Make sure your decision about Disney is final because their decision about you is final.

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Faith In Action, Mario Murillo Ministries | 46 comments

Disney parks are never, ever again going to refer to your children as boys or girls. Disney is not going to bow to moral pressure, no matter how intense it gets. No matter how far their stock price drops and regardless of how much business they lose. The die is cast for Disney.
The LGBTQ+ agenda of Disney is not a business model; it is an ideology. A Leftist ideology. The ideology that now drives Disney follows a classic pattern. It is a Kamikaze approach. It says, “We do not care if this does not work. We are committed to the agenda.”
Thomas Sowell said, “The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political Left is that they do not work. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find the Left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.” Disney now believes its ideals do not have to work—they are going to double-down on them, regardless. It is not about surviving.

The LGBTQ+ agenda of Disney is not a business model; it is an ideology.

The Disney cult leaders believe they transcend other businesses. In their minds, The Walt Disney Company, dwells on a lofty plane of virtue that exempts them from marketing realities.
They are convinced they will never need another dollar from Christians, conservatives, or parents who are outraged. They believe that an alternate universe exists, where the people who share their ideology, will fund them: because ‘it is the right thing to do,’ and not because they provide the best available product.

They will not even bother to answer your valid questions about their toxic behavior. They have stated that they will fire anyone on their team who does not agree with their assault on children. It is classic Leftist behavior.

They are convinced they will never need another dollar from Christians, conservatives, or parents who are outraged.

Again, quoting Thomas Sowell, “In a sense, the political Left’s attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate, are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy.”
The takeover of The Disney Company, like the takeover of our classrooms, was a coup planned long ago. What a prize! What a masterstroke for the side of evil—to take over our children and bring down our nation.
The nostalgia of a happy walk with their children down Disney Main Street, surrounded by patriotic themes is gone forever. Memory Lane has been plowed under. It has been paved over and turned into the road to perdition.
These facts leave you with a simple choice. You must make your decision to dump all things Disney a permanent choice. It cannot be based on emotion or on the false hope that your boycott will bring them to their senses. They have no senses. They have an ideology.
What will happen to the ideologues at Disney? If necessary, they will go down with the ship.
Make your decision about Disney final, because their decision about you is final.





  1. cs1

    Disneyland a place that wants your money but tell you how to raise your own children. Nothing says reality like the place of make believe.

    • Brenda

      God has turned them over to reprobate mind

    • Marleen Frye

      This nothing new! This has been going on for decades! I had to monitor everything from Disney that my children watched. I watched it along with them and found things that I was against! When I saw anything I would make them turn it off. Shame on Disney for trying to destroy the children.

      • Grant Perry

        As in the Lord of ALL TRUTH; tie a literal and virtual MILL STONE around…every morsel every crumb Disney in the depths g

    • Marleen

      Well said! Thank you, brother Mario. Praying for your ministry. To God be the glory!

  2. twistingtruth

    They have always been this way. I have seen people post that Walt would be turning in his grave, but no, he hired homosexual artists because he thought they were more creative and had a good eye for color. This is nothing new, but a reaping of what has been sown. Twenty years ago when internet was getting into homes as entertainment instead of just used in business, there were forums where finding hidden phallic symbols in Disney movies and sharing “where to look” was a game. And those were OLD movies even then, “Fantasia” the animated musical from 1940 is filled with images and hidden words. So no, Disney is not going to change. Mario is correct about that. But he was wrong about happy memories. I have zero nostalgia for Main Street. I visited Disney World in 1981 and it “felt amiss.” Since then I have found the vocabulary to describe that kind of “amiss.” It is demonic oppression. Later when we had children, we did not take them there. We went to the beach, saved money, and had fun.

    • Jeffrey Van Horn

      Mario is not incorrect about the happy memories, because millions of families do have them. I was there as a child and still remember so many.
      But it’s good that you were able to avoid it and saved money.
      We are officially and utterly finished with all facets of that corporation.
      And we have voices.
      We will absolutely tell anyone we know.
      Jesus is very clear about causing little ones to stumble.
      And there is this:
      “Come OUT from among them and be ye separate.”

    • Bess Wall

      Exactly. Why people think that a homosexual (a pervert) would not encourage perversion is astounding to me.

    • truthsseeker

      twistingtruth—you are 100% totally right on about that place. Christians need to ask Holy Spirit for discernment so they are not deceived. I have said for years that partners should never take children to Disney movies or the parks. From the get go the movies were filled with witchcraft and occult activities. WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!!!!!! might want to rethink the beach bc of the lack of clothing—hardly any.

    • David C Adams

      You are so correct!

    • Darlene West

      Where did you get that fact about Walt Disney? Im not trying to start an argument. I’m curious because the Walt Disney I remember was a Christian man. When he was alive, no Alcohol was even allowed in the park, of Disneyland. This was before Disney world. Disney was all about family. I remember looking forward to watching him on TV. When he died, our principal announced it over the intercom. Upon hearing that news, a bunch of eighth graders, including me, wept.

    • Paul Wesley Bowen

      I don’t believe that is exactly true. Yes, he hired some, but he did not support them in this Leftist ideology. And, yes, someone who has seen him in Heaven says, “He IS very concerned.”

  3. Julie Hembree

    What people will sacrifice in the name of and for entertainment. Even when it’s their children; they look the other way.

  4. Sean

    This needs to be a company wide decision. It needs to be revealed which other companies are under the Disney umbrella and influence. It makes no difference if you stop buying Disney products but still buy from their other companies under their control. They have well diversified their portfolio and the whole portfolio must be divested from by those with a moral conscience.

  5. Bev Lawrence

    This has been a shock to my system. I was raised in FL in the early 60’s and thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of Disney and the way their messages could expand your thinking about nature, art, humor, math, science. But then I was raised to respect your elders, listen to your teachers, speak when spoken to. Our homes are not functioning the way they used to, and our world is certainly not the same one I grew up in.
    Disney used to be highly respected in FL because it raised the bar on tourism and how all attractions should treat their “guests”. It brought quality and kindness and respect to a higher standard.
    I do not believe, if Walt Disney were here today, that any of this insanity would be happening at his place! I cannot understand how ANY business could believe that what they are doing will not blow back in their faces! And it will!!

    • Marilyn Nichols.

      I will never knowingly support Disney again. I haven’t gone there in years like 1996 we took my Mother for Christmas that year everything there was frozen all the way to Key West where we were very disappointed to find the whole Key had gone gay along with several other Keys in between. Our once upon a time favorite City in Arkansas had also turned gay the last time we went there possibly 12 years ago and that beautiful city was all but closed down then. Years ago we used to love going to Bisbee,Az. So we went one year to find that the same thing had taken place there. Very sad to see the enemy slipping into these great places and taking over. However the devil is a looser even though at times it appears he is winning ~~ do not believe that!!!! Amen. Also these very last few weeks of spring break I know of several ( Christian families ) ???????? Who have posted photos of themselves with their children at Disney???

  6. linda

    A dozen years ago my 6 year old niece had nightmares, I was told, after watching Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”. I watched it myself to see what was so upsetting, and quickly identified, among other things, the voodoo/necromancy scene (song “Friends on the Other Side”). Having grown up in the era of great DIsney such as “Pollyanna”, “Mary Poppins” and “Swiss Family Robinson”, I was shocked at the turn Disney had taken. I threw out my pre-paid return guest pass, and recently rejected my financial advisor’s suggestion to invest in Disney stock as a “sure thing” in this economy. Proverbs 23:3, and and it’s a sure thing we know who the ruler is, in this case.

  7. Cherise Elder

    I am a travel agent that has a contract selling Disney products, but I have found that I can no longer do this and still worship my King with a pure heart. I own an agency and have told my agents that they must make this decision for themselves and the agency will remain open for other destinations, but as for me, I am done with all things Disney. I was there 50 years ago when Disney World first opened it’s doors to the Magic Kingdom and wanted desperately for my new grandbaby to experience the 50th anniversary, but find now that this is something she AND I can live without. The most magical place on earth has now become the most heinous. I have cancelled my Disney+ subscription and will introduce her to Veggietales instead of Cinderella. The pedo images in Disney movies, tv shows and cartoons have really opened my eyes to the evil they are and I guess always were…I just couldn’t see it. The thousands of dollars I have spent on Disney in the last couple of decades can now be used to see the world and open my grandbaby’s eyes to the wonderment of God’s beautiful world we live in and how much more so it will be when we are all in His Glorious presence never more to be separated from Him or each other. There is more out there than Disney and since I have just announced my intentions of facebook, I expect to be fired immediately…..but I will apply the tithers promise and know that my God will take care of ALL of my needs and will open the windows of heaven and pour me out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. God bless you Mario…can’t wait to meet you in person one day.

    • Wayne Ferrante

      Thanks for standing up for truth and righteousness no matter the cost! Lord Jesus you be glorified through this man’s action in Jesus Name. Amen.

    • Erin

      Be careful veggietales creator has gone woke as well.

      • Stephanie Buckley

        Disney has always been steeped in witchcraft. Why would be partake in things the Bible forbids?

  8. Barbara

    My family and I will not support or give anything that is connected to Disney. We have canceled all Disney channels and shows related to Disney. I don’t need Disney but Disney needs Jesus! Hopefully people will stand up against Disney and boycott!

    • robert hayes

      How sad to pervert what God created to worship and love Him. I remember Disney 65 yrs. was pure and honestly a fabulous work of creativity and adventure without the sex symbols etc.

  9. Sebastian

    Bring your kids to DOLLYWOOD instead… the park is GREAT and wholesome fun for the entire family. When you see the end draws near, then flee to the mountains… Dollywood is located at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge TENNESSEE!
    That the place for me!
    And apparently MARIO MURILLO has moved his ministry there as well?

  10. Kevan Prati

    Two comments! That’s it? Oh, Mario, I think you may have just culled a sizable section of the Lord’s earthly army much like Gideon was told to whittle the size of his troops! So now I’m admonishing all of you readers who are offended at Mario’s blog today. First, I’ll ask a question: what do you know about Walt Disney’s personal worldview? It’s out there if you take the time to research it right here on the web.
    If you haven’t bothered to find out you have deceived yourself and are totally “woke”.
    Once you take the time to find out about Walt and the anti-biblical corporate philosophy, please do Mario and this blogs’ readers a favor by leaving a reply, letting us know how what you discovered (of which Mario has just given you a glimpse) because what you learn will increase a Godly impact on our world through your testimony.

  11. Stephen Cutberth

    I realized years ago that Disney was a tool used by the devil to erode Christian values as they moved into the Sunday night format. This was a time when most folks took in two services on Sunday! As a child, I wanted to stay home and watch! Why can’t we just stay at home and watch TV! The sparkles, the fireworks and good old Walt himself talking to you. When I look back, Sunday night services were looser and less restrictive letting you feel a closer presence of Jesus. So sad to have wanted to pick tv over our Lord’s presence. The scriptures talk about little foxes destroying the vineyard, Disney, sports Sunday night football, children’s tournaments. Family life must get back to being centered around serving Jesus. 60 years of Disney and others being used by the devil have subtlety chipped away on our values has left us with less!

  12. bwalker42

    I made my decision a long time ago not to support the Disney Pedophiles Grooming Children team.

  13. Teresa Rush

    Yet another sign of the times, but unfortunately those who are non believers in Christ, and lovers of the flesh and worldly things are going to be their own self destruction. I pray for the conversion of lost souls and spirits to be touched by the grace and glory of God, so that they could be saved and become vessels of God instead for their own good and those around them. Thank you all that are God’s glory carriers and that have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth that shall set us free. You all make a positive difference, and one day soon, many will want what we have and want to find out how to get it. More so than even now, because the more lies the evil one throws out, the sooner the truth will begin to surface as it always does! The darker it gets, the brighter God’s light and Glory becomes too! The truth will set us free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen! 🙏🏻❤️

    • Karen Lynne Shoap

      All I know is what God’s word says arrogance before a fall, and they sound like there full of it

  14. Rose

    A survey was recently taken. 3% of people in the US are LBGTQ. Why is Disney pandering to 3%? This LGBTQ community will never be satisfied. The more you give in to them, the more they want. I won’t feel sad if Disney is hurt financially by their wrongheaded decisions.

  15. ozonepureairblog

    Lord, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, let us declare outloud as you taught us in Luke 18:1-8 “Avenge” ekdikaysis or give us retributive justice over Disney and ALL the wicked Cabal in this hour. Thank you Lord that you rule in the affairs of men and the armies of heaven, NO ONE can stay YOUR HAND or say what have you done. Bring their ways upon their heads and may we take the mountain of entertainment for your glory as prophesied Isaiah 2:2 and Daniel 2!!!

  16. Joel

    When will Christians finally get together and BOYCOTT All Organizations that come against Our God, Family and Society? Their God is mammon and they speak boldly against us! If we did not provide any business or finances to them, they would run as their god (mammon) would be toppled. It is time for action. I have Boycotted Target, Nike, Adidas, Disney, etc etc. It is time for God’s finances to be spent with vendors and Christian business people that appreciate Him and His Word.

  17. RAFO

    Disney is a Titanic but without any life boats… all in their realm of dis-reality will perish into the murky waters of irrelevance. Disney has become a hissing and a blight on our national image. May they NOT Rest In Peace! We WILL NOT miss them here in central Florida.

  18. Gary Kelly

    Business model for “reprobate minds” (Romans 1) and their “[im]moral compass” without boundaries that result in dire mental and health consequences, believe that Satan’s counterfeit “alternative lifestyles” that are diametrically opposite of God’s foundational design of marriage and family which is the Biblical moral virtuous basis for a wholesome society.

  19. Daniel Conlon

    Gracias por decir la verdad nuevamente como ya tienes costumbre!
    Yo he visto el lado oscuro de Disney desde hace muchos años. Disney, como institución ha hecho mucho daño a nuestra sociedad. Solo le gana Planned Parenthood y La Suprema Corte. Ninguno Cristiano debe adquirir algo de Disney o algo que tenga las imágenes de Disney. Si no lo creen pueden preguntar al Espíritu Santo y El te enseñará cosas espantosas de Disney. Gracias nuevamente Mario. Eres un héroe.

  20. Denise Horn

    The writing on the wall began long ago very subtly–I’ve not supported them for decades.

  21. Samuel Stephens

    I haven’t liked Disney for 30+ years. When upper management went from family oriented to perversion I lost interest.

  22. marlys

    Living nearby, I grew up visiting Disneyland frequently and loved frontier land, always dreaming of being somewhere far away. Many things there were fun and imaginative back then although I always felt uneasy seeing how many prostitutes worked that Anaheim area. Then they added Toon Town and that was the end of it for me. I never could understand that dark, adult themed feature finding a place there. I am hoping to take my grandkids to the Ark theme park.

  23. Kelly Lodge

    We have already dumped Disney, Coke, Facebook, Twitter, and a few more along with all the “news” channels, and TV.

  24. Albert Bryson

    I visited Disneyland in 1968 when we went to California to visit my sister who was attending Stanford on vacation. My parents and I visited Disney World in 1984. I always enjoyed Disney on television and in the movie theaters. Now, it now it is not safe to watch and support Disney.

  25. Sandra

    I never liked Disney World! Took my 2 sons there when they were young and stood in line and waited for ever and about had a heat stroke and never wanted to go back and this was before I was saved by grace. Had much mote fun at the RV park with bicycles built for 2 or three! Funny how we get turned around about what everyone else thinks is the thing to do but was not my idea of fun! Have been to Dollywood and was okay but no big thrill. Love simple things and GOD’s beautiful sights and beautiful gardens! I will never support evil in any way and will always stand for what is right for all children and that means at school! Go back to teaching them how to read and write not evil or witchcraft! GOD save our evil world and I will never give in to men but stand strong for GOD and do what HE says! Father help me to be an obedient child. We are in a war of evil against good and I have known this for years, even before covid biological warfare. Thank GOD for your stand and where are the other preachers???? Were they not called to fight the goid fight?

  26. Trixie J Ferguson

    Sadly, most Christians will still go to Disney parks, spend their money on Disney merchandise, and buy tickets to Disney movies. They are too enamored with the idea of Disney being “the happiest place on earth” coupled with their nostalgia for days gone by. I fear that the Disney execs are correct in their assumption that taking this stand will not affect them long-term. 😕

  27. Paul Wesley Bowen

    Mario, the only thing I would “contradict” you on is that they will succeed in their agenda. The Gay Chorus of SF sang a song and in it the words were, “We are coming after your children”. They got trounced by the city that most people consider the homosexual haven of the West. Besides, when God says, “I have had it!”, their days are numbered.

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank you Paul. Just to clarify, I never said they would succeed. I said they will never stop not matter how badly they fail. Not only do I believe they will fail and righteousness will prevail, Disney will fade in a very painful way.

  28. MaryAnn Stuart

    Years ago, someone took my children and me to Disney World. As a Bible believer and a scientist, I noticed the huge push of evolutionary teaching and had no interest in ever returning. Millions were spent to convince the public that fairy tales and myths (of evolutionists) were 100% reality and exactly what we need for the future of the planet. Instead, as someone else, mentioned, fund your children’s better education and future at places like The Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Kentucky near the Cincinnati Airport. Also, at other wonderful Museums and ministries with a Biblical and true science based on our Creator’s Word and Handiwork, both in the USA, in Alberta, Canada, and in some other nations. As Gary Parker, Ph.D. says, “What we see in God’s world agrees with what we read in God’s Word.” Eccles. 12:1 “Remember NOW your Creator . . . .”




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