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How can it be the greatest? I have seen blind eyes opened, and paralyzed limbs healed, so how can this miracle be the greatest? Let me tell you the story.

It all began with a devastating phone call. The woman on the other end told me a tragic story. She raised eight children in the ghetto. She endured unspeakable trials. She had faithfully served Christ and prayed diligently for each of her children. What she could not give them in material things, she more than made up for with her love.

She cleared her throat, and haltingly told me of the doctor’s report.  It sounded like a death sentence. They had found cancer in her chest which had also spread to her back and her lymph nodes.

She faced a terrible choice.  Chemotherapy would be utterly horrible because she was so thin and she is in her late 80s. But, without chemo, she faced a slow, agonizing, and certain death by cancer.

I was aware of her condition from the very beginning of her ordeal. This call hit me so hard that I could feel my knees buckle. Why you ask? This call was from my mother. 

All of her sons, daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were grief stricken. We all knew that her death would leave a crater of sorrow for all of us that would be beyond words.

Something rose up in me. My mom and I began praying over the phone. I felt a holy rage, like I had never known, rising within my spirit. My words were not just forceful, they were volcanic. I knew that Satan was challenging my family and that fear was trying to consume us.

I came to Jesus on behalf of my mom. Then I spoke to her and went through the Word of God declaring her healing. I felt bold to tell her to resist the devil and rebuke the cancer. I told her she would be tested, but to stand strong on the promises of God.  Heaven overshadowed us, and the presence of God was undeniable.

Something happened to her. Her fear vanished. Her sense of focus and determination was super-human.

The next few weeks were a trial by fire, but she was amazing—confessing the Word, rebuking every negative thought, and standing strong.

Then came that fateful day when she went to see her doctor. The doctor ran the routine tests to monitor the size of the cancer. Later that day, I got her call.

My mother told me that when the doctor came back with the results, it was shocking. The red-faced doctor said, “I can’t find any cancer. None at all.” My mom smiled at the doctor, and explained what had happened.  Then my mom witnessed to her about the healing power of Christ.

Our family is overcome by the goodness and mercy of God. No one else gets the credit or the glory for this astonishing miracle.

Why is this the greatest miracle healing I have ever seen? BECAUSE THIS IS MY MOM.  And today, July 24th is my mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, miracle mom. I love you!

P.S. As part of my celebration of this great miracle, I want your prayer requests. Just because we are celebrating does not mean we have forgotten the many who are warring against sickness. We want to pray for you, and those you love, to receive a healing miracle.  Please leave a prayer request in the comments section. We will pray!



  1. Judy Ernst

    My son has had type 1 diabetes since he was 10 and almost died from it. His pancreas was attacked by a virus which caused this illness. Please pray as the Lord leads for his full restoration. God bless you!!!

  2. Kathleen Tourdot

    Prayer for Marty Saunders ALS

    • Grace

      Type 2 Diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver praying for MY miracle ??

  3. Coral Bardell

    For Julie. Bulging discs & a compressed fracture of the spine. Severe pain, doctors can’t help except provide medications. Thanku.

  4. Heather Herbst

    My daughter in law is battling her 2nd bout of cancer. Doing chemo and radiation but now hospitalized with infection.
    My husband and I need a financial miracle.

  5. Gerry Verhoef

    Today is my husband’s 71st birthday, too. Pray for his continued health and strength as he continues serving God everyday. So thankful for God’s goodness in giving this righteous man to be my husband 44 years ago.

    • Kym Cherry

      Hallelujah!! ?✨?Glory to God! Jesus still heals today??? I’m believing for my knees, wrists, jaw, elbows and shoulders healed completely in Jesus Name, the geographic location He wants me in, debt free and a class A motorhome that is everything I prayed it would be by Oct 17th when my lease is up in Orlando, FL. Thank you Mr. Murillo and God bless your precious Mom! ??✨?

  6. wantinsight

    Rejoicing with you!!!! God is good.

    Would love healing. Chronic insomnia, unexplained chronic pain mid right back, right knee limited range of motion. Provision to step into destiny. Thank you

  7. Deb

    Yesterday, my husband was given the news that he has stage 4 cancer with cancer in his liver and lymph nodes. The doctors are unable to determine where the cancer originated, thus not clearly knowing what the course of treatment should be. Please join me in praying for my husband’s healing. We are standing on Psalm 91 and other verses of healing, trusting in God for a healing miracle.

  8. Barbara Raymond

    Please pray for my daughter, DEBBY, she has bone & liver cancer. It came back from breast cancer,
    after 15 years. This was 3 years ago & GOD is GREAT! She is on Cancer pills tho & I know GOD can heal her completely. I PRAISE THE LORD for your MOTHERS HEALING.



    • Gracie Lopez

      Pray with me for complete healing of my granddaughter Faith Noel. That the Good Lord God heal her and take away epilepsy seizures convulsions. That she would be made whole. And be able to talk, learn, walk and run. In Jesus Precious name. Amen

  9. Reba Demers

    Please for our daughter court case. It is Thursday July 25. She has 2 girls ages 7 & 9. She has a permanent protection order from the father. The father has supervised visitation until he can complete drug test for 18 months. He has failed to do this for 5 years. However, he can take her to court and try to get it changed. She has spent $$$$’s in court. The court system needs to see the truth about him. She has proved herself for years. We ask you to pray that God will expose the truth and end this craziness of courts and that true justice will prevail. Thank you for your prayers.

  10. Mary Caswell

    My husband has blind spots in his vision due to an illness.
    I fell a year ago and now need to get a job.
    Thank you & blessings

  11. Nancy Rife

    Please pray for my daughter Hannah – alcoholic. Her 12 year old daughter Tessa has anger issues and has attached her mother several times.

  12. Ann

    Praising the Lord for this great testimony of God’s healing power!
    Please pray for my daughter, Lori. She has lung cancer and on chemo drug. The last test showed reduction in tumor in lung and no more cancer in her brain where it had spread! Praise the Lord. Most important prayer is for her salvation. She is rebellious toward God. Thank you so much for praying!

  13. Irene Mongold

    PRAISE OUR FAITHFUL GOD!!!! Pray for healing from diabetes and all its side effects. Thanking God for your obedience and praying for your ministry.

    Irene Mongold

  14. laurieseifert

    Request prayers for healing Scleroderma and heart failure. I’m young and believe Gods word like your mom. I’m on hospice and I confess the word. Mark 11:22-24.
    God is my strength and my power. I need a miracle.
    Thank you for praying and agreeing with me I shall not die but live and declare His works. Psalm 118:17

    • cactusflower18

      I agree with you Laurie and I plead the blood of Jesus over you; His efficacy, intensity of His blood sacrifice over you and for your healing; the power of His blood in His Name right down to the cellular level!!! I speak life over you as well and that you will recover and fulfill your purpose and destiny, in Jesus Name-Amen! No weapon formed against you shall prosper and He has “healing in His wings!”

  15. Teresa Barnes

    I was diagnosed w/uterine cancer in Mar. 2018. Had a complete hysterectomy this past Mar. 2019. Out of 4 pelvic lymph nodes taken out, 1 showed cancer. Doctor said if I didn’t have radiation there was a 50% chance of reoccurrence somewhere else & it would be non curable. I told her I chose to believe the 50% chance of no reoccurrence, but most importantly, I continue to decree & declare 100%, Isaiah 53:5 and believe His WORD!! By His stripes I AM healed!! I don’t operate in fear but in faith. I’m a WARRIOR, not a worrier. God’s WORD trumps ALL else, including a doctor’s report. Praise the Lord for His healing power that was a gift to me at Calvary. I’m not waiting on a healing, I’m already healed in Jesus Name!! Happy Birthday to your precious mama!! May God continue to BLESS her & you as well, as you continue to BLESS us w/your anointed writings & revelations straight from the throne room.

  16. grannyjoyalways

    Please pray for my daughter, Halley who has multiple diagnoses that are making her unable to work or live life much at all right now. She is a strong believer and we are trusting God for her miracle healing. Thank you and God bless you and your Mom.

  17. Jon yoder

    asking that God would heal our family phisically, but more importantly

    Thanks for praying and God bless


  18. Darlene Rodriguez

    God is not a repecter of persons. What He did for your mother, He will do for others. Our Faith is the VICTORY! Pray for my granddaughter Kadies spine to be straightened. Stand with me for this miracle to bring salvation to those who witness her healing without, without, WITHOUT the doctors cutting into her tiny body. “He makes the crooked places straight.” Amen! Glory to God!!!

  19. Peggy Viau

    My name is Peggy and i need prayer for healing as i live deeper in the Lord. I battled disease al my live with lung disease i have been delivered from alcohol and drugs and prostitution and much emotional pain i love the Lord He is my all. I have cirrhosis and crohn so this body needs healing to continue my journey in the Lord. My children are hurting and need healing and deliverance as well. I stand in agreement with the Lord and your prayer through Jesus Christ. I thank you brother Mario for believing and expecting complete freedom in Christ Amen

  20. Richard Yalmokas

    Please pray for my family. My daughter Debbie has type-one diabetes. I am asking that she be healed. My daughter Laura suffers from depression. I am asking that she be healed. My wife Karen has various minor pains that cause her too to feel depressed. I am asking that she too be healed.
    I used to receive Words of Knowledge and Wisdom, and now don’t so much, especially as I pray for peoples’ healings at church. Please pray that God would set me on fire with His Love.

  21. Sandy David

    I’m 70 today, please pray for my continued Devine health and my family’s as well, while going about my Father’s business!

  22. Rodney Mayberry

    My entire team of employees are facing career ending physical and emotional demonic attacks. My company and staff R. M. Electrical of San Angelo, TX needs the miraculous healing and intervention of God our Father.

  23. Daniel W Medders

    Happy birthday Miracle Mom Murillo from our Medders family in Georgia! Praise GOD for you and your son. We ask prayer for our family, ministry and nation. We pray in agreement with you “LORD heal our land!”


    Mario, Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful miracle of your mom……it gave me much hope. Please pray for me. I am 77 years old, I love the Lord with all my heart. I live a clean and healthy life, but I have sleep apnea. I use a CPAP machine, but it does not help me because I have Gastric problems, Acid Reflux, and my right eardrum is damaged….this affects the results of the CPAP machine working properly for me. I still cannot sleep well. I know this sounds like such a small thing compared to other needs, but this is taking away my strength each day. Thank you for caring about us. I love reading your words each day. God Bless you!.

  25. delbraconsolidatednet

    Please add your prayers for healing for my brother-in-law who was recently diagnosed with cancer – very similar to the diagnosis your mom was given. Thank you and God bless.

  26. Pam Seaman

    My nephew, Zach has fourth stage cancer and there is no further treatment for him. He has 3 different types of cancer, one being so rare that he is the only one in the US that has it. He is only 22 and has a call to preach the gospel. It’s the most demonic attack I’ve ever seen. He needs a miracle! Plz pray!

  27. blessedking

    What a beautiful and miraculous testimony of who God is, our blessed healer. I am 78 years old myself. Six and half years ago, I had breast cancer and they did a lumpectomy. When they strongly recommended that I take chemo and radiation because my blood work reflected a high risk of having cancer again, by the strength of my God, I turned it down and chose to trust God. At my age, I have had numerous physical tests done for one reason or another, but basically they have found nothing wrong. My God is a miracle working God, and I praise him every day for my miracle. Truly, nothing is impossible with Him. Blessings to your dear mother, may she continue to walk in divine health for the glory of God.

  28. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr


    You asked for our prayer requests… I’ve really made a mess of my spiritual life seeking the acceptance of men, who I assumed were Godly, and being rejected time after time for ministry of any kind.

    And, the few times I was allowed to minister as soon as someone with more talent came along I was sat down.

    Some years ago, seems like a lifetime, my wife and I were visiting a church, first-timers, and we were called out of the congregation and prophesied over. It spoke to my heart but circumstances belied it.

    Now, at 66+ and ready to retire I have spent myself in a, so far, vain obsession to be a minister.

    My first prayer request is for my wife because we were called out together and I desperately need for her to be by my side in health and strength. She is having joint issues from her back down to the point I often have to buy meals on the way to work because she is in such pain she cannot stand to make meals.

    My second prayer is that the Lord will do something unheard of. A church I once attended closed down and merged with another. I am not sure if the building has been foreclosed yet, or not.

    I want that building! And, I want the funding to recover the property. And, I want the funding to pay the staff I need to do the ministry I believe Jehovah has called me to.

    What I have done so far is to do a proper Jericho March 1x for six days, 7x on the 7th day, which was this past Sunday.

    Today was the third day since, and it also happens to be the 24th day of the month. Daniel’s 21 day “delay” ended on the 24th day of the month. Hmmmm.

    Your prayers are most assuredly appreciated. 🙂

    • Roger Culwell

      Wonderful oue God is a healer, a deliver, abroken heart mender, a mind restorer, a marriage fixer, what ever the need may be, another reason we must show the power and presence to this generation, our God is mighty in every way.

      • Roger Culwell

        Sorry for got to say Happy Birthday to your mom, Happy Birthday hope you have a wonderful blessed one.

  29. Joseph

    Thank you, Mario, for your bold and anointed front-line work advancing Our Lord’s Kingdom on earth! Please pray for the spiritual growth and complete healing of my 2-year old granddaughter, Anna Grace. Her medical diagnosis reflects a form of autism, with a noticeable lack in speech development for her age. I appreciate you standing in agreement with me to declare: by His stripes, she is completely healed in Jesus’ name. Amen! PTL!

  30. mombourget

    My husband needs a heart transplant, and has prostate cancer , third stage of kidney failure, and needs salvation. Thank you and God Bless

  31. Cecelia Gepp

    Praise God for your mom’s healing……asking God for complete healing for Al Shields….he is our life group leader at church and he and his wife are amazing people……all things are possible with Jesus!

  32. Roanna Day

    Prayer for complete healing from a stroke and prayer for complete healing of my son Geoff’s eyes and my granddaughter Arianna’s diabetes

  33. Shirley

    Happy Birthday Miracle Mom Murillo!!! May your testimony bring hope to the hopeless.
    Please pray for our family; Son, Joseph suffering from diabetes neuropathy in his feet. Praying for a complete healing for his body and his soul. Mom, praying for complete healing from damaged liver from radiation cancer treatment. Neuropathy in foot and arm, blurry vision, low bone density. Dad, praying for healing of his shoulder.

  34. chuck2904

    Rheumatoid arthritis, spinal meningitis that created a brain abscess that has affected my memory and then adegenerative spinal condition I my lumbar region.

  35. Lee Yukish

    Please pray for my granddaughter who had a miscarriage yesterday …… both she and her husband are devastated . The same day a gift bag with a balloon saying ‘ congratulations on your baby boy ‘ , was delivered by mistake to her house . I’m taking it as a message from God that a baby boy is coming .

  36. Desperate for Him

    Mario I rejoice & thank God for the awesome miracle only our God can do!!! Happy Birthday Mom Murillo!!! Mario, God has asked me to be in a Church where they do not believe in miracles or the awesome ? power of the Holy Spirit Everyone in the Church needs healing. Breakout & Breakthrough to God’s heart for them. Families returning to real Salvation…

  37. C Duggan Harrison Harrison

    I am SO moved for your Mother and you and the rest of your family as well. Our God is so good.
    My request is to be pleasing to our Lord and for wisdom on a daily basis.

  38. Jim

    Praise God for your mom’s healing!
    Please pray for healing from central benign tremor and joint issues

  39. Kay

    Thank you Jesus for mario’s miracle mom’s healing… are truly the greatest gift…ever.

    Please pray for my husband who is 62 and can barely walk. Nerve damage from a motorcycle accident/brain surgery/coma at age 22 along with lack of exercise, etc. has slowly progressed. I am standing in hope of the Merciful One to restore the function of his feet, ankles, knees, and legs… be it Lord!

  40. Amy Van Buskirk

    Thank you for that wonderful true testimony!!! PLEASE pray for Karen, a young woman with 5 children who has been withstanding for many years brutal attacks from her now ex-husband, working full time to support her children and is the rock in their lives. She has just been diagnosed with aggressive and advanced stomach cancer. Her death would put those children under their cruel father’s care. She is a believer as is her mother but like most believers in this country they have had no contact with or evidence of the healing power of Jesus.
    I myself also am on a targeted drug for metastasized lung cancer. It is hard to have the level of faith needed when in a doctrinally sound church which ostensibly believes in healing but which has experienced the cancer related deaths of 10 people in the past couple of years. It is like a plague here and we have seen no physical healings.
    I’m praying for your wonderful journey from the north to the south in California!! Thank you so much for your reports!!

  41. Ava Hall

    Happy Birthday Mario’s mom! Salvation for our family members who have not accepted Gods gift in Jesus Christ. Rest for our daughter Laura. Healing of my right eye, my optic nerve was destroyed. We send love and prayers to this very special ministry for such a time as this. \o/

  42. painterchar

    My colon was damaged due to radiation treatments. I have suffered since 2006 with lots of terrible pain. It’s a daily struggle. Please pray that Jesus would heal me completely!!! Thank you!!!!!

  43. Debbie

    My dad is 90 and has served the Lord faithfully since he was saved in
    His 30’s. He has Parkinson’s and has lost his eyesight due to macular degeneration. We are watching him slowly degenerate. We pray for total healing.
    Thank you for your posts. I have stopped drinking after receiving the email You Need To Stop, it was what God was telling me.

  44. Susan McMullen

    Thank you for this wonderful testimony of God’s great healing power! He is sooo good and faithful ♥️ He gave you the gift of writing … inspired by the Holy Spirit ?

  45. Kristine Beno

    I am 47 and suffer with chronic pain in my neck and headaches weekly and sometimes every day. This is the result of being rear ended over 20 years ago. Thank you for praying for my healing!

  46. L.

    Thank you for your ministry and the work you are doing. What a wonderful testimony to His goodness and faithfulness. Please remember the lonely, the desperate, the needy, and those walking in darkness that their eyes be opened to the One who loves them and paid the ultimate price for their salvation. Jesus is our Great Hope. He is alive and well, ever ready to come into each willing heart. He is the answer to every problem.

  47. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Happy birthday to your dear mom, and thank God we have a wonderful saviour AND a healer. Thank you for such a great testimony!

  48. Alan Mittan

    Great testimony, amen

  49. Sonja Bennett

    Praise God Mario!!!!! He is so faithful!!! I am so happy for your sweet Mama and your family!! What a wonderful blessing for all of you!!! The devil is a defeated liar!!

    I am so grateful for you asking for our requests for healing and would greatly appreciate your prayers regarding both of my knees!

    I have had cartilage/pain issues with both of them since childhood, but have always been able to deal with it until recently. “Coincidentally” just a couple of days before you came to visit us in Dinuba, my left knee succumbed to arthritis and a torn meniscus. I was told several weeks later that the cartilage is gone and it is now bone on bone and my only option is a total knee replacement. Because of my new limp, the right knee is now succumbing rapidly to the same fate!! For too many reasons to discuss here, (one being the tent meetings with you in October) surgery is not even an option for me until possibly December, and even at that I was told that I am too young to expect the replacement to last my entire lifetime.

    I woke up this morning in so much pain in both knees that I cried tears and out to the Lord for His mercy and for healing. Two minutes later, I read your post about your Mama’s miracle. I believe it is my time also. Would you please pray for and believe with me for two brand new knees? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful kick start to the tent meetings in October?!

    Thank you for your prayers!!! I am looking forward to seeing you again in October!!

    God bless you!!

    Sonja Bennett

    On Wed, Jul 24, 2019, 1:11 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “How can it be the greatest? I have seen > blind eyes opened, and paralyzed limbs healed, so how can this miracle be > the greatest? Let me tell you the story. It all began with a devastating > phone call. The woman on the other end told me a tragic story. Sh” >

  50. Sandra Newman

    I have had two rounds of chemo and I believe that God is not done with me yet. My body is not only battling the ravages of the chemo, but the ovarian cancer cells continue in my lymph system. I have a mission to complete, which to see the fulfillment of a holistic care center for the physically disabled, critical care young adult population. The battle for authority and healing is intense in my mind, as I fight to take every thought captive and under submission to Christ. Please pray for strength, wisdom, finances, and healing. I’m 69 years old, a widow, and a full time care giver of my critical care adult son, and I believe God has commissioned me to bring Eden’s Wellspring into reality. Your miracle mother is an absolute inspiration. Thank you for sharing and Happy Birthday Mom!

  51. Jill Steele

    I praise God for this beautiful report and His glorious miracles! He is truly faithful if we can only believe! I thank God for your ministry and the encouragement and truth you consistently bring. My prayer request is for my dear friend, Robin. She has been diagnosed with blood cancer. I have prayed over her and we believe together for her healing. What we see in the natural does not look good right now, but we believe in her miraculous healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you. God bless you with great abundance and sustain you as you serve Him. God bless your precious mother. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  52. Lisa Tovar

    Hallelujah! What a Mighty God we serve!
    Happy Birthday Sister Murillo ?.
    I believe we will begin to see these miracles more and more! Revival!!! We need to be prepared!
    Please believe miracle healing for “Mister,” Stephen Clark, age 39, who was found in a coma on 8-10-18, almost a year ago.
    He was working the 6th day of night shift at Tesla assembly, that evening someone gave him cocaine so he could handle the overtime and overwork. His daughter is my granddaughter and his grandson is my great grandson. He is too young, his family needs him healthy. Lord, My faith has never wavered concerning Mister’s healing, we expect a miracle healing, In JESUS name, amen.

  53. Cindy

    GLORY be to GOD for Healing your Beloved Mother…what a PowerFUL Witness and Testimony to the Love, Grace and Mercy of our Awesome ABBA! May I humbly request PRAYers for Healing for my Precious Friend, Marjie, who has been battling lung cancer for the past year. Her Steadfast Love for our Father has been Amazing, despite being in chronic pain with very little sleep for a long time. She recently had a tube inserted into her one lung to help drain the fluids that have it made very difficult to breathe (the things we take so easily for granted!) and to sleep…but I Know that HE can Completely Heal her, as HE did your Precious Mother…

    THANK YOU for your PRAYers, Mario, and for the Spiritual Battle you are currently waging on behalf of California…many of us here have chosen to Stay and Fight for our State and are praying for you and your REVIVAL meetings as you WAR your way down through the center of California! Thank you also for your Powerful Blog postings that continue to Edify, Exhort, Encourage and Admonish…May our FATHER continue to Protect and Provide you with Wisdom, Discernment, Good Health and the Stamina to continue to Obey His Calling…

  54. Tammy

    Praises to our merciful and loving God! May He continue to bless your mom and your family. Wishing Mrs Murrillo a very Happy and Blessed Birthday! I would like prayer that my esophagus is healed due to years of acid reflux. Thank You for your daily inspiring word! An army of saints is rising up with a mighty roar being as bold and courageous as our Lion of Judah. May the Lord continually to richly bless you, your family and your ministry!

  55. Kay Fishet

    Our God is an awesome God! All praise to his holy Name-Jehovah Ropheka- the God who heals!! He said so, believe Him, embrace His promises! Praise Him for what we will receive according to His riches in glory, for our good, and His praise. AMEN

  56. jonshankster

    Please pray for my dad and I with life threatening chronic illness that have wrecked our lives and isolated us for many many years. Chronic fatigue and extreme chemical sensitivities have now brought us to the desperate place where we need a miracle or else. We have so many unfulfilled promises and ministry work that God has been preparing us for for all these years. We need our healing miracle. Thank you!

  57. walaitis

    Please pray for Bill, Marleen, Aaron & Jennifer. We are spirit filled Christians fighting a huge battle. Our son Aaron and Jennifer are alcoholics. Our son is presently not drinking, but the battle of addiction is ongoing. Aaron also has a bone disease and needs new hips, shoulder, and knee replacements. Jennifer is a sweet daughter with addictive behavior as well, now moving into pot. Jennifer has a lying spirit, under a lot of stress and anxiety, can’t sleep at night. The stress has moved into my family, as Aaron lives with us. My husband Bill has heart issues, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, carries fear and anger. I am battling back and leg pain. Our 13 year old granddaughter was abducted last year by an online predator. Praise God, she was found by the FBI, and nothing happened to her.
    It was a miracle! Her perpetrator trail is in October unless he takes a plea deal.
    Please pray that these attacks Be broken off of us so we can be doing what God has called us to do. Thank you!

  58. Joanne Schulte

    Please pray for my dear friend and prayer warrior Wanda, she is battling uterine cancer.
    Thank you

  59. Dee

    Both my son’s and my step daughter salvation. Same for hubby. My healing completed. Family rifts taken care of. Each serving God.

  60. Jill Kenny

    Please pray for Nicole Hill. She is losing her eye sight. She loves the Lord and is trusting in him. Pray her vision is restored in the name os Jesus!

  61. Teri Blanscet

    Just rejoicing with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Derek Hastings

    My wife has had Fibromyalgia for almost 30 years. So much has been stolen from her. Please pray for her healing. Her name is Nancy.

  63. Jeanne Hicks

    Pray for my brother-in-law, Dale, who is suffering from early signs of dementia. Naturally it saddens him and all of our family. We all are Christians and believe God can heal him. He has been a witness of what it means to be a follower of Jesus for over 40 years.

  64. Vivian

    Need, financial freedom and security. Debt freedom. Complete healing from adrenal failure.
    Devastated by lies and attack by one I thought to be my best friend. Turned on me when I told her I would not lie for her.

  65. Judy Pearson

    Happy Birthday Mom Murillo. You are an awesome person, I love you! Abundant Blessings!

  66. Nancy E. Hoven

    Please pray I would be healed of Hashimoto’s disease. It’s an autoimmune thyroid disease. Thank you! And Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother!

  67. Lisa Godshall

    Happy birthday Mrs. Murillo! Praising God for your healing and your awesome testimony that comes from it!
    I need healing in my body from three diseases ( diabetes, degenerative disc disease and Crohn’s disease). I am home bound a great deal of the time due to the debilitating affects of these. But that can’t keep me from praying…!

  68. Mary E. Stewart

    I am so thankful to hear about your Mother’s healing. This is wonderful news!
    What a great way to celebrate her birthday! May the LORD continue to bless and keep her in the days ahead!
    Mary Stewart

  69. Marilyn Benoit

    Thank you Mario for sharing that of your Moms miracle healing; I believe in the Healing power of Gods Word and corporate prayer?. On May 18th my husband Gerry was attacked with acute-pancreatitis, and rushed to emergency where he spent 6 days in icu and was home on June 2nd. To make a Lon story short, he’s still in a weakened state and has lost 30 pounds. C-scans are showing an infection next to pancreas. I partner in faith with you that he’ll be totally restored to health, in Jesus’ name. Thank you for standing with me, Marilyn

    • Lloyd Actkinson

      Please pray for my bride and I as we need a miracle concerning are direction I’m a American and my bride is from the order for me to live in the UK we need to secure a spousal visa which cost around 3000 pounds and favor from immigration to approve it…I was a Minister before and my bride a missionary to Israel for many years so we just want G-d will and his open door, thank you so much you have been a great blessing to us!

  70. Char Smith

    Pray and agree that all signs and symptoms of Crohn’s disease are removed from my 29 year old daughter, that all fistulas and inflammation are eliminated and replaced with divine health, in Jesus name! She is “calling those things that be not, as though they were, rebuking fear, and declaring the Word! We praise, worship and thank Him before tbe full manifestation appears! Thanking the Lord that the doctor will not demand she remain on the drug Remacade for life, as he has previously stated, but that he will know God has performed a miraculous work!

  71. coreytara

    Dear Mario,

    I was thrilled to hear of your Mother’s healing, and Happy Birthday to her, today!

    Can you please pray for healing in my body (Linda Palmer). .. I have an aortic valve that is not working properly, and they are telling me I will need heart surgery within the year. Also, I have severe neuropathy in my feet and sometimes in my hands….I believe that God can heal me.

    Please pray for my husband, Gary Palmer, too….He has an irregular heart beat that could lead to a stroke. . ..We are believing God for total healing for him.

    We quote the healing scriptures out-loud, and the Word of God is SO powerful, to bring healing!

    Thank you so much for your prayers, dear brother!

    Linda & Gary Palmer
    Boise, Idaho USA

  72. Doreen Ann Bryson

    Praise You Jesus. Thank you for sharing, I love you and your family. I’m praising God for your mom
    I would ask for prayers for my 36 year old son Maximillian who is battling mental illness, as I watch him go through this I have flashbacks of my brother as we were growing up having huge mental illness problems with no relief. I have flashbacks of my suffering with mental illness problems with no relief. I praise God that my son is getting help and I pray that you would reach heavens door for his complete and total healing, restoration, and deliverance from the curse of the generations in Jesus name, amen.

  73. hectorfigueroa7478

    Thank you my brother for the truth you speak…plz. pray for me I want to be used for Gods glory to bring the lost soul to him starting in my family pray for my wife helen she has cirrhosis because of her alcoholism she believes God don’t want anything to do with her because of her sins and their past failures I have done everything I can for her I long to see her know who the father is and how much he loves her and to be healed of cirrhosis for I know it God is able to do anyting and may it be for his glory Amen!

  74. ghostofdurocher

    Pray for my nephew, Wynn, he needs healing from Crohn’s disease.


  75. Ivan Boutet

    What an awesome testimony! I need prayer for IBS. It would be nice to be able to eat and function normally.
    Thank you for your ministry.

  76. Paticia Folkvord

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Murillo! Please pray for my husband. He just had hip surgery and isn’t healing vey rapidly, he is depressed and on top of this, he’s been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Thank you for your prayers.

  77. Barbara Booker

    This is such a wonderful story. I also am in my 80s… Soon to be 83. Your mother sounds like a wonderful wonderful person and I’m so glad to read this testimony. Thank you. I appreciate your ministry and & Things you post so much. May the Lord bless you and keep you and I know he will… Barbara Booker

    On Wed, Jul 24, 2019, 4:08 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “How can it be the greatest? I have seen > blind eyes opened, and paralyzed limbs healed, so how can this miracle be > the greatest? Let me tell you the story. It all began with a devastating > phone call. The woman on the other end told me a tragic story. Sh” >

  78. Carolyn Sullivan

    Please pray for my husband, Ed. He is on dialysis. We are believing for new kidneys for him so that he will be able to be free from these treatments. We are also claiming that his youth will be renewed like the Eagles!!!
    Also, my sister was just diagnosed with malignant breast cancer that is aggressive. Please pray for her complete healing.
    Thank you and God bless you and all your prayer warriors!

  79. Michael Meer

    Please pray for my wife Nancy, who is in constant pain and has numbness in her hands. Great testimony about your mom!

  80. Diane McDaniel

    Thank God for your ministry and Love of God!
    Prayer request:
    Daughter Margi- ongoing illnesses : lupus, fibromyalgia, gastroparesis, chronic pain. She beautiful, 27yo God Loving young woman. Healing God help, Amen

  81. Jessie Cooper

    I have been struggling with allergies and sinus congestion for over a year and have not been able to find the right help. Please pray for complete healing and restoration.
    Thank you,
    Jessie Cooper

  82. Skip Kern

    Brother Mario, my first real intervention with you was in 1974 at Melodyland in Anaheim. You were preaching to the AOG’s Christ Ambassadors.
    I recently reconnected with you again and certainly appreciate your ministry. Regret hearing about your mother’s prior affliction but rejoice in knowing that the Almighty God, creator of all things has restored her. May this b’day be of grace and mercy.

  83. Jeanne Hicks

    Please pray for Kathleen, my friend, who is undergoing treatments for cancer in the lung as well as in the brain.

  84. Darlene W

    Happy birthday to your beautiful mother.A living epistle ,testifying to the goodness of our God.Have a blessed and happy birthday!

  85. Dale Winther

    Please pray for my 71-year-old wife of 44 years. She has metastatic colon cancer and is starting chemo next week.

  86. Don Nichols

    This is why God gave us mothers. My mother prayed for me all the years when I ran from both God and family. I have been serving our Father for 36 years. Because of her prayers our family is faithfully in living godly pray full lifestyles. We have four daughters, one is with Father God, leaving 10 children, and 17 grandchildren, one who is with God , and 8 great grandchildren. Thank you MOM!

  87. Evangelist Azubuike Okafor

    To Father be all glory, honor and adoration. He can do whatsoever pleases Him – and He has no limitations whatsoever, except by choice, even His own choice!

  88. Kathy Broussard

    Thank God for your mom’s healing!!! Please pray for Jobeth healing in her lungs, My husband healing in his heart, my healing from diabetes and my eyes, my sisters healings, Dot, Joan, Lisa and Donnie, Brook and Chloe, Duane, Lisa, Joan healings!!! In Jesus’s name!!! Trisha, Lawrence, Skyla and Bobby!!

  89. Linda O'Neill

    Pray for my son & brother’s salvation. Pray for my grandchildren, who seem to be struggling in their faith. Pray for healing in my knees, & wisdom for the issues I am facing now. And please pray for God to fulfil the promise He made to my prayer 40 years ago. Thank you. God Bless.

  90. Bobbie

    Cristina Murillo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REJOICING with you and for your entire Family on amazing Testimonial to ENCOURAGE so many! Hope, place and purpose and the power of prayer. Exodus 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5:all. Thank God for Parents period and ones that prayed and didn’t give up praying.
    Jeremiah 29:11 and Jeremiah 33:3 comes to mind!

  91. Yvette

    Gloria a Dios por el milagro de su bella madre, we rejoice with you.

  92. Thomas Craig

    To God be the Glory!!! How Great Thou Art, Lord. May this be the catalyst for the miraculous signs and wonders You are doing, and will do as this testimony of your servant’s mother goes forth. May the anointing of Your message in this critical hour be proclaimed under weight of Your holy presence all around and under the canopy of the tent You have provided for our brother Mario. And the same for every other venue where his voice is heard preaching Your Word to the lost and to luke warm believers throughout this country and beyond.

  93. ceciaguinaga

    Happy birthday to your mom???❤️❤️❤️???


    Roman Real Estate&Financial Serv.
    Cecilia Aguinaga Realtor
    ID # 01936111

  94. Tanja Beck

    I have been battling neuralgia, trigeminal neuroglia and myalgia after a routine septoplasty and turbinate reduction 1 year ago today. I can’t work and so far nothing helps the pain. It’s debilitating and I want my life back. I am in bed 4 of 7 days a week and am a otherwise trim healthy 52 year old female. I appreciate your prayers and believe for my healing like your mother.

    Thank you

  95. Joseph

    Thank you, Mario, for your bold and anointed front-line work advancing Our Lord’s Kingdom on earth! Please pray for the spiritual growth and complete healing of my 2-year old granddaughter, Anna Grace. Her medical diagnosis reflects a form of autism, with a noticeable lack in speech development for her age. I appreciate you standing in agreement with me to declare: by His stripes, she is completely healed in Jesus’ name. PTL!

  96. Noel

    Please pray for my sister Marlys in Minnesota. She has only 17% kidney function and is in need of the Master Physician’s healing touch. Thank you Murillos!

  97. david larson

    Mario! So Happy for You and your Mother! Halleluiah! My prayer request is that my mother’s mind is fully restored to her, my wife’s health is returned to her in endo, thyroid and all other issues. My brother is healed from an unknown ‘shaking’ affliction and body aches and that his two children are cured of serious brain issues, dumbness of speech, spina bifida, that limbs that were amputated grow out whole. We serve the God of the Impossible! Our family has served the Lord for decades and we have suffered some of the severest attacks on health that only you and others like you could understand. These attacks on our health, finances will backfire on the enemy and produce the greatest witness possible for others! Thank you to you and your staff to pray and agree for wholeness in our family, and my wife’s family. We have seen miracle upon miracle, but it never gets old or taken for granted. We serve an awesome, abundantly loving and a “nothing to difficult” Lord God Almighty. These miracles of healing will take place; I KNOW they will! and they will jolt and devastate the kingdom of darkness with the power and might of multiple salvations of those who witness these miracles. AMEN!

  98. Aaron

    Please pray for Jim carroll he has dementia and he and his precious wife Christine have been faithful to the lord since they were saved in the dalles Oregon in the late 1960s.
    They were long term members of a spirit filled church called covenant Christian community under pastor Norman clear.
    Now reside in Dallas Texas.

  99. Lynne Schrom

    Please pray for my sister, Kaki. She has been unwell for years despite her strong faith and doctors who try to help but also seem to not know what is wrong. She is a very positive person, and is an inspiration to me and so many others! She is an asset to God’s kingdom. And I know He loves her. Restore her health and bring her wholeness.

  100. Gloria

    Pastor Murillo, please pray for my healing of abscessed tooth. I want no root canal and declare it. Healing of stomach and diabetes. My husbands salvation. My daughter Crystal of edenomas on liver and free of endometriosis and cancer. My daughter Cindy, no skin cancer on face, free of dry eye and eczema. My son in law John free of bone spurs and hand issues. My son in law Lenny eye return back to him. Also God knows of my other prayers for family. We are under attack like nothing I’ve ever experienced before but I believe in the Lord’s Healing power I. Jesus’ mighty name. God Bless you Pastor and Happy Birthday to your precious Momma. I love your story of faith???

  101. tjgwynn

    Mario, I have been battling with breathing problems for 30 years or more. Have had prayer at different times, keep standing on God’s word but have not seen the manifestation yet….

  102. Sandy

    On June 23, 2019, I broke out in a rash on my back. It spread all around my torso/trunk of my body. Saw my doctor on June 27, 2019. I thought I had an allergic reaction to a new, but same prescription of levothyroxine, a thyroid med (God healed me from thyroid cancer in 2014) He called the rash urticaria, gave me a steroid shot and prescribed Prednisone and antihistamines. Today, I am still itchy. Pray for healing…from whatever is causing the itch, from fear and worry…from anxiety…from faithlessness. God knows and is in control…I need to trust completely that He will meet ALL my needs…spiritual and medical. Pray for His favor. I am 61, married, have 3 grown children and 4 grandsons. Thank you from my heart. GOD bless you!!

  103. Frank Mack

    How awesome, my Brother Mario!!! That Spirit of Commanding Faith rose up withiin you with Bold Righteous Anger that then triggered a Spark of Faith in your dear Mother’s heart, and the Heavenly Transaction of a Mighty Miracle From Jesus was set in motion. I weep tears of joy for you, your Mother, and wonderful family. Happy Birthday Mother Cristina, from our heart to yours! With Gratitude and Love to you from Our God Above… Frank, Francisco, Surfcourier, and Desertstream.

  104. kingskid48

    What a beautiful report. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom. Please pray for these three with terminal cancer:Don, Leo, Rachel. Thank you.

  105. JAN Seaver

    Please pray healing for my daughters Susan, Jill and Amy and for myself. I just completed radiation for cancer and I deal with pain from back surgery. Miss you. Appreciate your ministry.

  106. Donna

    Dear Brother, I dare to ask for your prayers – that you join me in faith for my son, Gregory. 35 years old his diagnosis from the medical field is cerebral palsy, completely deaf, blind in one eye, mentally retarded, and bi-polar. I DARE to believe God still does jaw-dropping HE gets all the glory miracles. Thank you.

  107. Chinelle

    My 35 year old nephew Gregory was born deaf and with cerebral palsy. He lives in a group home and his health is not good. My sister has had dreams from the Lord that he will walk, hear, read, write and speak to the nations about what God has done in his life. Please agree with us for his healing and Deliverance of the deaf and mute spirit.

  108. L Filson

    Mario, my prayer request is for my brother, Larry, to be healed and return to Jesus. He was injured in as auto accident and has limited use of his left arm and nerve damage. Thank you for agreeing with me that the Lord will restore his body from head to feet and give his life back to the Lord Jesus.

    Bless you, L

  109. Paul Fuhrer

    Skin cancer

  110. Linda Stephenson

    Healing for my sister Jeanine, her back her knee, blood pressure, she loves Jesus and has been suffering many years.
    For Renee who has torn ligament, tendon in foot and a torn rotator cuff. She is a widow, self supported and needs to see Gods power at work, heather Lord Body, soul, spirit in Jesus Name!!
    For myself physical healing.
    Direction and for grandsons set free from drugs, jobs that will help them grow into the men of God they are!!
    Praise you Lord for Mario’s Mother’s healing!!!

  111. Patty Bowling

    I came to see you in the 1980’s in Shawnee, OK. Used to watch you on TBN years ago. Love your ministry!! Just read the story of your Mom’s healing. How powerful. Please pray for my health & my husband. He’s a diabetic with wounds on his legs. Please pray. Thank you. LORD bless.

  112. Salvador

    I need a miracle for my brother-in-law Gaudencio who is being destroyed by diabetes. First one toe was amputated, then another, now possibly part of the foot. What next, part of the leg? He is in and out of the hospital with complications, infections, high fever, and pneumonia. I know miracles should be the new normal and lack of miracles the exception. Living this supernatural reality.

  113. Rebekah

    My husband Tom is in stage four pancreatic cancer we ask you stand in faith for his miracle! Jesus is Lord The great healer!

  114. Cheryl Ryerson

    I’m praying for salvations in my family & against addictions. For confusion, weakness and hindering spirits and lies of the enemy to leave, that the a Lord would increase Himself in me, that I would become bold and wise in my authority in Christ to cast the devil down to the pit of hell & crush him that he not be able to touch me or my family again & for Gods plans and purposes for my life and family in Jesus mighty name!!

  115. Teresa Turner

    On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 1:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “How can it be the greatest? I have seen > blind eyes opened, and paralyzed limbs healed, so how can this miracle be > the greatest? Let me tell you the story. It all began with a devastating > phone call. The woman on the other end told me a tragic story. Sh” >

  116. Sandra Myers

    I have several health needs: scoliosis; diverticulosis and IBS; hiatal hernia; hearing issues. Thanks for bringing these before the Father.

  117. Catherine Hewitt

    I was so touched by this story about your Mom. So appreciate the healing power of God .
    I would like prayer for household salvation, for my husband, daughter and son, one granddaughter, and six grandsons. It’s my greatest desire .
    Also prayer for guidance to make the right decision for my daughter and granddaughter. And for an unspoken need for my granddaughter, she needs a miracle too.
    God Bless You

  118. Sharolyn

    Prayer for my Daughter .7 years ago she went through the chemo and radiation and surgeries for breast cancer and all in lymph glands .back and forth in the hospital with infection. Had to stay on chemo pill up until about a year ago. A year ago they diagnosed her with stage 4 uncureable cancer in her lungs. We are believing for a miracle!


    Happy birthday Miracle Mom!!!!!  God is good!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  120. DeEtta Saunders

    Please pray for my left hip and lower back, Sciatic nerve problems. My right shoulder, arthritis problems. My Pastor who is having lung and heart problems. Thank you in advance. I appreciate your ministry and all that you are doing for the state of California as well as for all those who are following your ministry. God bless and protect you and your crew.

  121. Anton

    My wife suffers from terrible emotional and psychological problems due to PTSD, and from great physical pain from injuries and chronic illnesses. She desperately needs relief. I have dental health issues that cause me tremendous pain and make it very difficult to eat. Thank you for your prayers.

  122. Barbara Weldon

    I received my first radiation tx today for lung cancer; was diagnosed last month after seeing a Pulmonary Dr and having been told my chest X-ray showed nothing. She was concerned and ordered several tests- thank God for her. I know God can heal me, I ask Him that He be willing! I am so blessed by your Mom’s story. I read your blog every day- thank you!!! Love what God is doing in central. CA. I live in Roseville. My friend is on hospice, please pray for her- Laurie. God bless you, your family and all those who work with you. He has given me so much peace, incredible. I am so very grateful!

  123. Deborah Dunn

    Pray and believe with us here in La Porte TX at River of God for the harvest in our region. We are decreeing Miracles, signs, and wonder in Jesus name.

  124. Barbara Weldon

    I Left a comment and request for prayer here a little after 10:30 pm and it wasn’t accepted. I don”t know why.

  125. Laura Wemple

    For my husband Earl/Bud with several issues: diabetes, arthritis, fatty damaged liver & military related spine, shoulder & lower extremities in extreme pain. Thank you & God bless you all.

  126. Nancy E. Hoven

    Please pray I’ll be healed of anxiety and high blood pressure. Thank you and God bless!

  127. barbara

    Please pray God will see to it, that i am healed of all the auto immune diseases, including the GI Metaplastic Atrophic Gastritis, which has me in bed over a year and a half, losing more weight, no proper medical treatment, so loud noises trigger spasms in GI, nausea and dry heaves and worse, i know God is my Healer, He has healed many things before, i’m in a position where its hard to get food down, and lost half my body weight,
    Isolated, 65 year old, o Lord, hear our cries…..thanks everyone..

  128. linda mullen

    So happy about your Mom’s healing! I need prayer to be set free from chronic pain x 25 years.

  129. REBECCA

    Thank you Lord for your amazing grace for Mario’s Mom! Please pray for healing for my spine, bones, and brain.For restoration and a miracle of intervention for us and my grandchildren. God bless you Mario for your boldness in speaking the truth , and all your sacrifices in fullfilling the Lord’s purpose and plan for your life. You are always in my prayers.

  130. Clint E Carlson

    Please pray for little boy Ezekiel. He is battling kidney cancer

    • cactusflower18

      I sure will….in Jesus Name I come against those cancer cells in Ezekiel’s body and curse them at the root and up; just like the fig tree was cursed; the fruit of this will never return, in the Name of Jesus! I speak cleansing to his blood and if by any chance this comes through bloodlines from parents I also curse it from there, way back to Adam and Eve if necessary! With your healing power blood oh Lord flood his blood with a cleansing stream of yours and annihilate every cancer cell that would be stubborn and try and stay; it shall NOT remain! For this purpose was the Son of God manifest, that He might destroy the works of the devil and this horrible disgusting thing did not come from God the Father. I speak LIFE now where death reigned and LIFE more abundantly. He will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord! I come against the spirits of pre-mature death and cast you out and bind you and you will not return, in Jesus Name!!! Also; “the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made Ezekiel free from the law of sin and death!” Amen!!! I speak wholeness to that kidney and command it to work right, the way it was designed….even better than before….in Jesus Name! If you agree then speak the Word until you see manifestation of what is already true in the spirit realm, in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!!! We give Him all the glory forever-Amen!

  131. Michel

    For my wife who suffers from Polymyalgia and heavy bursitis problem on her righ and lef thighs. I pray God every day for her and would like to see her well again. I trust our lord Jesus will all my heart and claim vicrory over her condition and pain.

    • cactusflower18

      Victory says; “The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death!” Amen! So….that means these conditions cannot stand-they are part of the law of sin and death. If she is a believer especially…’s illegal and unlawful for this disgusting disease and conditions to remain, they have to go!!!! I speak healing, wholeness, well-being over her in Jesus Name! He paid for it at the cross! By His stripes we were healed; it’s a done deal and part of her inheritance as a joint-heir with Christ, and as He is so are we in the world. Is He sick or diseased? No! We do not have to put up with anything that Jesus died for us to be free from. I speak LIFE, and LIFE more abundantly over her! I speak a blood cleansing over her and the efficacy and intensity of the blood power of Jesus right down to every cell in her body-NOW! For this purpose was the Son of God manifest, that He might destroy the works of the devil!!! This the work of the devil and we don’t have to put up with it; Hallelujah!!! If you believe this then speak these words out loud and if the Lord gives you more to speak, speak the words of Life over her and don’t put up with this any longer-Amen! Remember; Life and death are in the power of the tongue and we can eat the fruit of what we say! I’m in agreement with you Brother and Sistah!

  132. Donna Ghazanfari

    I have been married to a Muslim for 42 years and we’ve known each other for 44 years. I know there is an appointed time for him to finally accept Jesus. Just a word of encouragement would be so appreciated. Thank you

    • cactusflower18

      Just go online and look up Muslim testimonies of them coming to Jesus as He often appears to them in dreams, visions or in person……nothing is too hard for our God, ok? !!!!!!!! I agree with you that he will come to Jesus…..

  133. Cheryl Johnston

    Praise Jesus for healing your sweet mom!! Please pray for my family as we begin a new chapter and change in our lives. The Lord has something new He wants to accomplish through our lives by this move to a new area. Thank you! God richly bless you!

  134. Mary Jo Hudson

    For Amy my daughter. She has lived with a broken shoulder and right arm for 5 years. No insurance no surgery. Denied disability. She also has hepatitis C and chronic fatigue. Please pray for total healing. And for God to become Lord in her life. Rejoicing with you for your mother’s healing.

    • cactusflower18

      Hallelujah; let’s get the Great Physician in on this…..because healing is the children’s bread; I speak healing, wholeness and LIFE in Jesus Name. I command the bones that have been out of joint to come back together-He delights to make the crooked places straight, even if it is our bones, and for the sinews, cartilage and ligaments to come together and be whole and in well design once again and stronger than they were before-in Jesus Name! This is speak in the authority of Christ’s Name for Amy!!! I also come against the illness of Hepatitis C and command the liver….BE HEALED in Jesus Name! Go back to normal and do what you were designed to do from the Creator God! Line up in every way and form in Amy’s body in the Name of Jesus and I also speak and command all chronic fatigue to go or abnormal blood conditions as well-go!!!! In Jesus Name!!! He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destruction’s!!! If you agree with these words just speak them out loud over Amy until you see a difference in her health and well-being. God’s Word will not return unto Him void but it will accomplish all that it is sent out to do-Amen!!!

  135. Alan Jones

    For Carol Jones, 68, who has suffered mental disease including psychotic episodes and bulimia, for the past 40+ years.
    Thank you,

    • cactusflower18

      May the Lord be glorified who has made it possible for Carol Jones to be delivered from all mental illnesses and diseases!!!!! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! He has given us power and authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt us; so I speak over Carol’s mind right now and command it to be loosed from tormenting mind-bending spirits in Jesus Name!!! I command all these psychotic episodes to cease and desist and for the blood lines on both sides to be cleansed and made whole-in Jesus Name!!!! I cut off the lines and rip them out by the roots of where they came in and ask you Lord to seal it with your blood so it never returns! Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were tormented by the devil! We do not have to put up with this any more….He has given us authority and power over ALL the power of the devil! It doesn’t matter what or how long…..we have the upper hand because we are the head and not the tail, we come behind in no good thing!!! I plead the power of the blood of Jesus over this whole situation, the efficacy, the intensity of His blood power working over her mind right down to the cells….every little bit with nothing left out of her deliverance and healing so….if you believe this just agree with me in prayer and speak these words that have been given until you see her completely whole; over her body as well, I take authority and root out at the beginnings what started bulimia, etc. I speak LIFE…ABUNDANT LIFE to course through her body NOW; speak words of LIFE until you see the changes….we give all glory to God before we see what is already made available-Amen!!!

  136. Dianne

    Praise God for your Holy Fire, Mario. Blessing to you and your courageous mom. My son Brett needs your prayers. He has a heart condition called ARVC. It’s hereditary and his son Elijah also carries the genes for it. I have been praying against this for three years. Thank you for your prayers on their behalf. I am praising God for their healing!

    • cactusflower18

      I agree with you Dianne! I speak healing, wholeness and LIFE in Jesus Name! I come against that condition through the bloodlines and curse it down to the roots in Jesus Name; the buck stops here!!! This doesn’t have to plague your family for generations to come. I DECREE that in the Name of Jesus this will NOT follow you and into your son’s life; wherever it came from on both sides of the bloodlines I pull it out by the roots back to Adam & Eve if it goes that far back! No weapon formed against you shall prosper no matter what it is or where it came from; Jesus dealt with it at the cross by becoming a curse for us and as us He died and rose again so we could have resurrection LIFE! Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives, not curses, diseases, conditions, illnesses, etc. He bore all of our sicknesses and diseases on the tree and as He is, so are we in this world! Don’t put up with it Sistah; Put your foot down and stamp it out for we trample on serpents and on scorpions and nothing by any means shall hurt us; HALLELUJAH!!!

  137. Carolyn Britt

    Pray for my mom and stepdad. They are in there 80’s which I’m thankful they are still here, but suffer with health issues. Also pray for me as I have had knee replacement surgery and possible face another surgery on the other knee. I also suffer from back pain. Pray for my son to receive Christ as his savior.
    I lost my husband over 8 years ago and still grieve. I know he is in heaven but I miss him so. I glad your mom was healed and thank God for that.

    • cactusflower18

      Well Carolyn; I just pray for your parents; for them to be refreshed, renewed, healed and put on their feet for more years of serving the Lord. If they are believers they can have long life! I speak healing and wholeness over them as well and lying symptoms will leave their bodies and not return. “Healing is the children’s bread.” For your healing as well, for by His stripes ye were healed.” I pray all pain will leave your body because he bore your pains too! He took your sorrows as well so you don’t have to continually live in grief-He has life for you too! Your life is not over!!! I also pray for your sons salvation because “Thou shalt be saved and thy house.” Agree? If two of you agree as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done by My Father in Heaven! Amen!

  138. maggz316

    Please Pray for my healing they say I have a rare slow blood cancer & blood clotting disorder.

    • cactusflower18

      They say? Who are they? WE believe the report of the Lord no matter what!!! By His stripes ye were healed! Healing is the children’s bread! No weapon formed against you shall prosper! And my favorite verse of power is…..”The Spirit of LIFE in Christ Jesus has made you free from the law of sin and death.” so….no law of sin and death has power over your body, it doesn’t belong to the devil….I speak healing, wholeness, normal blood flow in Jesus Name!!! I speak the eradication of that disgusting cancer and blood clotting disorder and command it to get into life and order in the Name of Jesus-right now!!! I command all lying symptoms to leave now and never to return!!! I speak energy, vitality, stamina, right now in Jesus Name in your body and for the life that Jesus put there to flow and come back and be better than it was! Agree with me? Say it out loud every day until you see the manifestation of your healing come to pass-Amen!

  139. parrillaturi

    Pray for my wife. Diabetes. God can heal her. Blessings.

    • cactusflower18

      It is written that He sent them out two by two and told them to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils!!! So in the Name of JESUS I come against that condition, I speak healing; from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, I speak LIFE in Jesus Name and all symptoms have to go in the authority of Christ and never return-NOW!!! I speak from the power of the blood of Jesus, it’s efficacy, intensity and right down to the cellular levels-return to normal in Jesus Name, for by His stripes ye are healed!!! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!!! If you are in agreement-say this out loud until you see full recovery; don’t let the enemy have his disgusting way! The effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much!

  140. Nancy Larson

    Need a miracle healing for vestibular disorder on right side.

    • cactusflower18

      I agree with you Nancy; may the Lord touch that in Jesus Name; “for by His stripes ye were healed” two thousand years ago; Amen! Nothing is too hard for our God, right???

  141. Nanci

    My 5 year old grandson has severe nonverbal autism. We’ve had dreams of him speaking. Please pray for cognition and ability to speak and understand words.

    • cactusflower18

      I’m in agreement with you all Nanci that this condition will be healed and he will be delivered in Jesus Name with full cognition, comprehension and ability to speak and understand words and he will excel in whatever he does per what is written in his Book of Life in heaven; he will fulfill his purpose and destiny in Jesus Name and that you will fight the good fight of faith from Victorys position and not let go of the encouraging dream God gave you as His sure Holy Word- Healing is the children’s bread!”

  142. B-Ann Garrison

    My Dad needs a miracle. He’s 83, had a massive heart attack, COPD, and one kidney. He’s retired AF major, and wants to live, but the death culture in the hospital has written him off because he can’t breathe without a respirator. He’s a fighter and I’m asking for you to believe with me for a miracle for him to WALK out of that hospital. Thank you so much!

    • Eloise

      Praying complete healing for your father. My husband is 81 with multiple health issues that came on suddenly four years ago. We believe that age is no barrier to complete restoration. Jesus paid it all, and God said he gave us 120 years. –Gen. 6:3 We will see the miracle!

    • cactusflower18

      B-Ann I am in agreement with you that for your Dad; he will walk out of that hospital because the Word of God says that if two or more of you agree as touching anything that they shall ask, it will be done by the Father in Heaven.” Our God is the God of MIRACLES and there is nothing He cannot do! “Healing is the childrens bread and no weapon formed against us shall prosper; with LONG life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation!!! It’s time we stop taking this stuff from the devil and let him have it instead…..we don’t receive it, in Jesus Name!!! Be His stripes you were healed! That is the Word of God, I believe it!!!! Stand on His Word and not anything else Sister!!! 🙂

  143. Michelle Swensen

    Glory to God! Thank you for sharing. Prayers of healing, renewal, and purpose in Christ for my Husband. The Lord knows the details. Thank you!

    • cactusflower18

      I agree with you in prayer Michelle; it’s never too late for healing, renewal and purpose!

  144. cactusflower18

    My brother Greg needs a heart miracle. He has had two surgeries within the past two months and is not doing so good as expected. The doctors want to give him a pacemaker and he really doesn’t want another surgery; thanks! I have a Sister with Fibro; Laurie…my oldest Daughter has it too. I have a Cousin, Linda who has Lymes disease and my young Daughter has thyroid issues. I have a G-Daughter Rebekah who practices paganism (wiccan), and the enemy is trying to lay on me diverticulitis….I don’t receive it! Thank God for the miracle for your Mom, I rejoice with you Brother Mario and keep on standing for Fresno and L.A…….BIG TIME!!!!!

  145. Kathi Gates

    I’ve been a believer in Christ since mychildhood. Had surgery on May 10th for diverticulitis and since that day have had recurrent bladder infections, something I’ve not had before. Doctors have put me on multiple sessions of antibiotics, but the infections just return. Everyday is so painful for me, just trying to pee. Now I have burning pain in my vagina. Dr.s have no remedies and are always gone or have nothing to offer. Please pray God will heal me. I have grandchildren I want to mentor and lead to the Lord and all these antibiotics are destroying me.

  146. Wayne Greene

    Thank you Mario for your blog, your web site and your ministry. I am a retired firefighter. I have had double knee replacement. My knees still bother me even more than before I got all the Titanium replacements. The pain interferes with my life and slows me down. I am a lay missionary in Vietnam and I need more knee strength for climbing stairs and descending stairs. I thank you and your staff who are praying for my need. God richly bless you all. Love, Doug Greene.

  147. Debra Miller

    Prayer for healing for Chelsea Miller

  148. Riley

    My grandma is facing a similar sentence of death as she was diagnosed with liver cancer. She has several other health issues coming against her as well. Pain, fluid in lungs, copd, chf, etc… my family and I have been praying and contending for her complete healing from the cancer as well as every other ailment coming against her. I receive the testimony of your mom- so encouraging!! I say do it again God! We would love your prayers on her behalf (her name is Sondra).

  149. Charlotte McGahan

    Happy Birthday Mom‼️
    I too praise God for your healing and the faith and devotion of your son.

  150. Kim Heath

    Happy birthday to your wonderful mum! Please pray for our son who just got diagnosed with testicular cancer which has spread to three lymph nodes which are large. He will have one testicle ( inactive now) removed and chemo for the lymph nodes. I do not want him to go through chemo. He was born a gain and spirit filled when he was a boy (now almost 40) but is not walking with the Lord.

  151. Sherry

    Please pray for complete healing of my right foot, big toe joint, 5 years.

  152. Russ

    Praise report. I emailed for prayer about a man named Trent that needed prayer for his leg. He was in an accident and had several surgeries on his leg and then sent home. If the blood flow didn’t improve in his leg in a week he would lose his leg. I heard back from his wife and he is doing great. He is up and moving around and the blood flow is great. Praise God for his touch.

  153. Lowell Fry

    Mario, please join us in prayer for my cousin, Roberta, who has stage 4 breast cancer and desperately needs a miracle. We praise God for your ministry and for God healing your mother.

  154. mary moore

    Thank you Lord and we praise YOUR HOLY name!!!Amen!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  155. theLordreignssupreme

    I love Jesus and I am called to the nations. I have been battling a mysterious condition.. dr’s testing showing nothing but I have found myself with debilitating symptoms that have been keeping me from serving in the fullest capacity that I need to for our Ministry. And I need my health to do what God has called me to do!!

    Exhaustion with physical weakness
    Tremors in hands and arms and whole body, unable to walk straight
    General physical, muscular and mental exhaustion

    I am called to Seattle and I have a short time window to make it there, please pray for me for immediate physical healing! So I can make it on time and God’s Heart and Will will be done!

  156. Debbie Issel

    So truly wonderful to hear your testimony of your mother. How that inspires us all to believe and trust God and His Word!

    There are so many that need prayer, however July 24 is my son’s birthday. He just turned 15. Please agree with and expound upon my prayer for him in his struggles….. that the Holy Spirit strengthen him in his inner man that he would know and experience God’s love and purposes for his life and resist every doubt and discouragement that attack the blessing and favour of God to be displayed upon him and shared through him.



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