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You may have seen that Democrat Jerrold Nadler, U.S. Representative for New York’s 10th congressional district, guaranteed that he would finally deliver proof today that Trump committed high crimes and must be impeached. Instead it was an epic flop—the worst possible let down for the Left.

Remember the night on MSNBC when Rachel Maddow hyped over and over again that when she released Trump’s tax returns, it would end his presidency? In a moment of unrivaled cringe—when she finally showed a few of Trump’s very old tax returns—she flailed about in total futility, trying to make something out of nothing.

Rachel’s reign as champion of the ‘big-fat-nothing-burger-cringe’ ended today, as Mueller became the new champion, when the latest hearing went over like a pregnant pole-vaulter.  It was the thud heard round the world…

We learned absolutely nothing new, and in fact, we may know less about the Mueller investigation than we knew before.

Chris Wallace said that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s House Hearing has turned into a “disaster for Democrats, and for the former FBI director’s reputation.” Indeed, it has.

Mueller, who is often celebrated in the media for laser-like thinking, had to ask lawmakers to regularly repeat their questions, seemingly struggling to pay attention.

As Mueller sat there, he seemed dazed and confused. He deflected. He begged for questions to be repeated over, and over again. In one exchange with Maxine Waters, he asked her to repeat the question three times. Which says as much about Waters as it does Mueller. This was nothing but a move of gut-wrenching desperation, which left no doubt that Democrats are beyond desperate.

Katie Pavlich agreed, arguing that she questions whether “partisans” were indeed the driving force behind the investigation, as President Trump has claimed.

“Robert Mueller is not doing himself any favors,” she argued. “He looks weak, he does not look strong, he cannot answer basic questions about what is in the report, when he’s saying the report is what I’m referring to.” She added that Democrats are not getting what they wanted out of the hearing.

There once was this really dumb guy who bet $50 that his football team would score on fourth and goal.  He lost. But then he lost another $50 by betting on the instant replay. That sums up what happened today.  The Mueller report said, “There was no collusion.” Then the Democrats bet that the instant replay would be different.

Trump won big today.  For Democrats this is disaster. But don’t feel sorry for them—they did this to themselves.

Yet, do you think they will admit their madness? Of course not. Somehow the leftist fake new media is already spinning the hearing as a victory.  Well, sort of a victory, anyway.  That too will go, ‘splat.’

Why does Trump keep winning?  Why do all the attempts to topple him by those who make it their career to destroy him, always crumble and fall?  It is not about the righteousness of Trump…it is about the hand of God protecting a nation from the party of evil.  And, thank God, He is!



  1. Roger Culwell

    Thank God he is for the ones he called, and backs, most other’s including the Church are against some, who are called and set apart, but God will stand by his while others sleep and are deceived, for some will never see for they follow the flesh, and the flesh is controlled by anti-christ, and anti-christ is controlled by islam.

  2. Kathy Broussard


  3. SAS

    Lies, lies, lies!
    The Democrats thrive on them.
    One consequence of lying is that it’s addictive.
    The more one lies, the more they embrace larger lies until he or she no
    longer recognizes the truth.
    There lies the left!

  4. Mark Stripling

    The party of Satan is feeling the heavy hand of God. The Almighty is moving in response to the intercession of the saints. Do not stop now! May all who dig a pit for our president fall into it themselves!! (Prov. 26:27)

  5. Danny Lake

    Right On Mario.
    The Dems had nothing. Reps showed Muller had nothing to do with the investigation with the exception of being the front man Trump hating Hillary contributors ran the entire investigation.
    Bless you Mario

  6. Mark James

    This is by far the most profound statement I believe you made here as I copy: Why does Trump keep winning? Why do all the attempts to topple him by those who make it their career to destroy him, always crumble and fall? It is not about the righteousness of Trump…it is about the hand of God protecting a nation from the party of evil. And, thank God, He is! Amen

  7. kingskid48

    The democrats are desperately trying to pretend there is still “something there” to grasp at and use against the President. If they had any integrity or morals, they would drop this charade and spend the next eighteen months solving the nation’s problems and making sure they find the right person to beat him in 2020. They know they don’t have anyone and they don’t care about solving the nation’s problems. They are obsessed with “getting Trump”, to the point of some of them possibly being possessed. They now are addicted to their lying and their wicked agenda and they can no longer help themselves. They’re like people possessed…they can’t stop trying to “get Trump”, even if they want to. They’ve gone over the edge mentally and spiritually. You’re seeing a political party in the throws of self-destruction.

    • Roger Culwell

      Jezebel all ways want’s revenge, she accuses of sexual misconduct, she slanders, she try’s to kill, and destroy, she robs, she is pure Evil.

  8. Roger Culwell

    Why can’t we see, they couldn’t beat him in a rigged election, so they started trying to slander him, and discredit him, didn’t none of it work so let create a diversion, to keep people and try to keep the President worried and burden with all this fake col. crap, to keep him distracted from doing the full job God put him in there to do, and all back firing on them, there just destroying there whole party, no one now in there right mind would even believe a Dem, everything they do is based on lie’s corruption, cheating to win any way they can, destroying on social media who ever speaks out against them, if you disagree your RACIST, Well I disagree greatly, 1 Sam 14:20 But while Saul was talking to the priest, the confusion in the Philistine camp grew louder and louder. So Saul said to the priest, “Never mind; let’s get going!”[fn]

    1Sa 14:20

    Then Saul and all his men rushed out to the battle and found the Philistines killing each other. There was terrible confusion everywhere. [ sounds a little like that party now don’t it, coming against Gods anointed, there’s a price to pay for coming against Gods anointed, who his hand is upon] we just have to stand with the president and pray like never before, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against him. Pray, Pray, Pray] because they will do there best to destroy any way they can before this next election, there already trying to rig, just like the last one, changing voting age to sixteen, letting illegals vote, changing electoral map, and vote, in other words trying to fix it to where they can’t lose, there Lord satan knows all the dirty tricks, if they won any election lately even back last Nov, I promise you they cheated some way, it’s all they know how to do, is cheat and evil, if that party don’t get new blood in leadership with hope and a vision for the good of this nation, they need destroyed completely, because they will be the destruction of this nation, with the ones running the party now, Radical Is.

    • Mark James

      Yes, just as what took Place with King Saul and the Philistines turning on one another is precisely what the Lots incestuous offspring namely the Amonites and the Moabites joining forces with the flesh of the Edomites (Esau’s clan) when they were coming against a Godly King named Jehoshaphat and the peoples of Judah when the King called the peoples to pray and then the enemy turned on one another as confusion enters their camp (souls) and they as the Apostle Paul would have declared they were to bite and destroy one another without the Kingdom of God at that time picking up a weapon other then to pray thy will oh God be done here on earth as you would declare it so in heaven. And it was so….

      • Roger Culwell

        big amen brother.

    • Roger Culwell

      One other thing some social media’s are brainwashing the same as they did the children with C.C., if you don’t have a strong mind they can youse sorcery, divination, through the TV as well, Copperfield can make it look like an Elephant disappears, no trick camera, min control, and illusion, another reason we must pray, the evil powers, can be struck down, if we have a strong prayer life, but a weal prayer life, we are dealing with an evil we our fathers didn’t deal with,[ to a level] and yet they prayed I have just seen what they can do, and I am telling people we must pray hard, we take it to lightly they say oh we have all power, in Jesus name, not if you don’t pray the way you should, the enemy will laugh in your face, with whats going on right now, this war will take Vet. Warrior’s who know how to fight and know the tricks of the enemy, that TV can program some people, and if watched enough maybe all a lot, they know this, thats why you can’t talk to them and get them to understand reason, we must wake up.

  9. Frank Marciano

    Excellent commentary. I though today was a joke and Mueller looked like an old worn pit lawyer politician, which he is.
    You final comment is spot on!
    Thank You Jesus!

  10. Jana D.


  11. mary moore

    Amen!!!! And thank you !!!!

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  12. Jayne Farrell

    Great article Mario. I’m thinking, according to Psalm 37, God might be laughing tonight. And they are falling into their own pit, no question. Prov. 26. Can’t wait till they begin to turn on one another. Oh wait! They have already begun! I look forward to the day our “Representatives “ actually represent US again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our so called leaders did something FOR Americans and spent OUR tax dollars for something good?

  13. Nolbert Casillas

    I feel that Psalms 35 is a very appropriate read for this situation….thank you Mario, it really is about God protecting our nation…like the song ”AMERICA”…God shed His grace on thee!!

  14. Santos Garcia

    AMEN… Trump is covered and protected by Warrior Angels under command of Holy Spirit. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST… ‘’

  15. mary moore

    Aaaaaamen thank you Lord!!! You still love America!! You want to heal our land!! II Chronicles 7:14

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