God Did a Mighty Work in Colorado

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Colorado, Mario Murillo Ministries | 58 comments

Just like last night, Monday night was another night to behold, as God showed up and did many mighty works.
The evening began with black clouds overhead, and although it did rain briefly, it stopped well before the meeting began. But the threat of rain did not deter the people from showing up. More than two hours early, the Tent was filling quickly.
The rain let up, the sun began to shine, and with an hour to go before the 6:30 starting time, the Tent was completely filled. An additional 1,000 chairs had to be set up in the surrounding areas outside of the Tent, and they were filling up as well. In all, there must have been 4,000 – 5,000 people inside and out. What a blessing to see so many people hungry for a move of God in their lives and in their communities.
Once again, the worship team from Destiny arrived and brought down heaven. The anointing on them is clear. God uses them to reveal Himself to His people, and we respond in awe. It is not a concert under the Tent, it is holy awe and a desire for the presence of God.
The young people, as they had last night, came forward and filled the area in front of the platform, as the first notes rang out. Their fervor was infectious and soon many adults and families joined them. We felt a powerful presence of God in the Tent.
Right at 6:30, Mario took the stage and immediately began a plea for souls. This is what I love about Mario, whatever else he does, or is a part of, it always comes back to reaching the lost.
Mario began by telling a story. He spoke of a little girl who has been kidnapped. He described what it would be like if you happened to come upon her alone in a park. Her captor is nowhere to be seen. Would your response be to reason with her on an intellectual level about the merits of leaving with you to go to a place of safety? Perhaps entering into a debate about why it would be best for her to come with you?
Heavens, no! You would approach her and say, “You don’t know me, but I know you. And I don’t have time to explain to you why, but you need to come with me, now!” And you would usher her to a safe place away from her captor, and toward those who can help return her to her parents.
Mario went on to say that, in the same way, we have to stop apologizing for telling people they are lost and in desperate need. Instead, we must begin to grab them out of the enemy’s camp and bring them to a place of safety.
He then invited people to raise their hands if they wanted to make Jesus their Lord. He first asked them to stand up and, finally, to come forward. About 800 people responded. It was such a beautiful sight to again see all those souls stretched from one side of the Tent to the other, and the full length of the aisles.
After Mario prayed with them, they left the Tent to be ministered to by hundreds of volunteers. I followed the crowd outside and was blown away as I saw the line of people stretched clear around the Tent. What a beautiful sight!
As the people were leaving, God directed Mario’s attention to a young woman on his left, who had responded to the altar call and who needed healing in her body. She had suffered from cancer, and Mario ministered to her, saying, “The doctors have put an expiration date on your life. But the Holy Spirit is tearing that label off of you. And God is removing the poison from your body.” Tears of joy were coursing down her face as God miraculously healed her.
Mario then began to speak from the passage in Mark 6, about the time Jesus was in His hometown and was unable to perform miracles.
“Now He could do no mighty work there, except that He did lay His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He marveled because of their unbelief.” (Mark 6:5-6a).
Because the people knew Jesus as one of their own, their familiarity created a lack of awe and respect for Who He truly was. And their unbelief prevented Him from performing any great works.
Mario then showed the contrast at the end of that same chapter, Mark 6, where the people of Gennesaret responded when they heard He was coming. They brought all the sick and they were all healed:
“And when they came out of the boat, immediately the people recognized Him, ran through that whole surrounding region, and began to carry about on beds those who were sick to wherever they heard He was. Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well” (Mark 6:54-56).
All of a sudden, miracles began to break out all over the Tent, and many, many amazing healings took place. Cancers disappeared, legs were strengthened, migraines destroyed, fear and despair vanished.
While Mario was focused on the healings taking place in one part of the Tent, a cry rang out on the opposite side. There, a woman raised up out of her wheelchair and began slowly walking to the front and across the area in front of the platform. With each step, you could see strength come into her legs, and her walking became easier.
Toward the end, Mario asked everyone who had been healed to stand up. He then called on a man who was standing to his left. Mario began to list all the things that were wrong in this man’s body: his eyes, ears, neck, back, legs, bones, knees, and feet—and he especially emphasized that the man’s heart and pancreas were being healed. It was later revealed that he could not walk without pain, and yet, as he left, he was able to run!
Mario closed out the night with this powerful prayer:
“Father in the name of Jesus and for the glory of God. I’m asking you Lord, to begin to heal. To begin to heal every person in this room. And to do it Lord, for your glory and for your Name that is above every name. And I thank You, that you are doing this supernatural miraculous thing by the hand of God. Amen.”
Let me invite you: If you want to see the power of God moving, it is not too late. There are still two more nights for this Crusade. Come and be a part of history, as God pours out His love on His people!


  1. Eva Brooks

    Jesus, please heal me! You know what is wrong and what I’d want healed!

    • Wayne

      Mario, I’m stepping out in faith on this one…. If you have a witness please publish… please do not publish if you do not have a witness in the Spirit.

      Eva, the healing you need goes much beyond the physical and into the spiritual and emotional. You are in need of emotional and mental healing from years and years of childhood abuse, which continued into young adulthood. Your physical problems are a direct result of the bondage you feel in your spirit. On top of everything else you’ve been diagnosed as schizophrenic and bipolar and are on medication. These episodes have ruined your relationships. Right now, in Jesus’ name, BE LOOSED from this bondage in your mind and spirit! Be gone devils of hell and loose her in the name of Jesus! Physical issues resulting from this bondage BE GONE! Eva, give Jesus the glory He deserves and thanks and praise for your deliverance! Dabble in the occult NO MORE! Find a good Bible believing church and get involved… fellowship with fellow Christians. Praise the Lord Jesus for your new found freedom!! In the blessed name of Jesus YOU ARE FREE!!

    • Ethyanne Andres

      Please make your way closer to San Diego.

    • Paul Gruber

      God Bless you Mario, I wish you would do a crusade in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM. I pray blessings on your ministry and believe God is going to heal my daughter Melanie of heart issues (abnormal heart rythyms) due to covid and my daughter Heather of fainting ( vasovagal syncopathy) and that all our children will be saved. Thank you Jesus

  2. Adorie (Dody) Jean Aldrin

    I wish it were being broadcast.

    • Mario Murillo

      It is on our Facebook page Mario Murillo Ministries

      • Kat

        I have pictures of the beautiful rainbow from Sunday night that covered your tent. It was a double rainbow!

      • Hilda

        A lot of people do not have Facebook. I kept getting kicked off like most Christians and I think ministries should stop using FB

      • Angelina Gracia

        My daddy Carlos needs a miracle. He’s been told of 3 severe problems that I won’t speak the words, but he needs a supernatural miracle today!

    • Julianne Evans

      Go to Fb it will be there you can watch all the nights on Mario Murillo Fb pg.

  3. Wordforworld

    Blessed be God Most High !!!

  4. Patty

    Will you be coming anywhere near Minnesota? Such a spiritual drought in the part of the country.

  5. patdikeman

    It was a night of glory…everyone smiling & meeting each other.
    People are still being healed…mine is gradual. Other miraculous healings are being filmed.

  6. Eric

    Rev 12:11 “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

  7. Jean

    Mario, I have watched Colorado Springs the past two nights and have been overwhelmed with joy and tears as I watched healing happen. Monday night as the meeting closed and I was on my way to bed the fear of my awful leg cramps that hit me every night suddenly overwhelmed me. I put my hands on my legs and said to Jesus “I’ve just watched you heal people in much worse condition as my leg cramps. Would you please heal my legs?” MARIO, I HAVE SLEPT BOTH MIGHT SINCE WITH NO LEG CRAMPS. TO MY MIGHTY HEAVENLY FATHER IS THE GLORY. I AM HEALED. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  8. Collin R Williams

    Praise God.

  9. Mary

    I was there Monday and Tuesday night and heard MM invite people who wanted more freedom/fullness in their lives AND SALVATION to stand up and come forward. My born again friends stood up. Does the 800 number reflect all salvation responses or everyone that wanted prayer?

  10. Simon says

    When they are saying: here is the Christ or there He is in the upper room or there (in the tent) do not believe them…
    Where does it say in the Bible that we need or should go to go to a church, building temple or into some tent to be healed or saved by God.
    SHOW ME HIS EVIDENCE not man’s.

  11. Simon

    Come and See… read the book of revelation. It’s in there.

  12. Frances Hamilton

    Praying every night for salvations and healings in the Tent from eastern NC

  13. addedperspective2020

    Love to hear these awesome testimonies of God’s love and healing, we are seeing true revival breaking out, may it sweep across al of America.

  14. Natalie G.

    I am so very thankful to God for Colorado Springs and the hundreds and hundreds of people the Spirit drew to your tent! Jesus was there powerfully and now many are healed and saved! I lived in CS from 2010-2014 and how that state needs our God! Thank you, Mario! Jesus works miracles through you, beloved servant.

  15. Mark Hagey


  16. Mary

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  17. Mary Wilson

    I’m always so joyful after reading these blogs! What an inspiration to us all, that which is so needed in these times. Thank you for sharing Mario.

  18. Terri Tebbetts

    I’m locked out of Facebook. Any other means? Thank you.

  19. AweGirl

    Thank you, Father. It is so obvious how much you love people. Your love is reckless for your inheritance. Thank you for sharing and stirring the fire in me. God bless this ministry.

  20. Prodigal48

    I need healing. Jesus knows. And my husband needs saved and healed.

  21. Gastelum Gastelum

    Jesus dijo, yo me someto de mi propio grado , a los dolores de la pasion y a la cruz. Yo no soy solamente un hombre, si no Dios perfecto y un hombre perfecto. Soy eterno y no hay mas Dios que yo. Me he convertido en el salvador de los hombres , por virtud de .mi amor hacia ellos, y vivo en toda hora , siempre y eternamente. Gracia Mario.

  22. Angela Cherochak

    Please pray for my son Nathan. He is lost and needs Jesus as his Savior. I am so desperate. As a mom, I pray for him every day and am so depressed because I know God has a better life for hi. I’m praying for a miracle!!! He is also in financial slavery with student loan debt with no end in site. Please ask God to set him free. He feels like there is no way out of this horrible situation. He suffers from depression and anxiety and has had problems with drug addiction. He is only a young man and needs help. I pray that Jesus goes after this lost sheep in a mighty way.

  23. Catherine Delgado

    plz pray for granddaughter husband Michael-is 30 yrs old, has 7 lesions on brain-Drs said MS- but me Grandma prayed over him & shared gospel-young man w/wife & 1 daughter & 2nd on the way (boy)

  24. Julie

    Please pray for our nation to be healed from hatred towards the unborn.

  25. Leslie McCowan

    Praise God! I love hearing about new believers and healings coming to people. Even more exciting to me is the participation of young people. Lord, please continue to do a mighty work in their lives. May they become your voice in this country! Let the young people come and reach the old.

  26. Bernadette

    Dear Brother Mario, like many I became more familiar with you through flashpoint. Experiencing how God works through you makes me weep. I may not be able to attend your meetings, but I just purchased your newest book and some older teachings. This was one way I could both contribute and gain wisdom. God Bless You and Keep You

  27. Brenda Bounds

    All Praise Honor and Glory goes up to our Abba Father. For loving us so much. Thank u Mario, for being a willing vessel. And thank you volunteers for being His hands and feet. Lord, in your timing let Mario, bring revival to Alabama.We love you Jesus and we love you Bro. Mario. God bless Israel and the United States. Peace, Hope, Amen

  28. Paul Veldman

    To God be the Glory!

  29. Bridgette

    I just love Jesus

  30. Catherine Williams

    Ordered my book June 30, 2022 and have not received. Pray for neighbor that is 27 and cancer is all over her body has moved to her brain.

    • Mario Murillo

      Sorry for the delay. It is on its way. Thank you for your patience.

  31. cathy rich

    Dear Saints please pray for brother-in-law diagnosed with cancer

  32. Gracie Singleton

    Praise God!!!

  33. Steven W. Honeycutt

    Brother Mario! I believe with all my heart that when you Pray” That Father God in the Name of Jesus that he will Heal my right shoulder and right arm of nerve damage, or what ever else is wrong( Steven) That he will heal my wifes left shoulder and left arm(Doris) and make us every bit whole in our total being by the Mighty Power of God” RIGHT NOW “

  34. Elizabeth Tramontano

    Reconciliation with my son and daughter families

  35. tajana2222

    Reading from Croatia, and watching your programs. Through your preaching of the Word, God created in me such deep hunger for HIm and His ways. I am so grateful.

  36. Shauna Miller

    Praise God! Praises to our awesome wonderful gracious merciful powerful God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah Jesus!!!

  37. Iris Hunter

    Our God is an awesome God!!! We would like you to come to Canada, Mario. God bless you!!

  38. Elyce Mouskondis

    Thank you Lord for the healing of hearts and bodies in Colorado Springs. Now Lord I ask You to pour out Your Holy Spirit and bring into Your body those that the enemy has held captive in Jesus’ name.

  39. kjfinken

    About a year or so ago, Kenneth Copeland said the tent anointing is back, I’d say so!! TY Mario for allowing God to use you up! Praise our Mighty God!!!

  40. phyllis fernandez

    I thank God for you Mario. I love all your messages. I am blessed by them. I give Jesus all the glory for so many being helped.. Hallelujah

  41. Laurie johnson

    Mario would you consider Eugene Oregon?
    Please pray for Jason Hoyt. Complete deliverance from drugs

  42. Wesley Sims

    I enjoy your ministry so much. I was in one of your meetings in the 80’s at Grace Christian Center Killeen Texas!

  43. Sandra

    To GOD be the glory! For HE loves the world! Glory to HIS NAME!

  44. Jo Ann Ray

    Amazing. Praises go to The Good Lord and our sweet Father!!!

  45. Glynn-Kay C Runyan

    My husband is suffering from Lewy Body dementia and Parkinson’s disease. He is only 70 and was such a healthy, athletic type person who is now barely able to keep from falling down when he tries to walk with a walker and has to be in a wheelchair. He is in constant pain. Please pray for God to heal him. His name is Sid.

  46. Dennis Stirk

    I beleive we are entering a time of harvest and miracles described by Joel

  47. Lettie Dios

    Lord Jesus i ask that you heal my twin brothers Omar and Javier and restore them wholly from their sickness, thank you lord Jesus in your name I pray amen🙏🏼

  48. Nancy

    One night standing outside I heard a lady in front of me speaking to 2 other ladies, “God is in control of everything.” I lightly tapped on her shoulder and said, “The Bible says, God Rules, Reigns and Commands. Let me explain. God does NOT control pedophiles to kidnap innocent children and abuse them, nor control thieves to take and steal, or control murderers to kill. These things oppose God’s WILL, WORD, TRUTH, LOVE & PLAN HE HAS FOR US. He does NOT control what we think, speak, or act. He has given us FREE WILL to choose.” She responded; “Yea, BUT God controls.”
    Many people become ‘parrots’ of what they hear from the pulpits and repeat what is NOT TRUE never understanding. People, GET OUT OF THESE DEAD CHURCHES! Some are following men and doctrine of men instead of following The LORD and TRUTH. Those who do NOT speak the full GOSPEL TRUTH and take a STAND will FALL and those who listen to them!
    ‘WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS THERE IS LIBERY.’ Liberty is FREE, Freedom from oppression, tyranny, or domination of a government NOT FREELY CHOSEN, or the state of being FREE FROM CONFINEMENT. Liberty is release as from bondage or slavery.
    Shortly after inside the tent Mario came forward and spoke, “Listen, God is NOT in control!” He just spoke a Word of Knowledge confirming what I spoke to her outside the tent. God is NOT a person that He should lie. There is NO lie in Him only TRUTH, because He IS TRUTH. Listen to The ONE SPIRIT THAT LED JESUS AND RAISED HIM FROM THE GRAVE.
    If it is NOT IN THE WORD….. RUN!
    We each must ask ourselves, What and Who are we listening to today? Why? Because what we focus on the longest will become the strongest in our daily thoughts, words and actions. To those who are looking for HIS RETURN and seeking The KINGDOM OF GOD will find what they seek after having hope for their own SALVATION with fear and trembling.


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