy and I will not be silent and even declare it in my front yard! All these clem trails they spew out daily which is altering our climate and causing flowers in trees that bloom in winter to bloom in summer! Man is not God and never will be! All the money in the world will not make him a god!! If they do not repent and change greater will be their punishment! GOD is an awesome GOD and I fear HIS wrath! Why do people refuse to read the WORD?9

  45. Velda

    I truly agree with Mario’s blog. I do pray that the churches wake up before it’s too late.. I do pray that the Lord will convict all of our hearts to be strong and courageous in speaking out.

  46. Victoria Ferris

    When I was VERY young, 5ish, I heard my neighbor friend singing “Onward Christian Soldiers”! It was most beautiful song I’d ever heard!! Sadly, this friend never came to the Lord… But I believe this song is message sent to me way back then, when I was so proud of America, and NOW is the time we soldiers come together! ONWARD!! TIME TO MARCH !!

  47. Doug Sargent


  48. Katie

    Mario, what do you mean by “America will be saved”? I hear that from others (Dutch Sheets for one). But what will that look like? Does that mean billions will come to faith in Christ? Or does it mean that our country will be restored to a free and Godly nation? Thanks in advance for your clarification. I truly want to know. I’m trying not to be fearful but the unknown is bothering me.

    • Mario Murillo

      It can mean all of what you said but at the very least I know that those who are trying to destroy America will fail.

  49. Russell Bowman

    As a Vietnam era vet, I would like to submit this video on behalf of our fallen men and women for the sake of our nation, that this Memorial day, we can claim something special for our nation, and as Abraham pled for Lot’s family, we can plead for our nation. Let this short video explain this.

  50. Terry Haight

    As usual Mario, you are exactly over the target. You hit the nail square on the head. I believe it’s going to take the Day of The Lords Vengeance to rip all manner of evil from Gods green earth.

  51. susan Treide

    Mario- I am SO very thankful that even here in dark Massachusetts, we attend a church whose pastor is not afraid to speak the Truth about all the evil cultural issues. He says it like it is, weaving the gospel throughout, always pointing to Jesus as the answer. Each week dozens of people are saved & baptisms are almost weekly also. The pastor was on to ‘woke’ before it was even a word. Keep on proclaiming truth Mario.

    • Laurie Van Wyckhouse

      Wow…he sounds like an eagle among chickens! God has His remnant in the dark places. Your church is being prepared for the onslaught of people who will suddenly seek Him. It will take all of you to be ministering alongside of your Pastor.

  52. Zack

    Coming out of California:
    Yes, great word.
    Speaking up is important, and action is important. We can turn this around if we Unite.
    Boycott. Form organization amongst our ranks, select grassroots leaders to make solutions.
    Voting won’t do anything at this point.
    Yes, vote as a secondary but begin making real world solutions.

  53. Nick Trudell

    Amen Mario, yes Pastors must speak up about all the evil that is going on in our country! You have the mic.

  54. Cheryl Studabaker

    1000% correct. We left a church due to the pastor not speaking up and found us a fabulous church where the pastor does speak boldly and his church is growing so fast they need to add services.

    • Laurie Van Wyckhouse

      Praise God!

      • Shauna Laird

        Have a brother and husband wife Have gotten caught up in this teaching would like to hear what your spirit tells you I kinda thought anyone connected to the United Nations was a red flag

  55. Dan S

    I left a church several months ago because all that was taught was a lot of fluff.I recently told a christian friend that christians are going to have to stand up since a large part of the pastors are failing us.

  56. Laurie Van Wyckhouse

    Well done, Mario! What you wrote about is a disease in our churches today. I left my church for the same reason, and God led me to a gem! This new church is even willing to pray healing over its people. (I know; what a concept.)

  57. KI4b

    147203 934975I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for posting . 450647


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