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An astounding door for moral awakening has blown open in California, but I need your help. Did you know that over a million people now know what God is doing under the roof of our tent?

Thousands are asking what we are going to do next. The answer is, we are coming back. Only this time, we are returning with a vengeance! Here is how we got to this point:

In 2019, we began in raw obedience. When Frank Saldana, Jim Carpenter, and I began this mission we had to trust God for everything. Satan opposed us in ways I have never seen before. We were in direct contact with hell.  Again and again our tent tour seemed doomed. And, again and again, God came through!  And, in such a manner that no one but God received the glory.

We went to Paradise, California when there was virtually nothing left there after the fire. We set up our tent in a city where everyone had fled for their lives. No one can explain, even to this day, how God filled the tent with so many people and how so many were miraculously transformed. Marysville was total warfare.  But it not only turned around, it was so fruitful we had to add extra nights at a baseball stadium. In Stockton, the opposition was even more intense. Yet again, the power of God prevailed.

However, it was not until we got to Dinuba that we saw the true potential for the tent. Then our final crusade in Hanford brought record-breaking crowds, miracles, and salvations.

Do you want to know why Satan fought us so hard?  It is because we discovered there is a vast harvest in California. That is something the enemy, the leftist media, and the God-haters never wanted us to know. Satan overplayed his hand. The people are sick to death of the agenda of the Left that is destroying the economy, brainwashing their children, unleashing crime and addiction, and persecuting Christians.

Every night, we suffered a critical shortage of counselors to pray with young and old who wanted Jesus. The number of healings also overwhelmed us.  Matthew 9:37, Then (Jesus) said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. 38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

Along with the vast harvest, we saw another result: churches came alive to win souls!

Yes, it’s true, in 2019 we powered through incredible obstacles. We reached thousands. Now we are in a position to reach tens of thousands. And get this: we have already locked-in 5 California cities for mass healing crusades.  They are: Chico, Roseville, Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

Having sites locked-in this early, gives us a much greater edge than we had last year.  Much of 2019 was consumed battling for permits and last minute expenses.

Only this time, we are coming with a much bigger army.  This time, a battle-tested core will return to lead new recruits. This wonderful battalion of Spirit-filled warriors is waiting for us to replenish them for invasion.

On top of that, we will multiply our outreach to the poor and homeless by holding special daytime rallies in the tent. The homeless won’t come at night, for fear of losing their place and their belongings. We will bring them to the tent for morning outreaches, where they will experience the power and love of God, as well as receiving resources.

And that’s not all. We are purchasing a second tent, just for children. While their parents are getting saved in the main tent, the children will receive special ministry in their own tent.

We missed having many people come to the tent in 2019, because they don’t go to church or watch Christian media.  But this time, we will invest in new social media weapons designed to get their attention. This includes redesigning our website to better serve visitors. We are investing in new equipment that will let us instantly show short live-streams from the tent, plus interviews with those who have been saved and healed.

I am convinced that a harvest, beyond anything we have seen, is waiting. This open door demands a massive investment. We simply don’t know how long this door will stay open—but there is one thing we do know for sure:

Unless a powerful miracle occurs, within one short year the America you have always known and loved will be gone forever. Who is leading the charge on impeachment and every other destructive movement in America?  California.  California’s God-hating elites have the power and the money to wipe out all of our freedoms.

Here are some final facts about California:

  • Right now, those who are the best equipped to win the hearts of young Californians are wealthy leftist politicians, atheists, media moguls, singers, and actors.  They have the biggest stage, the loudest microphones, and the largest bankroll.
  • They all have this in common: They despise Jesus Christ, the Bible, America, Donald Trump, Israel, and you.
  • Those on the Left are pawns of Satan. They want a world without the traditional family or any restraints on abortion, drugs, pornography, or pedophiles. Here’s the unvarnished truth: the current leftist regime now in power in California sees no future for Christianity in that state. They have made it their mission to drive true believers out of what they consider to be “their” state.
  • Their ideology thrives on policies that divide and destroy.  They see chaos as a good thing, because it destroys the old order to make way for the new order.  Prolonged economic depression, brainwashing, riots, and even cop killings are permissible for the “greater good.” That explains the deliberate destruction of California’s prosperity and civil order.

We saw many miracles in 2019, but the dire facts about California and America’s future demand a bold and drastic outreach. That is why I am asking you to sow into a miracle for America by helping us invade California.

No one needs to remind you how angry, perverted and chaotic our nation has become. Whatever we are going to do, we must do it now.

We have the tent, the chairs, the army, and the permits.  Your gift will mean more now than ever: because it will have an immediate impact and will multiply the size of the harvest.  Your love gift will go directly to soul winning.

I have asked you for help before, only this time, I am even more certain that our nation’s future is at stake. Perhaps you meant to give more this year but were not able to. The government allows us to credit any gift you give toward your 2019 taxes, so long as it is postmarked on or before December 31st.

I know you love souls. I know you see what it means to reach California. I also know you have been generous before. However, times have changed and we are facing a threat we never thought we would face. You are the best partners a ministry ever had, and you have always come through.  But it is because we must treat this open door as our last chance, I need you to dig a little deeper.

Thank you for giving toward this California miracle. To give use this link

Thank you, and God bless you, and God bless America!


  1. holyfireorg

    I’ll be giving my best gift. Digging into my savings if I have to. Would love my new book that you Foreworded to be made available at your great soul winning campaigns to warn Californians.

    Probably an overreach request, but let me know if that’s possible.

  2. holyfireorg

    I’ll be giving my best gift. Digging into my savings if I have to. Would love my new book that you Foreworded to be made available at your great soul winning campaigns to warn Californians.

    Probably an overreach request, but let me know if that’s possible.

  3. Marylou Martinez-Morgan

    I will be showing my gift but most important I am from California and strongly desire for help you at your tent meetings, can I please know who can I contact? We are alter ministers now and go out to the streets to the homeless. I have earlier made this request but no response?

  4. Carolina

    We will be making our end of the year donation to MMM for the hope of CA, all of America & souls around the globe.

  5. Darlene W

    Standing with you in prayer and giving from Illinois.Nothing is impossible for our God!

  6. Arthur Aust

    I pray now that Jesus blesses your meetings and that many more hungry souls are brought into the kingdom, and that Jesus blesses you with many more such awesome events and tent meeting opportunities.
    I saw your interview on Sid Roth, it’s pretty awesome 🙂

  7. Grace Bristol

    Yeah Mario! We have known of you since the early days at Melodyland Church. So happy to hear all that you are doing. I know a family who lost all in Paradise Calif. I know what a shock a fire and the losses can be. God is going to take California back. We moved our of California in 2003…It continued to go in the wrong direction.

  8. Melissa Ward

    Love your ministry so much..i am going to be in california from the 19 to the 31st of december.
    would love to meet up with you somewhere or bring people to some revivals. I have a sister, son and family in vacaville and livermore. I also have a neice and nephew in stockton..friends in Sanjose and sanmateo
    Please let me know what will be happening..I live right now in Kansas and have a powerful ministry called INSIDE/OUT movement. We work with family that have loved ones in prison/ advocate for inmates…We are moving people out of the darkness into His light…I have been following you for years and love being involved out of the box…Melissa DeSanctis/Ward Phone 772-529-1661

  9. kingskid48

    I will be giving toward this effort, Pastor Mario. It is time for healing miracles that the leftist media cannot ignore or twist. California and America need to be saved.

  10. Laura Wedemeyer

    When is the event in Chico? I would like to volunteer as a follow-up counselor or where needed.

  11. waibera mahamba

    Thank you

    Our vision: Planting Churches around the nations of the world as we minister to people who have no hope.


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