Fire and Glory Fell on the Final Night in Ocala

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Fire and Glory Tour, Florida, Mario Murillo Ministries | 65 comments

The final night in Ocala, FL was as powerful as the previous nights. The power and glory of the Lord was present right up until the last moment!

Once more Catherine and her band took the stage and instantly brought down heaven. The people crowded the stage and joined in worshiping God. As incredible as the worship was each of the previous nights, Catherine took it to another level tonight. It definitely prepared the arena and the people for what God wanted to accomplish.

Lance took the stage and led the people in a great shout unto God. Then he began to talk about how the prior nights had been leading to this moment, and now God was going to take us to the other side.

He said we’ve been praying for a great awakening and then told them to look around because the awakening is in the midst of them, and that they are the awakening as their spirits are on fire and they are open to hear the words God has been speaking.

He talked about the things that are going on in America at the moment, in particular the banking crisis and the threat of Donald Trump’s arrest. And said how they would normally frustrate him because they are purely politically motivated. But instead, we were here in these meetings and the lesson in it is this, “What gets your attention, gets you.”

He said we want to be apprehended not by what is going on in the world out there, but be what is going on in the Spirit here and now. He prophesied the word of Lord to be, “Do not fear what others fear.” He said the only thing we need to know about what is going on is, “the Devil is bad and is trying to destroy the United States, and God is good and has a plan. The Devil doesn’t know it, God hasn’t revealed it, but you are a part of it.”

He then taught on giving. In particular he brought up Judas Iscariot and that the only failing recorded in scripture is that he was stealing from the money bag. God says that people who do not obey Me in finances, cannot see Me in the Spirit. The way you handle money, or the currency in your pocket, is the way you’ll handle the currency of divine revelation. Judas failed the finance test, therefore he couldn’t see the revelation that was right in front of him.

Once Lance concluded his teaching and took the offering, Catherine and her team sang our anthem, “I Speak Jesus,” as Mario took the stage. He transitioned the people with a great shout of praise. All over that building people shouted out praise to God.

He revealed how the presence of God was so strong that miracles were already breaking out. He said what we were going to do is to obey God. In the modern era, the great problem of the American church is that when the Spirit of God begins to move, they don’t know what to do. So, in their lack of knowledge, they stop it.

He declared to the devil that tonight was the night the Church was not going to stop it. And that we were going to let the Spirit of God flow in power. The people shouted and praised again.

He then asked for anyone who needed healing to put their hand in the air. All around the arena hands went up, hundreds of them. Then he said for everyone around them to lay hands on those near them with hands raised.

Mario said that in 50 years of ministry he has never seen this kind of praying where a miracle did not happen. So, it would be impossible for a miracle not to happen. That someone, actually many, would receive a miracle.

He had the people pray. As Mario prayed and called out many miracles that God was pouring out throughout the room, it was such a powerful moment of God’s presence and power that you could feel it thick in the room. He then had them pray in tongues over one another. People were laid out and weeping. People were being healed all over that room.

Next, Mario began his message and talked about how this day was a potentially challenging day, citing the attempted indictment of President Trump and China and Russia joining forces. It makes for a very dark time, but he said, “God is greater than the headlines.” And a shout went up all over the room.

Mario quoted from Psalm 40 where David said, “I have not withheld your mighty acts from the great congregation.” He then said for anyone who was healed during the prayer at the beginning, to stand and give God the glory. Several hundred people all around the room stood to their feet and a mighty roar of victory filled the arena.

Mario then spoke about how the Holy Spirit had told him to write the mission statement for Mario Murillo Ministries. And his first attempt was three pages. The Holy Spirit kept telling him to cut it down until it got down to the following sentence, “To preach the gospel to this generation with ever increasing effectiveness.”

He said Billy Graham’s effectiveness was because he labored on what not to say. And to only say what God told him to say. His sermons were not constructed to impress the people, but to have the words the Holy Spirit could use. It didn’t need to be eloquent or profound, but the words must be words the Holy Spirit will use.

He shared about a time when he was invited to preach at a New Age convention in Sedona, AZ. And how he preached the Gospel, after removing everything he wasn’t supposed to say, saying everything he was supposed to say. And disregarding the audience reaction. When the person on the front row who began to shake, sob and break, was the woman who had organized the entire event. It was evident it was the genuine conviction of the Holy Spirit.

We cannot be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God. He said the next great miracle in the body of Christ is to end our apology tour. That we have the right to raise our voice and speak out.

This is not some message that was simply made up in the mind of man. It was born of heaven and bought by the blood of Christ. It is what caused death to subside and Christ to rise up from the grave.

Mario declared he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ because nothing will heal a marriage like it, nothing will rid racism like it, nothing will break addiction in a body like it. It is the power of the Gospel of Christ. This IS the message.

He said, if we are silent, we are offering a false cure and just loading people down with guilt.

He mentioned the Watergate scandal and shared how when indicted, they all folded and confessed their guilt. One of the men, Chuck Colson said that it didn’t take but seven days before all of the principal people involved folded like a house of cards. But in contrast, even at the point of death, Jesus’ disciples never denied the power of the Gospel.

Mario talked about the one confession in legal language that is considered infallible, and that is the deathbed confession. Because at that moment there is no reason to lie. And yet the disciples, when facing death, continued to declare the truth of the Gospel. Terrible torment could not cause them to deny the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They could not deny it because it is real!

He said if we, the church, truly knew what this meant, we would never fear what anybody thought of us when we shared it. Forget about the world believing in the Gospel, we’ve got to get the Church to believe in the Gospel. If we are embarrassed by John 3:16, how do we expect the atheist to ever become born again?

If we are ashamed of the Bible being the inerrant Word of God, how are we ever going to win these young people. They don’t need to see a silly church, like pastors inviting perverse relationships, denying the Word of God, and telling us that there is something better than the Gospel. That is foolishness! There is nothing better than the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

He said, we can blame the problems in America on Biden, or Kamala, or whoever we want. But the real culprit is that the Church stopped preaching the Gospel. We stopped preaching the best message mankind ever heard.

Mario shared the story from John 4 where Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well. And Jesus asked her for water. She asked why Jesus had asked her, since Samaritans have no dealings with Jews. Jesus responded with, “If you knew the Gift…” That is what has happened to the Church! When we forgot what the gift of the Gospel is, we stopped winning souls.

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, “If you knew the Gift, you would have asked and received living water, which is the Gospel.

After sharing a bit more, Mario then asked the people to bow their heads and begin to speak to those in the room that needed Christ. Those who, if they knew the great Gift that is available, would desperately pursue it.

He challenged their hearts, and the Holy Spirit began to convict many hearts. When Mario asked for those who wanted Christ to raise their hands, hands went up all over the room.

And once again when asked to come forward, the front of the room was packed full of people. So many were hungry and desperate for the Gift that no other person or thing can provide. The gift that only comes through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The gift that will instantly transform a soul from death back to life.

It was such a beautiful sight to behold as Mario prayed with them and then sent them out to be ministered to.

Then Lance came back to the stage and called up all the pastors to come to the front of the room and there were as many pastors who came forward as had been there at the altar call.

Lance challenged them to take up the charge. To take what the Holy Spirit had been saying all week, stirring up their spirits to good work, to go out and preach the Gospel. To stop letting the enemy win, and instead to destroy his works with the Works of the Gospel.

The goal was to turn the work over to the pastors to take up the mantel and do the work in their churches and communities. He continued to challenge and speak into their lives. Then, together Lance and Mario prayed over them.

The night closed out with another time of worship with Catherine and her team. The power of God in that room was thick and strong. People were taking on the challenge to do the work of the Gospel.

That has to be the result. The church of America must rise up and take back our nation in the name of Jesus and through His Gospel message.

This meeting has come to end but the work is only just beginning. If you were not able to attend the meetings in person, I encourage you to go back and watch the replay of the streams for each session on the Mario Murillo Ministries Facebook page. You will be both blessed and challenged by the Holy Spirit of God!

And if you can, I encourage you to make it to one or more of the future meetings. Whether simply to attend, or to volunteer to help work, it will be transformative event in your spiritual walk. And please bring people with you, people who need the Gospel of Jesus Christ

It has been so exciting to see what God has done in these meetings! I can’t wait to see what He does next!


  1. Steve Rutledge

    How wonderful the power and presence of Jesus when He is lifted up and proclaimed which results in heavens increase of folks added to The Kingdom.
    The Word of Hope preached with signs that confirm it.
    All.Glory and Honor to Hesus alone.

    • Jean Florin

      Amen! God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and Holy Spirit were so powerful. Every service (5 total) were Holy Spirit power packed. Catherine Mullins and her worship team are so magnificent, I am still wondering how she dances around offering true praise to the Lord, as thr worship leader. Everyone was on fire for God!. I have never seen anything like her, and her husband, one the band members was on the keyboard, with the rest of their team. Just out of this world. Mario and Lance swapped off with two guest speakers. Just brilliant. You can watch all of them on Facebook and be hit with the power of God even though it is over.

  2. Suzette van Rooyen

    Thank God for your uncompromising message that you share. How I wish you could come to South Africa!

    • Wendy H

      It was powerful in person and on livestream. Thankful for the anointing of the Holy Spirit and his obedient, faithful servants.

    • Deborah Mondon

      It was a joy to be Worshipping our SAVIOUR in an arena with so many Brothers and Sisters also lifting one another in prayer for healing and deliverence. Very touching…and honoring to God. His Presence was so full…tender and Merciful. His Children seeking Him above all, fully expecting the Holy Spirit to fall upon us, and He did!! Thank you, Jeannie from Arkansas, who prayed for my son Matthew! God is Delivering and healing him!!!

  3. Christine Thwaites

    I’m praising God for all that He is doing in your tent meetings for the salvation of America. Please God do it here in the UK.
    Abundant blessings Mario, Lance and all taking part in this ministry.

  4. Cheryl Myren

    Praise God. Very excited to see what the Holy Soirit is doing in Ocala, as Pastor Dennis and I feel led to start a church there. This is our true heart that the church rise up in this hour and begin to allow God to break every yoke of bondage to set the captives free. To allow the Spirit of worship to move in the church so that people can be made whole, healed saved, and set free. We love you both and believe for miracles, healing, and salvation to grow and increase as you both minister together.Looking forward to you both returning to Ocala. We will be there at the end of April.

  5. Mark Orsi

    Dearest Mario, I had reached out to you about coming to northeastern Dupage county some months ago. I have since moved to southern Cook county. WE NEED YOU HERE PLEASE. We need the Holy Spirit to descend upon this region ASAP. Myself and others are ready to volunteer as well. God bless you and Lance.

    • Kim Howell

      I was watching online and the Holy Spirit was so heavy I was speaking in tongues the entire time. Bless you for obeying and glorifying Jesus. This is the true church❤️

  6. Peggy

    Praise God time we stand up Jesus is answer to dying world.

  7. Lisa

    God Bless You All!

    • Barry Warner

      Hello everyone, God bless you all. I’m so happy to see the massive increase in numbers at Mario and Lance’s meetings.

      I have two questions:

      1. How will we be able to watch Mario’s new show?

      2. Will Mario ever be coming to PA?

      Also, if you are coming to PA I’m happy to volunteer to help, and be prepared for some home made Chili Relleno casserole.

      Bless you, man of God.

  8. TeD

    What a beautiful sight… praise God!

  9. Pearl Dalton

    I have been watching on live stream. Awesome messages Spoken by Mario and Lance. Great worship. And powerful move of God.I am rejoicing with you 🙌🙌

  10. Judy Wiley

    Thank you Mario and Lance! Went to the Batavia, NY tent meeting in 2021. Would love to volunteer if you are able to come back to New York. God bless!!!!!

  11. Patricia L. Jennings

    I knew nothing about this meeting! My enemies hid it from all my social media & email ! My oppression is very real. Even tho’ my original perpetraitors are dead.UM is still going! 😕😡

  12. Kalin Henson


  13. Linda Teets

    These meetings, were so, powerfully anointed. Together, AS ONE, we are becoming the true army of God to spread the word. God‘s word, so people can know him, and get set free from every evil demonic spirit. However, even at our hotel, Ava, her mother, Ann and a dear friend Valerie, had a devotional every morning. The last morning, my friends and myself received prayer and I was healed from a protein called AMYLOID which had invaded my brain /discovered from MRI, and was beginning to make my arteries in the brain brittle. I received healing, and I decree and declare that the brittleness of those arteries are now becoming normal and I pliable once again as God created them to be!
    All glory to God for his things which he has done, and will continue to do!
    Thank you Lance and thank you Mario for being obedient as you continue to travel, and to do the work of our great and loving God!

  14. Sherri Storie

    Can anyone tell me the date for Winston Salem NC? I heard it that the tour is coming there. I want to take off work to be there as a volunteer again and would like to know in advance.

    • Mario Murillo

      October 22-25 Salem-Winston Fairgrounds

  15. Clarice Groneck

    What a powerful testimony of what the Lord is doing. Praise HIM!

  16. Cathy Qi

    God is on the move, we the church needs to wake up and move with Him! Great opportunity that we surely don’t want to miss it! The labor has paid and the fruits have been secured!

  17. Ruth Frye

    Praise God for working through Mario and his team. Forty-seven years ago my husband and I attended a meeting that Mario had in the Bay Area. We had been trying for several years to get pregnant. Mario pointed in our direction and said we would have a baby. I felt a warmth flow through me and we were pregnant by the next month. God blessed us with a son who we dedicated to Him. Praise God for those who hear from God and do not stay quiet.

    • Pat Orr

      What a beautiful testimony from the Jesus movement era. Sometimes I think us baby boomers who’ve come outta that movement& are presently thriving to the best of our old age allows us, are the present background for and to give these young tarts, stability, & lessons in perseverance, which these younger generations do so badly need.

  18. Carol Wexler

    They were glorious meetings! I lived in Ocala for 40 years, just moving back to my original home in New England 5 years ago. I was especially impressed that you entered into warfare there, binding witchcraft. Not far from Ocala, in the Ocala National Forest, the area has always been known as a center for witchcraft, which it seems has had an influence on the Ocala area. There is a lot of oppression there. You can feel it. Many of the churches there have really struggled. If there is anywhere in Florida that needs revival, it is Ocala, and I’m so glad the Lord brought you to that place. Praise Him for what He is doing there!

    • Patricia

      I definitely think South Florida places a close second if not neck&neck w Ocala

  19. Linda

    Thank you Mario for your obedience to God. God bless you, Lance and your team. Praying that all attending your events will grow strong in the Lord. Praying that pastors all over the country will feed the church per the will of God. God bless America.

  20. Orla Stauffer

    Michigan needs you!

  21. Judith Lowe

    Pray for Our Country!!! President Trump needs alot of Prayers also!!!

  22. Catherine Guzovich

    Brother Mario, I owe you an apology, please accept it. In my last comment, I said that I turned on Flashpoint and saw that you were on the program with the woman with the red hair and wondered why, what had changed. Since then, I watched you on you tube when you said that you had no knowledge of who would be the other guests. I apologize for doubting your sincerity. I heard the big news of your starting a television program. When, on what channel, how do I watch the program?

  23. Tim Smith

    Please come to Austin TX! My wife and I volunteered at Roseville, and plan to do the same in CO Springs, but the woke capital of Texas is ripe for the harvest!

  24. Carolyn Rusch

    Thank you for moving in America. I read so many pastors and teachers are in other nations giving the word of truth. America has moving like a slow death for years.
    May the Holy Spirit direct you in America and save our nation

  25. Margo Steinsdoerfer

    God continue to pour out your Spirit into and on this anointed ministry 🙏🏻

  26. Lora Sink

    I am not able to attend the meetings, however, I have watched and participated, in every one that has been televised.
    The Holy Spirit is so strong that I feel like I am right there in your midst.
    I sing and praise right along with y’all.
    I’m praying this Fire and Glory will spread like wild fire to other states.

  27. julie

    wow oh wow!! i am greatly encouraged by each of these blogs reporting on the services in FLa. or wherever they may be from. There IS a great awakening happening — some in the Church have never heard of it. i am gratefu for sources like Mario&Lance and others who keep us informed of the movement of the
    Spirit — all over the earth! Hallelujah!

  28. Barnabas David Grice

    Reformation in America has begun!

    The greatest Awakening Americans have ever seen is on the horizon!

    I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand, so you see it?

    Let’s run, with the wind of God, as chariots of fire!

  29. Kathleen Ferguson

    I want and need the fire of God in my heart. Reading and hearing what God is doing doing gives me strength to stand were God has placed me. I know that I am not alone God is with me. Praise God.

  30. Paul Choquette

    So good what a report. Blessings to Mario n Lance n all the ministry team. Paul C

  31. Dale Birdwell

    Loved your Book, Fire and glory.
    Love the honest and straight forward preaching.
    My wife was able to fly out and make it to the final night at Ocala.
    She said it was awesome.

    Thank you

  32. Darlene W

    Ever increasing effectiveness. Amen. 🙏

  33. Terry Haight

    Glory to The Most High!

  34. Lafe

    Thank you for this important information. Appreciate getting the blogs.
    God bless you.

  35. Dianna Paulsen

    I have known and heard Mario speak since I was a much younger woman. He has never wavered from the truth and has not been afraid to speak the absolute truth of the gospel.

    • Leisa Corbin

      I am so greatful I went to Marrio and Lance all weekend missed only atues morning . I receive better breathing and strength in my knees. God is a faithful God. I’m am so grateful. Thanking you both for coming to Ocala Florida. God bless always.

  36. Shanda Donahue

    Praise God for what he did in Florida.

  37. Judith

    Dear Brother or Sister, whoever has done the recaps of the meetings in Cal. & FL. And took pictures, AMAZING WORK!!!! I live in IN. And cannot get to the meetings, but HOLY SPIRIT and you have done a wonderful job of recapping allllll the HOLY SPIRIT has done. I can tell how impressed you were over and over again how the SPIRIT was so powerfully working to transform peoples lives!!!!!! Thank you sooo much for your obedience to AlMIGHTY GOD!!!! What a blessing, even though I wasn’t there!!! Praying for sooo much more fruit to come forth !!!!

    • Tim Padelford

      Yes, Thank you Judith for recognizing the talent of the recapper. It touched my heart as well. Praise the Lord! God bless Mario and Lance and the team and the many volunteers and the people who went to support and who prayed for those seeking the Lord I know many were healed and many were born again and many re-dedicated their lives on their journey of sanctification to become more like Jesus every day. I like Marios new mission statement, I think we al should honor that mission. God Bless You ALL! In Jesus’ Name Amen.

  38. Marleen

    Praise be to God! Holy Spirit, forgive me. Give me the power again to share the Gospel with those around me without hesitation.

  39. Gary Thornton

    I briefly met Billy Graham in a before crusade years ago in spokane Wa. I witnessed such a (Spirit) of humility! I am once again witnessing it with Lance & Mario. A Spirit of Humility (by the Spirit of God) allows for the power of God to manifest. God’s Word by the Spirit is America’s last hope. JESUS CHRIST & HIM CRUCIFIED. My wife & I are so thankful.

  40. Socorro Cobarruvias

    I know this is great and rich soil to plant your seed and reap good benefits and dividends. I’m planting my seeds here for the glory of God knowing it will be used for the extending of God’s Kingdom 🙏❤️❤️‍🔥🔥

  41. Sandra

    AMEN! Love the work of the gospel! Be blessed in Jesus name and remember to pray for Israel and the nations! And for our leaders to be blessed and do the work they are to uphold by our constitution! For the good of all! They will be held responsible! See you all soon in Heaven praise HIS HOLY NAME above all others!

  42. Judy Nash

    I am So Grateful for your ministry and The Holy Spirit floods the airwaves with The Anointing and Power of God. The Gospel of Christ is a Blessing to me on my computer….I am isolated from Christian Fellowship BUT I receive abundantly thru your ministry and others. THANKFUL to THE HOLY SPIRIT !!! judy (Canada)

  43. Laura Chiavetta

    This was amazing I was blessed beyond my expectations. I wanted to see multiple people set free, I did but not only that I was healed in every single session. But the last night was a culmination of everything I had ever encountered for a time such as this. It’s literally my time now.

  44. James S Bowen

    Didn’t want it to end, but to tell the truth, this is just the beginning. Now is the time to go to work and do God’s bidding. Hallelujah!

  45. Jayne Redmond

    It was maybe 20 miles from me. I would have loved to be there. Many years ago I was in many meetings where the Holy Spirit was so strong you couldn’t stand. Now I am too old, 86, to be there. Oh My you are so blessed to be in His presence.

  46. Dennis Ryder

    My wife and I were at the Revival in Ocala and it was the most God filled event that we have ever attended. Bring it back for more. We will be in Michigan from May 1st through December 5th 2023 and were hoping that your tour will bring you to Michigan during that time frame. Do you have any idea when you might be in Michigan? We have several people excited about attending the event with us.

  47. Mary Wagler


  48. Leonard

    Amen to the Austin request for your presence. God’s help in that area and San Antonio is sorely needed. Praying for you, Mario.

  49. Cheryl Aerts

    I volunteered to work and man am I grateful that I did. The presence of the Lord over the meetings was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The joy, peace, love and power of the Lord was evident on the face of every person there. It truly was one mind and one accord just as was in the upper room. People were kind, loving and total strangers walked up and prayed for one another. Another volunteer saw my volunteer badge and stopped me to ask if I knew how someone could learn to speak in tongues. He share that someone asked him but he himself had never spoken in tongues. I had never baptised anyone in the Holy Spirit but as I placed my hand on his head and asked the Lord to fill him with His precious presence the man began speaking in tongues. I asked him where the man was that had asked him that question and told him to go and do the same. He took off running toward the man. My life will never be the same and I will never again settle for a going through the motions lifestyle. Once you have tasted the precious presence of the Lord everything shifts! Thank you Mario for building the alter and soaking it with water, “The God that answers by fire, He is God.” Indeed!! The Lord has promised that in the last days He would pour His Spirit out on all flesh. And HE IS! Every nation, every tribe, every soul. It is coming and here. Hallejuah!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill Mac Dowell

      That man that asked you was me.
      I wanted someone who knew what they were doing to lead him…I did all I could for it not to be me…..then with no alter call for a move ….God said Go. .yes sir….
      I took the man down and God lead me with him to be filled and speak in tongues…..praise be to God …..what a presence 🙏🙏🤩

  50. Elaine Veneziali

    When will you return to Ocola Fl again?

  51. ETS

    Loved the praise and worship of the group with the sofa on their shirt. It was annointed! Maybe the other group was annointed as well, but the music was so loud that it was very difficult to enjoy. Surprisingly, during the three days no one made technical adjustments in that regard. (I am not elderly and my profession is music.) Benefited from all the guest speakers, especially the historian and the Washington insider. Encouraged by your tactical scheduliIng of upsoming events in the swing states. Looking forward to attending some.

  52. K Paul Gaudet

    I worked with Mario Murillo during one of his first large gatherings in San Francisco, CA at Davies Symphony Hall as a front line counselor to minister and assist those “babies” who had just accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
    Not long after that great meeting I was called to the ministry at a meeting at Jubilee Christian Center by Pastor Dick Bernal who said in front of a packed sanctuary that he had me “on his heart” for several days and proceeded to give a prophecy in tongues over me that was interpreted by Larry Huggins. I went on to study in Israel and to attend Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX for two and a half years. I later was called to Urban Missions and worked in NYC with Times Square Church under the aegis of Pastor David Wilkerson. I was so blessed to have this education and background and had no idea of how truly blessed I was at that time.
    I know for sure that Mario Murillo is an anointed servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and I totally agree with him about what is happening in the country and the world at this time. Ministers are not preaching the Gospel, they are not giving altar calls and have forgotten that we are called to preach Jesus Christ and HIM crucified by the Great Commission.
    I have studied in depth the life and ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman and there is so much that she said in her life that is applicable to what is going on today…one of my favorite KK quotes is: “The Holy Spirit is the greatest promoter who ever lived, and he promotes just one person: Jesus Christ.” – Kathryn Kuhlman
    Another is “No gift of the spirit is ever given for personal glory or for show.” Kathryn Kuhlman
    Sadly there are so many “Babes in Christ” sucked into listening to apostate frauds who get up in front of huge crowds and promote only themselves and preach a gospel that THEY perverted.
    Mario, I pray that you will distance yourself and your ministry from the New Apostolic Reformation Cult and their apostate self appointed leaders and so called “prophets” and “apostles.” “End time prophetic anointing” is just more jargon from the false, prophetic NAR [New Apostolic Reformation] movement and their “Dominionist” fraudulent “ministers.”
    HERE’S THE REAL PROPHETIC! THE PRIMARY WAY GOD LEADS HIS NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH IS THROUGH HIS PERFECT, UNCHANGING WRITTEN WORD (2 TIMOTHY 3:16-17). The written Word is final authority as opposed to what wolves teach, that they have revelation on the same level as the written Word. Pure heresy.
    Brother Murillo, I pray that you will continue to preach Jesus Christ and HIM crucified and do the work of the Great Commission during this great 21st Century HARVEST of Souls!! God Bless YOU!!
    “And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. 2 For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 3 I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling. 4 And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5 that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 2:1-5

  53. Ann88

    God bless you Mario and Lance and thank you for your ministry.

  54. Pastor Howell Shaw

    Please bring Fire and Glory to Las Vegas so we can turn Sin City into Saved City! I am able and willing to help in any way.

    On a different subject, where are you with your 501(c)(3) decision? I’m planting a church right now, and need to make the decision to become a 501(c)(3) soon. Any guidance would be helpful!



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