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2023 will be a massive storm followed by a massive opportunity. It is a few days before Christmas and we are preparing for a storm. They say that tonight it will drop below zero. Not only that, but strong winds will make the wind-chill feel like 22 below zero. The News is filled with emphatic warnings and advice.

They are warning us to be prepared. It will be dangerous to go outside. We must pay attention to our water pipes. We should have water and supplies in case the roads are impassible and the power goes out—how very foolish it would be for us not to listen.

Divine warnings are ignored and are called “negative; and not of faith.”

Yet there is even worse foolishness that takes place among Christians when God warns us of a coming storm. Divine warnings are ignored and are called “negative; and not of faith.”

But if God is warning us—then it is truth! And there is nothing more positive and full of faith than truth. Whereas false promises of safety and blessing are the most dangerous of all lies.

Your mail and email box will be filled with messages from ministries prophesying to you about 2023. They will tell you that it will be all blessings, breakthroughs, multiplication, and favor.

It would amaze you how many ministries depend on marketing advice on raising money. Mario Murillo Ministries just ignores such advice, but those ministries that follow it are told: ‘issue a cheery year-end letter.’ But that is just a fundraising ploy. The idea is, ‘the more upbeat my message, the more money people will send me.’

But that is just a fundraising ploy. The idea is, ‘the more upbeat my message, the more money people will send me.’


We hear these predictions every year. And every year, a large segment of God’s people never bother to go back and see how wrong they were. In December of 2019, most of these ‘prophetic’ voices predicted that a long list of blessings was ahead. Then the pandemic hit.

Near the end of 2020, we were told that 2021 would be the best of times. Then the election was derailed. And does anyone remember how great 2022 was supposed to be? Yeah, right.

Well, I am telling you that 2023 will begin as a massive storm, but it will end as a vast opportunity—perhaps the greatest opportunity of our lives. The massive storm will be in nature, our money, and the condition of cities. A long overdue cultural correction is coming in the New Year.

God is judging America. We will be spared destruction, but not punishment. Why are we being punished? There is a long list of reasons. But I will answer that question with a question: Did many Americans increase their own misery by voting to keep incompetent criminals in office, because they wanted to save abortion?

Now let’s dig into the Word of God to see what it says about storm warnings:

Jesus said in Matthew 7:24-27, “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”

In simple terms, heeding the teachings of Jesus is like preparing for a storm.

In simple terms, heeding the teachings of Jesus is like preparing for a storm. The book of Timothy can be read as a storm preparation. The essence of the book is this—Paul is saying: ‘I am leaving soon. I want to prepare you for what is coming.’

He then directs Timothy to take specific action to be ready, and that is exactly what I want you to do before 2023 arrives.

Paul tells Timothy about several coming storms:

2 Timothy 3:1, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come…”

Then Paul describes the moral depravity of the last days that we are currently experiencing.

But there are two storms he predicts that will be within the church.

But there are two storms he predicts that will be within the church. The first one is fake ministers and the second one is fake audiences. These too are bringing down judgment on the church.

Fake ministers: 2 Timothy 3:13, “But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

Years ago, when I was a young preacher, I thought that the scandals with Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart would dissuade men from sin, pride and foolishness. But instead, the scandals only got worse. The Bible was right!

Many prophetic words today are not just garish, they are patently screwball and embarrassing. My greatest shock is that the leaders of the prophetic movement are not correcting these charlatans. Especially when you consider that these false prophets are going to discredit the entire movement.

If false teachers do not repent, a storm of divine correction will fall upon them.

In 2023, you will see God take matters into His own hands. If false teachers do not repent, a storm of divine correction will fall upon them.

Fake audiences: 2 Timothy 4:3-4, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”

Silly voices continue to deceive because of the silly audiences with their silly appetites.

Paul is telling Timothy that Satan will send massive waves of false teachers and false doctrines to damage the local church, take the army of God off the offensive, and destroy believers. Those are the threats to the church in 2023 that the storm will correct.

But those who take Bible precautions against the storm will not just survive—they will thrive and become part of the great opportunity that will come after the storm.

Can a storm be a good thing? Yes, both in nature and in the spirit.

Can a storm be a good thing? Yes, both in nature and in the spirit.

Thunderstorms help keep the Earth in electrical balance. Hurricanes actually replenish barrier islands. They also provide a Global Heat Balance. One of the main purposes for hurricanes around the globe is a temperature balance between the poles and the equator.

The storm coming in 2023 is actually sent to cleanse and bring balance to a nation on the brink of moral and physical disaster. We can either dread it or be ready for it.

We have already heard what Jesus said to do. Heed His words, and build on the Rock! Paul gave Timothy similar instructions.

Strong advice: get away from false ministers and into the Word of God. Satan is using false teachers to get believers away from scripture and away from the safety of a strong pastor and a strong local church.

The devil is also threatening the church’s role in an American awakening. That is why I believe the Lord will clean house in 2023. The storm will separate sheep and goats. Otherwise, we can lose our place in American awakening.

The devil is also threatening the church’s role in an American awakening.

2 Timothy 3:14-17, “But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Strong advice: Lose the crowd that is running after fad doctrines and flaky events that promise ‘words from God.’ Instead dig deeper into the Bible. They have traded the Bible for man’s words. They have grieved the Holy Spirit by trusting voices that are not of God. This will weaken you and even shipwreck you if you run with them.

Paul has strong advice for preachers! After telling Timothy about the false crowds, he said, “But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry” (2 Timothy 4:5). We must win souls! A clear sign of a false voice is they care nothing about lost souls and never call them to Jesus.

2023 will begin with a national storm that will be strong enough to touch us all. When this storm passes, I believe we will find a chastened nation, ready to receive the Gospel. A true believer in Christ will welcome the storm if it means the nation may be cleansed and souls may be saved on a massive scale.

God promised special protection for those who hearts are loyal to the Lord. In the midst of the coming fierce storm He will be a special protection.

Mario Murillo Ministries is bracing itself for the storm by doing these three things:

Digging into the Word. Searching our own souls. And, laying plans for the biggest soul winning meetings in our history!


  1. Ann Rasmussen

    Thank you!

  2. Michael Lee

    We are braced for the storm, equipping people to take the admonition of Jesus, he that hath an ear let him hear!
    Destiny Church of central Florida

  3. Bishop Phil Wallace

    Praise the LORD for a man of GOD who will not back up, shut up, or give up!!! I am retired after 55 years in ministry….after 3 heart attacks, 3 blood clots, 2 of them on my heart, I am still alive and kicking the devil daily,,,,my ministry now is to India,,,for 13 years I have been sending messages to a family there and they have been sharing the gospel, seeing souls saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost,,,,I am blessed to be able to do what I do,,,,,thanks for your prayers and love,,,also for the 2 books I just received…and read..wow,,,what a man of GOD with the pen..Bro. you have become a man with a ready writing pen…Praise the Lord….Bro. Phil Wallace

  4. Vicki

    Missed seeing you with your wife on Flashpoint tonight for the Christmas special.

  5. PatandWindy

    MULTITUDES believe you should have spoken these things long ago, and, I have always believed you should not be in bed with the false hype and unbiblical New Age practices, teachings and all the folly of the false prophecies and ME-culture of the NAR and Bethel. We attended for years and never heard of the Cross or Repentance. Just the Kenosis heresy, false passion translation, and kundalini quivering spirit and the sozo spirit-guides like seances with the Destiny cards, the molech-style fire-tunnels and the fawning over self-appointed narcissistic men and women where there is NO evidence of any humility or God-fearing holiness or the real Bible. THANK YOU for denouncing the mania and the goose-bump circus it has all become!

  6. Betty B

    Amen. Wise words. Thank you.

  7. Lisa Tovar

    Desperately want my 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren ages 17-26, and 1 great grandson to know Our Lord and Savior and serve Him with urgency, to hunger and thirst after Our Lord——- and strategy for the Lord to use me to win them or use others, just draw them close to You Lord, in JESUS Mighty Name. Amen

  8. John Mark

    Mario, I have been in ministry for 5 decades. In the last few years, I have been sent links to listen to many preachers who gave “Prophetic Words for 2018, then “for 2019, then “for 2020,” etc, etc. I am one who has a good memory. The overwhelming majority of the things they “prophesied” never happened!!! One honest minister said, “I am not giving a new prophecy for the coming year, I am going to pray that God will fulfill things the things that have already prophesied that have not come to pass yet!” The best instructions the Holy Spirit has given us is “Read the Bible for your instructions and stop looking for the latest “Prophetic Word of the Day” on Facebook and the internet. We are far from “Doom and Gloomers!” Our ministry lives by the motto, “The Best is Yet to Come.” God keeps us in perfect peace in the midst of all the storms going on around us. We have sought to be prepared for anything hell and this world may send against us. Our hearts do grieve over what we see in the church and in the world. My wife and I pastor a church, we are active in Prison Ministry in the units and with those who have been paroled, with drug and alcohol recovery, in two different intercessory prayer ministries, we have a radio broadcast, and hold evangelistic services. We intend to occupy and stay active in Kingdom Ministry until Jesus comes or we leave this planet in death. Thank you for your encouraging words, always. God bless!

  9. Teresa Turner

    Good word and warnings to those who have ears to hear.

  10. toetapper53

    I agree with this message…thank you

  11. MarkH

    For the last few months I have given more time to prayer and reading the Bible. What a difference it has made in my spiritual life. I asked God to give me a greater desire for prayer and better understanding of scripture. I love reading the bible. I have four translations and read them all for better understanding. I am praying for all true belivers to do the same. God loves us. Seek his face daily saints. God bless!

  12. Sally a Stanley

    thank you

  13. Richard

    Merry a Christmas Mario, Best gift I will get this Christmas.

  14. Harry W Sauerhoff


    The power and idea behind the leftist leaders of the Democrats is globalism. Globalists want to destroy nationalism in all countries and enslave the human race under a dictator or small group of dictators. Their main target right now is to destroy the United States as it is.

  15. Renae Longbotham

    God bless all that you do Mario!!!
    You’ve blessed me with your holy boldness!!!!

  16. Janice Schoen

    💕🙏🙏🙏💕 To God Be The Glory, Fill each heart with thy Love .

  17. Dwayne Desmarais

    Ohhhhh…how I have prayed for this moment! Most of my friends and family chastised me for warning them of the impending storm coming to correct an obstinate nation and a sleeping Church as far back as 2007…

    In December 2019, I was given a dream in which I was standing at the shore of the ocean. Someone was to my right side, but I could not make out who it was. Suddenly a huge tsunami headed towards the shore. I turned to run, and an angel floated by my left side and said: ***Seek Holy Spirit for revelation*** As I was running, a mountain appeared in front of me and I ran smack into it!

    The tsunami hit and I was swiftly taken up the side of the mountain. As I submerged, thousands of glowing bubbles swirled around and through me. As I began to awaken, I heard the words: ***A tsunami of demonic activity will soon hit the shores of America*** I was overtaken with an urgency to decree what I had heard. It was not taken seriously.

    I was told a Jeremiah type prophet was no longer needed today. I was not deterred, I continued to cry out with little or no acceptance. As the weeks passed, several well known prophetic voices gave soothing messages of coming blessings and prophesied that Covid would not enter the United States or have a major impact. I prayed, knowing they were wrong and many apologized later for getting it so wrong.

    They also said Trump would win in 2020, when he lost, many seemed to lose their ministry or slipped into the background. Another dream I had (to long to explain interpretation in this writing) in which I seen black SUV’s with blue flashing lights, then a black limo, then more SUV’s behind coming down a street called Headly Ave. (I disregarded the name at first, until I found the meaning was one being blessed with many leadership abilities)

    As the limo passed by, it became a dull red, with many rust holes. it stopped about 50 feet past me. The door opened, and President Trump stepped out and began walking towards me. When he was about five feet away, with a stern look on his face he said: ***Why didn’t you pray for me*** I was standing in the courtyard of a church building that had been shut down (which made sense as to who he was talking to)

    Approx. 40 million Christians did not vote in 2020, with approx. 15 million not registered back then! Maybe there were pockets of those who prayed diligently, but the Church as a whole seemed to be arrogant in thinking Trump was a shoe in. John Paul Jackson once said:

    ***If you do not pray for the president you need, you will get the one you deserve*** First Obama, then Biden (In a dream in 2012 he was president!!!) For another post… I have believed for some time, that there is always chaos before a mighty move of God. We are on the cusp of a (Jer. 1:10) season…Uprooting, tearing down… overthrowing, destroying…before we see building and planting…it is necessary, it is warranted, it will be cleansing.

    I will leave with words from Abraham Kuyper ***When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your call, and peace has become sin; at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and foe, with all the fire of your faith***

    I am so glad that you, Lance, Hank, Gene and the Flashpoint army are sounding the alarm. (though I believe many are just spectators at this time) they will soon see the urgency of the times we are in and raise their swords to the Lord of the Hosts and never be put to shame…be blessed, Dwayne…..><(("<

  18. Karen T Solano

    Thank you, Mario, for these words. They really encourage and embolden me. I am ready to face the storm and come out on the side ready to do whatever God requires of me.

  19. Mickey Holiday

    © Mickey Holiday 2021

    (Vs. 1) (E)
    I miss America what happened to the dream?
    I miss United States I’m looking for the team,
    They came from far across the sea,
    Pursuing heaven’s destiny,
    I miss the U. S. A. come back where you belong.

    (Vs. 2) (F)
    I miss America the land of liberty,
    I miss United States on this we can agree,
    There’s never been a greater place,
    So full of God’s amazing grace,
    I miss the U. S. A. let’s bring it back again.

    (Bridge 1) (F)
    I miss the anthem at the game, Ole glory doesn’t seem the same,
    For such a time as this we’re here to change the atmosphere __ .

    (Vs. 3) (G)
    Bring back America you’ve been away too long,
    Bring back United States together we are strong,
    Within dependence on the One,
    The only way for battles won,
    Bring back the U. S. A. and sing our song again.

    (Bridge 2) (G)
    We lift our voice and testify, We lift our hands to God most high,
    In God we trust and pray, and all the people say amen __ .

    (Vs. 4) (A)
    Rise up America and make it loud and clear,
    Rise up United States, the reason we are here,
    We’re rising up to take a stand,
    For all who need a helplng hand,
    Revive the U. S. A. let’s hear it one more time.
    (One more time)
    (Tag) (A)
    There’s never been a greater place, So full of God’s ama-zing grace,
    (Ending) (A) Come back America, let ev’ry-body shout Amen!
    Amen! Amen! Amen! A———–men!

  20. Lynn Watson

    Thank you for the clear message of what God is up to : resonated in my spirit.

  21. Cynthia M Rodriguez

    Thank you for being a strong man of God
    You don’t sugar coat sin or make your ministry about money. What I mean you teach us with the blogs but you never put a price to listen or to read it. I see what you are doing up north and I am praying you will come this way to Southern California Riverside /San Bernardino county. God bless you!!

  22. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, I have been feeling this…..and I have been so disturbed when I tried to talk to friends who say that I have been too sheltered. They tell me it is just normal now for young girls in high school and college to all be having sex and on the pill. I have said: “No—it is not normal—and the price they will have to pay will be terrible…..the diseases, the emotional trauma that will follow when the boys/men throw them away like an old pair of shoes for the next challenge.

    Sin is sin, and the high cost of sin breaks hearts and lives……Being popular to them is more important Right Now—-But what is ahead for them will be terrible.

    American cannot continue on this path……I have been “insulted” because I spoke out…But, I DID SPEAK OUT.

  23. Gracie

    Thank you for your strong words. Look here in the UK. I am saddened that we couldn’t get anyone just to go to our local Parliament to walk around and pray. We stand at the gates of this city calling on His name. We go to the homeless. Trying to talk to ministers, which saddens my heart has been futile. Take a good look – we now have a Hindu prime minister in power bringing his false gods to the forefront. Yet still the churches cling on, as you say making galse declarations because they bought a new building! They are so comfortable in their buildings with nothing going on outside of them. I would value your prayers for us. I’m sure there are others fighting in the area and I’m praying that we link up. I am in a large organisation and my son says we should just get out. I think he’s right. I always look forward to hear your voice – it is truth. As the word says there are many voices but there are so few to hear.

  24. Sandra Douglas

    Oh this is so perceptively true to the edification of the church to be lights in the pervasive darkness as kingdom watchers on the wall…balancing the huge imbalances with truth and prayerful study of God’s Word..
    Preparedness with Faith in the
    Integrity of God …He has entrusted us to be here for such a time as this…Carry on
    Mario …thank you for always steering the congregational ship back towards the Lighthouse built upon the Rock !
    Merry Christmas!!

  25. joe lapilusa

    God is NOT happy with the Depravity and the Leadership in our country! People are Sheep being lead to slaughter!

  26. Russell Bowman

    Long before this. Blog, I knew God would shake the tree to cause the fruit of this great harvest to fall on the ground for a gathering in of newly won souls. What folly is rabbits foot Christianity? If God severely chastised Germany for the holicost of 6 million Jews, how could he ignore the abortion of ten times more unborn children in this nation? We would be far worse off if God allowed this great national sin to continue until we experience a Sodom and Gamora type destruction. In deed, the great caldron in Yellowstone national park and two great fault lines are poised that could destroy this nation very quickly. So we continue to pray our nation repents in the face of this coming chastisement.

  27. Gracie

    Question: If the apostles thought Jesus return was imminent 2000 years ago why are so many saying he’s not coming back yet? And they’ve seen 50 years into the future? I’m not saying it isn’t so as im not prophetic but it is one of the most dangerous statements I’m hearing and leaving christians lethargic as they’ve got “plenty of time”. The apostles talked about the Lords return all the time so why is the prophetic voices discounting it now?

    • Kimberly Moore


  28. Ed lewis

    I’m with you Mario and that’s what I have been looking for for a while. My biggest dream is to see souls saved because I know both sides. The sinners side and now the saved side. Saved is much much better. That’s what I want to tell everybody that they don’t have to fret if they know Jesus. Love ya bro keep on keeping on

  29. Vicky Boiles

    Why have you not been on flash point ?

  30. Carolyn. Mcclanaham

    Why did u leave. FLASHPOINT? WE. MISS. U. VERY MUCH

  31. Esther Gibbs

    Amen is all I can say to all this! We in our small Gospel choir are seeing so much of this (both sides) in our individual lives and as the Lord sends us into churches and the market place to sing/speak/play/dance His message. We have deep Bible study times together and Holy Spirit moves us into deep times of worship and even correction which is a good thing. We r His children whom He loves and need course corrections so that we end up where He wants us to be. Same for this nation which I love so much. Thank u for ur newest book which I devoured as u pulled no punches. Wake up all God lovers!!

  32. Joey

    This message is greatly needed in this hour. I thank the Lord for your voice in this world today. This is from the throne, and we all should heed these words. You are one of the only watchmen left. We must pray for this Ministry and support it diligently. In the 1980’s I saw how God used you, I saw in the 90’s, how God used you, I saw in the 00’s how He gloriously restored your marriage and I see today how the hand of God is on your life. Thank you Mario for being obedient. Much love to you.

    • Kat

      Strongly agree with Joey.
      In the 70’s I was greatly influenced by your preaching and evangelism – I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and set my course to follow Jesus. He became and still is my “Best Friend” and the Holy Spirit became and still is my “True North Guide and Teacher.” Thank You Mario, God bless you with all His great blessings, and continue to guide you in “The Way” (God’s Way); Amen! You are a light and guide to us Christians encouraging us to have hope and great boldness for our God.

  33. Dan Lewiston

    Wow!!! So good!!!! The final thoughts of 1) Digging in the Word. 2) Self soul searching. & 3) Winning people to Jesus. What a plan of provision and guarantee of being in the absolute path of Gods Opportunity!!!

    I pray Bartow First Assmebly will accept this plan as a word from almighty God!!!

    Thank You MMM!!! May ALL of Gods greatest opportunity guide you in 2023!

  34. Val


  35. Catherine

    I thank you Mario for your honesty and I would agree that there is nothing more positive and full of faith than truth. Amen. There is a certain ministry/news show that many of us follow that seems lately to be walking the fence on truth-I sense they think discussing the harm the vaccines are doing is negative and not “Christmas-y.” My heart hurts as I am fighting losing respect and trust of them. Maybe it is about fundraising.

  36. Matthew Morgan Esau

    Merciful Greetings of Peace and Wellness to All of you. When are you coming to South Africa, especially Western Cape, more specifically Cape Town? The Holy Spirit has convicted me right now to invite you to Cape Town! We are still reeling under the burden and legacy of Apartheid reinforced by the LGBTQ brigade! We all need a massive wake-up call, both victims and assailants! Would definitely make myself available as a volunteer! Shalom! Pentecostal Anglican ‘incarcerated’ on KSB Mission, Malmesbury, Cape Town . Matthew Morgan Esau.

  37. Mary

    I agree with everything you’ve said. Hedonism rules in far too many Christian churches and homes. May God’s will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!

    • Kimberly Moore


  38. Nancy Luetchens

    Right on Mario Murillo!!! Stay strong
    Like you always have! Don’t leave the room quietly! Nancy Luetchens in Texas loves your truthful ministry!

  39. Conley Browm

    Ty for truth and great leadership. We press into the Lord as we fly the Israel, USA, APPEAL TO HEAVEN flags outside our log home and in our 90ft. Pine trees. We are NOT ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. We stand with you Mario and await the discipline of God to His church and the winning of souls in our family. NO COMPROMISE FOR CHRIST!. Brother and sister in Christ, Conley & NANCY Brown

  40. Helen Owen

    You truly are one of the very few evangelists that I follow in this hour.
    God has sent me back into
    Public school teaching. Praying for lost souls to come to the Lord.

  41. Kathy DeLuca

    Thank you for that honest and powerful word! I agree with you, and have stopped listening to many prophets who talk only about awesome days ahead, and no hardship. I’m digging into the Word, and praying for wisdom. Please pray for me that God would reveal his purposes for my life and the coming days ahead. God bless you and your team!

  42. CeCe Peden

    Thank you Mario for speaking the Truth boldly…..Its what we need.

  43. Joey

    Thank God for the watchman Mario Murillo. Love you. Let’s heed these words.

  44. Anthony Vitti

    Mario you are a true man of God I live in the North East I’m 85 years old I only wish that we had someone like you here
    to see in person that tell’s it like it is.
    God Bless You !!

  45. Lisa M.

    We need to be ready….
    Much to still be done before Christ returns…

    Thank you Mario, great truths!

  46. Marilou Libby

    Thankyou for

  47. Letha Schanlaub

    Amen and keep feeding souls with the word of our God…

  48. Pamela Parker

    Thank you for today’s blog. I appreciate reality. While I miss you on FlashPoint, I thank you for doing far greater work winning souls. Blessings! Pamela

  49. Beverly

    Thank you Jesus for your words through Mario. I pray that we all wake up and prepare for the storm and share the word to the lost souls and the love of are father( Jesus ).

  50. Tami Bonnell

    Bring on the storm! This Country needs God’s cleansing!!


    As I ended the read, it occurred to me to say “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…”. Deliver us Father from Your judgement which we deserve. We place our lives, our liberty and our livelihoods in Your hands as King David did. Pray we get what You will and not what we deserve. Thank you for your plan to correct and to give opportunity to save and to restore. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  52. Larry Lavallee

    Bring On The Storm LORD !! 🌪🌬
    Followed by The GREAT HARVEST 🔥🌞 See you in OCALA FL 2023

  53. Barbara Coyle

    Amen, Mario! Thank you for your clear voice in this hour. Very wise warnings. God bless you!

  54. Roy Patterson

    Thank You Brother Mario You are Great Voice For The Triumphant Church, Continued Prayers For Increase of The Anointing and The Fire of God Will Manifest In MMM.

  55. Ann Stout

    Mario, I do believe what you are saying. Right now and even more so in days to come, we have right here in America, all nations and tongues, what a time for revival right here right now. Then we will see what the enemy meant for evil, God means for good. What a time as this, to live in. And those who have turned their backs on God , will see the other nations calling out to Him and even they will become jealous and repent and we will see America saved!

  56. Mark Mecucci

    Mario, I would see you on TV panels with those false prophets and wonder why you were there. I knew you were a legitimate man of God and I praise God for your message of truth and warning. God has, over the years spoke to my heart that a time of darkness was coming and only those founded in His word and who remained close to Him through prayer would be able to see and not be deceived. He went on to say the darker it gets, the brighter the light of Christ would shine forth from those who remain faithful to Him. We must stand on His word and not compromise. His word remains true yesterday, today, and forever. You will become less popular with man, but more pleasing to the Lord, and that’s all that matters. May God continue to bless you and your ministry and keep you on the straight and narrow. A brother in Christ ✝️

  57. Molly Jennings


  58. Jocelyn Meredith

    In total agreement Mario! Love how you speak the truth!

  59. Renee Shaull

    Thank you, brother for this word! My husband Pastor Ric Shaull and I agree with you!

  60. DeAnna Wenzel

    Wow, thank you Mario for sharing your labor of love and for ministering to us! God’s Best to you and yours in 2023!

  61. Paul Doyle

    What a rare and much needed word of truth! Unapologetic and extremely clear instructions to the Church from the biggest soul winner in our country right now.

  62. Rich Chiero

    Do you have a sense of what this national storm will be comprised of? It’s origin or make-up?

  63. djkappleton24304

    Thank you Mario. Love your ministry. Merry Christmas. I’m looking forward to the fire of God’s glory. Fireworks leads to independence, and freedom. Thank you Jesus.

  64. Mike Briglia

    Thanks for the message.

  65. Michelle McClanahan

    My husband and I were less than 10 miles of the epicenter of the 6.4 earthquake in Humboldt. While our house bounced, rolled and jolted I thought let’s see what this house can do. I then heard the words “don’t be afraid “ and I had peace. My husband and I got up after the movement and examined the house.. NOT ONE CRACK IN OUR HOUSE! The house even leveled out better than it was before! A miracle from God. Our town was the most damaged. I have been rejecting the curses of satan and receiving the blessings of Jesus over myself, family and friends. Words are powerful! May everyone truly experience and know what Christmas truly is about! God Bless all of you in Jesus MIGHTY NAME!

  66. Marcus Maddox


    32This is what the Lord Almighty says:

    “Look! Disaster is spreading

    from nation to nation;

    a mighty storm is rising

    from the ends of the earth.”

  67. Brenda

    I’m grateful for the Truth. For me it is no coincidence that my Bible readings of today are in sync with your preaching of today St Luke Ch 6 being one of them. And 1st Corinthians Ch 1 being another, with verses 17 standing out, although the whole chapter strongly ministering to my soul. 17. For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.
    Jesus IS coming, and He’s generously given gifts to us that each of us will be called to account for in that day.
    So I ask all, Is Your Name Written, is it written in the Lambs book of life? Is your name written, is it written in the Lambs book of life? Oh the King, He’s a comin’ and He’s bringing His reward. Is your name written in the Book of the Lord?

  68. Marijane Thomas

    I follow Mario because he follows Jesus, no matter what.

  69. Sandra

    No truer words have ever been spoken since the WORD! Yes America will pay for murdering so many to satan! Yes the storm is coming but thank GOD I know where to Shelter the storm! I love HOLY SPIRIT! HE is my best friend! GOD bless you for being HIs true spokeman!

  70. Barbara

    Thank God for a servant of God who speaks truth to us in these unusual times.

  71. Yelena Arevalo

    How so interesting, God spoke to my heart yesterday same thing. Thank you for saying it aloud.

  72. Beverly Bogart

    THANK YOU, MARIO! I don’t feel like I’m losing my marbles now! For 10 years, I’ve been looking for a church that preaches the Gospel and not COTTON CANDY FLUFF! Whenever I try a new church, I usually end up saying to myself, “What in the world are they preaching?!” Now again, I’m back to watching good teaching on television on Sunday mornings. I’d rather be among flesh and blood believers, but they are far and few between nowadays. I can’t believe so many people sit and listen to some of the non-Gospel junk that’s being preached.

  73. ethyanne

    thank you again Mario, you set the standard high as it should be for all believers

  74. Howell Shaw

    Goats vs. Sheep. Matthew 25:31-46. I choose to be a sheep!

  75. Alejandro Jimenez

    Hi is there any prophets these days that are good to follow. I know what you are saying about everyone sharing there two cents. I have listened to a few good ones. But how do you know. I do read my Bible and Jesus is the King. But doesnt Jesus talk about signs and wonders too? Thanks for any input
    Gods Blessings!

    • Mario Murillo

      There are true prophets. Beware of those that make predictions and those predictions do not come true. Especially if they do not repent of the false prediction. Also, avoid those that suggest the Bible is not enough or that we cannot understand the Word without their help or their “Code.” Ture prophets are Bible-based and do not unduly rely of visions or heavenly visits.



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