Christian Leaders are saying lies about you

by | Jan 25, 2020 | Christianity Today | 21 comments

The one thing you want to do in 2020 is to defeat evil.  And evil is about to take a nasty turn—a turn you need to beware of. The hate is going to turn away from Trump to you—specifically Christians who support Trump.

The God haters have failed to bring down Trump. He has survived, yea, even grown more popular; thriving after all their attacks. The economy continues to amaze. Minorities have more jobs than ever. The Left is pulling its hair out as it tries to find a way to defeat our President. So, they went to the dark regions of hell to find out how to do it: shame the Christians.

Take Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press for an example. He portrays Trump supporters as people who have been trained from childhood to believe in what he calls ‘fairy tales’—people ‘who want to be lied to’—and he read this from a letter to the editor, “show me a person who believes in Noah’s Ark and I will show you a Trump voter.”

And because Jesus clearly mentioned Noah and the ark in Matthew 24, this is an attack on our Lord.  This is a direct shot at Christians. He is calling Bible believers buffoons, and by association, he is calling Jesus Christ a buffoon.

Now I get to the darker side of all this: Christian leaders who are telling lies about you. Remember FBI Agent Peter Strzok who said, “Just went to a Southern Virginia Wal-Mart. I could SMELL the Trump support.”

Well, Mark Galli Editor of Christianity Today  magazine just gave us his version of that: “I know hardly anyone, let alone any evangelical Christian who voted for Trump. I describe evangelicals like me as ‘elite’ evangelicals … and this class of evangelicals has discovered that we have family members so different they seem like aliens in our midst. These other evangelicals often haven’t finished college, and if they have jobs (and apparently a lot of them don’t), they are blue-collar jobs or entry-level work. They don’t write books or give speeches; they don’t attend conferences of evangelicals for social justice or evangelicals for immigration reform. They are deeply suspicious of mainstream media. A lot of them voted for Donald Trump.”

What you have here is so smug, and misguided that I can’t find a place to begin responding to it. Mark Galli is, by his own words, an elitist. He is better than you—you sad, redneck, illiterate Christian Trump supporter. He is smarter, he finished college and he has a job. You on the other hand are entry level, remedial and, God forbid, suspicious of the mainstream media.

Worst of all, you don’t attend SJW conferences on immigration. Conferences that we now know were funded in part by George Soros—who doesn’t care about immigrants as much as he cares about dividing the church and creating a one-world government.

Mark Galli is telling lies about you. He doesn’t understand that the evil one has riled him up and given him a wispy need for recognition from the intellectual community. For ten years I have watched a number of smart Christians seduced in Berkeley by the need to water down their faith in order to be accepted among the “intelligentsia.”

Remember when Peter played the hypocrite and ate with Gentiles until the Jewish believers from Jerusalem arrived? Then he withdrew from the Gentile believers. Paul rebuked Peter publically, and wrote about it in the book of Galatians chapter 2! It’s the same thing. Guys like Mark Galli seem to need the approval of the media. Small wonder he appeared on CNN right after this.

Lest you think it is wrong to name names, take a look at the long list of heretics mentioned by name in the New Testament. From Paul calling out Alexander and Hymenaeus, to John naming Diotrophes. It is biblical to warn the sheep about wolves.

Mark Galli’s now infamous editorial where he called for Trump to be removed from office is his second lie. There is no evidence that Trump committed any impeachable offense. Nancy Pelosi found nothing. That’s why she hasn’t gone forward with the process and presented the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, holding up the trial she knows is going nowhere.

Mark Galli took their false accusation, and stated it as fact.

But he is not the only Christian Leader lying about you. Beth Moore tweeted Galli saying “My hat’s off to you, @markgalli. Respect.” She is commending someone for making a false accusation. She also lies by signaling that no true Christian man can support Trump.

Her biggest lie is that she said the evangelical movement died in 2016.

It is also possible to lie by omission. Neither of these leaders ever criticized Obama or the Christians who violated their conscience by voting for Obama.

So let’s talk about Christian Trump supporters.

1.Many of them are positive thinkers and entrepreneurs. President Trump has a winners approach to life, and his followers resonate with that. These are the church members most likely to give big to a vision or help pay off the building.  They are not the critics and legalistic people that hinder you, pastor.

2.Most Christian Trump supporters are patriotic. They love America.  They believe that we live in the greatest country on earth.  They are angry that our laws and our Constitution are being disregarded by secular progressives. They are angry with professional athletes who disgrace our flag and national anthem.  They stand with cops, the military, and first responders.

3. The majority of Christian Trump supporters are all about common sense. They believe:

  • Our trade deals with other nations made no sense.


  • Political correctness is a silly idea that has morphed into a tedious tyranny.


  • It makes no sense to judge Trump’s past bankruptcies while ignoring the insane legacy of socialism.


  • It makes no sense to leave our borders unsecured and allow an influx of criminals who have committed millions of crimes and have killed our children.


  • It makes no sense to vote for a party that would oppress the church with regulations that force Christians, Churches, and Christian employers out of business.


  • It is a national disgrace that public schools in America are forcing children to participate in demonic practices such as Buddhist meditation and sexually perverted role playing.


  • It makes no sense to support the party that would turn Christian witnessing into a hate crime.


  • It makes no more sense to reject Trump for statements he made 11 years ago than holding Paul responsible for putting Christians to death 11 years before his Damascus road conversion.


  • It makes no sense to compare Donald Trump’s tax forms to 33,000 emails that Hillary criminally erased—emails that posed a national security threat.

Shaming Christians who support Trump will be the weapon of choice for 2020. But don’t you dare be ashamed!  These Christian leaders who are lying about you, they are the ones who bear the real shame. 


  1. cactusflower18

    I just keep on agreeing with you Bro. Mario; you are a Leader with common sense and I love what you share on here!
    What is that Scripture that talks about Believers that lived in caves, were like homeless people, didn’t have enough (of the worlds stuff)? Something like that…..but I love what God said about these Brothers and Sisters; He said; “The world was not worthy of them!!!” wow! That is the truth!
    I don’t care one little bit about being so-called “Elite” in this world, I’d rather not! I love Jesus and the fact that my name is written in Heaven’s register and while I’m on this Earth I can grow in God’s grace, learn how to love and walk in His wisdom, discernment and understanding-and be like Paul. He wanted to be dead to the world and the world dead to him; so do I!!!!!

    • Andrew

      That Scripture is Hebrew 11:38 The world wasn’t worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, and from caves to holes in the ground.
      Thank you for your posts Mario.

      • cactusflower18

        Thanks Brother Andrew for looking that up; I knew it was there!!!! LOL!

  2. D. Granados

    I’ve been closely watching as big named ministers have been leaning towards the left. Many abusing the saints from the pulpit. None of their opinion’s make any difference to me, but cause me to pray let the winnowing fan separate the wheat from the chaff, they grew up with us in the churchs, the wheat humbly bow’s before the Lord, but the chaff stand’s arrogantly you see their mouth’s wide open to speak against Gods anointed, but they themselves will be gathered and thrown in the fire the words says. We all need to ask the Lord to examine our heart’s and then quickly repent of any thing the Lord shows us, amen.

  3. mary moore

    WOW WOW you said it perfectly !! There is going to be a great falling away!! This of course breaks my heart!! It also breaks the heart of our Lord!! Thank you!!! Thank You!!! May He continue to bless you and protect you and yours in Jesus name!!! Amen!!!

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  4. spiritoflifeministriesinternational

    You can’t shame a dead man! We are dead to sin and alive to Christ! Glory glory glory

    Sent from my iPhone


    • megagenius

      Acts 5:41 The Followers of Christ rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His Name.

  5. kristymctee

    What’s the deal with Beth Moore? She spends lots of time in God’s word preparing her teachings – how can she come away with admiration for the twisted insidious comments of misguided Mark Galli? If she has respect for him, I just lost respect for her.

  6. Roger Woodard

    Always been a Mario Murillo fan. I am educated (ThD). I write books & articles, attend seminars & heavily involved in missions. Mark Galli is a elitist that should spend much more time with God & His Word.

  7. Israel Leon

    That’s right….
    it makes. No sense to say “no one is above the law” then give sanctuary to illegals.

    It makes no sense and a contradiction to say your worried about children at the border but fight to abort them here at home.

  8. megagenius

    Mark Galli doesn’t even know he has a case against Christ. Peter and John were perceived by the Sanhedrin as unlearned and ignorant men. Yet they turned the world upside down. Mark Galli lives in educated darkness, while the Apostles of Christ moved in revelation knowledge and resurrection power. Mark Galli you have been Trumped by the Truth. Sit down and shut up. See Acts 4: 13

  9. megagenius

    Acts 5:41 The Followers of Christ rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His Name.

  10. Jim Alford

    What did you find overly offensive about my earlier comment, which you first put under moderation, the removed from the comment section?
    Thank you.
    Jim Alford

  11. W.R. Granger

    I have Often prayed God Don’t leave me with so little that I starve and steal and sin against you, but don’t give me so much that I forget you and your many blessings. I am thankful he answers that prayer to include the areas of education and kept me from a Hell bound education like Galli and Todd. They both appear to use their gifts to deny Christ rather than to discover him.

  12. Margaret Wilmoth

    These sudo Christians not only bear the shame of their allegiance but will bear the judgment of their allegiance unless they repent.

    Thank you Mario, I am sharing your emails.

    Much Love in Christ, Margaret Wilmoth Irving, TX

    Sent from my iPad


  13. jeddy tranquill

    Read The Book of Mormon the Bible of the American Indians and a history of the Americas before and after Jesus came to visit them.

  14. dan palmer

    I agree with most of it. But, it is a sad reality that American Christians have merged their faith with politics – and have done so openly. It is not necessary for me to publicly proclaim my disdain for gay marriage or abortion on the grounds that God is opposed to them. Though these moral issues have become political, within the church, however, they should remain moral issues. Many believers stand opposed to such issues without the need to rant biblical principles. Also, do we need God to tell me these issues are wrong? I am also a socialist and find abortion to be ruthless and a disgustingly convenient method to eradicate potential undesirables before they become a burden on society, all in the name of freedom. As for homosexuality, it is an unnatural act and is mostly a learned behavior. It is practiced everywhere, but it should never be advocated because of this. As Tchaikowsky, a practicing homosexual once said, “Homosexuality is a disease that ought to be curable.”

    People who promote such behavior are more than happy in demagoguing their opponents by associating them with backward, hate-filled Evangelicals. They seldom use the word Christian because it is too broad, defining both Catholic and Protestant Americans. Instead, they use the word Evangelical, which sounds exotically extreme to the unbelieving skeptic.

  15. Ml Epp

    Increased persecution to try to blow out flame

    On Sun, Jan 26, 2020, 2:28 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The one thing you want to do in 2020 is to > defeat evil. And evil is about to take a nasty turn—a turn you need to > beware of. The hate is going to turn away from Trump to you—specifically > Christians who support Trump. The God haters have failed to brin” >

  16. goinghomelikeenoch

    ” it doesn’t makes sense they would make witnessing for Christ a hate crying”

    I say we get 1 million Christians together and we go out and witness for Christ at every Democrat Gathering! What do you think of that brother



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