Undeniable healing miracles

by | Aug 24, 2019 | Christianity Today | 11 comments

Doctors will be amazed. Churches will be revolutionized. We will see the dead raised and the miraculous multiplication of food. Millions will experience wonder. Yet, sadly, it is not all good news.

Here are the three reasons why miracles are coming that I was given by the Holy Spirit:

1. It is time: because the Bible has been rejected. Outpourings of the Holy Spirit and clusters of miracles occur like weather patterns. Jesus said, “When it is evening you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.”  (Matthew 16:2, 3)

The Bible, which was a guiding force throughout our history, has been dismissed by many as being a mere collection of myths.  It has never been this bad before.  Never have we seen such a wholesale rejection of the Word of God as we do today.  Psalm 119:126 says, “It is time for You to act O God, for they have nullified Your Word.”  We are now a nation without the Bible.  It has been evicted from our halls of government, schools, and even our churches—which is why it is time for God to act…and He will!

It was my honor to be on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth. I felt I made a wonderful new friend. During the broadcast, he said that America and the world would see a mighty outpouring of Glory resulting in the greater works that Jesus mentioned in John 12.

America is now the foreign mission field and therefore the Holy Spirit will soon begin to work to confirm the Word, with signs following. The miracles, healings, and supernatural signs that have been a regular part of Christian outreach in Africa, Asia, and Latin America will now appear in North America.  Resurrections, multiplication of food, angelic visitations, visions, dreams, and prophecy will be reported.

Already, the power and glory that we believe is coming is coming in increased manifestations in our tent, bringing crowds of lost souls that would never enter a church.

 2. It is time: because “judgment must begin at house of God.” (see 1 Peter 4:17) When these miracles come, it will not be an endorsement of the current church. In fact, I believe that God is displeased with the overwhelming majority of ‘Churchianity’ in America.

The signs and wonders that are coming will bring judgment.  They will divide churches.  They will expose sin.  They will even bring death.  Remember, Ananias and Sapphira were killed by the Holy Spirit not simply for stealing money and lying about it, but for doing it in a time of miracles.

The double lives of carnal pastors will come to light.  The message of “greasy grace” that has believers committing every sexual sin there is, as well as getting drunk, will be plowed under by the true fire of God.  Evangelists who operate in false gifts by the power of familiar spirits will be exposed as fakes in front of their audiences.

Judgment indeed will begin at the house of God, but it will not end there.  Watch for public officials, celebrities, and anti-God voices to be suddenly removed.

3. It is time: because America is on the brink of destruction.  Democrats are demonstrating breathtaking stupidity by betraying Israel.  Israel, to its eternal credit, has rejected the stupidity of the House Democrats, and placed its fate into the hands of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jesus. Donald Trump said, “House Democrats want to take action against Israel because it is fighting back against two (maybe four) people that have said unthinkably bad things about it & the Israeli people. Dems have such disdain for Israel! What happened? AOC Plus 4 is the new face of the Democrat Party!”

Fresno is a sign of the veil being lifted off of the public. The Central Valley now sees how Sacramento victimized them. Here is a picture of the overflow crowd in Fresno who saw mighty signs and wonders.

There is no doubt that America has crossed a line in the sand.  The Leftist movement is guilty of the most blatant animosity toward the things of God that we have seen in American history.

Secular Progressives are literally shaking their fist at God and daring Him to intervene.  If God does not act now there will be no America.  But there will be a World War Three.

Yet, there is a radical, remnant core, who have not bowed their knee to Baal.  There is a growing army who have discarded dead religion, repented of a prayer-less life, and who will obey the voice of God.  They are the rightful heirs of a new anointing that will shatter the darkness.  They will flow in true gifts of power and speak only the counsel of God!

I believe that these miracles, signs and wonders will be upon us very soon.  But never forget that this is sobering news, and that God is giving America one more chance.

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  1. Greg Dean

    Yes! I have waited since the 1980s for this time. That we will see the 1st century alive in the 21st. Signs, miracles and revelation. I go to funerals expecting G-D to tell me to raise the person from the dead. So far no green light. But then if someone was raised from the dead there would be 50 more funerals from everyone dropping dead from heart attacks!

    The temperature of believing is raising. The holy spirit is moving. There is a spiritual revolution coming. Led of G-D, not men.

    As dark as it is now, there is still hope. Our G-D is here. In us. He has equipped us to do all things.

  2. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Minustries

    Mario, God is moving by His Spirit in unbelievable power, grace, mercy, love, and glory! In a prison crusade Friday and Saturday nights, 51 prisoners total gave their lives to Christ, with 40 of them being at a facility preparing them for release back into the free world over the next 90 days!! Going home with Jesus as Lord!! God continues to do exceding, abundantly, above all we could ask or think, to Him be all glory, honor, power, and praise!

  3. Aaron

    I’m praying for you to get on the Joe Rogan podcast and for God to use you to bring a radicle conversion in his life.

  4. Carolina

    Mario listed 3 reasons…”Here are the three reasons why miracles are coming that I was given by the Holy Spirit:”
    Under number 3 Mario wrote; “3. It is time: because America is on the brink of destruction. Democrats are demonstrating breathtaking stupidity by betraying Israel.”
    Here’s an interesting and revealing commentary & link that was sent directly to me from the White House weekly “The White House Resolute” newsletter I receive.
    Once American Congressional leadership engages in blatant anti-semitism (which PR-Trump personally will never do) hang onto your American hats cause we’re in for a supernaturally bumpy ride!????

  5. JeffM

    Scripture bears out that it is the entire world system that is going to be leveled, but there is so much of world system that has come into the church. The Holy Spirit is going to bring down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

  6. Roger Culwell

    Amen everything of God is being rejected, and the bad part is, its not just by the world, they scream as we preach word, and I mean loud, The Word is the Word, either preach it all of it or sit down and let someone who will preach it preach, people souls lie in the balance, God called us and entrusted us to preach what he says, not a watered-down version of the word, not to just make us feel good, but to make us ready for heaven, and if when we start babying them like spoiled children, telling them their sin is ok God will overlook it, we are the same as sending them straight to hell, bad is good, and good is bad today, love is hate, and hate is love, and we have so much evil operating in the church today, I just kinda thought all those goddesses in the Romans days had somehow gone away,but the Lord showed me they are very much alive and well in the church, we are fighting stronger powers than have been fought since Noahs day, and we must pray like never before, praying hours a day for souls, miracles, signs and wonder’s in Revivals and meetings where the people really want them. Be Blessed

  7. Ruby Bibbs

    I am praying for you and the assignment given to you by our God! Don’t stop! Keep doing what God says. He is not finished with America! I am 81 and pray for our Wonderful America! Only God can intervene in the situations and issues we now face! Praise God for pastors like you and a few of you are still on the right track of righteousness and serving as we should. God is great and greatly to be praised! May God continue to bless you as I know He will. I trust in HIM each day and for His provision. He has never let me down!! Praying for your anointing to increase beyond your understanding!! Walk as Peter walked and your shadow will bring healing and wholeness to those you pass by!! PTL!

  8. Noel

    I am not old enough to remember the Jesus Movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s but many of the early baby boomers certainly would. It would be amazing to see a genuine national awakening that would endure and turn the tide of the current culture here in America! All I know is that the Holy Spirit is alive and well in my life and that I have great expectancy for an overcoming life no matter what the culture is doing. If He is doing it in my life I’ve got to believe He is on the move in others. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

  9. David

    Glory to God in the highest ?

  10. Brianna

    A very timely word. I’ve been feeling this in my spirit recently. The blaent hostility toward God and His Word is unfathomable. Yes the Lord will rise up. It’s time. Ty for the encouragement. Ty Lord God. Amen.



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