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I admit it.  These blogs are designed to rebuke the unrighteous religious leader.  On the other hand, these posts are meant to encourage the righteous core.

But something deeper motivates me to write.   It’s because I believe despite all the darkness, perversion, division and violence, regardless of how low society has fallen, I believe with every atom of my being, an amazing act of God is on the horizon.

The American Church has seen a great falling away.  That falling away is almost complete. Now we will see a harvest beyond anything we can imagine.  The next outpourings of the Holy Spirit will begin in shocking locations and in unexpected ways.  Those outpourings will baffle believers, as much as they baffle  sinners.

I target shallowness, compromise, hypocrisy, and gross negligence.  I say it is gross negligence not only because of what they did, but because of when they did it.  As Satan unleashed his most destructive assault on the church, and the nation, they piddled around in false success leaving their post unguarded.  

On the other hand, this blog speaks to a special remnant who are restless.  They don’t fit anywhere.   They may not even understand why they have held to their integrity. But they have held it because of what is coming.

It will be simultaneously glorious and humiliating.  Glorious to a company of people who at this moment labor in obscurity.  Suddenly they will be raised up.  At the same time many who are popular preachers will suffer a great demotion.

The greatest harvest in the history of Christianity will be placed in the hands of special ones—faithful ones. Already they are being chosen.  Already they have an appointment with destiny that will bring them into an unimaginable nearness to Jesus.

Those who are called to this will ask and receive things that prior generations could not imagine.  We are talking about awesome things!

They may not know who they are.  They don’t have an inkling of what is about to overtake them.

The Lord is testing them in obscurity.  It’s the only way that yields a vessel that can be trusted with great power.  They have been rejected for refusing to conform to the counterfeits.  God made them misfits.  Because He knew what was coming.

God not only knew the insanity of today was coming—He took steps to prepare a special relationship that would produce special powers for His Children.

Jesus saw the future and uttered an explosive prayer: PRAY THE LORD OF THE HARVEST TO SEND WORKERS INTO THE HARVEST.  Notice He did not say ministers, or celebrities.  He said workers.  Many want the titles, attention, and rewards…but they don’t want to do the work.  A special core burns white hot with passion to win lost souls and heal the sick.  They are hidden now, but soon they will shine like the sun.

But there is another miracle awaiting this unique breed.  They will be allowed to see the world around them from the vantage point of the throne of God.  Ephesians 2: 6 says “and (He) raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus…”

What do you see from this vantage point?  You see that all the vile railings of our culture are not—in any way—a threat to the purposes of the Almighty.  He knows the hollow arguments of the haters.  He is not moved by the mental monopoly of fake news and Leftist social media.  He saw it all coming and prepared the response.

And that response has already begun in our crusades.  Altar calls that render the audience helpless before the power of God.  I have not seen this since the Jesus Movement!

The Lord of the universe is not poor.  He has pooled untold wealth to transfer it into the hands of trusted, proven, purified vessels whose only passion is to obey.

Finally, learn the truth of the slingshot. It may explain everything you are going through right now.

They are being hurt, wounded, and brought to the brink of despair before their breakthrough.  In their pain and agony they will cry out why—why am I being pulled away from my promise?  Why does each day take me further and further away from what You promised me, Lord?

Like a slingshot, God is deliberately building up the tension—the frustration—the fire to act…and at just the right moment, He will release you.   There is a great falling away coming and it will result in new voices and new anointing, leading to the greatest harvest of souls in history.




  1. megagenius

    For those who refuse to play the Church Games, this message is like a pure river of the water of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of grace. What a message for such a time as this! How much it is needed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Sheilah

      Amen. This message is like a refreshing rain. We have been patiently waiting for this outpouring but are duly ready to march for our King.

  2. Carolina

    ‘Then one of the Elders said to me, “Stop crying. Look! The Lion from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has been victorious so that He may open the scroll and its seven seals.”
    (Revelation 5: 5)

    And we say,
    “Rise and Rise again, until Lambs ?? become Lions”!??

  3. Greg Dean

    YES. It has been known that we would reach a time as now where NOTHING man can do will be of effect. And that in this time G-D would lead a revolution. For decades many have known, waited and prayed. That time is NOW!

    This is why so many are watching Mario. He is one of the firsts but there will be others. All hitting the strongholds of the Adversary. The West coast, East coast, college campuses. Deep within the heart of the strength of the Adversary.

    I am seeing evangelical pastors rising to this as well. Often independent of others. In many cases missionaries are being called back from the missions to lead churches here. Many have not seen that there will be a great harvest coming because it was not recorded in scripture. But neither were the Great Awakenings. G-D does not always reveal his plans.

    This is a revolution. It is spiritual in nature.

  4. Denise Loftus

    So encouraging Mario. We need more people like you to speak to us. Thank God for my computer ! I don’t live in the U.S. and would never have heard of you otherwise. God Bless you. Denise

  5. Paula Peterson

    Thank you Lord!!!

  6. Mark Stripling

    Thanks again Mario. My wife and I are blown away continuously when we read your blogs. You always add wood to the Spirit fires burning in our souls. We also appreciate the comments of others, because we do see that God is moving in hearts and spirits with fresh fire and desire for more of Him. After a time of prayer and seeking God, we felt instructed by Holy Spirit to live by the motto, “The best is yet to come.” (Based on in depth study of the book of Haggai) Why should we live in unbelief and gloom? Unbelief destroys! We interpreted that as meaning we would see more souls than ever being saved. Since we made this decision to believe and anticipate the best, we received, unsolicited, the largest donation ever to our ministry at the end of 2019. Our cup overflows with joy and thanksgiving to our ever present Lord and King, and we truly believe, “The best is still ahead” for all who are focused on Kingdom ministry and soul harvest. Let God arise, His enemies be scattered!

    • Carolina

      I’ve read your many comments here on Mario’s Blog Mr Stripling, and you are also truly a blessing within the great Body Bride of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Keep up the good works!…?

  7. marionjoy1

    My (pastor) husband and I read your beautiful word, and my husband prophesied the following in response:

    Within a great movement of God is the true movement.  It is like a river within a river.  Those who perceive the greater movement must seek for the inner purposes of God for individuals and for nations, for each nation has its own purpose.  Workers and their leaders rejoice in the knowledge of that purpose. 

    People rejoice in the work that God is doing within them.  They learn that they must forgive as they have been forgiven.  A purposeful act of forgiving breaks bondages, and  when bondages are broken, the work can carry on with heaven as its source.  People learn to look up to the Lord in all that they think and do. 

    Those who belong to the Lord recognize that He is on His throne.  The throne represents His power.  It is from the throne that the purposes of God unfold and are revealed.  There will be a great many revelations coming in the last days.

  8. Victoria Peace Green

    I can believe. Walking close to the Lord of lords – YESHUA has brought much alienation from even brothers and sisters. My health is failing but my testimony is very exposed. The depth of the satanic attacks are evidence what you are saying is happening.
    Gods elect always listening to Holy Spirit and He will keep moving us as YESHUA moves in the great harvest.

  9. susanrobb2870

    Wow!!! Yes Lord!
    Thy kingdom COME!
    THY will be done!
    On earth – just as it is in heaven!
    Praying for us all !! And all …?

    So thankful for your pure words from the Lord of the harvest!!????

  10. Marie Hacker

    “Many plans are in the hearts of man, but it is the Lord’s purpose that will prevail.”
    ……. Hallelujah!

    • Carolina

      Well…hallelujah Marie Hacker!!?

  11. Doug Blaylock

    Wow! A fit word in a due season. Thank you. Praise God.

  12. Mary Callahan

    I have seen this move of God in my mind’s eye .Jesus in the ripe fields of the Harvest with the greatest of Confidence !

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