Another Night of Fire in Florida

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It didn’t seem possible, but the second night in Ocala was even more powerful than the first night! Lance greeted the people and then turned it over to Catherine Mullins who with her band led us in another incredible time of worship.

What I appreciate about Catherine is she doesn’t put on a concert. She worships God with her whole heart and leads all of us into His presence with her. She allows the Holy Spirit to flow through her to minister and prepare the hearts of the people for what God wants to do.

At the appropriate time, Mario took the stage and began to preach to the people. He shared how he once thought noise would make the non-Christian not want to be in a meeting like this, and not want to get saved. But he found out it was the opposite, because when you shout, not out of emotion, but out of sincerity unto the Lord, you break the power of the demons that are in the room.

Mario said that this night would be a witness to all of America that God has rolled up His sleeves to save a generation, restore a nation, and bring back righteousness to America.

He shared how one night the Holy Spirit had told him to study American youth culture, in order to prepare Mario for impacting this current generation of young people. One of the most important things he learned in that study was the power of God to turn the hearts of a godless generation back to Him.

“Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that You are the Lord God, and that You have turned their hearts back to You again” (1 Kings 18: 37).

He said, the devil does not want the young people to know the miracle that America is, or to appreciate the miracle of our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, or the separation of powers, adding that this night is not just about our form of government, but about the God behind the miracle.

At the time Mario began to study the modern youth culture, he believed that the youth of his own culture had it more difficult than previous generations. Things like the Vietnam War, the assassination of President Kennedy, a disrupted culture—even on the cover of magazines it said, “God is Dead.”

While studying the modern youth culture he learned that years previously, drugs had come from drug dealers, but now it came from their own doctors. This generation faces perversion, gender bending, depression, and anxiety.

While studying all this Mario felt Satan say, “I will grind them up and disgrace them. I will disfigure them, wipe out their peace and hope and make them want to die.” But then Mario heard God say, ‘But I will pour out My Spirit!”

There’s no evil, or perversion, no drug, and no lust that can stop God from pouring out His Spirit!

Mario shared the story again about when a student on the Berkeley campus nearly choked him to death, but God’s anointing came on Mario to break free and rebuke the man. No learning or human education could save him in that moment, only the power of God. In order for our youth to be set free, they need to see the power of God. They need to experience it!

He talked about how he’s seen the billionaire and the homeless man come under the same curse. He has learned many of the ways the devil destroys people such as drugs, illicit affairs, and greed. But the most dangerous disease, the number one thing that keeps people from serving God, is a disfigured Gospel.

It is revealed on the day Jesus was hung on a cross. And hanging on two crosses on either side of him were criminals: one railing at Jesus to save them and the other saying, “Don’t you know we are getting what we deserved, but this Man has done nothing.”

This criminal heard of the works of Christ, but he never saw them. He only saw Jesus beaten and hung on a cruel cross. Some of the most ridiculous wounds that humanity has experienced have happened in a church. This is important because of how many people are not serving God, having witnessed hypocrisy. Or they have heard a weak, powerless misrepresented Gospel from the pulpit. Or have seen a perverse, materialistic image of the Gospel. Who have heard a weak, powerless, misrepresented Gospel from the pulpit.

Church people can be mean, they can lie, they can treat people worse than people in the world. The thief saw a disfigured Christ on the cross, many people have seen a disfigured Gospel in the church.

But it’s not the truth of the Gospel that has failed, it is the mishandling of, or misuse of the Gospel that has failed. It is how we use the Gospel for our own purposes, rather than allowing the Love of Christ to touch the hearts of His people.

He said, even when the Gospel message is diluted or poorly preached, even when the teaching on the blood of Christ is either left out, not what it should be, or the power is denied. Even in all that, the Gospel can clean up a person completely.

It wasn’t the appearance of Jesus that convinced the thief He was the King of Kings, but there IS something he saw in Jesus! When the thief asked Jesus to remember Him, Jesus responded that they would be together in Paradise. Even to his dying breath, Jesus was saving souls.

Mario then called for those who wanted to be saved, to surrender their lives to Christ, to raise their hands and then stand and come forward. And once again hundreds came forward. And once again, such a happy, beautiful sight. All glory and praise to God!

After Mario prayed with them, he sent them to be ministered to, and then began to teach about healing. He told about another day on the Berkeley campus when he had started a meeting and God told him to distribute a flyer that said, “Night of Miracles”. And it said that healings would occur.

When the night of the meeting came, they were a small group and the handful of people they had managed to convince to come, that included a man with no shirt and a tambourine he wore around his neck like a collar. If Mario said something good, he would begin to shake so the tambourine would rattle.

In this strange gathering of people, Mario was preaching to the group. Then a group of students carried an unconscious man and dropped him into the meeting. It turned out he had taken a mixture of LSD and heroine and had lost consciousness. His friends hadn’t wanted to get into trouble so they had brought him to the meeting that promised miracles.

The meeting was not going particularly well, it was a hard time of preaching. Then suddenly someone began to scream. It turned out to be the young man who had awakened and came stumbling down to the front. He was sobbing and wanted to know why God would have healed him? He said he hated God, so he did not understand why God would heal him. This man became the first convert in Berkeley.

Mario then quoted from Romans:

“He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? (Romans 8:32).

Mario asked, “How shall He not?” He said God wants to heal, why would He bankrupt Heaven and give His Son, and then withhold healing?

He said if the miracles we wish to happen, don’t happen, it cannot be God’s problem. Because the Bible says, “He who spared not His own Son…how shall He not freely give us all things?”

He said Jesus wants to manifest the power of God, the only thing He asks is to give Him all the glory and credit. Don’t take any of it for yourself. You aren’t holy enough, pure enough, or smart enough. It can only be from God.

Next he shared how during one meeting there had been two or three remarkable healings. Then at lunch after the meeting, the staff were sharing how amazing the healings had been. But Mario was heartbroken because as he left the arena, he had seen people leaving in their same wheelchairs they came in, having not been healed.

He talked about spending hours at night, down on all fours, sobbing and feeling guilty because he had not seen the power of God flow. His desire was to help people, not to see a trickling of healings here and there, but the opening of the floodgates of Heaven.

God reminded Mario of the verse where the man said to Jesus, “If you want to, you can heal me.” And Jesus responded, “I want to.” Then, Mario said, the mystery was solved.

He said he used to feel so guilty in meetings, but God began to teach him how to help people to be ready to be healed. He talked about going to the doctor and how after they examine you, they give you medication, but when you read the side-effects, you realize they are worse than what’s wrong with you.

Compare that experience to right now. Jesus is not making you wait. The atmosphere is faith, and it is important to be ready.

In Acts 3, when they asked Peter how the quadriplegic was healed, Peter told them something that will help everyone seeking a miracle.

“And His name, through faith in His name, has made this man strong, whom you see and know. Yes, the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all” (Acts 3:16).

Mario said, miracle faith is imparted by Christ. He doesn’t rely on your power to believe. He relies on His power through His Spirit to give you miracle faith. He said that he finally understood—it was not Mario’s ability to give them faith to be healed, he simply needed to wait, to be still and know that He is God, then God will reveal to Him who is receiving faith.

In order to have a genuine move of God it is going to take time, because it has been neglected. We need to get back to what’s real and to what God says. What we need to do is not try to work up people’s faith, but to surrender to the Holy Spirit and let the faith of Christ get in us to be healed in Jesus Name.

He then said that you may say you want to be healed, but you may not be healed because of a number of reasons. You may be using your infirmity in order to guilt others, or you may have a fear of being well because of how it might change your life. But when you are sick of being sick you are ready to be used of God, you will begin to get ready, to prepare, to receive from the power of God.

Mario finished by sharing how when God is revealing words of knowledge, how often God begins by revealing the person who has received faith. He will say to him, look at the faith that’s over here or over there. Then when he is obedient and calls the person out, then God reveals to Mario the details of their infirmity.

Mario then had the people put their hands in the air and then explained the gentleness of the moment is not an indication of the lowness of God’s power. On the contrary, it was very powerful, and indeed it was. He had the people begin to pray.

Then in a move he doesn’t often do, Mario came down off the platform and began to move through the crowd.

A couple was asked to stand. The woman was being healed in her spine and her breathing. And Mario told her that their own healing ministry was beginning.

Then a woman behind them, was healed of arthritis. As they prayed, she began to move her fingers, to open and close her hands with no pain.

A woman, was healed in her ear, her heart, and her legs.

A man was healed whose sleeplessness and stomach pain was rooted in discouragement, and Mario told the man that the enemy had robbed him in multiple ways, through family, money, and in other ways. Then the man’s wife was brought out to the aisle. Mario called out her spine, hips, feet, eyes and lungs, and then mentioned there was an abscess which had left her body. At that she fell to the ground under the power of God.

Then Mario said at least ten people around her were healed as she fell under God’s power.

Next a woman was told to raise her right hand and place it on the shoulder of the woman next to her. And together the two of them were healed in both head and abdomen. Walking, breathing, everything was restored.

Another woman was told to put her hand over her heart. Mario said that in the last 48 hours she had made a commitment to God for greater service, though she was unable to perform it without this healing. She made it clear what God revealed to Mario was true. She was healed of blood allergies and weakness in the lungs, thus allowing her to travel.

Mario then took the hand of a woman who was nearby. He revealed she was the one God had initially directed him toward. The doctor’s report was bad, they had done all they could and there was nothing left to do for her. Mario had her stand and revealed her nerves, muscles, brain, legs, and stomach were all being healed. Balance and strength were returning. Walking was a difficulty for her, but then Mario had her come out and begin to walk the aisle. Together they walked to the front and then she rapidly walked and jogged around the section of chairs with no difficulty.

As more and more people were being healed, I began to notice the crowd wasn’t just watching via the large screens. Instead, they were on their feet turning toward where the healings were happening, and even pressing toward them where possible. You could feel not only the power of God increase in that room, but also the level of people’s faith.

A section had ten people where diabetes, migraines, joint disease, a genetic disorder, throat, liver, kidney, and heart were identified and healed.

Mario called out a woman who had thought she was getting better, but it would always come back. He had her stand. He said the fire of God went into her lungs and heart. At that she fell to the ground under the power of God. He revealed her blood, pancreas, heart, and feet were all healed.

Mario next had two women stand. The one was being healed in her head and her lungs. He then turned to the other woman and as he began to reveal her condition, she cried out. He identified it was cancer, that the doctor’s had said was inoperable, but that God was removing it.

The worship team began to sing, “I Speak Jesus” as people continued to pray for each other throughout the arena.

Mario and Lance then closed out the service for the evening. But it was clear that the power of God was still flowing through that building. It will be exciting to hear in the coming days and weeks about all that God has done.

I don’t know how God will top tonight, but I thought the same thing last night. It was a powerful night in the presence of God.

If you can be here in person, you need to be in the room. If you can’t be physically here, you need to watch both tomorrow morning and evening, and see what God does!


  1. Brother Lawerence


  2. Giselda V Velasquez

    To God , Jesus and Precious Holy Spirit 🙏,bee all the Glory for the things they have done in those meetings. Revival Fire is on The Horizon. Jesus is coming Sooooon! Maranatha

  3. Kenny Wallace

    My wife and I were at he meeting last night and the Spirit of God was so powerful!! The presence of the Spirit was so strong Mario had to return to the stage! We can’t wait for the Tuesday morning and evening services to see what God will do. We love you Mario and support your ministry 100%!!

    • Marcia

      I want so badly to attend a meeting such as this & want healing for osteoarthritis in my joints. There are no such ministers in Ontario where I live.

  4. Deborah Potts

    Praise the Lord. I’m so proud of God. His love never runs out.

  5. Julie Wallace

    My husband and I have been attending the Ocala conference. It has been amazing and God has definitely been showing up! I was reading Isaiah 54: 2-3 this morning and and this is what it says, Enlarge the site of your tent, and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes, and drive your pegs deep. For you will spread out to the right and the left, and your descendants will dispossess nations and inhabit the desolate cities.
    This is what Mario and Lance are doing, so let’s all get behind these men of God and support them, not only with prayer, but financially too, for I believe this is a God thing, and if we can’t go, let’s help them to. I am very picky about which ministries I support, but these guys are the real deal.

  6. Maria Haynes

    PRAISE GOD!! He gives us His Faith when we are open to Him ❤️

  7. Brenda Diehl

    I live in Pennsylvania; cannot make the meetings; have limited internet access, but I pray for each Living Proof Crusade, that GOD will move mightily, revealing Himself to the masses as never before, releasing revival and Divine healings to flow all across America, as well as cultural, and political healing/restoration. Thank you Brother Mario and Brother Lance for your obedience to The Lord! Amen

  8. Bruce Stubaus

    I was/am here. I don’t have a good way of describe it except you don’t want it to end. It is like stepping out of the world into His Kingdom environment. A lot of insight as to how the demonic kingdom is working. Mario, Bill, Lance, thank you and God bless.

  9. Marie

    Thank you . Prayers and love from Eden,NC

  10. Marsha Morris

    What a beautiful testimony of the love of our Heavenly Father. With all the evil going on in the world today God is still showing His loving kindness to anyone who wants to be a part of it. Thank you Mario for your committed life to Christ.


    Let God arise and His enemies be scattered… God bless you and your team as you advance the Kingdom Mandate. Apostle Otis Lichlyter, Mississippi

  12. Dave

    Thank You for generating faith!

  13. Lis Hevia

    OMG hearing these beautiful stories has moved me tremendously. Hallelujah Praise The Lord

  14. Doris Martinez

    Thankyou Jesus ❤️ 🙌🏽

  15. Karen Duncan k

    Need a miracle to place an elderly person where they can be cared for like they should be.

  16. Jane Behl

    I have followed most of Mario’s larger events over the past couple of years. I’ve called the prayer teams, asking for forgiveness, asking to be a person of God! Mario’s teaching has brought me closer to God. I try to read the Bible nightly, along with praying for the Holy Spirit to fill me and give me the ability to speak in tongues. I have suffered throughout my life from a hereditary disease, which impacts my nerves and muscles. I’ve had over a dozen surgeries on my feet, to combat the crippling of my feet and legs. Now in my old age, it has started crippling my hands. I wish Mario would come closer to my home,(Wisconsin), given I can’t afford to travel to him. He seems to always be in the South. If possible please I’m asking for his healing to come North. Thank you for everything you do through God Mario.


      I have been blessed at every single service in Ocala.

  17. Gary Coffelt

    Where can we live stream or watch later? Can we see last nights meeting on you tube or elsewhere?

  18. Paula Crehan

    Oh All Power and Presence of You Lord to call and restore and heal
    We thank you for your discernment of truth
    Your obedience to Our Father
    From Albany NY We fall on our face in Your Presence Lord Jesus
    Great great great is Thy Faithfulness Oh God Our Father

  19. Sandra

    Awesome time in the presents of GOD. HE is so good!

  20. Kathy

    That’s amazing, what an awesome God, I can feel the chills over me as I read.

  21. Char Handy

    God is showing up and showing off 🙏

  22. Deb G.

    I was there the first night and second day. God’s Move is marvelous! I hope that Mario and Lance will share with the people how we can continue the War for the Soul of America locally. Folks need to find or form a little group of like hearted, like minded people and MEET TOGETHER. MOST pastors and churches are not awake enough to teach their people HOW TO WAR. WE must gather together for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the times we are now in, and for how to WAGE WARFARE IN OUR TERRITORIES.

    A group of us started gathering together about 2 years ago, here in Ocala, on the porch of a downtown historic home. We began to prophesy and declare God’s Will for our beautiful city. We asked our mayor to go with us to the city gates (behind McDonald’s on S-441). He went with us and he prayed for our city, repentance and freedom from all past iniquities and demonic strongholds. He also laid hands on ALL SIDES OF EACH GATE and prayed for our city, OCALA, to become the BEAUTIFUL CITY of the King of Glory Jesus, and together we invited JESUS to enter our city and be our KING! This happened. The devil saw it and knows it was a legal act that HE HAS TO OBEY.

    There have been many small groups of like hearted, like minded WARRING CHRISTIANS who have been praying on the City Square and places all over our beautiful city for GOD’S GLORY to come and remain and for God to manifest REFORMATION REVIVAL.

    So, THANK YOU MARIO AND LANCE for coming, as an answer to prayer, and birthing the revival of our city and territory!!! Now, PLEASE give the people instruction on how to gather TOGETHER, FORM LITTLE GROUPS FOR PRAYER AND ACTION to be forces of influence RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE; because the CHURCHES do not, cannot or will not do it. THIS WAR will be won by linking together and knowing that the mission field is whoever GOD PUTS IN OUR FACE. God Wins.

    • Addye Thompson

      Deb G. When and where do you meet in Ocala?

  23. Wilma White

    Thank the Lord for a true move of God with miracles visible. In my many years of church attendance, I’ve only seen a brief few years where the Spirit was truly felt. I’ve seen pastors preach a mean sermon, like when a farmer brings the cows into the pen, then kicks and beats them and expects them to give milk. I’ve heard thousands of diluted sermons and those that hardly mention the word of God. And finally all the programs, not to mention the concert style music, having little to do with leading worship. Thank you for hearing God.

  24. Robin L Parker

    ohhh PRAISE GOD!!!

  25. Robin Parker


  26. Kevan Prati

    Awesome message, Mario.
    Thank you for preaching it.

  27. Geri Renkainen

    Hi my husband and I were in the Ocala meeting on Sunday night and Monday morning. We had to go home as Dana had dialysis early Tuesday morning. How can we see the remainder of the meetings? Thanks. A big shout out to our wonderful Jesus as we are by faith receiving healing for Dana battling 5th stage kidney disease and my spine issues. Both of which Mario called out in the Sunday service! Amen . We will keep you posted on our progress! AMEN!

  28. Jeanette Allen

    This should increase faith in the heart of every hungry believer!God is moving by His spirit! Please continue Mario.
    Stay close to Jesus and be obedient to His call!
    I’m praying for you!

  29. Bill Padgham

    Hi, my name is Bill. I love the Lord and I know he loves me. I have been suffering with a balance problem for over 15 years now. I can’t get up on a ladder and I can’t go dancing with my wonderful wife because I could fall easily. I also have overstretched ligaments, tendons, and muscles in around both of my knees from driving a fork lift that was too small for me for 7 years. I have a form of arthritis in both knees because the pads between the bones is wearing thin. I know that God can heal me and if he can use you to do it that would be great. Just a side note: I talked to Mario in the Marriot motel lobby one day when he was there in Tulsa for the flash point meetings at the Maybee center. I think I asked him something about healing for me and he said to come expecting. Well, I’m expecting! Its also good to see so many people healed and saved in Florida. Praise God!

  30. Adelin Schauer

    This is so exciting. Would love to be there, but at 90 I don’t travel anymore.
    So glad we can watch on TV. I love you and pray for you.

  31. George Bradley

    Our God is Wonderful.
    Thank you Jesus

  32. Darlene W

    We are so blessed to be alive in these days and witness Him moving among His people. Our God is so awesome.

  33. Dewees Deibert


  34. Addye Thompson

    Thank You Mario and Lance for coming to Ocala. I do not know either of you, I have heard of your name Mario. Lance, I only know of you, because I have seen you with Andrew Wommack. I could not make it to Andrew’s Gospel Truth Conference in Orlando this February. My husband was having his first Chemo ( diagnosed with Rectal Cancer, not speaking that he has it ) the day before the Conference started. So, You wonderful people put ” FIRE AND GLORY TOUR ” on Facebook and it was in Ocala, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. And it happens to be less than 5 miles from my house, did happen to make that even better. It all has truly been Great!!!!! I was unable to make it Tuesday Evening, My husband needed me with him. I am Believing all the Prayers, from months ago, and the many that you all and others spoke over Paul’s Healing in these days of being exposed So So BEAUTIFUL that I have not experienced before. Thank You All So So Much For Coming To Ocala Please Come Again Thank You Also Mary Roberts for giving them the “FREEDOM” To Let The Holy Spirit Move In A Mighty Way In Ocala Thank You also for allowing me to Volunteer, I LOVED IT! I will be looking you both up so that I can learn more about you both, and the many ways God is using You for His Kingdom!

  35. Robert Amend

    This is awesome to read about these marvelous works of God happening in Ocala and to be multiplied across the USA and the World. Blessings & Greetings from us as evangelists/revivalists in Germany. Please pray for our revival meetings at the beginning of April [Easter week]. Maranatha!

  36. Sarah Atherton

    I completely enjoyed the second night of worship at the Ocala church! It was so powerful and I really got to see the power of the Holy Spirit in action. Catherine Mullins led the session and it was great to see her use her whole heart to worship God. She allows the Holy Spirit to flow through her and minister to the people at the right time. Mario took the stage and shared how he’s found that noise doesn’t work so well with non-Christians, but it works great with Christians who are sincere and shouting out to the Lord. It’s amazing how the power of the Holy Spirit can change someone’s life for the better.

  37. Jeanie Costarides

    I was there and I can tell you I have never been the same. I know Mario that you are called by God to carry this message to the United States. I appreciate your deep rooted love for the Lord. I was touched in so many ways and spoken to prophetically by several women. I stand on that. I know God is working in my life and I am ready to answer the call of God over my life. There was something very special there in these services. We were definitely in the presence of the anointing of God over this meeting. I don’t praise anyone but the Lord Jesus Christ and the humbleness of Mario that he is just a servant and anointed by God can be seen as he ministers to the crowd. God bless you Mario for the work that you are doing. May God strengthen you when you are weak, fill you when your cup feelings empty, guide you, provide for you and empower you with his anointing over your life to continue in this mighty work that he has for you. I know that calling does not come without a sacrifice and a responsibility. May any weariness be removed by his presence in your life to strengthen you. May you mount up on wings as eagles, may you run and not be weary, may you walk and not faint. The Lord bless you and keep you and your family and the whole crew that works with you. May he renew your youth so that you are able to stay focused and centered on his perfect will.

  38. Steven Hamlett

    Mario. Are you able to give us the meetings in Florida. Live instead of just telling us what happened, which was outstanding. If you can Please let me know. I appreciate all that you are doing to bring Jesus salvation message and seeing signs, wonders and miracles and Giving GOD all the GLory.

    • Mario Murillo

      They are still available on our Facebook page.



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