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A miracle is coming to the Central Valley of California.

That is an astonishing thing for anyone to say, for several reasons. Not long ago, five cities in the Central Valley made the list of the Top Ten Worst Cities in America.

Why I believe a miracle is coming:

The good people of this region have been hit by everything you can imagine, including drought, foreclosures, drug addiction, gang violence, massive homelessness, and breathtaking political abuse by Sacramento.

When California received $410 million in 2012 as part of a nationwide settlement with major banks accused of abusive foreclosures, Gov. Jerry Brown used $331 million of that money to pay state agencies in housing and other programs in order to cover their deficits.  Kamala Harris knew about this but kept silent. Now California has lost a lawsuit, and this money must be paid out to the victims.

The Central Valley was not even on my radar. Five years ago my bags were packed to move out of California. I was moving away and thinking, “Maybe it is time to pass the mantle on to someone else, and retire.” Then my nation went crazy.

That is when the dream was given to me—a life changing dream.

The dream happened during an afternoon nap between services in Stockton. I believe that this dream was meant to encourage the people of that city. Especially because of what was in the dream.

It was the kind of dream that I tell people they need to handle with caution. In the dream I was suspended high above California, and I could clearly see Highway 99, all the way from Red Bluff to the end of 99 at Laval Road in Arvin, California.

Suddenly, as I watched, Highway 99 was transformed and became a river! Trees started popping up on the banks of the river. The voice of the Lord said, “This highway shall be a corridor of my Glory.”

Five years pass, and I am invited on the TruNews Network with Rick Wiles. Next thing I know, he has donated an 8,000 square foot, brand spanking new tent, as well as 1,000 chairs from the luxury boxes of an NFL stadium. What a miracle!

God then revealed to me that this tent was to move south and follow Highway 99, and that the river I had seen would flow in the tent, healing innumerable sicknesses and would bring in a massive harvest of souls.


Now, here we are—watching the fulfillment of that dream. Indeed, the river has flowed south from Marysville, CA, then through Paradise, CA and the current intensified in Stockton. Now we are watching the unimaginable as the river is about to reach to Dinuba, Hanford and Fresno.

As I write this to you, thousands of people are experiencing an amazing dealing of God in these cities. There is something in the air—it is vibrating with hope and faith.

People like to use the expression: ‘something has shifted,’ but that feels woefully inadequate to explain the unity that is emerging among leaders—the expectancy in the people—and the acceleration that seems to be coming.

With all my heart, I know we are about to hit the mean streets in these cities and pull treasures out of darkness. We are about to feed the masses of poor and unsheltered.

Nothing will be able to stop the explosion of praise that will erupt when the miracles, that I know are coming, arrive.


Why am I telling you this? In order to fulfill this dream, we need workers. Why not join in something so wonderful that if Jesus tarries, people will be talking about it 30 years from now?

Many people have asked me, “What kind of workers do you need?” My question back to you is, “What do you want to do? Do you want to hit the streets and watch gangsters delivered? Do you want to help organize a statewide night of prayer in Chukchansi stadium? Do you want to be an usher in any of the services? Do you want to pray with those who come to Jesus?

“Do you want distribute food and clothing in homeless camps? What about helping with our massive children’s outreach in Fresno in November? Are you willing to give up your Thanksgiving Day?”  On that day, we will conduct a complete miracle service, followed by a sit-down dinner for a thousand people.

If you come to the Night of Miracles in Hanford, you will see the true fire and miracles of Jesus. If you come to six nights under the tent in Dinuba, you will see God rock an entire city. If you join the thousands at Chukchansi Stadium, you will feel the power of prayer like you have never felt it in your life.

Start by praying. Even if you are reading this from Wellington, New Zealand, the Gold Coast of Australia, or even Cape Town, South Africa, you can pray! Start now.

I promise you, a river of life will end up flowing out to you!  

Sign up to volunteer for any or all of these events  https://app.mobilecause.com/form/Yc4rjg?vid=1lwvn



  1. Karen Davis

    I just want to say thank you Mario Murillo for your heart towards Father God, and for California, and for your obedience to His calling…God Bless & keep you & your family, and the team and all who are involved in this mighty move of God…I will continue to pray…Karen Davis…

  2. Roger Culwell

    Praying, send the Labors for the fields are white and ready for the harvest.

  3. josbassettsmith

    Yes!!!!! Praying from Wanaka New Zealand May God”s blessing and favour be on you and with you Mario. And your team. Jos Bassett-Smith

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  4. Carolina

    Praise The Lord? for His miracle working power to LIGHT UP His Glory Corridor in California!
    With You in prayer, heart and Spirit, Mario & Team!?♥️✝︎?

  5. Bobbie

    Mario: Woke up to “California’s Biggest Cities Confront a ‘Defection Crisis’ by Newsmax by Eric Mac 8/18/2019 and this is WOW and FINALLY, FINALLY hear this 9 minute interview: Todd Starnes: Franklin Graham has a warning for Christian ‘influencers’ renouncing their faith Fox News ASKING PASTORS TO TAKE A STAND AND GET INVOLVED before it’s way too late. Although did hear Fushia Pickett Prophetic message 6/90 “that no man, no demon in hell was going to block the last day move of God”, one of those major paradigm bless your socks off messages about the GLORY AND THE FIRE OF GOD coming; she was speaking at Karl Strader’s Church in Florida if want to get the messages; spoke believe for 4 days, had ordered at time.
    i’m very sorry to say about ‘influencers’, the young men that are defecting from Christianity and going public and Franklin is right where they should NOT have gone public and truly believe they didn’t have a relationship with God in the first place as they fit the profile Jezebel wants name in lights, name on the billboard, look at me, taking their hand and slapping their backside for those atta boys for all those on TBN etc., also. Don’t believe they were grounded in and on the WORD or relationship the church became a paycheck and a business to them.

    Note: Just sent Franklin Graham a note then why is he NOT doing the Clarion Call to ALL Pastors/Leaders across the U.S.A. TO TAKE A STAND regarding the agenda he talks about in his interview especially since CBN needs to take a stand as they did an article on Veggie Tales noting would have to compromise to an LBGT agenda; WELL THEN DO SOMETHING (obviously they forgot History repeating itself, Sodom/Gomorrah). Also, Graham Cooke did a profound message one of the most life changing for me on line for free about those who walk away from God online for free, knew it as “The Process, Why Our Lies go the Way they Do” it’s now “wounded and betrayed believers are useful to God” which he did 2004 in Portland, OR. Don’t worship any of the men mentioned, I’ve researched what they’ve taken in regards to $ and who they help; how their ministries play out and IF they are building Shelters for the Fatherless, Widow, Orphan, Single Parents and their children, Homeless, Poor people in general and building strong families and salvation message period rather than being consumed with self. NOTHING gives it away more than lifestyle. God knows you’ve given up a lot for him, Jewels in the Crown! “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!
    DON’T SHUT UP, DON’T BE SILENT: http://www.ravenhill.org/prophet.htm

  6. Jim Alford

    Isaiah 43:16-21
    Ezekiel 47:1-12
    While I do not see the USA as the glorious jewel, but rather as it is, Babylon (Revelation 14:8;17;18), I also see that the term of Trump (a type of Jehu 2 Kings 9;10) as a time which God has extended His grace to the inhabitants of the USA to come to Him and for the Church in this country to come out from among them and be separate unto God (some will in this time, some will not).
    Having said this God’s light and glory will spring out of darkness- what better place than California- the place from which such great darkness and perversity flows!
    Isaiah 43:16-21
    Ezekiel 47:1-12
    My prayers will go up for the fulfillment of your dream to the glory of God and His great mighty of power, as His Holy Spirit brings forth the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Bobbie

      Jim, Yes, Trump is a Jehu he is NOT tolerating the “daughter of hell=Jezebel” so he has the hordes of hell p.o’d, equals the satanist-2 Kings 6:15-17! WE NEED MORE MEN LIKE HIM, PLEASE GOD RAISE UP AN ARMY OF JEHU’S, please!
      Notice, you will NEVER hear about “Jezebel Spirit” in all these false regimes which people think are the church and I’ve seen them remove the Tapes OR preach the right message and then come back and compromise and NOT make the original message available. God knows and sees all and knows the Hearts of Men and Women, oh yes he does! Occult hides and lives in darkness and doesn’t live in Truth they are like the father the devil who was a murder from the beginning, NO TRUTH in him.

      With the Glory and the Fire of God come the JUDGMENTS OF GOD; they’re already here (starting) as you CANNOT prepare for the Finger of God, NOT at all! True story, Church was praying for the Glory; friend and I warned you better have clean hands/pure heart(s) when the Glory hit, 8 dropped dead.
      Years ago, Pastors were admonished to have coffins in the Basement to carry out the dead better yet in their offices as coffee tables because it was coming and GOD HAVE GREAT MERCY WHEN IT ALL COMES! This was a movement that the Head Guy said “prayer was not important”, RUN, EXIT, “DON’T LOOK BACK”; RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. I’m surprised God didn’t kill him on the spot; that’s his love, grace and mercy but there will be a day of reckoning for all the EVIL that has been allowed to prevail and all that evil doer’s have done and been doing. Because, God is HOLY and JUSTICE and Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? That movement is a Corpse of themselves by the way; worse I was there to watch it ALL play out of Revelations 2:4 (actually, read the entire Chapter and it was actually worse than this, what was said in entirety)! PRAYER, WORSHIP, REPENTING, HUMILITY, HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, repentance, PRAYER #1!

      Prayer in the Spiritual is like breathing in natural; you quit breathing you die, you quit praying same thing! Indicative of all these dead men in the pulpits preaching to the dead. Men of prayer do NOT sin, they don’t compromise; they know their God and FEAR God, Proverbs 9:10! WHERE ARE THE MEN WHO WILL CALL THE NATION TO REPENTANCE, FASTING AND PRAYING AND MOURNING AND WEEPING FOR THE NATION, WHERE ARE THEY? I’m not discounting Women as look at the role of Deborah (type of Judge, Jael, Esther, Priscilla so many)! Know the ORDER God has place for the Home, Derek Prince does wonderful teachings; below Books and teachings is our Nation/Home is out of ORDER and MAJOR MALACHI 4:5&6 call (we are seeing the curse over America)! Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible depicts the important of the HOME!

      The Three Battlegrounds by Francis Frangipane; Steve Sampson writes on Jezebel, John Paul Jackson’s Tape Teach on the 14 Characteristics of “Jezebel Spirit” along with Noel Alexander and Tim Davis teachings some of the Best.

  7. Noel

    Praying for the local churches that they will supply all the workers needed for the coming harvest. I stand with you for every good work prompted by faith. Count me in to be faithful in prayer and financial support.

    I Thess 1:2-3



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