God Visited the Tent in Colorado Springs

by | Jul 10, 2022 | Colorado, Mario Murillo Ministries | 109 comments

If you were in the Tent in Colorado Springs on this hot Sunday in July, you know God showed up in a mighty way.
The day began with a gathering of all Radiant Church services represented in one meeting under the Tent. Mario challenged the people, reminding them that they only had to be obedient to the call, and God was the One who would do the work. Mario closed out the morning session with a call for everyone to bring as many friends and neighbors as possible to the evening service. And did they ever come!
What to us still seems incredible, is quickly becoming the normal pattern. Hours before the scheduled start time, the Tent was overflowing with people. As I walked around the inside and the outside of the Tent, I saw people, individually and in groups, praying for the service.
The worship team took the stage nearly an hour early, while chairs were being set up outside of the Tent. The Destiny worship team brought down heaven as they began to worship, and the presence of God began to flow.
During worship, an army of young people wearing tee shirts that proclaimed “God favors the bold,” rushed the altar area to worship God. Their presence in the Tent brought something new that has not been there before in other meetings. It is important that we pass on the torch to the next generation. What happens in the Tent this week won’t be lasting, or enough, if there isn’t someone to pick up the mantel and continue it in the future.
When Mario took the stage, he immediately gave a short but impassioned plea for people to respond and find their way back to their Savior. When he asked them to raise their hands, I watched hands shoot up all over the Tent.
He then called them forward, and we experienced the largest response ever in the history of the Tent. There must have been 800 people stretched across the front from one side of that massive tent to the other. Even the aisles were filled!
It was a miraculous moment as we witnessed so many people surrendering to God and making Jesus Lord of their lives. I never tire of seeing the altars flooded with people, and I am always amazed at the size of the response. So many broken, hurting and lost people, finding the one Answer that will speak to every one of their needs!
After leading them in a prayer of salvation, they went outside to be ministered to by hundreds of volunteers. Events like these don’t happen without people responding to the calling of the Holy Spirit. About 1,800 volunteers came from all over this great nation to support the work, to be where God is, and to be a part of what God is doing.
After everyone had been prayed for, God showed up again! He began healing people. Mario called out several from the audience, and he spoke very specific words about what God was doing in their bodies. But there were also many hundreds who were touched by God, without a single word.
Mario told everyone to find someone near them who had their hand raised, and he said, “Place your hand on that person’s shoulder.” They prayed, and cries rang out across the Tent, as God healed them.
People who couldn’t walk, began to walk without pain or difficulty. Cancers were destroyed. Backs and hearts restored. A man who had a growth in his throat, and who had been unable to sing previously, was healed by the Lord Jesus during the closing worship song—and he was able to sing! He said he planned to go home and worship all night long.
We often speak of God doing ‘a new thing,’ but what has taken place in Colorado Springs is truly a new thing! This was the largest group of volunteers, the largest crowd, and the largest response for salvation in all the Tent meetings, so far.
God was in the Tent last night! And He will continue to be there every night. If you weren’t there, don’t miss the remaining three nights. If you can, come to the Tent and see with your own eyes what God is doing. Bring as many as you can with you.
Come, and receive the promises of God for your life!


  1. carol weiler

    wonderful work of God.. Keep it up Brother

  2. ggramma

    Hallelujah, Praise God for the mighty testimony of His Powerful presence, and Love !!

  3. Bette Towsley

    Thanking God for those who make themselves available for times of Godly spiritual messages and ministry such as this to reach those who “church” and those who don’t!

  4. Sherry Posse

    So beautiful!! I am so thankful to God for His love, mercy and glory that is shown in this meetings. Blessing on your staff and you Mario!

  5. Debra Y Clark

    Praise God!! I love to see young people loving God with all their hearts minds and souls!! That Double Rainbow!!!! God is AWESOME!!!!

  6. Gladys cope

    Praise our Lord!!

  7. james d turner

    praise god when mario speaks you can feel the glory

  8. Janece Herrington

    I sure wish I could find where to donate to your ministry and the awesome work you are doing! I can’t be there physically but I would like to partner with you in some way!

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank you! Just go to mariomurillo.org and click on icon that says Give. God bless you for helping us.

  9. Edwin Davison

    I wish I knew how large your tent is. It looks packed with people. Is it as large as the tent used by Jack Coe or A A Allen?

    • Mario Murillo

      19,000 square feet

  10. Apostle Chris wanyonyi

    Greatly blessed and appreciated thanks so much

  11. Sarah

    Praise Jesus for all that is going on!!!! He ALONE gets the glory!!!
    Jesus Christ lives inside of each born again believer! We don’t have to go somewhere else to “find” or “meet” God!! His promises are yes and amen to those who believe not because someone goes to a tent meeting!! Praise Jesus for Mario and his team of believing believers and for ALL that God is doing through them, but when the tent leaves then EVERY believer has the Holy Spirit and are joint heirs with Jesus Christ therefore the promises are theirs if they will put their faith in Jesus and His Word!!!!

  12. Brenda

    Double rainbow over the tent, Double Promise from God. Double Anointing, Double blessing! The rainbow belongs to God!

  13. Kim

    Glory, Glory, Glory !!
    The picture was Amazing too ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️



  15. Sandra

    So glad to hear this because this has been a prayer of mine and also asked others to pray. Have worked in this area with my husband years ago and love the city and also Denver. Such wonderful people and will forever remember Valley View Church of God! Pray the next 3 nights will be greater with more repentance! GOD Bless the tent revival! And so pleased with volunteers and pray God’s blessing on them all and the prayer warriors from South Korea!

  16. Raymond Luntz

    I was a volunteer at the Hanford Mario Murillo crusade in California…..

    I met Freddie at the crusade last night. (Monday, 21, 2022)
    I have been assigned to ADA parking which is next to the Main tent for obvious reasons. Some of the people have a hard time walking the 30 feet or so from the temporary driveway to the handicap seating, let alone the 200 feet or so from the ADA parking lot.
    Before I proceed with the story, I am compelled to remind the reader of Psalm 23. The Lord is our Sheppard. We, therefore, are his sheep. Many times throughout the scriptures his people are referenced as sheep. Sheep are really not that bright…….Moving on.
    Did I mention the ADA folks sometimes need to get out as close to the Main tent as possible? As fate would have it, this is the same location everyone else comes through to get to the tent.
    My job is to assess if the ADA folks can walk from the parking area or must get out directly in the main path to the tent. As I shout, with some authority, to the masses of sheep that are focused solely on getting in the tent and to a seat…..” Please stop…Please stop…Car coming though”. Freddie (whose name I now know) walks right behind me. Ignoring my bellows of warning, ignoring the rest of the crowd patiently waiting, Freddie walks directly by me and in front of the handicapped vehicle.
    My frustration level was high, but everything worked out fine with no physical contact.
    After filling the main ADA lot with cars, things slow and I wait to move to my next assignment. I noticed Freddie coming back from the restrooms. The spirit led me to talk to Freddie.
    As I approached Freddie I noticed he was about 7 feet tall. Having grown up with a few gang friends, I also noticed he had the special walk. He was hiding his tattoos under his shirt. Freddie towered over me. I was led to ask “When did you receive Jesus”. In a moment his countenance changed. He said; “I asked Jesus into my heart a year ago. I was water baptized, and then the Holy Spirit came. I did drugs (he named names I can’t remember…a lot of drugs). I did alcohol and was in a gang. But Jesus changed my heart and I’ve been sober for a year now!”
    I no sooner told him what a great testimony he was for the Lord than he broke a bit and asked me for a hug. As we embraced he quickly told me he loved me. I guess he never had a short, fat, old white guy praise him for his testimony before?
    What a blessing. For a moment I hugged the love and power of God to change a heart. I met Freddie.

  17. Mary Gary

    It was beautiful to witness from my living room sofa. So many hungry souls, across denominational lines. Every broken person needs God’s healing in their lives.

  18. walaitis

    God is awesome,

  19. Marilyn

    I am so thankful that God is moving in such a way in Colorado Springs!!!

  20. Harry Leverett

    awesome god.

  21. Teresa

    Praise God for the awesome report! May God and his angels protect and guide everyone who served the Lord Jesus to make this happen. The harvest is truly white and ready.

  22. mbunfried1

    Thank you Jesus.

  23. d48day

    Hallelujah Mario thank you for your faithfulness when you coming back to the Bay Area looking forward to that 🙏

  24. STP

    Praise God for all the work He is doing in Colorado Springs! And for the young people who rushed the altar area to worship! Let’s pray God continues to raise up the young. As you say,

    What happens in the Tent this week won’t be lasting, or enough, if there isn’t someone to pick up the mantel and continue it in the future.

  25. Marcus Maddox

    Good! Thank you Father in Jesus Name

  26. Charles Miville

    Mario, worked with you when l hosted Frontline with Chuck Miville in the 90s

    Read your Vessels hog Glory 3. Times! PYL!

  27. Patricia Kibler

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah Our God reigns!!!!

  28. addedperspective2020

    Praying for each night to see more salvation’s, more healing and more being delivered! Praying for God to bring revival to ALL of America!

  29. Sharon Ivy

    God is awesome and pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh

  30. Rebecca

    Unstoppable!! Praise Jesus!!

  31. Collin R Williams

    Thank you Jesus and thank you Mario and the whole team of volunteers.

  32. judy fosburgh

    Last night was absolutely, incredibly, miraculously, beautiful! God worked in so many mighty and profound ways to bring souls back home to God and healing miracles were abundant!

  33. Mary Hodnett

    awesome,wish i could have been there.

  34. Linda Stewart

    Amen to God be the glory !

  35. Pamela Christian

    Please! You can’t post an amazing picture such as the rainbow over the tent without explanation. Anxious to hear the timing, details, situation, etc. when this occurred.

  36. Debra Phillips

    AMEN!! Thank you, JESUS, Praise, glory, honor to the Lord Jesus our King!!

  37. Mari Williams

    Glorious! Praise The Lord GOD Almighty! A double rainbow over the tent! Magnificent! Massachusetts needs you, Mario!

  38. Dorothy Champion

    Praise Jesus and thank you Mario for obeying Jesus and using your spiritual gifts to glorify Jesus and to love and serve others. Ponder His Promises and be blessed brother!

  39. Bill Weldon

    Praise Jesus for all the volunteers, Mario and his staff and all those who surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ; and to those who were healed and in dwelt by the Holy Spirit. May they grow in their faith and never lose hope in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  40. Raymond Frizzelle

    Praying Thank you for sharing the report. Expecting more & more

  41. Donald Richard Gaunder

    All praise and glory and honor belong to the LORD! Continue Father to glorify yourself by glorifying your Son Jesus through salvation and deliverance and healing of bodies and souls through the working of your Good Spirit! Anoint your servant Mario, give him your heart, mind and words to speak in Jesus’s name! Draw many tonight and every night, bring them from the North, South, East, and West, to freedom through the blood of Jesus and His victory over Satan, sin and death because of His resurrection from the dead! We thank you and praise you, our LORD!

  42. Fay Adams


  43. grams10

    Sure need ya’ll to come to Jackson, Mississippi! Sooo many killings and not alot of hope…….such division! Our church has been praying for a tent revival!!

  44. Betty G Bazzle

    I looked for it on U Tube last night but i guess it will be there later. always enjoy

    • Mario Murillo

      It will be live on our Mario Murillo Ministries Facebook page

  45. Kathy

    Awesome God!

  46. David Ruleman

    Come to Vero Beach Florida

  47. CoraLee Baughman

    Praise God, I Shall continue to pray for His abundant blessings for Colorado Springs.

  48. Trudy Roberts

    It was awesome! Both my husband and I were there. If this ministry comes to your area don’t miss it!

  49. Betty Bielser

    I’m looking forward to seeing Mario Murillo in Fort Worth during Flashpoint Live

  50. coloradorobert

    Not sure if we can go because of our brain damaged Grandson who needs 24 hour care but we Love Mario and believe that God is using him and the ‘Flashpoint tv show,’ in a mighty way. Keep it up.

  51. Trudy Roberts

    It was awesome! Both my husband and I were there. If this ministry comes to your area don’t miss it!

  52. Marlene Nichols

    I am so blest by this. Takes me back to when I experienced the power of the Lord in your crusade in Calvary Community Church! God has had His hand on you, Mario, all these years for such a time as this!

  53. Kevin McNamara

    Awesome, I live in Alaska but I listened to your message yesterday morning. It was wonderful and very uplifting. I have truly been blessed by God recently, I had major back surgery which was very successful and for that I thank God every day. My Dr is a spiritual man and in his off time does pilgrimages to Africa offering his services to the needy. I am so blessed to have him in my life and very blessed to have God in my life.

  54. Marleen

    Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!!

  55. Naomi Fahrenkrug

    I am so blessed to hear what Gods doing in Colorado Springs!! I love that city and I love what God is doing through Mario Murillo Ministries!!

  56. Sharon K Humbach

    I cannot get there. My car was stolen. My grandson was run over by a driver running a red light. I cannot get there for prayer. Father, please, I am at a distance but distance is nothing for You. Heal my grandson. Father Cody had just started turning to You; Father save my grandson.

  57. Ray Martinez

    Thank You Lord for Blessings your Peoples…Thank You MMM and All other Staff and Volunteers…

  58. Vivian Balfour

    Amazing: love the rainbow over the tent! God is soooo good!

  59. Loretta Gama

    I volunteered , was on the Intercession prayer part! God IS Amazing! What a Blessing to partake of this Great Miracle from God!! God Bless you brother Murillo for your obedience to Our Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name ! This is an Answered Prayer!! 🙏🙌🙌🙏✝️
    I also watch you on Flashpoint! You guys Are Awesome!!👏👏👏👏🙏🙌🙏

  60. James Smith

    What I just read and saw was beautiful. You know that Colorado Springs needed this move of God Thank God for bringing this event here. The 3rd awakening is happening. Praise God and give Him the glory!

  61. Ginny Harder

    Praise the Lord for the great things He is doing

  62. Linda Safir

    God’s Glory. Continue Holy Spirit to bring them in. We love hearing about it and seeing the pictures.

  63. Verna C Dimaio

    Praise the LORD for His faithfulness and love 💝

  64. Tony Pearson

    Thank God for a man who will listen and obey God. May the anointing of God increase over the next three nights as you preach the word. Signs, wonders and salvations as Holy Spirit hovers inside the tent. Let the boldness of God be on the words as you speak from the heart of God.🙏

  65. Dwayne Desmarsis

    I was in the tent when the two rainbows appeared. The picture here does not show what I saw…there was a foot at the bottom right hand corner. I then heard the Lord say: ***A place to rest the soles of my feet***

    I was undone…

  66. mrsbmp

    To God be all the glory. Fill the whole earth dear Lord….we worship your precious, holy name!

  67. cindy cantrell

    God is doing amazingthings . I am glad to be alive to see it

  68. yeshua7778@gmail.com

    PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, LET THE EARTH HEAR HIS VOICE; PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, LET THE PEOPLE REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Julie Hill

    Wow!!!! such a great response to the Holy Spirit moving there in Colorado! Praise God! keep up the great work Mario and team and all the volunteers!!

  70. Mina Ruiters LIVE

    We are praying for you from South Africa.
    Trusting God for Hab 3v2 & Zech 10v1 to manifest each of the session.

  71. Pattie Perry

    do you ever come near Monterey, Calif?

    • Mario Murillo

      Would love to if leaders can get together.

  72. Lare Mitchell

    What a blessing. We will be there Tuesday and Wednesday. We can not wair

  73. gege4god


  74. JoanneGinger Vaccarella

    I pray I could go but are without a car. GOD bless you and please please PRAY for me. Amen.

  75. Cylinda Hair

    This is the Holy Spirit at work!! The fires of revival are burning! Thank you Bro. Mario for following God’s calling!!

  76. Clay Copeland

    Awesome report. Praise God. Unbelievers should go and listen. Then make a choice “ is this something you want or not “. Don’t look at the past of what what some church or its members or even a preacher told you or offended you with statements like You are going to Hell, or most folks ONLY attend church on Easter & Christmas”. That is better than nothing. After listening to Mario make your own decision. No one there is going to be ramming something down your throat. Listen and receive. No one has sinned so much that you can’t be forgiven. God loves you people!!!

  77. Betty Caraker

    Thank you Jesus!!

  78. Ernie Felzien

    Amazing amazing ! We attended Sunday night as it was the only night my wife and I would be able to make it. We traveled like so many just to sit in anticipation of what God is doing in our state. We watched young and old alike give their hearts to Christ ! As we watched with tears of joy we saw an entire families come forward to accept a walk with Jesus. So glad to be a part of what God is doing in our State and the Nation.

  79. Genevieve

    Thank you for sharing this marvelous update. I was supposed to be there as a prayer minister volunteer but I’m battling long covid particularly lack of stamina, which prevented me from attending at the last minute. So sad to miss this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Volunteers and Team Mario, you are all in my prayers.

  80. Maryruth Drescher

    Praise God Mario you are doing a wonderful thing for God keep up and I will pray for you.
    The interssors heard from god to also Pray for Israel Tuesday and Wed to fast one meal and pray pray for they feel trouble.

  81. NickT

    Amen, praise God!

  82. Eric

    Praise you Yaweh Hallelujah
    I am 69 year old divorced male. Love Jesus so much.
    I am waiting for a spiritual, physical and financial breakthrough. God made a promise to me 8 years ago. I am still waiting as patiently as possible for Him yo come through. I.pray for you Mario and your ministry every day! I am so excited!

  83. Renae Paris

    It was amazing! Tonight chairs were scattered all over the hill in front of the tent as well as rows of chairs all around the tent.

  84. Mary Anne Burns

    All praise to God! What a mighty show of His Holy Spirit moving! Thanks for letting us know, Mario.

  85. Judith Strode

    Praise God!!! Thank you Mario and team for your awesome ministry and service. It’s only begun!! 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  86. Kathy Erickson

    That’s such a blessing to here

  87. Paul Rosenfeld

    Glory to God! God bless you, Mario Murillo and all the great volunteers!

  88. Darcie

    Come to Cascade Idaho. We’ll host your tent!

  89. Alissa Christi

    YES!! I was there as a Volunteer for the Prayer Team Sat & Sun- Monday I went to the tent and brought my mother- and we will go again tomorrow And that Double Rainbow is True – We all took pictures- it ws the Most Vibrant Rainbow we had Ever seen– God’s Blessing on us!! Thank you, Jesus- You are SO Loved and Appreciated- Thank you for bing our God!!

  90. Darrell McFarland

    So thrilled to see God moving in such beautiful ways! Our prayers are with your meetings Mario! Also so happy to see him stirring the hearts of our young people! Blessings!!

  91. Tracy

    I was at the tent on Sunday night and God surrounded us! Mario’s message was what I needed to hear. It was amazing to witness God’s harvest and healing. God healed my lower back pain! The last picture represents how I was feeling in that tent – God is shining His light on us! Praise God for the harvest and healing. Thank you Mario for teaching God’s Word, thank you to the churches and staff that helped make this revival happen, and thank you to all of the prayer warriors and the selfless volunteers. God is doing amazing things in Colorado Springs!

  92. Janet Davis

    Our God is a mighty God. Praying over each meeting that all will see his mighty works and turn to him. May hearts, minds, bodies and souls be healed.

  93. Colorado Patty


  94. 502-593-3529, Gary Gabbard

    I was very impacted by brother Mario’s interview
    With the lady asking questions. David Wilkerson
    And billy Graham came alive in that interview.
    I believe it was succinct and very touching. The
    Present revival is astounding. I am also very
    Very touched by Bro Mario’s words about his
    Wife’s impact . I am very grateful to my late
    Friend Joyce Blankenship. She went home
    To be with the Lord about a year ago. She gave
    Me a head start on the man Mario Marillo.
    30 years ago she gave me tapes of you and
    Other ministers. I had been praying for a
    Minister I never met. And I met you for the
    First time at Bob Rogers church in Louisville

    Mario, thanks

  95. JoAnn netta

    Praise God 🙌for He is Mighty 👏👏👏we are in store for many more Mighty gatherings, prepare yourselves , prepare get ready ♥️

  96. Donna

    I received a healing Monday night for essential tremors at the Colorado Springs Tent Revival online. I’ve had this condition for 25 years and had many people pray for me. To God be the glory!

  97. Helen

    Joy and Thanksgiving!! Praise His Holy Name!

  98. Nancy Rietow


  99. Geoffrey Webster

    God’s blessing demonstrated by the double rainbow. Praise Him!

  100. ali

    PRAISE THE LORD…………………..

  101. Kathy Weimer

    Love to listen to Mario!

  102. Obasoro Akindele

    Praise God

  103. Evelyn

    God is great!! Thank you Mario for bring his servant. Come to Severn, Maryland!!

  104. Jacqui Brokaw

    God Bless Mario M. and all who helped with this event. God bless and disciple those who gave their life to God in this event.

  105. Danny Lake

    I want to cry and thank God for what is happening in the tent. Thank you to everyone for hearing God and moving when called.



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