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If you come with me to Bakersfield, you will see the glory of God.

A rare and priceless God-moment has arrived in Bakersfield, California, and that is why I am putting out the call to all soldiers of Christ to join me there!

I am asking you this without an iota of embarrassment or doubt. I promise you, if you join me in Bakersfield, you will see the Glory of God.

The miracles that are awaiting us here are impossible to overstate. God has chosen to make an emphatic statement in Bakersfield. Jesus is repeating to us the words He spoke in The Gospel of Matthew:

“When He saw the throngs, He was moved with pity and sympathy for them, because they were bewildered (harassed and distressed and dejected and helpless), like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, the harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few. So, pray to the Lord of the harvest to force out and thrust laborers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:36-38).


God has chosen to make an forceful statement in Bakersfield.

I have prayed, and now it is time to force out and thrust laborers into this harvest. That is why I am being so emphatic.

Those who have volunteered in other crusades know what to expect. They, more than anyone, know I am not exaggerating. They know what happened in the past when we have waded into a sea of human tragedy under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

We have answered His call to Bakersfield. Waves of compassion will go into all the homeless camps. We will be the heart and hand of God extended to young gang members and addicts.

Half-cures are not for us. We refuse to put band-aids on the need. Our goal is to get them out of Satan’s bondage! We are going for true conversions not just decisions!

There are millions of good-hearted believers across America. Sadly, for them, miracles are just a vague concept. That is because they have never been on the frontlines putting their faith into action.

I say to you that the danger is not in going, but in staying. If you join us, a powerful boldness will overtake you. You will not recognize yourself when this is over. You will know that you are extending the Kingdom of God and doing the work that Jesus called us all to do.

You will not recognize yourself when this is over.

I will personally be taking part in your training. On Saturday night, March 11th, we will meet in the Tent to receive power and direction. Frank Saldana and the rest of our leaders with also give you the hands-on training you will need in order to see miracles of healing and deliverance!

Pray and obey! I have no doubt that you will come back from this outreach with testimonies that will reverberate in your heart for the rest of your life.

It all begins by clicking the link below. My personal advice to you is to first make the commitment and then let God help work out the details. You will be stunned at how He will make all of the pieces fall into place.

Think about it. Haven’t we prayed for revival? Let me tell you that my team and I have had many glorious tent crusades, but there is something very different about this one. This one has the potential to flip an entire major city into a Christian awakening. That can then impact California, and then America.


This one has the potential to flip an entire major city into a Christian awakening.

The timing of God and the deep hunger of the people here in Bakersfield is awe-inspiring.

What awaits those who volunteer? Proof of the power of God—right before your very eyes—the greatest joy a believer can know, by leading lost souls to Jesus—new friendships with fellow soldiers that will last for a lifetime—stories that will be told and retold—that is what awaits you.


Come with me to Bakersfield, California! Use the link below to start your great mission for Jesus Christ, in Bakersfield!





  1. Teresa Turner

    Praise Jesus for your outreach! Im an intercessor and I will be praying for all. To set capitives free for the Glory of God !

    • Hubert Heimburger

      Mario’s blog has so intrigued me, his boldness so encouraged me, that I’ve decided I wanna be part of this as a volunteer and come all the way from Germany.

      Especially these words Mario wrote
      made me go for it:
      “My personal advice to you is to first make the commitment and then let God help work out the details. You will be stunned at how He will make all of the pieces fall into place.”

      Hubert Heimburger (Germany, Black Forest area)

  2. Marlene S Anthony

    I never saw anything about the Ft. Myers tent revival & I wonder if I missed it somehow.

  3. Bertha Paden

    How do I become a volunteer?

  4. Sue Hunt

    Love you Mario and the wonderful Kingdom work you are doing.

  5. Jim L Curry

    Please pray about coming to Redding Ca

    • Beth Arseneau

      I agree, Please come to Redding.

  6. Viviane Smith

    I am an intercessor🇨🇦and will be praying for revival in America.🙏

  7. Sandra

    Will pray for the tent revival and all involved!

  8. Ciaara

    Praying!! 🛐💟🙏🏼

  9. Dora Jepson

    Have you thought of coming to Fresno? You would only be about 3-4 hours away. Than more people from the Valley would be able to attend. Merced and all the smaller communities all seem to be forgotten. It’s usually Bakersfield and Stockton that have these revivals. We in the Valley are predominantly farm laborer communities, going to these cities a lot of the time is not achieved because the resources needed to get there ie: vehicle, gas, times of the revival, travel time etc. We would love to see you here. We NEED you in this area, as evil is running rampant. In God’s name it will be so….

    • Mario Murillo

      Dora–we are coming to Fresno! It will be a powerful crusade later in the year.

      • Genoveva Olivas

        Happy New Year Mario ! Has The Lord leading you anytime soon to Houston ?

        • Mario Murillo

          We want to come but must get the leaders together. Pray.

  10. Richard

    Will you be coming to the north valley, chico?

  11. Michael Nelson

    I will pray for Revelation in Canada, and the world!



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