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The three unwisemen are following a light, but it is not a heavenly light.  It is the headlight of a speeding locomotive and they are trapped in a tunnel, on the tracks.

Whenever someone says “with all due respect” they usually only say that because they are about to act with disrespect, but want to come across as respectful. And so it is—with all due respect—I explain to you the three kinds of stupid that have possessed these three unwise men: Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Chuck Schumer, who have come bearing gifts of fool’s gold, Frankenstein, and myth.

There are three kinds of stupid, and in this case they are guilty of practicing all three.

Kind #1: You are following Nancy Pelosi. Following Nancy Pelosi, like socialism, has never worked.  Ask anyone who has followed her. Ask Kamala Harris. Nancy is a political train wreck who manages to survive by postponing disaster, but she cannot prevent the inevitable.

She is known for one amazing tactic: She comes up with a crazy idea, but she wants others to think it’s their idea. She feigned not wanting Trump impeached and then got others to take the lead on impeachment.

She is what is known as a ‘Jonah’. There’s something you must always remember about ‘Jonahs’: they are jinxed and bad things happen when they are present, but when the plane crashes, they survive. It’s everyone around them who dies.

Come close Adam, Jerry and Chuck, while I explain: there is no version of this fiasco that will have a good outcome for you. Here’s why: you have done nothing for the people who put you in office. You have wasted most of President Trump’s first term and millions of taxpayer dollars on fruitless investigations, libelous insults, and vicious attacks. You have done nothing for Americans.  Zip. Nada.

We get why you what you did. You have no vision, no solution, and no plan for America.  All we know about you is what you are against. You are literally accomplishing nothing for Americans. (That’s how mad you’ve made me. I hate the word ‘literally’ and you made me use it. Shame on you!)

Kind #2. You have stupidly declared war on 70 million voters. You three kings of disorient are declaring war on 70 million voters so far. While you are obsessed with getting Trump out of office, you are blind to how your ludicrous tactics are playing in millions of living rooms across America. To them you are not heroes. You are out-of-control demagogues who want to overthrow a legal election—their election—and who want to nullify their vote.

Not only are you trying to overrule their vote, you add insult to injury by calling anyone who voted for Trump racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, and worst of all (and, here is the irony)—stupid.

You don’t get it. But then how could you. You live in a bubble. You believe your own hype. You believe that by slinging mud and throwing rancid red meat to your base you will increase your chances of winning elections.  Here’s what you have actually done:

  • You have galvanized Trump’s base. He has the highest approval rating among Republicans since Ronald Reagan. You have inspired his base to increase contributions to his election campaign by tens of millions of dollars. You have driven people to our side—especially minorities, those on the fence, and independent voters.
  • You have used up your currency with Americans who don’t even like Trump, but who can’t stomach how unfair and nasty you are to him and his family.

Kind #3. You are ruining Christmas. This is by far your worst mistake. You are extending hearings into the Christmas season. Americans were sick of this already, now you want to sling mud during Hallmark Movies.  Instead of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men, we must endure your ceaseless screeching during the Christmas season. Your impeachment hearings will sound like fingernails across a blackboard. Even your own party will hate it.

And finally, it is unwise to stake your future and the future of your party on yet another expensive investigation.  This one, like the last one, has produced zero justification and will die with a whimper. Some of your fellow Socialist/Democrats have done far worse than anything you are accusing Trump of having done, and you gave them a pass.  None of your witnesses are credible. None of your accusations have been substantiated. None of any of this rises to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and still you have made it abundantly clear that you will try to impeach Trump, no matter what.

You are doing it because Nancy says you have to. She said, “Trump has left us no choice but to impeach.” Your downfall, unwisemen, is that you believe her and are following a star that is headed over a cliff.


  1. ghostofdurocher

    More needs to be stated about the modern day Jonah in Washington D.C. better known as Nancy Pelosi. Her self righteous words ring out loud and clear to one and all……”Dont mess with me”. Im sure those same words must have greeted the rugged sailors who Jonah greeted as he boarded the fateful ship. At least Jonah didnt have the luxury of mentioning his “roman catholic” upbringing and use that as an exemption for having to answer any probing questions? But when the waves rose high and the ship was in peril, and it soon became apparent just who was to blame for the “mess” the sailors were in, Jonah finally spilled the beans and had his moment of sobriety. Would to God that moment of spiritual sobriety would come to Nancy Pelosi.

    • tammyteresa

      Amen. I was sickened when I heard her reply. The hypocrisy is beyond anything I have ever heard. I was like WOW!!!

      • Carolina

        Mario, your use of the seasonal parody is so creatively applicable! In my most recent video message I also called this nightmare on Elm street impeachment, a political FIASCO!
        Yes Tammyteresa, the hypocrisy is beyond the Twilight Zone right up to nauseating. I would add to your “WOW”…”APPALLING”.?

  2. Theo

    People like Nancy Pelosi survive because the devil takes care of his own. An old retired judge that was a mentor used to say that and I would laugh, but now I have seen enough scoundrels going through life unscathed that I wonder if it shouldn’t be in the Bible. The devil did offer Jesus the kingdoms of the world if he served him.

    I had this strange experience one night where the devil came to me and told me, “I have a guy on every talk show.” He was trying to punk me out and I was just like “good luck with that devil,” but he might have a guy on every talk show.

    • Nellie

      Dear Lord, thank you for exposing evil and its tactics.
      I’m so ready to see and live in FREEDOM, as it’s supposed to be in the U.S.A.
      Let FREEDOM ring, once again.
      In God We Trust.

      • Jayne farrell

        I actually laughed out loud at your parody. Great stuff. Thank you.

        I am of the opinion after a lot of reading, that because Trump won in spite of all the dems efforts to keep it from happening, and as a result the UN Plan 2020 Agenda got thwarted, they have all lost their minds. I think O was well on his way to set the Alinsky Plan in place and H was to finish the job. She was videoed saying to a bunch of billionaires the dream was “The United Continent of the Americas”. Socialist. O accomplished setting up the 8 steps and she was set to push it through. When all their schemes and tricks didn’t work to beat T in the election, they have been melting down ever since. Unfortunately, so many of our youth (among others) have already been INDOCTRINATED to believe that socialism is good because of the re-education pedophile czar, and they are chosen to be the “Useful Idiots” of the Alinsky Plan. The result I believe will be the youth who become so miserable with their lives….that’s when a Great movement of God will take place. In the meantime, the UN has renamed their PLAN to be the 2030 agenda.

        The other very disturbing thing I’m seeing is the vicious attack and rhetoric regarding Christians and God and Jesus. I am a comment reader and I am absolutely stunned at what I see. It feels like Germany 1934. I’m told the same is going on in movies and TV series.

    • Jayne

      Lol. I’m pretty sure he does.

      • Tammy Bee

        Yep…the devil takes care of his own…until he doesn’t.

      • Carolina

        Jayne Farrell, I so agree, the UN has been in lock step with the globalization plan and Obama carried their water as well as Mrs Clinton. The height of mendacity & what brought Hillary’s true thoughts out into the open was back during the Presidential campaigning days of 2016, when she was outed from a quote she made at another of her many paid conferences in 2013 saying,
        “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open borders” she told Latin American bankers.
        Now the mainstream media has down played that statement, but it was also said to a Latin dictator by Ms Clinton regarding ‘my dream is making America a Hemispheric region.’
        In other words, forget the United States and its national sovereignty, just connect the dots of all the other southern latin countries with the US and make it a western region and one more part of the big global village.
        That’s what I call stinkin thinkin!!?

  3. Margaret Perrin

    Insanity in it’s highest manifestation. A danger to themselves and others that is alarming!

  4. Tammy Bee

    Great read…but I disagree that Nancy is in charge. She is nothing more than a puppet with her strings being pulled by others not on the forefront. There are much darker forces and players than her (evil as she is) that are driving this.


      That’s right Tammy Bee and it should emphasize to all of us the importance of having Lobbyists and Special Interests removed from Washington.. They are There to serve us but instead they serve the highest bidders..

  5. Daniel L Hutto

    Thank you for all you stated ? I for one believe it to be true I have watched it from the beginning, the Democrats hate The President therefore they hate us. This is truly a battle between good and evil ? And can only be won in the spiritual realm. Prayer and the ballot box will prevail. So pray people fervently and diligently.

  6. Kerry Carmichael

    Mario. I heard you for the first time in DC this September with Lance Wallnau. That conf was an out of the box experience for my husband and myself but Lord told us to go. We have been in the Word of Faith move for decades but so aware that the transition had arrived. You helped me bridge these next years! I was snatched up in the Jesus people movement and the supernatural became a way of life for me then, until the years began to pass and Jesus was replaced by church going! About 8 years ago the Lord began to reveal to me the insidiousness of the spirit of religion. The week before we travelled to DC to the conf I asked the Lord to reveal answers on two questions that I had concerning the current “age”! I had become addicted to “having to have my eschatology correct”! In your first comments your words destroyed my bondage and I immediately was able to see higher and deeper!! Glory!! I am so aware of the call on your life, it feels like the sixties and seventies but now with a heavy mantle of truth and His power!! I see this awakening and have been praying about it for almost three decades. It’s global, it’s all encompassing and won’t look like anything we have seen before!! The hunger for Him will consume the younger generations and they will not be led by personalities but by His Spirit!! Glory to God! Honoured to be in this day with you and your ministry!

    Kerry Carmichael Toronto, Canada


  7. Diane McDaniel

    Mario- 100% of what you say here is true. AND they ruined Christmas. Family is so, so very important to my heart. I hurt when i realize we, the people, have to pay for this. I hurt when this becomes what we all have to think about-endlessly, when there is so much more worthy crisis to focus on. It hurts Trump’s family as well, and frankly, that hurts all of America-even the screaming meme’s. I hurt when it causes arguments and torments and troubles in my multi party family. It echos into my quiet time with my Savior, it HURTS.!

    Thank you Mario, for being a blessing to the American Family.
    With Love and so many prayers.

  8. Tina Callahan

    LOVE this! SO TRUE! It reminds me of when Lucifer fell from Heaven & he took 1/3 of the angels he had fooled with him. The deep state democrats are trying to take as many to hell with them as possible AND enjoy TRYING to make awake Americans miserable on their way down. I LOVE being on the winning side & knowing that their days are numbered.

  9. Mary Stoltzfus

    Is she ever sober? I have heard that she is on drugs most of the time, don’t know if it’s true or not.

  10. Patricia Heatherly

    AMEN!!!! MARIO

    On Fri, Dec 6, 2019, 10:39 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The three unwisemen are following a light, > but it is not a heavenly light. It is the headlight of a speeding > locomotive and they are trapped in a tunnel, on the tracks. Whenever > someone says “with all due respect” they usually only say that because th” >

  11. kingskid48

    Oh, Boy, did you ever nail that one, Pastor Mario. Three Unwisemen for sure and one very rattled woman who is afraid, I suspect, of the maniacs on the squad. It is impossible to me not to get the feeling that the democrats can’t help themselves. They know this is wrong and is insane and is destroying the country, Christmas 2019 included, but it’s like they’ve sold their souls in order to get rid of President Trump and they are incapable now of stopping the Train of Madness that is barreling down the tracks to destruction with them on it.

    As a side note, not trying to critique anyone else’s opinion- I don’t have to be “perfect” in my eschatology-not sure what that means-but I do want to be right. There are certain things that are clearly going to happen according to Scripture and we need to be careful that we don’t override His Word in favor of what we now think we see happening. No one really knows the exact timeline of the End Times, except our Heavenly Father.

  12. Matt Salinas

    Thank you Mario for revealing the works of evil. I was watching you on Sid Roths show last night and it was very encouraging. Greater are they that are with us than those that are with them. I work up thinking of the scripture you quoted “1 John 3:8” That is our purpose. To destroy the works of the devil. I am 62 and sometimes feel like there is nothing I can do. I can pray and if God puts an opportunity in front of me I will take it. God bless you <<

  13. Noel

    Biden thinks he is the “candidate best equipped to heal the country from the Oval Office tumult of Donald Trump’s presidency”, according to an article written by Emily Larsen of the Washington Examiner this morning.

    Just a number of questions- Who has caused all the tumult during the first term of this president? Who is initiating all this rancor and division? Who is sowing discord? Who is wasting the time and money of the American taxpayer? Take a look at Proverbs 6:16-19 and tell me if you do not see the words, actions, and mindset of the Democratic Party during this term of this president. The blood of the unborn has been on their hands for nearly 50 years now. Their gall should repulse anyone who has the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ!

  14. Mike Mealer

    No weapon formed against him will prosper and every word that rises against him, You will condemn.

  15. RS

    Brother Mario,
    I too love your parody, but I have to take exception to this:

    “We get why you what you did. You have no vision, no solution, and no plan for America.”

    It appears to me they do, indeed, have a (devious) plan & vision for America: to overthrow the Constitution and make this a Socialist/globalist society, thanks to puppet-master, Soros & cronies!

    “So shall they fear The name of the LORD from the west, And His glory from the rising of the sun; When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.” Is 59:19

    Merry Christmas to all & abundant blessings in the New Year!
    (Trump 2020!) ??

  16. Chris

    My confusion is how so many Christians that study the Bible, especially the majority of Minorities, can vote for these Democrats.

  17. Ruby Bibbs

    Yeah!! Someone finally said the truth of this mess. It is Nancy’s desire to impeach and she is using her puppets to keep her face clean. She will come out smelling like a rose while the three will burn. Evil always turns back on itself. Get ready, ’cause I am looking for our Lord to sweep this room clean!! And very soon!!!

  18. Nancy Kroeger

    Brother Mario, Sir,
    This might be by far one of your best articles yet. I am quite plugged in to all of this and you have sooo summed it up so perfectly! Just the other day, one of the conservative radio hosts was saying that he thought Nancy Pelosi really didn’t want to be doing this and was being dragged into it, but I think you are right in your analysis. She’s telling them they have to do it, and I like your image of her being the only one that survives the consequences when everyone else doesn’t. Love your play on words humor in this too. Merry Christmas, Mario

  19. Darlene W

    We can be assured that they will play right into President Trump’s plan.It happens every time .Our President is at least 3 steps ahead of them. And we haven’t seen AG Barr or Durham’s report yet.Attempting to overthrow an elected president and taking taxpayer’s money is a crime.The guilty will pay.God sees all. As the Body of Christ we stay close to God so that we are able to discern Truth,(even the very elect could be deceived)keep our armor intact and pray.He has already provided victory,we just have to take it.

  20. Gaila Gale

    ​Don’t know if you’ll get this but thought I’d try and see. Greg Gutfeld does a late night show on Fox (I only get him on my computer) and there was a great line that I thought you’d appreciate:
    Trump is hilarious in this video as well. Greg’s comments about what he says and does are also delightful.
    Anyway I love this comment….and maybe we Christians ought to use this tactic on the adversary as well??: he is good at taking slings and arrows, directed at him, and turning them into armor. What a great line!! Do you think Paul would laugh too, and maybe approve?
    Gutfeld: Trump is having a ball and maybe so should you
    Trump demonstrated at CPAC 2018 that he is good at taking slinks and arrows, directed at him, and turning them into armor. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hou…


  21. mary moore

    Well said!!! God bless you with His love and peace and joy unspeakable and full of His Glory !! Amen!! In Jesus name!!!! Amen again!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  22. Anne D

    BRAVO!!! Thank you for putting into words what SO MANY of us are thinking and feeling at, what should be, a most beautiful Christmas season!

  23. Judy Bauman

    Wow! Again, the nail has been hit precisely on the head. Thanks!

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  24. Marilyn Benoit

    Thank you Mario for that timely word about “The Three Stooges”. Love ❤️

    Sent from my iPad


  25. Cyndi Goodrich

    Thank you for telling it like it is! I’ve admired your straightforward words of wisdom, for years.
    You are truly a blessing to the Body of Christ and a wrecking ball to Satan’s domain.
    I sincerely hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and pray that the New Year floods you with blessings!

  26. Charlene J Stevens

    My goodness Mario; you have put it so well! Sad but true…..but God-who destroyed the enemies time line of destruction and gave us His Grace; Hallelujah!!! I have hope because the enemy overplayed his and and got caught in all of his traps and strategies.
    I still love President Donald J Trump and will vote for him in 2020! I believe he has God’s hand on him and he will do what God has called him to do!
    Merry CHRISTmas for everyone on here and you and your family Brother Mario!



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