Joe Biden will be totally manipulated

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Christianity Today | 37 comments

Joe Biden can be totally manipulated. That makes him the most dangerous person ever to run for President. The dark primal forces have anointed him to be their voice. Jezebel exerted less control over King Ahab than these masters will exert over Biden.

Joe Biden is the property of the darkest coalition of special interests in the world. He will serve them with the kind of devotion and compliance that the false prophet in Revelation 13 is going to serve the Antichrist.

It’s true that he is a doddering, fumbling, stumbling, blooper-machine. He has no convictions, values, ideals or viewpoint. He is a blank canvas who—not only can be—but yearns to be controlled. He is for whatever his masters are for. He believes in what he is told to believe. That is why I repeat: he is far more dangerous than any man or woman who has ever run for President.

The powers behind his campaign are greater than you can possibly imagine. We are talking about unlimited money, unlimited advertising, unlimited access, and unlimited censorship. Consider this: today a liberal blogger tried to run an embarrassing video of Biden, and Twitter immediately took it down.

And so, it has begun.

These vast armadas of henchmen, who reside in every power center of America, have just been waiting for a perfect stooge. And, man, did they find him!

The television media, print media, social media, Hollywood, the Democrat Party, every leftist billionaire and a host of hidden villains too long to list saw the potential for becoming the puppet-master to the most powerful office in the world. They ordered Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg out of the race. “GET OUT OF OUR WAY. WE HAVE OUR MAN!”

But the most terrifying proof was the look on Bernie Sanders’ face today. He looked contrite, intimidated, and whipped into line. He said that Joe Biden is a decent man and that he will not attack him. Wait. What?!  Why the sudden change from lion to pussycat?

A monster has been created. A beast has been born that will stop at nothing to trash Trump and squash opposition to their man. Anyone who does not pledge their undying loyalty to Joe Biden has no future in the Democrat party, or in life.

The hatred of Trump has just created the vilest coalition in American history—a coalition with one unswerving obsession—to punish Trump for disturbing their vision of a ‘New World Order.’

Here’s what they will try to do:

The Left will now speak with one voice.

Prepare for the greatest unity you have ever seen in leftist politics. There will be insanely exaggerated claims of Biden’s skills. Before summer, you may hear rumors of Joe walking on water. Virtually every outlet will be singing his praises. His record will be expunged and rewritten. Writers, producers, agents and consultants will stun us with his patriotism, accolades, visions of glory, and heroism.

Joe will be taken over. His campaign will be scripted and he will be forbidden to deviate from their instructions.

Quit looking at Joe’s weaknesses. This is about marketing. This is about selling an impressionable society a hand-puppet to usher in an era of every conceivable extreme that will pour into our nation like a tsunami. The floodgates of anti-God, anti-Israel, and anti-family policies will open.


Electing Donald Trump had better become the unifying force for every believer: because electing Joe Biden is the unifying force of the powers of darkness. If they have their way, there will be no America—not as we have known it.

By a miracle, Donald Trump won. God sent him right on time. This mechanism of evil, while formidable, is no match for God’s power. What I am trying to say to everyone who will listen, is that God is putting together another miracle. Perhaps a miracle that will finally rid our nation of these criminals. I do not want anyone to feel despair. What I am trying to awaken is zeal to obey God and bring our nation a great victory—a victory that I believe is the will of God.

Can God spare us? Yes, He can. But not if we assume we deserve it or if we stupidly assume that none of what I have written can happen.

If we hope to save our nation, we must band together.

Army of God! Arise and defeat the darkness!


  1. megagenius

    Man? Joe Biden is not even close to being a man. This clown is an empty shell full of dead air. If this doesn’t motivate Christians to vote, then they deserve to be enslaved by their own stupidity.

    • Thomas A. Nelson

      I agree,if people don’t get off their complacent asses they deserve to be enslaved by a communist regime.


    Good morning, I look forward to reading these messages every morning. After reading today’s message I felt hope that God could do a miracle to save our nation and I picked up my Bible (NLT) and turned to Psalm 37 to get before God in prayer. As I opened the page to Psalm 37, I noted the last few verses of Psalm 36: 9-12, “9,For You are the fountain of life, the light by which we see. 10, Pour out Your unfailing love on those with honest hearts. 11. Don’t let the proud trample me or the wicked push me around. 12. Look! Those who do evil have fallen! They are thrown down, never to rise again.”

    I believe God our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and The Most Holy Spirit are speaking to us!!

    Thank you for the messages,

    Faithfully, Deborah

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Patricia Stuckenberg

    Wow… God’s spirit in you has hit the prophetic Mark bullseye… Yes yes yes.. I need to pray God’s plan and God’s will.your intercessor .. Patricia , and proud and humbled to be chosen

    On Thu, Mar 5, 2020, 2:00 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden can be totally manipulated. That > makes him the most dangerous person ever to run for President. The dark > primal forces have anointed him to be their voice. Jezebel exerted less > control over King Ahab than these masters will exert over Biden. ” >

  4. Carolina

    To those who say they are believers in Christ Jesus ✟ and go by the title of Christian, who do not and cannot support PR-Trump and his policies for Christians (and their pastorates) for Jews (and their rabbis) that PR-Trump has instituted via POTUS executive orders.
    I ask you these questions:

    1) How is it that you do not see & understand the reason ‘why’ there is a hate onslaught against this man?
    2) Do you not know, can you not discern, that Trump is a friend to Israel, the Jews of America, and the Christians of America?
    3) Can you not remember the sacred scriptures left to you by your Lord revealing to you,
    “If they hate you, remember they hated me first”…
    4) Do you actually believe that the progressive liberal democrat politic, if elected, will have any of your best interests at heart?

    If you cannot see and comprehend the correct answers to these enormously important questions, then you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes (sins) you have in the past.
    INSTEAD be a part of the NATIONAL REPENTANCE that is coming to the United States soon!
    For it will come either by willing hearts and minds, or through a desperate last minute need due to catastrophic events and results.

      • Dawn Olson

        In “05” I heard the voice of the LORD audibly, twice.. The first time was one simple word “Restoration”. And then again in early July at 5 am I was woke up to a whisper in my right ear ” 2 Chronicles 7:14″… In the spring of 09 the LORD put it in my spirit that Trump would be our president..

    • Kelli

      I agree that we have approached the time in which the division is unparalleled like no other time in history. Even at my workplace, here in CA, my coworkers are baiting me into political discussions. They like me and want to know if they can be my friend but I cannot compromise my values or deny my faith in Christ and so I keep my mouth shut so that I don’t lose my job. I feel President Trump is being used by God but he has a lot of maturing to do in his Christian walk. I recently heard that Trump may fire Pence as his Vice President and replace him for this next term and if he does that I truly believe he will lose a lot of evangelical voters…possibly me included. I truly believe that Pence is the mature and stable Christian man needed to partner with President Trump and may even be a big reason that God has been blessing Trump’s time in office. Please pray for both President Trump and Vice President Pence and that they continue…together…for another four years!

      • BRUCE Cain

        About Trump changing his running mate. I would think he would have done it already if he wanted to. I believe Trump should run on a campaign of bring forth justice in the American politic. There is a book “Trump’s unfinished business ” that uses the ten commandments as an outline For Trump to use to flush out the deep state and establish Truth, and Justice in our land and in our relations with other countries in the world.

  5. Margaret Wilmoth

    Mario, I wrote the following

  6. Robert Notestine

    Banding together with Rick Joyner in the Ark that Morningstar has become. He and Bob Jones, and other powerful prophets, have created an environment born of the Kingdom America is to be modeled for and from.

    • Carolina

      Mr Notestine, though I applaud your zeal for all things ‘Rick Joyner’, surely you don’t think that God Almighty in Christ and His Kingdom design is limited to Mr Joyner, the late Mr Jones and other prophetically inclined individual’s pattern ideas of condos and survival foods only?
      I promise you The Lord God is Larger and more in Charge than that, His archetype Kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting, if America is to be modeled after The Kingdom it will be up to Christ The King not Rick Joyner and friends.

  7. Julane Borth

    I appreciate your messages In addition to prayer what are some ways we can “band together”?

    Thank you Julane Borth Oklahoma City

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. Rick Smith

    Amen and Amen!!! Biden is as Judas was long ago…selling out our Lord Jesus Christ for money…power…and the deep satanic hatred in God that is present in America today. He is nothing more than a puppet or mouth piece for the devil. God has anointed President Trump for this time in America and the evil that seems to put blinder over people in the USA will NOT prevail. One thing that keeps my family from the lies of the demonic dems is that God is in control and His will be done!! We are anxiously watching and believing.

  9. David Larson

    I hope that for once Christians are reading what you are writing and they actually take it to heart and act on it. I hope that preachers will reach down deep and come up with just a small percentage of the boldness of your words and the right thinking it takes to get those words. I hope the hype will not deter anyone from understanding the truth you have written. I hope I can help in this hour…

  10. Mark Stripling

    I have been reading II Chronicles 29. We in the Body of Christ need to repair the doors of the house of God, carry the debris out, purify it, re-light the lamps that should never have been allowed to go out, get the alters in use again, get the praise of God going up, get focused on the Blood of Jesus, and pray like never before, believing God for a revival one more time. The last verse said it all happened “suddenly.” “If my people”……….

  11. Sharon Stein

    JoAnn, I watch Fox in the evening and this is exactly what one of their guests said, something that I didn’t even think about nor did the host. Pretty scary. But if you’ve watched him at any of the debates it is so true. I feel sorry for him because something is not right. I think he might have onset dementia. His answers are coherent at times.

    On Thu, Mar 5, 2020, 2:04 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden can be totally manipulated. That > makes him the most dangerous person ever to run for President. The dark > primal forces have anointed him to be their voice. Jezebel exerted less > control over King Ahab than these masters will exert over Biden. ” >

  12. Cindy Jones

    Absolutely true what you have said. I pray the confessing believers will heed this warning. I don’t need a preacher to tell me how to vote, but pulpits need to tell the people the truth of what is going on.

  13. kingskid48

    The Fox evening programs last night were stunning. Then, I woke up early and read this blog on my phone. Wow! Is all I can say. Pastor Mario hit the situation on the Bulls Eye for certain. It is so clear what is happening among the democrats and what they are up to. Watch and pray, Saints. The days are getting short. Do you realize we just had Christmas, and now it is March 5th? Surely God is compressing the time. If you can, get a copy of The Wormwood Prophecy by Thomas Horn. He’s not setting dates, and that’s not my intention either, but for those walking daily with God, it is clear that we are in very interesting times. I don’t believe things will ever be the same after this election. Certainly not, if Biden wins and the wicked are running the country from the shadows. I have to admit I feel sorry for him. I think he wants so badly to be important, to look and feel significant, that he is willing to sell his soul this way to the leftist globalists and be used to the hilt. How his wife and family can allow this to be done to him is something that’s hard to understand.

  14. Carla Smith

    You speak the Truth and I agree with all you are telling us. I’m praying for the next Miracle God has for the United States ??.✝️??❤️

  15. Noel

    The swampiest of the swamp has risen from his watery grave. The Establishment must be stopped in Jesus name! It’s all out spiritual warfare 24/7 for those engaged in the survival and revival of the nation. God have mercy on the deceived masses! May they find redemption in this hour. Praying for Chico and the rest of ground zero in this cultural war.

  16. warriorruth

    For those reading this in Canada, unfortunately we have had a puppet for the Globalists in Canada for the last 4 years and unless things change, for the next 4. How we need God’s intervention in our countries! I believe He did it for the US and can do it for us also.

  17. Donna Shaw Simington

    Years ago our Heavenly Father entrusted to me a poem in which I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit speak about sin. In 2008 I choose to write it on our USA flag for all who are Christian Believers! It can now also be seen on FB@ Grandma Donna’s Support Our Troops Poem Flag

  18. JG

    I fear that Hillary will be chosen to be Biden’s Vice President. If he is elected, he will either die mysteriously or disappear, and BOOM, evil Hillary will then be President! These DemoncRats are plotting ways to unleash their evil upon us. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!

  19. Ml Epp

    We must band together and be a loud voice! We must go deep in intercession and go high and open in what we believe and represent.

    On Thu, Mar 5, 2020, 2:59 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden can be totally manipulated. That > makes him the most dangerous person ever to run for President. The dark > primal forces have anointed him to be their voice. Jezebel exerted less > control over King Ahab than these masters will exert over Biden. ” >

  20. Deborah M Hippler

    I am so relieved and grateful that Donald J. Trump was elected as our POTUS in 2016 and know that he is America’s ONLY choice for 2020. That said, I am deeply concerned about the many insidious and dangerous individuals working diligently against our president’s re-election. They MUST be exposed, and quickly, as they will DO ANYTHING to keep their 50+ years of wasteful and useless activities from being exposed, or they will continue to disregard and ignore the needs and wishes of America’s citizens. Donald J.Trump MUST overcome all attempts by these despicable beings who are trying to thwart his rightful 2020 win as our POTUS. We the People WANT, and NEED, his leadership to overcome those who are working against America. His intelligence and wisdom is vital towards ridding us of the immoral enemies who are so intent on harming the integrity of our great Republic’s sacred Constitution. He MUST fulfill his destiny as America’s two-term president during this critical time in history in order to maintain and continually achieve the many accomplishments our nation so badly needs. President Trump is the “BEST”president we’ve EVER had, and, therefore, he absolutely MUST win in 2020! We love and appreciate you, Sir!

  21. EstherKingsKid (@esther_kid)

    You are so right. I am comforted by the accounts of Haman being handily outwitted by the Lord. Similarly, the prophets of Baal’s shaming by Elijah [and our Lord.] Of course, there is also Pharaoh’s last stand and Nebachadnezzar’s seven years grazing like an animal and on and on … God makes a great display of His enemies, while giving them another chance to repent, and then [in those cases, they didn’t] BOOM!
    Truly, I sincerely pray that they will all repent from the heart. No one should go to hell. The Lord loves them so much!
    But, I feel like they are running out of time. You can see the “handwriting on the wall” as they are caught threatening SC justices, speaking to empty chairs [CS ordered something invisible to leave his chair] and Joe’s abundant frightening misstatements that are due to get much worse. Nancy has just lost it when it comes to her public personna. The Lord is allowing them to embarass themselves and expose their true nature over and over again. And, He’s just getting started. Their diabolical plans will come to naught but WE must pray! ♥ The Lord has given us such a blessing in having a president who loves Him and loves this nation. If we don’t pray, we are letting everyone down.

    • Mark Stripling

      Esther, with all the insanity on display, it is even more frightening to know half of our fellow countrymen are going to vote for them!!

      • Dawn Olson

        In “05” I heard the voice of the LORD audibly, twice.. The first time was one simple word “Restoration”. And then again in early July at 5 am I was woke up to a whisper in my right ear ” 2 Chronicles 7:14″… In the spring of 09 the LORD put it in my spirit that Trump would be our president.. Mark Stripling.. The GOD I know can turn our enimies hearts to flesh and command the evil spirits within them to flee… There is more than 40 righteous in this nation.. but we must repentance of our complacency, for what we’ve allowed and kept silent about in this nation…. To much innocent blood has been spilt..

    • Carolina

      EstherKingsKid and Mark Stripling,
      Both very good comments.
      After watching N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer, shouting all fired up with shrill and loud rage in his voice, red faced threatening the Supreme Court justices with a “watch out, you’re in for it!”, attitude of violence, stirring up the demonic crowds who are adamant about murdering the innocent unborn, and on the steps of the house of justice.
      I was astounded, appalled, repulsed, sickened. ?
      It is frightening to watch the vehement hate with which these mentally disturbed people function.
      And if they are capable of standing there with all that venom built up inside themselves for the pathetic purpose of threatening and demanding ‘abortion rights on demand’. What do you imagine they’re capable of should they get into political power again, from the top office down.
      Just think with the same zeal they have for infanticide, they will have for getting rid of the elderly and anyone and everyone who espouses the love faith and devotion in Jesus Christ.?
      Yes Mr Stripling, very frightening.

  22. Carol

    My prayer has consistently been: “Lord. Please do not give us what we deserve!”

  23. Paul Dames

    I am from South Africa, and I pray for a great win for Trump. America must stay a Christian nation or else weak countries like South Africa will be dragged along with the mess of bad policies and “keeping up with the Jones’s”

  24. Mike Ramey

    I’ll never forget a saying that Brother Mario taught in his TV show on TBN back in the 90s when I was a young saint, and I’ll state it this way: “We’re the Christians that the Devil warned you about!” There are plenty of us Saints on the political battlefield, running for elective office. Pray for us because the way is getting gloriously dark, and, the Lord is raising up his army to do battle in the halls of power. We’re armoured up. Thanks MM, keep those fires hot, and those prayers heavy. Still remember “Armed and Dangerous” and have a few of the shows on vhs tape.

  25. Shoshanna

    From what I have been reading who old Joe picks as his VP is who the deep state wants to run things when Joe steps down for health problems. Since Obama can’t be VP because he could not have a third term, makes me wonder what evil plan is in the background.

  26. Greg Dean

    The joke going around is that the next democrat debate will have life alert buttons on the podiums.

    Bernie has a heart condition (though his antisemitism makes one wonder if he has a heart) and Biden is a walking 25th amendment crisis.



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